Agents of SHIELD Daisy Cured Andrew Dies

S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: The Monster Mash

This week on ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as Hive took another crack at his plan to manufacture Inhumans, an unexpected return was tempered by a bittersweet goodbye.

So, no open letter to ol’ Hive this week. Because as sloppy as his “Plan A” was last week, his second stab at reverse-engineering Inhuman servants at least produced results this time around, as cosmetically challenged as they may be. But hey, as the saying goes — “a face only a mother (or father) could love.”

Besides, Hive draining Daisy of her Kree-tinged blood in the name of siring their “children” was more of a background story this week, where the focus instead was on  Lincoln’s plot to “escape” from the S.H.I.E.L.D. base and reunite with Daisy. This write-up would have read quiiiiiiiite differently if that actually turned out to be “Electro-Boy’s” intent — I for one was screaming things at my iPad when it looked like he was walking into a neon sign-emblazoned trap — but the fake-out eventually unfolded quite nicely, especially since a favorite such as May was masterminding it all. And as much as I was yelling up until that moment, I quite possibly literally clapped when I realized that the QuinnJet arriving at Hive’s lair was not manned by a lovelorn Lincoln but instead the monstrous Lash, who proceeded to maul Hive’s newborn goons.

Hive himself took quite a licking from Lash, but presumably survived, after Andrew’s Inhuman alter ego put a pin in the pummeling to tend to drained Daisy and “pull” out of her the “sway” infection — “Now you’re free” — and place her in the the jet to return to the team. Lash’s journey, however, would end on that noble note, after he was fatally gutted by a “charged” chain whipped through him by nickname-needing James. Live by the Lash, die by the lash. Afterward, the team surmised that Lash wasn’t here to kill Hive but save Daisy — to which Jemma said, “That wasn’t Lash” scoring the big save, but Andrew inside, as a forlorn May sat beside the creature’s lifeless body.

As for Hive’s endgame, FitzSimmons reported that he could infect a huge chunk of the human population in one fell swoop if and only if he had means to disperse it high enough in the atmosphere. Oops, Talbot shares with the gang — a warhead is actually what Team Hive recently stole from the ATCU.

Elsewhere in the episode: Agents of SHIELD Daisy Cured Andrew DiesIf you were taking a drink each time that Captain America: Civil War‘s Sokovia Accords were referenced, well, it was nice knowing you. Coulson and May were among those who bristled at the notion of “registering” their Inhuman allies with the government, no matter how many layers of super top-secrecy Talbot promised the list would be protected by. Talbot’s presence throughout the episode was highly entertaining, marveling, barking and quipping as he does about the crazy, loosey-goosey antics that Coulson (sometimes seemingly) gets caught up in. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t now torn between emulating Adrian Pasdar’s extreme b-ilevel hairstyle versus Michael Raymond-James’ over on Game of Silence.

Lastly, I must give a shout out to Natalia Cordova-Buckley, whose Elena/”Yo-Yo” has become one of my favorite things about Season 3. Every scene she is in, Elena brings an earnest, genuine soul that is needed amidst this team of steely, jaded-by-Hydra badasses. I worried that, given the floating necklace clue in the outer-space flash-forward, this episode was building Yo-Yo up further only to rudely rip her away from us in next week’s season finale — especially when in that closing scene it looked like she was paying Mack a(n overdue) booty call. Instead, all of our concerned eyes are now on Mack, to whom she gifted the telltale cross.

What did you think of the episode “Emancipation”?

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  1. Steven says:

    Except Fitz had it in the preview so if he dies than I’ll…be really pissed off

    • Amber says:

      Right? I agree. They can’t put Fitz through everything he’s endured these three seasons and then just kill him off. Not only is that unfair, but it’s just not good TV.

      • F says:

        Not to mention he was the only one wearing what looked like a SHIELD jacket… It could very well be a fakeout, as I predict the necklace will Hot potato its way amount the entire team until the very end, but Im still worried nonetheless… It would be a very Whedon thing to do to kill off Fitz, but Iain DeCaestecker is a SERIOUSLY underused asset… We all deserve more of him!

  2. Kat says:

    I feel like the cross has to be a fake out because it’s way too obvious? Like, someone will end up ripping it off someone’s neck at the last second and that’s how it ends up in space, it won’t have anything to do with who’s wearing it beforehand. Because otherwise it basically removes all the tension. It’s such an obvious red herring that’s it’s essentially meaningless.

  3. Mary says:

    Yeah, Talbot is such a hypocrite with his complaining about how Coulson was running his Shield bunker and then he reveals that Hive managed to steal a missile.
    I was glad though that Andrew was able to save Daisy before Hive killed her to make more of his freaky looking proto-inhuman goons.

    • John Corbae says:

      The smarter move would have been to kill Hive and be done with him. Then you could free Daisy. The others would be bereft of a leader and unable to act. But this kind of logical thinking ensures I will never ever write for a TV show.

      • Mary says:

        If it had been the season finale, then yeah Hive and Lash would have probably killed each other in a fight, but since that’s next week they didn’t.

  4. Tom says:

    I’m really hoping it’s Lincoln. He and Hive need to not be in season 4.

  5. James has a nickname. It’s Hellfire, he’s from the Secret Warriors comic book.

    I never would have thought they would be allowed to use the Alpha Primitives on the TV Show!

    • ScottJ says:

      I loved how the show dodged around calling them that while still managing to say Alpha and Primitives. Just not in the same sentence.

  6. laurelnev says:

    Did anyone else think “Well I guess THAT’S the origin of (Wayward Pines’) The Abbies when they opened the door to those aberrations?

    And for all of those who laughed at me when I said I liked Lash and Daisy together…well he DID sacrifice his own life to save hers tonight. :)

  7. Joey Padron says:

    New episode was good. Glad Lincoln fooled Daisy and the team send in Lash to fight Hive. Glad Lash got Daisy back to normal and happy she’s back with the team. The scenes with Talbot with Coulson was good and funny. I’m worried on how’s gonna die holding Yo-Yo’s necklace.

  8. Joey Padron says:

    I mean her mini cross.

  9. Mulloy says:

    I hope it’s not Mack!

  10. Matthew says:

    They need to finally cut the cord on Brett Dalton. His characters have run their course. I’m ready for new storylines and new characters. The inhuman can remain but I’m sick to death of them being the whole show. I’m usually not one for mystery of the week type procedurals but this show could desperately use something different for a while. I haven’t really enjoyed watching it for a half a season. I miss Bobbi and Hunter and can’t help to feel that their dynamic is what helped the show to become more fun in season 2. I just don’t feel any tension in the show anymore. I also felt the tie into Civil War felt shoe horned last night.

    • Laura says:

      I totally agree with you– I preferred the show’s format in season one. Besides, wasn’t it always meant to be about the people in the background who don’t have powers? That is, the support team of scientists and others who enable the superheroes to do their job? I miss THAT show.

      • NoName says:

        I miss THAT show too.
        Agents of SHIELD was my favorite tv-show, but season 3 managed to made me loathe Inhumans and drop the show with just 4 episodes.

        • Robert Dassler says:

          I don’t miss everybody complaining about the lack of superpowers. The show is doing just fine.

          • NoName says:

            Yes, it is. If one thinks that 1.0 / 0.9 ratings are great.

            Agents of SHIELD is just a show about Inhumans and what it is like to be inhuman. I hate hat everything revolves only around Inhumans

  11. TvPeong says:

    I was expecting a bigger Lash/Hive showdown. I hoped his whole Inhuman “purpose” wasn’t just to save Daisy. It feels like everything seems to revolve around her.

    • KayCeeCee says:

      What a disappointing end to Lash!! They set him up as this amazing Inhuman and his purpose was just to save Daisy!!! huh!!! I was expecting a huge Lash/Hive showdown.
      Also, he should have died in Mays arms, since he is still Andrew deep down.

      • Jerri says:

        Lazy writing from the staff. If his sole purpose was to save Daisy, why did he go on a killing spree killing all those Inhumans?

        • AoS Fan says:

          I would not call that lazy writing. The obvious solution would be to have Lash kill Hive. Every fan of the show expected it. I would say that the writers really like to give us twists so it is not predicatable. Even as the fight was going down, the obvious thing for Lash to do was kill Hive, but he didnt. I would say that we need to keep expecting the unexpected. At this point it would not surprise me if they figured out a way to kill Hive, save Ward and take him to Tahiti…

  12. Kim R says:

    That dang necklace!
    I did not see the Lash twist coming which is the best! Great episode! I haven’t seen Civil War but I do love how they tie the big screen in with the small. And Coulson is my favorite by far. :)

  13. jazzyt2u says:

    Is Hive really going to die because that would mean the end of Hive/Grant Ward… Any word on if Bret Dolton is moving on to something else???? I only ask because he’s an original cast member. Are we really ready to not see his face anymore no matter how evil he is… LOL

    • lariet50 says:

      I’m tired of Ward/Hive, but I’ll hate to (hopefully) see Brett go! But I’m sure he’d get snapped up by another show. He’s too pretty not too. :)

    • anthroptomist says:

      I think it will be Hive that dies in the space ship as a result of Fitzsimmon’s antidote trickery. He’ll be burned out of Wards body which will remain alive as Ward and self-destruct the terrigen-mutation bomb in space as a last act to save humanity, dying as human martyr and hero. (Not dissimilar to what almost happened to Tony Stark in Avengers Assemble.) That way the redeemed Ward can be the team member that dies a la Daisy’s induced premonition.

  14. If they have to eliminate a team member, can it please be Daisy? I have never understood her importance to the show. And too much of each episode revolves around her. The other characters are just so much more interesting. If they kill off May, Mack, Fitz, or Simmons, I will be devastated (in a TV reality sense). But I have a feeling that if they do kill a major character, it’s going to be Mack. Which is a terrible choice.

    On another note, Talbot is just so hot that I can overlook his character being such an a**hole.

    • lariet50 says:

      You know, I go through phases on Daisy. I couldn’t stand the character at first, then I was okay with her, then this season she’s become so full of herself I can’t stand her. So yeah, I’m with you. Plus it would actually give Coulson a storyline (I know, what a concept!).

    • Laura says:

      Daisy is my 2nd choice (after Lincoln) to be the one who dies. The show has come to revolve around her more than the team. And how many times has she stubbornly gone and done what she thinks is right, despite her orders, only to apologize after she makes a mess? Pulling her into the limelight has also diminished the roles of (arguably) more important characters like Coulson and May.

      • Carolyn says:

        I agree Laura. Daisey and Lincoln would not be missed by me. I really miss Bobby and Hunter. If they write off Coulson, May, Mack, Fitz and Simmons I would stop watching the show.

  15. J D says:

    Would you please stop the kill drama and give mack the ability he had when sky first received her powers;come on lets get more exciting and bring lash back to put hive on the run,have you any idea how good that felt to see lash kicking hives ass ;come on more up ,and if you must kill the enemy leave the stars alone.

  16. Prism says:

    Originally I thought that Lincoln actually was going to go there but have Hive’s sway not affect him because of the serum he had injected and what not.

    But I guess it fits more that Lash was sent as he’s the only one that could free Daisy from Hive.

  17. kirads09 says:

    Was ABC sending us a clue with Coulson reading Peggy’s obit? Is that an announcement that Agent Carter is for sure going to be cancelled? Still holding out hope for 11th hour renewal but…

    • ErinJade5 says:

      The Agent Carter reference was from Captain America Civil War. That may have been one of the ways to connect the tv series to the film or like you mentioned.

  18. Television says:

    Dang. Am I the only one that thought Lash was super cool? And why would his purpose be to save Daisy and not kill Hive? Daisy is such a pain, needs to go. She never follows orders and always puts her team in trouble.

    • Robert Dassler says:

      That’s not correct. Can we please stop it with the Chloe Bennet/Skye/Daisy Johnson hate. It was tedious three years ago and it’s intolerable now. Please, stop being unreasonable.

      • EuphemiaDawn says:

        Can’t stand her. Get over it. She’s written to be a self absorbed, semi adolescent, semi racist brat with delusions of superiority in no small part due to Coulson being written to let his paternal feelings toward her morph into unreasonable confidence in her abilities as an agent and a *scoff* leader. The only time I was not disgusted with the character’s behavior was when she was under Hive’s spell and (seemingly) made a mature tactical decision to trap her teammates in the base only to find out later that it wasn’t really her making that decision. Fun drinking game: take a shot every time Daisy/Skye barges into a room without announcing herself or knocking.

  19. Robyn Riep says:

    Who were the mother and daughter at the end if the season finale? The two Daisey was taking care of.