Once Upon a Time Recap: Who Died? And Did Hook Finally Move On?

The battle with Hades claimed its first heroic casualty this Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

In the antepenultimate episode of Season 5, Emma, Regina, Henry, Robin and Charming returned to Storybrooke, shortly after Rumple (and Zelena/Hades before him) jumped into the clock tower portal. There, though reunited with Snow and other friends and family, they nonetheless had to contend with Hades, who was operating on a suitably nefarious agenda.

Specifically, Hades aimed to restore the Olympian Crystal, a family heirloom given to him by Zeus. Doing so would allow him, among other things, to build a kingdom for him and Zelena to rule — though his lady merely wanted a house and a yard for her daughter to play in. Meanwhile in the Underworld, Hook — with the help of King Arthur, who has been slain by Hades topside (um, why??) — discovered that the same crystal could defeat Hades, information he promptly relayed to Emma by restoring those critical storybook pages.

When Regina and Robin infiltrated the protected mayor’s office to reclaim Baby Hood, Hades sneaked up on them and went to use the crystal to “end” Regina… but Robin jumped in front of his love and took the deadly blow himself.  Zelena arrived upon the grisly scene, and Hades attempted to lie about what went down. But after Regina tackled the god and Zelena picked up the dropped crystal, the Wicked Witch realized that nothing would ever be enough for him, let alone her love, so she plunged the crystal into the onetime Underworld overlord, turning him to dust.

Back in the Underworld, after King Arthur realized his destiny was to restore the broken kingdom of the Underworld, Hook decided it was time for him to move on. When he want to do so, he was met by Zeus, who thanked him and his friends for fixing the mistake that was his wayward brother. “It is time to take you to where you belong,” Zeus said….

Back in Storybrooke, Emma finally did her proper grieving and said a final teary goodbye to Hook at his tombstone, while the other townsfolk laid arrows on Robin’s casket at a funeral service — where Zelena told Regina that the only possible name for Baby Hood was “Robin.”

Afterward, Hook materialized at the cemetery, having been rewarded by Zeus for helping defeat Hades. Following an emotional reunion with Emma, he learned of Robin’s sacrifice. Meanwhile, Rumple retrieved from Hades’ ashes the remnant of the crystal… for what purpose?

What did you think of the episode “Last Rites”?

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  1. Alex says:

    Don’t even care about Robin dying but the writing is just so lazy …. I feel nothing is ever at stake in this show.

    • David4 says:

      Because it’s not. They could just bring him back with a spell next week, or maybe next season they go find Zeus in heaven and have a chat about returning Robin Hood.

      • ninergrl6 says:

        I think that’s why they included Hades’ caveat that the magic crystal (or whatever they called it) zapped people from existance — no Underworld, no light or fire, just nothingness. Then again, the writers could backtrack on that in a heartbeat.

  2. NM says:

    What utter crap. So disappointed in this show. I haven’t watched this back half of season 5 yet but I won’t be. I’m utterly devastated for Regina. When and will she ever find happiness?

    • Uh, she has happiness — she finally has her sister (A restored memory is powerful thing), a niece, an adopted son, possibly two, if she decides to adopt Roland. She has friends, she made peace with her mother. She lost the love of her life through an act of love and ultimate sacrifice. She’ll need to grieve, but she has happiness.

      • ninergrl6 says:

        Thank you! All of this talk about Regina losing her chance at happiness and basically having nothing left to live for without Robin is making me sad for the entire female population. Yes, it sucks that he died, but to imply that a woman (or anyone) can’t be happy without a romantic soul mate riles up the feminist in me.

  3. BM says:

    So much for a show about second chances and hope… And people wonder why Regina turned to the dark side? ;-) I just hope that her family gives her the strength to get through this because I would hate to see her turn back to her evil self. I like how far the character has come!

  4. jj says:

    I had the same question…why did Hade kill Arthur?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      So random. Before I realized he had actually walked into UnderGranny’s, I thought Hades was using his body to tour storybrooke.

      • SMNK says:

        And yet Hades told Arthur something about helping him with his plan as he killed him. Then Hades did nothing to/with Arthur and Arthur even helps to defeat Hades. They don’t read their own scripts as they’re writing them sometimes it seems

      • MissEllys says:

        The plot holes are gaping craters at this point.

      • Amanda says:

        I just figured Hades wanted more souls stuck in the underworld.

      • jj says:

        I kept expecting Arthur to betray Hook somehow because I assumed Hades was controlling Arthur or something.

      • Autumn says:

        Lol so did I

      • ninergrl6 says:

        Matt, that’s what I thought Hades was going to do too!

      • Andy says:

        Let’s call a spade a spade…this show is completely and utterly plot driven. Why did Hades kill Arthur? Because that’s what the plot demanded.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Mayyyybeeee…. Hades KNEW that Arthur would end up helping Hook, which is what he wanted, because if the heroes learned about the crystal and plotted to kill him with it, he could claim “self defense” to Zelena……….?



          • Sabrina says:

            I think this is on the right track. Hades says something like “this will do the trick” when he kills Arthur. He’s itching for a fight with the heroes — I guess he assumed they would get out of the Underworld — so he could use the Crystal.

          • Mara says:

            I had this discussion with a friend…we think he did it to send a message to Emma and the heroes..that he means business. That’s how he “helped”. That or he had some other plan to frame the heroes when the body was so he could manipulate Zelena more but he never got there because she stabbed him with the crystal…

          • Mara says:

            Sorry the “he” who helped being Arthur..Arthur’s death was either meant to help Hades show the heroes he means business or to help further Hades manipulation of Zelena.

    • Leo says:

      I think it’s obvious why Hades kill Arthur. It’s because Arthur said he was destined to rule a kingdom too so Hades saw him as a threat and killed him.
      Can’t have two kings in one kingdom right?
      I’m super pleased with the way the writers tied up the story for Arthur to rule Underworld. He finally got redeemed.

  5. Gary says:

    Honestly how can you expect Regina not to blame Emma for Robin, basically they traded one life for the other so it shouldn’t surprised anyone Regina bringing out the Evil Queen for a spin. This was a really bad ending to an otherwise great episode and the writers should be ashamed of themselves.

    • irene says:

      If anything, it’s Regina’s fault for giving Robin’s daughter to Zelena. Regina should learn to stop blaming others for everything.

      • Autumn says:

        But that’s her sister and she loves her and Zelena did change. She(Zelena) felt that she could help Hades change but you can’t change someone who doesn’t want help. I think it’s personally Rumples fault. Why did we even have to save him in season 4! He does nobody any good and can take a short walk off a long cliff for all I care. If he were to die Emma wouldn’t have been the dark one and then neither would have Killian and etc… So it’s seriously a chain reaction… But it’s also Emma’s and her inability to let go…

        • Rebecca says:

          If Rumple died then the DO’s curse would of taken over his body & killed everyone.

        • M says:

          If Rumple had died the Dark One would have rained terror on SB in his body. That’s WHY the Apprentice tried to surgically remove the DO and put it in the hat–which, by the way, is what Rumple was trying to do in all of S4A. So by your logic, it’s ACTUALLY Hook’s fault for not just dying and letting Rumple control the Dark One.

      • Litz says:

        Ah, but you see, only two episodes ago we were shown that they shared a moment when they were kids, which means that everything was okay between them. So you see, according to show logic, there is no way Regina can blame Zelena.
        There really is -no- weight to anything in this show =/

      • Becca says:

        Exactly! We’ll see if Regina has really changed or not, whether she misplaces blame. She has always blamed everyone else for anything bad that happened to her, whether it was a 10-year-old or some author writing a book. It was NOT Emma’s fault. Regina is the one who insisted everybody trust Hades in the UW after being on Zelena’s side for three minutes, and insisted Robin hand over the baby to Zelena. So she could just as easily and more accurately blame herself. But really the only one to blame is Hades, who had the crystal and was wanting to kill.

    • Jason Reynolds says:

      I wouldn’t say it was a great episode at all. It was a bunch of random stuff slapped together to reset the series yet again. The same thing they do every season.

  6. iHeart says:

    wow I was not expecting that really. Still I wonder what plans Rumple has for that Crystal

  7. Ian says:

    The stakes on this show are non-existent. There were some moments that made me feel like this was a strong arc and that Hades was a good villain, but its dissolved into just campy… crap. I never cared for Robin, Arthur’s redemption is as cartoony and forced as both Zelena’s and Cora’s, and the only thing I actually cared for tonight is Lana’s performance (love her), and Colin’s wardrobe. You couldn’t have dragged my eyes away from his crotch in those tight faded black jeans for anything.

    • Leah says:

      This comment is fantastic!

    • ninergrl6 says:

      HA! I agree on so many levels.

    • wakeup90 says:

      Lana is awesome! At the moment only reason I stick with this show…. :D

    • MissSilky says:

      I enjoy watching Rumple and Regina. Everything else is so poorly developed it’s difficult to care. The pairing of Robin and Regina was atrocious, and I kept waiting for him to rob the Evil Queen! I’m also waiting for them to allow Zelena to have the snarky good fun of Margaret Hamilton’s Wicked Witch. With as much sense as this show makes they might as well fight over sparkly shoes!!!!

      • ninergrl6 says:

        I miss snarky Zelena. Snarky Regina too. The ridiculously speedy sister reunion robbed them both of their personalities.

  8. laurelnev says:

    By the middle of last week, I was all aboard the Robin Dies train, and it looks like that was the right train to hop. But I was right about the sisters uniting, and about Hook being resurrected by this whole circus. Can’t believe they’re trying to redeem what they did to Arthur by making him fulfill the splintered kingdom in the Underworld. Don’t buy the Greeks would accept a Chrostian English ringer either. It was fun seeing some old characters, but lets hope this is the last we see of Underbrooke. At least Regina’s getting a new adoptive son out of this thing!

  9. Stacey says:

    Poor Regina, I liked her and Robin Hood together. And if they brought Hook back why can’t they bring RH back? Maybe the actor wanted to leave.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      As Hades made clear, there is no coming back from death-by-Lucite-crystal.

      • Litz says:

        To be fair, they said Hook was dead dead as well. And they’ve said that several times through the show, only to turn around and still bring them back when they needed them to, so I would -not- be shocked or surprised if Robin returns next season, and that’s kinda sad when you think about it. Like several people have already mentioned, there are no stakes anymore.

        • tvjunkie says:

          You missed something. Hook was dead but existed in the underworld. Robin is dead and exists nowhere. How do you bring someone back from nowhere?

      • Gail says:

        I think they wouldn’t have said there was no underworld or heaven or hell for Robin if they were going to bring him back. They had to do that or everyone would say he will be right back or have future adventures in the underworld. They could do a winter limited series called Underbrooke next January with all the good characters still in the Underworld. Of course he could appear in flashbacks. Sadly it means Regina will never be reunited with him nor will he reunite with Marion or his children. From next week’s preview it appears that Emma will be afraid the loss of Robin will return Regina to being the Evil Queen but Regina will surprise the heroes and not revert to her old ways. Though she probably will be hurt that they think that of her.

      • Vilma says:

        When Rumple took Robin’s heart , we never saw putting it back. So I think maybe this can be a way to bring back Robin. You know something like “a body without a heart is not complete dead”. You know crazy things in a crazy town. Until then , I hope the next week I can say ” Welcome back, Evil Queen , Welcome back your Majesty!!!

        • AnnieM says:

          Right after Rumple gave his father the River of Souls-water heart last week, he told him he’d given Robin his heart back.

    • Maddie R says:

      Unfortunately, the actor stated that he was leaving the show. :(

  10. Aly says:

    I’m so disappointed with this show right now. Hook is a 300+ year old guy who should have died permanently around three times this season. Emma was an idiot and went against his wishes and turned him into a Dark One, lied to her family and wiped their memories because hook then murdered Merlin, and then went on a silly quest to the underworld, thereby putting her entire family at risk. And yet they are rewarded by Hook being personally escorted back to life, where he and Emma can make out on the grave of poor Robin (how horribly shot).
    I wasn’t even a big fan of Robin, but he was a good man and father of two (one now an orphan…). Now Regina has had two loves die in front of her. And yet Emma got more screen time to cry over Hook and Robin…
    I love some of the characters on this show (Regina, Rumple, Henry, Snow, etc), but I am tired and disappointed by the writing and direction it has gone in. What sort of message is this trying to send? As a fan of Regina, I am tired of seeing her get dragged through the mud yet again. There is a huge imbalance in the narrative, where some people never have lasting consequences and some have too many.

    • Claire says:

      Yes, Regina has had two loves die in front of her. Emma has had double that (and some of them more than once). If we’re going to make this into a contest, she is still not the one who has suffered the most nor have her consequences been the most lasting.

      Ultimately, the idea that Regina would have to suffer the same kind of loss to see if she’s truly changed is an interesting one to me. I think that she’ll find comfort in her loved ones and grieve with them instead of trying to curse the kingdom all over again. She’s gained the love of a sister and closure with both of her parents, it wasn’t all for nothing.

    • jj says:

      I understand you’re a fan of Regina, but don’t forget she’s the evil queen. You state that you’re displeased that Emma has been rewarded for what she has done. But let’s keep in mind that the Evil Queen’s list of misdeeds (which includes countless murders) is staggeringly longer than Emma’s.

    • Autumn says:

      I agree with you all but I agree with the first one more. EMMA CANT LET PEOPLE GO! Regina -as hard as it was-let Daniel go because she couldn’t bring him back. She tried and she couldn’t but Emma drags the whole family to the underworld because her boyfriend died. I mean Emma just needs to realize the world doesn’t revolve around her. I wouldn’t even speak to her if I was Regina. I would turn evil again because it’s some BULLSHARK! I mean Regina is constantly fighting for happiness with pregnant sisters and barrenness yet Snow and Charming only have a couple fights and the turmoils over.. While Ms.Swan is over there trying to get everyone killed by going on a trip to hell which she is again not listening to Killian’s wishes…. Smh

      • Claire says:

        Emma wanted to go on her own and everyone else insisted on coming along. They all knew the risks going into it. Cora even gave Regina an out and she chose to stay in the Underworld instead of taking Henry and Robin back to Storybrooke.

        If she becomes the Evil Queen again, she is throwing away years of character development. She’s gained a family in Henry and the Charmings and now a sister and a niece. There are plenty of reasons why she shouldn’t turn evil on a misguided attempt at revenge. The first being she’s better than that and the second being she made the choice to help Emma reunite with Hook.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I too thought it was in poor taste, or just awful writing, to have Emma & Hook’s reunion at Robin’s grave. Emma had her own tearful moment at HOOK’s grave — why not have him come back then? Just flip flop the scenes and it makes so much more sense. After Robin’s funeral Emma even told Snow that she wanted to grieve alone. THAT’s when she should’ve gone to Hook’s grave and cried, and then he could have reappeared in that moment. It would have been more consistent story-wise not to mention less disrespectful to Robin’s grave.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Hook is a survivor. No way he was gonna actually stay dead. I’m glad he’s back and I hope we see some evil Regina maybe teaming up with Rumps.
      I didn’t mind the underworld story arc. I do think the pattern is to spend too much time on any given (half season) story arc and then tying it all up in the neat bow in one episode. I hope next season shakes up the pattern some. I’m guessing next week’s double episode will be a long set up and reveal for 6A, but I do still love watching this show.

    • Shauna says:

      Emma has had 4 love interests die in front of her so I’m not sure why you’d bring up Regina losing 2. She’s nowhere near Emma’s list.
      And yes you’re right there are lasting consequences for things and others have none and Regina has never had ANY while Emma has had too many and usually for other people’s choices. Regina was rewarded at the end of season 4 with Robin back after a season of her ripping people’s hearts out, enslaving people and kidnapping kids and she wasn’t even called out for any of these things. While Emma not only has to undo things she did but she also loses her boyfriend a number of times and suffers through massive amounts of trauma and all because she saved everyone by taking on the darkness!

  11. Danielle says:

    I’m really questioning Robin’s death here. The set pictures released for this episode showed him dead on the floor. That’s some pretty lazy spoiler keeping for the Once writers. They normally really keep things close to the vest. And when there is a major shocking death of a series regular there’s normally a quick follow up interview with said actor or the show’s writers/creators released. I feel like going back to the beginning of the season when Adam and Eddy said things are not always what they seem is going to come into play at the end next week.

  12. Rebecca says:

    As usual, making Rumple bad out of nowhere just so they make Zelena & Hook look good. Wow! They named the baby after Robin, didn’t see that coming *rolls eyes* I guess the Rumbelle baby will be named after someone who dies. Now I fear it’s going to be either Belle or Rumple who dies next season. And really? CS kissing near Robin’s grave is disgusting!! Pretty much a middle finger to everyone who doesn’t ship this tacky couple.

    • Claire says:

      OutlawQueen had sex in the crypt that holds the bodies of Regina’s parents. They’re all equally tacky in the end.

    • jj says:

      uh, “making Rumple bad out of nowhere”….what are you talking about. He’s always been bad.

  13. X.L. Seeyor says:

    Someone died? What in the world would compel you to put such information in the subject line of your RSS feed?

    Pure holery, that’s what.

    • I just have to say ... says:

      Last week’s network preview stated as much. TVLine didn’t do anything wrong.

  14. Claire says:

    The Hook/Arthur scenes would have been much more interesting if Arthur had turned out to be Liam 2.0, which was a fan theory for a while there. This was just a half-hearted attempt at closure that didn’t provide much.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      That would have been AWESOME. What a clever idea! Not addressing Hook’s dad or Liam 2 in the Underworld is just one of the many missteps of 5B IMO.

  15. MissEllys says:

    OMG! What is it with naming babies after dead people, and, ironically, people whose deaths Zelena is responsible for?

  16. Bwhit says:

    That scene with Regina and Zelena was one of the best of the season and I don’t even like Zelena that much but dang, she broke my heart.

  17. Dina says:

    Until we found out about Zelena and Hades’ past, we didn’t like Zelena, so why does she get to kill the villain and save the day? I’m (mostly) okay with the idea of her changing, but I haven’t seen anything this season that explains why she went from being excited ten episodes ago that Robin and Regina were going to die, so she could raise the baby alone, to standing at Robin’s grave with Regina and deciding to name the baby after him.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Same. I like Zelena as a character (preferably a wicked one) but her redemption/change of heart basically came out of nowhere. For that matter, so did Regina’s forgiveness of Zelena. “We met as children so I’ll forgive and forget all of the horrible things you’ve done since then.” Whatever.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Cora erased their memories. Once those came back and Regina and Zelena were reminded of those happy memories, it changed their history.. Making their relationship complicated, but no longer seeing each other as an enemy. IMHO

        • M says:

          Too bad it couldn’t change the fact that Zelena had already murdered Neal and Marian, raped Robin, and tortured and molested Rumple.

  18. Amanda says:

    I thought the ep was really well done. I will miss Robin and Sean but he died protecting her and the baby. I wasn’t surprised as it was rumored for weeks. I am happy Killian is alive again and back with Emma. Had a feeling it would be Zeus who did it too. Didn’t expect Arthur to get redeemed so fast but I was ok with it. Will be interesting to see where Regina goes from here. She will struggle with her old self but I think the good will win out. I’m more worried about Henry.

  19. pinky says:

    Couldn’t care about Robin dying any less…one less boring character to take up screen time. The only thing I care about if the effect it might have on Regina, who’s one of the few interesting characters left on this show

  20. Aisha says:

    I loved OUAT when it first came out and I’ve stuck with it through ridiculous story lines but having Gold once again become the main villain is so annoying.
    If I ever liked Gold/Rumbelle it was in season 1, now Gold is just so ridiculously selfish and has literally shown no growth since his first episode, just gained knowledge of how to be disgusting in more ways.

    • Night Owl says:

      I guess that depends on what you call growth. Gold has gone through many attempts to “change” including wanting to be a better man for the woman that he loves. The growth that we’ve seen is that despite the attempts to change, Gold has realized that THIS is the person he chooses to be. He’s chosen to be selfish. It’s not mere cowardice anymore. Being the dark one, being selfish, not wanting to be redeemed, choosing power and magic, etc are all things he has decided that he likes and wants. So, in many ways, that’s growth of his character.

      Perhaps not growth towards becoming a better person, which may be what you’re looking for. However, not every character’s growth will be like Regina’s, towards a redemption of sorts. If it was, then we’d always know the eventual end for each villain. I just think that his growth has come in the form of realizing that he IS the person he truly wants to be.

      • Aisha says:

        Exactly, but to me that’s not growth. I wouldn’t say he’s more evil/selfish or less evil/selfish than when we originally met him, just more knowledgeable about how to be evil.
        Every time he’s pretended to be better, he’s always had ulterior motives. I love a villain that stays a villain as much as the next person if the writing is great but for Rumple his evilness is to hide his weakness and that’s why I despise him.

        At times I look at Regina’s mentions to her growth and I’m like “chill that was barely voluntary” but I still enjoy it or enjoy when she;s willing to go a little dark because there’s always a reason and it’s rarely herself.

  21. Joey says:

    “It is time to take you to where you belong,” Zeus said….

    If I still cared at this point, I would’ve hoped that he open a gaping portal to Tartarus.

  22. NH says:

    A complete garbage

  23. Kateri says:

    It’s pretty obvious why the writers take Captain Swan over Outlaw Queen. It’s all about money and ratings. Personally I LOVED this episode. Perfect way to end Mothers Day watching this episode with my daughter and screaming with her when Hook came back! I’m hoping that there will be a Captain Swan wedding in the near future! Colin O’Donoghue would neither confirm nor deny an engagement, but blushed when asked the question if it was going to happen!

    • S says:

      Adam and Eddie denied an engagement. And as far as the ratings go, it’s pretty obvious that the general audience is over Hook and CS.

      • ninergrl6 says:

        Hardly. Hook is one of the most popular characters on the show, almost (if not equally) as popular as Regina. Ratings are down EVERYWHERE. I believe OUAT has one of the best +3 or +7 ratings (or whatever DVR viewing is called) and is one of the highest rated shows on the network. Don’t look for flimsy reasons to hate on Captain Swan. By your logic, the lower ratings could be blamed on Regina being nice. Maybe people want to see her evil and that’s why they aren’t tuning in.

    • M says:

      If it’s about ratings, then they made a huge mistake. The show has never sunk lower than in the season of Captain Swan (and the absolute nadir was Hook’s centric).

  24. James D says:

    What in the of Apollo’s golden chariot was that. Wow there are more plot holes than stars in the sky (I love me some hyperbole). Why would any writer feel it was okay to produce something like this. Shame I really enjoyed 5a this whole underworld arc was pointless. Hope it improves in the finale episodes.

  25. Kalvin says:

    I hate Emma and Hook.

  26. Jessica says:

    Poor Regina! Another love killed in front of her. When will she get a break?! So many people say RH was a boring character but I believe he wasn’t utilized enough on the show. He would disappear and then reappear and then disappear again! Hook coming back was strange sequence but glad we didn’t lose two big characters/ love interests in one show. Going to be interesting to see what Rumples up to. I’m assuming we are kind of going to figure that out in the finale??! Can’t wait! His character is finally being strange, creepy and manipulative again which I love!

  27. Sharon says:

    I’m gonna be honest, Robins death didn’t bother me in the least. He was a boring character. Not sure if it was the character or the actor 😐

    I like the progression of the Regina and Zelena relationship.Not all happy endings have to be romantic.

    I really liked the Hook and Emma reunion. JMO is killing it this season.

  28. GraceM says:

    Shouldn’t have killed off Robin. Now his son doesn’t have any parents.

  29. Nina22 says:

    Is there any chance Robin Hood is coming back to storybook? Coz his heart was taken right before he left underworld.

  30. Autumn says:

    It hurt! I was in hysterics and had to use my inhaler! Personally I was crush because I just love Robin so much!! This was a great summary and you really did get all the important details 💋👌

  31. robin says:

    Every time they make a guest male character a regular, they ruin him. They almost ruined hook.

  32. ninergrl6 says:

    Overall I enjoyed the episode despite the huge gaping plot holes and inconsistent writing (either I have horrible taste or I’ve given up over analyzing the show or both). The baby’s name was predictable as soon as Robin died, but I liked it. I’m glad both Emma & Hook willingly let go and tried to move on (and selfishly I’m glad he was miraculously saved because I adore Colin). Belle’s dad instantly became one of my favorite characters when he said he’d rather his daughter stay in the sleeping curse than be subjected to Rumple’s abuse again. AMEN! I’m glad there was some resolution for Arthur, even though the way it came about was kind of lame. I still don’t buy Regina & Zelena’s instabond, but that was so two episodes ago and I guess I just have to get over it. I really liked Robin saying he couldn’t forgive Zelena and giving Regina a hard time about trusting her (which makes TOTAL SENSE since she raped him, not to mention her other nefarious deeds), but then later he backtracked and got all sappy about second chances and I almost threw up. Such is OUAT’s endless hope-mongering. The killing of Hades was too easy (oh look a magic crystal that no one has ever mentioned before!), but they wasted at least 4 episodes on superfluous characters so I guess they couldn’t drag it out any more. In general the Underworld arc didn’t at all live up to my expectations, but tonight’s ep was reasonably satisfying.

  33. Nina Williams says:

    Will ever that annoying Hook die already, seriously why couldn’t Zeus bring NEAL BACK?! Oh right, i just remebered this is a shippers’ show that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. So angry & pissed off i stopped watching this trainwreck after 3 episodes of S5.

    I despise Cap’n Shmook with burning passion!!!

  34. Nina Williams says:

    Remeber how those two A&E said that in S5-B they are gonna explore the story of Lilly’s father & the viewers will get to see Maleficent again?! Yeah…they proven to be a pathological liars that’s for sure.

    Stop with Once Upon a Hook already, get rid off him & bring Neal back.

    • ArJones says:

      Neal lol – are we still coughing – that has to be a joke (Neal has gone to some funfair lol). And Hook was coming back anyhow…. Use common sense lol.
      Immature cough cough show name.

      Lily the actress got pregnant in real life.

    • Drb999 says:

      The actress who plays Lilly became unavailable because she was pregnant. She just had her baby in March.

    • The actress playing Lily got pregnant irl and had another show she was on so she want availed to do more on OUAT yetl

  35. ArJones says:

    I love that Hook came back on his own… and by Zeus, granting him his life and where he really belongs…with Emma. Hook was selfless in this mission to help Emma and find out the secret of Hades and defeat him and not just that also hold up his promise he would move on hence all these points and also defeating Hades – hence Zeus coming and taking him where he really belonged as we all know -always with Emma. I love the connections between Emma and Hook, even so far they still feel each other and know one another, True Love. Emma cant grieve, Hook cant move on because without each other they cant move on. And i love this whole aspect to it. Aww at Emma looking at their dance pic in the storybook. I did like the bromance between Hook and Arthur.

    • Nina Williams says:

      *cough* shipper dettected *cough*

      • ArJones says:

        *cough cough* following the story/narrative and what the writers are laying down person here. Like i am going to apologize for liking the episode and the couple, and characters and journey. Hey i even like Snowing. OMG for me for liking it and enjoying it. Good me for enjoying that for over 5 yrs *cough cough* THANKS

      • Nina Williams says:

        *cough* i have a flu *cough* i am dying *cough*

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I also liked Emma looking at their dancing pic in the book. That’s probably my all-time favorite episode, the season 3 finale with them time traveling. Prince Charles and Princess Leia ha!

  36. Nina Williams says:

    And bratty Regina ugh, it’s ALWAYS somebody’s else fault for her unhappines. But she deserved this, after all i hope she permanently stays evil this time & they destroy her for good but that’s just wishful thinking, she’s A&E’s one of the favorites like Cap’n Shmook so that falls into the water. Will they finnaly cancel this mess after next season they definitely should!

  37. ArJones says:

    Robin the character was just really meh. And acting was just lackluster.

  38. Ana says:

    Though I’ve never been able to get really invested in Regina and Robin (as a couple and individually), i was sad to see their story end this tragically. I wonder what the purpose behind this decision was. The writing hasn’t been very good or consistent for a while now.
    Having said that, the reunion between Killian and Emma was absolutely beautiful and full of the deepest, sincerest joy and that was lovely. I just wish the writing could go back to the quality it used to have. Still a big fan of Emma and Killian – though at this point that might have more to do with the actors’ commitment than with the material they’re given.

  39. kitsunesaru says:

    My thoughts on the episode: why was Zeus so wimpy looking?

  40. Pat says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. When Hook finally passed on, only to be met by Zeus, I knew then that he was coming back. The scene with Emma at his grave was heart wrenching and that is when they should have had him surface behind her and not at Robin’s grave. I was shocked to see how quickly they killed off Hade’s character. I thought for sure that it would not happen until the beginning of next season. I am worried about Regina turning evil again. There is a little boy (Robin’s son) that will need someone to love and raise him and I am hoping it will be Regina but not if she reverts back to being evil. Also, next weeks promo ———Henry destroys all the magic????

  41. Shauna says:

    Great episode. They finally got rid of the deadweight Robin and brought back the ONLY thing I’m watching this show for – Captain Swan! Poor Emma has been tortured non-stop this season so I was so happy to see her be happy for once. But I know it won’t last because I just know Regina is going to be an idiot and blame Emma for what happened and I don’t think I can sit through that. Ugh – I kind of wish Regina had been killed off.

  42. Isabel says:

    Starting to hate this series more and more. The writers have always said that you can’t bring back the dead. But of course this rule doesn’t apply to their precious Hook. I’m so tired of this Captain Swan crap. Everyone gets screwed over again and again except for Emma and Hook.

  43. arianeb says:

    “King Arthur” and “Robin Hood” are two of the most famous heroes in English folklore going back centuries. I’m pretty sure no one has ever written a story that involves both of their deaths before… especially one that also involves the destruction of the Devil/Hades.

  44. MKS says:

    Some things didn’t make sense to me. Although we didn’t get to see how Hades killing Arthur was part of his plan since he bit the dust himself, it wouldn’t have left that gaping plot hole if he’d simply killed him because he didn’t want ruler competition. Why on earth would Hades leave those pages behind? Destroy them or have them on me are the only two choices I’d make. One last thing – the “crystal” – cheesiest looking prop ever! Looked like something they picked up at the dollar store.

  45. Amy says:

    I like how Emma always blames herself when bad things happen and Regina always blames other people. This event everyone is to blame and nobody at the same time. The consequences of the trip to the Underworld suck but Regina encouraged Zelena to go to Hades…and Emma encouraged Regina to go home several times before this happened. I mean the writers wanted to go here and where is the starting point people start drawing fault…if Regina hadn’t been so susceptible to darkness the ‘dark one’ goo wouldn’t have went after her and Emma wouldn’t have became the dark one or if there had been no first curse Emma would have never grown up alone and had issues with being left…etc . It sucks that Emma gets to be seemingly ‘happy’ while Regina suffers but I think this is as much about where Regina decides to go then Emma getting to ‘be’ happy. Regina almost gets a ‘do’ over here and can really ‘grow’ as a character. I was never a Hood fan since Ellis was recast but I am hoping Regina gets a good meaty arc from this and I’m hoping Emma gets some peace

  46. Julie says:

    Man, Regina can’t catch a break

  47. Nicole says:

    The plot is so ridiculous, I really had a good laugh. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Just what are the writers writing? Are they even?

  48. Josie says:

    Meh, I guess I’m the only one who actually cared about “outlaw queen.” I mean why go so far to put him in the book and parade him around as Regina’s destiny? They barely got a shot at being anything. I’m the only one who doesn’t care about captain swan at all. I was hoping hook would stay dead to make a bold and lasting storyline that would make sense. He would have died a hero. Whatevs.

    Must admit I will look forward to seeing the evil queen again, as the first season was clearly the best. But, it would throw away this last season and all of regina’s speeches of being good and looking out for people she cares about and blah blah blah.

    They might as well kill of belle, who makes no sense at all. She’s boring because there’s nothing for them to use her for. Rumple has never really changed for her. At least with OutlawQueen, Regina changed. And from reading all the comments, fans didn’t care about Robin dying bc he was boring and useless…belle is the female version of him, but worse.

    Excuse the stream of consciousness rant I just did here.

  49. hopemullinax says:

    “This show is about hope!” says the writers as they kill the father of two small children leaving them orphaned. They killed him with a crystal making it specifically clear that he would be obliterated with no chances to come back. And Regina has lost her second love of the show. “But watch the finale next week for hope,” says the writers.
    Total side note: while I do like Killian and he’s one of my favorites, Killian and Emma making out ten feet from Robin’s dead body was in poor taste.

  50. onceuponatime says:

    people are hating too much on this ending for regina. but i think it’s pure poetry the way both zelena and regina loose simultaneously their true love ultimately bringing the sisters closer. the return of hook was excpected but i actually didn’t want it after all the heartbreak the separations gave me. now it all feels unnecessary. i also like how rumple is always a step ahead and take the best (worst) of every situation. he is the chracter keeping up the show with everyone neither hating or loving him. i really love once upon a time