Once Upon a Time Finale Sneak Peek: Guess Who's Coming to Granny's?

Once Upon a Time‘s Emma may want to use her magic to poof! away from a whole lotta awkwardness, given what happens in this sneak peek from Sunday’s two-hour Season 5 finale (starting at 7/6c on ABC).

When last we tuned in, Regina (played by Lana Parrilla) was laying Robin Hood to rest, after he saved his love from perishing at Hades’ hand. Emma (Jennifer Morrison) meanwhile found her own graveside mourning of Hook to be interrupted by the pirate’s unexpected return from the Underworld, where Zeus rewarded him with life anew as thanks for the heroes vanquishing his brother Hades.

Was Emma quick to (delicately) spread the word that Killian was back among the living? Errrrr, not exactly. Press play above to see how the news actually does break, and then join Emma in curling up into a ball in the corner by the pastry case.

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  1. Kate says:

    Well, she has to get some credit for going there immediately to tell them all.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Has there been any hint / clue / 2×4 to the head about what will be the “theme” of next season? I would love to see “evil” Regina again.

    • It’s a mental ward arc

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Not necessarily (and probably not) true.

      • Jennifer says:

        Hasn’t that been the last 2 seasons? Are they going to pull a “St. Elsewhere” and have this all in Henry’s head? Or Dallas, and have it be all a dream? Either way, I’d be OK. I’m quickly losing interest in what was once a great show.

        • Once upon a time lover says:

          This show got stronger more passionate real inspirational ideas I can’t wait till the new place is revealed

          • T.M. says:

            Uhm.. not really. Everyone has pretty much lost their characterizations and the actors are working their butts off to sell this horrific drivel. The plot lines aren’t cohesive. The emotions behind some of their choices feel incredibly forced for plot reasons. I still watch because I love the potential and the first season and a half were so good.. and this show has MOMENTS where it gets that feeling back. I have hope that they can fix things… but it is definitely a MUCH weaker show than when it started.

      • Shockingly it will probably involve characters having some kind of memory loss. A crutch the writers of this cannot seem to shake

  3. Preacher Book says:

    Hey, not fair Regina! Emma was considering your feelings and trying to break it to you gently, but (naturally) something intervened.

  4. Cory says:

    I have a feeling that Regina is not going to go full Evil Witch mode. I can see her having moments where it’s hard, where she feels that it’s not fair that Emma got her man back, and she did not. However, I truly feel that Regina has come far enough to… be able to handle this with a bit more grace. Regina and Emma have become very good friends, and I really think they will work this out. Not to mention, Regina’s support system is a lot better than when she lost Daniel. That being said… flashing to the Evil Queen will make me happy!

  5. AnnieM says:

    I don’t want to see Regina become evil again – it would do nothing but negate all of her character development that’s happened these past few seasons. Besides, we already have a character who consistently turns to evil when he doesn’t get his way in Rumple.

  6. What if Hades was lying when he said that there was no coming back from being killed by Olympian Crystal? I wouldn’t be surprised if that was how it is for gods but not mortals. Plus I don’t think that Zeus actually gave that to Hades. I think Hades stole it.

    • ajg says:

      One can only hope the writers are intelligent enough to save themselves from the horrid decision they made in killing Robin Hood. Good God, he’s such an easy character to write for.

  7. Analog says:

    Is Rebecca Mader coming back next season?

  8. Bwhit says:

    How are these characters even startled anymore when the ground shakes and light beams from the sky? They should be used it by now :)

  9. clint says:

    I think the wardens at psych wards are gods and sam wither is playing loki while the guy who plays his brother is thor

  10. Toni says:

    I think this show is officially off my watch list. I didn’t enjoy this last part of the season and honestly, I think Zelena as a character is pretty useless and doesn’t fit in.

  11. James D says:

    I agree with most of the comments I don’t want to see Regina turn evil again. Her Character Development has been the most interesting part of this show IMO and negating that would leave very little to be desired. with that who will be her next love interest, thoughts? Aladdin hasn’t shown up yet, if Regina replaced Maid Marian why not Jasmine (or is that to similar a story arc) or maybe they will stick with the Greek theme and bring in Odysseus or Sinbad?

    • Bwhit says:

      There’s a clip they played on GMA that makes me think she won’t be… She’ll want to but she won’t.

  12. what i find horrible is the fact that capt hook comes back from the dead after being the evil dark one and robin hood who is a good guy gets whacked and cant come back at all!

    if you have children- just 1 child -you should NOT volunteer to go on journeys and adventures!

    now his little girl will never truly know her father/and why?
    thanks to Emma and her stupid quest to save everybody!

    i really hate these writers because they cant even give Regina her happy ending!
    so stupid!
    say thanks to Emma for Robins death!

    • ajg says:

      Nah, not Emma’s issue…Hook is not the issue either…its the writers and the leadership’s inability to create effective storytelling.This show could easily last 10 years if they would learn how to tell compelling stories.

  13. Alli says:

    I kept wondering why the diner looked strangely familiar – then I realized the set was recycled because it is LUKE’S from Gilmore Girls.

  14. Gabrielle says:

    I’m really not sorry that the eternally bewildered Robin is off the show. I’m not. You all forget how he has spent the last few episodes “Hiding in the Woods” not to mention he almost got killed when James and Cruella got all up in their business so… At least you all got beautiful good-bye scenes and he died a hero? After losing Graham and August and Neal, I’m pretty darn stoked that Hook is back and I’m really dreading Captain Swan getting split up for Season Six. Hook brings so so much more to the show and Colin has way more facial expressions/acting abilities.

    The only thing that really truly is horrible is the way it all went down behind the scenes. The actor and his family moved to Vancouver. He and his family really tight with Colin and family. Then they up and go kill off his character. He really manned up and did the right thing and followed through with filming the show. As for asking him to return? A/E burnt that bridge..

  15. Darrell says:

    This show needs a mercy killing, at this point. After the botched Camelot arc, which was “resolved” … and I use that term loosely … when Hades unceremoniously killed King Arthur (whose character was completely butchered because that’s what they do to the males on the show),and the even worse Underworld arc … I just can’t take this show any more. A serially murderous Cora gets a free pass to heaven but Gaston and evil Prince Charming get condemned for being little more than bullies. And the treatment of Robin, who was sidelined and little more than set dressing … makes no sense that Hook gets to come back to life but Robin doesn’t … ESPECIALLY when the Hercules movie that this arc was based off of illustrates that giving up your life for another is the pinnacle of heroism. It’s clear that the writers have no game plan. It’s just jumping from one Disney property to the next to appease the corporate overlords, story and plot and consistent characterization be damned.