Madonna Set to Honor Prince at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards

Who better than the Queen of Pop to pay tribute to Prince?

Billboard and Dick Clark Productions announced Wednesday that Madonna would honor The Artist Formerly and Then Once Again Known as Prince at the Ludacris and Ciara-hosted 2016 Billboard Music Awards, airing live from Las Vegas on Sunday, May 22 (ABC, 8/7c). No hints were dropped about the manner in which the erstwhile Material Girl would pay homage to her fellow legend, who passed away April 21 at the age of 57. Which begs the question:

What song from the seven-time Grammy winner’s vast catalog of hits do you think Madonna should perform? (Personally, I’m rooting for “Nothing Compares 2 U.”) Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. AngelWasHere says:

    Oh good grief no. They can’t find anyone else? Bruno Mars? Lenny Kravitz? Or someone he actually worked with?

    • Shaw says:


    • curtis says:

      he actually did work with her. LoveSong.

    • Dan says:

      You may want to check your facts before being so dismissive. They actually recorded a song together. “Love Song” was on Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” album. And, they were close in the 80’s.

      • Mark says:

        And…they are arguably the two biggest pop stars of the 80’s. Yes, that was a long time ago, but, still….

        • Trev says:

          Madonna and Prince still kept in close contact all these years. During the Blond Ambition tour, Prince and Madonna would have limo races between their entourages, and as recently as last fall, Prince held a party for Madonna and her entire Rebel Heart tour members in Minneapolis when she played there. Everyone went to Prince’s party after Madonna’s concert and they stayed all night.

      • AngelWasHere says:

        OK OK he worked with her, but I still don’t agree with her doing a tribute.

        • Mark says:

          Have you ever even seen her perform live? Please…she’ll do fine and there really is no other pop star bigger than her. She’s lasted for over 30 years…say what you want about her but you can’t argue her success. Go look over her accomplishments. I’m too lazy to point them out but they include over 250 million albums sold; most successful solo touring artist in history; etc, etc.

    • Mark says:

      He did work with her.

  2. Delirious says:

    Oh, God no. Please, seriously, no. What the hell is wrong with you, Billboard?

    • Robert says:

      Not to be repetitive, but, do you even know what you’re talking about? Madonna is the second most successful artist in Billboard history. Check the facts. 1) The Beatles; (2) Madonna. Given those facts, and the fact that both Prince and Madonna were basically THE pop stars of the 80’s, Madonna makes perfect sense to do this. Especially from Billboard’s perspective. You can thinks she’s gross, untalented, slutty, etc. But, you can’t argue with the facts and you can’t dismiss her success. /end of rant

      • Shaw says:

        Does Madonna play any instruments. No. Go look up a video of Adam Lavein doing purple rain. NOW that would be a tribute worth watching.

        • Tyanna says:

          Madonna may be a pop icon, but she us not ther ight person to do the tribute. Prince was a pop icon but morr importantly, he was a musician. He was a great vocalist and played over 20 instruments. Madonna is that grea tof a singer and is at best a ok performer compared to prince and contemporary entertainers like Janelle Monae or Miguel. The best way to honor Prince is not a big named pop star but an actual artist and singer. People who can sing and play instruments and are heavily influneced by him ( not just a few collabs) are more appropriate.

        • Trev says:

          Madonna started out as a drummer before she was a vocalist. She also plays guitar which she has done in many many of her concert tours.

        • Douglas Bradley says:

          Madonna plays guitar and piano.

      • big cheddar says:

        I completely understand why she was chosen – she, Michael Jackson and Prince were peers who basicially dominated the charts in the 80s and part of the 90s, and she had some pretty revolutionary record deals. I think people are a little disappointed that it’s just her listed as the tribute performer. But who knows, others will probably join her on stage. Let’s face it, this will be just one of MANY musical tributes that will happen over the next year for this man. And the Billboard music awards ain’t exactly the Grammys, ya know what I mean?

      • I have a hard time reconciling her doing the memorial…can hardly abide her, makes me less inclined to watch

      • Macy says:

        It’s not about the success. She is a great artist but she does not know Prince like so many others do. One song together and a romance does not mean you know someone. His music was so much more than Purple Rain, 1999 and 80s. He was a lifetime a he is due the best tribute that could possible be done and in sorry she’s not the one.

  3. Tyanna says:

    What about Janelle Monae?Miguel?D’Angelo?Lenny Kravitz. True R and B and pop artist whose music is styled after Prince’s legacy.

  4. nonita says:

    Ohh my Madonna Madonna what have youdone to your face??? Those fillers and botox are chaing your face features , stop it, by the time you are 70 noone will phisically recognize you

  5. Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

    Maybe Mariah Or Celine would have been a better tribute. Mariah did a cover of the beautiful ones and Celine did purple rain

  6. Jules says:

    Who better???? I can think of a LOT of artist who would better suited. Just because Madonna is “Madonna”, it doesn’t mean she’s the right person for a Prince tribute. Lenny Kravitz, Alicia Keys, Miguel, D’Angelo (who did an absolutely gorgeous version of “Sometimes It Snows In April” on Fallon), Usher, Jennifer Hudson (who killed “Purple Rain” with the cast of “The Color Purple), Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan etc. People who can actually SANG and not just sing. People who covered his songs, people who he inspired. Hopefully the BET Awards will employ some common sense if/when they do a tribute to him during their show and not just go for an obvious ratings grab like what’s going on here.

  7. Frank says:

    This is making me sick

  8. wow says:

    The last thing i want to see is her gyrating on stage trying to sing his songs. She needs to sit down some where before she breaks a hip.

    • Madonna says:

      Apparently you have never seen her live..she can dance better than you and she has accomplished more than you ever will. AGEIST PRICK

      • wow says:

        lolol not knocking her talent but she is very long in the tooth. :)

        • Hannah says:

          57 is “very long in the tooth”? Wow. Also, it’s weird that you would bring up Madonna’s age when Prince was actually one year older than her. Whatever. Madonna haters will always hate…

          • there has been a rew times as of recently that she almost fell while performing… I think she should slow down now. she is not nearly as young as she used to be. I’d rather see Chris Brown do a tribute to Prince than her. His Tributes to Michael Jackson on other shows were amazing.

          • jazzyt2u says:

            They are only two months apart…

      • mkr says:

        she can’t sing

  9. VictoriaMelbourne says:

    Diamonds and Pearls/Love Song/Let’s Go Crazy Medley

  10. Madonna says:

    I do not understand why so much hatred towards Madonna. Is it because she is a woman that has broken pretty much every barrier? Is it because you all, including women, are jealous that you’ll never achieve the level of success Madonna has achieved on her own? Or is it because she is making you confront how prejudiced you all are?

    • mkr says:

      Prince was about the music. Top notch music made him famous. Madonna was about the stardom. Attention seeking made her famous.

      • Topaz says:

        Morris Day or Sheila E. Would have been an excellent choice, Morris and Prince are related and he also was in the movies Purple Rain and Graffit Bridge, but I’m sure Madonna will give a good performance.

  11. mkr says:

    Lenny Kravitz would rock it

  12. Mark says:

    Holding auditions for every moaner on here to upload your talent. Lets wait … Still waiting…

    Oh forgot jealous keyboard people don’t have talent.

  13. Douglas Bradley says:

    Madonna is the perfect choice to do the tribute. I think a person would have to be very simple if they didn’t realize the significance of her doing the tribute. She is the only mega star to have not fallen apart, She is about healthy living and she has sustained to the age of 57 the same age Michael Jackson would be and the age Prince was when he died, Madonna is by far the most sophisticated live performer period the production and execution will be flawless. I am personally shocked people would mention names such as Bruno Mars who has a drug problem when this artist along with Michael and Whitney lost their lives to addiction. Be more thoughtful in what you write people. Some of you look so stupid in one breath criticizing Madonna for her age when she was the same age as Prince!

  14. Latrelle says:

    There were soooo many choices that would be better than Madonna. She is a good artist but not fit to do a Prince tribute. I’m really disappointed!

  15. SU MAJESTAD says:

    Extrano extrangero es un clasico del pop
    No se porque se refiere al demonio
    Soy taz

  16. SU MAJESTAD says:

    Soy productor
    No hable nothing

  17. Ladros says:

    Monsta Transe Mann Facevull! Very Ugly Bäh! Hahaha!!