NCIS Recap Ziva Dies

NCIS Recap: Is [Spoiler] Dead...?!

In the penultimate episode of NCIS Season 13/series vet Michael Weatherly’s run, the manhunt for rogue spy Jacob Scott took some twists and turns — none bigger, though, than the one that put former team member Ziva David in the cross hairs.

In the wake of Fornell being put in the ICU by the latest attack, Gibbs vowed to the team, “We’re going to find Jacob Scott and we’re going to kill him” — a game plan wholeheartedly supported by Fornell’s daughter Emily. Or at the very least, Gibbs assures the vengeful young woman, “[Scott] is not going to have a good week.”

As the manhunt forges on, Gibbs’ team is assisted by FBI agent Tess Monroe (who can be very intense, a bit flirty) and MI-6 agent Clayton Reeves (equal parts swagger and sass). Next on Scott’s hit list are two off-grid former spies, Dresser and Kane. Dresser is found dead in his home, where Reeves and CIA vet Trent Kort (now sporting two eyes) have just had a clash. (Kort found Reeves standing over Dresser’s dead body and feared the worst, unaware that Scott had escaped prison.)

Monroe and McGee stake out Kane’s home, and soon enough the former is chugging after and tackling the dirty agent, who apparently helped Scott sell secrets back in the day. Kane claims to not know where Scott now is, but points the team to the Brit’s longtime safe house in a motel — which is now a “spa.” There, security cam video shows Scott accessing a secret stash, then calling up a computer file on… Ziva David.

As more and more evidence surfaces suggesting that Scott is next targeting Ziva, as a means to hit those close to the NCIS family, the “most wanted” spy shows up at the Navy Yard to surrender, avowing that he has been framed and has had no role in any of the killings. And Gibbs’ gut believes the guy. Scott says that Mossad director Eli David had private files that could prove his innocence in the “selling secrets to Russians” imbroglio, and he assumed Ziva inherited them. Scott came to Gibbs knowing that he’s a guy who won’t stop until he gets at the truth — which in this case will prove Scott innocent.

In quick succession, Abby reports that Scott’s fingerprints from the kill scenes were too perfect, having been cribbed from his official file, while the blood at Dresser’s murder scene matches… Trent Kort. And now Kort has gone AWOL, ditching his cell at the zoo. Then, just as Gibbs & Co. put a BOLO out on the recently canned spook, a news report comes over the television, about a terror attack on a farmhouse in Israel, now engulfed in flames — also known as the place where Ziva is (was?) suspected of living.

Do you think NCIS just killed Ziva? And whatever the case, how will this chain of events factor into Michael Weatherly’s final episode, airing next week?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Annie says:

    Part of me is hoping Tony will find her alive, but I don’t know what to believe. A lot of reports said they didn’t ask Cote back for filming. But if they really did kill her off offscreen, that’s messed up. To kill off a main character who spent 8 seasons on the show in an offscreen explosion is pretty unfair, both to the character and the fans.

    • I agree. It’s a slap in the face to the Ziva fans who have remained loyal to the show. Plus GG stated Tony’s departure would be satisfying for the fans. But then he also promised the TIVA fans a great ending, so he can’t be trusted to deliver. I will absolutely never watch this show again if they kill Ziva.

      • Jimmy says:

        Really? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Ziva fan (less of a Tiva fan), but I assume you’ve been watching the past few seasons without the character. Why would her death really matter, especially with Tony leaving?

        • Julia Murray says:

          The same way any character you like matters to you. Even if they are not an active part of the story, you still want to think of them living their lives just offstage, maybe getting a happily ever after, or at least fulfillment.

        • Becki says:

          No some of us quit watching when Ziva left.

          • WayneAdneyC says:

            Your acting like so many typical fan stereotypes Julia. I don’t think it matter how much money they offer Ziva or what the “Powers-To-Be” could have done else. Cote De Pablo saw new opportunities and realize being stuck in 24, time-consuming episode contract would have kept her from doing other shows and movies like “The 33.” Everyone’s blaming the show runners or crew or putting that Ziva-less stigma on the show when in fact it was her decision to leave and not return until she thought it was time for Ziva to make a proper re-entrance. I think from my viewpoint I can clearly see That Cote has did her part on creating a beautiful character, well someone else created Ziva but she brought it to life. Do you all understand what I’m saying? It simple NCIS does not revolve around just any one cast member but all of them that comes and goes throughout the years and more to come. Also, killing her off in that manner is a bold disregard to the fans but if it is the attention to clear out costly assets you would think they would try to reach out to Cote to come back to give us a proper send off and that Cote would put aside her past differences and come back for an episode or two and wrapped up in a bow for the fans that great send-off to the Ducky’s NCIS Morgue.

      • Koko Handy says:

        You can’t say GG didn’t deliver – yet. You haven’t seen next week’s episode. Maybe Tony goes to Israel, finds her alive, and decides to stay

        • Denise Yesland says:

          that’s exactly how I’ve thought this finale would end for a very long time. They’ll still throw all the bells and whistles and a few misfires just to try throwing us off, but I think he’s going to be staying in Israel and becoming “Mr. Ziva.” I’m hoping they don’t kill off Fornell, I’ve loved Joe Spano since his “Hill Street Blues” days!. We have a history here, they just can’t kill him off!! LOL
          Finales that have been over-hyped are a bad thing these days. Too many do it, and they’re never as good or as satisfying as you hope they’ll be.
          The one person I’m hoping they leave alone, but a reference was made tonight that made me nervous, is Jimmy Palmer. That female FBI agent that is supposedly filling in for Fornell said that he was a “bit chatty” and could be made to spill what he knew with no problems. Makes me feel like something is up with Jimmy. I hope not, I’ve not seen his baby or, for that matter, his little family together in person at the squad room on the show!!!

          • KEREN says:

            i hope so israel needs a good cops like Tony

          • Liz says:

            I agree, I would not like it if they messed with Jimmy. However, I think it was just the agent teasing Jimmy. I wouldn’t read too much into it. I didn’t care for the female agent much but I did enjoy the MI6 guy. He was funny and does have some of the DiNozzo swagger. He seemed to have more chemistry with the other characters than the FBI agent.

      • Jerry says:

        I think that she was not in the farm house and Ziva and Tony will make a guest appearance and have a brief get together before Tony leaves or shortly after he leaves. Tony would stay if Ziva came back , her leaving was said to be one of the reasons Tony is leaving the show and I believe that, they had a very special connection.

      • Jerri says:

        Well, some Ziva fans need a slap in the face.

      • Kansas Blutbad says:

        Slap in the face is right!. The ending will be Christine Baranski slapping Tony on his way out the door.

    • Melody says:

      She had it coming. You don’t leave a show when scripts are already written.

      • anonymous says:

        If the writers had written scripts/episodes before Cote had renewed her contract, then that’s their fault. She didn’t like the direction they were taking her character that she’d spent 8 years playing so she had every right to leave if she was no longer happy. If I worked in one job for 8 years straight, I’d probably leave after that long too.

        • Maria says:

          How is it the writers’ fault??!!?? They probably start writing scripts for the next season soon after the previous one is finished. Most September-to-May tv shows begin filming in mid-July so the writers have to have an overall plan for the season, and they have to have at least a few scripts ready to go by July.

        • Pete says:

          Her choosing to leave has never been a problem – except to a few Ziva fans – the way she left is the issue, and if she stalked off at the last minute because she didn’t like what they were writing for season 11, then she is every bit the Diva she has been accused of.

          Yes, of course it’s the show’s fault for taking her at her word. Silly them, It couldn’t possibly be that a contract had been agreed and was just waiting for her signature to be inked in.

          • Nez says:

            Cote didn’t leave because of scripts it was for personal reasons. There are various Latino mags where she mentions her Father was unwell and about a year later her relationship broke down. As much as people wanted to know more – it sounds like she had very personal things she needed to deal with and felt she couldn’t do that while working such a busy schedule filming for NCIS. The script comment she made was recently when asked if she was returning for Mochael’s leaving.

    • Gabriel R says:

      Ziva couldn’t have been at/in the house. It’s her legacy to survive even the most hopeless situations. She had to make “it” right “for him,” Gibbs. (Mak8ng Gibbs proud, dedicating her life to finishing “it” and find herself, claim her life back.) She would have been off attending to that aim. Maybe Ziva is back as an undercover operative for Mossad or another agency. Or could she have a husband (or wife) and family now, perhaps achieving her goal?

    • MIKE HAMMER says:

      Relax. Have a drink.
      First, Goofball Tony is finally “leaving”. “Leaving” to where? Back to Baltimore? Spend more time in his condo with Robert Wagner? Doubtful. Only place to up and quit and leave D.C. for is somewhere else, thus, Israel. SO Zivabots, enjoy as all the evidence points to a reunion on some Kibbutz somewhere in Gaza.

      Second, the FBI actress is DOA. NO chemistry with anybody on the show including the big dog, Gibbs/Harmon. One and done. And, as the vacancy in the cast/$$$ only for one, and, the show already has two women BUT NO MINORITIES— the black kid doing the poor Idris Elba impersonation is in!

      So, third, Idris Jr. will somehow temp from MI6 (British Secret Service) to NCIS much the way Ziva moonlighted from the Mossad for all those years— though, it would have made more factual sense for the character to have worked at MI5, British internal security ( think the FBI but with accents!).

      So fans, for the most boringly formulaic show on television a season ending wet kiss to all you nutballs who have pined for Goofball and Ziva to step over the dead bodies and walk into the sunset together after hanging up their Sigs.

      • Maria says:

        Umm…Rocky Carroll is a minority. You said the show had none. You are incorrect.

        • paula says:

          Yes but he doesn’t appear in every episode. Neither does Palmer – currently the only married character. Note – NCIS is hard on spouses – Jake cheated, Jackie was killed, 2 of Gibbs’ 4 wives were killed(one after divorce). Should put a warning on job applications.
          A job swap with British intelligence would work for bringing in a new character and giving Tony an out. Also since Tony’s mother was British he could hold duel citizenship which would make the swap easier. That was always a problem I had with Ziva not being a citizen for so long and then having her citizenship rushed thru.
          Also new characters serve the function of things frequently needing explanation so the audience gets the background for what is happening. A non-American requires even more explanation – remember having to explain slang expressions to Ziva in the early days?
          I’m having problems with the Tess character as well. It’s like they want a female Gibbs – which they already tried with Borin – but she too abrasive with no explanation of why.

          • Maria says:

            Yep. I understand all of that. But I was responding only to the statement (in BIG CAPITAL LETTERS) that the show has NO minorities!!! And that is technically not true. So not only is Mike Hammer wrong, but he’s wrong at the top of his voice.

        • MIKE HAMMER says:

          We’re talking about the weekly/every episode team— not the occasional player.
          BUT, good of you to miss the entire point of the post.

      • Beth Steele says:

        Your post was witty and on point!
        Clarke will be the worst piece of casting. Keep Henry.

        • MIKE HAMMER says:

          Thanks Beth. GLAD someone has a sense of jest!

          P.S. Dear MARIA,
          I not am blind. Do you suppose I thought Carroll to be white???

      • I think Tony is going to join the FBI.

      • Tankoos Judy says:

        I believe I read sometime back that they had already signed the new girl as a permanent cast member as Tony’s replacement. I agree with most everybody else – don’t like Tess at all. If they wanted another female, they shd hv brought Borin in. Gibbs as much as offered her a job if she was ready to leave CGIS a while back. We may be stuck with her, unfortunately. I also agree that the MI6 guy was good and they shd keep him and make him Tony’s replacement. Don’t think Ziva died in the explosion, but do think Tony is going to jump on the first flight over there to find her. These are all just my personal impressions.

  2. BJG77 says:

    2 episodes left to say goodbye to Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo… Where was he?? & I’m still hoping that MW’s exit is all about Tony & not Tiva.

    And FBI Agent Tess Monroe is absolutely horrible. NCIS only needs one FBI agent and that’s Fornell.

    I could get used to M6 Clayton Reeves.

    But I must say I was very disappointed in this episode.

    • datdudemurphy says:

      agreed, completely

    • darkangel200 says:

      Once again Tony was MIA most of the ep. Felt like he’s already been dismissed and sent on his way. What a big FU for thirteen years and helping to make the show #1. They spent half the episode spotlighting the new agents and the other half with yet more of the never ending Ziva angst. Tony’s exit seems to be about everyone BUT Tony.

      • Nic says:

        It’s… I can’t even.
        I don’t understand this anymore. Your right, seems to be about everyone but Tony.
        I have now lost hope that we will see Tony remain in Law Enforcement. Loving the respect for Tony as a character – he’s a cop, it’s who he is. Or rather, who’s he meant to be. Seems like we’re going to have another leaving to find themselves exit.

        • You wouldn’t know MW was one of the original stars of the show and has been the heart of the show for ages. And we’re going back to the tive have MW hated? Disrespectful.

          • Nic says:

            You really wouldn’t would you? We’ll have to wait and see what next week brings I guess.
            One things for sure, when the show eventually ends, I’ll be waiting in anticipation for the official biographies of Weatherly, Harmon, de Pablo, Murray and Perrete to see what everyone really thinks once the potential need to be politic about everyone, cast and crew, is done with.

      • Gabriel R says:

        Where MW was and what real-life reasons there might be for absence, who knows. But Tony was travelling all over the place chasing folks in prev episodes.

      • Shallow says:

        I agree. I’ve been so disappointed in these last few episodes so far. In one episode we had no Tony at all and in this week’s he was barely visible. Sooo disappointing! NCIS has always been about Tony for me. I understand MW feeling that it’s time to leave – they’ve done very little with his character in terms of interesting storylines in recent years – but I was really hoping for at least a two episode storyline that centred totally on his character. What we’ve been given so far is a focus on everyone BUT Tony. Not much of a reward for the loyal viewers who love his character, especially if these are the last episodes some of us are likely to watch. NCIS will always be a great show, I’m sure, but without Tony the shine has gone for me.

    • Too many scenes with Mr. Bond and not enough Tony. They can sell him next year, leave this year to Tony.

    • DeeDeeLoge says:

      No wonder MW wants to leave. Even in the final episodes before he leaves they still can’t seem to spend any time on his character. I just can’t figure out how a show that had this character down so great let the ball drop and the character struggling to find his way out of the pit they stuck him in!

      • ChicagoDan says:

        I believe the scripts were altered to show less MW: 1) Bull pilot; 2) transition to other characters; 3) testing how the show would work without Tony, etc. Remember this is show BUSINESS and NCIS is a valuable property I don’t think it’s personal or trying to ‘punish’ MW. They are probably ok losing his salary for budget reasons anyway.

        • PatriciaLee says:

          And he is doing a CBS pilot.

        • Gemini says:

          My take is that the show is less about Tony now to ease the transition of him no longer on the show. I don’t like the FBI agent but can get used to Reeves. Will just have to see how the last episode is…

        • Jenks says:

          THANK YOU. Honestly, I don’t think the showrunners and writers can please some people no matter what they do. Maybe Michael Weatherly was simply ready to do something else, like the pilot he was given time off to film. Actors are not indentured to these shows for life, for crying out loud. Tony has been in nearly every scene of nearly every episode up until the last few shows. Give it a rest. And Ziva worshippers really need to move on.

    • mazel tov says:


    • suzi says:

      Pretty much agree–not enough Tony, Thumbs Down on Agent Monroe. However, I really have no problem with a Tony and Ziva reunion, Whatever Tony’s reason for leaving, it should be a fully-realized one, and not something thrown together while the show auditions new agents.

    • Koko Handy says:

      I agree about Tess; she’s almost as annoying as Bishop. Reeves is OK, but has to learn to speak more clearly.

      • Jerry says:

        After the type of part Ziva played, am I the only one who feels that Bishop should not have been cast into the new agent role?

        • Jane says:

          Bishop doesn’t do it for me but because of the rest of the cast I kept watching. With MW gone the hole in the cast may be just too large.

      • Retta Kerns says:

        I don’t really care for either of the two new ones. I really think NCIS could have done better. I really have my doubts as to how much longer the show will go on.

    • Mr Wiggly says:

      What exactly were you disappointed with?

      • BJG1977 says:

        Mostly that CBS/NCIS advertised this a “only 2 more episodes left before MW leaves” and he was hardly in this episode. What was it… 10 minutes at the most & what actually did he do in this episode??? Also, after 13 years as a SFA & serving his country I’m still hoping that Tony will be given his own team. I really don’t want his legacy to be the “T” in Tiva.

  3. Robin says:

    I think she’s alive

  4. datdudemurphy says:

    There was far too little Tony in this episode…..
    far too much Ziva

    • FireGlasberg says:

      There wasn’t any Ziva at all. They mentioned her name. Big whoop

    • JPNS says:

      …. too much reference to Ziva in this show … really could care less how much screen time Tony gets : he’s leaving the series …. he’ll get an appropriate send off in the season finale … both ‘possible’ replacements were OK but wouldn’t rate either a ‘keeper’, by any means … more important to me, it was a pleasure to see a case based story line for a change, instead of the the character driven episodes, (YAWN), that have been far, far too prevalent this season. . . .

      • datdudemurphy says:

        I thought Clayton had potential….Tess I am unsold.
        Agree about the case based episode. It was nice to see something actually happening.
        However, I still wish Tony had more to do….in recent years, he’s become almost a background character.

  5. DeeDeeLoge says:

    Chance are highly likely that Ziva is toast. This is NCISbthe show that loves to kill off many a female actresses. What better way to have Tony move on them to finally out the nail in the TIVA coffin. Not thatninamnfor it but I can’t see them having Tonynleave to run around looking for Ziva. Been there and done that. Now could he move on with that love gone I certainly think that’s where we might be headed. I guess we will tune in next week to find out.

  6. FireGlasberg says:

    Killing off Ziva just proves to the masses what we already knew, Gary Glasberg is a bitter troll who did his best to ruin Tiva from the second he was hired.

    I will never watch this show again if she is dead.

    • Dmac says:

      Aww that’s to bad so that means only 20 Million minus 1 will be watching. How will they go on.

    • Pete says:

      Yet others believe that he pushed Tiva from the second he was hired.
      I’d say he’s quite talented – upsetting two opposing sides over the same thing.

  7. Nic says:

    Considering how much time they’ve spent the few weeks promoting the fact it’s Weatherly’s last 3 episodes, you’d expect a little more Tony.
    And seriously? Making it about Ziva, when Tony was around before and after she left is just… Wrong.

    • Jenna says:

      Ziva is part of Tony. Ziva wasn’t in a single scene of this episode so not sure why you are whining about her name being mentioned

      • Nic says:

        I’m whining because I expected more. Yes, Zivas a big part of Tony, but Tony is more than just Ziva. Its not even that it’s Ziva. I would’ve been just as annoyed if they were focusing on Zoe or Jeanne.
        I wanted to see kick ass agent Tony, maybe finally take that promotion he has long deserved. Not a Tony chasing after women. I was just disappointed.
        One more week. We’ll wait and see I guess.

        • kath says:

          Two more episodes. You’ll get what you want in the last one, which will probably be all about Tony as we’ve been told that Cote de Pablo isn’t in the last episode. Tony will probably bid a married Ziva goodbye in the next episode and then have the last episode all to himself and Senior
          Ziva is more important to the show than Zoe or Jeanne, who already had two episodes about her this season. Ziva was a part of Tony’s story for 8 seasons, if the show is going to honor Tony, they have to do that justice.

          • Dmac says:

            Oh dear God, get over it she wanted to leave. At this point I’m glad Tony is leaving so we don’t have to hear about Ziva and their epic love story. This show is bigger then one character though if we listen to you NCIS is Ziva. Guess what, she’s gone and the show survived as a matter of fact the ratings did nothing. Time to move on.

          • kath says:

            The point you’re missing (refusing to accept?) is that Ziva had a huge fan base, and still does going from the comments on social media. With Michael Weatherly leaving the show, the showrunners will want to retain as many viewers as possible and not risk losing Ziva fans as well.
            It’s a business decision.

          • BJG77 says:

            I’d bet that 9 out of 10 Ziva/Tiva fans are gone after this season because the main players will be gone. Do you really think they’ll hang around hoping someone mentions how they are doing?

          • kath says:

            Do you think Tony fans are going to leave now that he’s going to be gone?
            Fans will keep watching the show as long as a) it remains interesting and b) you don’t do something to really piss them off.
            Killing Ziva for Tony’s manpain or even just to show how disposable she is would piss off Ziva/Tiva fans to the extent that they wouldn’t want to tune in to see how the new team functions.
            It’s a business decision..

          • BJG77 says:

            Yes. I’ve been reading many message boards & many Tony fans are done with NCIS. Those fans & others are not happy with the way Tony has been treated over the years.

          • Pete says:

            One more episode – unless you haven’t yet seen the one that aired on May 10th, of course.

  8. Amanda says:

    Wish they would focus more on Tony and less on Ziva. She is gone and we need a proper goodbye for Tony.

  9. I’m hoping next week is about TONY. He deserves his own send off after spending 15 years with Gibbs (2 pre-series). If it’s to go off to Israel to be with his former teammate it will be a huge letdown and a slap in the face to Michael who played a character in his own right well before Season 3.

    • Nic says:

      Thank you for saying so eloquently what I was trying to.

    • Paige says:

      Well said NavyRes! I hope Ziva is dead. The rabid Tiva fans have ruined Ziva for me as I enjoy the ensemble cast.
      I’m wondering about Kort and the whole La Grenouille/Benoit story line. This means Kort was dirty during season 4. I can’t help but wonder why Jeanne was brought back; especially for the second time and the story of her father open again. Now more than ever, it does not seem resolved.

  10. Deanne says:

    I don’t think Ziva is dead, but Tony will leave to be with her. I DO NOT like Tess Monroe at all. Reeves has potential but while Sarah Clarke is a good actress the character is not!

    • Melody says:

      Never gonna happen. To cliche

    • Andrew Hass says:

      Maybe Tony goes to find Ziva when he finds out she’s still alive.Plus if Tony and Ziva are seen together it might tie the show up if and when Michael Weatherly ever decides to come back for a stint.So having Tony leave to go find Ziva makes more sense than us seeing him find her.That way we can assume Tony found Ziva and they are together.

  11. JBC says:

    This will be what propels Tony to realize his love for Ziva is worth leaving NCIS and riding off into the sunset to find her once it is confirmed she wasn’t at the farm and is not dead. Makes the Tiva fans happy and gives a plausible exit for DiNozzo. On with the new characters.

    • BJG77 says:

      And what about the fans who are not Tiva fans? I believe most Ziva/Tiva fans are gone after this season so why try to please them? If your scenario turns out to be true not only will most Tiva fans stop watching many non-Tiva fans will stop watching… Like me.

      • JBC says:

        i don’t understand why you would stop watching. I like all the characters and think it will be nice to get some newbies and storylines. Gibbs, Abby and McGee are the foundational characters. Tony obviously longed for Ziva so since Cote & Michael both wanted off the show, i think it is good for the show to send them off together. I am indifferent about Tiva.

    • Robin says:

      I agree! And I hope you are right!

    • Melody says:

      Oh please you are a small rabid minority

      • Nic says:

        Are you taking Tiva or non- Tiva fans melody?
        I happen to agree with BJG77 though, regardless, I feel fans of both categories will stop watching should they end with Tony chasing her across the world.

  12. Jackie says:

    I enjoyed the episode. Fast paced with twists and turns. Too soon to see how the newbies will fit in, so I’m willing to give them a chance. Hope they take the edge off Tess a bit.
    I, for one, would love to see Tony reunite with Ziva. Tho I’m not a big shipper, it would make the most sense. He obviously still cares for her. So, I certainly hope she’s alive.

  13. Mommaknowsbest says:

    For having had as much time as they’ve had to do a decent job to say goodbye to Tony DiNozzo, they’ve done a pretty poor job of writing so far. It’s almost as if they literally pulled names out of a jar from past episodes to bring in characters that have crossed Tony’s path. I can only hope next week’s episode goes much better than tonight’s.

  14. John NYC says:

    Too little Tony given his long known exit. What this episode and last he had better things to do? Just odd.

    The Ziva stuff is an unnecessary distraction, especially how underused Tony has been.

    The new FBI agent is entertaining a tough attitude would add to the team.

  15. I am going to be so pissed the hell off if they just killed ziva. and don’t even get me started on that cowardly, bastardly son of a bitch traitor kort

  16. Court says:

    I wish there was more Tony and I could see him getting a promotion to an overseas location or doing a liaison position with Mi6. Yet can we talk about Emily? She really did scream Diane’s child in several scenes.

  17. auntiemm says:

    Ziva’s not dead and the Tivites may still get their happy ending after all, albeit offscreen. My guess is Ziva killed Kort andnow Tony will go off to find her.
    IMO keep the Brit and lose the FBI agent or tone her down Alot. I just found her unlikeable.
    Emily channeling Diane at the hospital was a hoot. Future shows should note her pedicure and painting threat techniques in rousing comatose patients.
    Disappointed they made Kort the bad guy. Like him or not at least he was always an interesting character.
    One more episode to go. Whatever causes him to leave I just hope most of the episode revolves around Tony. Hasn’t been enough of him in these last episodes.

  18. justafan says:

    Killing ziva would actually be a great way for Tony to leave.
    Another female agent, friend, whatever that he cared deeply about is killed and he couldn’t save her.
    Misguided though it may be, Tony feels guilty, takes the blame himself and decides he can’t do the job anymore.
    Tiva fans can squee because Tony couldn’t carry on without her.
    Those who weren’t the biggest ziva/tiva fans finally see the back of the character and the tease of will they/won’t they.
    The show gets to re-boot. Start looking forward to the future, not stay buried in the past.
    It’s actually a win/win for everyone.

  19. Melody says:

    I think she’s dead. This is their way of putting the nail on a coffin. You don’t leave a show the way she did. She left when scripts were already written. Thats not a good thing to do.
    Killing her off will make Tony want to reevaluate his life and we will never hear the word Ziva again.
    Also when there is a final episode of NCIS….Michael Weatherly left the show on GOOD TERMS and will likely be in the final episode.
    By killing of Ziva…its gives the Tivaites a bone (they can leave a ruin another show with their Mary Sue Cliches) And Tony…leaves to start fresh.

    • not telling says:

      If they wrote scripts before Cote renewed her contract and they knew for sure she was coming back, then that’s on them. They should have been more prepared and planned for her staying or leaving.

      • Hege says:

        She left 5 days before they where shooting the first episode of the season. Of-course the scripts were ready. Cote never said she was leaving, she just dragged out signing the contract. At the last minute she left. Michael Weatherly gave notice early that he wouldn’t renew his contract. That’s how a professional does it.

  20. Dorothy Colbeth says:

    Very disappointed that Michael was given so little air time, which he so richly deserved.
    And…if you killed off Ziva you may have lost one of your biggest fans. Hope the finale
    is satisfying.

    • cassie says:

      I totally agree. For them making a big deal about Michael Weatherly’s final 2 episodes, he had very little air time. He hasn’t had much of a story line these last two seasons, I am so disappointed about that!! He has done so much for that show. He/and the fans deserve more!! I also did not like the new character’s, especially the famale FBI agent. Could not stand her.

  21. Kate Tibbs says:

    Still hoping that Tony’s exit is not going to be sacrificed on the alter of an overly vocal minority.
    15 years as an NCIS Agent in his own right – not as an addendum, +1, sidekick, dead weight or afterthought to an unbelievable character and nonexistent ‘love’ interest – Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo deserves an exit wholly about *him*.
    After 13 years on NCIS, Michael Weatherly deserves to be remembered as a loyal and classy guy who tolerated far more than he should have to, on and off screen, it is such a shame the tptb aren’t as gracious as he has been they should be ashamed of themselves.

    Will I continue to watch next season, I still don’t know. But Agent Monroe is not appealing and holds no draw for me. Clayton Reeves has potential – hope it’s not wasted…

  22. dlraetz says:

    If Ziva was alive but badly injured Tony would take a Leave of Absense to care for her

  23. Jimmy says:

    I thought this was a pretty good episode. I’m not all that torn up about Tony not being in the episode that much; they are, after all, trying to set up a new team dynamic since Weather CHOSE to leave the series. It’s likely he was filming his new pilot while trying to finish the final episodes. The only character I found annoying was that of Emily. Bad, way over the top acting.

    • Gemini says:

      Emily is supposed to be like her mother Diane–brash, loud, bossy. I think it was a bit funny watching her. Did not like the FBI agent Monroe…annoying and too intense. MI6 agent Reeves was OK. I hope the last episode is very good. I’d rather see Tony get his own team, but I am thinking it might be about him going to Ziva which is kind of anticlimactic.

    • KLS says:

      I think there should have been an item on the May Sweeps scorecard as to how many shows that actress who played Emily is on… 2 so far that I’ve seen. (NCIS, CM:BB).

    • anon33guest says:

      I understand all of that but they have known for a year Michael was leaving. They have known for 2 years he had a development deal with CBS. They aren’t new to TV so surely they knew it was a possibility he would be filming a pilot this spring. Given all of that they should have planned out his exit better. I mean why not introduce the two new characters in 21 and 22 when MW was largely gone because of filming the pilot?

      Also why bring Ziva up at all? Tony was a character before she came on the show and stayed after she left. His exit shouldn’t be about her being in peril yet again. It should be about him

  24. No way says:

    I hope she isn’t dead. I don’t think I could watch the dvds knowing that she was killed off in this fashion.

  25. kath says:

    I was flipping back and forth between the Flash and NCIS but the minute I heard Ziva’s name, NCIS had all my interest. (My guess is we get to see Ziva next episode to wrap that story up and then it’s only about Tony in the last episode, disappointing all Tiva fans.)

    I really like Tess Monroe, I could tune back in for her. Reeves seems sort of meh though.
    I hope this isn’t the end of Trent Kort. I always liked his very shady grey.

    • Songbird says:

      Cote didn’t come back for the finale and of course it’s all about Tony in HIS last episode. It only makes sense and they pay the Tiva fans by mentioning Ziva. As GG said, she’s a part of Tony but that doesn’t mean she’s EVERYTHING about him. He’s a person on his own.

    • Pete says:

      YOU may get to see Ziva in the next episode, however the show will skip right to next weeks finale without her.

  26. Sharon says:

    Guessing this will be how Tony leaves. He will leave NCIS to go to Israel to look for Ziva and/or Cort. He won’t be able to rest until he finds out whether she is alive or dead.

  27. Gabriel R says:

    I said Ziva is not dead ’cause I can’t bear that to be the case. I think Ziva is alive and Tony goes to Israel to find her, with or without her knowledge. Some life-changing event then occurs in Tony’s life. Could he be joining Mossad as a liaison? I am at a loss as to how/why Tony could leave his NCIS family fir anything ither than a great romance. And there have been two: Jean (taken) and Ziva. Oy, my heart aches at any storyline, for everyone.

  28. Paco says:

    Come on? You think they’re going to kill the “Golden Goose”?
    I’d put money on ” some kind” of appearance, be it new or a flashback. It will clean up in the ratings

    • Melody says:

      Never gonna happen. She left when scripts were already done.

      • not telling says:

        Why did they have scripts already written if she hadn’t renewed her contract? They should have prepared alternative scripts and been more organised.

        • @not telling; please tell me how many alternative scripts they should write before a new season? One alternative script for each actor who might leave ?!?

          • kath says:

            While everyone else was on contract, Cote de Pablo had been in negotiations about renewing her contract for a long time. Obviously there was something they couldn’t agree on, something important to her. The EPs should have been aware that there was the possibility she wouldn’t re-sign.

  29. Bella says:

    With all that’s going on, I’m concerned that Tony’s send-off is going to get shot shrift next week. If so, I’m going to be terribly disappointed.

  30. Bella says:

    With all that’s going on, I’m concerned that Tony’s send-off is going to get shot shrift next week. If so, I’m going to be terribly disappointed. Also, I can’t stand FBI Agent Monroe. I liked MI6’s Reeves, though.

  31. as524 says:

    Well this recap is much like the ep – precious little Tony. Expected better from NCIS and the excuse for the lack of Tony given by the writer was nothing short of laughable.

  32. Karen says:

    I hope the show doesn’t go the route of making it look like Ziva is dead and Tony goes off looking for her because he doesn’t believe it or his heart is so broken he can’t work anymore.

  33. NCIS4EVER says:

    I love tony and I miss Ziva. Not a tiva shipper so wouldn’t matter if they reunite. Just hope he plummels kort. Awaiting that for a long time

  34. Paul Hersh says:

    Like when Clooney came back in ER for Margulies exit(season 6); they kept it silent and Clooney kept saying that he had not been asked. They filmed 1 minute with him outside the studios; they can do the same now.
    But we will see!

    • Jjdn1234 says:

      That is my thoughts too. Plus wasn’t it mentioned that a show brought someone in for a super secret guest taping

  35. Ange says:

    Ziva is dead and Tony goes on a tirade looking for Trent Kort to make him pay although the scenes from his leaving look far less dramatic.

  36. pAloma says:

    It’s the last two episodes with Tony and instead of giving him a lot of screen time, we get this lame plot about someone targeting Ziva. I was happy to see Ziva go. She held the show and Tony in a rut for years. And I’m sorry that the PTB decided to pander to the Ziva/Tiva fans for Tony’s last two episodes. I hope they don’t have him quit to be with her.

  37. Sam Khvan says:

    Well we already know that Michael Weatherly stated in an interview that there’s “sudden death” that drives him to leave. At first, Dinozzo Sr. came to mind but, after seeing tonight’s episode who else can it be except Ziva!?! Which breaks my heart to say…

  38. Donna2712 says:

    I kind of hope they have killed Ziva, not because I wish any harm to the girl, but I think it will make a stringer reason for Tony to leave. If she is alive and he goes running off after her … AGAIN, I think that makes Tony look very week. He has been rejected by her when she went to Isreal, which was after she slept with someone else after Tony made it fairly clear he had more than work mate feelings for her, and also, after he aced her from Somalia, she also did not pursue anything after her told her he “couldn’t live without her” under truth serum. After all this rejection, if he went after her again it would be very disappointing.

    However, if she has died, maybe it would be a slap in the face to realise how much he has missed out on and drive him to have more meaning in his life and to break free the way Ziva did to pursue what she wanted. Or, alternatively, he needs to break away from the team who are a constant reminder of what he had with her and to start fresh.

    In relation to the two new agents, I am not a not a fan of the FBI woman. Way to brash and “all knowing” which annoys me. We already have Gibbs for that. However I really liked the MI6 guy. He looks like he can be a bit of fun and he seemed more relaxed in the roll than the woman.

    Will be interesting to see how next weeks final plays out. I will certainly miss Tony who has always been my favourite and whether the next season will be able to hold my attention which has been waiting over the last couple of seasons.

  39. Tricky says:

    The character Tess was unnecessarily abrasive and had no synergy with the cast. However the Clayton character felt it would worked (came across a little as a British version of Will Smith). Never put a post before but I disliked Tess so much. Not a great feeling at all from Tony’s second last episode, almost too much clever writing. Emily did well.

  40. chritine says:

    NCIS Fan from the beginning. Love Michael! My wish for a send off is Tony goes in search of Ziva and stays. My opinion of new FBI agent don’t like her. Very turned off by her. DOn’t mind the MI agent. But since Bishop has been here I really don’t like NCIS like I used to. Nothing against the actress just not the chemistry family feeling we once had. I used to arrange my schedule for NCIS last few years there are several episodes I didn’t even bother watching later. I feel that after Michael leaves I will be an occasional watcher…when I can.

    • Gayle says:

      I agree Christine! I think the Bishop character really has had a negative impact on the series. While the character is intelligent, she comes across girlish and fragile, certainly not suited to the dangers of being an agent. Seriously, when she plays the rough stuff with suspects it’s comical. Now with Michael Weatherly leaving, the series has no real attraction for me.

  41. Hege says:

    I hope this is the last we hear of Ziva. I hope Tony will leave to persue a new career not chase after Ziva.

  42. bnc says:

    yes, they that is the heartbreak Dinozzo will face – Ziva you have and will always be missed! you were one of a kind character! thanks to you and Dinozzo you were the reason I watched every Tuesday! I only watch the reruns – it is dam hard to watch the new …Tiva Forever!

  43. Hope they keep Reeves but not Tess. Cannot stand her

    • KLS says:

      Tess didn’t come off very well. Didn’t like her abrasive behavior nor the “flirty/slutty” interrogation methods. Seems like they spent way too much time capturing actors’ smiles after each comment to let us know that the 2 new agents are being considered to be a part of the team.

    • Bridgette says:

      AGREE !!!
      DO NOT care for her at all !!!

  44. G says:

    Didn’t like either one of the newbies no chemistry at all loved Emily.

  45. Maria says:

    You left out a third choice in the poll…I Don’t Care.

  46. Pamela Shillingford says:

    Theyve “killed off” others who have exited the show. And if ziva is not makeing any more appearances then, they,ve “killed her off too”.

  47. Dee says:

    I think it’s wrong that Ziva does not come for Tony’s finally.

    • Lizzie says:

      Tony needs an epic love, and he and Ziva need to go make a life together, raise some new little assassins. I surely hope that Ziva is in the finale, just because people don’t know or didn’t see it filmed, doesn’t mean there isn’t a scene with her in it.

  48. I’m glad the finale is turning into an ultimate fight with Tony versus his long-time bête noire Trent Kort.
    As for Ziva, they couldn’t pass the “Is she dead ?” card. But of course, she’s not. Why else would Tony be leaving NCIS and D.C ? She’s definitely alive. I’m just really frustrated that she’s not making a single appearance.

  49. Mildred Jessup says:

    What a cop-out! The writers can’t do any better than to return to that tired old rag about Ziva? What a waste of a great chance to write Tony out in a positive story line having nothing to do with an old failed relationship.

  50. Carmen Mendoza says:

    I guess I’m the only one who wishes she is not the reason he is leaving. I dont like her. Hopefully she’s dead.

    • N says:

      Definitely not. Plenty of people are unhappy with Ziva being brought up at all – they wanted his exit to be solely focused on Tony and his reputation and talents as an agent. You can see that in comments here.
      There’s a clear divide between Tiva shippers and non-shippers. Go on any social media site and you’ll see it can get quite heated between fanatics of both parties.
      (Also, a lot of the non-shippers also hope she’s dead, some just so it finally puts to rest all the comments about Ziva, Tiva and all of it. I think it’s unlikely though. GG didn’t kill her 3 years ago, why would he do it now?)

      • Erin says:

        Count me in as another fan who is disappointed that a story that ought to be about Tony is about the stupid and unconvincing tiva and a character who isn’t even on the show. Yet again proving that Gary Glasberg never could write an original arc, was terrible at understanding a multi layered character like DiNozzo (he’s good at writing Mary Sues aka Ziva and GaryStu’s aka Gibbs), and that his only writing trick is going for shock value.

    • Robin says:

      Carmen, I didn’t dislike her, but I wish they would kill the character off to get her to go away. The story line is done. The writers need to develop Bishop’s character. I like the partnering of her with McGee.