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Empire Recap: Blood Red Carpet

Confession from one Empire fan to another: I never really cared that much who won the ASA for Song of the Year.

Apparently, neither did poor, tragic Freda Gatz — seeing how she didn’t even wait for the afterparty to whip out her gun and go after first-time nominee Lucious Lyon, making the statuettes kind of an afterthought in the show’s fictional world, as well as for viewers of Fox’s hip-hop soap opera.

Question, though: What kind of jacked-up kudos-fest would still announce its winners while its most nominated artist fought for his life on the operating table? Tacky!

empire carolIn the end, Lucious and Jamal both lost the big prize — to some chump named P.O.C. — but Jamal lost even bigger when he got caught in the crossfire and took a slug to the stomach. Oh, and did I mention his fine-ass, sex-on-a-self-hating-stick boyfriend didn’t even accompany him in the ambulance?

Next year’s ceremony just has to be better — especially if Aunt Carol and Grandma Leah are locked away inside Lucious safe room, with Juanita sliding her unseasoned treats under the door.

Allow me to recap the action of Season 2, Episode 17 — while also offering a slow-clap for the enthusiastic drummer in the Lyon family band. She’s a staaaah, I’m tellin’ ya!

ffEMP-S2_217-sc10-ch_0011_hires1NO LONGER HER SISTER’S KEEPER | Oh, Cookie, couldn’t you throw Carol a bone every now and then? When Carol models her ASAs dress, Cookie tells her she looks “like a cheap prostitute” and dismisses her, then later intercepts Carol’s date with former Philly cop Tariq. Cookie can smell the Fed all over him, and — while wearing metal-tip gloves (#FTW) — warns him not to cross her family. Tariq goes nuclear, telling Cookie that Lucious killed her cousin Bunky. But Cookie always drops the last mic: “Watch out – my sister has herpes. Hope it’s not too late.” Carol doesn’t take too kindly to her sister’s interference, but when Cookie senses her sister’s fallen off the wagon, she kicks her out of her apartment — and out of her life. Too bad the “washed-up crackhead” crashes the ASAs later and spills the beans to Freda that her father died by Lucious’ hand. (More on that in a moment.)

Empire DerekCANCEL THOSE FATHER’S DAY FLOWERS FOR LUCIOUS | Jamal and D-Major’s flirty-sexy-closeted stuff continues — and the ASA musical director wants to produce the rising artist’s next album, “Unless I ain’t big enough for ya.” (Oooooooh, I’m all about that double-entendre life!) Later, though, D-Major explodes homopobically when Lucious walks in on his near-kiss with Jamal. “I see D-Major’s still on the DL,” offers Lucious, who grows increasingly more foul as the conversation continues. “Everybody knows how he likes to turn rich boys into his little bitches,” Lucious offers, before adding the kind of imaginative detail no father really needs to be envisioning with his own son: “I bet he’s on top.” Jamal, though, is not here for the disdain, especially when he sees Jamal “crying like a little bitch over your mother.” That’s an insult that stings, but like Cookie, Lucious always has one more bullet in his gun. “The day you die from AIDS, I’m gonna celebrate.” I literally have no words. Let’s just pause for a moment and let the bile return from our throats back to our stomachs where it belongs.

THE OLD AND THE DANGEROUS | Lucious’ evil mama Leah spends the hour seething over Lucious’ lying about her suicide and trying to convince Andre to take her to the ASAs. “Nobody’s gonna look sideways at a little old lady.” Lucious (who I hope is paying Juanita to drop all the dimes) sends Thirsty to imprison them in his safe room for the duration of the ceremony. Too bad he didn’t stock the room with a week’s worth of unseasoned meals and water — and a flush toilet!

Empire FredaEVERYTHING GOES TO HELL AT THE ASAS | Jamal — still furious about Lucious’ comments and now armed with Cookie’s truth bomb about how she snitched-out and Lucious killed Freda’s dad Frank — tells the media he’s shelving his long-awaited Black and White album — and that “Chasing the Sky” will be “the last time you’ll see me on stage with my family.” He then tells Freda to “get away from Empire,” that he’ll hook her uup with another label — as if he somehow doesn’t know she hasn’t been burned repeatedly by his family and that she doesn’t have a violent temper. D’oh! When drunk Carol blows up over Freda’s invitation to call her an Uber instead of sneak her into the ampitheater, she spills the tea about Lucious’ culpability in Frank’s death. And boom-boom-boom-boom, Freda grabs a gun from security, points it at Lucious, but winds up hitting an interceding Jamal.

empire lucious motherMEANWHILE, BACK AT THE HOSPITAL | Cookie can barely look at Lucious — knowing how he hurt their son, and how their son is now on the operating table, fighting for their life. And it’s almost as if he’s negated all their episode-long flirtation, culminating with him giving her a diamond bracelet and asking her to be his date — since they’d always talked about the ASAs back when they were selling CDs (and such) out of a car trunk. She knows, though, that deep down, he wants to do right by his family, and he’s so moony-eyed for her that he doesn’t notice Leah (whose been brought to the hospital with Jamal) sneaking out the the assembled media, clearing her throat and… we’ll have to wait til next week to see if she spills the beans.

OMIGOD! SHOES | Rhonda doesn’t come right out and accuse Anika of pushing her down the stairs, but she does ask about her Louboutins when Anika pops into Empire HQ and is all, “Hey girl, why are you avoiding me?” Later, Tariq brings Boo Boo Kitty in for questioning. Will she spill, or is she ride-or-die with the Lyons?

Your turn. What did you think of this week’s Empire? Sound off below!

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  1. Sam says:

    Give Cookie Emmy or tvline week performance. No explanation.

  2. Al says:

    This show is so much rinse and repeat
    One minute they think Lucious is a saint the next he’s the devil

    • dude says:

      I know. Usually they atleast give it an episode but flip-flopping but the fact that Luscious went from telling his son that he hopes he dies of AIDS to Cookie telling him that deep down she knows he’d do anything for his family is ridiculous. Empire needs to figure their ish out. Do you want Luscious to be the hero or the villain? Because going back and forth doesn’t make him complex, it makes him Jekyll and Hyde.

      • Anna says:

        People are not one extreme or the other, and the same is true with Empire. The anti hero, or real humans, has become a popular character over the past fifteen years. One of the most popular is Tony Soprano.

  3. Spence says:

    I stopped watching Empire a while ago and it makes me so sad to say that I’m glad I’ve stopped. This was one of my favors shows ever, but this season has been such a confusing and frustrating mess.

    • dude says:

      To be fair, season one was an uneven, confusing mess too. It just had the novelty of being a good guilty pleasure soap opera. That novelty has now worn off.

      • The latter half of this season has been much better. But it’s still over the top ridiculous, which I suppose is the point. When I watch it, I have to remind myself of that or else I will get annoyed.

    • Doc says:

      Why read the recap and comment if you don’t watch the show anymore?

      • Jbj says:

        Why read the recap of a show you’ve already watched? People have a lot of different reasons for reading them, and wanting to know what happened without wasting an hour of one’s life is one of them.

    • Got to admit, I only read this because of the headline hook. I truly was hoping that they killed off Lucious or Cookie–anybody!?! I stopped watching this after the season two premiere episode, deciding that the show was more interested in “crazy” than good drama. It appears that I was right.

  4. Alex Harris says:

    I honestly think they just killed off Jamal. And Rhonda found out it was anika who pushed her. So after all of this what is left for empire to go on about. I don’t think there should be a season 3 especially if Jamal is not in it

    • Spence says:

      I seriously doubt they’ll kill Jamal. Aside from Cookie, Jamal has one of the hugest fan followings and the show is too young to start killing fan favorites. Not to mention Jussie is a huge supporter of the show in so many respects that they wouldn’t want to lose him.

    • Ugonna Wosu says:

      The producers still claim it may not be Anika .

    • Shaw says:

      Jamal is dead Jussie announced he is leaving the show….

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Just because he may be leaving the show doesn’t mean he dies. He’s in the finale’ next week.

  5. Will says:

    Let’s kill off another gay character on network TV. So disappointing especially with an out creator
    And this whole season has been hit and miss.

    • Michelle says:

      I doubt it tbh since the series creators are gay and I’m sure they know the ” gay character takes a bullet for someone else “

    • Anna says:

      It is highly unlikely that they killed off Jamal. He is easily the second or third most popular character on the show.

  6. wrstlgirl says:

    Jamal is not dying guys.

  7. ShanV says:

    This show drives me crazy! I LOVE it! Can’t wait til next week’s finale!! And next season!!

  8. They better not says:

    They can’t kill Jamal. Jussie is the only person on the entire show who can carry a tune in a bucket. I don’t say this a lot, but if they kill off my favorite character AND the only real singing voice among the cast (they’re the same person) Im gonna stop watching.

  9. Kaye amor says:

    Is Jamal going off empire??

  10. Deez nuts says:

    Omg..this show is so over rated….all this homosexuality and drama…no wonder people cant get their lives together. I watched 3 episodes season one amd was turned off….read a book people…empire is full of dumb drama mess….kids sleeping with fathers ex girl and gay men turning into straight kissing women and then back to being with men….no wonder american has a high HIV rate and yall bastards keep supporting

  11. I hate living on the West Coast with no TV.

  12. Michelle says:

    It’s too bad this was not a mid season finale episode. They wasted too much time stunt casting in the first half that now when it’s getting somewhat interesting; the season is almost over.

    But it definitely is annoying that they did the bullet for someone but the LGBT character gets hit instead. ( I do think Jamal will survive though.)

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I agree, I debated whether to come back or not after the break because the first half was so terrible but I did and like you said, it’s just getting interesting and it’s over, sigh.

    • Bigdede says:

      I so agree with your comment. This should’ve been the midseason finale. They wasted the first half of the season stunt casting and wasting time. That whole Alicia Keys Summer character was a waste and an epic fail. It did nothing to advance the show or storylines. Of course Jamal will survive. And of course Jamal gets hit with the bullet. There’s more story with Jamal getting shot. Freeda feels guilt since Jamal was her friend. That in the closet producers might come out to express his feelings for Jamal. Lucious will start to realize how his actions hurt his family and Cookie could finally be done with Lucious

  13. Sally McLinn says:

    I don’t think Leslie Uggams “grandma” character adds much to this show.

    • Bigdede says:

      She does add something but just like the writers messed up Anika, they’re messing up the mama story. She’s a big part of how Lucious turned out and why he treated Andre like he did. They’re not using her and her bipolar disorder in a good way, instead they’re writing her as Granny from hell bent on revenge

  14. :-) says:

    We all know Jamal is not going to die. Great drama though. I wonder if thirsty is going to tackle grandma. Carol is wrong. Sisters fight and make up. It happens. You don’t put your sister and her family in danger over a fight. You break her hair brush or call your other sister and talk about her.

    Anika didn’t do it. I think thirsty did it on Lucas’s orders. I don’t think Lucius wanted a bipolar first grandchild.

    • carla says:

      Wow I didn’t think of that I would not put it across that crazy lawyer, and true for Lucius to have a maybe bi-polar child would be something he would not want so that could be a possibility. But Rhonda saw someone with flats so it will be interesting if we find out who did it. Someone may have been setting of Bobo kitty for some reason also.

      • Mary says:

        I am thinking it might be Andre himself. The fear his kid would be like him. It also might be someone on Lucius orders. Anika is too obvious.

    • RoyalOne says:

      anika did do it
      she was crazy (wacked out) jealous
      that hoho lost everything including the child she started banging when daddy cheated on her
      honestly off all ppl i hope they get her character out
      completely irrelevant for a looooong time now

  15. kirads09 says:

    My personal theory is that Jamal IS NOT DEAD. Basing that on no grieving or funeral scenes in the promo for next week ; also it did not appear he was shot near the heart – more his side -so not being a medical expert – a better chance at surviving? I also don’t think grandma will spill the beans about being Lucious mom either. Of course this is Empire and I could be proved totally wrong. But that is what my gut is telling me.

  16. Empire reminds me of Dallas. And that is a big time compliment since Dallas is one of my all time favorite shows.

  17. Matt C. says:

    This episode was CRAZY! I don’t believe for a second that they’re killing off Jamal, but still, the shooting scene was so intense. I can’t wait to see what happens in the finale.

  18. Debbie says:

    Leah was brought to the hospital with Andre, not Jamal.

  19. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I almost forgot about this episode……caught it just in time to see who got shot….the Fukk they better NOT kill Jamal off. Jussie is one of the reasons i watch the show, and of course Cookie. Hell if it was Hakeem wouldn’t shed a tear his punkass can’t stand him

  20. Unique says:

    if Jamal die im not ever watching empire again i know he gay but i still love him

  21. Why says:

    If Jamal does die, it has no bearing on his sexual status. That is NOT driving force of the show and never will be. He will not die. Why would Hakeem marry if he dies? Think. Please. People are so naïve. Where else is Jusse going..aha. It’s television/fake people..people are always under suspicion. Go play video games if you don’t understand Tv.

  22. Lorna Wallace says:

    It was on the edge of your seat episode but hated that we have to wait till next week to find out what happens.

  23. SayWhat? says:

    Y’all do know there’s a Season 3 beginning in September, right? I do believe someone “in the family” will die but not one of the major characters.

  24. Alexis says:

    It was good asf man wen do da next season.come on

  25. Holless says:

    I have enjoyed in total.. it’s a great piece