Chicago PD Spoilers

Chicago P.D.'s Marina Squerciati on Burgess and Roman's 'Terrible' Ordeal

Burgess and Roman’s decision to mix business with pleasure on Chicago P.D. will have life-changing consequences during tonight’s backdoor pilot for potential spinoff Chicago Justice (airing at 10/9c on NBC).

After the officers are shot at while simply sitting in their patrol car, Assistant State Attorney Peter Stone (The Player‘s Philip Winchester) starts an independent investigation, during which he discovers Burgess and Roman’s intimate history.

“That’s what the case rests on: Did Burgess react [to the shooting] the way she would have if she wasn’t sleeping with her partner? Or would she have reacted the same way no matter what?” her portrayer Marina Squerciati previews.

The violent encounter is “a pretty terrible moment as a human being to reckon with,” she adds, “and that really changes Burgess.”

Her other half doesn’t emerge from the hour unscathed, either. “Roman gets shot and doesn’t really come back the same,” Squerciati reveals.

Below, the actress talks with TVLine about Burgess and Roman’s feelings for each other, her ex-fiancé Ruzek’s “brutal” reaction to the new relationship and the show’s growing female friendship.

Chicago PD SpoilersTVLINE | Burgess and Roman said it themselves right before having sex — this is a bad idea. So why do it?
The chemistry with them, it’s too much for them to deny. They try and do it through the whole episode [last week]. They’re trying to be partners, they’re trying to keep a lid on it, and then after a beer, they just can’t.

TVLINE | Are her feelings for him real? Or is this just a rebound?
I don’t think it’s a rebound, no. I don’t think it’s the same feelings that she had for Ruzek. To say it’s a rebound denies it the validity that it should get. Here’s a person who she’s in a car with for 12 hours a day and really has bonded with. He’s been kind to her and supported her and would take a bullet for her. There’s something very real to that. Whether it’s long-lasting, I don’t know.

TVLINE | How does the reveal of the relationship go over with Ruzek?
It’s going to shock people. [It’s] the most brutal, horrible way that he can find out, and it’s so heartbreaking that even Marina surfaced a little. I wanted to go over to Paddy (John Flueger) and be like, “No, Paddy, it’s OK! I don’t really mean it.”

Chicago PD SpoilersTVLINE | Does Burgess have any regrets about the way it comes out?
Absolutely. There’s no way you couldn’t. There’s a part of Burgess that still loves Ruzek. He’s just not ready for marriage, and I don’t think she bears any ill will toward him right now. She just has moved on. But she doesn’t want to see him hurt. That’s the last thing she wants.

TVLINE | One of the things I’ve really enjoyed this season has been the friendship between Burgess and Lindsay. What has it been like for you getting to explore that?
I feel like that really came from the fans. There were a lot of fans that were asking for “Burgsay”. That’s exciting to me, that there’s a movement, and they make it happen, and the writers listen. That’s an amazing thing about social media. That’s so cool. We never had those woman-to-woman moments [before]. You’re allowed to be a strong woman and a cop and have a sensitive side. When we’re together, we can show that sometimes. You’re not allowed to let your guard down in the boys’ club as much. In the season finale, I help Lindsay in a really crucial moment.

TVLINE | Does Lindsay offer Burgess any support in what she’s going through this week?
Honestly, it’s almost like Burgess goes through this episode alone, unfortunately, and that really shapes her. Platt and Lindsay are definitely there for her. But what she goes through, she really has to go through alone. For someone who loves this city and loves being a cop so much, that’s really hard for her.

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  1. Bwhit says:

    I think Burgess and Roman work best as a platonic pair…. From the previews and sneak peeks, the way Ruzek finds out is bad. If the ADA tells her not to discuss the relationship with anyone, fine I get it, but if he didn’t and Kim didn’t pull Adam aside to tell him about the video they show in the preview, than that’s just wrong in my opinion. Yes Ruzek is immature in a lot of ways but was Burgess any better? Putting him through little tests to gauge his readiness for marriage instead of talking to him about his issues was not the best approach. Obviously she’ll be vindicated because this is the Justice backdoor pilot.

  2. Cas says:

    Does anyone else hate them together? Maybe it is because I hate Roman. I liked Ruzek much better.

    • EWood says:

      @Cas and Bwhit I agree with you both. Burgess character while he may be a good guy is still annoying. These two have no chemistry, except in the blind eyes of these writers for the show.

      • EWood says:

        Sorry I meant Roman is the annoying character. Burgess is beginning to be annoying again because of the writers.

      • Jana says:

        I think Roman is awesome!!! He’s not a charmer like Ruzek, but sometimes Ruzek seemed too slick for me. Roman is loyal to the bone and I love how much he just loves being a cop. And I love that he’s the only one on the show that is not obsessed with trying to get into intelligence (well, with the exception of Platt).

  3. S says:

    Does anyone else hate how they write Burgess? I think she has the potential to be equally as strong as Lindsey, but the writing really undermines this growth. I grew up in this area, and it’s a diservice to the women serving on CPD how flighty and unprofessional they make her. The actress is too good for this storyline!

    • Jana says:

      I think it’s what has made Burgess so appealing. And even the actress has remarked that people connect with Burgess because she is flawed. She makes mistakes, she gets emotional, but then she comes back with strength and determination. It makes her interesting.

  4. Tvfangasm says:

    Burgess is a great character. I feel like when we first met her she was such a naive person and major events happen that make her a little stronger everytime! When she got shot there was a change, when she decided she was tired of being strung along by Ruzek there was a change. And now I would imagine being attacked and having someone she cares about be hurt will spark another change. She is turning into a strong character I feel.

  5. Bigdede says:

    Burgess is just the worst! I hate that poor Roman is stuck in a relationship with her. I wish they would’ve kept them as just friends

  6. dtruman68 says:

    These Chicago shows are becoming to melodramatic like L&O SVU and becoming more about the character’s private lives than the crimes they investigate. All of them are turning into soap operas.

  7. Lily says:

    I really wish the producers/writers would just give us great stories with the great acting of ALL this cast and NOT be so influenced by the twitter minions. IMO, it waters down the quality when they concentrate so much on making the shippers happy. And all of the “I hate Roman”, “More, more, more Linstead”, “Burzek forever”, etc. etc. etc. gets monotonous and annoying. Yeah, I think there can be some exploration of characters’ personal lives as they deal with the duties of their jobs but the emphasis on couples is too much. And as a woman, I find all the bickering about “who should be with who” from mostly women fans of the show petty and a disservice to our gender. Just give us great writing and great acting and the fans will be there!! Just my opinion . . .

  8. Mackey says:

    I don’t mind her and Roman but don’t expect it to last. Even the actress is constantly pressuring the executive producers to let her been with Burzek (which is crazy if you ask me). I think both her and Ruzek have a lot of growing up to do so if they do put them together it should be down the road. I think that she could learn a lot from Lindsay and Halstead about being professional while on the job. It drove me nuts when she was with Ruzek because he was always hugging her and asking if she was okay, like she couldn’t handle her job. I always wanted her to say something to him so he’d back off while they were working. It will be too bad if she and Roman can’t be partners anymore because I thought they were good together and had a great friendship before they hooked up.

    Side note: I was confused at first when I read Burgsay. I think she meant to say Lingess since that’s what the fans call her and Linsday.

    • Julia says:

      I am curious how the producers feel about the actress petitioning for the Burgess/Ruzek relationship. The writers are clearly trying to direct the fans in one direction, I wonder if it is more difficult when you star is supporting a different direction.

  9. Andi says:

    I Agree with Mackey and Lily. I’m so sorry I went on instagram to browse fan sites. What the heck was I thinking? I guess this is no better though. There is so much back and forth about Broman vs Burzek. I don’t understand why people don’t like Roman though. Brian Geraghty (Roman) is portraying a character and doing a darn good job at it. He and his character are adorable. He lights up the screen in every scene. He is an exceptionally gifted actor also with an impressive resume in the business. To me, he is one, if not the best actor on Chicago PD. I think the writers, producers and creators see that too. I look forward to his scenes especially with Burgess as partners and I actually prefer them together as a couple then her and Ruzek. They have a stronger connection and undeniable chemistry. You can tell Roman genuinely cares for Burgess both professionally and personally. Roman is protective, supportive, comforting, attentive and just an overall good guy. Their relationship has gradually blossomed over time into something more. It’s a relationship built on friendship, respect, trust, honesty, adoration and of course now attraction and feelings for one another. That’s the best foundation for a long-term relationship and marriage. They’ve been through a lot together over the course of their partnership so they’ve grown very close. When you spend that amount of time with someone every day putting their lives on the line for one another and you confide in them you bond. Roman has cared to get to know Burgess as her partner and friend more than Ruzek ever has as her boyfriend/fiancé. Obviously the writers see something there with Roman and Burgess like I have for awhile. Ruzek comes off as rude, insensitive, disrespectful, tempermental, arrogant and cocky and has become even more so since Burgess broke off their engagement and seeing that there were palpable feelings between Burgess and Roman. Burgess deserves someone with Roman’s qualities and personality. Just a good, nice man who deeply cares for her and puts her and her feelings first. It helps that he’s fine looking too. The show is lucky and blessed to have Brian Geraghty and I think they should utilize him more and explore his character more. It’s no different than Halstead and Lindsay as partners and “partners”. I don’t think they should split up Roman and Burgess as partners. How many partners is Burgess going to go through then? Plus Burgess and Roman have only been partners for what two seasons now? That’s not even remotely long enough! I enjoyed and want to continue to enjoy their banter and interaction as partners. They have so many endearing, funny, sweet, thoughtful and difficult and powerful moments/scenes together as partners. Roman and Burgess already have a connection, trust and history and to dismantle that would be a crime in itself! To ruin or end their partnership would be unnecessary, unjustified, a mistake and devastating. They’ve already been through enough. Why does that always have to be the ultimate outcome? Halstead and Lindsay are in a relationship and they don’t split them up in different departments, units, transfer one of them, split them up as partners or worse write one of them off the show. The same should apply to Roman and Burgess. I actually enjoy watching Roman and Burgess more. Brian and Marina’s acting is superior. I would love to see more storyline and scenes of Roman’s character individually as well. I feel like it’s always Roman and Burgess that are getting shot at or injured or put in situations like they do. I don’t get that? The writers probably see the standard of acting they both have and go with it. I actually believe Marina’s acting has improved since Brian Geraghty joined the show as her partner and acting alongside/with him. How come the other characters remain unscathed? Or they get away with whatever, like the rules don’t apply to them, or they literally get away with murder, for example Voight, Dawson and Olinsky, Ruzek, etc. They all make mistakes but it’s only highlighted when Burgess or Roman make mistakes. But in real life in any job as humans we all flub unintentionally or make mistakes. It’s all part of the learning curve and being human. As cops, detectives it’s even more difficult because you can’t forsee events or predict them or their outcomes so they are taught to react and protect aND make immediate decisions and resolutions not knowing the repercussions, reactions/response or impact either positive or negative. I hope they don’t do to Roman what they did to Danny Pino’s character, Nick Amaro, on Law and Order SVU or worse. I don’t know if I’ll tune in anymore. He’s been a pivotal character the past year and a half. I feel Roman and Burgess are more scene stealers, leads and have more screen time than some of the others. Even though I would still like to see them more than I do. Atwater and Mouse hardly even have speaking parts. But I guess I’m the odd man out or the only one that likes Brian Geraghty’s Sean Roman character. I guess because I like Brian Geraghty as an actor and person plus he’s a supreme actor who really does a fantastic job portraying Officer Roman. Plus if he was given even more material he would blow us away. Love the show and love Roman. Don’t take my Roman away!!

  10. Julia says:

    To those who want just a pure crime show with very little personal development, it is rare that that will work. Law and Order, one of my all-time favorite shows that I used to watch daily has been able to do it. But, if you think about it, they’re able to focus on the case by having very little characters. There’s two detectives and two lawyers. That’s it. Chicago PD has a whole intelligence department and then you have the three (Platt, Roman, and Burgess) showing the patrol side. If they want it to go the L&O route, they’d have to pare down the roster severely, otherwise, there’s no point in having all these extraneous characters unless it’s to give side stories and personal relationships.

    Frankly, I think PD tries to stay in the middle between being a show more about the police or a show more about the case, and I don’t know if that’s working for them. It just ends up with frustrated fans who want different things. Frankly, I think Chicago Fire has the best balance of letting you get to know and interact with the personalities, but they don’t have the burden of having to solve a crime.

    Me, I love the personal story. If you want just a pure “case-centered” show, then reboot Law and Order. I love Burgess and Roman, I think their depiction of patrol is often more entertaining than the intelligence line. And yes, they are all horribly attractive, so bring on the love triangles and angst.

    • Lily says:

      I don’t want a “pure case-centered show.” Some personal stories are fine, but when almost ALL of those stories now revolve around the in-house romances of characters that you don’t care whether they hook up or not, it gets boring for viewers like me; you lose interest. I don’t even bother with the official Facebook or twitter sites any more because they are 80% or more devoted to gushing over Linstead or promoting a fight for choosing Burzek over Roman, etc. etc. The fans really get ridiculous and it’s annoying to me. (As a female, it is also annoying to me when women hate on female characters but always excuse the handsome guy’s bad behavior.)
      Along with great action scenes, include personal stories but utilize the entire cast. It’s a crime to waste the talents of some superb actors! In my opinion, the quality would improve.
      btw, sometimes I really want to grab Voight’s bobblehead and make it stop, please!! :-)

      • Lydia says:

        I agree that there are a lot of superb actors being wasted! Honestly, I think it’s too large a cast, and a fantastic cast, that they’re definitely letting some awesome characters just play background. I mean, sometimes it seems like each person can only get 1 or 2 lines in the entire episode so everyone has a part. I don’t know what the solution would be except to go the way of Grey’s Anatomy or even Chicago Fire which the cases play more of background.

        I remember in January when the producer Olmstead said in an interview that they were resetting the series so the episodes would center more on cases. But I think they had to drop a lot of character stories in order to do so.

        And I completely agree with you! As a female, I totally take offense that female fans hate on female characters and make excuses for the guys. It’s so sad how quick people are to jump on female characters and tear them down. Some of the justifications I see on twitter are a little out there, there’s no need for the writers. For example, I saw fans create detailed backstories as to why Ruzek bailed on meeting Burgess’s mom which I think is kind of the tipping point that led to their break up. So many justified the actions of the male character and well, I won’t say some of the things I read that were said about the female character.

        Platt is probably my favorite character. I think she gets fair amount, probably 3 short scenes in each episode but you know you’re always going to look forward to it.

        Case-wise, I do think it is hard to win audiences over in that way just because I think there have been so many crime and cop dramas that it’s hard to find original stories. Maybe because it is a Dick Wolf show but I swear I have been able to predict the perp halfway through just because of years and years of watching Law and Order and knowing how the twists usually roll.