The Blacklist Season 3

The Blacklist Recap: The Enemy of My Enemy — Plus: See Finale Photos

And just like that, Red and Liz can only claim bragging rights to the second-most dysfunctional relationship on The Blacklist.

In Thursday’s episode of the NBC drama, which served as a backdoor pilot for a potential spinoff starring Famke Janssen and Ryan Eggold, we were given a rare piece of the complicated puzzle that is Tom Keen’s childhood — and boy, was it a doozy.

See, not only is Janssen’s Scottie Hargrave indirectly responsible for the death of Tom’s wife… but she’s also his mother. (You know that scene in this week’s episode where it looked like Tom and Scottie were about to kiss? Yeah, that seems super-creepy now.)

But let’s back up: Thursday’s installment — the first half of a season-ending two-parter — finds Scottie, Tom, Red and their respective minions joining forces in order to hunt down Alexander Kirk, Red’s longtime nemesis who hired Scottie to derail Liz’s wedding day. Of course, backing Kirk into a corner is no easy task, and drastic measures are taken to do so, including (but not limited to) robbing a bank, getting a 7-year-old girl shot and drugging a sleazy rich guy in order to scan his retina. Long story!

The Blacklist Season 3By the end of the hour, Scottie & Co. have successfully gotten their hands on Kirk’s hidden funds and put the necessary pressure on him in order for Red to score some face time next week. But after Kirk’s money has been procured, Tom decides he is done playing nice with the people responsible for Liz’s death. First, he puts a bullet in Mr. Solomon’s side — which, presumably, won’t kill the man (considering he’s already signed on to the potential spinoff), but will still do some damage.

Then, after asking the FBI task force members to be Agnes’ godparents and baptizing his newborn daughter, Tom heads back to Scottie’s office with a gun in his waistband, his sights set on killing her now that she is no longer useful to him. He’s stopped, though, by a phone call from Red, who assures Tom that if he kills Scottie, “the answers you’ve been looking for your entire life will die with her.”

Suddenly, a whole lot of information about Scottie clicks into place for Tom, most notably the fact that she lost a child many years ago. “My mother?” Tom asks Red, who informs the man that his real name is Christopher Hargrave, and indeed, Scottie is his long-lost mom. Tom (er, Christopher) went missing when he was a young boy, and Scottie is under the impression that her son is dead. Should Tom reveal who he really is, all hell would break loose, so he needs to keep this dizzying information on the DL.

Just then, Scottie comes into her office to find Tom looking shell-shocked (uh, yeah), and when she spies Tom looking at a family photo on her desk, she shares the tragic story of how Christopher disappeared from her life. “I walk into every room hoping he’ll be there,” Scottie tells Tom. Little does she know…

What did you think of the penultimate Season 3 episode? Scroll down to view three exclusive photos from next week’s finale (Tom + Agnes = melted hearts everywhere), then hit the comments with your thoughts on the latest hour!

The Blacklist Season 3 Finale

The Blacklist Season 3 Finale

The Blacklist Season 3 Finale

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  1. Johnny says:

    Good episode. If Tom’s real name is Christopher Hargrave, where did the name Jacob Phelps come from?

  2. Chris says:

    So very interesting after this episode. Whether it happens or not though, have been loving the writing and loving Tom. Now I just want to bring back Liz, I refuse to believe she’s gone!!

    • jjlandes3 says:

      This show just seems to be floundering without Liz. Hopefully the season finale is that Liz might be alive.

      • dman6015 says:

        I don’t know about her returning. It seems likely, but how do you explain next season that Tom/Christopher suddenly isn’t around because he’s running around the world with his mother on a different show?

        • Dysturbed says:

          Regardless of what reason ends up being give, he most likely wouldn’t be bringing his daughter with him for obvious reasons so the standard “I need to make sure she’s safe” by not being around me line would probably be used for both her and hypothetically Liz, in regards to why he doesn’t try to make more time to return to see them. Either way, he’ll likely make occasional Blacklist appearances, even after the inevitable (if she returns) Tom and Liz reunion.

        • JCPrime1 says:

          Who says he won’t be around? Tom and Liz can still be together and raising their kid and crossing over to each other’s shows.

      • darkangel200 says:

        Really? Wow I think it’s just gotten better with each ep this season. This episode was superb, fast paced, slick, well written and acted. Ryan was top notch. All the cast really clicked. I can’t wait for the spinoff. I like Liz and Megan, don’t get me wrong, but she needed some maternity leave and I think the show has been great in covering up her absence.

  3. Chris says:

    Loved the episode and am very intrigued. If it happens or not, either way I have been loving the writing this season and Tom! Now I just need Liz back because I refuse to believe she’s gone!

  4. katedfw says:

    Great episode and I would definitely watch a spin off. One mystery solved and I am still hoping Liz is alive. We have to know the connection between Liz and Red once and for all!

    • stephanie sielicki says:

      I got the impression last week that Red is her father. Brian Dennehy’s character was Liz’s grandfather. And my heart broke when Red was watching the baptism from the back of the church.

      • phernhunt says:

        I actually think that Red is Liz’ mother! The scene with Brian Dennehy revealed that he is Liz’ grandfather, and Red seemed to be his child…but not son. Father was very disappointed with him. Could Red be transgender?

  5. Dee says:

    Anyone else think Liz is behind that door at scotties house? It was where Tom heard something and it almost sounded like a respirator just before he was handed Agnes by that nurse.

    • Normandy says:

      I thought it was gonna be her son she “lost” who has been a vegetable this whole time, but isn’t her husband sick or am I remembering last week wrong?

  6. Good episode. Fairly fast paced; kept my attention.

  7. Jane says:

    This episode is so good and definitely built on last week’s introduction to Scottie. I would definitely watch the spinoff for sure, and yes, I am sold that Scott’s a peer to Red in terms of cunningness and brainpower. She’s indeed boss-ass! I think Famke Janssen looks too young to be Ryan Egghold’s mother, but they do seem to have good chemistry, and I don’t mean the now-so-gross almost kiss. I hope the spinoff is picked up!

    • Evenmoor says:

      For what it’s worth, Famke Janssen is 51 to Ryan Eggold’s 31, so it’s definitely possible. Unlike Len Cariou (76) being father to Tom Selleck (71) on Blue Bloods!

  8. Kevin K says:

    Another great and intense episode. The “bank robbery” scene was so cool. Looking forward to next week’s season finale and when I watched the promo, is Ressler about to turn his back against Red?

  9. Lee W. says:

    I’m finding hard to stay interested in this show now. I’m just barely holding on until Liz returns in the fall.

    • JJ says:

      I’m with you there. Not enough of Red and his monologues and what made it great in the first place. There are now so many characters and sub-plots, (which I think have ruined too many great shows), and I don’t like to have to rewind just to figure out what the heck is going on.

  10. Amy says:

    I love the inverted relationship of Tom and Scottie as compared with Red and Liz. I wasn’t interested in the spinoff until the reveal even though I love tom. I’m glad they have finally started writing his character well.

  11. justsomeguy says:

    Was actually pretty good. I’d watch the show if NBC picks it up.

  12. Luis says:

    I’m still trying to reconcile the idea that Famke Janssen is supposed to be old enough to be old enough to be Ryan Eggold’s mother.

  13. JJ says:

    Maybe I’m just too old, but it’s hard to buy Scottie as Tom’s mom. They really don’t look that different in age to me, certainly not mom-son difference. Unless we find out she had him as a pre-teen mom, which doesn’t seem likely.

  14. Barbara says:

    I enjoyed the original concept of Blacklist. Too many people in recent episodes! Need more dialogue from Red, that was the best part of the show. Thinking Liz faked her own death to protect her daughter…will eventually return, hopefully. Like Toms character but not sure about a spinoff.

  15. Jasmin Ploypailin Schmidt says:

    I’m really getting confused, there going after one then another then one shoots the other etc etc. Since the episode of her death, the show feels like a GIANT backdoor pilot(s) for the new spinoff. I mean seriously they “find” one target after one and it lacks some… well structure/order (for the lack of a better word).

    BUT it’s REALLY nice for a change to have break from Liz’s constant “I hate you”, “thank you”, “you suck”, “I’m sorry” thing she’s got going with RED. Sure their relationship is the show’s main point but the thing is you don’t have to change up the attitude in EVERY goddamn episode. It started in the beginning of the first season already and in the death episode she changed her mind in a matter of minutes (and that more than once – if I remember correctly)!!! xDD

  16. arial2 says:

    Why did Chinatown come to mind immediately when Tom learned about his mother? lol And where did Solomon’s body go? Is Tom that bad a shot? I guess that’s why Red always shoots more than once, because you have to be sure someone is dead when you want them dead.

  17. Something like that says:

    Why do you guys spoiler things? All I did was search The Blacklist so that I could watch it on NBC and the first result is this article with the title “‘The Blacklist’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 22 — Scottie Is Tom’s Mother”. Please stop spoiling things.

    • Dysturbed says:

      Your best bet to avoid spoilerish things like that is to not do a weekly search for “The Blacklist” rather to just save the link to NBC. com or wherever you usually watch. Then you still have quick access to the show, minus the headlines.

  18. Derek says:

    I’m glad that Liz is gone. Red is the one who carries the entire show anyways. We need to get back to hunting blacklisters and Red kicking butt!!

    • donholley77 says:

      If Liz is really gone, why is Megan Boone’s name still in the credits!??

    • tash says:

      I agree 100%. Last night’s episode I had flashbacks of the old Mission Impossible series. Sometimes I wasn’t sure what was going on. “Revenge” started out really good too and then they brought in too many characters and it turned into a stupid night time soap.

  19. dman6015 says:

    Is the potential spin-off show going to be called “Grey Matters”? Seems the likely title after last night’s episode.

    • Robberey says:

      thats what I thought too. It’s “Grey Matters” or at least Grey Matter. Which could also be a coll play, because Famke Janssen was Jean Grey on X Men. Lets See if it really happens.

  20. cej says:

    I would appear, by these photos, that Tom and Agnes have moved into Chuck Bartowski’s apartment complex! What a pair they would make, working together!

  21. katy says:

    Too confusing lately, hate the Scottie character, I think its the way she moves/doesn’t move her mouth when she speaks. I think she totally looks old enough to be Tom’s mother, in fact when I was a teaser for the episode that showed the “tender moment” I was grossed out and thought to myself, she’s too old for him. They need to get back to the old Blacklist, seeing all of the bad guys working with the good guys was too much, I don’t care what the reason was, not realistic at all, there is too much animosity for them to trust each other. I do agree however, that the last two episodes were nothing but an intro to the spinoff for Ryan Eggold.

    • OpieTaylor says:

      Maybe Tom’s spinoff series’ first season intended to serve as the transition away from the Blacklist series, i.e., maybe next season be Red’s final season? Maybe James Spader wants to retire and the new series is NBC’s effort to continue a great money-making show without him. Maybe Scottie does know Tom is her son and maybe she engineered Liz’z kidnapping herself to protect her new granddaughter, simultaneously providing protection and a new “off the grid” identity for Liz. Maybe Scottie and Red conspired to cook up the whole Alexander Kirk storyline as a means to steal his money and remove him as a competitor to Red’s empire. Maybe none of the above.

  22. Joey Padron says:

    Good episode. Surprised Scottie is Tom’s mom! Good photos of Tom and his daughter. Can’t wait to see what happens in season finale!

  23. katy says:

    I want the old Blacklist back, enough of all the stuff leading up to the spinoff, I think Tom’s going to take off with the baby, Liz will return next season and they will focus on tracking him down so she can be reunited with them……long shot!

  24. OpieTaylor says:

    May 13, 2016 at 7:28 AM

    Maybe Tom’s spinoff series’ first season intended to serve as the transition away from the Blacklist series, i.e., maybe next season be Red’s final season? Maybe James Spader wants to retire and the new series is NBC’s effort to continue a great money-making show without him. Maybe Scottie does know Tom is her son and maybe she engineered Liz’z kidnapping herself to protect her new granddaughter, simultaneously providing protection and a new “off the grid” identity for Liz. Maybe Scottie and Red conspired to cook up the whole Alexander Kirk storyline as a means to steal his money and remove him as a competitor to Red’s empire. Maybe none of the above.

  25. Marilyn Painter says:

    Liked this show.

  26. José Brill says:

    It almost felt like a spin-off episode.

  27. Sharon Lacy says:

    These writers are brilliant.
    Never a dull moment.

  28. David Sanders says:

    This show has gone the same as Person Of Interest. They just could not leave a good thing alone. It stinks and is nothing like it was in the beginning.. It is Bad. Simple as that.

  29. Sherry Karaoke says:

    I’m not sorry that Liz is gone. She had gotten too ridiculous. Tom is terrific and the new crew seems interesting. Bring it on! And the people speculating that Red is actually Lizzie’s mom – wow! So creative.

  30. CM says:

    Loved the episode – I LOVE Tom with the baby – I hope they keep her in the show. With the scenes with Red and Scottie, I kept expecting them to reveal Red as Liz’s father. Who knows.
    I feel certain Liz will be back and predict that we will see a sneak peek (reveal) of her in the final moments of the season finale. Keeps you on edge all summer until the new season starts.

  31. That episode was outstanding and got me paying non stop attention to a BL episode after a fairly long time. I think that Ryan Eggold has great potential but his character has nothing left to do on the BL so I don’t know what’ll happen if the spin off is not picked up. If the spin off is picked up tho and I hope it is, I’ll definitely be a viewer cos Ryan has super chemistry not only with Famke but with the other ‘team’ members. As in a great tension with Solomon and even with that other woman on the team, Nez? The bank sequence and the sequence at the German embassy were brilliant.
    And even though I am a huge fan of Liz, I have to say that the show has done a super job of covering covering her absence.

  32. CM says:

    I liked the baptism scene but it seemed kind of strange as Tom and Liz never seemed like religious types, unless I missed something. And the clergyman would have been asking Tom and the god parents if they vowed to raise/mentor Agnes in a Christ-like manner. Baptism is more than pouring water over the kids head. But maybe that’s part of Tom’s trying to be a better person.
    But then the spinoff is ‘Blacklist: Redemption’, which makes me think this has been in the works for over a year – Tom’s redemption arc last year, then little clues like Tom’s conversation with the Dr in Agnes room about family history – ‘blanks’ on both sides, Tom’s telling Gina he doesn’t want to watch anyone die again like they did on one of their missions.
    Every conversation seems to be a clue to the future; that’s why I have to watch each episode several times to analyze and catch everything.
    My guess as to who ‘betrays’ Red: Samar. The preview shows Mr Kaplan telling Red that Tom gave them the slip and has the baby with him. Samar tipped off Tom to leave the restaurant when he met with Liz and helped Liz while on the run in the fall finale. My guess is she is the one who helped Tom give Mr Kaplan the slip.
    Can’t wait to see the finale – long summer to wait for both shows to return in the fall.

  33. Lobna Ismail says:

    Nice twist revitalizing the series and giving it a new kick

  34. I love watching blacklist on Netflix.i watch every episode.sorry to here it’s over.