Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Everybody Hates Chris

“Are you mad at me?” was Chris’ favorite question in this week’s Fear the Walking Dead. And, even if your answer wasn’t yes before you watched “Sicut Cervus,” it almost had to be after. Read on, and we’ll review the many and varied ways that Travis’ son screwed up and freaked out.

ADIOS, LUIS | After the episode began with the parishioners of a church near Thomas’ estate keeling over, bloody-eyed — and the priest telling Strand’s lover that it was Celia’s doing — we cut to the Abigail, where Travis admitted to Chris that Madison wasn’t sure that Reed had actually been infected when the teen shot him. Before Chris could finish insisting that Connor’s brother really, truly had been sick, Luis’ plan to buy entry into Mexico was set in motion. It did not go well. In fact, it went so disastrously that he wound up being killed by his contacts.

When the smoke cleared, the Abigail headed for shore, which seemed like exactly the kind of thing that Luis’ contacts should have wanted to prevent, right? But Strand theorized that they didn’t even bother giving chase because they figured that whatever was on land would do in the yacht’s passengers. (Mmkay.) Eventually making their way to the church at which we began the hour, the group was attacked by the zombified parishioners, giving Daniel a flashback to his time with the Junta and giving Alicia a chance to spot Chris standing back and doing nothing as a walker nearly got Madison. (See, Chris, that’s the kinda thing that gets people pissed off at you.)

HOGAR DULCE HOGAR | Arriving at Thomas’ place — which would have been a heaven on earth even if there hadn’t been a zombie apocalypse going on — Strand informed Celia that her son had been killed. Strangely, this didn’t bother her at all. As long as Luis wasn’t shot in the head, she told Daniel later, he’d “find his way back.” Meanwhile, Strand at last reunited with Thomas, who, sadly, had been bitten. Knowing that his days — hours, even — were numbered, Abigail asked Madison to “look after [Victor] when I’m gone.”

Elsewhere in the hacienda, Chris was shocked to learn that Alicia was angry that he’d almost let her mom get bitten. “I froze,” he swore. “That’s it.” However, if she didn’t believe him and was determined to spread around “this lie” about him not stepping in to save Madison… What? He’d what? “I don’t want to hurt anyone,” he replied, officially crossing the line from troubled to creepy. Natch, Alicia informed her mom of Chris’ threat, and Madison ran right to Travis. “I think he’s sick,” she said. So “help me help him,” her fiancé begged — just like he had helped her with Nick. Trouble was, Chris’ illness and Nick’s addiction weren’t the same to Maddie. As a result, the couple bunked with their kids that night instead of with each other.

A KISS BEFORE DYING | “The world was never good enough for you,” Strand whispered to Thomas as the Grim Reaper neared. “Let it go.” And Abigail might have, were it not for one thing: “I don’t want to leave you.” (Sniffle.) Maybe, Strand suggested, he could go with his lover. Thomas scoffed that that was a “very Shakespearean” notion, but Victor was dead serious. After all, Celia would watch over them. What?!? Before we could ask the question twice, we found out what he meant when Daniel spied a child dropping a dog down a chute into the cellar. Turned out, the youngster’s zombified mom was down there, along with a bunch of other undead “family” members waiting for their dinner. Celia was running a walker B&B!

When Daniel confronted Luis’ mom, who thought the zombies weren’t so much dead as “what comes next,” he deduced that she’d poisoned the parishioners herself. Given her unique perspective, she was understandably proud of Strand for deciding to cross over with Thomas. But would Victor really commit suicide? As the hour drew to a close, Thomas was dead, and Strand had a gun in his hand. At the same time, Chris stole into Maddie and Alicia’s room and picked up a knife. (Again, Chris, not a great idea if you don’t want to anger folks.) We were just about to see what the teen was going to do with the weapon when a shot rang out, alerting Maddie and Alicia to his presence. Had Strand shot himself? No. He’d put a bullet in Thomas’ brain.

So, on a scale of 1 (“Shoot me next”) to 10 (“Wow! Just wow!”), what would you rate the episode? Hit the comments!

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  1. DONE says:

    Well I’m finally done. NEVER cared about a single character on this show. I can’t waste more time caring. For those who do care more power to you, I am done till Original Recipie TWD returns.

    • woddy says:

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • ? says:

      But this was the first episode where there was an interesting character development that promises drama! The morally grey, tough choices kind that we watch the Walking Dead for. I certainly want to see how the thing with Chris plays out. It’s going to be uncomfortable, messy, and people with good intentions are going to make tragic mistakes. I hope the show has the guts to make Madison kill him eventually, to Travis’s horror. Then Travis can die too a little bit later and Madison can blame herself. And we’ll get a stronger cast out of it. Hooray! Anyway. Strand is totally the main character in this show as far as I’m concerned. Anyone disagree?

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Kim Dickens (Madison) apparently has made it known that she wants to be the Rick Grimes of this group. For me personally I don’t think the actress has the chops for it. She’s the worst out of the bunch and I want her to get bit, LOL!! Nick is the one I want to take the lead. My favs of the bunch are Nick, Strand and Daniel for sure. I also like Chris and I hope he can get it together. The kid has been through a lot in a very short period of time. Madison is a horrible step-mother.

        • A fan of TV says:

          Kim Dickens can, and does, have the chops to be the Rick Grimes. Not a doubt in my mind. Sorry you don’t like her, she’s one of the only reasons to watch this show regularly.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            That’s cool, for me she’s just so bland. She doesn’t show any emotion whatsoever. She reminds me of a dear in the headlights all the time.

          • A fan of TV says:

            Nah, she emotes extremely well, in my opinion, and perhaps it’s the filmmakers not showing what she can do more than anything else. I say this because she was always emotive and excellent in the other stuff she’s done (Lost, SoA, Treme) which were arguably blessed with better direction and writing than this series.

        • Yogi Arianna says:

          Why is she the worst? And cmon, that’s bull….Rick always thinks of the group, like Madison does….Nick couldn’t be bothered, he’s too much of an oddball…the “heavy lifter” of the group though. But Madison always comes back to the practical reality of things, like Rick does. Nick is more of a Daryl character, too much of a loner/ outsider to be a good leader…he would never *want* to be leader.

          • A fan of TV says:

            Wrstlgrl often has issues with other women on TV shows that don’t make a lot of sense unless you can remember being a teenage girl and how it was practically ingrained in you to tear down other women as a coping mechanism to finding acceptance of yourself. She doesn’t recognize her bias because I believe she really is a teenage girl.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Is that right?!?! OMG this made me laugh so hard. Just because I have a different opinion than you do you have to start bad mouthing me. LMFAO!!!! Talk about being a teenage girl.

          • A fan of TV says:

            I was merely explaining to Yogi how it is that your opinions can be so outrageously off base, constantly anti-femme, and usually baselessly negative. Sorry, if you’re allowed an opinion of me, which you’ve put here today and previously, I am allowed one of you. It’s just funny how your negativity towards so much is a righteous opinion as you’d tell it, but I’m just ‘bad mouthing’ you. Now it’s my turn to LMFAO!

          • wrstlgirl says:

            I don’t recall ever bad mouthing you personally. I may disagree with your opinion but that’s not meant as a personal dig towards you. However, you clearly have a bad opinion about me. My opinions can be “outrageously off base”, that’s only because you don’t agree with it, that’s okay but it doesn’t make you right and me wrong. It just means we don’t agree. Constantly anti-femme isn’t even remotely correct and more often than not I’m a very positive person. I’m here to give my opinion about television and if I don’t care for a particular actor, whether they are male or female makes no difference.

          • A fan of TV says:

            You have indeed made it personal in the past (and today, sense of retaliation activated or not) and it’s true that has colored every single comment I see from you. I have also watched you get personal with other people and this has further colored everything. I feel empowered to challenge you as you can challenge others. I have seen you be positive, for sure, but not really about women. A select few women, sure, but even teenage girls have their female idols. But to claim you’re not anti-femme when you say things like ‘she’s the worst and I want her to get bit,’ then to classify all your faves as guys on the show, then say you even like Chris (whom other people would more legitimately, with evidence, be able to claim can’t act very well) proves you are definitely a teenage girl who is a lot harder on women than you are on men, as most of us were. Some of us still are, evidenced by things like mom guilt. You specifically are not the problem, most teen girls are like this and most are like this without even realizing as we see all women through a mirror of ourselves and who we want to be/think we are. It just explains your biases which, let’s remember, is all I said :) I’m not saying don’t be offended, I’m saying be offended and check yourself, because I believe you when you say you don’t think you are these biases. Whether you care what I’m saying is entirely up to you, but you are engaging this entire conversation so that says something, at least. I actually like your passion in your posts, but my impression has become that it’s a lot easier for girls to screw up and do wrong than guys. I mean, on The 100 Clarke is basically persona non grata to you for a lot fewer perceived mistakes than those made by Rick on TWD, for example. You love Strand, even though his actions, not Alicia’s, directly led to their boat nearly being taken, along with Travis and Alicia. You’re entitled to every opinion you have, don’t misunderstand me, I’m just offering an explanation for where I know, from having been a teenage girl, the weight of these opinions are coming from.

        • ? says:

          She’s a fantastic actress, though not on this show so far. Which means it isn’t her fault.

        • Craig Love says:

          Agreed. Kim looks like she has a bad temper, as the character, & also the actress.

          And, there is not a single character, of this series, that I really like, otr find ‘endearing’.
          They all warrant stayin away from,..as they are mostly stupid/wreckless, (I ironically, like Strand, the best, ..as, with the exception of cutting the rope of the raft,..is ‘realistic/smart.

      • Lilly says:

        Yep. And Nick. Odd how they can’t give us a “good guy” to root for. But that’s the beauty of TWD – we get to see characters develop. I didn’t care about Darryl at first either. Problem is: The obvious lead characters in FTWD (Madison & Travis) aren’t likeable.
        Another question for you all: I know it would be difficult from a hiring actors standpoint, but don’t you honestly think it would be more logical that average people would try to accept others they liked, grow the group, and more of the weaker would get killed faster? It would even be MORE interesting if we were scared our favorite would die from week to week. Remember the large group camping in the mountain outside Atlanta when Rick arrived? That beat down last night outside the church was reminiscent of the Grimes Group – not people who weren’t used to this zombie apocalypse yet! Guess a group that ballooned and shrunk weekly would be difficult to cast and produce! But I think it’s much more realistic than what we’re watching right now.

        • Yogi Arianna says:

          Oh please. To quote George RR Martin quoting Faulkner “the human heart in conflict with itself” is the only thing worth writing about”. And this new genre of intense, apocalyptic type shows takes it to another level of (sur?)realism. No one IRL is a perfect “good guy”…it’s never that black and white..frankly that’s a bit boring. Many heroes are conflicted or have experienced trauma; Batman is haunted by demons; Superman is just a regular shy guy in his daily life. So it’s not surprising that these realistic, nuanced depictions that make these characters interesting – or at the very least, *realistic*- are all amalgams of “good” and “bad”, “strong” and “weak”.

          • Lilly says:

            You’ll note I said “good guy” (in quotes), not “perfect hero.” That’s what Rick started out as. And Hershel. And Glenn. And others. All our favorite characters have flaws, but they started as basically decent people. (Even Darryl – my favorite – has grown because of the influence of these people as his new family.) One of the reasons I’m so entranced with TWD is because I fear everything that WAS once good in these characters is being lost. I’m rooting for them to maintain their humanity somehow. My point was that in FTWD, I believe those “good guy” characters are supposed to be Travis and Madison. Unfortunately, none of us are bonding with those two. Neither appear to be leaders (at least not yet). I find myself drawn to the more flawed characters of Strand and Nick. Is there much hope that they WILL get better in the apocalypse, if they start out so seriously flawed?? Just an observation.

      • Barnabas says:

        I agree that the top 3 are Nick, Strand and Daniel – but I think Nick is by far the strongest character and I’d like to see him take the lead. Travis and Maddie are definitely Tier Two characters and the two girls are walker bait. Chris cannot die fast enough for me. The actor seems like a nice guy but the character is horrible in every possible way.

    • Whatevah says:

      Done I just read recaps now waiting for someone to become likable…I’m recording the show hoping for something to change but it’s not looking good.

    • Craig Love says:

      Me, too,..although, I will watch this show,…to see if it gets better.

  2. There had to be a breaking point for Chris. You can’t do what he’s done and not suffer some psychological damage. He’s suffered the most of everyone on that ship (besides Daniel and Ofelia).

    He lost his mother. Worse, it was his father who shot her — which most likely lead to his desire to kill Madison. He probably blames her, subconsciously.

    He also delivered a mercy killing. There are characters on the main show that have yet to face that prospect. Moreover, he’s a young guy having done all this so far, not an adult.

    Travis was right: he was there for Nick, Madison needs to be there for Chris. Whatever is happening with him, it’s directed at her. This kid has already faced more than the adults have right now. Expecting him to come out of it psychologically intact is asking too much.

    • Lilly says:

      I totally agree that Travis was right and Madison was wrong. Chris is on the verge of becoming a sociopath (if you aren’t born that way). We’ll see where they take this. Whereas we SAW Chris watch (not just hesitate, as he said) while Madison was in danger – this holding the knife was more murky. Wondering what would have happened if the gun shot hadn’t woken them. I don’t believe Chris is ready to kill healthy people yet – at least not friends/family!

  3. Leah says:

    Glad they finally gave Ofelia some sort of development. Daniel or Chris will probably get killed next. I’m hoping it’s Chris.

  4. Tracy Scott says:

    The show is getting better but there is a certain amount of danger and dread lacking in the show. I dont feel as if the world is burning. There’s a lot of needless melodrama it’s like the characters in this show haven’t realized the gravity of the situation. As strange as Chris’s behavior has become shooting that kid in the face was probably the right move zombie or not. Especially the way the world is now. However, letting his step mom almost get eaten… not cool chris.. not cool.

    • Lilly says:

      I agree about the melodrama. Of course, some would call it character development, but some of it gets annoying since we are having difficulty caring about most of these people … and their drama! Love Nick (until he got wussy and clingy to Celia last night). Liking Strand more. I like Alicia more each week. Daniel is a good/bad guy. From there my interest drags. I think they need to spend more time “developing” these characters through their current deeds and a little less from their history. Give us some of that later.

    • The Beach says:

      Celia’s zombies in the basement because they’re friends and family was way too much like Herschel and his barn.

  5. Diane G. says:

    This showed contradictions in what can actually be evil. Chris’s hesitancy in saving Madison, Celia’s maternal and Christian demeanor while murdering a church full of parishioners and hording infected family and neighbors in the cellar and Daniel’s throwing away Luis’s coin meant for his mom with his dying breaths. The zombie’s seem less heinous.

  6. James D says:

    I can get past the other characters flaws because after all they are living the start of the apocalypse so some naivete is warranted. but Chris is the exception he is just a jerk face and this kind of thing seemed to be the inevitable outcome. kind of hope Travis beats his face with a Bat… whoops was that too soon…poor person that met Lucille :(… whoever that may be ;)

  7. Jason says:

    I keep trying to like this show but it gets worse and worse. And I sadly keep watching it for unknown reasons.

    Like- absolutely nothing happened this episode. There was no attachment to the Abigail guy what so ever aside from he was a wealthy gay Mexican guy. Most of the main characters are all over the place in terms of development (aside from brooding emo teen boy killer).

    I really want this show to get better. It has a lot of potential but like someone elsewhere said this is like a show full of Andreas.

    • Lexi says:

      I agree with you… lot of potential!!! I like the dynamic between Strand, Maddie, Daniel. Travis irritates me … Chris is proof that the zombie’ s are not the worse thing out,there.

    • Lilly says:

      Agree. Last season of TWD got better each week, IMO. I’m not giving up on FTWD any time soon – it fits the bill of helping me pass the time until TWD returns. But right now I’m more interested in and worried about Alex – and we don’t even know when/if she’s coming back!!

  8. Liza says:

    So, Celia is Hershel keeping zombie family members feeding them dogs in a cell while he kept them in the barn feeding them chickens. And the hacienda is this series farm. Hmm.

    My opinion is that Madison is hard to like. She is no Rick Grimes and I find myself not caring about what happens to her.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I’ve never been a big fan of her work and her role in Fear is probably the worst I’ve ever seen her do. She just has no personality whatsoever.

      • AnnieM says:

        I think she’s a decent actress, but I also think part of the problem is all characters I remember seeing her play – Madison; the hooker Jax cheated with on Sons of Anarchy, and the con woman involved with Sawyer on Lost – they all seem to have the *same* personality. i never watched Deadwood, so I can’t speak to that, but she seems to always play the same character, more or less. *shrug*

        • wrstlgirl says:

          For me she’s the new Andrea and that’s not a good thing in my book, LOL!! But I know that a lot of people like her.

      • Yogi Arianna says:

        Sometimes when a woman plays a certain type of character, someone who is more straight-faced and hardcore, people say she has “no personality”. But when men play the same roles…it’s weird..like we don’t expect men to always have “personality” lol. Personally I like her seriousness and practicality, I think it makes her a good leader.

  9. JimsShip says:

    It was disappointing to see the Farm and barn scenario from TWD rehashed here. Not very original thinking for a spinoff, but what really ticked me off was the tiny white subtitles on mostly white or bright back rounds. I have no idea what dialogue I missed.
    Not sure what the coin was about or why Daniel tossed it overboard. He recognized it as something, but hell if I know what was going on.
    Poor editing…

    • My guess is hat Celia is a drug lord and the owl is her trademark. Daniel recognized it as such, and later, when Nick was with Ofelia praying, he recognized it as well (his flashback to the first episode). I think it’s actually been pretty obvious that’s where things have been heading.

      • Lilly says:

        Nah – on Talking Dead we learned that owl was some symbol for death. Even though Daniel wasn’t from Mexico, perhaps it was widely used/recognized throughout more superstitious Hispanic cultures? This episode was weird. Funny that next week is the mid-season finale, and the show doesn’t feel like it’s building to anything – other than how the communion-poisoning Madonna will take down the younger, stronger intruders next week? BTW, since supposedly no one killed Luiz through the brain, where the heck IS he? Did they toss him overboard? Or did they lie to her about putting a knife/bullet through his brain?

    • AnnieM says:

      Those subtitles – YES! My husband & I had to keep backing up and pausing, b/c of the tiny white font against a light background – SO ANNOYING! :-p

  10. Lola says:

    This episode was a 5. Every week I dislike Madison more and more. I could do without Travis too. I had hoped Thomas would have survived. There are so few characters I care about on this show.

  11. A fan of TV says:

    That keeps coming out of his mouth in such a way that when I assume he snaps and goes crazy over the new world, dead mom, etc, he’ll be saying it when Maddie finally has to kill him or something.

  12. AnnieM says:

    There was certainly a LOT of looney in this episode. Finally, an episode this season that held my attention the whole way through. I find myself caring about Strand, at least, and Nick continues to be interesting to me. Celia just seems to be out-and-out nuts; I mean, when Hershel kept his friends and family in his barn, at least he had a valid reason – he was hoping for a cure. All Celia has said is ‘they’re what comes next’ – by that reasoning, why even lock them up, why not just let them turn everyone?

  13. Yogi Arianna says:

    Yeah, Chris is getting super creepy!

  14. Neily McCormick says:

    Chris is the most annoying character in the show by far, a contrary little douche and unbelievably stupid . He also has a very punchable face which always has an expression of wilfully obtuse dumbness plastterd on it .