Flash Iron Mask Revealed

The Flash: Who's the Man in the Iron Mask? Review the Top Candidates

When watching The CW’s The Flash these past few months, you get the feeling that the Man in the Iron Mask wants to reveal his identity to us as much as we yearn to know it.

And yet, with just two episodes left in Season 2, the clues (handily tallied here!) have been few and far between, as to whom Zoom is holding captive over there on Earth-Two. That said, the face inside the mask will be revealed in the May 24 finale, and by assorted accounts it will no less than “blow your mind,” make you say, What?!,” “throw you for a loop” and “be very satisfying” (which is always nice).

Is it an Earth-Two doppelgänger we have yet to meet? Is Zoom perhaps keeping prisoner a dearly departed Earth-One hero? Is it Tom Welling in a flight jacket?!

In the slideshow below, TVLine has rounded up some of the most frequently mentioned theories and taken stock of each one’s strengths and weaknesses. Review the possibilities, then weigh in with your final guess.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mo says:

    My “new” theory: it’s the real Jay Garrick, who is related to Henry Allen on E2 and therefore played by John Wesley Shipp due to the TV magic of relatives looking just like you. Thus enabling the show to keep JWS on after Henry inevitably dies.

    • Viola says:

      Mo, that is a good theory.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Yeah, this theory has been kicking around for awhile now. The real Jay Garrick was my first thought but I’ve since changed my mind several times. With all these predictions and hype I’m planning on not having my mind blown so as to not be to disappointed, LOL!!

  2. Viola says:

    Add in the cast AGAINST Henry that Barry talked to the Earth2 version of his Mom regarding tickets he had gifted his parents to use – Earth2 Mom asked if Barry wanted to talk to his father and gave no indication he was missing…
    Maybe a Earth3 or another Henry, but I don’t think it can be E2 Henry.

    • Gail says:

      Why assume Earth 2 Barry has the same father as Earth 1 Barry. Or maybe Earth 2’s Barry’s parents were divorced and he was raised by his mother’s second husband who he calls Dad. His biological father could have the name Jay Garrick and be played by John Wesley Shipp.

    • dancmh says:

      That’s why I think it’s the Barry Allen from the 90’s tv show. Barry’s dad is already accounted for on E-2. They already have JWS and that would blow a lot of people away.

  3. Drew says:

    I’m still stuck on why TMITM (the man in the mask) tapped out J-A-Y when he first saw Barry. This was the first thing TMITM revealed, but most of the proposed identities behind the mask don’t seem to relate to J-A-Y. Only having it be the real Jay works, but I don’t see any “wow” or “mind blowing” factor there. I’m stumped.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      ITA, I don’t think any new Teddy Sears character will merit a mind-blowing wow. Plus Sears is now running CTU on the new “24” series, so why put him in the mask if he won’t be available long-term?

    • Alichat says:

      I’m stuck on that as well. TMITM would have to be someone who knows who Jay Garrick is, and knows that Barry knows who Jay is. If Jay Garrick was the Flash on Earth 2, then TMITM would need know that Barry is The Flash on Earth 1 (although granted the suit gives it away) and that he knows Jay. Right? Why type out the name of someone that Barry may not know? And why get all frustrated about it when Barry says Jay is on his Earth? The frustration is very much Barry’s personality. It all seems to lean toward TMITM being 2024 Barry. And that would pack the most punch. TMITM being a ‘Jay’ from anywhere else would be meh.

      • KCC says:

        I agree, I believe it’s a future Barry. That would have been the one person that would have blown my mind. Not so much now because I’m guessing it’s him. All this discussion and thinking about it has kind of spoiled it. I should have stayed away from the articles and comments. It could be anyone I recognize from the show and I won’t be surprised now because of all the speculation and theories bouncing around in my head. At this point, unless they truly pull someone from left field, I’m expecting to be disappointed. Almost everyone that’s ever been on the show, and even a number that have not, have been proposed to be TMITM.

      • Azrif Bahar says:

        Nope, TMITM is Jay Garrick. The first thing he did is introducing his name J-A-Y, but when Barry told him Jay is in Earth 1, he(TMITM) spazzed out. Because he just knew that Zoom been using his name.

  4. Nick from Jersey says:

    Matt, do you have inside info about who it is? It’s like you know something about Tom Welling….I think it’s earth 2 ollie. He didn’t die.

    • Jayden Raso says:

      In the TV report on the first Earth-2 Episode is points out that on the boat Oliver died and his dad survived and then became Green Arrow meaning it cant be Ollie because he is actually dead

  5. Nicole says:

    I know you’re kidding and I know it won’t be Tom Welling but man if it WAS?! It would be the best twist ever.

    Thing is Michael Rosenbaum as the Man in the Iron Mask would be great since he has voiced a Flash. His reveal as an AU Wally or Jay or Barry or other speedster would be just as awesome. His other show’s schedule could allow him to do a finale cameo and a few guest spots next season.

    • cjk2016 says:

      omg that would be truly spectacular. from your lips (fingertips) to ….

    • Gail says:

      I have a feeling whoever it turns out to be, one of the first comments in the recap article of the finale will be ” What was so wow about that?” or Huh? I would guess the episode will end with the reveal and what it means will be the cliffhanger or one of the cliffhangers for next season.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        The one I like is “I CALLED IT FROM THE START”. Like they’re the only person who guessed it, LOL!!

  6. ZisforZombie says:

    Totally thought the masked man was E2 Wally as the Flash, UNTIL last week, when it was all but confirmed that Wally and Jesse will be speedsters. Now, I think it is E2 Henry. Not a huge surprise there, BUT it just seems the most plausible.

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    I don’t see how future Barry would be mind blowing either but that may just be because the idea has been discussed over and over again. My guess is the identity of TMITIM will only be mind blowing to those who don’t visit boards and spoilers.

  8. Lisa says:

    The Arrow

    • Azerty says:

      In Earth 2, the Arrow is Oliver’s Dad: Robert Queen and he has been arrested earlier in the season. I wouldn’t mind if that was him thought, that would be a good twist. Now if that’s Earth 2 Oliver who is supposed to be dead on the Gambit that’s very good too. But I think the character will be heavily featured in season 3 and I can’t see Stephen Armell being the main character in Arrow AND a recurring in Flash. But I would enjoy it.

      • lisa says:

        Oh I forgot about Robert being the Arrow. hmmmm. I am also curious as to what recurring means. 3 episodes? 10 episodes? Maybe its Tommy Merlin, JK

  9. clintbrew says:

    it the real jay garrick who is henry allen from another earth cus henry allen didnt just name drop his mothers maiden name for nothing

  10. BenM says:

    Whoever it is, I’m more curious about the mask itself. Why is the character in the mask? Is it to hide his identity? Surely, there are easier ways to do that. Does he have some sonic scream like the Canary? Does he remind Jay of someone (his dad?) Is Jay just being cruel for the giggles? Why is the mask so intricate and metal?

    As for who is behind it, I can’t really say I’d be ‘shocked’ by anyone. Kind of like when the actors hyped up the mysterious archer in S1 of arrow. I think the only character that would throw me for a loop is Barry from the future, or Thawn/Reverse-flash. Thawn did seem to fear Jay’s helmet. It seemed like a wink to the comics at first, but maybe he was actually scared of zoom stealing his speed.

    • Rachel says:

      Yeah I probably won’t be shocked by who it is unless somehow it’s me lol.

    • Jayden Raso says:

      When they were sending Thawn back to the future in season 1 jays helmet came out and fell on the floor infront of them? maybe that was a hint? or maybe im looking too far back for it to be that. Anyways there is a chance

  11. Emperor David of the Terran Empire says:

    Why did they mention Tom Welling in this Article could this be a Hint Tom Welling is coming soon?

  12. mike says:

    Its either the real Jay, or possibly Ronnie after he got sucked in. Never really confirmed he was dead I don’t think. And he’s been whining that he wants to come back. He’d either be powerless since there’s a new firestorm, or a separate firestorm.

    I’m betting its the real Jay though. Unless its someone who sets up the next season

    • Jayden Raso says:

      When Caitlin was put in zooms layer the man in the mask barely reacted to her. We would think since they were married and separated that his reaction would be better to see her. This doesn’t mean anything but i would think that if it was Ronnie he would jump up and be excited or something. Idk there is still a chance

  13. Azerty says:

    None of the candidates above would blow my mind because I / we put too much thoughts into it, doing pros and cons like in the article. But one that you have missed is Reverse Flash from future Earth 2. Why not? But of course the one I wish more than anything is Tom Welling and I like the fact that you strongly insist on him. Whoever he plays I definitely want him in Flash or Arrow. I will give you back all the Tvline power user points I won until now if you can make this happen.

  14. cascascas says:

    its oliver queen

  15. I just don’t see how this mystery person will add to the plot at this point.

  16. Jared says:

    I think future Barry(or ANY of his doppelgänger’s) are the man in the mask. That would be the ONLY character that would make me be like WTF!..lol. Any other character wouldn’t have that “Wow” effect for me atleast(unless it was a character we haven’t seen much of this season like Eddie). You could make the argument for Wally too..

  17. Alfred Day says:

    My theory is that it’s John Wesley Shipp but not as Henry Allen, but as the Flash from the original series.

  18. ” it will no less than “blow your mind,” make you say, “What?!,” “throw you for a loop” and “be very satisfying” ”

    This is the same crap they said last year about Reverse Flash. Yet the big reveal was the person we all knew it’d be since he stabbed a guy to death in the first episode and there was nothing satisfying about it at all.

  19. Darren Dean says:

    I picture/wish for this:

    Henry Allen dies, Zoom is defeated and the mask comes off. It’s John Wesley Shipp under the mask. Barry thinks his dad is back.

    Barry: “Dad!”
    Henry: “What?”
    Barry: “Dad, it’s ME, Barry!”
    Henry: “YOU’RE Barry? Ha! I’m Barry!”
    Barry: “What are you talking about? No! You’re Henry Allen! My dad!”
    Henry: “I don’t know what you mean, kid. My name’s Barry Allen… And I’m The Flash!”

    Cut to black.

    In that we’d have the 1980’s/Earth 3/New Golden Age Flash. Just my two cents.

    And THAT would blow my mind!

    • Azerty says:

      That is totally possible since the 80’s Flash was featured in the glimpse of future/past/parallel universe when Barry went back in time in season 1 finale, just like Killer Frost and Supergirl.

    • THAT’S MY THEORY TOO. Even if I would see it coming, it would blow my mind!

    • sarah t says:

      Wasn’t the original Flash on 1990-1991? Just curious!

      • Darren Dean says:

        Yep – My bad recollection of dates. Sorry!

        • Patrick Kelly says:

          I would love for that to happen and it would be mind blowing. But if that were true then why would he tap out the letters JAY? I wouldn’t think he would know the name Jay Garrick. And although there was a character named Jay on the 90s Flash series (Jay Allen, who was Barry’s brother and died in the first episode) I don’t see any reason why he would be referring to him.

  20. Kate says:

    I think it’s probably Earth 2 Eddie Thawne.

  21. cascascas says:

    I think its the real Joe West which is why Zoom had him wear a mask since he had planned all along to capture: Jesse, Barry, Caitlin and Wally. Since Zoom had the means to go from one earth to another, its only plausible that Zoom was able to time travel and has seen where he could gain the most speed from and where he “failed”. So it makes perfect sense to have had the real Joe West taken (that will all make us go “Whaaaat?!!”) and then put the pieces together as to why Jesse was first taken (to get Earth 2’s Dr. Wells to reach out to Barry) then Caitlin (to divert their attention) and Wally (so that Barry could trade off his speed). So why tap J-A-Y? Because the real Joe West was trying to warn Barry from the onset. And now that we got (hypothetically) 2 new speedsters (Jesse and Wally) plus Barry regaining his speed back (thank you, Speed Force!) Zoom’s penultimate plan is not only to spread chaos but also get all 3 speedsters their speed because who would want the real Joe West to die???

  22. fzk381 says:

    My guess is that the man in the iron mask is Eobord Thawne that explains why his connection to speed force was limited as zoom stole some of it when he was held captive by him..?

  23. While I’m all for a 90s flash connection, I’m now expecting the man in the mask is the real Earth 2 Wells and one that has been helping them is really Earth 2 Thawne.

  24. Dan says:

    Has it been confirmed that it actually is a man? or is that just what they want us to think?

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I asked this question a couple of weeks ago but never got an answer. I mean, it sure looks like a man but that would really put a spin on it.

  25. Amit says:

    I think it’s John Wesley Shipp’s Barry Allen from the 90s Flash series.

  26. Not sure who he will be playing but yesterday’s episode convinced me that it will John Wesley Shippe under the mask.
    In the scene that Iris went into the speed force, Henry Allen volunteered but quickly ceded to Iris. Namely before Cisco touched him, which would have had him vibing to reveal that it’s Earth 2 Henry replacing Barry’s father in their universe.

  27. Alexandra says:

    I’m thinking it’s Oliver Queen of Earth-2. Not as dead as they thought.

  28. Ste says:

    Check imbd.. it earth 2 oliver why else is he in and yet uncredited!

  29. Scott D McDonald says:

    Barry Allen

  30. Slim says:

    The man in the mask is 2024 flash named Jay Garrick

  31. Dr. M says:

    The man in the mask is the Barry Allen Flash, but played by John Wesley Shipp. This makes the 1990 TV series an alternate Earth prequel.

  32. Phoenix5634 says:

    My guess is Henry Allen ( time fragment, not current timeline), but the E2 version, which will be named Jay Garrick. And he is actually Hunters father, and E2 Barry’s father too…remember “up is down, and down is up”.

    And I still think Eobard has a part in this, but I haven’t figured it out yet. He’d be my second guess, I guess lol. I’m half expecting him to show up coming after Barry becuz the time wraith noticed him now too.

  33. Mark says:

    Malcolm Thawne? Barry Allens twin brother separated at birth

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Good point, there’s likely a reason behind why Zolomon used the twin excuse in that park scene, besides just being a decent excuse, it was probably a wink of sorts.

  34. Fraichou says:

    I think it could be Ronnie… We nerver saw his body, Stein DID make it alive in the season premiere. I’m actually a little concerned about the reaction he had when our Cait showed up with Killer Frost after being abducted by Zoom… but it’s the only answer that make sens (to me, at least). (Hi from France BTW, sorry for my english !)

    • Jayden Raso says:

      An answer i feel makes sense and i cant see any reasons against y its wrong but the flash from the original series. On the way to earth 2 barry sees alot of stuff which most have happened in the flash or other tv shows, supergirl, legends of tomorrow, etc. Anyways he sees the flash from the original series, John Wesley Ship (Henry Allen) played the flash in the original series. It would make sense as the man in the mask is decently old and was really happy about barry when he escaped the cell. As well as this Killer Frost says that zoom will need the man in the iron mask. He never figured out how to get speed out of barry but harrison wells did. So maybe he needs the speed from the old flash who is trapped in the mask? it all seems to make sense and i cant see a reason it cant/wont be him

  35. AnnieM says:

    I haven’t put too much thought into it, as I have no choices to add that one of my fellow readers here haven’t already come up with. All I’m hoping for is a “Whoa!!” moment when the reveal happens…that’s all I want. There have been far too many ‘big reveal’/’major event’ promises made by too many shows this season that haven’t delivered. I’m just hoping that The Flash won’t be one of those.

  36. Gabby says:

    Jay Garrick as acted by John Wesley Shipp.

  37. Sean Hazelett says:

    I’ve been scratching my head about who that person could be.after so much time putting things together how all this earth2/earth1 story has come together.it only leads me to one person an it’s eddie!! Eddie thawne has been captured by zoom ever since he got sucked into the rupture last season!! They never explained where his body went EVENTHOUGH,they went to earth2 countless times.they didn’t even try an look for his body to bring him home.I believe when Barry went bk in time somehow,it still affected the timeline they just don’t realize how it affected the earth2 timeline.I believe Eddie somehow came back to life an got stuck in earth2 alieve zoom captured him

  38. Jake says:

    Bart Allen or JWS as Barry. JWS as Jay would be really cool in case something happened to Henry.

  39. WO says:

    Here is your blown mind theory…. the man in the mask is…. OLIVER QUEEN….


    • Jayden Raso says:

      he dead….

      The news report on earth 2 says that oliver died in the boat accident and his father robert survived on the island and became green arrow. So no its not oliver

  40. The fastest man alive says:

    I guess it’s dr.wells from earth 1 or allens father..

  41. Sean says:

    Has noone really not considered it’s Jays/Hunters father? To punish him by showing him the monster his son has become?

    • Sean says:

      Has noone really not considered it’s Jays/Hunters father? To punish him by showing him the monster his son has become?
      Not to mention that he had knowledge of morse code, perhaps from being a soldier before killing his wife