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The Voice Top 9 Results Recap: Did the Right Singer Get the Boot?

Did The Voice‘s Top 9 results-night elimination hurt? Only as much as a paper cut stings in comparison to a horrifying incident with a chainsaw.

Indeed, regardless of whether one of your favorites was sent to the guillotine during Season 10’s very last single elimination, you’ve got to admit that next week’s bloodbath — which will see five four artists eliminated, and three four advancing to the finale — will be much more brutal.

Making this week’s cut a little easier was the fact that iTunes sales and overall votes lined up perfectly, with Paxton Ingram and Nick Hagelin (who ranked a distant eighth and ninth among their competitors in terms of singles sales) duking it out for the Twitter Save.

Better still, the fella who gave the superior vocal performance on Tuesday night eked out the win — by less than 100 Tweets, noted Carson Daly. SEE! EVERY VOTE COUNTS! (Remember that this November, and also in your next mayoral or school board or county judge race, K?)

Side note: Can we please discuss down in the comments how Paxton Ingram appeared to throw epic shade toward Team Blake cohort Mary Sarah during Carson Daly’s interview segment? It may have been purely accidental, but it felt like something more ominous as the boyish worship leader answered a question about which contestants he hung out with backstage. Paxton name-checked Alisan, Nick, Bryan and Hannah as “people who get that it’s fun” and are “here to have a great time,” all while Mary stood right next to him — grinning awkwardly. Am I being too much of a conspiracy theorist, or  did you feel the chill in the room, too?

While you formulate your opinion, let’s jump into this week’s results, shall we?

Sent to Safety (in Chronological Order)
Hannah Huston
Bryan Bautista
Adam Wakefield
Laith Al-Saadi
Mary Sarah
Alisan Porter
Shalyah Fearing

Bottom 2/”Save Me” Performances
Paxton Ingram — “How Will I Know” | Grade: B+
Nick Hagelin — “Change the World” | Grade: C-

No contest, people! And thus I took to Twitter to save a contestant I didn’t really ever think I’d want to save!

Saved by America


Still Intact With Two Weeks to Go
Team Blake

Giving The Voice a TV-EB (Exposed Bazooms) Rating

What did you think of Top 9 results? Did the right person go home? And who’s your pick to win it all? Sound off below!

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  1. Gailer says:

    Both needed to leave honestly

  2. Voice Fan says:

    I’m not as concerned about who left as who stayed. I am happy my top four, Laith, Adam, Mary Sarah and Hannah are still in the competition. I hope they all make it to the finale.

    • Smokey says:

      I thought it was very predictable, Nick eliminated and Paxton barely cleared………………..

      Also predictable right down to Alison getting named as next-to-last to be saved ———–in order to create the impression she was in trouble…., so fans who don’t realize that it’s random order, manipulated by the producer’s,,,, will vote more next week.

      So are there 4 eliminations next week then???

      • Mike says:

        No, 5 eliminations. I thought it was just 4. They keep changing how many people make the finale.

      • Collin says:

        My TV guide says 4 eliminated. I haven’t read anything, other than Slezak, that has said anything different. It might be a typo. I’m confused also.

      • Lacy says:

        Actually, Allison was not very high in itune sales.

        • Shell have to be very smart. She can give an amazing performance, cause I feel like now she knows what works and what does not. Shell most likely pick a ballad cause she tweeted her fans and they said “sing a ballad like last week” and she usually listens to them.

          • Lizzie says:

            Because a ballad will have less oversinging-screaming in it. Christina does not do her contestants any favors when she pushes them to go full blast, across all the years she has been a coach. Alisan may have peaked, and left room for someone else to go the distance. Shalyah also needs to be dialed back, so if Adam didn’t get that memo, he needs to encourage her to sing with quality and emotion, with less calculated emoting and volume. If Shalyah is going to keep on in the style and noise level that she has, she can go next.

    • davmon says:

      While Laith, Adam, Bryan, & Hannah have been most consistently good—and are likeable enough, the vote-in of 3 will push one to Instant Save—probably Bryan because his song choices are less mainstream….Alisan & Mary are less consistent but capable of a really good night—especially Alisan; besides, each has an outsized following that will assure IS—heck, Alisan probably is voted in the 3….Shalyah could make it interesting with a good outing, but is not likely to break through to IS—and neither is an improving Paxton.…If Alisan is in the 3, Adam is unaffected; but Laith or Hannah goes to IS—likely depending on that night’s outing. I have no idea which. {Laith is the most experienced performer, while Hannah is the most improved!)…If Laith ends up in IS with Bryan & Mary, Laith might win out because he is just so consistent. If Hannah is in IS, the 2 ladies might cancel and Bryan gets in, unless Hannah has a clearly superior effort….Hard to see Laith or Hannah or Bryan NOT in Finals; but unless Alisan falters yet again, it is going to happen.

  3. Melanie M says:

    I thought four people went to the finale this season, just like last season. Three instantly through and three singing for the final save. Am I wrong? And I think the safe three are clearly Adam, Alisan, and Laith with probably Bryan, Hannah, and Mary Sarah singing for the wildcard

    • Gailer says:

      I think all of Blake’s will be safe just because they’re on Blake’s team

      • Smokey says:

        I’ve come to realize that Blake has a Celebrity following-recognition;;; that goes well beyond just Country music. His shenanigans, sometimes crazy humor, talk show appearances, Christmas shows, Tabloid Love life, etc., has big major coverage in entertainment news,,,well outside the Country Music fan base……………….

        So, his influence to get voters for his team members is not just a Country music thing. It’s a plus to be Country on his team, but he’s also won the show and close to it, without a Country contestant.

      • davmon says:

        Alisan’s devotees may get her into 3 to join Adam & either Laith or Hannah. But Mary does not get past Laith, Hannah, & Bryan to reach 3; she will make Instant Save though. And the Blake Effect does not work in Instant Save, so she is unlikely to defeat a Laith or Hannah or even Bryan to get to Final Four.

        • Smokey says:

          I would agree that the “Blake effect” does not work as well on the instant save, but I think it’s probably still an ace in the hole if he has a contestant against another coach……….

          Alison does have a very wide base of supporters through her child movie star, recovery story, 2nd chance story and is non-threatening and endearing to many in the average age group of voters. …………….

          so my guess is that the hidden battle-round is now between Adam and Alison — and how their coaches can guide them in song-choices. My hopes are that Hannah can crash the top 3 party.

      • holly says:

        Blake is very likable. He also knows what to do with his artists. He picks great songs for them and makes sure we, as viewers become familiar with those songs. The whole crap of Blake owning the show or whatever the conspiracy is, is ridiculous. He just knows what he’s doing is all.

        • danin says:

          I think it’s the likability factor more than anything. It’ll be interesting to see if the “2 blondes” go up against one another in a sing off.

        • davmon says:

          Blake simply has a larger fan base among show viewers. Country, pop, and r&b genres are similar sized, while rock is 2 to 3 times larger in sales. However, country fans contribute an outsized percentage when it comes to tv viewers who have no cable, who watch reality tv shows, and who watch tv music shows. Rock and r&b fans often feel such shows are glorified karaoke, whereas country and pop fans find it more entertaining. Thus, a large chunk of Voice fans are country. Especially because country star Blake has been a stalwart of`all 10 seasons; and he is a fun, engaging presence who keeps us entertained with his boyish antics. The other problem is baked into the double-win format—the artist wins and so does the coach! Thus, there is voting for the artist, but also some voting for the coach. And the show markets it that way. So should we be surprised that a popular country artist and coach would bring a lot of those fans along on the show?

    • Timmah says:

      I don’t know if anyone knows for sure how they’re doing it this time (they always seem to make up the rules as they go), but you’re right there was a final four last season. I also agree with your assessment of the favorites.

    • Voice Fan says:

      Last season was the first time they only eliminated one singer at a time instead of two. Last season they went from top nine to top four and eliminated five people. This season they added an extra week and have a top eight so they could go from top eight to top four. Each season they change the rules.

    • Marchal Lefler says:

      Y’all forgot the sleeper Shaylah

      • holly says:

        The only performance that has me holding out hope for her is her performance of “Fly”. I think she made a mistake singing that when she did because nothing really has topped it since. Because of this she is most likely looking at elimination next week. I’m not sure what Adam is doing: giving her Miley Cyrus and Beyonce. I think “no more drama” she would have been good at if Adam actually stuck to his word and let her sing it.

  4. So it’s pretty much a guarantee that it’s gonna be Adam, Laith, Mary Sarah and Alisan in the final four right? I’m hoping Mary Sarah misses out on the top 3 and Hannah sings her butt off and can sneak in there

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I don’t think that’s guaranteed at all. Laith and Mary Sarah are not locks. Hannah and Bryan are both in the mix as well.
      The two locks seem to be Alisan and Adam.

    • Smokey says:

      I think Mary Sarah has the desire and wants to win,………………………..

      I like Hannah better,, but she always seems surprised she’s even still there. I hope Hannah will turn it on and do a really hot, assertive song — that can break her through next week………….

      If she just does some heartbroken ballad in a pageant dress, she’ll get left behind in that busload of talent show singers that stand still, look pretty, sing well …………..and are nice, but forgettable when the voting opens…..

      She has the voice and the means to stand-out, cause a stir and capture the viewers, but probably not the desire to. Hope she can make the top 4.

      • Jaszy says:

        when you said “stand still, look pretty” it made me think of the Wreckers’ song called Stand Still, Look Pretty….which, btw, would be a great song for Hannah’s VOICE.

        • Smokey says:

          I have that album with that song by The Wreckers…. Seen them singing at a live concert one time (on tv) and surprisingly they did not sound very good at all on-stage, not near what they were able to do in the studio on their album.

          • Jaszy says:

            I also have that album. It’s actually one of my favorite albums for some reason. I listen to a TON of music, though, and I have a lot of ‘favorite’ albums. It’s a shame that Michelle and Jessica only produced this one record together IMO, it’s an AMAZING album.
            I’ve had that album for years now; it still never gets old to me.
            But that’s just it, isn’t it? A lot of artists sound amazing in the studio, but they crash and burn singing live.

    • Adam and Laith yes. I think Mary Sarah is boring and underwhelming. Alisan screeches on high notes. Please let Hannah and Bryan in the Top 4 with Adam and Laith.

  5. Melanie M says:

    Gotta say, I think Paxton’s shade was real. They all badly want to win but Mary Sarah has always struck me as the kind of mean girl who would step over several dead bodies to climb the next rung of the ladder

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Really? She strikes me as fairly earnest.

    • Soccermom918 says:

      I don’t get that impression of her at all. What do you base that on? I’m just curious. I do like Mary Sarah. I think she’s a pretty talented young lady.

    • Jaszy says:

      I gotta admit, as much as I like Mary Sarah, I do see a slight mean streak in her. She just hides it extremely well, but sometimes I can just sense it. And her session with Blake in the pre-tapes before her performance, her and Blake didn’t seem to gel that well. Her body language suggests that she wasn’t as comfortable as she could be.
      But that gorgeous face of hers, that blonde hair, the fact that she’s country…that’s the curtain covering up that mean streak.
      But I do believe she is genuinely sweet and nice.
      I just need for her to pick the right songs! She also needs to stop singing in her lower register unless she can perfect (for lack of a better term) it!

    • Lena says:

      Agreed. I get the impression Mary Sarah isn’t a good sport. Like the girl on that show, Nashville. I hope she doesn’t make top 3.

    • Patty Michaels says:

      I completely agree. I neither hear or see anything that sets Mary Sarah apart from any Nashville club singer. She’s got the country vote from Blake fans. Honestly, considering the contestants left with so much professional music background, I’m rooting for one of the true amateur singers that The Voice premise is based on, Paxton.

    • JM12 says:

      Paxton’s shade, intended or not, was the most fun part of the show. It doesn’t necessarily mean Mary is a mean girl. She strikes me like Reese Witherspoon as Tracy Flick in “Election”….all blind ambition and no time for fun. I can’t see her saying the show is about the journey and not the destination, as some have.

    • Cldahlman says:

      Mary Sarah I would use the word – focused – not mean. Some people are very goal oriented, and feel they have no time for social interaction because they need to keep their eye on the ball. That’s probably how I would be, myself, spending more time alone polishing my craft than in the group.

      • Collin says:

        That’s a very good way of putting it. I’ve seen a few pictures of Sarah with Paxton and others hanging out. I just don’t see anything controversial there. He was put on the spot and that’s what came out. People are making something out of nothing. Thanks Slezak for starting that! There’s also many ways to interact with your fans now. Thru Facebook live and a live chat tool called periscope among others. Maybe she spends more time doing that? I remember when Trent won AI he mentioned he out worked everybody with the social media tools and it payed off for him. It’s a way to interact with your fans and gain new ones. More fans=more votes. Makes sense to me. I think Mary is a very driven artist and really wants to win. What’s wrong with that? It is a competition after all.

        • Jaszy says:

          I was actually lol’ing when I read Slezak’s paragraph about Paxton and Mary Sarah. I thought I was the only one who thought that. I honestly felt a little bit of tension between the two when Paxton was talking about who he hung out with. Come to find out, I’m not the only one who thinks it. It’s so funny.

          • Collin says:

            Honestly I caught it to. But only because earlier in the week I saw a picture of him and her together and another picture of her with the caption of her sayin “photo creds to the talented Paxton!” They seem to get along very well. I think it was just a caught off guard moment for him. I think it’s been blown way out of context on here.

  6. Linda says:

    I love the voice but am frustrated that Christina has to try to draw attention to her cleavage the last few weeks. It is distracting and offensive, many families watch a decent talent show but she is lowering the standard. She is a great singer and coach, dress with class, please!

    • Voice Fan says:

      Christina was baring her breast implants and it was embarrassing to watch them move every time she moved her arms. Someone must have told her because the last two weeks she has been wearing sweaters that come up to her neck.

      • Voice Fan says:

        I wrote that before I saw the show. Tonight Christine was back to low cut neckline but she didn’t bare as much as she used to.

      • davmon says:

        Good thing we are nearing season end, or we’d need a separate blog just to cover Xtina’s bazoomies…..

    • Suzanne Halter says:

      I am SO tired of seeing Christina’s bare chest every week! Leave a little to the imaginations!! Now that everyone has seen almost every inch of them, what is left to be interesting or enticing?! Puh-lease!!!

    • TinLV says:

      She does like to show off those expensive store-bought boobs, doesn’t she ? She apparently just likes drawing attention to herself. Someone should tell her the show is about the contestants, not her.

    • Jess says:

      lol, learn to love the human body, it can be a bueatiful work of art. Also, how deprived is someone if a little cleavage has them running out of the room?

    • Lizzie says:

      The cleavage is even worse than the weird gray hair. I don’t need to see that much of her breasts, for sure.

  7. dj says:

    I think it was the right call, and you’re right, it’s only for one more week. Even if Paxton picks the perfect song and delivers it brilliantly, it will be hard to survive into the top 3. It’s going to be really interesting to see who the final 3 are, and which coach (or possibly coaches) are left without a horse in the race. I think if Christina doesn’t win this season, she’s going to be seriously pissed. I think it might be Pharrell who loses his last contestant. Not because Hannah can’t sing, but because there seems to be something off-putting about her personality. When we were watching her performance this week, both my husband and daughter said she should go home, while I thought her performance was good.

    • danin says:

      Wow! She was funny,spontaneous and delightful for several weeks. I don’t think she’s off putting.I think someone talked to her or the stress of the show has somehow reigned that sweet personality in. I fell in live w/Hannah in the blinds. And I’m loyal.I think she has a terrifically rich voice. Just wish she or they would have given her greater songs that are as blissful as Unaware.

  8. Laurie says:

    What is a tact, and how are you in it? Do you mean team still *intact*?

  9. Jaszy says:

    Christina appealed to Nick’s sob story in her plea. Don’t fall for it people….and he’s eliminated, YES!
    The weakest singer who indirectly relied on his story too much is gone!

    • davmon says:

      I don’t blame Nick; I blame the show. They have squeezed an unseemly amount of attention out it to benefit the show. Carson or the coaches have kept raising it, as if they are working from the same talking points.

      • Ken says:

        It’s the show producers manipulating the show’s storyline. They have been doing the same thing with the “working mom” theme for Alisan. Since the show is live, they can’t resort to using dirty, out of context editing to manipulate viewers impression of each contestant (like stupid shows The Bachelor or The Bachlorette), so they just pick one thing, like Nick’s family (especially his kid), or Alisan’s kids. People need to put aside all the personality stuff, and focus on what the show is allegedly about – vocal ability. Of course, that’s not going to stop all of Blake’s country mafia from blindly supporting the people on his team, regardless of ability.

    • rozer says:

      I couldn’t agree more. This show is about your singing skills. Sick of people in sing their stories to try to gain votes. When Christine mentioned his story I just rolled my eyes and thought Nick would be alllowed to take a spot he didn’t earn again.

      • Jaszy says:

        Lol. I was like, “Shut the heck up Christina! He needs to go home and now he might stay because you brought up his family – AGAIN!”
        But yeah, it was way past Nick’s time to be eliminated.

    • Lizzie says:

      I cannot stand the sob stories. I don’t care how much their families and friends love them. If I were Alisan, I would be embarrassed about my drug addict past, not keep bringing it up. Sing your best and we will vote for you, hopefully based on your talent and how you use it in your performance. I can’t stand Pharrell bringing up personal traits of the singers and telling us to vote based on that, either. Let the people sing.

  10. Jaszy says:

    Actually Slezak, I was thinking the exact same thing when Paxton said the names of the people he hung out with the most. I sensed that Mary was feeling some type of way with how her face looked while he was answering. But we’re probably just reading into it too much.
    But really, some personality types will clash. Or maybe he just said those names in the heat of the moment, not really thinking.

  11. Jaszy says:

    I just hope Hannah makes it to FINALE week. Who knows, maybe she could edge out a win!?! I think it would be deserved!

  12. Jaszy says:

    So many times I see Hannah putting on a face, she doesn’t allow herself to be vulnerable. She doesn’t show much expression on her face. She covers up her lack of emotions by being self-deprecating, funny or making silly comments. I hope she can show all of her true self next week so she can BE IN THAT FINALE!
    But right now, it’s looking like it will be Adam, Laith, and maybe Alisan, if she doesn’t crash and burn.
    Who I want in the finale: Hannah…and…I don’t really dig anyone else. Everyone else is good but…not as exciting to me.

    • danin says:

      You&me both,sister. I love her just the way she is. I just don’t get the criticism.

    • Collin says:

      I’m pulling for a Hannah, Adam and Laith finale. After Alisan crashed and burned last night, I think those 3 are the most deserving. I’d be perfectly happy with any of those 3 winning. I’m still not sure about how many make the finale. My TV guide says 4 eliminated next week. Slezak says 3. That’s the only time I’ve heard of a 3 contestant finale. I’m confused! One thing is certain. You can bet on Alisan having the pimp singing spot next week! I’m getting really sick of her being forced on me!

      • Jaszy says:

        Didn’t season 6 have 3 contestants in the finale? Christina Grimmie, 3rd. Jake Worthington, 2nd. And Josh Kaufman, 1st.

        • Collin says:

          I think you’re right. I was just talking about this season. Last season was 4 and I never heard anything different for this season other than what Slezak said. I guess we’ll soon find out!

          • Collin says:

            Slezak corrected his article. It is 4 being cut and 4 going to the finale. I like Hannah’s chances a lot more now.

          • Jaszy says:

            Oh! I see what you mean. It was a misunderstanding. I thought you meant that this was the only season with 3 people in the finale.
            And to your other post below, yes, I definitely think Hannah’s chances are better.

      • davmon says:

        I have the same three faves. And Bryan as my 4th. But I expect Alisan to force one of “our three” (likely Laith or Hannah) into Instant Save with Bryan and Mary. If so, I think Laith might advance due to his consistency. Bryan might have advantage over two women. But we know Hannah is plenty talented to rise and shine. Mary is too inconsistent and gets no Blake impact in IS.

      • JM1 says:

        Haha just like I got sick of Sawyer being forced on us….and Jordan…and on and on. Welcome to The Voice. 😜

        • danin says:

          At least this year is not as predictable as we thought several weeks ago..or they are making it more competitive. I loved Sawyer so the predictability factor wasn’t as hard for me to take. Jordin…I did not like..his style of music, not for me. It’s funny cause I would never have bought Clay Aiken’s music in a million years,and yet I rooted for him!

          • Danin agree – this is actually turning out to be a genuine contest, not nearly as boring as I thought, and my top 3-4 shifts from week to week. As to who will win, it’s theoretically anybody’s game at this point. (Although in my head I know that logically that a white guy wins most of the time.)

          • Kap says:

            I’m 70 year old white grandma and I’m rooting for Paxton, because he has an awesome showmanship that is so effective on stage and rare in this world….he could do Broadway, Concert Tours AND studio…..he’s a performer wth energy and charisma. He deserves to win. He’s a combination of Sammy Davis, Fred Astaire and James Brown. And some other younger ones I don’t know.

        • Collin says:

          Very true! I agree. At least it’s not as predictable as it was early on. Many have really stepped up and made it a true competition. The only 2 I feel confident about making the finale are Adam and Alisan. I would say the other spot/spots are wide open. That is a nice change of pace from the last 2 seasons!

          • davmon says:

            Last 2 seasons, the competition was to see who would be the maids in the Homecoming court and their order–Sawyer & Jordan had it all the way. They seemed to try that again this time with Alisan. I do like her and think she is top five, but not necessarily top 4. Laith, Bryan, Adam, & Hannah have been very good almost every time, whereas Alisan has had a few great nights interspersed by several mediocre ones. It has been liberating for the show to have Bryan, Adam, & Laith trading pole positions while Hannah is moving up on the outside. And Alisan will need a burst of controlled fury to get past even one.

          • Collin says:

            Exactly. I like the racing analogy also! I agree. It’s wide open. Although I think Alisan has had more top 10 iTunes downloads. It will be interesting to see how it pans out next week. Right now I do expect a Adam, Laith, Alisan top 3. With Bryan, Hannah and Mary duking it out for the 4th spot. We shall see though

    • Lena says:

      I want Hannah in the finale as well. She’s the only contestant I’ve been rooting for from blinds to make it this far since season 1. Though the contestant I wanted to win has never been the winner. Just runner up at most. I’ll be happy if Hannah is #3. Super happy if #2. I’ll need a reality check if she wins. Realistically it’s Adam or Allison though. But on a hypothetical bases Hannah has the most magic of them all. She doesn’t realize how epic she really is. If she suddenly goes and capitalizes on 70% or more of her greatness potential she will be in the finals. With Adele she was at 60% singing and 40% presentation. This week 50% on showing off her singing (song choice) and 80% on presentation.

      I want to mention that on the other hand Adam has been near 100% of his greatness potential consistently. Hannah’s potential greatness far exceeds Adam’s. But America doesn’t vote in terms of potential.

      Hannah if you somehow read this, pick your own song. It has to be powerful, highly dynamic and it has to be a song you can connect with emotionally so much that America feels goosebumps during your performance. I guarantee if you do this, you will be a finalist.

      • danin says:

        Like Unaware..she was fully engaged in that powefullly beautiful song. See for me, Adam has great tone, but I don’t feel him being fully engaged. If Hannah goes next week I will miss having the opportunity of hearing her one more week.I just love her And the effect she had on me during Unaware is still rippling in me all the these weeks later.

      • davmon says:

        Glad to hear some Hannah fans. She is sorta in same lane with Alisan who gets all the oxygen–on show and here. Hannah is a delightful, lovely young woman who is the most improved. Whereas Alisan goes high and is shrieking, Pharrell has helped Hannah to finesse the same issue. And I like how she dresses in a casual boho-style. After all, she is a teacher and cannot go the sexy legs route.…[It’s about time for Mary and maybe Alisan to break out a gospel tune and a diaphanous white micromini gown—that’s always good for another round.]

    • Alisan is one of the two main locks along with adam. As long as she sings a tender song, shell sail on through. Hannah needs a moment, cause while we all love her, we don’t love her enough to put her songs in the the top 10.

  13. Jaszy says:

    Why can’t they just add more weeks instead of eliminating this many people?
    Is it time constraints? ‘Cause it’s sure as heck not for lack of money!

    • Smokey says:

      The TV networks contract a show and the time-slots to be used, often at least a year in advance. ……………….The Voice then plans, edits the early shows, adds, cuts, what they are going to use on air-time to draw an audience during the allotted time. – and they have made things a bit unpredictable as to what’s going-on. I wish they would have been cutting 2 at a time and not throwing-out 5 singers in one shot. This is an outrage!

      • Jaszy says:

        Man, you’re not lying. We’re going to be losing some good talent right at the cusp of the finale. I just hope Hannah’s not one of those casualties.

    • Eurydice says:

      I like the format. It seems brutal, but the contestants get more chances to perform and learn before the final cut.

  14. Jaszy says:

    Christina HAD to bring Nick’s family up when she was pleading for people to save him!
    Really, Christina?
    Nevertheless, he is eliminated. All is well…until the bloodbath next week, that is.

  15. Gigi says:

    Going from 8 to 3 is painful. Why not 2 eliminated each week until the final 4 or 2. Am cheering for Adam or Laith…none of the women (especially NOT Allison). All 8 have received enough exposure to go out on their own,

    • Kathleen Williams says:

      I totally agree with your picks, and especially NOT Allison. I had to mute her performance on Monday because it was so embarrassing.

    • Ace of Diamonds says:

      The Voice iTunes Top 200 Rankings: 05/10/2016 (at one point yesterday)

      9. Adam Wakefield, “Love Has No Pride”
      10. Laith Al-Saadi, “We’ve Got Tonight”
      11. Mary Sarah, “My Church”
      18. Hannah Huston, “Say You Love Me”
      21. Bryan Bautista, “1+1”
      25. Alisan Porter, “Cryin’”
      37. Shalyah Fearing, “A Change Is Gonna Come”
      75. Paxton Ingram, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)”
      112. Nick Hagelin, “Hold On, We’re Going Home”
      122. Alisan Porter, “Let Him Fly”
      138. Laith Al-Saadi, “The Thrill Is Gone”

      per—.seen on rickey — Nick is gone now, Alison and Laith still had 2 songs in the top 200 yesterday —–Adam and Laith did hit top 10 for just a little while—Paxton trails the pack, but song choices, performance dynamics, song choice, Coaches popularity, song choice,,,singing rotation’ (getting the more prime spots near the end of the show) — will all come-out to play a part next week.

  16. Moses says:

    These two were definitely bottom two material. But I thought Nick was better than Paxton tonight.But that’s not saying much.

  17. Reese says:

    Hannah is absolutely outstanding! Let’s think about this…she is an amazing young lady who has focused on teaching young children, while singing periodically in a coffee house (when time permits). Now, showing her amazing natural talent on national tv in front of millions of people…of course she is nervous! However, that does not take away from her amazing qualities. She is so sweet, humble, deserving, and I pray that she continues do to amazing things, and wins it all!

    • Jaszy says:

      We can pray all we want, and hope all we want. We need to put those prayers and hopes into action and VOTE! Vote for Hannah Huston PEOPLE! She has to make the finale! Whoo!
      I know…I’m lame…

  18. Eurydice says:

    I guess I’m kind of impervious – I didn’t feel a chill in the room. I don’t see why Paxton can’t be friends with whomever he wants or why Mary Sarah necessarily has to be “fun”. It reminds me of those annoying guys who walk up to women in the street and demand that they smile.

    • Russ says:

      Funny thing is, he also did not say Adams name. Maybe he feels left out as the non country guy on Blake’s team.

      • Eurydice says:

        We’ll see when the finalists get to perform with their “friends” – sometimes we see unusual combinations.

    • Timmah says:

      I think people are making much too big a deal out of an answer to one of Carson’s throwaway questions that they probably give a whole two seconds of thought to.

  19. Darleen says:

    No, Nick is prime talent & should be already performing. Dude is hot, can dance, sing, the whole pkg, totally screwed up

    • Jaszy says:

      This show is called the Voice. You mentioned his looks first, yet his singing third. That shows that you value his looks over his voice…which is weak…

  20. Mary says:

    Paxton is a work in progress. Best advise for cont’d success( yah, near elimination); Song Choice, song choice, song choice………Wishing u success.

  21. Anne says:

    Would love to hear Alisan sing the other Crying (with a “g”) — Roy Orbison’s song. She needs to slow it down a little.

    • Timmah says:

      That would be a good choice. She could have another Blue Bayou moment with a song like that, which she might need in order to re-establish herself as a frontrunner.

      • David says:

        I said same thing in yesterday’s comments. The Roy Orbison song could have showed her voice off and evoked emotion. Alisan is an incredible singer but that shriek fest this week was not good. She was very lucky it wasn’t the semifinals.

      • For me Blue Bayou wasn’t her top moment, although I get that other people liked it. I was meh to BB; but I’ve loved her perfs of River, Stone Cold and Let Him Fly, which all topped BB for me.

        • davmon says:

          Joni’s River was her best. But alternate weeks she tries to be Janis Joplin or Annie Wilson–and overreaches!

          • True. I’d rather someone overreach – if they have the chops to back it up – and give it their all than bore me to death and not commit, but YMMV.

  22. Nina says:

    I cannot stand Mary Sarah her ass needs to go home. No stage presence, back up singer moves. Plus she throws herself at Blake like in a pig in heat.

    • Lurker says:

      oh my, Gwen won’t like that, but Miranda probably will not care what Gwen thinks.

      • davmon says:

        Yeah, last year, he chose Nadjah as his comebacker for Lives. The costumer and hairperson had fun and did a Gwen!…So the slender younger-by-20+-years black woman had long straight platinum blonde hair and Gwen style clothes, sang well, made the stage her own–outperformed Zack & Barrett who were voted in. Then coach Blake–remembering Gwen sitting on him overnight with that butcher knife–went with Emily Ann instead! Who ended up #2–so there!

    • Lizzie says:

      I thought that Mary Sarah might not be a bad match for Blake, better than Gwen. Still a Miranda fan, though, wish she and Blake had worked out.

  23. Cindy says:

    Alison needs to go. She showboats way to much. Monday’s performance was not good.

  24. Ginger says:

    I was trying to figure out if that was Christmas tinsel or safety pins down the middle of Christina’s hair. And just when I was thinking she was showing a LITTLE more class this season. And I’m not even going to mention the opening shot…

  25. Chris says:

    If a woman doesn’t win this season, I don’t think a woman can ever win again. With the Idol viewers making their way over here, expect a white male winner every year from here on out. The trend has already started, and it’s going to continue. The only way I can see a woman winning this show again is if she’s a country singer.

    The bias is real on these shows now, and I’m shocked more people aren’t commenting on it or seeing it. It’s wrong and I’m not sure why the viewers allow it. I’m long past these shows now. I just look at the results and some performances here and there. The winners and results are alienating so many people like myself.

    • I’m definitely seeing it but I think part of the reason I’m quiet about it is 1) I’m still smarting about La’Porsha and American Idol. My first experience with the show, why did I think it was going to turn out differently than the past several seasons (except S12?) and 2) some folks on the internet go insane if anyone mentions race or gender as possible reasons why people vote the way they do. But if different people watched the voice and voted there would be different winners. I can’t blame people for liking what they like, but it drives me crazy when even Michael Slezak minimizes these things.

      I wouldn’t mind there being more music shows – they don’t have to be based on voting – aimed at different audiences and genres of music. But there is something fundamentally uncool about talent show competitions anyway;

      As far as AI viewers making their way over here I assume there was already some overlap but haven’t the past several winners been white males anyway? I have seen a lot of people online say they didn’t vote during Idol but liked La’Porsha and I wonder, why even say that? It’s like local elections, can’t complain if we didn’t vote.

    • Russ says:

      Actually this topic has been discussed over and over this season and is approaching dead horse status. Furthermore statistics have been given that in fact do not support your point of view. But please keep bringing this old discussion back up.

    • Jaszy says:

      I have brought this issue up numerous times. People on here get butt-hurt about it, but it’s the truth. WGWG’s keep winning. I think Adam’s going to win, which will keep that trend going. I’ve been wanting a woman to win for once again. I’m sick of seeing the same types of people win. That’s why I hope we get some of the girls into the finale. HANNAH HUSTON for the win!

      • Collin says:

        Oh boy here we go again!!! LOL!! I 2nd Russ’s comment above. But enough is enough. I’ll just agree to disagree. And by no means am I “butt hurt”!!

        • Jaszy says:

          That’s fine. But the topic is far from “approaching dead horse status.” Just because you don’t see it or you refuse to see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
          Sweep the issue under the rug more, why don’t you?

      • Russ says:

        Actually Jaszy if Adam or Laith win a new initialism might be made. WGPP

        • Collin says:

          Ha! Very true! But wouldn’t it be WGWGAP? Also please don’t mention the fact that actually more girls have won the voice than WGWG!

          • Actually the breakdown of past Voice winners is six men, four women. More boys have actually won.

          • Collin says:

            Actually Janice the count is 6 guys 3 girls. It’s season 10 now. And actually more girls have won, 3, than WGWG, white guys with guitars, 2. That was the argument we we’re having.

          • Collin thank you I was wrong about the number of female winners, I miscounted. Which means it’s actually been worse for the ladies than I thought. I am aware that this is season 10.

            As far as the “with guitars” part – for me personally when I look at the list of winners, I see four white guys in a row; whether they play guitar, piano, the kazoo or nothing at all is beside the point. YMMV. What I also notice that there are no women of color except mixed-race Tessanne Chin and no black women in the winners list (and there won’t be this year either).

            How much these shows reflect the “reality” of the music industry is another question entirely – not just iTunes but Billboard charts, radio play, touring contracts etc. Last I checked Drake and Beyonce dominated Billboard charts but there’s a lot of country men on the hot 100 as well. But white guys with or without guitars are who the viewers of the Voice and AI seem to favor, for whatever reasons. I guess it is what it is.

        • Jaszy says:

          I’m sorry, what is the PP?

    • Lurker says:

      From all the voter surveys that have been taken from past Idol episodes, plus some random ones that did samples for “The Voice” – the biggest block of voters seems to be female between ages 35 and 60. They more often cast votes for males, than females. So, therein is the reason men usually get a win. It’s mostly in the hands of the lady, girl, woman voter.

      • Jaszy says:

        Which is a darn shame and shows that most women value looks over talent. Yeah, I get it. It’s not wrong to like the male contestants. But when the audience is constantly going crazy over some mediocre-singing teen heartthrob, that’s what I have a problem with.
        And yes, Adam does have talent, but what’s so special about him? He’s no David Gray. He’s no Ben Howard. He’s not even fricking Ray LaMontagne.

        • Collin says:

          Interesting…. Maybe “most” women connect with a males voice more? I understand you have a right to your opinions. I’ve never stated otherwise. But shouldn’t others have the same right? After all isn’t this whole discussion over equality? You might believe they’re mediocre singing heartthrobs. But how is it wrong for others to see it differently? For the record I’m a fan of David Gray also. This Years Love was my wife’s and mine first dance song at our wedding. It’s one of my favorites! I think Adam is just as good as David. I don’t think it’s fair for you to assume why people are voting for certain contestants. Just because people on here agree with you, doesn’t mean that’s the reason why most women vote the way they do. After all. How many actually comment on here. 100? 200? Seems like a minority of who actually votes for certain contestants. I mean you do realize there are thousands of votes for every contestant every week right? How could anyone possibly know why most women vote the way they do? Earlier you said you were a fan and voted for Daniel. He was a handsome young man. Should I assume you only liked him because of his looks when I thought his vocals were weaker than the majority of the contestants? No. Because you specifically said you liked his voice. Why not give the same courtesy to others who have not commented on here. How could you possibly know why they vote the way they do when they haven’t told you? You’ve constantly said Nick was only getting votes because of his sob story and that his vocals were weak. I’m not saying his vocals were great by any means. I actually agree with you about him not having the talent to belong in the live shows. I also do recognize that his son probably did win him some votes. I’m not that naive. But I also don’t think it’s right to assume that the only reason most voted for him was because of his sob story or looks. I’ve actually seen quite a few comments on here about people liking Nicks voice. Why is it so wrong for them to have a different taste in music? I also realize some have said they like his looks and dance moves. And I agree. This show is called the voice and that’s what should determine the winner. But shouldn’t that also mean that could be male or female? Any race? I understand that more men have won then women. And that more whites have won then any other race. But how is right to say that to many men have won and it’s time for a girl to win? How is it right to assume why most or any amount of people vote a certain way? Especially when we both agree about it being about the voice. Music is subjective. We all hear different things in a voice. That has been proven time after time in these types of comment boards. Again I truely believe that everyone has the right to voice their opinion. I just wonder why it’s ok to assume that someone votes a certain way when for the majority of the voting block we couldn’t possibly know why they vote. See my point? Any thoughts?

          • Jaszy says:

            Because they keep winning, not because they are the best. I’m sorry, being a male in these competitions gives you an advantage. Point. Blank. Period. You don’t ever hear boys going gaga over the ladies do you? It’s always the teeny bopper girls and middle aged women hooting and hollering for the men. It’s so annoying. Christina, whenever she’s critiquing a cute or handsome male, she always says something to the effect of “Well, I’m sure the ladies are loving that!” You never hear, “Well, I’m sure the boys are loving that!”
            Even when she was telling people to save Nick, she never talked about how good his voice was, she had to bring up his family again, which then made the audience start hollering!
            Do you realize how many comments I see that state something like: OMG, I’m voting for him. He’s so cute!”
            I also read tons of comments on Youtube and other blog posts.
            It’s not like I’m pulling any of this out of thin air.
            Most people were voting for Nick because of his sob story. You’re not going to change my mind on that.
            Again, IT IS TIME FOR A GIRL TO WIN! (Hannah Huston, preferably…) They haven’t won in a long time and it’s partly because boys have an advantage over them, which I think is unfair.
            How many times do I have to tell you this?
            You keep telling me to accept others opinions. Well, accept mine.
            We can keep going at this all you want. As you know and as I’ve said before, I am mature enough to acknowledge my immaturity in wanting to keep arguing about this.
            It seems we both want the last word.
            But who will be big enough to just leave it here? I don’t mind, if its you.

            And no, Adam is not as good as David Gray. David Gray is a legend!
            He’s probably going to win, but doesn’t mean he was the best just because you say he is the best. I mean, it is opinion after all, right? Or is that not what you keep harping on about…

          • Collin says:

            You asked me to accept your opinion. I do. Again I can’t deny the fact that guys have won way more than girls. You have every right to not like that. Especially if your favorites aren’t winning. And in some cases I agree with your opinion that a girl/girls were better than the male winner. I also think that in some cases a guy/guys were better than the winner. But do you honestly think that a girl was better every time? I’m not assuming you do or don’t. I’m just curious. Yes I do hear guys going crazy over ladies. It happens all the time on these boards. Why is it so annoying that girls go crazy over men? Do they not have the right to like male singers? Just because you don’t like men winning most of the time doesn’t mean others can’t! Like I said earlier. Maybe those girls prefer male voices. Don’t they have a right to have different tastes of music than you?

            Yes I do hear coaches say well I’m sure the boys are loving that while critiquing a female contestant. I’ve heard it quite a few times. Blake does it. Christina did to talk about how good nicks voice was and how talented he was. She also commented often on how much he was improving. I do realize that you read comments of people saying they are voting for Nick because he’s so hot. I know you’re not pulling that outta thin air. I said as much above. I know people are voting for him because of that. However I’ve never once read a comment anywhere that said they were voting for him because of his son. Not saying no one is or even that a comment like that doesn’t exist. But they must be extremely rare since I haven’t read one. And god knows I read a lot of comments!!! Have you seen many comments that said they were voting for Nick because of his sob story? You keep assuming most people were voting for Nick because of his sob story. Yet not in any of your example comments did you say the comment said they were voting for Nick because of his sob story. How could you possibly know why people were voting for him?!! Did you call and ask them? Like I said earlier I know some other people are saying the same thing. But like I said earlier there are far more people voting that are not commenting on these boards than voters who are. Especially Nick fans. I haven’t read many comments from nicks fans on these boards. So if they aren’t telling you why they are voting, how could you possibly know? You say I can’t change your mind? Fine. Be stubborn. But assuming to much in life will get you into trouble more often than not. That I can promise you!!!

            I do agree with you about male contestants having a upper hand lately in these competitions. I’ve never said they didn’t. It’s obvious. They have won far more than girls. Ive only disagreed on the WGWG part. I also think you have every right to want a girl to win. But why can’t someone else want a guy to win? Yes I did ask you to respect others opinions. You haven’t done so in the past. I do accept yours. I just don’t accept your assumptions. There’s a big difference. It is your opinion that you like certain singers. It is your assumption why people like certain singers. See the difference?

            You may think that David Gray is far better than Adam. That’s fine. I respect that. Like I said I like David a lot. That’s not a bad opinion to have. Yes I think he is a legend too! I’ve seen him in concert twice and he was awesome! You’re right. Just because I think Adam isn’t the best doesn’t necessarily mean he is. It’s just my opinion. Same goes for Hannah with you. I actually think Hannah and Laith are right there. I think this year is full of talent.

            In summary…. I truly have no issues with you stating your opinions. I do however have an issue with all your assumptions. I don’t think we’re being immature about discussing this? Actually we are discussing something new. How is that immature? I don’t recall ever discussing your assumptions until now. Nothing else. We can cheers to Hannah!!!

    • davmon says:

      [1 of 3] The frustration felt by Chris, Janice & Jaszy is understandable. Especially given AI’s recent Trent/LaPorsha debacle, where IMO her majestic vocal range, impressive control, & profound resonance failed to win over a pitchy whiny male voice with the timbre of a house settling—one could easily believe race and gender were factors….Late in Season 7 was when I began with The Voice: the Top 12 had 5 women—2 of whom (Jessie & Sugar) lost in Instant Save to Ryan Sill; the Top 10 had 3—2 of whom (Reagan—my fave–& Anita) lost in IS to Ryan Sill; the Top 8 had 1 (DaNica) who lost in a 4-way IS to Chris Jam. [And the 9-way Wild Card battle with its 5 females went to Damien] So the 5 of 12 became 5 of 7 who did not make the Final 5! [THAT WAS UNSEEMLY!] The Semis & Finals were all male—and expected-winner Matt lost to Craig with his disctinctive voice and Blake’s blessing.…

      • Collin says:

        First off I think debacle is the wrong term for Trent winning over LaPorsha. Music is to subjective. Just because someone likes a certain artist doesn’t mean everyone should. We all have different tastes.

        IMO there are two major reasons why Trent beat the most of the year front runner.
        1. Lack of critiquing Laporsha. The judges failed miserably here! Was Laporsha a great singer? Absolutely. But like any young artist there was definitely room to grow. The judges did her absolutely no favors by not critiquing her therefore not helping her grow as an artist. They did so with every other contestant and Trent capitalized on it. I blame the judges more than anything else. Certainly more than racist/sexist voters!
        2. Trent simply “out worked” LaPorsha. He made the comment shortly after he was announced the winner. He spent more time interacting with fans and by doing so gained more fans in the process. More fans=more votes. Somebody, don’t remember who, actually wrote a article about it. Where in fact it was revealed that Trent spent substantially more time on social media than any other contestant. LaPorsha even admitted to it. Now as far as Trent out working LaPorsha in rehearsal and such. I’m not sure about that. But it’s definitely possible. Especially since LaPorsha had her daughter with her the majority of the time and being the great mother she is, that took up some time.

        Mostly I blame the judges for not helping LaPorsha. Shame on them. She was fantastic! But the reasons I spoke of above have more to do with Trent winning than racist/sexist voting. IMO.

        As far as the Voice goes… I can’t deny the fact that more guys have won than girls. It’s a fact and there’s no getting around it. What I have an issue with is people saying WGWG win to much. When in fact more girls have won the voice than WGWG. That’s the only issue I’ve had with the sexism debate on here. If someone wants to say more guys have won than girls, I can’t dispute that. It’s a fact. Even if someone wants to say more white guys have won than girls. I can’t dispute that. It’s a fact. But when someone says something that is not supported by facts, I have an issue with that. I realize you didn’t say anything non factual. I was speaking of someone else. I just wanted to let you know my stance on the topic. I generally enjoy discussing these topics with you so I figured I would explain myself. Do I believe there are sexist/racist voters out there? Sure I do. But IMO it’s not a majority of voters. And I’m certainly not one of them. I have read this statistic a few times now. The biggest block of voters is actually women between the ages of 35-60. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know for sure. But I do think it’s funny that I’ve seen many times men being accused of sexist voting by women. When in fact, if that statistic is true, they’re attacking the wrong sex! I’m not saying all girls feel that way. Far from it. I’ve just seen that more than girls attacking girls about sexist voting. The majority of the sexism debate is just about guys winning more than girls. Not who’s to blame for it. I just found those cases amusing. I’m not even going to guess why people vote the way they do. It’s not fair IMO. I’m certainly not a mind reader!

        • Jaszy says:

          I know you were talking about me when you brought up the “non factual” malarkey. Since you’re twisting the words I’ve previously said, I never said that WGWGs win too much JUST on the VOICE. When I made that comment, I was talking about BOTH the Voice and American Idol. That is factual. WGWG is a specific term to some, but it’s a general term to others, including me. So, my saying WGWG is just a general term for, basically, white guys.
          And yes, we can say more guys have won than girls on BOTH shows.
          But more WHITE guys have won than girls on BOTH shows as well, which, yes, I have an issue with and I’m not alone in thinking it. But as we have both already established, we will never see eye to eye on this.
          But really, I just wanted to acknowledge my immaturity and still argue about it.

          • Collin says:

            Non factual malarkey? What? I specifically told you what the term WGWG means to me. You never once, until tonight, said it was a general term to you. At least not in one of your comments to me. As I said above if you want to state your concerns on men winning more than women, without the term WGWG, I have no issue with that because it’s true. It’s a fact. WGWG does not mean white guys or just men in general. It clearly means white guys with guitars. I don’t see how it could mean just white guys or just guys. Why put the last WG in it then? Therefore here again are the statistics on the “WGWG vs girl winners on both shows. There have been 9 WGWG winners. David C, Kris A, Lee D, Scotty M, Phillip P, Nick F and Trent H for Idol. CWB and Sawyer for the voice. 8 girl winners total for both shows. How is 9 WGWG winning versus 8 girls winning “to much”. Hmmm. Now if you would like to argue that more guys should be added to that list of WGWG by all means state your case. But so far you have not chose to do so. Like I said above, I can’t dispute the fact that more men, or even more white men, have won then women. Why not call it by the proper term like 99% of the people with the same opinion do? Just say men/guys. In all reality we do some what see eye to eye on this. We’re just hung up on the WGWG part. We might have different views on why men win more than women. But I definitely do understand that it’s a fact that they do and clearly you do too. Honestly I don’t think we’ve ever touched on why we think that has happened. I would like to hear your thoughts on that. If you want to discuss it. Also, by checking all of this out, I’ve discovered out of the first 6 winners of AI 4 were women. The first 6 winners of the voice were split 3-3. With 3 girls winning in a row. Do think it’s just trends? By which I mean what the general public is listening to at that particular point of time. I’m curious what your thoughts are on that. I promise to drop the whole WGWG thing! You’re right. It was becoming childish! Let’s call a truce!

        • davmon says:

          First, on AI, I was never a fan. My sister was raving about LaPorsha and got me to watch the last couple of shows. I was underwhelmed by the 3 males still vying. LaPorsha was like a young Aretha to me. But that is all I really know, so I spoke from dubious authority….As for WGWGs, I love them! But please let the first “G” be “guy” or “gal”! I grew up loving Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison, & Neil Young; but I also loved Joan Baez, Melanie Safka, Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt & Bonnie Raitt—all were singer-songwriters who played guitar. [My fave concert of all time was a $2.00 benefit in Memphis back in March 1972—with Joan Baez performing alone with just guitar for 2 hours.]….While race is more a factor in our culture than we like to think, we have long been generally accepting in sports & entertainment. Still, enjoying music of Motown, Aretha, Lionel, Michael, Prince et al is easy lifting; but actually voting to select this person over that can raise subtle and latent prejudices in some….Sexism in music appreciation is a ponder: There is a swath of little boys who never wanted to play with girls who grow up having nothing to do with things feminine–even in music. So, Conway yes, Loretta no; the Four Tops yes, the Supremes no; Neil yes, Joni no; Bono yes, Debby Harry no; etc. This may be most common, though, among aficionados of heavy metal—where there are few female performers or listeners. There is only a small cadre even among radical feminists who might comparably only listen to women singers. Meanwhile, as you say, there are girls or women with over-the-moon crushes on male artists. Plus, there is a lot of cattiness directed by some women at other women—at their looks, hair, shape, personality, voice, etc. On this very thread, Hannah & Alisan & Mary have accumulated a robust following by psychoanalysts—mostly female–who show a downright unprofessional snarkiness toward them, yet exhibit no equivalent interest in Adam & Laith & Bryan….Most men will keep their crushes on female entertainers on the down low or separated out—e.g. a crush on Emmylou or Cher or Alanis or Taylor might be private or not even related to liking her music. So, women singers may have disadvantages from a gender-imbalanced fan base, not to mention issues of sexual harassment in the business.…The reality is that it is tougher to be an independent woman in a music career—and to sustain it.

          • Collin says:

            I bet that was a amazing concert! I’ve always found the smaller more intimate venues to be the best. Put someone good on a stage with a guitar, especially acoustic, and I’m there! The best concert I was ever at was Garth in Central Park. It was amazing! I’ve now seen him 5 times and he’s never let me down.

            I agree with a lot of the stuff u said. Of course there’s girls/guys who only like artists of a certain sex. I have 2 teenagers. 1 boy and 1 girl. The boy pretty much only listens to male country artists. He does like a couple females. The Girl loves everything 1 direction and Ed sheeran. Other than that though. All female artists. Now maybe these are bad examples since they’re are so young. But still. It’s not uncommon for people to lean one way or the other. Does that make them sexist? Absolutely not. At least not in my eyes. You’re right. Some boys growing up have nothing to do with girls. But so do girls! Ever here of the term cooties?!!! IMO there’s nothing wrong with a male/female only liking male/female artists. Maybe they just connect better with a certain genders voice. I highly doubt that a majority of those people hate males or females. How do women have a gender-imbalanced fan base? I don’t follow you there.

            The biggest issue I have with a lot of this is people’s assumptions. I.E. People only vote for Nick because of his sob story and because he’s a good looking white dude.
            People only vote for Mary or Paxton because they’re on team Blake. ECT….
            Why must we assume why people vote? Couldn’t people be voting for these artists because of there voice? Is it so wrong that people have different tastes in music? I understand that some people are/were voting for those reasons. But why must we assume that’s the only reason? I just don’t get it. This also includes the assumptions of sexist and racist voting. Just maybe people are voting for an artist because of there voice and not the color of there skin or gender! How could we possibly know why most people are voting for certain artists? I sure haven’t spoken to a majority of the voters. Have you? Racism and sexism are not involved with everything! Yes both are huge problems with certain things. But not everything!

          • davmon says:

            “Gender-imbalanced fanbase” was my attempt to add up the threads of my argument in a phrase, which obviously was not propitious: While most people listen to both men and women singers, the overall reality is more men get a hearing than women. For one, there simply are far more men out there living the hard life of travelling singers and musicians in all genres. True to a lesser extent in pop & country; and to a greater extent in rock, hip hop, jazz, blues. Besides which, men tilt much more toward male singers than women do toward female singers–because there are more men in the business, women crushing on male artists, woman-on-woman cattiness. All of which means the fanbase for women is smaller and much less infused with men than comparably that for men is infused with women….On assumptions: In these discussions, people often confuse the anecdotal with the general. So, one should not be too quick to assume that e.g. a person’s Nick vote was due solely to his backstory, after all, that was one factor in a nexus of feelings and reasoning in that given person. However, the general observation that Nick likely lingered in the competiton longer than merited by his talent level due to that same backstory has wider resonance, because of the widespread perception that the show blatantly and shamelessly invoked his family apparently for a sympathy vote—and to a point of excess and unfairness….Similarly, few people are blatant to the point where you can say with certainly that racism or sexism was why he/she did whatever. Still, if you find patterns supporting that likelihood you can establish a reliable evidence trail. But in general terms you can ascertain that wider phenomena involving tens of thousands is occurring as a factor affecting voting or whatever behavior. I guess my point is that a lot of the problem in discussions comes down to careless language which can seem to impugn a person, when a more general comment would have been truer and less antagonistic….Anyway, the question you pose about racism and sexism affecting some things but not everything is of course true. But be careful not to gloss over the important truth that they do affect a lot of things. Even more germane, the concern is not whether—but how much! Thanks.

        • Jaszy says:

          The 8 girls were of diverse races. Those 9 men were all white. That’s what is too much.

    • davmon says:

      [2 or 3] Seasons 8 & 9 saw Sawyer & Jordan on an express elevated train from the Blinds to the win….S8 had several impressive females—Tonya, Caitlin, Koryn, India, Sarah, Meghan, Kimberly, Mia Z—my fave, Kelsie May, Hannah, & Sonic; 7 of the Top 12; 6 of 10; 5 of 8; 4 of 6 (Kim, India, Koryn & Meghan); 2 of Final 4–Koryn made #4, Meghan #2 with Blake’s blessing. But there was no toppling Sawyer! [IMO Koryn was deserving of 1st or 2nd and Kimberly of at least the Finals—more so than Meghan or Josh.]….S9 had Shelby, Amy, Andi & Alix (twins), Regina, Korin, Ellie, Madi, Celeste, Emily Ann, Nadjah, & Krista. I expected Shelby, Amy, the twins, Madi, & Krista to be near the finals; but Krista was gone in the Battles, the twins in the Knockouts, and Amy—my fave–& Madi & Shelby were bumped from the 9 in the Semis. Females were 5 of 12 and 4 of 9, but only 1 in Finals. Emily Ann, who improved late, got to #2 with Blake’s blessing….[I would have had Amy & Madi in Finals, but their song choices & vocal stylings were not mainstream.]

    • davmon says:

      [3 of 3] S10 has had Shalyah, Caity, Moushumi, Emily, Tamar, Alisan, Hannah, Katy, Mary, Kata [AND mysterious Katherine Ho who turned 2 chairs, went 3 rounds, & was montaged all 3 times–disgraceful!]. Again, 5 of 12 female. And now, 4 of 8 in the Semis—which is a strong showing to this point. Hannah deserves to reach finals—as do Adam, Laith, & Bryan. While Alisan started on the elevated express, she has been inconsistent; but with a good outing, she may still crash the party of 4–and Mary likely will join two of those 5 in Instant Save.…So I do not know if the Final 4 will have one female (Hannah or Alisan), two (iif so, H & A hopefully), or—unlikely—three (+Mary); Shalyah is a long shot. [If only one, I would like to see Hannah make it.]……Overall picture of female artists? S7 saw a total wipeout—0 for 5 in finals. [That is the egregious season!]….S8 with 4 of last 6 and 2 of Final 4 was estrogen strong! Blake’s Meghan got to #2…S9 saw stronger females Amy, Madi, & Shelby out of finals, but Blake’s Emily Ann got to #2….hmmm, a pattern?….S10 is currently strong at 4 of last 8. Hannah or Alisan—or both—might get to voted-in 3 (or 3 + IS). But, while Blake may win with Adam, surely he will not pull Mary into Top 3 or to another #2; she may deserve an IS turn, but should falter there….The last 3 seasons, a distinctive voice has won–Craig, Sawyer, & Jordan! Unfortunately, the distinctive voices this time are Adam & Laith!…We will see.

    • Lizzie says:

      If they want a woman to win, they need to have a less polarizing coach than Christina. I’d think people may vote against her contestants because of her, in the same sort of way that they vote FOR Blake’s contestants because he’s Blake. Christina isn’t really a very good coach, she is either trying to make a mini-me or two each season, or keeps on pressing that a woman coach needs to win. Why? Who cares? What is Pharrell doing so wrong that he keeps losing all of his contestants, when he has so much experience as a producer? Totally understandable why people like Gwen’s contestants went home, with all her focus on their clothing and their hairstyles, without the professional vocal ability to guide singers to be their best. But Pharrell? How does that go so wrong?

      • davmon says:

        Pharrell’s boho style does not conceal that he is a class act. He is genuine, thoughtful & humane. In his role, he cares more about mentoring young talent than being a winning coach (which sets him apart from Adam, Blake & Xtina). He always favors artists who are distinctive or quirky. He usually has so much talent that he cannot avoid matching some of his best in Battles & Knockouts—and having some of his best stolen. In Season 8, he was great with Sawyer, Koryn & Mia Z; and was winning coach. Since then, the voting has been unkind to him. After the Lives in Season 9, two of his artists were the first and second voted off, leaving him with only Madi—and the other 3 coaches still fully stocked. This time, two of his were first and third voted off, leaving only Hannah. Given that it has happened two seasons in a row and during heightened tensions in ethnic & race relations, I have wondered if he was being targeted. At the very least, it has to be demoralizing for him, that the voting has scarcely started yet he is down to one artist….That is what I see. I do not think he has done anything wrong coaching-wise. In fact, Season 8, of the Top 12 , 6 had been or were on his team; of the Top 6, four; of the Final 4, two. Comparatively, Season 9 was a downturn–with only 4 of 12 which were or had been his; two of those were gone immediately and two got to the Semis, where they lost. This time, 5 of 12 were or had been his, including 3 of the 4 departed; leaving 2 of 8 in Semis—same as last time. Hopefully, Hannah will make the Finals….But mainly, I think he enjoys the mentoring; and when his talent gets sent home early, it curtails his time with them. I suspect he feels the coach competition part is petty and rather worthless.

  26. holly says:

    I retweeted like mad to get Nick sent home. I’ve been wanting him gone for weeks and am stunned he’s made it this far. Even though I know with 5 going home next week, Nick most likely would have been one of them. Also, I think Paxton, Mary Sarah, Shalya, Hannah and either Laith or Adam is in danger of being axed. Based on comments on social media, I believe Alisan will take the crown. My family is getting sick of her. She has this persona where she acts like she knows she is good and she knows she’s going to win. We were loving it last night, making her sweat it out. Curly sue needs an ego check. I think hanging out with Christina has made her into a bit of a princess.

    • Jaszy says:

      Okay, I see nothing wrong with people knowing that they are good or acknowledging that they have talent. It’s one thing if Alisan was shouting it from the rooftops that she thinks she’s better (in terms of talent) than anyone else. She hasn’t done that at all. There’s nothing wrong with having confidence in your talent. It’s also good to be humble. I think Alisan displays both confidence and humbleness.
      With that being said, I’m not really a fan of Alisan’s. I don’t really like hearing all the screeching that she does. Even though the screeching is in tune most of the time, it gets annoying.
      Though I can’t get behind Alisan, I don’t feel she is being over-confident or cocky at all.
      And really, she’s never going to escape her Curly Sue past. That is a part of her; she should embrace it, as she has done.

  27. diane jake says:

    I agree with all comments on Christina’s girls. Cover those fake things up. At least she wore some eye shadow last night and didn’t look like death warmed over. Hair was ridiculous !
    I think Laith will take the top prize.

    • JM says:

      Xtina and Mariah are the two who drive me crazy with their style. Save the bimbo dressing for the “singers” who need to distract from their voices. With their talent, Xtina & Mariah don’t need to dress like that.

    • davmon says:

      DJ–the Rural Translation: The scarcely-clad farmer’s wife took the new puppies for a turn around the barnyard with her eyes black and blue and her hair all a mess. The old horse will get to the feed trough first.

  28. Joan Paul says:

    I am rooting for Paxton. I think he is awesome. Nick and Alison are too arrogant.

    • Allison tweeted to save Paxton, even more so than she did for Nick btw – but she wrote a lovely tribute to NIck, just as she did for Kata Hay. She’s been very supportive of other contestants, I’m not seeing arrogance at all. And I’m not sorry Nick’s gone – it was past his time – but he still seems like a nice guy. He’s been much classier about being cut than Daniel was. I’m just not seeing “arrogance”.

  29. There were at least two other contestants who could have been on the chopping block along with Nick and Paxton and I still wouldn’t have cared which one went home. In fact, there are only two contestants remaining in the competition who aren’t completely boring me to tears.

  30. Gail says:

    The three best are Adam, Laith, Bryan the other three females just sound alike for the most part.

  31. Roger says:

    Are the persons going home picked “randomly” or by the “most votes” they received the night before?

    • Smokey says:

      Randomly – with a “suspense” twist trying to suggest that Alison was near the bottom in voting,, which I am sure was not true.

      • Smokey says:

        I meant the order they were “saved”, not going home. The bottom 2 in actual votes do the sing-off, then the “instant save” comes into play. So the lowest vote-getter could still survive that week, through the instant save.

  32. TinLV says:

    I didn’t think that was Paxton’s best effort, but it was way better than Nick’s performance and Paxton’s has had some really great performances over the course of the season, whereas, I have thought Nick needed to go bye-bye for the past few weeks.

  33. jonshaas says:

    The right person was saved, imo. My tops are Hannah, Adam, Allison, and Laith, and I believe, as much as I like the former Curly Sue, Hannah has such a better range. It seems that Allison only sings full throttle, while Hannah has more emotional depth to her voice. I hope Adam gets a recording contract regardless of the competition results, same for Laith. Hence, it should come down to the 3 top girls, Hannah, Allison, and Mary Sarah.

  34. Sheryl says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Brian is the best one left? To me he is killing it every week.

    • Jules says:

      He’s for SURE the complete package. I think song choice and arrangement has hurt him a bit but when he’s doing straight forward, sexy R&B, there’s no one better overall. I think he’ll have a career after the show though. I’d like to see him make the finals if only for the variety. I think a finale of Laith, Adam, Alisan and Hannah would be pretty boring to be honest. Any combo of finalists without him would be boring!

  35. I don’t understand why Alison is still on this show.

  36. Puzzled says:

    OK Paxton is not a worship leader…. That was Bryan (also African American).

  37. My Favorites are Bryan, Adam, and Allison. The save was very close. Actually in the beginning of the Save Nick was winning but then it tied and the last tweet votes kept Paxton. I do not see Paxton staying for much longer.

  38. Coolcatz says:

    Bryan has the best voice. I hope he wins!!

  39. Joanna says:

    I think Allison is surviving based on her Curly Sue days. She s the notoriety and I can see her making top 3 along with Laith and Adam. I think Laith is the clear winner.

    • JM says:

      Huh? Never saw Curly Sue, would never consider seeing Curly Sue, and never heard of her before this season. That wasn’t exactly a monster hit movie and it was like 30 years ago! I like her for her voice and personality. Period.

    • I saw Curly Sue back in the day when I was a teenager and HATED it; didn’t know the girls name and never heard of her until she appeared on the Voice. Then yes I checked out YouTube and iTunes and found she’s had two albums (the last one, Who We Are, has some gorgeous ballads) and plenty of live stage appearances.
      But “Curly Sue” as a character and a movie is not like some massive retro ’80’s hit like Back to the Future, or even an indie or underground sleeper with a devoted following.

  40. Ellen Sanborn says:

    As far as elimination, I think it was the right choice for Nick to go over Paxton. Paxton is a fun guy…makes his performance fun as well.
    My top 4 favorites are:
    Shaylah…who brings it to a high level every time she performs. I wish she would do some retro Whitney Houston music that would give the audience a wow factor.
    Bryan Bautista adds another element that the others don’t have with his versatile language (Latino) music along with his romantic style. He’s a smooth cat…AND in a respectful way.
    Adam…love his song style…natural singing…his country-style. Even if he’s not singing country…he is still country.
    My least favorite is Alisan…am tired of her loud, intense performances. As far as the 2 blondes…they can go….we have enough blondes to go around on the music trail. Laith is ok…and his appearances will add to his career. I don’t think that he’ll be “the winner” though…but I wish him well.

  41. Barbara says:

    Based upon previous and last night’s performance, I believe America made the right choice. They did last week as well. Nick is a sweetheart and his son is adorable but I truly believe that for once, America chose talent over emotions or race.

  42. rabh says:

    Wow, so much hate for Alisan! This week was probably her least successful performance, but it was still ridiculously good. For all who said she screeched, you need to re-watch it. She had a lot more control than she’s getting credit for. I had to ff through a lot of the performances because they bored me or there were a lot of sour notes. I think my favs are Alisan and Laith. Laith is so musically talented, his vocals are so rich and strong. And Alisan has great technique plus great stage presence. Just fyi, Alisan has been singing for a long time and you can go back and see some of her highly acclaimed performances. Check out her solo in The Ten Commandments (stage performance).

    • I actually think Stay with Me was her least successful performance – doing it right after La’Porsha had done it was a bad idea to start with, and at least she went with a totally different style, but she still had to “get in character” as she said in the preperformance package, just as La’Porsha did, and it shows.

      Whereas the OTT performance of Cryin’ at least suits the song. I think the performance is wrong for that stage but I can see her killing it with that on a massive auditorium stage like the kind Adam Lambert works. And all this talk about “screetching” ignores the fact that she pulled it back throughout the song, especially the bridge which was lovely. I enjoy the fact that Alison really performs and commits, down to the physicality of her performances; she’s not afraid to take risks, she can go big and ballsy, she can be gentle, she’s covered rock, country, pop. I may not always like her choices but she never bores me. I wish the show didn’t encourage her to “go big” all the time – and conversely, I wouldn’t mind seeing Hannah go a little bigger.

      I really enjoyed Laith’s performance last week; this week I felt was good but not great. But the only really great performance for me this particular week was Bryan; whereas last week I wasn’t feeling him so much. Unlike AI this year where the two front runners were obvious early on (to me anyway), every week on this season of the Voice a different person rises to the top.

      I get that Adam is country and will probably win, but I don’t get the love. He’s very good, but I don’t feel much emotional connection and I don’t get “greatness”.

  43. Brian Murphy says:

    Gotta say, the more I listen to Hanna’s Voice studio recording of “Rolling in the Deep” and “Say You Love Me”, both of which I downloaded,
    the more I like her singing. Crisp quick vibrato, nearly perfect pitch, steady great tone, WOW. And her diction is wonderful, you can actually hear every word of the lyrics. Most improved I would say. Not much on personality though. Adam is also a fav for me, then Laith, and Bryan – in that order. I think the others have reached their potential and had their best performances already..

    • gretchen says:

      I think the lack of background footage on Hannah (vs Alisan and others) is why some perceive her as lacking personality. Each week they show about 2 minutes of Hannah talking with Pharrell about the song she’ll be singing and that’s it. Compare that to what they’ve done on contestants like Alisan and Adam and Nick – lots of “aww” moments. Hannah, to me, is the most down-to-earth, likeable contestant left . . . And she’s got the most beautiful tone. So refreshing!

  44. Carla Lustosa says:

    Bryan Bautista is my favorite and I would like him to sing next week “I love You more Than You’ll Ever Know” by Donny Hathaway. This song is wonderful and perfect for his voice!

  45. Jess says:

    Really hoping final four are Bryan (God he’s hot!) Laith, Adam and Allison. They are the best and they deserve it. MI don’t like that Mary Su, we already have a Carrie Underwood…and she’s way better than that Mary Sue.

  46. Bob says:

    If Alisan continues to sing sad songs,
    her supporters will leave to be happy with someone else.
    You can’t always be sad, get happy.
    Alisan needs to be more up-beat or, she will not make it.