Jon Huertas Castle Season 9

Castle Vet Jon Huertas Set for Season 9

Count Det. Esposito in, too.

Jon Huertas is the latest Castle vet to sign on for a potential Season 9, joining titular leading man Nathan Fillion and fellow supporting player Seamus Dever (Det. Ryan), TVLine has learned. Cast members Molly Quinn (Alexis), Susan Sullivan (Martha) and Toks Olagundoye (Hayley) are all expected back as well, although its unclear if their deals have been finalized.

News of Huertas’ new pact comes nearly three weeks after leading lady Stana Katic‘s announced departure. Co-star Tamala Jones was similarly let go. Both were reportedly axed for budgetary reasons.

ABC has yet to formally renew Castle, but all indications point to the network bringing the series back for an abbreviated ninth season. Exec producer Alexi Hawley previously told TVLine that if the procedural is renewed by this Friday (May 13) then next Monday’s finale will end in a “dynamic” way that allows the show to move forward in a slightly altered incarnation — meaning, sans Katic and Jones. However, if Castle is cancelled by then, an alternate, closure-filled ending will be swapped in.

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  1. David says:

    I’ll laugh if they go through all these signings and ABC ends up canceling the show anyway….

    • Just one thing says:

      If the studio and network weren’t connected that might actually happen. But I think the left and right hands know what the other is doing. A simple formality.
      Deadline didn’t include Sullivan in their list of “set to return.” An oversight?

      • TerryM says:

        She’s gone to NY to be in Broadway’s Steel Magnolias. Not sure if it’s summer stock or longer.

      • Kimo says:

        I really, really hope Castle will be renewed. It has been one of the favorite shows for our extended family since the beginning. Stana Katic and Tamala Jones both will be missed, but I remember other shows where fan favorites left for different reasons and the shows continued on, surprisingly with a new vigor. One main one example was Smallville. Kristen Kreuk, the female lead of Lana Lang (with a devoted fan base) left, and the same year Michael Rosenbaum, the world’s best Lex Luther, left. So many fans threatened to leave, so many of the rest of us worried that the show was finished. But it went off in a different direction and it gave new life to the show.

        I’m not saying that the same thing will happen to Castle. Even if it is renewed, it apparently will have a short season. But despite the terrible LokSat arc in the first half of the season, which made nearly all fans (including my family) furious, the producers finally got the message and put out some really good shows the second half of the season. So they CAN do it.

        Also, since I am older and have seen lost jobs in nearly all fields because of this long-lasting bad economy, I am hopeful that the hundred or so crew members, as well as the remaining actors involved in Castle, will keep their jobs a bit longer. Though rumors and antipathies abound, these people are just working people who have put their hard work and sweat into making Castle a very special show. I hope for their sakes as well as ours that they can continue to do so.

        • kath says:

          The show is made in the ABC production company. Staff people (i.e. not the writers or actors) will keep their jobs whether it’s this show or the one that replaces it in the time slot.
          I’ve been a loyal viewer since the pilot episode but this season has shown me that they only stories that rise above mediocre are the ones where Castle and Beckett work together so I’m out for next year.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Agree. Castle — the show — has been a writer and his muse from the get-go. It has been developed around the love story between Rick and Kate. There’s no going off in a different direction that can make sense of that, no more than reopening Kate’s mother’s murder did this year with LokSat and dredging up Rick’s disappearance and giving us the separation. They tried to derail the show with all of that and demean the Beckett character along the way and all they achieved was low ratings. It’s time for the show to end this coming Monday with a satisfyingly happy ending for our dynamic duo. Then let them start with an entirely new concept and new name next fall.

        • DCL33 says:

          I get why people are so concerned about them losing a job, but… the actors and higher-ups made millions in the past 8-9 years they been making the show, the crew are contractual workers. Once the show wraps the season they are unemployed. So why isnt anyone concerned about them between seasons? Also, if they are under ABC contract, they get work on other ABC financed projects. They are not gonna starve if the show gets canceled.

        • Faye Wells says:

          I agree with you Kimo, 100%.

      • shirley says:

        She’ll be back.

    • Mary says:

      I wish! But no, they’ll definetly renew it and make a crap season 9. On the other hand, I sure hope to laugh when it gets the awful ratings ABC deserves for destroying an once great show!:-(

      • JosiahBartlet4President says:

        What have we Castle fans done to deserve this??
        ABC is giving us the middle finger.

      • KCC says:

        I don’t really think ABC/Disney/ESPN will suffer much if they get poor ratings for 13 hours (or whatever number they order) of TV next year. I doubt you’ll see their stock take much of a hit on Wall Street because they continued Castle without Beckett. But just in case, I’m cashing out and buying gold. Reading these comments you’d think it’s end of the world due to the Beckett-less broadcast of a redesigned Castle.
        Something is going to be broadcast during those hours. With the rate of failure of new shows, trying to rejigger an existing show seems to be a chance they’re willing to take. Lose some viewers and maybe gain some new viewers. One person’s crap is another person’s must see TV.

    • shirley says:

      They plan to renew this back. ABC had this in the works from the beginning.
      I’m convienced of that.
      No surprise to anyone.

    • DuniaMartínez says:

      Apparently you will

  2. Demi says:

    So Castle season 9 is a dude bro village with few women thrown in? I can’t wait to see the review/reaction to this season 9.

    • DCL33 says:

      It will be sausage-fest. Because we needed another sausage-fest show on tv.

    • David4 says:

      I’m waiting for them to kill off the mom and ship the daughter off to ‘boarding school’ (yes I know she is older).

      This is so silly, just end the darn mess!

  3. Just one thing says:

    ABC renewed Castle for an eighth season without Katic on board. But this year, they need every single contract ironed out before they make a decision.
    But I’m sure NO ONE is getting a pay raise this year. Because budget cuts.

    • DCL33 says:

      Don’t you just love PR? They are trying to do some sort of damage control with these statements of signings, (look, just look who is coming back. Make sure you tune in next season to see them) but its having the opposite effect. I find it hilarious tbh.

      • hubble says:

        Yet every time someone signs, there’s a new wave of anger.

        • DCL33 says:

          And thats why I find it hilarious. With every bit of info they put out how everyone but Katic and Jones are coming back for season 9, cause you know, they were let go because budget cuts (LMAO who the f came up with that excuse???), I find the show more and more off-putting.

      • Just one thing says:

        It is kind of funny. Even funnier is that we are all supposed to pretend like the network didn’t make their decision a long time ago.
        If the show got canceled at this point, it would have to be due to a serious, career-ending break in communication.

    • Budget cuts my left foot. Something’s rotten in the state of Castle!

  4. Audrey says:

    Let’s milk out anything that is related to Castle! Click, click, click and cha-ching!
    Can we get back to *real* news now, folks?

  5. A. D. says:

    Hayley sucks!

    • PatriciaLee says:

      She was great on The Neighbors. She seems an odd fit for this show, but I’m willing to see what they do with the characters.

      • Just one thing says:

        She tries way too hard to be cool and slick as Hayley. Toks O & Quinn may get on like a house on fire, but that relationship seems oddly forced.
        This week Hayley laughed out loud at a “joke” Alexis cracked, and I cringed. It was awkward, forced and interrupted the flow of the scene. I have no doubt it was an approved addition made by the actor.
        But at least the BlunderQuinns have a job and are enjoying life, right?

      • Yep! says:

        She was great on The Neighbors! I loved that show, was sorry to see it canceled.

        • Castlebuzz says:

          That was a sitcom. Maybe she can’t do dramedy. Her character was introduced out of the blue, given no reason to exist beyond XY/XX until the second half of the season, never shown how Hayley developed such a close bond to Rick and Alexis, and now she is more important than the co-lead of 8 years.

          • JH says:

            Exactly. Hayley just pops in out of nowhere and is suddenly a key character??? Not a fan of that character.

    • Barbara White says:

      I agree if they wanted to save money get rid of her and keep Beckett

  6. piebokou says:

    Let’s just cancel this show already.

  7. Laura says:

    I’m out. Fumbly, bumbly, slapstick Castle–sans Beckett–is not my idea of enjoyable TV viewing. YMMV.

  8. Kate says:

    I don’t see the point of renewing Castle just for an abbreviated season. If ABC is choosing to move on with their Castle character without Stana Katic, then commit to that and renew Castle for an entire season; give the show time to establish a new format. If they’re not going to do that, then just end the show this season with the entire cast intact.

    • I completely agree with that. I’ve never liked Beckett, not from season one, so, I’m totally on board to watch the show without her. But I know I’m minority.

      • Azu says:

        Thank you!! Finally!!! Someone who isn’t a Beckett fan! I’ll consider watching this again now

        • I’ve never been a Beckett fan or a fan of their relationship. I feel she’s always been controlling and manipulative and bad for Castle as a character overall. I disagree on how they treated Stana, but I can’t stand Beckett! I really enjoyed the sans Beckett episode in LA, and the episodes with little Beckett, so, I’d be on board for this.

      • JH says:

        I never disliked Beckett, but she was my least favorite of the bunch. I’m totally on board for season 9. Though, I could do without Hayley…

      • JBC says:

        I was never a Beckett fan either.

    • John NYC says:

      Hedging their bets. Extend into next season with the option for a longer pickup if the premise pitched works.

    • KCC says:

      This is an odd duck of a show if it gets renewed so I understand them being cautious. The only comparable situation I can think of was Archie’s Place when Jean Stapleton left All in the Family and they continued with the character of Archie Bunker.

    • SBE says:

      This is how CBS ended The Mentalist. I enjoyed the revamp of that show, and I’m looking forward to the new Castle, sans doom & gloom Beckett.

  9. Liz says:

    So basically all of the men got renewed contracts? Disgusting. Just cancel the show.

  10. Boiler says:

    I am certainly going to give the new Castle a look. The only thing sort of surprising is why ABC felt the need to eliminate Stana and Tamala as a cost cutting gesture for a short final season. ABC certainly has also more problems than this show in its current set up. To me this is just ABC falling on the sword and Stana is the one who wanted to go.

    • Just one thing says:

      ABC is falling on their sword and Stana is the one who wanted to go?
      CBS figured out a monumentally different way to handle their relationship with Weatherly when he wanted out. If Katic wanted to go and ABC wanted to work with her, they could’ve done that, too. But they didn’t.

      So, yeah. The sword they’re falling on is likely for Fillion.

      • Boiler says:

        You obviously don’t get what the statement means. Basically they are taking the heat for “firing” her when in fact she wanted to go. Otherwise a short season 9 makes absolutely no sense.

        • Duh Fudge says:

          Tell me why ABC is “taking the heat” for her when there is no obvious benefit for them besides getting bad PR?

          • Just one thing says:

            Apparently it makes more sense for a network to “cover” for an actor who doesn’t want to work with them anymore than it does for a network to cover for the actor whose contract they renewed.
            Got it!

    • hubble says:

      It was reported in different media outlets that is was NOT Stana’s choice to leave.

  11. Val says:

    Stopped watching after Season 7. Meh

  12. Dr Robert J. Trebblo MD Ph. D. says:

    Please cancel.

  13. Mike says:

    Going to say something that’s not going to be popular. If Nathan Fillion was such a hard guy to work with such a prima donna then why is everyone signing up to come back for a short season? Do they need the work that bad? That’s all I’ve heard Nathan Fillion Nathan Fillion Nathan Fillion such a bad guy. Just asking

    • Homer S says:

      Would you say no to a steady job that pays millions of dollars even if it means working with a terrible coworker? Nah, I wouldn’t either. Just asking.

      • ndixit says:

        Not if you have earned good money for 8 years. Maybe if this was season 2 or 3, I would have bought that but the cast would have earned a very healthy amount by now to not have to work with a prima dona if that is what NF really is.

        • Homer S says:

          And you got the will to say no to MORE money? Good for you. Oh, and how likely are the actors playing secondary characters on a big show get another chance of getting a job this good again?

          • ndixit says:

            I earn peanuts so obviously I don’t have the will but these guys are professional actors who have been working for 8 years. They would have earned more than enough by now to be able to say no especially given the likelihood that there wouldn’t be much of a pay raise.

          • Homer S says:

            That’s just so adorable of you to think that’s how human nature works, ndixit. Don’t you ever leave that bubble! I commend you.

          • ndixit says:

            Ok, maybe I’m naive. But I think actors who have been in the industry for a while are probably reasonable well prepared to be out of work for a while. Its just the nature of their job. But I also think they would rather look for other work rather than work in a place that they are miserable.

        • Just one thing says:

          You do realize how expensive a Hollywood lifestyle is, right?
          People act as if any actor can just quit their steady TV gig one day and walk onto another the following week.
          It is freaking difficult to land a job, even for established actors, and it’s even harder to land one that lasts long.
          Why else would both Fillion and Katic be willing to stay past the show’s creative expiration date?
          If they can’t land equally fantastic roles with a snap, the others are going to have an even harder time.

          • ndixit says:

            But that’s just part of life as an actor. If NF is really as much of a prima dona that the people on tvline insist that he is, then surely its not worth signing on for another season where they will be sharing significant screen time with him. I mean to say that surely they aren’t so poorly off that they can’t afford being without work for a little while after 8 years of being regulars on a show. How much of a big celebrity lifestyle could Seamus and John probably have after all?

    • Gern Blanston says:

      Because that doesn’t fit the narrative that these people want to push. They are
      Stana-stans and there is no reasoning with them. Fillion gets work for all of his old co-stars, seems to get along with everybody else that he works with, nobody really has anything bad to say about him. The only anomaly to this (if you buy into the rumors) is Stana Katic. But, everything is Fillion’s fault. You can’t talk to any of these people with logic or reason because they aren’t informed by logic or reason. They are informed by rumors started by random people on the internet that have no credibility, just the same love for one actor and hatred for another.

      • Nap18*oleon15 says:

        Fillione was the big name cast to get the show off the ground but he has been eclipsed to some extent by Stana’s popularity amongst the fans of the show as she has certainly been a major reason for it lasting as long as it did. He might not have read the small print but the creator always intended the show to be about Castle AND Beckett. He might be a nice guy with most people, and of course he’s going to be really nice to people at comic cons because they are paying him up to $100 for his autograph, but it’s not impossible that he couldn’t handle having a co star who took away some of his limelight.

    • Just one thing says:

      I believe in the nuances of the human character. Don’t know about you, but there are people I work with who I really enjoy, and others I avoid when possible because we just don’t click. And I have watched one co-worker (whom I like) treat another co-worker (whom I also like) as if they’re complete trash.
      It blows, but it is what it is. I have also been on the giving and receiving end of less than cordial exchanges.
      Anyone who expected Dever or Huertas to quit in solidarity with Katic is thinking foolishly. These guys should not have to choose between paying their bills and loyalty to a friend.
      The fact that they’ve been all over Fillion since May of last year speaks to a culture that has, over time, become more fractured. The Castle set has been known for its friendly atmosphere toward guest stars and visitors, but that doesn’t mean they’re above petty behavior.
      I’ve said this before, but both Fillion and Katic’s reputations speak for themselves. They both have their supporters, and the only thing that seems to make this so complex is that some of their Hollywood friends seem to overlap.
      So it’s really not that surprising that there’s probably a handful of people caught in the middle who have to play Switzerland.

    • Kate says:

      I gotta agree that Nathan probably isn’t the “bad guy” in this scenario. Castle isn’t his first ensemble cast gig, and he’s apparently gotten on well on all other sets. He’s still friends with past cast members. Truth is, any apparent “feud” takes more than one person, and I doubt we’ll ever really know what went on behind the scenes. But there sure isn’t one villain and one victim. Takes two to tango.

    • Castlebuzz says:

      Ever consider that Nathan is a prima donna only with a certain person who could compete as an equal for attention, popularity, and story line? No one on the show other than Stana threatens his position as King of the Castle. It’s a very common occurrence both inside and outside Hollywood.

      And why isn’t there a word in the English language for males who act like prima donnas and divas???

      • Just one thing says:


      • DuniaMartínez says:

        That’s inaccurate: two facts. Terri m praised working with her after the news came while Marlow UNFOLLOWED Fillion after his statement. Plus check twitter comments on people working with Stana. Plus Fillion asking for Fridays off shuttimg the peoductio years ago… Give us sources, otherwise these facts speak for themselves

        • Ellen says:

          Get your facts straight. Fillion hasn’t followed Marlowe for years. I keep seeing people saying Fillion also unfollowed Dever and Huertas because he must have taken Katic’s side – another false “fact”. Fillion still follows both of them. Beware of false “facts” out there.

    • Ellen says:

      Because it’s all BS about Fillion. Also ask yourself why so many strong ex-Castle women who support Stana still follow Nathan on twitter if he’s such a big bully and diva? Terri Miller, Dara Creasey, Penny, Maya Stojan, Lisa Schomas, female writers – even Stana herself!!! They’ve all left the show – absolutely no reason to follow him if they disliked him or his behaviour. But haters tend to overlook the info that doesn’t fit into the gossip they so badly want to believe.

      • DuniaMartínez says:

        Marlow unfollowed him straight after he made his statement. The others couldn’t be bothered. But the fact is that these women keep praising SK work. Check Terri Edda Miller Tw a few minutes ago. The “core” of Castle creation (creators, crew & writers) are praising satan all the time. Not even ABC has tried to defend Fillion. No one but his fans.

    • NoNeedToCreateDrama says:

      People say two disparate things:
      1. Fillion is a c-list star!
      2. Fillion has total control of the show and producers.

      People like a scapegoat. He is… uh was the costar w/ Stana. So he’s the obvious target. It’s easier and more fun to rant when there’s an obvious “villain.” Even though the real world is never that simple.

      People should be blaming the brass at ABC for being cheap. The different showrunners for taking the show in ridiculous directions.

      Going off social media, he’s had plenty of interactions w/ his costars. They seem to like him.

      On a personal note, he was the star on a charity float I helped out on at Mardi Gras this year. Dude couldn’t have been nicer to everyone. It was muggy and uncomfortable but he was just like a normal guy. It could have been an act, since he’s an actor, but it didn’t seem that way to me.

      • Ellen says:

        @NoNeedToCreateDrama – what you witnessed personally is what everyone who meets and works with him says about him. The people looking for a villain just don’t want to listen to it. It’s so much easier and more “fun” for them to believe and tout all the positive Katic things (while ignoring the negative things being said lately) and ignore any and all the positive Fillion things and any facts that support what you personally witnessed. You don’t fool that many people over a 15 year career in Hollywood, particularly working with so many women, many of whom were bigger stars than he was. Don’t ruin their story with your logic. LOL

  14. MMD says:

    Castle will probably be renewed for another season but will not last because of the lack of ratings. I would bet good money on this because the whole kerfuffle has been handled atrociously. Any PR ABC seems to have is bad PR.

    I know I’m repeating myself but this is the first time I have ever given up an entire network because of one show. As for their explaining that it was due to cost cutting, well I have a bridge to sell that connects all 4 Atlantic provinces to each other plus I’ll even throw in Labrador, the Magdalan Islands and hell, how about St. Pierre and Miquelon (which is part of France) as well. LOL That shows how little I believe ANYONE at ABC!!!!!

  15. N says:

    Good for Espo

  16. Homer S says:

    I hope ABC becomes the new NBC of a few years ago who had been consistently in last place in the rating game. By the looks of how well they handled things on Castle alone shows that they’re on track. The audience and fans are those who have been helping you earn money, and yet, you just gave (mostly) everyone the middle finger. Good job, Ben Sherwood, youre definitely creating a new brand for your company — a total classless one.

    • Riley says:

      Yes, damn you ABC for doing everything you can to keep a show that millions of people watch every week on the air! How dare you!

      No executive is going to start criticising former or current stars, so all we have is bits and pieces… most of which seem to point towards Katic being a pain to work with, and who wanted out of the show blamelessly… hence demanding more money than ABC was willing to pay. They may have relented once, but they likely weren’t willing to do the same dance again, hence why they could have refused her contract renewal terms this time around.

      • Just one thing says:

        That’s interesting. No news outlets, not even the tabloids, have reported that Katic wanted to leave the show badly that she demanded Scrooge McDuck money.
        I wonder if she also asked for Tamala Jones to be fired with her so no one would catch on to her devious plan. Poor Tamala. Just another victim of Katic’s power-hungry show-watching, like Penny Jerald Johnson.
        Tell me, did the “insiders” who shared this info with you also say that Katic secured more money for Season Eight than Fillion?
        Because apparently that’s a thing going around.

      • Homer S says:

        Thanks for a good laugh, buddy. Keep drinking that kool-aid.

      • Wendy says:

        I get being upset a favorite character is gone. I *don’t* get people expecting the rest of the cast to snub their noses at employment if it is still an option for them. Hollywood is fickle. Ride the wave for as long as you can. Opportunities may not come again.

  17. KLS says:

    Trending News: LT on Castle has signed for S9.

  18. KLS says:

    Trending News: Officer Hastings on Castle has signed on for Season 9.

  19. JimN says:

    FYI sources in the UK say that ABC has ordered up 22 new shows to include 12 comedies. Sounds like plenty of flexibility for ABC execs to do what they want.

  20. B.W. says:

    So Castle is “Three’s Company” now? Castle is Jack Tripper. Who are Chrissy and Janet then? Seamus and Jon or Molly and Toks?

  21. Tina Klemann says:

    Well they can all sign but there is no guarantee there will be a show without Stana, one of the main characters. If they are foolish enough to renew, the ratings will go down, down, down.

  22. Keiren Budds says:

    It doesn’t matter if J. Huertas is s e t for the next season at all because NOBODY will be watching.

  23. Tica says:

    Doesn’t matter anymore who’s coming back, I’m done with Castle. They should rename this new show.

  24. MissG82 says:

    Andrew and Terri are working on a new tv series with another network. I hope they work will with Stana again. And season 9 will be the biggest joke ever. I feel bad for the crew but it’s the best if they cancel the show before they embarrasses themselves

  25. SImone says:

    I would never wish anyone out of a job, but after all this.. ABC needs to step in and cancel Castle.

    Never thought I’d be saying those words, as I’ve greatly enjoyed Season 8

  26. CJ says:

    I don’t understand why people are so upset… Castle is funnier, sexier and way better without Beckett… The only story lines we’ve had for years are about her issues with the past… Build a bridge, get over it and move on… I am ecstatic Stana is not returning… Maybe now Nathan will be given a chance to evolve the character of Castle

    • Disappointed says:

      Out of the first 128 episodes Castle was the dominant character in at least 19 while Beckett featured more in 15, of which 8 dealt with her mother’s murder. Out of the 23 episodes in S7 Castle was dominant in 14 and Beckett 2 at the most, in S8 it’s been all Castle again with Beckett mainly a peripheral figure in all but 2 (“XX” and Fidelis Ad Mortem), so the argument that the show highlighted Beckett too much is getting old.
      The humour has deteriorated in recent seasons to frat boy level, which is probably set to continue with Hawley in charge pandering to fillione’s ideas, and why Castle was often shown in the bedroom apparently scared to touch Beckett (Hong Kong Hustle) and keeping his shoes on in bed (Clear and Present Danger) is a mystery, but after his soul mate dies after taking a bullet meant for him in the season finale I’m sure he’ll bounce back as the darling of page 6 after forgetting all about his “Always” during the hiatus.
      Don’t rate fillione that much to bother with any other projects he gets involved in, including a S9 if it happens. Castle ended with Hollander’s Woods.

  27. DuniaMartínez says:

    I would like to address sevetal things that have been commented on
    1. There is other ways to handle a lead character being off the show. Both NCIS and Chicago Fire did it: caring for the fans AND for the co-workerd.
    2. There is another way to reset the show without damaging a beloved characyer and betraying the creators idea. The Closer move on past Sedgwick living graceously and without killing the character. And there have been extremely successful: things well done professionally tend to end well.
    3. I am quite ready to ABC announcig a straight to series order of “The Nathan Fillion Show”. Since I watched Castle, i would just stop watching. That’s all.
    4. I Spain no one new who Fillion was at the time the series premiere here.. so we were no biased. We begun to wacth a new show… and Stana Katic stole it. After 8 years there is only one person I know that watched it because of Castle character (one out of 60…. or more) that would be my father. Who, by the way, quite watching the series last season cause “he is not fun anymore, is just a clown)
    5. Huertas and Seaver couldn’t fight for Stana since they didn’t have negociating power. FIllion HAS it, since he did it for Huertas and Seaver. So we know who has the show in his hands. I woudl yave likes more support from those two on social media. Huertas was more supporting that Seaver.
    6. Marlow unfollowed Fillion and Miller sided with the way Stana works, so many writers and crew members and guest stars praise her work. Looked for similar comments on Fillion and there are very few and they would come from previous pals. Plus Suliver call Stana “the real deal” on TW. These are things you can check, not just rumors.
    7. The crew would retain their jobs sinxe they belong to ABC so don’t use that for emotional blackmailing.
    8. Money and Fillion eventually ruled the show on this direction and that’s how things work. (You got the power, you get to decide). Pitty they didn’t handle it as The Closer did. But that’s another story. I just hope SK will get great roles asap.
    Have a nice day

  28. Angie K says:


  29. Jennifer says:

    ABC can say it was due to budget cuts all they want as the reason why they didn’t bring Stana back as Kate Beckett and Tamala back as Lanie. They cut these two woman because they wanted an all male cast with Susan still playing Martha and Molly playing Alexis. I say cut those two, cut Haley and cut out bringing back all of NF’s Firefly people. If he wants to work with those people again then let him go do another 1 season of that show. Either way on Monday May 16th I’m out and will not watch the season 9. The rest of the cast better keep their lips very tight to NF’s backside because you never know when he will turn on you. I guess Stana and Tamala have more self respect for themselves then the others do. Good bye ABC, you suck the big one.

  30. Syl says:

    Congratulations. It’s a pity I will too busy to watch a show I’m not interested in anymore

  31. Angie K says:

    What i find fascinating is that it is nearly a month since the announcement and all involved in the show must know about the backlash and the BTS rumblings, the increase in anger towards NF and him and the show getting trashed all over the place, the insinuations published by reputable outlets in regards to the firing of Katic, the fact that nobody is buying the budget cuts argument or that think that a S9 is a good idea in this way and yet there is radio silence from all involved. No comments directly or indirectly through “sources” from ABC, the studio, the showrunners in regards to the decision, no defence of NF that he wasn’t involved in this, no comments about them all getting along and there being no issue on the set and that it had nothing to do with the decision. Nothing. Just silence in the face of the growing anger and accusations and that is what I find the most telling thing of all. If it was my brand that was getting trashed unfairly I would want to defend it and set the record straight.

    • Angie K says:

      Plus another thing, if Katic was at fault and faced with this growing anger and animosity towards their brand, there has been no defence of their decision, there haven’t been any leaked comments from “sources” about what a horrible person she was and how everyone is happy to see her go. Instead there have been numerous comments from both current and ex cast, crew, writers and the creator of the show about how sad they are to see her go and how she will be missed.

    • Disappointed says:

      Stana’s rep commented to US Weekly on Apr 20 that she “had absolutely no issues” with Fillion

      • Angie K says:

        I saw that, no I was talking more about the no comments from ABC, the show runners and those still associated from the show.

  32. marge says:

    Of course things won’t be the same and of course nothing ever stays the same. That being said, I will still watch!

  33. Barbara White says:

    Might as well cancel castle cause with out Beckett I won’t be watching. I love Nathan fillion but he is not the glue that hold this show together that is Stana

  34. David Schattel says:

    Abc should drop the show. It’s no good without Katic.

  35. Abc should drop the show. It’s worthless without Stana Katic.

  36. patricia mccoy says:

    If Beckett dies, that is the end of me watching any season 9. First of all, the success of the show was the interaction between Castle and Beckett. Where will that come from if the show is mistakenly renewed. This season has been a disaster without Beckett. The writers have ruined this once clever and entertaining show. Where in the world did they come up with these unbelievable story plots? Do they think us fans are have low expectations? I see the men have made sure to take care of themselves. Why not all for one and one for all. No, just let the women be fired. Who cares if they, especially Stana was responsible for the success that Castle has enjoyed through season 7. She did not contribute to the low ratings of season 8, that blame goes solely to the writers. 😠 I sincerely hope that ABC does not renew Castle. I do not want to remember my last episode seeing my favorite die. How could the creator of Castle let all the devoted fans that have been with Castle since the beginning, and waited 5 years for them to finally get together, let us down by watching them kill off Beckett? SO PLEAS ABC, DO NOT RENEW CASTLE, IF IT MEANS KILLING BECKETT.

  37. Faye Wells says:

    I love Castle, and hope that they will continue to make new ones. If Stana and Tamala leave I’ll miss them, but I will continue to watch Castle.

  38. Cindy says:

    this is the dumbest move I’ve ever heard. If you can’t afford to pay one of the 2 main characters HER salary, then end the show. Or, as much as I like the two side kick cop guys, ax them. The entire story is about castle and Becket – no one else. Why both women? as has been pointed out – seems like a lot of women stars of their show – got killed off this year – Why is that?
    I won’t be watching anymore.

  39. Tom says:

    Might as well cancel. Scripts since Castle and Beckett got together have been increasinly poor. The change of direction of Alexis and addition of Hayley not very dynamic for show and loss of Beckett and Rainey will finish it.

  40. Jeanne says:

    Unhappy about the ditching of Beckett and Lainie. Likely not to watch.

  41. Ted Kopulos says:

    I suspect Beckett’s “exit” will not be a permanent one. If there is an abbreviated ninth season, it will be the group’s attempts to make it safe for Beckett to return, and then we get a one-episode reappearance by Beckett and the happy ending in the series finale. The witness relocation idea makes the most sense to me. And if that’s the case, then Lanie will be the death next week.

  42. diane says:

    dont think ill be watching next season. the interactions between Castle and Beckett were the show!

  43. sharon Neafsey says:

    It shame that keep going back and forth of renwal or cancel. This is stupid why wait until it time to start the show for the season then tell them the final They have cancel alot of good show and put new not so great show. Since she left and they could have someone join the join show but it not going to be like beckett. Look at NCIS Ziva she left and they have person join the show ans look how it went. Ugh this is getting worse by the minute.