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The Good Wife: 11 Dropped Arcs We Wish the Finale Had Tackled

Diane Lockhart’s open palm against Alicia Florrick’s cheek may have been the most stinging image of The Good Wife‘s series finale on Sunday, but it was a handful of moments we didn’t see that have us sore a few days later.

Oh, sure, we understand not every storyline in the show’s history could (or even should) have been resolved — especially since showrunners Robert and Michelle King never shied away from the messy or the morally ambiguous.

Still, some serious whoppers — Peter’s role in the voting-machine scandal! Howard’s hidden account! That baffling, final-episode guest star! — got dropped with all the care of a toddler hurling a spoonful of broccoli into the hotzone beneath the high chair.

To that end, we’ve compiled a list of 11 mismanaged arcs and burning questions that will haunt us forever until the inevitable Netflix reboot in 2026.

Check out the gallery below — or click here for direct access — to see why we’re still scratching our heads, then hit the comments and share what dropped Good Wife you wish had been resolved.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Annie says:

    It felt like there were too many storylines to be followed through and ended very sudden. Why not make a 2h finale?
    There’s also been a lot of missing characters that disappear or storylines that never got completed through the whole show.

  2. Sam says:

    After that bland finale that felt like a typical boring January episode i feel cheated and abit silly that all along i let myself in the Kings’ world and followed the series all along. But they reward our faithfulness with that silly finale and so many lose ends? Awful.

    Even when plots felt bland it was a nice ride though. But it’s just rude that they couldn’t wrap up important storylines esp sth major like voting machines issue.

    • Rene says:

      you are right, too many loose ends. if the writers knew this was the season finale, they should have organized all the loose ends with the finale story . this was an ambiguous story ends, suck bad ends, feel very emptied, for such a loyal fan base. , feel like this story was not written by the original writers, such rushed on this , avoiding all the more important detail of the story line, an amateur fan writer would have done a better job

  3. Alyse says:

    I would have loved it if they brought back Matthew Goode’s character Finn. Following Will who was my number one pick, Finn was my second pick for my favorite of Alicia’s love interests.

    • Steven says:

      I agree, he was such a nice guy and he and Alicia had such amazing chemistry. His character was completely wasted.

    • I second that. But he had decided to try to patch things up with his ex-wife.

    • Jeri says:

      This seemed to be about the time a lot of the original cast began making their exits. I think they ran for their lives to greener pastures. The show was once so good, it’s really a shame. Maybe it will serve as a cautionary tale for other shows about to give too much power to the star(s).

    • Jennifer says:

      Same here! I commented on the finale recap article that I wished Alicia would have chosen to not be with Jason and that the final episode ended with her randomly bumping into Finn so the audience knew that was where her love life was headed. Would have been great.

  4. Steven says:

    Nothing was wrapped up. Nothing. It didn’t even feel like a series finale.

  5. Alwayshappyz says:

    The thing with Kalinda and Lana. Last we saw Lana she was called into work, lol. Kalinda also had to put a White card in Lana’s wallet (Bishop’s order). Whatever happened to that? Other than that I agree with Robyn. What the hell happened?

  6. Sammy says:

    The bottom line that midway through season 4 they lost the plot…. I like how they made alicia partner but then pulled the rug out from under her and the other associates which lead to he revolt. They were really doing well withe the Florrick Agos firm and them Josh Charles decided to up and leave and from then on it just went to pot. I am annoyed with how the Kings just disregarded certain things and focused on the wrong things. Like the last few eps with Jason and Alicia in bed for like 5 minutes of screen timem they never had that much chemistry. Shr had more chemistry with the campaign manager and Finn than with Jason.
    I am glad the show is over. Will only keep s1-4 on dvr. The rest is gone bye bye now.

    • opus says:

      I disagree in one aspect. Season 5 was absolutely the best season of this show. I have seasons 1 – 5, but have no intention of buying seasons 6 and 7. I feel I’ve wasted the last two years hoping the show would recover.

  7. And whatever happened to Nathan Lane’s character?

  8. Andy says:

    I thought the biggest unanswered question was “Did Kalinda killed her ex?”

  9. Liz985 says:

    How about Jason’s interview with the female CSI tech whose background he looked into further? It seems like she was the bombshell waiting to be dropped to support Peter’s allegation that the crime scene evidence had either been improperly collected or tainted. Having said that, it completely fits the King’s often used theme of the arbitrariness and ineptitude of our criminal justice system and how innocence or guilt is a crap shoot.

    Which brings to mind another arc that didn’t get the treatment it deserved: the Hunter Parrish story line in Season 5. It got overshadowed by the fateful and surprising events of “Dramatics, Your Honor” but it was really one of the most horrific examples of how innocent people get sucked into the system, abused, and never heard from again. Hunter shot up the courtroom (and killing Will in the process) because he had been framed by the police, put into the system, and forgotten by his law firm. I think at the time of that episode the poor kid had been incarcerated without a trial for almost a year, and it was obvious he had been raped repeatedly while there. The desperation when he’s telling Will that he can’t go back to jail and the way his case is ping-ponged back in forth during the day in court with each side manipulating the law to either exonerate him or convict him is harrowing to watch. Jeffrey Grant did a phenomenal job with that role and I would have liked to have seen some resolution on how his life was ruined by all the parties involved.

  10. jakis says:

    THANK YOU! I am still so bugged by all of those.

  11. Hurl says:

    They never even mentioned Finn again. Ugh, I hated this season. Still a great series overall.

  12. leo says:

    Sutton Foster, LOL.. Maybe, maybe she was to have more scenes, but after realizing what kind of a diva miss Julianna is, she was like, “No, this ain’t worth it”

  13. CK says:

    This just reminded me of how many plots this season started and just dropped (like a female supporting character on Empire) for absolutely no reason. Although, I guess it gets a pass since they cancelled the show midway through the season. There probably wasn’t much they could do without it seeming rushed.

  14. DramaMomma says:

    Seriously, what was up Sutten Foster’s appearance? I can only think that she would be a serious fan of the show to do 20 seconds of screen time.

    The whole thread about her phone ringing just before the girl was murdered seems so odd. I assume it was to keep everyone wondering if Peter was really guilty, but since there wasn’t any way Peter knew about her it didn’t really work.

    My theory is the last scene was quickly written after the rest of the episode because it feels like the story was going to continue next season.

  15. Jerry says:

    After riding with a series for 7 seasons that I felt I couldn’t get enough of each week, I feel the Kings led us down the path to what…..they didn’t finish the series….they just abandoned us and
    decided to place their creative efforts on a new series. My time spent on Weekly Television is
    limited, but I can guarantee, I will no longer waste my time on a new CBS Series with the Kings.
    I am well aware that life no longer ends happily ever after anymore, but it did come out positive
    for the first few seasons and it was good entertainment, but they just ran out of gas and left us
    all sitting on the side of the road. with too many unanswered issues……

  16. Nichole says:

    What about the phone tap on Alica’s phone by the NSA (or some government group) – that lead to a number of things that happened in season 7 and then went no where, wasn’t even mentioned in the end. There must be at least 50 things they left hanging, some really really big things too. Waste of a season and a disappointment after years of good TV. To be honest, by the end I was happy to have the show finish, Alica’s character in the second half of the last season really started to be “ugh” for want of a better swear word lol!!

  17. Judith Nappe says:

    It wasn’t until the last part of finale of “the good Wife” that I realized it was the finale of the entire show. It had a rushed feeling about it, definitely was not the best ending ever. Could’ve been but wasn’t because the constraint of hurry up and get it over with was so obvious. In retrospect it was very disappointing to have the best drama show on local TV (ABC, NBC,CBS, FOX) throttled to death without consideration of fans. As usual.

    Good Wife almost had me convinced there was hope for American drama productions which are available to ALL television watchers which does not include cable HBO, etc. arrogantly waving at we people who can’t stand cable or afford it.

  18. Big D says:

    Series 7 dropped the consistent standard through the floor. And the finally was a car crash

  19. Sarah says:

    Does anybody else remember way back at the end of season 1 when Will calls Alicia while she’s on stage at Peter’s press conference? He leaves that “yeah we shouldn’t pursue this thing” voicemail followed immediately by the heartfelt “actually you know what, I’ve been in love with you since law school just FYI”, Eli checks her messages and deletes the second to prevent that relationship from messing up Peter’s campaign — and Alicia NEVER finds out. She eventually learns that there was a second message, only for Will to lie when she asks what it said, and then through all the years of her complicated association with Eli she has no idea that he did this potentially momentous thing to her.

  20. CHARLENE ARIK says:


  21. soujkay says:

    The slap was about Will not Diane. The entire season six and seven was about Will coming back to alicia (an S & M fairytale). He didn’t get shot. He committed suicide to make alicia “pure”. His subconscious comes back to alicia within Jason’s brain. Only problem is alicia has an affair with Jason. And Will doesn’t handle that very well. After giving her a test in the “better” song he blows himself up (yes again) and the self righteous part of his brain gets lodged in Diane. Who finally slaps Alicia for having an affair with Jason.

  22. MS. Gewb says:

    So I’m a bit embarrassed to admit my daughter and I have been watching this via Netflix in Australia for the past 6 months off and on; sometimes burning thru 3 episodes an evening. We watched the final episode last evening; thinking there was an 8th season…I know, sorry! We’re a bit out of touch down under. Anyway a terrible finale, should have been two hours and a bit more of a wrap up. I agree, too many loose ends…Finn, Kalinda etc!