Chicago Med Recap

Chicago Med Finale Recap: New Beginnings

Chicago Meds showrunners summed up the Season 1 finale as one full of transitions, and Tuesday’s closer indeed was loaded with goodbyes, job changes and even a potential new couple.

The drama kicks off when Dr. Downey takes a turn for the worse, his cancer having spread to his brain. Refusing surgery, he tells Dr. Rhodes, “You know what I’m facing. I’d just as soon skip it if you know what I mean. Check out a little early.”

Dr. Rhodes, however, is not on board to help his mentor kill himself. Instead, he tries to bring Dr. Downey’s beloved Hawaiian islands to him as they have a heart-to-heart. Dr. Rhodes shares that he’ll be starting a cardiothoracic fellowship.

“Thank you. For everything,” he finishes, tearing up. Just as he walks out of the room, Dr. Downey starts to code. “He has a DNR. Let him go,” Rhodes instructs the nurse. And as the hour closes, Rhodes scatters Downey’s ashes in Hawaii’s ocean.

Elsewhere in the finale:

* Given his precarious position with the hiring committee, Dr. Halstead sets his sights on job offers from hospitals in Miami and L.A. But perhaps Goodwin doesn’t hate him as much as he thinks, because he ends up getting a full-time attending position at Chicago Med. The doc thanks Goodwin, who replies with a smile, “My fear is you’re going to get yourself kicked off the staff. I’m curious to see how long it will take.”

Chicago Med Recap* Maggie points out to Dr. Halstead that Dr. Manning is no longer wearing her wedding ring. A good sign, right? Too bad for Dr. Halstead that one of the new fourth-year med students is former firefighter Jeff Clarke, who was buddies with her deceased husband and is now divorced. I am into the idea of this love triangle.

* After April gets knocked over by a patient, her boyfriend suggests she quit her job and that they get married. It’s not exactly a romantic proposal, so you can’t blame her for telling him she has to think about it. Meanwhile, her side is hurting her, so Dr. Halstead forces her to get an x-ray, which reveals that she likely has TB.

* Dr. Reese rejects her pathology match, leaving her with no job and no idea of what she’s doing to do next.

* Goodwin’s husband leaves her because he’d rather spend what time he has left happy.

* Dr. Choi consults Dr. Charles about his parrot, who won’t fly and is having nightmares. The shrink suggests the bird has PTSD. (Yes, for real. Season 2 goal: a stronger storyline for Dr. Choi.)

Chicago Med fans, what did you think of the season ender? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. BM says:

    I’m so sick of love triangles. Isn’t there any other way of making potential love stories interesting? Maybe those who work for TV didn’t get the memo but there are actually a lot of happy, normal relationships out there…
    I really hope we see Reese next season. I kind of liked her and what she brought to the show.

  2. Dee Niema says:

    This show is the poorest example of a medical show in recent history. Chicago Fire and PD had smart, crackling story lines and great acting – not this one. Sketchy acting from some of the cast – Yaya DeCosta and some others – bring the whole show down and the plots and production value are not like the other ‘Chicago’ shows. Sub par. Hope the next season brings better things. Nice adding Clarke, but hope it’s not wasted. Oliver Platt was the best thing on the show and Choi’s talent’s were totally wasted.

    • Rachel says:

      Ditto, ditto, ditto!!!

    • RemyLC says:

      I don’t think the show is that bad, but it needs to tighten up its storytelling. April having TB felt rushed, and wasn’t earned. That relationship they quickly put her into also feels rushed. They don’t have chemistry. Manning and Halstead have been weak from the beginning. If I wanted to see a character long for another character for a whole season I’d re-watch Dawson’s Creek (they did it better too!). Not once, for one second, would I believe a man with Will’s assertive personality would harbor a schoolboy crush. Definitely not one that’s lasted this long.

      I never liked the subplot of Goodwin and her retire-obsessed husband. That was just strange. The fact that he never appeared on camera was cheesy. The dramatic breakup with a character I never knew occurred off camera so it had no effect. The upside is that I do like the characters and actors. They just need better writing. The only story that had any real build-up and a decent conclusion was Rhodes’. Everyone else’s meh.

    • Rook says:

      I think it had a solid season, but I agree as far as the Chicagshows go Med is for sure the weakest. It kinda feels like it has no soul, especially in the writing April’s relationship went from 0 to 100 without all the good stuff so I don’t care if she marries him. Dr. Downey’s death was also lackluster, there was no impact or character development on him to actually make me care.

    • Annie says:

      Yep to all of this. And there’s another serious problem with this one – although it’s not the only one to fall prey to this, it does seem to go there a whole lot more often – the “Doctor Is Always Right” myth. The clearest example was the parents who were informed, involved advocates for their kid, who prompted one of the docs to say to another “the only problem with pediatrics isn’t the patients” – meaning the parents were a problem. Of course, later they turned out to be anti-vaxxers but they didn’t know that at the time of that ridiculously offensive statement. Because the Doctor Is Always Right. Ugh. There were many, many other examples this season. I’m out.

  3. Dave says:

    Love this show. It is great.

  4. MaryElizabeth says:

    I like Rhodes and Oliver Platt. Don’t like Manning and Halstead together at all. I love Jeff Hephner so that’s a plus. Hope next year it can be better

  5. Bwhit says:

    If I’m being honest, at this point, the only pair I’m rooting for is Ethan and that bird lol! I can’t we find Clarke more to do than be part of a love triangle?!? I just love him, don’t do this to him.

  6. s Carl says:

    Did anyone catch the jasmine scented lei givin to Dr. Downey from Dr. Rhodes ? Check out Yellow Jasmine…….

    • Amy H says:

      Good catch! I was wondering about the suddenness, and how he coded right after Dr. Rhodes left the room.

      • Eric Martin says:

        What did the lei have to do with anything other than Dr. Downey having Hawaii brought to him? And the suddenness? It was brain cancer. He could’ve gone any time.

    • Grace says:

      I caught it right away. Yellow jasmine is not real jasmine- and doesn’t grow in Hawaii- another goof typical to medical shows, but it was clear Rhodes was helping him commit suicide. Downing wasn’t shown for part of the conversation- only his breathing was heard- gave him a chance to ingest the flowers- lethal in small doses… and Rhodes left the room and turned his back, clearly in distress, right on time.
      Smart move- Rhodes assisted but not directly- Downey ingested it on his own. I would think though that Downey dying so soon after diagnoses would bring on some kind of inquest…. too tidy.

      • OahuMoe says:

        The doctor clearly said “pikake” which is the Hawaiian jasmine used in leis. Not poisonous. Reading into it any other way is just speculation.

        • Grace says:

          I still believe it was an error. Too much conversation went on around what that lei was made of….and the fact Rhodes turned his back but was in distress, clearly waiting for the “code”… And it got us thinking and talking about it. Now THAT’S a good tactic.

    • Carol says:

      Thank you. I didn’t know about yellow jasmine!

    • Jane says:

      THANK YOU ! My husband and I knew Dr. Rhodes must have done something, with the big goodbye, and the immediate code, but had no clue what.

  7. Shouldn’t all medical personal be baccinated against TB, though?

  8. Bella says:

    I love Dr. Charles, Dr. Rhodes, Dr. Choi, Maggie, Goodwin, and Dr. Reese the most. I can’t stand Will Halstead, he’s insufferable. Dr. Manning is kind of blah. I have been DVRing this show, so I can fast forward through most of the Halstead scenes. And it doesn’t sound like I’m missing much. I’ll be back next season.

  9. Bigdede says:

    As a health care worker, I will say they don’t give out TB vaccinations. The thing that made that so unrealistic is that April should have worn her PPE to avoid being exposed and whenever a hospital finds out a patient has TB after the staff has already had contact with the patient, they will quickly do a TB test to see if you have contacted TB from the patient. No way a nurse would find out later on like that. Aside from Choi and Dr. Charles, all these characters suck! Why should I care about Burt when I’ve never seen him before? Goodwin husband left her. How am I supposed to be invested in this story when I no clue who her husband is? And April’s 0 to 100 real quick relationship doesn’t have me invested either. April loves him already? That’s why they need to take a clue from ER and show us more of the characters personal life outside the hospital. I love Choi and his little parrot. I really love his relationship with that other army doctor. Halstead is forever whining. Rhodes has no heart. I’m not interested in his character. Reese is cute and interesting and Jake/Natalie got me interested

  10. Bigdede says:

    One more thing, this show needs an advisor. The Jehovah Witness story was completely wrong. The Joint Commission story (Jacho) was really bad and now this TB story. They need at least 5 advisors. Since when do you NEED blood to do a heart bypass? I know of lots of surgeries that didn’t require surgery. And I would LOVE to see a ER where a nurse can boss around a doctor or where a nurse/doctor clean up a spill. 99% of hospitals keep environmental services around the ED.

    • Martina says:

      They were going to put him on bypass, meaning that his heart wouldn’t pump during the operation, the blood would be pumped around the body by a machine, according to the storyline, JW’s also don’t allow their own blood to be given to them once it has left the body, I don’t know enough aboutt the religion to know if that is true or not.

      • Lee says:

        It’s a personal choice the bypass machine not all witnesses will agree with it, bit it’s not a clear no no across the board.
        But I will tell you this… witnesses are VERY educated when it comes to aspects of bloodless surgery and have pioneered some of the advancements in it.

  11. anna says:

    i kinda want conner and sarah to give a relationship a go

  12. Eric Martin says:

    I’m a bit worried here Dr. Reese is left with no job. However, the way Dr. Charles spoke to her leads me to believe otherwise. Given the fact that Dr. Charles appears to be tight with Mrs. Goodwin and just about everyone likes her, I believe Dr. Reese will be back in the Fall.

  13. Kailani says:

    I thought for sure Goodwin’s husband was going to end up having Alzheimer’s. But like others here, I didn’t really care.

    I enjoy the show though. I’ve always been a sucker for med shows, and I enjoy the fact it’s a more light-hearted show than Code Black, though I love Code Black more. I hope Reese is back. She’s great.

  14. Dee says:

    April traveled around after her and Severide went their separate ways. She may have contracted TB then

  15. Elise Negrin says:

    Kudos to the show for portraying Dr.Choi with the conure. As the founder of an educational org, dedicated to ensuring people understand how smart they are and what great companions they are….but not for everyone.

  16. Nellie says:


  17. Eloise Blankenship says:

    I just want to know what took Dr Downey away. Was it the jasmine necklace? I am stumped. Hope somebody has a better answer

    • Eric Martin says:

      It was mentioned that the lei may have been laced with Strychnine. If that’s the case, Dr. Rhodes did help his mentor and friend.

      • Grace says:

        If it was Yellow Jasmine as many of us suspect (and not “pikake” which was a med tv show error) then Rhodes helped his friend without poisoning him outright. He made the toxin available to him and let his commit suicide in his own. Very neat, without compromising his principles.

  18. Yanin says:

    If April has TB who can be possible they didn’t do any thing TB is contagious disease and did any thing and she need treatment or not

  19. Asneth says:

    Greys anatomy will remain the best.This one isn’t that badly off..I think with time it will be the best.I have some hope.