Nashville Recap Season 4 Episode 19

Nashville Recap: All Over But the Cryin'

Need to catch up? Check out last week’s Nashville recap here.

Here’s a short list of things I’d endure, rather than have Rayna Jaymes ominously warn me — as she does master-Maddie-manipulator Cash in this week’s Nashville — that “I’ve got my eye on you”:

I’d sit, eyes propped open with that Clockwork Orange contraption, through the entire depressing run of Will and Layla’s reality series. I’d pretend to care while Luke Wheeler waxed rhapsodic about his “brand.” I’d give Glenn’s toupee its nightly combing. I’d serve as Gunnar and Scarlett’s couples’ counselor. I’d even trim Layla’s bangs (but I’d probably roll my eyes a lot while doing so).

In short, I’d do pretty much anything not to be on the receiving end of Rayna’s mama-bear anger, buttressed by her frustration with Deacon and exacerbated by the knowledge that Maddie is treading the exact same trouble-laden path Rayna herself forged as an emancipated teen. Big Red is an intimidating presence when she wants to be, y’all.

Elsewhere in the episode, Will suffers a terrible loss, Juliette has sex with a Shenandoah guy, and Deacon gets fatalistic real fast. Oh, and Kesha! Read on for the highlights of “After You’ve Gone.”

INTRODUCING MADDIE JAYMES | In the week since Maddie won her freedom, Deacon’s been scrubbing walls in a reflective orange vest, Rayna’s been singing on her tour (remember that? Because I sure didn’t) and crying on her jet, and Daphne’s been ignoring her sister’s apologetic texts. Over at Camp Maddie, the teen worries that it’s too soon to play a showcase for record-label executives, but Cash — as always — steamrolls her, insisting that they strike while the emancipated iron is hot.

When Rayna gets word of the showcase, thanks to Bucky, she works overtime to make sure that the New York-based Lennox Hill doesn’t get its hooks into her daughter. She even shows up at the event — restraining order be damned! — just in time to see Maddie JAYMES (“I wonder whose idea that was?” Rayna snarks to Cash, who seeks her out in the wings) take the stage in a leather miniskirt. As Mads sings “Wild Card,” her mom makes the aforementioned veiled threat to the blonde interloper… who seems nonplussed. “She’s not your daughter anymore,” Cash notes. The nerve!

Elsewhere in town, Deacon gets some straight talk in a phone call from Scarlett (“You have some fault in this”), tries to make things right with Frankie (who informs Deke he’s going to buy him out of The Beverly or else), and winds up telling the attendees of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, “I have tried like hell to be a good man, to walk the straight and the narrow, and none of it mattered. Because I lost it all.” Deacon, honey: IT’S BEEN ONE WEEK.

HISTORY REPEATING | Thanks to a brief meeting with Juliette, who advises Maddie to go back to the family that loves her, the young artist at least has Glenn on her side when the offers start coming in. (And having him around ticks Cash off, so I approve.) Glenn advises Maddie to take an offer from the Nashville-based Tupelo Hill, but Cash says the label head is a good friend of Rayna’s, so it’s no dice. Maddie winds up going with Lennox Hill — a “clean break,” as Cash puts it — and Rayna tearfully laments to Tandy that her daughter is lost.

Over at his place, where he’s been sleeping, Deacon fondles a bottle of booze and is about to open it when he gets a call from Rayna, which staves off some major drama… at least for now. I am aware that relapses happen, and that they are a big/awful part of what it means to be in recovery, but please don’t make me watch Deacon and Rayna go through that again, Nashville. My achy breaky heart can only ache and break so much in a season, you dig?

A TOUGH GOODBYE MADE HARDER | Will’s bad week following Luke’s botched Cynthia Davis interview gets way worse when his Aunt Betty calls: Will’s mom has died. He drives all night to reach his childhood home, where his ogre of a father hasn’t achieved much in the way of personal growth since the last time we saw him. Mr. Lexington Sr. wastes no time telling his son that they’ve burned all the photos of him, and he’s not welcome at his mother’s service the next day. But Will shows up anyway, gives a brief speech, then later confronts his dad about being a homophobic jerk and bad husband. Apparently, something gets through Papa Lexington’s bigoted skull, because he intercedes when someone casually calls Will a “homo” outside the wake. I suppose even the most infinitesimal of baby steps still counts as progress, right?

IN WHICH NOAH RESURFACES | Avery plays a pretty awesome new song called “Kinda Dig the Feeling” at an intimate venue, and afterwards, he and Layla are all over each other outside the club. A photographer snaps a few shots, which soon wind up on a gossip site’s homepage (along with a photo in which Juliette I think is supposed to look angry/upset but instead just appears to be mid-sneeze).

Reactions to the photos are mixed. Layla is over the moon… until she realizes that Avery isn’t jazzed to be part of another tabloid-fodder couple. Juliette, meanwhile, completely freaks out, demanding that Emily help her find someone hot to accompany her to all the pre-Oscar events for Shenandoah Girl.

The guy who gets the gig is a lunk, but it doesn’t matter, because Noah’s at one of the parties with Kesha (excuse me, Ke$ha) on his arm. But they’re just friends, and he’s really into Juliette, and the pair wind up sharing a dance and then a bed. And he wants to make this a thing, which surprises and — I think? — delights her. (Side note: Juliette dejectedly snacking out of the bar’s garnish box and Hayden Panettiere’s bit with that toothpick might be the best thing I’ll see on TV all week.)

Oh, and that photographer? Layla totally hired him. And it worked, because once Avery calms down, she’s still got the guy. And now she’s got a whole bunch of interview requests, too. But Glenn’s onto you, lady!

BREAKING UP THE BAND? | The Rolling Stone article on The Exes comes out, but it makes it seem like Scarlett’s the frontwoman. This irks Gunnar, who later writes a song with Autumn. I’ll say it again: That lady is so damn squirrely, I half expect her to bound across my front yard with a cheekful of acorns. Scarlett gets an offer to do a photo shoot for some headphones, but they just want “female artists,” and though Gunnar is, on so many levels, more of a girl than most women I know — the attention to hair product alone! — he doesn’t count. Still, taking part in something like that without the other half of her band gives her pause. But after learning about Gunnar’s extracurricular activities, Scar signs on for the shoot. As she bitterly notes, “Whatever’s best for the band, right?”

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. I thought that Maddie & her sister were already signed to Highway 65 record company. Did they all forget?

  2. Wilson says:

    Mostly the same old from Nashville. Although slightly better than last weeks episode, still lots of drama and ridiculous storylines. Also, I hope Noah isn’t staying around for too long. Derek Hough is an absolutely terrible actor, just like his sister. I don’t understand how they even get hired for things. Good dancers, but their talent ends there and they need somebody to tell them that.

    • Kellee says:

      You guys all need to chill out, like WOW. you all sound like you’ve been strapped to the seat with a gun to your head to watch it- DONT WATCH IT THEN? you are ALL abusing every single character and the writers, when it is a great show- and the cash and maddie storyline is awesome. I understand differences of opinions but geez, everyone commenting is saying basically kill them all and get new writers, , …seriously find a new show then and quit winging.
      I however i have loved the last couple of episodes, its exciting and drama at every turn, i love maddie and hope they make her come to her senses.

      • amber says:

        But you’re acting like you’re being forced to read the comments. They’ve pretty much have been the same for awhile. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, THEN DON’T READ THEM.

      • Move on says:

        Exactly! If you think the show is so bad and you don’t enjoy it, why watch it?

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Why watch it? I’ll tell you why. Because this show used to be awesome, full of great characters and stories but it has turned into a hot mess. It’s perfectly natural for viewers to continue to watch a show they once loved hoping that it will turn around and get back to the show it once was.

      • Misty says:

        Kellee you are square on, if people don’t like the show–use the remote instead of your mouth. Personally I think ABC should make Nashville a full time show. The morals are great, but one has to pay attention. Take the Cash/Maddie section, how many teens thin how great to get rid of Mom & Dad; do my own thing, I know best?? Well, if we have good writers there will be a lesson well learned—let’s watch and see.

      • Boiler says:

        Kellee, Misty, and Move On…totally agree. The ones most frustrating are the ones who come on and say they don’t watch. Change the channel and leave the comments to REAL fans

      • Jill says:

        ABC is getting new writers. They realized how far downhill this show has gone and the fired the showrunner and hired new ones with a totally new team for season 5 if it gets picked up.

      • Anita Atkins says:

        Here’s the thing Kellee, everyone has their opinion and tho it mat differ from yours please refrain from making angry comments at them. Sure your right that nobody has a gun to any body’s head but as your opinion is yours and no one should put YOU down for it, the other people’s opinion is their own as well. I’m getting upset with a lot of the storyline lately too, but I value your opinion as your own and as such you do have a right to feel as you do!! Have a blessed day

  3. Dave says:

    Kill Maddie.
    Kill Cash.
    Kill Frankie.
    Kill Autumn.
    Kill Layla.

  4. Shira says:

    Thank you for mentioning the toothpick!! The way Hayden delivered the” I’m a mom now and men don’t find it sexy for some reasonl ine with it was Juliette perfection!

    Rayna has so much anger and frustration built up I’m surprised she didn’t turn up in jail after punching Cash. On second thought, Rayna is more sophisticated. She would make it seem like an accident.

    Loved the conversation between Tandy and Daphne. Much needed and Daphne is the best thing in the universe. In general, lots of much needed conversations : Scarlett/Deacon, Tandy/Daphne/Rayna, Maddie/Juliette. If only one of them would have taken place last week or as I call it “The episode that must not be named”…

    • Dina says:

      ‘The Episode That Must Not be Named’…that’s awesome!
      I usually rewatch the episode again (via Hulu) on Thursday…but that one I couldn’t watch twice!
      The Tandy/Daphne conversation was great, and Maisy is such a little superstar!!

  5. Ken Mosier says:

    The maddie and cash story line is literally ruining the show. They really need to write them off next season

    • The Beach says:

      The Layla and anything/anybody storylines are ruining the show too. Write her off while you’re at it.

  6. Jill says:

    I’m so tired of these one dimensional storylines and one dimensional characters. I feel like the writers just have a board of cliches and throw darts at it every episode to determine what’s going to be in each one. Gay guy’s mother dies, Deacon goes to prison, come on. Really? Also, why do they insist on continually beating up on Deacon as if he’s the worst human ever? I used to love his character, but now he’s just pathetic. Stop apologizing, it’s not your fault your family sucks.

    • Nancy says:

      I so agree with everything you said. This is the most pathetic group of characters ever written. Everyone is sad or mad or up to something. What the hell is wrong with these writers? they are TERRIBLE!!!!!!! I hope they aren’t getting paid because they all need to be on unemployment permanently. Do the networks just pull names from a hat and say hey you want a job writing??????? My grand baby can write a better storyline. I have been with Nashville from the 1st episode and was fascinated by the story lines ad the music. After T Bone Burnett left the series all hell broke lose and the zombies came out of the closet and became writers. If they do happen to have a Season 5 don’t use the same writers PLEASE!!! and give Deacon something else to do besides get beat up on. He plays and sings so great. Push that storyline with him and Rayna. Push Maddie under a bus. And drop Layla our of an airplane lol Anyway, I’m also tired of Avery and his wimpish ways, grow up and get a backbone. If he doesn’t want Juliette just move on and stop making it like he can’t because she won’t let him. It’s his fault, the idiot. How weak is he to move to Layla, Juliette’s enemy. What was he trying to do slap Juliette in the face for “hurting” him. I use to like him and Julilet together but she deserves MAN!!!

      • Ella Jasper says:

        I so agree with you. I don’t know why the producers continue to let these story lines go forward. This show has such potential, especial when they make it about the music and not all the drama. This redo of Deacon drinking is ridiculous and the Maddie story line is so pathetic. I hope they will be renewed, they have the new producers coming on and hopefully new writers. It has become hard to watch the show as it is now. Very sad, because they have some great actors on the show.

    • VegasGal72 says:

      Deacon did not go to prison

  7. Elena says:

    Relapses definitely happen, but Deacon like JUST had a liver transplant. I’m pretty sure if he starts drinking again, he will die.

    • ? says:

      If Deacon drinks on his dead sister’s liver, he deserves to die.

    • So glad I am not the only one screaming this at my TV. It has not been that long. Where is his trust in his relationship with Rayna. And he needs to suck it up and be a dad that Maddie doesn’t want. Cuz contrary to Cash’s thinking, Maddie did not lose her parents, she was just released from their authority over her.

  8. Normandy says:

    If Maddie goes to New York and is completely gone from the show next season, then I guess there’s one good thing to come from the worst storyline ever on this show. =D

  9. sg says:

    So, Frank’s bar was a struggling hole in the wall dive bar. That he pretty much begged Deacon to buy into to help him keep it afloat. And now that Deacon put a ton of money into it, remodeled and added on to it and it’s drawing tons of business and making money, Frank is going to just ‘buy” him out of his share? Right. Do these writers know anything about how things work in the real world?

    The new show runners, can’t get here soon enough, here’s hoping the show isn’t completely ruined beyond repair by than.

    • Kellee says:

      UH, it happens, its called buying out someones shares or paying back investments so they no longer have any equity in the business.

      • UH, no says:

        And where is he getting the money to do that, seeing as he was circling the drain, financially, before Deacon showed up? Deacon’s money renovated that place. If he wants to buy Deacon out before Deacon recoups those costs, he’ll have to reimburse for those costs and THEN pay half market value for the place. Again, where is he going to get that money?

        • Jill says:

          This is exactly what I thought too. It hasn’t been long enough for Frankie to have the money to buy Deacon out, and his comment about suing him for the bar was ridiculous. I’m sure at this point Deacon has put more money into the bar than Frankie and has made all these improvements. I know that Nashville doesn’t pay attention to the way the legal system really works, but it real life, Frankie would lose that case big time.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        UH, it’s not that easy, depending on what kind of partnership agreement you have you can’t just pay someone off and be done with them.

        • twinfish says:

          Maybe they’re going to use the money Cash makes as Maddie’s manager – lol

          • wrstlgirl says:

            I have a feeling Cash’s plans for Maddie will implode before she makes much money, at least I hope so :-)

    • HAHA – I spit my drink up at that comment. There is no way Freddie has the money to buy back his bar UNLESS he gets it from Cash, from the money we know she is going to steal from Maddie.

  10. Blah says:

    Anything that involves Juliet acting like a parent/mentor to Maddie is great. I hope Nashville keeps going back to that well. There is so much good pre established drama between those three women

  11. Liza says:

    This show has become a trainwreck of cliched soap opera storylines!!!! It just breaks breaks my heart. I always loved this show, the characters, the music and now I don’t know if it can be fixed even if does get renewed. I am not going to reiterate all the problems – others have already done so – just showing that I agree. I hope the powers that be try to do something to make it great again!

  12. Whispergirl says:

    My comment here is similar to one I left on this website about a different show. Something I’ve noticed lately, in this brave new world of tv writing, is that protagonists are always miserable and antagonists get everything they want. Rayna, Deacon, and Daphne, etc. are pretty much always in tears these days, while it’s close to smooth sailing for Cash, Frankie, and Layla. If the bad folks have comeuppances in the works, the build-ups are getting so long that the story arcs have lost all tension and are down to irritation. Yes, I’m attached to this show, but it seems like so many of the characters are being turned into one-dimensional caricatures.

  13. Dump the Maddie and Cash charade!! Dragging down this great show. Love Will Lexington!!

  14. Michelle says:

    Am I the only one thinking that Autumn is trying to break up the Exes ON PURPOSE? All of their problems start with that woman. And you know Cash encouraged Maddie to get out of Nashville THE MOMENT she showed independent thought (going to Juliette for advice).

    Both women are some level of crazy. Get Scarlett, Gunnar and The World’s Most Annoying Teen away from them pronto!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      It’s pretty clear that Autumn is doing this on purpose. I’m just so over the baby talk that comes from this actress. She did an episode of The Walking Dead the same way. The way she talks is so annoying. Not a fan. If Nashville gets renewed I hope her story arc is done.

      • Jill says:

        I feel like her voice didn’t used to be like this, is this a character choice or did something happened to her that changed her voice? It’s super weird and annoying.

      • Anita Atkins says:

        She also used to be on Law and Order as Chris Noth’s partner and she was terrible on that show!!! Get her off the show, my goodness!!

    • Bwhit says:

      Oh she so is. The rolling stone writer said that she got some of her info on them from Autumn…. I just don’t get why. I know this is shocking but I don’t think Gunnar would sleep with her (gasp!) so why? Why is she doing this?!? Is she doing it because she’s bored? Wants Gunnar to write for her? The problem is these two think she’s giving them some great shot when all she’s doing is making a civil war between them. They should ditch her and go on tour with Rayna before they implode. I would love a scene in the season finale where they both tell her off together. Cash is so creepy.

  15. Adam says:

    I’m just confused on how somethings seem so 1 sided lately. Examples:

    Frankie to Deacon – “I’m buying you out, sign the papers or else”. I’m sure Deacon has a case for his business that he is half owner of AND has money for a ton of lawyers here, too.
    Maddie’s emancipation- Your telling me Rayna and Deacon don’t have a leg to stand on during that process? I’m not a lawyer here, but is it really that cut and dry for something like that?? No appeals process, etc. Again… I’m sure Deacon and Rayna have money for a ton of lawyers (more so than Cash / Frankie ever would).

    It just seems odd to me that one side seems to call the ALL shots when in reality the other side (Rayna / Deacon) has more than enough resources, funds, etc, to ‘bury’ the other side.

    Still like the show. I’m glad Will had a more serious / realistic story this week. Keep it going for his sake.

  16. Katy says:

    I don’t even know where to start, Gunnar and Scarlett, just grow up, the two of you are so stupid it hurts my head. Layla and Avery, he’s dumb too, she need to follow Jeff off the side of a building(you’re embarrassed to be seen with me, pouty face!!) Yuk!! Juliet and Noah, Derek Hough need to go back to dancing, not a great actor, and he looks like a porn star with the mustache. Oh and finally, Rayna, Deacon, Maddie Cash and Frank, where do I begin? Ok, if Rayna and Deacon are sooooo much in love, why don’t they work on this problem together, not with her on tour and and him with a bottle at his old home. Frank, just make him and his flat face go away, isn’t he probably responsible for the disappearance of that girl in the car,( don’t remember her name, because her role was so insignificant) and Cash, just kill her off and please make Maddie quit singing the Bad Girl song, and lay off the spray tan, she looks ridiculous, nothing sexy about her, ever!

  17. Me says:

    Oh, if only there were one adult character on this show. Daphne is the most mature one of all, and she’s ten.

  18. DAG says:

    I’d love to see Juliette and Cash tangle – now, that would make for some good TV!

  19. Can we talk about Will please? I love the fact that he stood up to his dad and went to the funeral. I have no words for him not even telling his son that mom died. Every time I want to scream at Will to grow a backbone and stand up for himself, I solemnly swear that I will remember what a horrible youth he had. This makes me even more relieved that Luke is standing up for him. Someone has to while Will finds his footing (and afterwards). And NO, that one tiny statement by the father at the end was not about Will, it was about the dad’s guilt/realization that the mom was miserable without her son.

  20. Genie says:

    Nashville has been a HUGE disappointment to me.Not the acting but the writing. If Connie has had a hand in this she needs to stick to acting only.

    • Jill says:

      She’s not a writer, she’s just an actor and a producer in name only. She’s complained multiple times about the soapy direction the show has taken, but she has no say in fixing the writing.

  21. Mickey Fay says:

    “…and though Gunnar is, on so many levels, more of a girl than most women I know”
    Still LMAO!!! Too funny!

  22. sunshine says:

    This show used to be about decent people with drama and joy equally dispersed with some great music. Now it’s a depressing soap opera with the characters turning dark. I’ve taken to just glancing through reviews like this to decide if I’ll watch. I won’t be watching this one.

  23. Bwhit says:

    ‘I’d give Glenn’s Toupee its nightly combing’ and ‘I’d serve as Gunnar and Scarlett’s couples counselor”…. You never disappoint with these reviews!!
    I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a character more than I do Cash, telling Rayna that Maddie isn’t her daughter anymore!?! I can’t! She is the absolute worst in every way. Gunnar and Scarlett are so naive, Autumn is causing all of this and their immaturity and lack of communication is allowing it to continue! Wake up you two… You’re being played. I don’t want them to stop playing together because they are my favorite musical act on the show.

  24. Tom says:


  25. Laura says:

    “Gunnar is, on so many levels, more of a girl than most women I know” – – I think my favorite line I’ve read in weeks

  26. Janed says:

    The writers are really off track on this show. Are they trying to get in cancelled? All these new characters are horrible. Rayna is losing her game..this is a big no no. I’ve watch since the beginning, this is moving in the wrong direction. One of my favorites shows. So sad.

  27. crbenker says:

    Season One was great, season 2 still pretty good.
    Since then it’s RAPIDLY sucking!!
    What happened to THE MUSIC????
    Now even when they show someone performing, it’s just a tidbit!! No more entire songs that you’d want to download / buy the CDs.

  28. K says:

    Cash just needs to go away. Maybe when she sets Maddie up in New York with a creepy producer who is not thinking about songs & music, Maddie will FINALLY wise up. Layla needs to go home. Where Summer came from must be a very warm place & needs to return.

  29. Anita Atkins says:

    I’ve been a faithful Nashville watcher since the show began and for one, I’m sick to death of Layla. Number two, the writers JUST GOT Deacon and Rayna together and finally married and then you throw this “mess” with their daughter into the mix, and too many other things in the show are getting me aggrivated. One more stupid episode and I’m DONE with this program and I happen to love it!!! 😢

  30. Mary martell says:

    I’d like to compliment the crew that put Nashville together. The last 2 weeks all the story lines have been hitting home runs! Especially…… The reality of deacons recovery.

  31. I still love this show, but more in the beginning than now. Seems like every time they make something good happen for Rayna and Deacon, they feel like they have to undo it by the next episode. Couldn’t we just have had a few episodes where they were a happy new family??? I’m finding myself angry and frustrated at the end of the show…. and I can get that from real life :). Same with Gunner and Scarlett, every time they have a moment, one of them realized it shouldn’t be. My Sister says we don’t want them all to be that happy or there would be no drama, but it would just be nice to have some happier story lines….juicy but happy. Is that asking too much?

  32. BrianR says:

    Come on Cash plant a big ole kiss on Maddie NOW!!!!!

  33. Julio says:

    Where’s the recap? All I get is the first two lines of the first paragraph and then the photo gallery.

  34. Courtney says:

    The recap is missing?
    What happened?! I hope they give the show a good ending now that it has been cancelled.

  35. Linda Fennell says:

    I love Nashville it’s a great show. Keep this show on . Everything is bang bang guns. Don’t like alot of shows. Love nashville.

  36. Carolyn says:

    Have loved this show from the beginning. Great music. But, after last night’s episode I was left with the realization that not one character on this show is happy. Too much doom and gloom. Then today I saw that it is not going to be renewed. Not so surprised.

  37. cordelia says:

    Question: Are we supposed to think that it’s a coincidence that Kesha is guest starring in the very same episode Maddie is signing with the supposedly rubish Lennox Hill (and everyone seems to know?) ?

  38. sunflower says:

    Is it true they canceled Nashville??? SOOOO upset and annoyed! I LOVED that show!

  39. katy says:

    Cancelled, not surprised, this season been absolute crap and I have been a viewer since the beginning. It was hard to watch.

  40. peter says:

    they cancelled the show guys

  41. Shaun says:

    Oh no — the review seems to have disappeared — it stops halfway through the first sentence!!

    • Susan says:

      Yes! I tried yesterday, using two different browsers, and again today, but all I get are the first few words of the review. Really hope they fix it, because I want to read this review!