Rush Hour Cancelled

Rush Hour Cancelled at CBS

Carter and Lee’s crime-fighting days are over; CBS is not moving forward with a second season of Rush Hour, TVLine has learned.

Based on the 1998 Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker film of the same name, CBS’ procedural starred Justin Hires and Jon Foo as a pair of polar-opposite detectives — James Carter and Jonathan Lee, respectively — forced to partner up on the mean streets of Los Angeles.

Rush Hour also starred Aimee Garcia as Sergeant Didi Diaz, Carter’s former partner; Page Kennedy as Gerald Page, a criminal-turned-informant who also happens to be Carter’s cousin; and Wendie Malick as Captain Lindsay Cole, a no-nonsense boss with eyes for Detective Lee.

In addition to the original film series’ producers, CBS’ Rush Hour also counted Bill Lawrence (Scrubs, Cougartown) among its executive producers.

Are you bummed about Rush Hour‘s cancellation? Drop a comment with your reaction(s) below.

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  1. Brian says:


  2. This was one show I was truly enjoying.But like any channel they keep stupid shows and end good ones

  3. Gary says:

    Very disappointing. was a really good show that in many ways was even better than the movie.

    • Gabrielle says:

      Came here to say this. So much more enjoyable to watch than the films. What is up?! Four of my shows now are gone!

    • Ann Marie says:

      I too was surprised how much I liked this show. The humor is broad but still funny and the action scenes are quite good. I like the action in shows like this much better than in movies where so much is happening you cannot tell what a character is actually doing.

  4. Kris says:

    I liked this show. They don’t give these shows a chance. They should have at least given it 2 seasons.

    • ABG says:

      Why? They gave it 13 episodes and no one was watching. ABC gave Agent Carter and Galavant 2 seasons and they both dropped from S1 to S2. No reason to expect a recovery with this one which had much less buzz.

      • Wooster182 says:

        Shows like the Big Bang Theory and BH 90210 would have been canceled had they premiered now. Networks don’t give shows enough time to find an audience anymore.

      • 13 Episodes? They haven’t even been on that long yet; this is only Episode 7. Some shows take longer to get going, and this one might be one of them.
        The networks shuttle in shows mid-season all the time. That’s also the problem as it’s tough to get an audience to notice in mid-season unless you’re The Voice or America’s Got Talent.

      • Keely Bush says:

        I’m unsure where you got your information, ABG, but as of tonight (May 19th) only EIGHT episodes will have been shown. And before the 8th episode even aired, Rush Hour had already been cancelled! So sad.

    • Rome says:

      So true, yes the pilot was a not that good, but the next episodes were not that bad, once i stopped comparing it to the film, it has its own charm and sexiness, it’s so action pack and so different compare to all the stupid shows on the tv. It’s different and i like it.

  5. Freddie says:

    We’ve all heard that Limitless is being shopped around. (And, if you haven’t there are some posters who are spreading the word with due sensitivity./sarcasm) But, come on, CBS. Renew Limitless. You can do it. You know you can.

    • ABG says:

      Limitless would work so much better in a cable network. I’d say send it to USA network and pair it with Mr. Robot. They’d make a decent block.

      • Freddie says:

        Limitless may be a better fit on a cable network. Completely fair point. As a Canadian viewer, though, I would prefer it stay on a network where I can watch it “live,” as it were.

  6. joyce wanket says:

    Really enjoy this show,hate to see it go :)

  7. Patricia Klassy says:

    I actually watched this series. I think some of the characters were really over the top–couldn’t make up my mind whether this was a comedy or suspense. I really fault the writers.

  8. Shaw says:

    I really liked this show,but I blame CBS with shows like this start them during the holiday break when every thing else is doing reruns and you’ll find a bigger audience.

  9. AJJJ says:

    Hopefully that means the Psych movie will start production now! :D

  10. My husband and I really enjoyed the show. We are very disappointed.

  11. AngelWasHere says:

    Not surprised at all! Lasted longer than expected.

  12. rinaex says:

    Not a good year for movie remakes. Both this, Minority Report, and Limitless (c’mon, people, accept it) gone, and Lethal Weapon will most likely have the same fate.

  13. Michael says:

    Therefore we get Lethal Weapon and The Exorcist next fall. Haven’t we learned outside a few movies turned tv shows that the large amount of them have failed spectacularly.

  14. BrightLight says:

    This was the one show from this season that I gave up on after one episode.

  15. jj says:

    I saw a promo for an episode on CBSN yesterday, and my first thought was “ouch”, scraping the bottom of the barrel there. Thank Jeebus I USE (the thing no one speaks of) to download my tv shows or I might have to actually watch more of those commercial and promo things. Annoying.

  16. MsBaseball says:

    I was really good enjoying this show. Soooo tired of the dark-gloomy crap that is put there. This show allowed some escapism. Back to Netflix for re-runs I go.

  17. M3rc_Nate says:

    The minute they announced a TV show called Rush Hour I knew it would get cancelled before it even finished its first season. You can’t replicate the chemistry and personalities of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, especially with cheap TV knock offs.
    Do what’s right CBS, renew Limitless or sell it to the USA network. Perfect fit.

  18. Sherry says:

    I enjoyed the show. Could be better writing and a little more funny. I think Wendy Malik could be funnier too. He character is too serious for the theme of the show. The original attraction to the movie was it could be serious and yet we all found the humor in a sometimes “too much bad news”.

  19. Larc says:

    I’m hoping it was down to keeping Rush Hour or Limitless, so this means another season for Limitless.

  20. PatriciaLee says:

    I loved the show. It was a lot of fun. Too bad.

  21. justsomeguy says:

    The show never had a chance, really. Every year, we see show after show get picked up for that dreaded “mid-season”, and almost every single one of them fails because these shows have to find a way to grab eyeballs in time slots against established shows within 2 weeks at best.

  22. H.H. says:

    No clue why they greenlit this show in the first place. The movies were awful.

  23. nothopefulhere says:

    This was a mistake from the beginning. No one else can play those 2 characters. Come on Hollywood, stop trying to redo what was already done, and successful, before. Come up with some original, good, ideas please.

  24. Mr. Smith says:

    Good. Wasn’t funny. The producers and/or CBS were too afraid of making a politically correct mistake. The original movies were funny based on what some would call “racism” today, but they were funny nevertheless.

  25. terri peeples says:

    Just started to watch Rush Hour and I really like it. Sorry it was cancelled

  26. Kyle says:

    Rush hour was funniest series i have seen in a long time. Its a shame cbs is not renewing it.

  27. Flora Jones says:

    I didn’t think I would like the show at first but I’ve come to looking forward to seeing it every week. It’s lighthearted, silly but action-packed. I thought the characters worked well together. Sorry to hear it is being canceled. It is much better than a lot of the trash being shown nowadays.

  28. I actually really enjoyed this show – mostly because it was something I could actually watch with my sons. It was actually pretty smart and it was a great way to unwind together. CBS, RENEW this show!!

  29. john flores says:

    personally, I liked the new show Rush Hour and am disappointed it is not being renewed. It was one of the few new shows that I liked to watch……….hope you change your mind.

  30. Dennis Harvey says:

    I think it should be givin a second chance

  31. What a shock. It was a good show. Such a funny show. Why cancel that show and keep these other comedy shows with canned laughter that aren’t funny at all. That’s why they use canned laughter because it isn’t funny!

  32. Kevin K says:

    I knew it was about to happen sooner rather than later and Rush Hour deserves to get cancelled.

  33. Ryan says:

    To me it was ok and watchable I just felt the storylines wasn’t strong enough it’s what I would call a Saturday tea time show

  34. Jackie says:

    A true mercy killing. I wanted to like it, but the writing was atrocious.

  35. Amy Vollkommer says:

    This stinks I totally enjoyed Rush Hour, why are they cancelling it?

  36. Anne says:

    Ah man, I liked it. Though CBS did pretty much everything they could to kill it from the get go

  37. Carol Lahey says:

    Why do they take off good shows like this and leave the garbage on to insult our intelligence like The Simpsons etc.

  38. George Steele says:

    I just watched the previews of Rush Hour and thought that the show was “Stupid”

  39. Debra says:

    I love rush hour – why don’t the keep shows that people actually like????

  40. Ann Kuntzman says:

    I have looked forward to Rush Hour every week and I am very disappointed that it has been dropped. It is a delightful mixture of comedy and crime fighting. Lee was a star first class.

  41. Rich Rakness says:

    Another good new show that should be given more time. It seems that every show has to be geared to the market age group that generates the prime ratings, which leaves a lot of us to have to watch shows that not good This type of show (Rush Hour) makes you think and is entertaining

  42. Ann says:

    I am bummed. I like the show. It is a fun easy to watch entertaining show. It’s too bad.

  43. This show is one of the best action/comedies on television in the past several years. The casting is amazing – want to see it come back with the main characters it has now. So many dumb or irreverent shows on TV – we get a good one and it gets canceled??

  44. abuka54ck says:

    The preview is cool!

  45. Steve says:

    Not surprised but (only a bit) disappointed. It was growing on me. Needed more spark up front, though. I’m sure many simply abandoned it after the first episode. Soon to be forgotten.

  46. Ken From the South says:

    Can Elementary move back to Thursday’s, now?

  47. William Davis says:

    Rush Hour was a good show it should not have been cancled but the Odd Couple is really bad
    how it stayed this long is hard for me to understand?

  48. Ed Bangs says:

    One of the few network shows I looked forward to watching each week shame it’s being cancelled

  49. Merrie says:

    I enjoyed this show, it was funny and was better than some of the crap they renewed. I saw the preview for lethal weapon and it didn’t look good at all…watch that one will make it because I didn’t really care for it LoL.

  50. Elizabeth says:

    Perfect timing. I just deleted the show from my DVR a couple of days ago. It just wasn’t holding my interest.