The Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Vampire Diaries Finale: EP Previews Caroline's Choice, 'Bamon' Resolution

There’s a lot going down on Friday’s Vampire Diaries finale (The CW, 8/7c) — but let’s be real, there’s nothing more important than the fate of our favorite pairings.

To that end, TVLine bugged executive producer Julie Plec for a few teases about the episode’s relational developments, beginning with Caroline, who last week refused to answer Stefan’s question about her feelings for Alaric.

“She’s definitively going to declare where her heart lies, for better or worse for our men who are wondering,” Plec confirmed.

As for Bonnie and Damon — keep in mind, she nearly drove a stake through his heart when last they met — they’ll also come to an understanding, albeit through unconventional means.

“This is very cryptic, but they don’t come face to face in the finale,” Plec said. “That’s not to say their relationship is not without resolution, but it’s mysteriously not able to happen in person.”

Your thoughts on these teases? Hopes for the finale? Drop ’em in a comment below. (No spoilers please, Canada.) 

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  1. marydspain says:

    Steroline is coming back! We’ve missed them so much

    • Gia says:

      This was the most underwhelming season finale TVD has ever done. It could’ve been just a regular episode.

      • Ken says:

        How can it be the “most underwhelming season finale” when it hasn’t aired yet? Doesn’t air until tonight…unless you are in Canada.

        • Steffy says:

          Yes in Canada but it’s online too. Agree with Gia it was very underwhelming for a season finale. Really poorly done.

          • Elena says:

            Saw it too. Season was boring. I don’t mind Delena but Doffin together with ridiculous Steroline just brought Julie the worst season in terms of ratings.

        • Bob Wood says:

          Well it had to have aired somewhere on Thursday night because i downloaded the finale last night on a file sharing site and it is the finale episode.

      • I misread underwhelming, and I was like: this bih be trippin’? hehehe When I finished watching this episode, I tried to Google a 23rd PROMO, because it didn’t look like a finale at all. I really don’t know what happened. My two cents, this is what writers do as a “this show is doomed” sign.

    • cupcake141 says:

      all about klaus and caroline

  2. lilballerina says:

    season 7 has been kind of a mess. ineffectual villains, recycled storylines and a lot of mostly irrelevant characters/relationships getting way too much focus. That said, i actually liked the finale. it was emotional and touching more than it was action-packed or dynamic, so they managed to tie up some dangling loose ends while still having a troubling cliffhanger to lead in to the (shortened???) final season.

    it seems like they cemented their “endgame” couples in a way that will hopefully leave a lot of the shipper drama behind and allow the writers to focus more on fresh storylines, twisty plots and on the bonds of family and friendship that used to be the foundation of the show

    • LL says:

      If they couldn’t do write this “fresh storylines, twisty plots and on the bonds of family and friendship that used to be the foundation of the show” in Season 7, why do you think it will be different for Season 8? They don’t know how to write the way they used to.

      • lilballerina says:

        no, they don’t. that’s not even in question. but season 7 was a huge transition. they were in limbo. so, like i said, with their endgame couples cemented, hopefully they’ll be able to spend less time trying to hammer certain things into the audience’s heads and more time on actual plot and story. we’ll see

      • Laura says:

        I totally agree with you

    • zed says:

      Well, if they had not tied any dangling knot it would have been zillion times better- in my opinion- leaving then a room to wait eagerly for season 8, and now with all the cemented endgame couples – like -boring! well, a half a season 8 to wrap up tvd and then everyone can live happily ever after.

    • Bob Wood says:

      A Shortened Final Season? meaning 8 where did you get the info from? I looked on IMDB and it is showing Season 8 to be 23 Episodes instead of the usual 22 so that is not a shortened season.

  3. Gul says:

    Aww Caroline’s heart lies with Stefan.. LOVE it :)

  4. Jason says:

    EP’s give the worst interview sometimes. lol being so cryptic just makes me roll me eyes becasue it never lives up to the hype they create

  5. Leah says:

    I’m so embarassed for Caroline..she has no self respect but I’m not even surprised anymore

  6. Val M. says:

    What Caroline’s choice? Alaric gave her his permission to go to Stefan, and she didn’t think twice before abandon her twins for a man.

    • LL says:

      So gross. It doesn’t make any sense for the Caroline Forbes I used to know and love to leave the kids she raised for 3 years (the ones she talked into helping her on her behalf no less!!!!!!!!) for someone who left her behind and demonstrates zero respect for her. This isn’t the Caroline I know and I think the TVD writers should be ashamed of what they’ve done. It’s awful.

    • Honey Jackson says:

      Caroline is NOT THEIR MOTHER,plus,she’s a vampire!she did the right thing,leaving Alaric to find someone new,to love,a HUMAN,NORMAL,who’ll live the girls and give them a chance to grow up!Caroline couldn’t give them that,never,so,because she loves them,and Alaric,too(as a friend,not love if her life)she does the ultimate sacrifice,and leaves!

      • Steffy says:

        Agree but SHE IS their mother. Once they started calling her MOM and Caroline allowed it, she sealed her own fate. This was a horrible s/l and was only done because Candice was pregnant. There have been other actresses before her that have been pregnant and the writers did just fine but for some reason tvd didn’t know what to do with her. Now no matter how they played this nothing will make Caroline look good. Pairing her up with Stefan didn’t help to begin with but this just….

      • LL says:

        She isn’t their biological mother, but she raised them for 3 years and carried them in her womb. She acted like a adoptive parent. Adoptive parents don’t just leave their kids. She shouldn’t be with Alaric because she doesn’t love him, but basically it looks like Caroline ditched the kids without a word to them, no goodbye scene with them, no explanation that suddenly she’s not in their lives, to make out with Stefan. That’s not a good look on Caroline. It’s cruel.

  7. Sophie says:

    Oh Caroline, you are breaking my heart! I hope you find your strength and self-respect next season.

  8. Farida says:

    Caroline deserves better than all of this, stefan was forgiven VERY easily and thats not good because c’mon after all he did he’s just off the hook THAT fast? Definitely not happy with this.
    Glad she’s done with Ric though but tbh I wanted Caroline to choose herself in the end and drop both men cause Caroline Forbes deserves the best. Thanks for the review though Andy!

  9. laura says:

    Worst season finale

  10. KM says:

    Can you please give KAT GRAHAM performer of the week, she just naills her scenes.

  11. zed says:

    Oh, yeah, Buffy’s The First Evil is out…ahm, The vampire diaries’ First Evil is out, – oh, they so should have played I am a man by The Strobe again!!!
    Delenas will be happy! Ah, well…
    I am underwhelmed with what TVD has become-

  12. partyof5 says:

    is there ever going to be a day on this show where Stefan Salvatore has to actually answer for any of HIS mistakes or even have them acknowledged in canon for more than 15-seconds? because it’s been seven years and the fans are still waiting for it.

    also, can Caroline please get off the man carousel she’s been stuck on since s1? she’s had so many great character moments over the years but they always get brushed aside in favor of making her second-string to some man’s needs. having her go running back to stefan just because he wiggled his bushy eyebrows at her is pretty gross, tbh

  13. Nicole Cobern says:

    She choose stefan

  14. Jason says:

    Caroline is only with Alaric because of the kids. But since they’re an albatross that will remain around her neck, I fear that the Steroline fans may have to endure the status quo well into next season. Unless they somehow magically age them by about fifteen years.

  15. Honey Jackson says:

    Thanks Julie,and sadistic writers,who drive me crazy with these season finale cliffhangers!You’re all sadists,torturing us fans,to suffer, wait until September!I hate you all😉,just kidding! Please don’t let next season be the last!Millions if fans will be heartbroken, like me,exactly when Buffy and Angel ended,two all time best series,like TVD!Can’t wait for tonight’s ep.

  16. Bonnie Slayes says:

    I’m so anoyed wit ‘Damon’ in every single title!!!!! Others are just as relevant!

  17. A says:

    why bonnie isn’t using her magic? does she no longer have magic?

  18. jackie says:

    Stefan isn’t perfect but he DOES answer to and try to make right his mistakes. He’s usually the punching bag and God forbid he once in awhile messes up. At least when he DOES mess up, it’s not usually for selfish reasons. Caroline loves Stefan and is following her heart. Stefan left her because he wanted her to have the life he truly thought she wanted. He didn’t leave “just because.” Everyone is so quick to forgive Damon all the freaking time but when Stefan (very rarely) messes up, he’s this horrible person.

    • Nemo says:

      You are so right about how everyone forgives Damon!!!! That is so iritating! He does things on purpose despite of what others want/feal/think just because he ‘thinks’ & he feals it’s right and makes more trouble. Everyone attacked Enzo for giving Bonnie the pills ( aldough she knew everything about them just as much as he did and she took them as a grown up women who said to Enzo that everything will be under her terms; he was the only one by her side ) but never mentioned how many times he wanted to sacrifice Bonnie. Now lets all attack Stefan!?! I love how Stefan gave Damon speach in final episode :)

    • LL says:

      Really? When did Stefan and Caroline deal with all the murders they committed at the end of Season 6? I don’t remember it. Where was the adult conversation Stefan had with Caroline before he left with Valerie? I don’t remember it. Why did Stefan have a relationship with Valerie for 3 years when he didn’t have real feelings for her? If he did have real feelings for her, where did they go in the .2 seconds between when she dumped him and when he ended up at Caroline’s door? Where has Stefan been shown to respect Caroline’s choices? Was that right after he vervained her? This season has been about Damon trying to make better choices, but really Stefan should take a look in the mirror. I don’t know why Caroline loves him, but she does. I wish he’d actually treat her with respect and kindness.

      • zed says:

        That is why Steroline is very contrived!! Yeah, him going away with Valerie and being with her is not important- it is irrelevant, as long as they have Steroline!

      • jackie says:

        Stefan always tries to make the best choice in the situation he’s in. He doesn’t act out of selfishness EVERY SINGLE TIME unlike Damon. Valerie was well aware of the fact that Stefan wasn’t in love with her. She knew that and went anyways. Caroline was with some one she didn’t love either, so it wasn’t a total one way street there. Stefan actually atones for what he does. Just in this episode he didn’t try to force her and let it be HER choice. He learned from his mistake. Caroline didn’t abandon the girls like every one keeps saying. She is still going to be apart of their lives. She never said she wouldn’t be/

  19. Delena says:

    Omg tonight!! This season finale is going to be crazy!! This show needs to stay on for much longer!!!
    I love TVD so much!!! But just don’t kill Damon, lol that’s my babe!

  20. Delena says:

    Steroline!!! Please come back
    And I miss Delena!!

  21. Pam says:

    I am actually dreading this episode. I read the reviews already and it doesn’t sound good. I get that the writers wanted Steroline together at the end of the season, and I would have accepted that. But to have her walk away from the kids, is taking it too far. This is so Un-Caroline like that I can’t even begin to describe how much I am angered by it. She basically walked away from her kids to be with a man. Really? Yes they might not be biologically tied, but she was the one who raised them. They call her mommy. I am so disappointed at the writers because it what universe is that right?

  22. Ellie says:

    I thought the last few episodes were pretty good, but the season finale was awful. Which surprised me because their season finales are normally solid. This one was just boring and predictable.

    That “cliffhanger” was terrible and so utterly repetitive. Who wants to see those characters go “bad” next season? Especially when we’ve seen one of them do “bad” so many times already. If they really had to do that “twist” they should’ve used different characters. I may’ve liked that twist if it involved Caroline and Bonnie instead.

    Of course, Bonnie got completely screwed over yet again. Why do these writers hate her so much? Kat nailed her scenes yet again. She really has become the best performer on this show.

    I don’t mind Stefan/Caroline but they shouldn’t have had her forgive him so easily. I know they wanted to wrap things up for the finale but that reunion was way too rushed.