RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 Finale

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 Finale Recap: And the Winner Is [Spoiler]!

If you’ve yet to gag on the eleganza of this week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race — and plan to stay off social media until you have — you might want to put off reading this recap. It reveals the winner and then some.

The really great thing about tuning in to this week’s eighth season finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race was that it almost didn’t matter who won. All three finalists — Bob The Drag Queen, Kim Chi and Naomi Smalls — were blessed with more than enough charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to deserve the crown. But, in the end, when the sequins finally settled, the title of America’s next drag superstar went to… Bob.

Before she got to take her victory lap, though, Mama Ru struck a pose with her past winners (including, to Bianca Del Rio’s mock chagrin, the clown who’d stood in for her earlier this season), invited the audience to use any damn bathroom they pleased (except for hers — “You hear that, Jiggly?”) and revealed that Bob, Kim and Naomi would all be performing one last lip sync.

First up, Bob tore through a rendition of “I Don’t Like to Show Off” that was as tight as her Daisy Dukes. Then, during her Q&A segment, she was surprised by Ru with a video greeting from not only her mom but also the legend that she’d channeled during Snatch Game: Carol Channing, who sweetly thanked her for her “colorful impersonation.”

Next, clumsy Kim made the most of the safe but clever moves that were choreographed for her performance of “Fat, Fem and Asian.” (Nothing could help that lip sync, though.) Afterward, given a fan’s question — to which member of the Pit Crew would she like to lose her virginity? — she hilariously replied, “I’m not trying to catch anything, so I’m gonna say none of them.” #shade

Last but not least, Naomi kicked up her heels with an homage to her amazing gams, “Legs,” introduced her adorable mom in the audience and received a video shout-out from Game of Thrones‘ Lena Headey, who playfully told her to “Cersei that walk.”

Of course, we were still miles from the coronation — Ru had to interview all of the also-rans first. “My grandmother calls you Ron Paul,” admitted Laila McQueen, upon being reminded that she’d met Ru years earlier during the drag legend’s non-presidential campaign. Cynthia Lee Fontaine revealed that she was a liver cancer survivor. Acid Betty got props from the only person who’d been into her Snatch Game impression of Nancy Grace: Nancy Grace. Thorgy Thor, discussing her dream of founding a Thorchestra, demonstrated her skills with a violin. (Was that hair Play-Doh?!?)

Next, Season 7’s Miss Congeniality Katya — full of goofy good humor — came out to announce that this year’s MC winner was Cynthia. Then, at last, Ru announced that Violet Chachki’s successor was none other than Bob.

What do you think of Ru’s choice? Hit the comments!

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  1. Clayton says:

    What a weird season. I love that Bob won and the top six were definitely fierce, but I feel like this season wasn’t as good, or as long, as the other seasons. This was only 10 episodes, I believe. And only 12 contestants like in season two. I’m all for a concise presentation but this season just felt rushed and sloppy. I don’t know if this is the result of budgeting, sponsors or creativity but I wish this show would bounce back. And I miss untucked. The real untucked. I digress, Bob is amazing and deserved to win.

    • MattySi says:

      I totally agree with you! The queens were fierce when you put them all in a room together but put them together with some past contestants and they will be over-shadowed. The season did also feel a lot shorter than normal.
      Hopefully All-Stars 2 will be better than the first all stars season.

    • Mimi sweet says:

      It was short bc this season was the season of 100 queens. Had they had 13 ( I think that’s the usual number) they wouldn’t have had the 100 theme for the first episode. Untucked is on YouTube btw I like it better there.

    • Savanah says:

      Thank god I thought i was the only one who felt this way!This season kinda sucked…

      Was kinda hoping Kim Chi would win. Bob is funny, sure, but I never liked her style.

  2. Billy walls says:

    I am so glad bob got it. im inspired by her and all the other qweens . I actually joined beauty college this past year because of rupauls drag race. I want nothing more than to be apart of something as big and beautiful and spectacular. Thank you rupaul for all that you give us. Expect ally bob the drag queen !!!!

  3. Ninamags says:

    I cannot believe that two of the worst girls halfway through the show made the top three!

    I stopped watching cause I didn’t have cable and just reading this is sad.

    This has to be one of the worst group of queens in a really long time. Ru is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    Bob has always just looked like a man with makeup and a dress. There was no “illusion” there.
    Naomi just had her legs to show off. All. The. Time.
    Kim Chi can’t even dance.

    Bob was always the presumptive winner, so no surprise there.

  4. Will says:

    I knew Bob was gonna win? Ru’s getting pretty predictable these days? Bob calls him self a comedian? honey no! Bianca is a comedian ! Ur just an unpolished man in a dress w corney one liners! #beatitqueen #reallyqueen

  5. Sam says:

    You spelled “Cersei” wrong, it’s not Cirsei. Not trying to be a butthole just wanted to let you know.

    • Charlie Mason says:

      Thanks for the catch! Says everything about my taste in TV, I think, that I can spell Jinkx Monsoon but not Cersei Lannister!

  6. Michael Baker says:

    Bob was the perfect choice. A very superb entertainer and someone who in his soul, knows who he and is happy to share it with us. We are fortunate to have him here. I liked Kim quite a bit, but Bob was a star. The choice was right and I’m so happy for Bob the Drag Queen who truly is a star. Congratulations on you trip to the moon while you enjoy some floating around with other stars. Fondly, Michael of NYC

  7. Linda530 says:

    I was rooting for BoB, but even if he hadn’t won, I would’ve been happy with whoever won. I already love his new song and music video, “Purse First”! I will say that I was a little annoyed at how people were so caught up with how he looked. A person who’s naturally talented can perfect and improve their makeup/wig game over time. Especially now that he won the money and will be getting cosmetics from Anastasia Beverly Hills :)

  8. Paul Johns says:

    A safe choice. More of the same kind of drag continues with Bob ( and that is fine ) – But KimChi is high art and this is what will go down in herstory. Congratulations Bob – you are primo drag. Congratulations KimChi – you will show the World what the art of drag can do. And Naomi will continue to look lovely for the World to enjoy. All great goils.

  9. Gee, Kim Chi won the public vote so I am rather disappointed. Bob was funny and talented but so was Kim Chi and Bob lacked in the dress department and makeup, so very disappointed

  10. Tammy Jones says:

    I am glad Bob won,but I was team Chichi. Condragulations ladies

  11. Rainbow Roadkill says:

    Honestly, I don’t think Bob should have won, but at least she is a good drag artist. I just don’t think she showed that much creativity, and she often came across as pretty damn annoying. Oh well – I’ll still show my support to my favourite queens from the season!

  12. Anne says:

    I was hoping for a KimChi win, but I was pretty happy for Bob. It was a great final three, I would have been happy had any of them won.

  13. Sidney says:

    I think Bob completely deserved to win he is very talented and hard working. Fair enough he is not perfect at everything but who is? And one thing I love about him is that he reminds me a lot of Rupaul in the sense that he is trying to change political perception for the black, gay community in America which is something that seriously needs to change. I did love the other contestants, a far better season than last year! Love from Scotland xo

  14. Jason Paul says:

    Love this show, so sad it’s over for the season. I thought the Top 4 was great and I enjoyed the diverse type of queens.

  15. I think the fact that this is an election year and Bob is super political influenced the choice. I’m okay with it, though (:

  16. Agustín López says:

    Thought Ru was going to give the title to a “new kind of drag”, different, artistic: Kim Chi. Very disappointed with this outcome of a very weak season. Bob, the same comedian and extravagant personality (done), Naomi was going to be another “fashion catwalk drag” (done). But Kim Chi was pure art on stage, whether she dances or not.

  17. Dex says:

    I can’t believe you forgot to mention the highlight of the night : Violet’s finale outfit/look.

  18. Ms.Evonne says:

    I Love, Love that Bob the Drag Queen won she DID THAT!!

  19. Jimmy bl says:

    I am sure when kimchi had never been in the bottom two and how amazing she always looks ( none of the times she appeared thats she wasnt amazing us ) should have won the title with all respect to rupaul’s choice. ( i also love bob but i have to be fair ) KIMCHi i hope one day to meet him and watch one of his shows a REAL ARTIST

  20. Keirin30 says:

    Bob the Drag Queen…. the name says it all. When you have to announce what you are your not giving credit to your audience. When you keep telling everyone your funny and laughing at your own joke’s….well. This Season was extremely disappointing. Kim Chi should have won just for her Artistry.
    Bob the Bland Queen… ugh.