Grey's Recap: Marry-Go-Round

The promos for this week’s Grey’s Anatomy sounded so dramatic that it seemed like a good idea to tune in with defibrillator paddles at the ready. But, when all was said and done, were you really shocked by the “one shocking hook-up” in Season 12’s penultimate episode? Did your jaw really hit the floor when you heard the “two jaw-dropping proposals”? Or were you more taken aback by what wasn’t in the previews? Let’s rewind, then we’ll discuss.

PLAYING HOUSE | First up in “At Last,” Mer was stunned to learn that Owen had bought a house and sold the trailer. These were very positive developments for him, of course, yet it still bummed her out to see him getting rid of something that was once Derek’s. (Her face as the trailer rolled away… sigh.) Later, in surgery with Maggie and Amelia, Owen gave a description of his new place — big, nice yard, in a good school district — that led his girlfriend to ask if he was willing to remarry, which he was. Wait, said Maggie, incredulous. “Are you engaged now?!?” And, in their eyes, they were at least fake-married.

As the hour drew to a close, Owen was showing Amelia the house and discussing the future with her when, all of a sudden, she blurted out, “I want a real life, and I want it with you.” She wanted to be married to him, and not fake-married, either, real-married! To which Owen responded… nothing. Not just at that moment. But, judging from the scenes from next week’s finale, we are definitely heading for a wedding. (So that was one “jaw-dropping proposal” — from reunited to engaged in two weeks flat!)

YES OR JO? | Meanwhile, Mer was so busy sulking over Amelia and Owen, and her own misery, that she hurried away when Alex called her on her BS and told her that he was going to get hitched, and she was going to be his best man. “Deal with it!” he added. First, there was just the little matter of getting Jo to finally accept his proposal. Unfortunately, that night, when he asked again if she’d marry him, she seemed more concerned about the dinner that she’d messed up than about deciding the course of their future. When at last he demanded a simple yes or no, she replied, “I can’t” and shot him down. (Hmm. Not sure this qualified as a “jaw-dropping proposal” since he’d already popped the question in “Things We Lost in the Fire.”)

MAKING CHANGE | Alex wasn’t the only Grey Sloan doc having a craptacular week. Callie, who had decided to stay in Seattle, not only blamed Penny for costing her the custody case, she dumped her lover. To Mer’s credit, she consoled “Derek’s killer” — even submitting to an incredibly awkward hug — and assured her that she was gonna knock ’em dead in New York. (Er, maybe I could’ve worded that better.) Since it appeared that that would be the last we’d see of Penny, your celebrations should commence right… Oh, I see. They’ve already commenced. Carry on, then.

Unfortunately for Callie, things weren’t going much better between her and her ex-wife than between her and her now-ex-girlfriend. While Torres and Arizona had worked out a custody arrangement that would accommodate the ortho’s schedule, Robbins balked when Callie immediately wanted to alter it over and over again. Nope, said Arizona. “You have used up all of my grace!” (Which only makes me more curious about the “beautiful payoff” to this story that Kevin McKidd said the finale would deliver.)

SWAN SONG | As Kyle’s condition worsened, he continued to freeze Stephanie out, and she continued to butt in on his case, stomping on Amelia’s toes in the process. When the guitarist finally had a real conversation with the doctor who broke his heart, they not only agreed that they wanted to be together, he invited her to go on tour with him (and was particularly keen on the idea of her going wild and throwing her bra on stage). First, however, he had to make it through a procedure that even Amelia admitted was risky. At least Shepherd was confident enough that she assured Stephanie that she could pull it off. Alas, right before Amelia scrubbed in, Mer accused her of living Derek’s life, and the procedure wound up going south. Just as Amelia sent Jo to get Stephanie out of the gallery, where she was watching, Kyle’s time of death was called.

SUSPENDED ANIMATION | While Ben and Bailey’s cold war seemed to be getting more playful by the day, Richard encouraged the chief to reinstate her husband sooner than later. To her delight, she got to reply exactly what Webber would have when their roles were reversed: “This is not my problem.”

RUMBLE SEAT | After an uncharacteristically smiley Nathan shared his bacon with Maggie, she seemed downright twitterpated. Before she could act on her crush, though, Nathan called Mer out on her jealousy of Amelia, which only pissed Grey off. (Is anything more infuriating than when someone pegs you correctly?) Instead of smacking him upside the head, she wound up making out with him, and the next thing we knew, they were off to do the back-seat boogie in Mer’s SUV — just like you’d been predicting all season. (Well, maybe not the SUV part.)

Has Nathan won you over enough to make a pairing with Mer palatable? Could you believe Jo turned Alex down? Are you relieved Callie/Penny is over? Hit the comments!

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  1. 777 says:

    I thought the episode was boring. The hype was too much i guess.
    Meredith was a total bitch tonight, Jo is an idiot, Callie is Callie, taking no responsibility for what happened (I’m no fan of Penny, but blaming it on her is uncalled for).
    I was actually afraid something’s going to happen to Richard in that last scene of his.
    Oh, and Penny is finally gone!

  2. Kristen says:

    What Meredith said to Amelia was down right horrible. Here Amelia is finally happy and Meredith just had to drag her down! Ouch!

    • robandco says:

      To be fair, yes Meredith was awful to Amelia. However, she basically just said what the great majority of fans is saying : she’s the replacement for both Christina and Derek. While I like Amelia (I’ve grown attached to her since her Private Practice days), I don’t think the character is working here. She was great for the drama surrounding Derek’s death, but now that the ship has sailed, I don’t see the purpose anymore.

      That last scene was so cute!!!

  3. I do think Amelia/Owen are rushing a little, but Meredith was super harsh. But I am excited to see where Mer/Riggs go.

    Why did Jo say no? We need more of her perspective….what is she hiding?

    And the Stephanie stuff was really sad :(

  4. Alichat says:

    Owen and Amelia……ugh……no no no no

  5. Gul says:

    Why was Mer being such a grade A b*tch? I couldnt even fully enjoy her make out with Riggs because of it :/

  6. Lauren says:

    In defense of Meredith – not that how she treated Amy was ok – I’m glad they’re showing her still struggling with Derek’s death. The opening monologue warned us how you can’t see an infection coming on. Seeing Owen sell Derek’s trailor (seemingly to try to move forward with Amelia) it set her off even if maybe she didn’t see it at the time. So it makes sense to see her lash out, even if it is hard to watch.

    Also, I’m going to need an explanation from Jo for her rejection of Alex’s proposal. Surely they will give some backstory for her unwillingness to marry him, right? She doesn’t have to get married if she doesn’t want to. But I think some clarity is warranted.

    • sunny says:

      I suspect she has some secret like a marriage when she was younger hidden in her past. If that is the case, I hope Alex does not forgive her given her hypocrisy about the embryo situation with Izzie. I really do not think Jo and Alex belong together. She still is very young and immature and I feel like Alex is an adult and needs a grown up. If Jo and Alex are going to be together I wish they would show her maturing more.

      • Brengirl says:

        Totally agree, I always thought Alex had grown to a place where he deserves to be with an equal…and Jo isn’t it! I really thought they would possibly bring Mer and him together!

        • sunny says:

          Honestly, I still that is a possibility next season and while it seemed strange to me at first, I don’t hate the idea of the two of them together. They are definitely best friends and something could grow from there.

          All of the people who say their relationship is sibling- like, didn’t catch last night where Alex described Meredith as hot(not a word a brother uses to describe a sister). Shondra always talked about how she built the characters to mirror one another with their terrible childhoods and cynical views. Honestly, the two of them have matured the most so I see a possibility there(maybe). Also, I can not forget when drunk Meredith and Callie talked about how Christina was the third rail in her Mcmarriage and how she wished she was attracted to women/so her person could be the love of her life.

          Anyway, I want Mer to date and Alex to move on from Jo and if the two of them get together at some point, I think it would be interesting to watch. As much as I liked her with Derek, their relationship was not healthy at all(even at the end with his temptation/flirtation with the intern). It will be interesting to see where her romantic life heads.

      • Jamie says:

        Yeah, I used to like them together (crappy childhood survivors supporting each other), but their maturity levels have just become more and more pronounced through the last few seasons. Alex is finally a grown-up in every sense of the word, and she still acts like a teenager (the girl straight up tattled incorrect information on her supposed best friend to her boss like 6 months ago). I would be cool with an Alex/Jo break if it leads to Alex finding happiness with someone he can continue to grow with.

    • Stacy says:

      I can’t give a crap about the opening monologue. Struggling with grief and overwhelming sadness or hopelessness… fine, I get it. Irrationally verbally cutting your friends and family? Not okay.

      It’s been close to two years since Derek’s death. She’s still healing, but giving Amelia bipolar reactions like, “Go be with him!” and then “Get your own life!” are ridiculous.

  7. EM says:

    Owen and Amelia have zero chemistry IMO. This wedding is so rushed just like when Cristina had PTSD. Why? For the drama? I’d much rather see a slow burn that led up to a proposal than this hot mess. I get Meredith’s feelings but she shouldn’t have said it before a big surgery but it didn’t affect the outcome. I was okay with the Riggs/Mer hookup at the end because I literally held my breath when Penny was hugging Mer and I thought OH CRAP they can’t be going there! Please can Penny be really gone?

    • Babygate says:

      Agreed 1000%. I rooted for Amelia to come to Grey’s when Private Practice was cancelled only to see her ruined by Owen. I wish he would have gone off to Switzerland with Cristina or stayed in the desert.
      I agree with the Penny/Mer scene. It felt really awkward to me. Like this was going to be the unexpected hook up. The scene was clumsily directed, IMO.

      • Jamie says:

        Lmao people love to hate Owen for no reason. He didn’t “ruin” Amelia. She was always a hot mess. Let’s not forget that she’s the same lady who snorted oxy off the reception desk in front of all of her co-workers on PP. Or that she showed up on Grey’s in the first place because she freaked out about her longtime stable boyfriend proposing and then just dumped him and moved into Derek and Mer’s house on a whim. Hot. Mess.

    • sunny says:

      Also, has it been a year since Amelia got clean? I mean she was still drinking around Meredith’s attack. It seems very rushed and ill-advised for an addict to jump into a marriage after less than a year of being clean(unless time is passing more quickly on the show)

  8. JRS says:

    Poor Alex. Soooo you’re saying there’s a chance Izzie can come back? Kidding, but as annoying of a character she turned into, it would be an awesome surprise!

  9. Brandi says:

    I knew it! I called that; Callie blaming Penny for the custody loss of Sofia. So did many others, but hopefully this is ba-bye to Penny.

    • Emma says:

      She lost custody of Sofia for nothing! She was willing to move and risk losing her kid to be with Penny and now it’s just ‘we’re over buh-bye’. Insanity!

      • Pedro says:

        You are very right, but that is absolutely in character. Callie has never been rational and has always blamed others for her woes.

  10. I came here for the #Japril and all I got was the #Griggs.

  11. Andrew Hass says:

    I like how Meredith is struggling with Derek’s death even though she’s trying to move on with her life.Plus seeing other people possibly getting their happily ever afters may not be helping her.As for Callie and Arizona, i’m wondering if something happens to Sofia and it brings them together.Plus maybe the season ends with Arizona urging Callie to go see Penny in New York and fix things with her.Plus i have a feeling something bad will happen at Amelia and Owen’s wedding.

  12. skruff4 says:

    I liked Penny, and my husband and I were getting tired of everyone dumping on her on the show. If the character is indeed gone, good. She deserves better than she got this year at Grey-Sloan.

    • Stacy says:

      I’m so sick of the fake drama on Grey’s. After all the screw ups the interns & residents have committed, we’re supposed to believe that Penny is to blame? And now Callie is pushing Penny away because she didn’t take 5 seconds to think through a new parenting plan with Arizona? Argh.

  13. flowerduh says:

    I have a HUGE feeling that Callie is going to run off with Sofia. But kudos to Arizona for sticking it to Callie. Callie is the one started this mess. Gotta live with the consequences girly!

    And why do they have to break up Ben and Bailey? Bailey is getting too big for her britches. And Ben needs to chill with his ego.

    I do like the way Jackson and April come together. I like the way he kept taking the high road. Even when April was self righteous and annoying.

    • 777 says:

      Wow, i had the same feeling, that we’re about to watch an abduction storyline. It’s basically the only story that Grey’s hasn’t told yet.

      • Babygate says:

        An abduction story line was done years ago by the L Word when Bette ran off with Angelica while Tina had custody of her. It wouldn’t be original but it would be dramatic and it hasn’t been done in the Grey’s universe so it would be interesting.

        • 777 says:

          I know it was done by the L Word. I didn’t say it’s original, all i said was that Grey’s hasn’t done it yet.

  14. Merin says:

    I love Mer and Nathan! You go Shonda!!

  15. DarkDefender says:

    Mer needs to get her freak on. Riggs is still a transition guy (IMHO). Next season lets give her another love story (I’m still holding out for Simon Baker).
    I think Jo and Alex are either completely done OR it’s a bait and switch. She doesn’t want to get married because of the institution and some weird idea about it, but she does want to be with Alex. I could see them getting married on a post-it, but not ever officially.
    Something will happen with AZ and Callie will get Sofia back “temporarily”.. And they will make nice and go back to the way it was.
    April and Jackson will get re-married.. Maybe in place of Amelia and Owen (ala Izzie&Alex gettin Mer&Derek wedding)

    • Stacy says:

      I think Shonda wants to put Meredith with an anti-Derek, whether that ends up being Riggs or not (but I suspect it is). Whereas Derek was charming and smooth, Riggs is supposed to be more abrasive. Both men are supremely confident though, so they have that in common. I think Simon Baker would just be Second Derek.
      I think we’re definitely about to learn some secret background of Jo’s. I’m wondering if she married young and he died, or they divorced, or they’re still married…. Hmmm.
      It hadn’t occurred to me, but I think that’ a really good guess about April & Jackson. Tonight Ben Warren even mentioned that their relationship was a waiting game, despite their divorce.

    • sunny says:

      I really hope Jackson and April don’t get remarried next week. It seems like they haven’t fixed any of their underlying issues. Part of the problem was they went from best friends, to sex partners who couldn’t communicate, to estranged, to married without any of the real relationship building steps. They really need counseling- April needs to work on being less sanctimonious and selfish, and Jackson needs work on being less stubborn. A baby(no matter how great the news is) does not fix their marital issues. If they reconcile, I would like to see tentative steps, therapy etc not rushing into marriage. In my mind, rushing into marriage was where they messed up in the first place.

  16. Analog says:

    April is already giving birth next week!?

  17. N says:

    I’ll miss the Airstream Trailor ! Had so much fun writing in that thread on the ABC message boards.

  18. Babygate says:

    Over-hyped episode. I was hoping ‘Toast’ would get picked up so we could be rid of Stephanie but she gets to stick around and be her arrogant self. She’s insufferable. What a waste of an episode. I want more Japril and Jolex. I want more Mer and the sisters. And Arizona has done a lot of terrible things, but the way she treated Callie was indefensible. After Arizona cheated, Callie could have used Sofia against her, but she didn’t. Now Arizona is totally abusing her position. There was no grace in her behavior. Even when she said yes the first time around it was begrudgingly. Callie started this mess, but Arizona just elevated it to a whole different level. Calzona is done for good. There is no redeeming this mess. It’s easier to forgive cheating, which Callie was obviously not able to recover from, then it is to forgive manipulating a child to gain the upper hand against your ex. That is just dirty.

    • HQ says:

      Completely disagree about Arizona. Every single word she said to Callie was spot on. Callie not only tried to take her daughter across the country, but also implied that Arizona wasn’t as much her mother because she adopted her. Callie played dirty and it blew up in her face. She still has not earnestly apologized and is still only thinking about what she wants and needs, not what is best for Sofia. Arizona is rightfully hurt but she isn’t keeping Sofia from Callie, she just isn’t going to disrupt Sofia’s schedule because of Callie’s selfish whims. Callie needs to get her s*** together, acknowledge the pain she caused, apologize, and stop acting like she is the center of the universe.

      • Babygate says:

        Well, we are still waiting for Arizona to acknowledge all the chaos she caused. After the cheating, she showed up at Mer”s to see Sofia when it wasn’t her day. How is that different than Callie wanting to see her now? And Im still waiting to hear why Arizona thought that it was ok to offer to cut off Callie’s leg to even a score when she should have been on her knees begging for forgiveness for her cheating. Callie made a huge mistake under-estimating Arizona’s commitment to keeping Sofia. And through the ugliness of the trial she was remorseful and repulsed by her own behavior which is way more self-awareness than Arizona has ever shown. Not to mention that they are divorced because just as she did during the trial when she walked away, Arizona was incapable of putting family first.

        • CK says:

          Arizona’s head was obviously messed up after the crash, she needed an emotionally supportive wife not someone moaning about sex and telling her she stinks when she can’t make it to the toilet in time.
          Callie was shown to be remorseful? When was that? I saw Callie smirking when her lawyer was slut shaming Arizona, not a bit of remorse. Then after trying to make it seem like Arizona was less of a mother to Sofia, she did the “I know your a good mother too” bs because she thought she was going to win.

          And it was Callie who walked away not Arizona.

          • tk says:

            Perfectly said!!!

          • Anna says:

            No, Arizona needed a spouse that wouldn’t let her throw her life away after the crash, which is what Callie did. If I were ever disabled, I would pray to God that my spouse would do ANYTHING to get me to fight to keep my life. Arizona was refusing to get out of bed, to hold their child she claimed to love, to even talk to Callie. That’s not a life. That’s wasting away. And Callie pushing her saved her life. And she was still ungrateful – treating Callie like dirt and cheating on her, and then having the gall to act like it was Callie’s fault. But Arizona fans love to rewrite the show’s history to make her out to be an angel. What a joke.

    • DMC says:

      This, I agree Callie was way nice to Arizona after that affair and how she acted after the accident

  19. Sab says:

    ok ,Meredith is making it hard to be her fan right now .yes she’s been through, hell but you konw what so every one on this show …

  20. Azu says:

    This episode not my cup of tea. I like to read the recaps first before I watch greys to make sure it’ll be good. So the highlight were Meredith having sex with her sister’s possible love interest, boring Owen and Amelia, irritating Callie and no japril? No thanks!! Will watch next week

  21. F.R says:

    Meredith’s treated Amelia like a doormat all season. She used to be so likeable in the earlier seasons. She’s become like the grinch now.

  22. Louise says:

    Well, wasn’t Meridith a Bitch on wheels tonight! Amelia did not deserve that accusation, Merdith is just lucky she didn’t get bitch slapped.
    Not sure about the speed things are progressing, but both Amelia and Owen are all grown up, they’ve both had their issues and deserve some happiness….lets hope that’s what happens, I think there will be a twist somewhere amongst all of this…..can’t wait for next weeks episode…is it the finale..?

  23. Gabrielle says:

    Mer is a birthday to Amelia for no reason. Alex was right to called her out.
    Alex fave character but he has no storylines and sorry but I hate his couple with Jon. I don’t see the chemistry. He looks like her big brother. And she’s one of the most annoying character. I wasn’t a fan of Izzie (didn’t hate her either) but they had a great chemistry and their storylines was interesting. Btw a lot said she was bitch to what she did to Alex but when I see what Callie done recently, Arizona with the cheat ingénieur and others characters she wasn’t the worst.
    Please kill Jo. I see maybe an Alex/Maggie (not shipping) but he will be in Mer’s family blablabla…
    Callie is so dumb bitch and I loved her. She starting this mess. I don’t like Penny but it’s not her fault. I don’t want Calzona back. They heurt each other too much
    The Kyle/Stephanie was Izzie/Denny all over again but Less interesting/movin’
    Maybe the one who will die in the finale is Richard

  24. Mara says:

    I will never understand the Callie hate — Arizona is a complete bi*#h. She never wanted kids, cheated on Callie, blamed her for losing her leg. I wish she were leaving the show and her character makes me want to fast forward or drop the show entirely. Since Derek’s death I’ve been hanging on by a string and this may be what finally snips that string.

    • CK says:

      1.Not wanting kids does not make someone a bi*ch
      2.And neither does changing your mind about wanting kids
      3.Yes, this one she was totally out of order to do but she’s far from the first character on the show to cheat, though she appears to get the most crap for it
      4.She was traumatized and lashing out, it’s actually not that rare for someone who’s been through an emergency amputation to blame their doctor, it was just more complicated in this situation because the doc who made the call was also her wife.

    • Babygate says:

      Agreed. From the moment she got on that plane to Malawi Arizona started to show her very unattractive, selfish side. Callie can be oblivious to the reality around her, but Arizona knows full well what she does. The cheating was premeditated, sleeping with an intern instead of trying to fix her family was premeditated, making Callie’s life miserable because of her leg even though it saved her life, offering to cut off Callie’s leg… the list goes on. After years of Arizona’s callousness and emotional abuse, Callie finally shows the ugly side and suddenly she’s the villain in the story. I don’t think so…

    • Anna says:

      Thank you! Arizona has been a selfish wench since she first dumped Callie in that airport/Callie’s pregnancy. She’s manipulative and cruel, but because she plasters that smile on her face all the time, fans have this ridiculous notion that she’s innocent and everyone else is wrong all the time. They continue to defend her bad behavior while acting like the characters who cross her are the worst beings on this planet. But I guess logic doesn’t apply when talking to these Arizona superfans.

  25. Dominique says:

    alex deserves so much better than jo. she’s a child, and a terrible, ungrateful one at that.

  26. Pedro says:

    Why is Grey’s prematurely marrying off characters again? Divorce next season, anyone?

  27. Dawn Graham says:

    I’m sorry but I never really liked Emilio’s character not even on private practice I just find her annoying no matter what’s going on with her life but Owen needs a woman so it’s gotta be her then fine

  28. Tony says:

    Regardless of whether or not Amelia and Owen have chemistry, Meredith was a grade A bitch. And this is coming from someone who has grown to really love her

    And I disagree with the idea that Amelia doesn’t have a place on Grey’s. She’s had some really great moments when allowed to. The problem is they keep going to the well with her addiction and issues. I get addiction is a lifelong battle and not suggesting to ignore it completely. But I enjoy when she’s in full Neuro-God mode or choosing to be happy.

  29. Beca says:

    About amelia (trying) to be a replacement – there’s no way for those to be replaced. Since Cristina left the show, I kinda decided I would no longer watch it. But then, you always decide to give it another try – Derek dies! Both seasons11 and 12 were an effort to keep it going but not very successful in my opinion. The whole “Torres x Arizona” thing did not make any sense. And that Penny?! C’mon!! I really think they should have ended the show gracefully in season 11 – not killing Derek