Vampire Diaries Finale Video: Damon's Explosive Plan to Save Bonnie Revealed

Who’s up for a game of telephone, Vampire Diaries-style?

Friday’s season finale (The CW, 8/7c) finds Mystic Falls’ finest attempting to break into the Armory and eliminate the final Everlasting, but as you’ll see in TVLine’s exclusive preview clip, that’s easier said than done. Unless, of course, you’re Damon Salvatore.

Upon Stefan’s insistence that Bonnie’s spell has left the Armory impenetrable, Damon responds, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.” (How has he not printed that on a T-shirt yet?)

The promo for Friday’s season-ender already revealed that Damon gains entrance to the Armory, but it remains anyone’s guess what he discovers hidden in the vault. … Or should I say who he discovers. (Seriously, did anyone else get a chill when he whispered “…Elena?”)

Hit PLAY on the clip above, then drop a comment below: What are your hopes for TVD‘s big season finale?

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  1. Alice says:

    “Don’t tell me what I can’t do” was also the catchphrase of John Locke, who Ian’s character on LOST spent most of his time with.

    • Jen says:

      …When they get Paul Wesley to do a promo (not shown here) AND they have an Elena mention in this promo clip…then had a Klaroline mention! How desperate are they…ROFLMAO!! Good luck s8

      • PW says:

        I saw that too. Paul probs got two added directing gigs next season for that. ;) For every Elena mention/reference this episode I’m going to play the drinking game. I’m expecting to be drunk within the first ten minutes just wait and see!

      • CC says:

        Really miss seasons 1, 2 and 3. TVD’s was such a great show.
        It’s literally laughable now. Damon whining, Stefan and his zero chemistry sister, Caroline and her whiney thinking it’s cute to talk baby talk, even though she’s pushing 30!, the list goes on.
        Never should have ruined Stelena, Damon, Bonnie.
        The show was so great and now it’s awful, just boring and awful

      • Mich says:

        For the finale they have to take it up a notch. No mere mentions will do it will have to have more of an impact. I keep hearing different spoilers for Damon but before the big reveal they will create a perfect moment for DE. Since this show has no problem with consent issues, Damon will have his ‘moment’ with Elena in her coffin complete with halo lighting effects. All the hormonal DE fans will be all aflutter!

        • zed says:

          LMAO – and then the Big Evil will hijack Elena in her coffin and the whole next season they will try to rescue/retrieve Elena-i.e the coffin. That’s all folks! Lol

    • Liza says:

      YES to the LOST reference. Love it!

    • Anne says:

      This WAS the dullest tvd season finale ever! it didn’t even seem like a finale. So disappointing.

      • J says:

        Did you already see it? I kind of saw that coming because the previous episode was pretty uneventful compared to the past. Normally the 2nd to last episode sets everything in motion and is just as exciting as the finale. I am dying to hear the 2 characters “whose lives will be changed” and what it is that Damon sacrifices.

        • Rob says:

          Yeah I saw it too and agree it’s definitely the most anti climatic season finale they’ve ever done. The two people are Damon and Enzo going dark basically. Doesn’t leave you hanging with a feeling of “I really want to see what happens next season” rather “I think I’m done with the show” feeling.

  2. Kinsey says:

    Steroline on the run together = epic feels.

    • Lori says:

      So sad, Julie said Stefan will write a final journal entry to Elena as closure. I think Caroline reads it and that’s how they reconcile. I can’t believe it. It’s over.

      • Morgan says:

        Another one of Julie Plec’s logical story lines. You know since Stefan’s the one that has been whiny and piney and talking about Elena in every episode it would only be logical that he hasn’t moved on from Elena thus making it seem like he’s been such a bad bf to Caroline. *rolls eyes* Maybe if Julie would’ve actually written for Caroline this season instead of using Candice’s pregnancy as a reason to not bother with her character Plec wouldn’t have to come up with such forced and illogical story lines. Does Julie realize that other actresses have had babies and the show runners and writers have dealt with it wonderfully. It’s done all the time but it seemed to really throw Julie for a loop. This would’ve been a perfect opportunity for Julie to write them back as friends but does use her brain? NO!

      • Rob says:

        She must have cut this part out because Stefan only writes about trying to get Damon/Enzo back.

  3. Michelle says:

    Bamon need to rise, so Damon once again is about to give his life over for his best “friend” when he wouldn’t do the same for his brother. Are you kidding me, why aren’t bamon married already. I hate these writers

    • Elena says:

      Hm true actually. He hesitated to transfer huntress mark that Stefan got protecting him. But when Bonnie’s in danger Damon is first to play hero and risk his life

  4. zed says:

    This so reminds me of Buffy/The First – I just can’t help it, but that was my initial thought.
    And Damon saves the world! Yay! So sarcastic here- ah, well, …

    • zed says:

      Maybe Joss Whedon. should include him as one of the heros on Avengers

    • Jen says:

      Well Plec did rip off the Xander/Willow scene last episode with Damon/Bonnie so I’m not surprised this reminds you of Buffy. Plec can’t come up with her own ideas.

  5. marydspain says:

    So excited about Steroline!

    • Valerie A. Mendez says:


      I never liked the idea of the character Caroline Forbes. In Season 1 of TVD where she slept with Damon, then Seasons later,the writers have her with Matt, Tyler, kissing Jesse and now Stefan, having her engaged to Alaric I mean can she just be Caroline the business woman , the mom.

      Her and Stefan won’t last long and her and Alaric not going to make it either. Like Klaus told her he will be her last love. I truly believe ONE DAY KLAUS AND CAROLINE WILL REALLY BE TOGETHER COMPLETELY.

      • Rob Hansen says:

        Lol was gonna say don’t forget about Klaus, try counting all the love triangles that have occurred on this show. Makes my head hurt

  6. Robin says:

    Steroline being a team

  7. I am so happy Steroline are breathing the same air ahaha. Crazy much? Totally :D

  8. Damon is willing to do anything for Bonnie even dying with her. Elena who ? BAMON FOREVER !!! They can’t live without each other!

  9. Alissa says:



    • Meredith says:

      Angela, Jessica, Sarah, Madeline, Veronica, Lucy, Rachel…just giving you some ideas for other names to post as in case you’ve run out ;-)

  10. Sandra says:

    OMG I can’t wait for Bamon to rise !!! Damon loves Bonnie so much it hurts.

  11. Jess says:

    I need Caroline to get a huge break from all these dudes suffocating her, so I’m totally fine if Stefan dies and takes Alaric with him.

  12. Kelly says:


  13. Karen says:

    Bamon for life !!! They are so beautiful together. Can’t wait to see them as a couple !!!

  14. Lyra says:

    Bamon need to get married and make babies asap ! They are so perfect together !!!!

  15. Marion says:

    Bamon is so precious I’m gonna lose it in the finale !!! Please just get together now !!!

  16. Iris says:

    BAMON and that’s ALL !!! #epiclovestory

  17. Sasha says:

    BAMON IS EVERYTHING I’M ONLY WATCHING THE SHOW FOR THEM !!! They are literally soulmates I can’t !

    Bamon need to be endgame for real !!!

    • Elenor says:

      Its the only Reason I am still watching, Damon , Bamon and Ian and Kats awesome acting throughout te Season.

      • Ann says:

        Agree, Kat and Ian and Paul and Candace are what has made season 7 so enjoyable for me. Love these main 4. Although, i must admit, i wish they had not written in the real life pregnancy with the gemini twins of Alaric and Jo thing. (I Tip my hat to the person who was able to thread that thought needle lol) I loved Nina as Elena and even loved DE together. I am pretty much impartial but having Bamon be out of reach like a dangling carrot makes me want them more and more. Kat and Ian blow up the screen no matter what material they are given. I also want to see Bonnie with some happiness, dangit. She never even got a “summer of a lifetime” like D/E did on the show. She was dead! Killed herself bringing that twerpy bf of hers alive lol. Ok so if the writers can create these Jo/Alaric twins under that creative storyline then somehow some way give our Bonnie an heir while she’s on her last life. A “Bamon” baby would be nice but I’d settle for her just having any kind. Her line has been wiped out. She needs a daughter for a reboot show in 20 years. Come on writers…think future! Lol

        • HereForBamon says:

          “…but having Bamon be out of reach like a dangling carrot makes me want them more and more. Kat and Ian blow up the screen no matter what material they are given.” This is me Ann. I was never a D/E fan because of how they were written but I love the Bamon dynamic. Wasn’t really a fan of Damon until he was around Bonnie and then I couldn’t get enough of them. So agree about getting to see Bonnie happy and more than just in a flashback! How wonderful it would be if Bonnie got to have a family of her own which I know wouldn’t be with Damon but I still want that for her. Maybe at the end of S8, (and after Bamon have some one on one time together), since Kat is leaving we can finally see Bonnie happy with her own family. What a great send off that would be for and her fans!

  18. Lizzy says:

    I am so excited for the finale and I am even more excited for the Elena mention, even though I know its just the thing in the vault. Damon’s everlasting love for Elena is what has kept this show alive and is the beating heart of it all. I really hope S8 is the last so that thise two can reunite. As for Bonnie, she and Enzo are very cute and I am rooting for them, but if Bonnie has to die, I won’t shed a tear. She has been living on borrowed time since S4 and her lack of true porpose and story line is getting old. Her life is always at stake. Save her or kill her already. Either way, I just want Delena back. They truly are what the show is about amd this season has been torture without the main character, Elena Gilbert. The girl who started it all and introduced us to all the others. Through her we laughed and cried. I want to be emotionally attached to this show again as I was.

    • AntMan says:

      I am rooting for Elena to die, maybe the grand finale is Damon torching her coffin for real this time! Oh I’m really excited for this!! xoxo

      • Lizzy says:

        Well, you are excited for nothing bc we all know that won’t happen. Elena will be back for her final chapter when the series ends. That has been convirmed by Julie Plec and Nina Dobrev. In her last Q&A, Julie also confirmed that Bamon (you probably ship them, judging from your reply) is only platonic and that’s the way it will stay. She also said that Elena is the love of Damon’s life and anyone who doesn’t want them together, is a Elena hater. I don’t know how anyone van hate the poor girl though. She has only been kind and sacrificing herself and loyal. You don’t have to hate a good character, just bc she is blocking your non existant ship or STILL the center of things despite being in a coma. Let’s try to not hate without a reason. Bc there is no reason to hate or want Elena dead, other than rabid shipping reasons. XOXO

        • antMan says:

          You are wrong on many things including me not shipping Bamon but that can be expected by DElusional fan girls. After Nina’s goodbye speech at the TCA it was pretty clear that she wasn’t coming back but we all shall see. The best thing for Elena’s character is for her to die psychically since the rest of her has been dead for seasons. If you don’t like the reactions of many tvd fans then you can lay all that blame and hatred that you have at the feet of the writers. They’ve done this to what was suppose to be the lead female character. They stripped her of her agency and all that remains is her body. I for one want more for the female lead but unfortunately for shipper girls like yourself all you can think of is her being in Damon’s bed. Very sad.

          • Lizzy says:

            Actually, I have no blame or hatred for the writers. I am thankful to them for not killing Elena and for preserving the love story between her and Damon. It strikes me as odd, that now suddenly you pretend to be a Elena fan, after stating that you want her dead. Elena was never more happy and alive when she was with Damon. A true fan of hers would want her to get that well deserved happy ending. You want her dead. That shows no love towards the main character at all. And yes, Nina said goodbye BUT will return for the end. It has been confirmed by more than one party. But we shall see, shan’t we? Also, the comment of me only wanting her in Damon’s bed is ridiculous. I loved Elena long before she and Damon officially dated. Also, people seem to forget that couples in love do sleep together. Stelena did, so did Beremy. Why is it so wrong for DE? At least they were friends first and had 3 seasons buildup, unlike SE who jumped into bed in S1 ep6? I care for Elena and I want her to get the life she always wanted with Damon, bc they are soulmates. Why do you think the writers put her character in a temporary coma? So she can wake up when the show ends and get it. I am not the one who is full of hate. I am grateful to the writers for the epic love story and I am just patiently waiting to see DE walk off into the sunset. Bc that is what a fan of the characters would want. Now I have said all there is to say to you, so kindly don’t reply. Thankyou

          • AntMan says:

            The reason Plec didn’t kill Elena off was because she knew that the fandom was not handling Nina’s departure well and there were many young fans so she didn’t want to do that to them. This is a FACT that she said in an interview that you can look up. Another Fact is Plec said the reason Elena ended up with Damon in s6 was because Nina left while Elena was still with Damon..which you can tell they weren’t prepared for because they had to retcon and insert scenes for DE since there was nothing to that relationship. We will never know what Plec really had planned for Elena in s6 or after but I would like to think she would’ve given Elena her agency back and realized she was worth more than being someone’s love interest. Another FACT you can look up that Plec said was that DE was all about Damon which means that it wasn’t a two way street.

        • Julia says:

          Wow, you are so DElusional sweetheart. I feel sorry for you.

          • NDFan says:

            Holy crap, I know people got a little nutso over Damon and Elena but this one is tops. I especially like the fact that you can only not like what they did with her character because you ship her with someone else. Did they not see the selfish, insufferable person that Elena became? There was literally nothing more to her character than fighting and making up with Damon. It was sad what they did to her.

        • Yet you said that you don’t mind Bonnie dying for your ship, so I guess that makes you and other DE Stans who do “rabid”

        • I don’t give too much credit to what JP says considering she blamed Candice getting pregnant for her bad writing for SC this season. Nina herself hasn’t confirmed that she will be back in any recent interview. It’s all “word of mouth” from JP who has lied to fans before for fanbaiting reasons.

    • laura says:

      benzo is a bullcrap ship. They are just a replacement to bamon. bonzo is so ridiculous just like dullena shippers who pretend to love benzo. Get over it, bitchelena won’t come back. Plec said that nina said she would be back and dullena shippers believe her?she said that so you idiots keep watching her serie just like all the mentions of her Let’s face it your ship is DEAD. SO GTFO AND STFU and go watch your old disgusting dullena scenes.
      Even ian and nina don’ty even want this ship anymore, we could feel it when they shoot scenes together, they were so awkward

    • bobbysvurl says:

      Why did you waste time you will never be able to get back watching a show where your favorite actor voluntarily walked away from? Bonnie will leave TVD when KG leaves TVD. Let’s hope that when she walks away, Bonnie has Damon in tow. You are too funny.

  19. Steroline! Bamon! Damon setting things on fire!


  20. Stacey says:

    Hoping Caroline dumps both Stefan and Ric and chooses herself for once. I can’t stand Stefan anymore. I miss Care and Stefan as friends, hope they end the romantic relationship, it has really brought down the show.

  21. Sharon says:

    Ugh!!! Steroline better end. I can not stand Stefan anymore. Be free Caroline, you deserve so much better.

    • Mari says:

      It’s not Stefan, it’s Plec that has forced this pairing on us all which in turn is making us dislike the characters. I hate the fact that this pairing has done nothing for either character, in fact it has devolved them. Resorting Caroline to her insecure s1 ways and Stefan to someone I don’t recognize. They both deserve so much better and both need to be free. Plec never should’ve ruined their wonderful friendship.

  22. Sarah says:

    Bamon needs to happen. I love them

  23. Nihalla says:

    This show was always great with Stelena, I always gave it a Nike whenever it aired 4rm s1, s2 nd s3.
    I have always been waiting 2 c this two together again.
    Am not a big fan of the Delena storylines.

  24. Elena says:

    The build up before finale and whole storyline is stronger on TO than on TVD this season.

  25. Lizzy says:

    Usually I don’t gloat, but after the attacks I have received bc I said that I love Elena and want her back, in this case I will make an exception. Did you guys watch the finale? I have and I was right. They are sticking with Delena and Bonenzo. Bamon got cancelled AGAIN. Watch it and see for those who haven’t yet. And kf you still think Bamon will happen, you are the “delusional” ones “who needs meds” xxx happy DEr