The Vampire Diaries Recap

Vampire Diaries Recap: Bonnie & Hyde

Try as I might, I doubt I’ll ever be able to purge the image of Bonnie Bennett beheading Caroline Forbes from my memory.

Fortunately, that disturbing dismemberment was merely a dream sequence, one of several Bonnie experienced as she struggled to fight Rayna’s curse on Friday’s Vampire Diaries. Caroline and Enzo each gave it their best shot, entering Bonnie’s brain to locate the curse’s off switch, but neither achieved much success.

For better or worse, it was Damon who eventually woke Bonnie from her reluctant slumber by attempting to convince her to give up and let Elena come back. (I know that sentence was complicated, but what isn’t on this show?) Little did Damon expect, his plan worked out too well — there’s a first time for everything, I guess — and he replaced Caroline as Bonnie’s No. 1 target.

What transpired couldn’t have been more bittersweet: Yes, we got to watch Damon deliver a beautifully heartfelt speech to Bonnie (“I believe in you, and I love you the same way Elena loved you. If you kill me right now, it’s not your fault. I did this to us. But, please, forgive me), but it came at the expense of Damon nearly being staked to death. Were it not for Deputy Sergeant Sheriff Donovan’s quick-thinking, and even quicker trigger finger, Stefan’s brooding brother might not have lived to see next week’s finale.

Of course, it’s anyone’s guess what the aforementioned finale has in store for Mystic Fall’s finest, especially with Damon and Enzo planning to re-open the Armory.

OK, now that we’ve gotten that unpleasantness out of the way, let’s talk about what I’m sure most of you came here to discuss: “Steroline!” The estranged couple finally had a long-overdue talk about their feelings, and the results were… well, probably not what what you were hoping for:

Stefan: I love you, and the thought of you getting hurt is not an option I’m willing to entertain.
Caroline: You hurt me more than anyone else has ever hurt me. I loved you, and you left me.
Stefan: I know. All I can say is that I’m sorry and hope that you’ll forgive me one day.
Caroline: I just don’t think that I can do that.

But don’t assume that Caroline’s refusal to forgive Stefan means she’s 100 percent committed to Alaric. In fact, her response to Stefan’s inquiry (“Do you love him?”) was proof of that: “I don’t know. Can you love someone and leave them behind right when you need each other the most? … Ask me whatever you want about directions and travel plans and anything related to Bonnie. Those decisions I can make. Just please don’t ask me to make that choice right now.”

Ready or not, Caroline, next week is the season finale. The time for indecisiveness has passed.

(Side note, because I didn’t know where else to put it: How amazing was Caroline’s casual Klaus mention?)

Your thoughts on Season 7’s penultimate episode? Hopes for next week’s big finale? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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  1. Gul says:

    Im getting tired of Damon’s constant Elena rants. Like we know you love her, can you stop? It’s getting annoying. Super glad Bonnie is getting some storyline which doesnt have her sacrificing herself again, lonngg overdue.
    I love me some Steroline but was still glad that Caroline told him off, she deserved to be part of that decision. But they obviously still clearly love each other desperately so Im not worried. Looking forward to the finale!

    • Enough! says:

      Agree with everything except Steroline. Loved them as friends and that’s what they need to go back to. The people that tuned into this season don’t want to hear about Elena or Delena ever again. We were excited and grateful that Nina left and took us out of our three year misery of them. ENOUGH TVD, they are making me actually hate Elena now. STOP forcing her, her name and DE into every episode. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

      • katie says:

        Don’t you dare try to speak for me. I am a hardcore Delena fan and Elena fan, and in case you’ve forgotten, this was *her* show. Bamon shippers and Stelena shippers of course want Damon to forget Elena, but it seems pretty obvious that isn’t going to happen. I’m sorry, but TPTB aren’t going to forget that this show was Nina Dobrevs before being anyone else’s, and they aren’t going to betray that character by having everyone just get over her being gone.

        • Val says:

          It stopped being Elena’s show when Nina LEFT. Now they are playing up to a COFFIN and rabid fans who wanted this show cancelled, who boycotted the show and do nothing but bully other fans. Don’t speak for all fans because not everyone bought the sour milk that was delena. Not everyone bought into that fake, obsessive, toxic, co dependent, changed every character for mess. So happy Nina left.

          • amy says:

            First off. More fans like delana than stelana cause stelana was fake and domon is her real soulmate. Paul said in a interview that he did not want stefanz character to continue with elana cause he didnt want to kiss her angmore. Cause he said shes like a sister to him. Delana had way more chemistry even paul wesley tjaught so.

        • Vanessa Maharaj says:

          Completely agree!

        • Tam4423 says:

          I don’t think anyone wants her forgotten. They can move on without forgetting her. Damon loves Elena. They have gone over and beyond to remind us of that. However, at some point this man needs to move on and find a life for himself until she returns. He needs to find love again.

          • That’s the way I feel regarding the story. They can’t make Damon forget that he ever loved Elena when he wanted to dessicate beside her and be woken up with her so basically when Bonnie dies. Pains me to write this because I love Damon and Bonnie together but in trying to keep everything ambiguous and please all shippers the writers are pleasing none. They’re either going to have Damon make a powerful,painful clean break and move on or they’re going to saddle the actor with increasingly more and more redundant Elena references since the actress had made it quite clear she’s not coming back to the show except maybe in the finale and that’s a big maybe. Damon’s character needs to start being the hero too not always the engine of bad decisions even if they’re ostensibly for a good cause. It always backfires. Personally don’t like Caroline this season, she’s been supremely boring with her mommy issues,it’s ridiculous she’s a friggin vampire. She’s never been “real” as a vampire except in the very early seasons. Stelena has no bite.

          • Angela says:

            Stele a has no bite you are right! I like Caroline as a vampire with Tyler I felt that he brought out the best in her character.

            As for Damon and Elena I agree all of the references are hurting his character. Once in a while yeah but I’m pretty sure she’s been mentioned in very episode except two. Then when he burned her coffin I thought it was brilliant. Not bc I wanted her to die but it would have eventually made an end to it all. I thought that’s what they were doing. Unfortunately, they were just adding her into the storyline again.

          • Angela says:

            I meant to agree that steroline has no bite.

        • At last! says:

          To be honest, I want a good storyline. Grimm gives me that, it also happens to give me a lead that moved on with his life after his girlfriend “died”, but most of all it gives me the good storyline that neither Damon nor this show provides.

        • ND says:

          @ Katie and this type of thinking is exactly what’s wrong with tvd right now. What is Elena’s story? The only thing they’ve written for Elena is that she slept with two brothers and then became a lap dog for one. They stripped her of her agency all for a guy! It’s funny because the only reason I ever see people say “this is Elena’s show” or similar things it’s ONLY because of Delena. No one ever just talks about Elena it always has to do with de. The show hasn’t made Elena a person without a man, she has no identity outside of Damon. Women are more than the men they are with and the show has failed in that. IN FACT Julie Plec said that Delena was ALL ABOUT DAMON! LMAO!! If that doesn’t tell the whole story of DE then…. You can like de but don’t try and push these false thoughts about Elena and the de realtionship. There was nothing outside of physical attraction for them and the audience that has any depth. They weren’t meant to be or stay together and as many have said before me the way they were written it made my point clear. All anyone has to do is go back to s6 and see what they had to do before Nina left to make it look like De was a somewhat ok relationship. Julie said the only reason for De ending together was because Nina left while Elena was with Damon. I do think if Nina hadn’t left Elena would’ve gotten her agency back and she wouldn’t be with either brother and that’s what I would want for her. The show ruined her character by not actively writing for her as a person instead of a toy for a man.

      • Tam4423 says:

        Yeah I could care less about Caroline and Stefan. They lack the chemistry that he had with Elena. I honestly feel like they need to try someone new for Caroline and should have kept Stefan with Valerie or tried him with Rayna before she died. I still think that would have been a great storyline. Rayna trying to kill him but because she’s connected to him emotionally, slowly falling in love with him.

    • Jbj says:

      Hear, hear!

  2. Cami says:

    Finally we saw them on screen and finally Steroline talk to each other and had a face to face after 3 years apart 😍😍😍. I missed their scenes so much . I am happy now thanks to Steroline scenes . They were amazing and they zre still madly in love with each other 💖

  3. marydspain says:

    Yes finally we were blessed by Steroline scenes! About time!

  4. Stacey says:

    The Klaus mention was awesome! Hoping Sterobore is over, I miss them as friends! Hoping Denzo band together to help Bonnie. Also, hoping for a Klaroline reunion next season!

  5. Pam says:

    I found this episode lacking and predictable. Bonnie once again in the crosshairs. Elena is once again a main character that is not physically there. The Steroline moments were to be as expected. Of course they are going to wrap that with a bow. The only decent thing is that they finally had Matt remove his head from the sand.

  6. Stacey says:

    Also, the Stefan and Caroline discussion was what I was hoping for. Way to go Care for telling that jerk off. I can’t believe he vervained her and kidnapped her, he doesn’t trust her to make her own decisions, what a chauvinistic pig. I’m glad, Care said LoveED, hoping this ship is over for good. Time for Care to be single, and then eventually get with Klaus for endgame!

    • AD says:

      When you call Stefan a ‘chauvinistic pig’ in one sentence and then endorse KLAUS of all people in the next. Lol.. Not transparent at all.
      Also, sorry to disappoint but Im pretty sure the whole point of their scenes was to show that they still love each other. She was understandably pissed but still loves him, which is something she’s literally never showed an inclination of feeling towards Klaus so maybe for once, you all should consider her feelings instead of just Klaus’ “intentions”.

      • Stacey says:

        Why did she say loved then? And also, why did she tell Stefan he’s the person who hurt her the most? At least Klaus always put her first, even at the expense of himself. I have faith in Julie, to make things right. Heck, I take Calaric over Sterobore, worse couple ever imo. Poor Care, deserves better!

        • Brittany says:

          Yes Sterobore sucks. They haver zero chemistry and are like brother and sister gross. Klaroline all the way. I also prefer Koroline, Carenzo, Carlijah, anything but Sterocest.

        • AD says:

          She said all those things because she is still angry and doesnt want to show her vulnerability. The very fact that she hasnt been able to move on for 3 yrs is proof of her feelings. And Stefan DID put her first. He had a crappy way of doing it but he did FOR her safety but ya’ll are too blinded by your Klausiness to see. And if you dont think that Calaric is the most cringeworthy thing in existence, idek what to say to you.

          • Stacey says:

            I honestly don’t see them getting back together. She said she wanted to be there for Ric and the kids. I just don’t see the chemistry between them. My main problem with Stefan is that he doesn’t consult Caroline in his decisions, he thinks he knows best all the time. Also, he doesn’t seem to understand Care’s connection eith her girls. Klaus could tell just by talking to her. Klaus has more chemistry with Klaroline and understands her at a deeper level.

      • Brittany says:

        STFU inbred hillbilly. Go watch Deliverance if you like incest much.

        • Gul says:

          LMAO REAL mature.. Calling others inbred when you dont know the meaning of a simple word like incest. Grow the F up, smh..

          • AD says:

            Lol, its pointless to try and talk sense into these types.. the very fact that they cannot come up with a more original or factual argument than “incest” proves that they either have no reason to hate SC except for the fact that its in the way of their ship or that they are 5 and dont know meaning of words.

  7. klaroline is eterno forever and always !!
    and the following season klaroline <3

  8. Val M says:

    Yassss Andy…Klaroline!!!!

  9. Angie says:

    The Klaroline mention was amazing! We just need more! Thanks for this article!

  10. Natalie says:

    I loved that Caroline called Stefan out and didn’t just take him back. Also LOVED the Klaus mention, and am hoping for more from that storyline next season (seriously klaroline just need a reunion). Bonnie being the huntress was a great twist and I think Kat played it very well and I really enjoyed the bamon scenes. Overall great episode- probably one of the best of the season.

  11. Bonnie killed in this ep! Figuratively, of course.

  12. Jbj says:

    I was happy to see some Matt and Bonnie bonding, because those moments are so few and far between. Too bad it was short-lived.

  13. Stacey says:

    Thanks Andy for the Klaroline mention! We appreciate it. : )

  14. NegaT says:

    Okay, the good character becoming a villain trope has gotten stale and especially in this series, because I think at some point every character on the show has turned heel, some more than once.

    • Myra says:

      Agree! We all know she’s not going to kill anyone off because who’s left to kill off? They need every character for s8, really hoping it’s the last season.

  15. Ida says:

    When was the Klaroline mention? More importantly, how could I have missed it?? D:

  16. Dani says:

    Okay, I’m sorry, but I think Steroline is an absolutely awful couple. Stefan doesn’t deserve Caroline at all.

    I hope she walks away from him and doesn’t look back, though that is unlikely.

    It just seems like Stefan gets more and more repulsive as the seasons go on.

  17. Beth says:

    Choose your own adventure, Caroline!

  18. kathlyn says:

    So it seems the writers completely discarded the Caroline going to NOLA storyline. I mean why bother show Caroline in NOLA if they’re simply going to write it off just like that. Julie, I know you use the Klaroline fandom to boost the rating but at least let them meet. I don’t know why you and the writers hate Klaroline so much when it can save both shows from getting cancelled.

    • Beth says:

      I think that it is possible that Caroline was sent to NOLA so she could meet up with Klaus in the finale in case the shows were cancelled this year. Caroline mentioned Klaus for the first time in forever and Plec isn’t completely dismissive of them reuniting, which gives me hope that they will meet up next year. At the very least, it is better than constantly being told that they have had “closure”. That said, I completely understand your frustration.

    • MissSalvaforbeson says:

      i think Caroline goes to NOLA after whatever happens in finale happens. after all, they never mentioned the danger she was running from was Rayna. what if the danger is Bonnie? and her kids-are they half vamp btw? because half vamp or not, they are powerful and maybe Hunter Bon Bon wants to kill them and caroline takes them to NOLA to protect them… idk but possible. plus i doubt after finding out that klaus has been missing for 3 years she’s gonna be back in MF after only a few days.and not even mention that klaus is missing. she is gonna try to find out about where he is and thats gonna take more than a few days. so basically caroline hasnt gone to NOLA yet.

      ps. i havent watched the episode yet so dont know what klaus mention andy’s talking about. can you tell me?

    • MissSalvaforbeson says:

      Wow. wait, are you my twin? because i am pretty sure there’s a serious twin telepathy thing at work here. you said everything i wanted to say and feel about this whole mess, its jusy uncanny! seriously, this is some legit twin telepathy situation…! Lol :-D

      “Damon, you’re in love with Elena, we get it, EVERYONE gets it. Stop talking about it.”-
      i swear i scream the same thing at the TV screen every episode!

      “Stefan was my favorite guy on the show, hands down, until he started falling for Caroline, since then his character has just dropped so far below my expectations of him that he’s literally just the ghost of his former self. Drugging Caroline instead of letting her make her own decisions in life – sexist, chauvinistic, a*sholian. Nothing like the Stefan I know and love.”-
      my feeling exactly. he is not the stefan i know and loved. the only time i felt for him in this season was during that episode where he was stuck in the serial-killer’s body which goes to show how terrible his character is being written now. they have completely changed stefan character and caroline’s character just to tailor them into romantic-steroline and it is NOT working out at all. the same can be said about delena too and you put it perfectly-
      “… Damon’s personality already took a loss when he got with Elena (probably because try as the writers might, they were not meant to be, Stefan and Elena were).”

      not just damon though. elena’s character also took a hit. i really hope they dont do the same to bonnie. she is happy with enzo and enzo really loves her. bonnie deserves happiness. and as much as i like damon, if they do show them get together its gonna be the worst move the writers can take. they have repeated constantly (and annoyingly so) that damon and elena are gonna be together. now after all the shoving-in-our-faces if they backtrack now, its gonna be a nightmare. besides, damon romancing bonnie until elena comes back is gonna a real slap in the face to bonnie. and so as a bonnie fan i really hope they dont go down this road.

      as for klaroline i do stil have hope that they are going to be endgame and they might even have a reunion next season(s). however seeing as how fanservicing couples ruin the characters and shows(as i have seen happening in many fandoms), i kind of hope they dont show them get together. klaroline will be the endgame, they will be each other’s last. we know that. but seeing what has happened to stefan damon elena and caroline’s characters after JP tried to listen to fans and write the story around what the fans want, i don’t want the same happening to klaroline, as a couple and as individuals. however, that being said, i do wish they have a few crossover scenes though, and mention the other in their respective shows (completely ignoring their past as they did for the last few seasons in both TO and TVD is wrong. )

      • Stacey says:

        This!!! I agree completely, TVD was best during Seasons 1 -3. I loved Stelena, and really liked Stefan. I don’t know who these characters are anymore. I liked Caroline taking a stand yesterday, reminded me of her old self. Stefan has gone downhill the past 2 seasons and I actually like Damon now. I really was apathetic to Delena for S4 to S5, it just wasn’t written well. I felt for them a little more in S6, and thought the writing improved for their relationship. But now that ND is off the show, they should shelf Elena a bit. I want Bzmon to be best friends and Bonnie to stay with Enzo, they’re sweet together. I definitely want a Klaroline endgame and I agree with you, just a few crossovers and mentions is all I need, I don’t want the ship ruined like Delena.

  19. Kami says:

    There are SO many things to say about this episode, I don’t even know where to start – actually I do… Great episode! That being said, SO irritating. Damon, you’re in love with Elena, we get it, EVERYONE gets it. Stop talking about it. She’s gone, she’s not coming back. Let it go. Everyone else has. Very happy they finally made Matt relevant even if just for 15 minutes until he failed again… Sigh… Stefan was my favorite guy on the show, hands down, until he started falling for Caroline, since then his character has just dropped so far below my expectations of him that he’s literally just the ghost of his former self. Drugging Caroline instead of letting her make her own decisions in life – sexist, chauvinistic, a*sholian. Nothing like the Stefan I know and love. He ALWAYS let Elena decide her own fate even when her decisions were dumb af as they often were. Furthermore, why did they have to make Steroline a thing? Why couldn’t she have just been his new Lexie? He and Lexie never hooked up and were still such good friends. The majority of us loved their friendship SO much that we wanted her to come back to life 2 years ago and she was only in, what – 4 episodes? That’s what Steroline should’ve been, not a couple that is so unrealistic with no chemistry that it changes the personality traits of characters we’ve know and loved for seven years. Having said that, Bamon as a couple should NEVER happen for the exact same reason. Damon’s personality already took a loss when he got with Elena (probably because try as the writers might, they were not meant to be, Stefan and Elena were). If he gets with Bonnie, it will change the entire dynamic of the show in a severely negative way. I love Bonnie and Enzo and the one thing I don’t want is for them to have her kill him when she loves him so much. That’s worse than death, honestly and Bonnie can barely (and by “barely” I mean NEVER) catch a break as it is. Why is her most discernible personality trait that she’s willing to give up her life for everyone else? That is what she is most known for. All you Bamon relationship shippers, the things he said to Bonnie tonight, he meant. I know he loves her because he told her how he felt (SO SWEET) but he’ll never want her or love her as much or more than he loves Elena and that’s not fair to her. Any true Bonnie fan would want her with Enzo, who just loves her, who doesn’t consider her a 60 year place holder for his true love. Loved the Klaus mention from Caroline but even though I wish it would happen, I don’t really have a lot of hope for Klaus & Caroline. TO has been on for three seasons and the episode this year was the only crossover we’ve ever had and it was only Stefan who crossed over. So in my mind, it wasn’t even a crossover at all – not like Arrow and The Flash by a long shot. So Klaus & Caroline may just (unfortunately) be a figment of our imaginations, although I would love it so much. At the end of the episode, there is only one thing I want – for Bonnie to come back BEFORE she kills anyone that she (or I) cares about (i.e. Damon, Stefan and Enzo)I love this show, if I didn’t I wouldn’t feel like I’m actually invested in these fictional characters lives – lol. I’m grateful that by the number of comments I always see on this site, I’m not weird and alone.

    • MissSalvaforbeson says:

      Wow. wait, are you my twin? because i am pretty sure there’s a serious twin telepathy thing at work here. you said everything i wanted to say and feel about this whole mess, its jusy uncanny! seriously, this is some legit twin telepathy situation…! Lol :-D

      “Damon, you’re in love with Elena, we get it, EVERYONE gets it. Stop talking about it.”-
      i swear i scream the same thing at the TV screen every episode!

      “Stefan was my favorite guy on the show, hands down, until he started falling for Caroline, since then his character has just dropped so far below my expectations of him that he’s literally just the ghost of his former self. Drugging Caroline instead of letting her make her own decisions in life – sexist, chauvinistic, a*sholian. Nothing like the Stefan I know and love.”-
      my feeling exactly. he is not the stefan i know and loved. the only time i felt for him in this season was during that episode where he was stuck in the serial-killer’s body which goes to show how terrible his character is being written now. they have completely changed stefan character and caroline’s character just to tailor them into romantic-steroline and it is NOT working out at all. the same can be said about delena too and you put it perfectly-
      “… Damon’s personality already took a loss when he got with Elena (probably because try as the writers might, they were not meant to be, Stefan and Elena were).”

      not just damon though. elena’s character also took a hit. i really hope they dont do the same to bonnie. she is happy with enzo and enzo really loves her. bonnie deserves happiness. and as much as i like damon, if they do show them get together its gonna be the worst move the writers can take. they have repeated constantly (and annoyingly so) that damon and elena are gonna be together. now after all the shoving-in-our-faces if they backtrack now, its gonna be a nightmare. besides, damon romancing bonnie until elena comes back is gonna a real slap in the face to bonnie. and so as a bonnie fan i really hope they dont go down this road.

      as for klaroline i do stil have hope that they are going to be endgame and they might even have a reunion next season(s). however seeing as how fanservicing couples ruin the characters and shows(as i have seen happening in many fandoms), i kind of hope they dont show them get together. klaroline will be the endgame, they will be each other’s last. we know that. but seeing what has happened to stefan damon elena and caroline’s characters after JP tried to listen to fans and write the story around what the fans want, i don’t want the same happening to klaroline, as a couple and as individuals. however, that being said, i do wish they have a few crossover scenes though, and mention the other in their respective shows (completely ignoring their past as they did for the last few seasons in both TO and TVD is wrong. )

    • EFMB says:

      I agree with you !!! So true about Damon/Elena thing, Stefan/Caroline and I especially agree on Bonenzo – finaly great couple, those two caracters deserve true love and they coupled them up so please don’t ruin them with other people/friends as love interest. As much as I’m afraid what is Bonnie going to do as a hunter, this is an interesting storyline and will keep us at the edge of our seats – that is something this show lacked for me.

      • Gotta disagree about Bamon. It’s the only thing that would even make sense in this show right now. I don’t know what the writers are doing with any of the characters. The flow is strange. That 3 year time gap was weird and hardly explained anything. The relationships don’t make sense. Damon and Elena: Elena is asleep, I can’t even deal right now with why they still bring this up. Matt and whats her name: no one cares and they girl was annoying. Caroline and Alaric: are they going to give us more of an explanation??? Caroline and Stefan: whatever. Don’t make Caroline the new Elena, I didn’t even like the old Elena. Bonnie and Enzo: cute, but Enzo has always been irrelevant. He’s a Beta male. Bonnie deserves an Alpha. There’s only one other Alpha male on the show that I can think of… yes… Damon. They don’t act like best friends, they act like spurned lovers. Damon always acts like he doesn’t know what to do about the fact that he has feelings for her so he constantly brings up Elena to remind HIMSELF that he’s supposed to love her. I loved the episode where Enzo and Damon were fighting over Bonnie because she is the alpha female and has always deserved to be fought over! Not Elena. And as far as Damon loving Elena so therefore he can’t love Bonnie. The entire premise of TVD seasons 1-3 was Elena loving Stefan AND Damon. Who are BROTHERS which is even worse than being best friends. So that is a weak argument. The writers can make it happen and I have no idea why they don’t want it to… They’ve made every other love connection there could possibly be without having any same sex relationships, so why is this one–the one that has had the most chemistry since the start of the show–the only relationship they’re not going to take there???

        • Kami says:

          I agree with MOST of your comment until we get to Bamon. Firstly, Bonnie and Damon did not have ANY chemistry until the season they were stuck in the prison world. What season did you start watching TVD? No offense, but I’ve been watching since 2009 and distinctly remember them HATING each other (and not in the way they’re pretending to hate each other this season and the last) REALLY hating each other. She blamed him for her Grandmother dying, her mother being turned into a vampire, him trying to kill her over Katherine, always very happily sacrificing her for Elena and literally saying to Elena “if Bonnie has to die to save you? I’ll kill her myself”. They have not always had “the most chemistry on the show”. He gave zero f***s about Bonnie until like last season. And when Elena was on the show nobody was even thinking about Bamon – not even a thought. Not that I’m a Delena fan because I agree wholeheartedly with you on that big, steaming ball of destruction. She should’ve been with Stefan or someone else instead of brother swapping for the FAR less worthy brother, but this is about Bamon, not my Stelena anger. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Bonnie DESERVES to be with someone who will put her first ALWAYS. Damon can’t even put his BROTHER first and left to sleep with Elena without even saying anything to Bonnie. He’s ultimately selfish and I LOVE him, but he is. Benzo is perfect. He’s not a Beta to anyone because he has no friends (his good friend Damon left him to burn in a cage) and Bonnie is an alpha, but let’s keep it real, the writers only made her an alpha after Elena was gone. Before that, she was a sacrificial lamb. She still kind of is. No one said that just because he loves Elena he can’t love Bonnie, it’s just weird that he’ll be with Bonnie until she dies and then just start back up with Elena. Even you have to admit, weird. Although, Elena has done worse and so has Caroline, don’t even get me started on her getting with every body Elena touched, Bonnie doesn’t need to be like them. And we don’t need ANOTHET triangle. The whole show was about a triangle until the day Elena died. It’s old. It’s tired. It’s like as viewers, every time we see a man and woman who have a great FRIENDSHIP, it has to be ruined by them becoming a couple, which is exactly what happened with Steroline – they should’ve just stayed friends. So should Bamon.

          • MissSalvaforbeson says:

            actually! if they make bonnie and damon a thing now (stress on the word ‘now’. i like bamon and would have been happy with them together, if the writers hadn’t ruined it all with their focus on delena) it would be the worst decision they make. they have made a lot of terrible mistakes before, yes, but this is would be worse because they are ignoring all the faults they did before and not learning for their mistakes. bonnie should stay with enzo. enzo DOES put her first and is the only good relationship she had throughout the show ( i am not even touching the mess that was Beremy. he cheated on her with a ghost. a ghost!). and honestly what is up with the whole damon-vs-enzo-who’s-the-alpha thing..? its not about who’s alpha, its about who loves bonnie more, who always puts her first-and that is enzo.

          • Kami says:

            Hi, twin! Completely agree! I feel like people THINK they’re Bonnie fans but they don’t want WHO’S best for her. What is the other commenters reason for thinking Enzo isn’t an alpha? Number one, who cares? Number two, do you feel like he’s a beta because it’s more Damon’s show, which it is. He’s been there from the beginning but that doesn’t mean Enzo’s bad person just because we don’t know him as well or for as long. He treats Bonnie like she always should’ve been treated (completely agree with you on Beremy – a GHOST?! Seriously?!?!) Benzo is SO sweet. I LOVE them and their love. That’s the type of guy she deserves – this is like the one good thing that’s ever happened to Bonnie. All she does is lose people or die – that’s it! She deserves Enzo and he deserves her. I love them and I ship them for life or the duration of this show. Since they wanted to hype the absolute MESS and DYSFUNCTION that was Delena up SO much (STELENA!!!) They should keep it like that and let him be miserable since that’s obviously what they want now that Elena’s gone and they CONTINUOUSLY bring her up. Let Bonnie be happy and in love with Enzo.

        • EFMB says:

          Alpha and Beta, really? ??? I think Bonnie deserves a man that will love only and just her for who she is and that is Enzo. He has evolved so much as a caracter. A lot of you forget that he was captured and tortured for years, afcours he was confuzed and lost when he got out in “real world, knowing only Damon who turned back on him. That thing with Lilly was more “thank you for caring and accepting me to be close to someone” kind of love. And that “Alpha male” would be good for Bonnie how? He is so crazy in love with Elena that he had nerve to go for her when she was with HIS BROTHER! Killed her boyfriend and several times wad ready to sacrifice Bonnie just because it suited him! Damon is finaly getting to be better by showing he finaly cares about people around him, not just his selfish fealings, so just leave Bamon at that level brother/sister love.

    • Well said, always encouraging to find more literate expressions of “love” for what is essentially a teeny angsty show. I don’t feel so alone.

  20. Lou says:

    Thanks for the Klaroline mention Andy ;)

  21. Tamera says:

    Please dont take damon off the air i wont watch the show ever if u do

  22. Maryann says:

    You really didn’t have to give that extreme a spoiler before the break, after the title, where anyone looking at your main site would see it.

  23. zed says:

    First- is Matt dead? I am lost here!
    Then, Damon managing to wake Bonnie up just proved that they are twin souls. She is his real love and vice versa. Like once upon a time Phoebe from Friends said re Rachel and Ross-“He is her lobster!”
    Ah, well. That is in my head -lol.

    It is such a shame the EPs still continue insisting with Elena- now she is like a bad curse you will nevetrever going to be able to break, and it actually ruins TVD now- because there is nothing much that this show will give in the future. Seriously, everything is already decided- what is the point of season 8, when we already know endgame are Delena, Steroline and Bonenzo.

    • Tam4423 says:

      Someone said somewhere I was reading, can’t remember, that Elena and Damon were just sex and fighting. That what he has with Bonnie is not about physical attraction but a true connection and friendship. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more. That is the type of connection that lasts, when relationships are built on trust and respect. Damon realized he cared about Bonnie when they were in the Prison World. However, I don’t think he truly realized it until this season. When he had the opportunity to get rid of her, he couldn’t do. He has consistently tried to save her life, even when he knew he would get Elena back if he did. Then he sees her with Enzo and experiences jealousy for whatever reason. Then the big declaration of love for her in yesterday’s episode (ignoring the unneeded Elena part). These could all be signs of Damon slowly realizing he is in love with his best friend but being so devoted to Elena that he can not yet admit it to himself.

      Seriously, that’s the storyline I want to see. I still have my doubts we will ever get it with how anti Bamon and pro Delena this show is. I still hope.

      • Angela says:

        Tamm4423 I couldn’t agree more! Dim a little pissed how the writers strung us along for the past three episodes making us believe Damon was in love with Bonnie and jealous of her and Enzo for him to admit he loved her (the way Elena did) that part right there made me cringe. It actually ruined the moment. Who cares how Elena loved her, he loves her his way. I just think the writers stabbed the hearts of Bamon fans. Regardless of them ending up together that little excerpt was unessesary. And yes. Their relationship is is natural and their connection is undeniable, that if it happened it would kill the entire Delena storyline as it was ever written, realizing that the bamon pairing would have blown the shows ratings out of the water. Leaving Elena with Stefan and Caroline with Tyler or Klaus. It would have been such a different show, so many dynamics and levels of power. Bonnie would have been less of a sacrificial lamb if she and Damon got together and she would’ve have kept him strong and their dynamics make for good tv. I swear EVERY SCENE they are I together kills. They never do a bad scene together. It’s not just about liking Bamon either. It would have helped the storyline of the show if during season six or five Damon and Bonnie realized how much they lived eachother in a not so friendly way. They make for a good storyline and tv because people tend to love to watch them together. Half the fans are just awaiting their love union. Unfortunately the writers want to keep this Delena thing alive. If an actress left my show the last thing I’d do is capitalize on her character keeping it alive. I’d let her know we’ll survive without you. Watch us! No offense to nd but the writers made her character bigger than she was and if Kg role was bigger from day one she would have overshadowed Nina. That’s how much better in her role as Bonnie Bennett she was compared to nd as Elena.

        • Tam4423 says:

          I had to wonder are these professional writers when they added the Elena part in his love confession. They fed the audience information instead of letting us interpret it the way we wanted. It really took away from the scene. I am choosing to interpret that scene as he can not separate how he feels about Bonnie away from Elena because then he might actually have to admit to himself that he loves Bonnie and it has nothing to do with Elena. Then the guilt would come.

          Yes, I agree with you that they should have left Elena with Stefan. I didn’t realize how much I liked them together until they put her with Damon. I was never much of a Elena fan but with Stefan, she was tolerable. I think the point was exactly what you said. If they put KG and IS in scenes together, they would steal the show and they just were not comfortable doing that when the basis was built around these two brothers fighting over Elena. Ian pretty much admitted they kept them out of scenes together on purpose.

          I just don’t understand these writers because there is no way one fan base would hold my show hostage. They had a whole season to give Damon a love story and then at the end if they want to reunite him with Elena, fine. Half way into this season, Damon should have made a fresh start. He didn’t have to move on in his heart but at least give him another love interest. Here we are near the season finale and he’s confessing loving someone and it’s still about Elena. Come on now, writers! Enough is enough.

    • Angela says:

      Apparently Ian refused a delena endgame. He’s been for Bamon for a while but their Chemistry is so good they can’t let it happen, it’ll take the show in a different direction, but a better one of you ask me. Powerful witch homicidal vampire.

  24. Malex says:

    The Klaus mention was absolutely AMAZING! You can see she needed to surpass her pride (remember TVD S5x11) because she needed help since Klaus provided her security (for her and boyfriends) in the past. And when she says “who is nowhere to be found btw” seems like she’s upset and a little confused about that!

    So after this Klaus mention and all the attention Klaroline has had this past few weeks on the media, makes me think that next season Klaus and Caroline will meet and Im totally on board with that!!!

    That couple dynamic is surely missed!
    At least we have Bonenzo (Benzo)!

  25. Tam4423 says:

    This was definitely the best episode that I have seen on TVD in a long time. In fact, the last three episodes have been the best of the entire season. Is it a coincidence that they focused mostly on Bonnie. Go figure! I hope the show realizes what a diamond they have in KG now. What they have given her in the last three episodes, they should have given her years ago. She rocks as the huntress. Much better then the actress who played Rayna. Maybe because Bonnie is emotionally connected to everyone she is trying to kill. But KG killed those scenes. She was ten times better as the huntress then when both Caroline and Elena turned off their humanity. Let me not get started on how good her scenes were with both Enzo and Damon.

    I loved that she praised Enzo for loving her like she always wanted to be loved. Her battle with hating Damon and him trying to force her to remember how important she is to him was beyond good. The only problem I had with it was him adding the bit about loving her like Elena loves her. I think the writers was feeding the audience at that point. Let us determine what he meant by it. We don’t need a constant reminder that Damon loves Elena. I dont think there is anyone out there confused on how Damon feels about Elena. However, that doesn’t mean he can not fall in love again and if he does somehow he’s forgotten Elena. He can love Bonnie without mentioning Elena. Whether it’s friendship or something more.

    Honestly, I hope it’s something more because they have a really good potential triangle with Enzo and Damon. Two guys KG has unbelievable chemistry with. If they ignore it again just because they want to please a fan base when Elena is not even on the show anymore, is just plain stupid. JMO. Stop letting one fan base run the show and step out there and do something different for a change. Especially when so many want to see it. You can’t please everyone and they have spent the last seven seasons pleasing Delena fans. Give another fan base something they want.

    • Bonnie Slayes says:

      But that is exactly what ruined this show and why make love triangle AGAIN??? I’m sick of that disgusting storylines. Just look at Caroline: she has been coupled up with almost every guy; Elena jumps from one brother’s bed into the other. Bonnie seams to be much diferent in matter of love and that’s why I like her. I hope they will keep that about her and give us exciting witch and vampire action as dynamic of show and along with that, great love story – that is where Bonenzo has a lot of potential.

      • Tam4423 says:

        I get what you are saying but I don’t think it’s the triangle that ruined the show. I think it’s the writers inability to tell a storyline that was compelling and not so bias that ruined the show. It’s the same thing they are doing now. They are so stuck on Damon and Elena that they are unwilling to pursue other potential storylines. They are sticking with an old formula that doesn’t work anymore because the actress is gone. Damon is being held hostage until she returns and the writers seem fine with that.

        Honestly, they should really think about what makes this show great now. Not what made it great back then. In my opinion, the show would get a fresh start focusing on Damon/Bonnie/Enzo. Not Caroline. What has that character done that has been must see TV? What has she done in seven years that was better then the last three episodes Bonnie we just got? I know it’s a mean thing to say but I’m glad Candace went on maternity leave because it forced them to write for Bonnie. When they did, Kat shined. She showed that she could carry this show. The writers are idiots if they don’t capitalize on it.

        • Bonnie Slayes says:

          I completely agree with you about Candice and Kat, Bonnie finaly has great storyline but I think that with Damon as a love interest would ruin this show completely. Why do that to all caracters in this show: mix them with each other? That’s why I was sad Valerie is gone because she would be perfect for Stefan and Caroline really needs a break from men! They should give Damon some new potential love and make us interested about it ( wouldn’t it be great if he’d fell in love with wearwolf? It would refresh the show and there is a lot of stuf to do with that story). But writers focus too much on ships and mixing friends.

          • Tam4423 says:

            I wouldn’t mind Damon doing something different but my problem is I don’t want to see them bring on someone new for him that we would have to get to know all over again. There would not be much of a choice for him once IS leaves the show. Of course, he would choose Elena. I think if they gave him and Bonnie a real shot, that decision would not be so easy. It’s not easy now and she’s just his friend. Imagine if he fell in love with her. I say this totally loving what’s going on with her and Enzo. I think that’s why I want the triangle because I love the dynamics between both pairing and I think Bonnie deserves to be sought after,fought over for once.

            I agree about Valerie. She was better for Stefan then Caroline. The main reason why I can’t get into Caroline’s pairings is because she has been with every guy in their group. How can I take her love for Stefan seriously when she had the same love for Matt and Tylor, in engaged to Alaric, and slept with Damon. I know a lot of it was high school stuff but do you really want to be the one woman who’s slept with all your friends? One maybe but four!

          • Angela says:

            I have no idea if Bonnie is still a witch, but I say Ian turns Kat into a vampire, thus killing her will go murder her vampire friends. She is sired to him, thus a love triangle ensues (only for a short while) Not just a destelena triangle but an action packed ass kicking Bamenzo one. Technically I dont want her to lead Enzo on, because he’s a great guy but Bonnie and Damon are too much of each other’s destiny. Yea I said it. They belong together. In the books they end up being soul mates. Listen if the writers can ship Caroline with every main character (Damon, Matt,Tyler, klaus, Stefan) except Jeremy, and make everyone in love with Elena, (Stefan, Damon, Elijah, Matt, etc) let’s not forget that as Katherine, (same actress) she had (Elijah, klaus, Stefan, Damon, and mason Lockwood) the actress got around on the show. then how can anyone hate Damon who literally only had Elena and a hate ship with Katherine (yet and again same actress) and Bonnie who’s only had Jeremy , who was a terrible no good pairing. He was an ass cheating with a ghost and basically being a out of control whoring and partying when Bonnie was trapped in prison world. Then they paired her with her mothers adoptive son. (Which was straight bullshit) they could have given us Bonkai instead making him obsessed with killing her he could’ve been obsessed with killing Damon and been in love with Bonnie. That would’ve been a good storyline, Bonnie and Kai a little while. They definitely gave us bamon/bonkai sexual tension In season six. They use Kat’s acting abilities but don’t actually give her a good love story. I get it Enzo and Bonnie are good. But we had to watch them fall in love in one episode. Cute yes, but everlasting? Ahh don’t know. We’ve watched Bonnie and Damon fall In Love slowly, and unknowingly since season six prison world, let’s not forget the obvious attraction ever since the era dance in season two or three. I think the writers use Kats excellent acting abilities, create feaux love triangles (bamon/bonkai and bamon/bonenzo) to take advantage of how well she performs as an actress but never really gives her the triumph. She’s the only female lead with any actual purpose besides being in love so now she should find happiness with her soul mate. Why can’t they try to follow the soul mate thing with the books. The fact that she is elenas (BF) makes it a better story to tell. I like how TO gives their witches big story lines. Kat being the only witch deserved much better writing. She was a scene stealer and they couldn’t take shine from Nina :/ so they neglected the gem they had in Kat. Sucks for them, because ratings and storylines could’ve gone a different direction. It would be awesome if Bonnie could be a Vampwitch hybrid in season eight, sired to and turned by Damon. Trust me the writers can make it happen if they want to. Then Ian and Kats last season they kick much ass together making season eight amazing, gaining ratings, and at the end they go off into the sunset together. Well not really, but they leave mystic falls together going after bigger threats and kicking ass to end their season next year! Ahhh it would be fantastic! Kat finds a loop hole bringing Elena back who wakes up falling in love again with her doppelgänger counterpart, Stefan. Caroline finds love with someone else she’s been with like Tyler. Bring the wolf story back to tvd. Forwood was a good pairing. Her best pairing actually.

          • Tam4423 says:

            I don’t want to bring race into this but it’s hard to see the actress KG’s struggles on this show and not. I think the writers, producers, network, etc never valued the character because I don’t think they expected her to get as popular as she did. At this point, she has a lot of fans. I don’t know if it’s more then ND but definitely equal to CK. TPTB didn’t think the audience would want to see a black Bonnie with a very popular white lead. So they gave her scraps. They pretty much tortured the character and the more they tortured her, the more we navigated towards her. The more she became the most sympathetic character on the show. The more they ignored her, the more the audience fought for her to have a voice. I often say these writers need to take a Shonda Rhimes writing class. I am not a fan of all her shows. How To Get Away With Murder requires a notepad and a pen every time you sit down to watch it just to keep up with what’s going on. However, overall this is a woman who can truly writer characters and a Assemble show, no matter the race. She’s not perfect but when you watch a show like Grey’s Anatomy, you feel like you are in the lives of every character. Not just the one’s that are the most popular. Not just the ones with the highest fan base. All of her characters are important.

          • Angela says:

            Tam4423 we are on the same wave length my friend. I didn’t want to bring up race either bc the minute you do people say ” oh here we go with the race card.” But you are absolutely right. Is has everything to do with that. Hell on TO marcel is such a strong character has yet to have a really strong story line that doesn’t involve klaus or davina but I digress he gets more than Bonnie. And I love Marcel. Bonnie….She is a SCENE STEALER! When she gets emotional on the show I feel her emotions and her scenes with Damon are freaking beautiful. However Enzo is less of a threat to the story line. Yes he’s plays a white character but he’s foreign, so there’s his edge plus he’s not a lead. Notice Bonnie and Stefan never do scenes together. Imagine if those two characters ever became close after Elena left Stefan for Damon. Imagine what would have happened if that brought Stefan and Bonnie closer somehow bc at the time Bonnie hated Damon and Stefan basically did too. Ripper Stefan and a powerful Bonnie would have been a great storyline. Plus the compassion of both characters never drew them to even be friends really? Go figure. What about the powerful connection between she and Klaus? That could have worked out making her more powerful maybe even taking her to TO to be some bad ass. That could have been awesome. Julie plex shot down Bonnie and Kol because he was a (murderous vampire and she was Bonnie Bennett) no you mean bc he was an original and that would have been too much shine on her. Yet, Davian, another witch, is now with murderous Kol who almost murdered her btw. Funny how that goes right? It was a BS call by JP. So then that leaves me with Bonkai. Kai Parker had every ounce of sexual and emotional chemistry with Bonnie and yet they turned it into his need to murder her. Yes sociopath but his character was so strong no one would have objected to him having a soft spot for Bonnie. That storyline blown, and the writers are dumb for that one. It all boiled down to the one man she has had a heated connection with since their very first scene together and their love hate relationship. Ian has campaigned for Bamon openly. He and Kat are too good On screen together. That scene where she is the huntress and she bout kills him and he gives her the speech, that was so powerful, until they threw that tacky Elena bit in it. Why is he working harder than Enzo to save her life? Listen I love mickael malarkay and Kat Graham’s characters. Maybe if they persued it in season five and started there but they had not tried I actually think they tried Enzo and Caroline, but then decided to give Steroline a try instead. You are absolutely right, four leading men could have had amazing storylines withBonnie and the writers tokened her out until season six, when both Ian and Kat asked for more scenes together. But she has been my favorite character since day one she always captivated me with her emotions as the character Bonnie. That they concealed her amazing connections and weakened her to make her have a less attractive personality to the audience. But she has always been this gorgeous girl with this crazy courage. I hope I see her in some future show being amazing, and not written by JP or CD because she’s got so much potential. A real Bonnie fan would t settle for Enzo. Let me tell you why he is awesome, but there was no build. No offense what so ever to the talented and handsome MM Bbc he and Bonnie are hot together. But both characters, especially Bonnie deserve more than a quick recap in one episode of a love story. We can enjoy the beautiful guitar playing, and the doting stares, but there is no passion. Hell no love scene. There is no deep routed relationship built on growth. And poor Damon, does no one care about Damon in all this? Bonnie would be good for him. Like really good for him. She doesn’t make him weak she keeps him strong, I’d like to see Ian’s character happy again. As much as I’d like to see Kats character happy. He is good for her. I dare anyone to say otherwise bc he has saved her as many times as she saved him and he’s working his damndest to keep her alive and protect her this season. He picked her over Elena!!! He’s in love with her he just isn’t sure how to equate it yet. But I really wanted to know what the letter said its smart they left it up to the fans to decide how they felt about what he wrote. It played a helluva a role in this season’s storyline though. Makes you wonder. Yeah he needs to get over the Elena hump she can always wake up to Stefan. The writers can make it happen if they want to. There’s no end all be all Delena. Infact Bamon is so much healthier and powerful. It makes sense. He’s not bad for her. That’s a reaching fan that doesn’t like the Bamon concept.

          • Tam4423 says:

            Most of the men they would not pair her with are men that asked to be paired with Kat. I don’t even want to get started on Kai. I think Kai was the only one who would have made me forget all about Bamon. What they had was so twisted yet the chemistry screamed through the roof. The way he looked at her. Like he could kill her one minute and rip off her clothes the next. I thought when Kai was trying to be good and he wanted to help bring her back, that we were going to get that relationship. What did they do They had Bonnie leave him in the Prison World and he came back dead set on punishing her. Even at the end of that, I still had hope. Then Damon chopped his head off. I was like these writers will never give Bonnie a good pairing. To make it worse, they put her in a situation that would potentially have Damon resenting her until she died by linking her to Elena. I was so ready to choke the heck out of that whole writing team at the end of last season. I had determined I wasn’t going to even watch this season, with them heavily promoting Caroline. Instead of both girls. Caroline Dries being such an butt when it came to people asking her questions about Bamon. I was just done.

            I watched anyway and the entire first half of the season was a waste. The only thing that was good was Bonnie and Enzo and seeing Damon and Bonnie grow closer. If Containment doesn’t work out for Chris Wood, I hope Kai comes back next year. Head chopped off and all. Enzo, Damon, and Kai all into over Bonnie, my head would explode. Of course that would never happen but a girl can dream.

          • Bonnie Slayes says:

            That’s exactly how I feal about Caroline and maby that’s why I wouldn’t like for Bonnie to be paired with Damon after all that’s happened ( all the sh*t we had to put up with Delena). If they did that much earlyer, I’d be for Bamon but not now. She found love and I hope they won’t ruin that with another person, because these kind of love exists in real world to. I’m just bored and sometimes disgusted with this kind of pairings trough every season.

          • Kami says:

            @Tam4423 & Angela, I wholeheartedly agree with most of what you guys said. Especially when you (Angela) broke down how many opportunities there were for Bonnie to have chemistry with the other men that were on this show – Stefan, that makes SO much sense and they used to have SOME kind of relationship and now they don’t even stand in the same room at the same time. Kai – I thought that was going somewhere, but nope. The interesting relationship she had with Klaus and the list goes on. Instead she gets stuck with irrelevant, stupid, ghost-cheating Jeremy and her mother’s adopted son. Like, WHAT?! But Elena and Caroline can just be with everyone (Caroline more than Elena, but they’re both still ridiculous). As for arguments about Enzo not being on Damon’s level – of course he’s not. He just got on the show and Damon’s been there forever – stealing all of our hearts with his funny, evil, idiot personality and those amazing facial features, but that being said, there was talk about Bonnie with Kai, Kai was on the same level that Enzo is now except he wasn’t really on the show that long and I love Enzo way more. I understand that people just want a Bamon relationship, but I don’t. I LOVE their friendship. It literally gets me through some of these episodes, since my ALL-TIME FAVORITE MALE character on the show, Stefan has had some kind of personality swap with a wall with Caroline’s pictures taped to it, but I angrily digress. Damon and Bonnie have been building this friendship of theirs for years, but not as many years as the writers have been shoving the Delena crap down our throats, trying to make us believe it’s chocolate. To this day, they still can’t stop talking about it. It’s been a whole season and a fictional three years! Stop bringing her up! But since they can’t and want to make it seem like that’s the end all be all love, even though I feel like Elena & Stefan were more in love, their relationship was more stable and real and not all about them having sex and fighting. They also would have never had to make up things that we never saw like they did on Elena’s last episode to give us to hold onto about their love. It was and still is stupid. Anyway, since they constantly give into Delena fans and do NOTHING for any other ship (i.e. Stelena & Klaroline) it would be wrong to put Bamon in an actual relationship and that’s only because THEY wrote it wrong. They spent so much time thinking about Elena & Nina Dobrev and never thought that she wasn’t going to be there so they made a mountain out of a molehill and now that’s she gone and he’s just been PINING away… it’s awkward for them to be together. They even ruined his speech in THIS episode by bringing her up. So my main problem (besides my love Michael Malarkey and Enzo and Benzo) is that I don’t trust the writers. The way they’re going, this is what would happen if Bamon were in a relationship: they get together after breaking the heart of Enzo and everything’s going fine, but since TVD is probably ending next season, they bring Elena at least for the last episode and then it’s a Bonnie/Elena stand-off and he chooses Elena because that’s the way it ALWAYS goes and they ride off into the sunset, leaving Bonnie sad and alone like ALWAYS, when she could’ve just been with Enzo and loved him like she does now and not have to worry about that. Let’s keep it real, TVD writers don’t care about Bonnie – they don’t. She’s the sacrificial lamb and she can never be happy – that’s apparent for the last 7 years and it’s not going to change now. She finally seems happy and now she wants to kill her boyfriend. See what I mean? I agree, they didn’t give enough time to fall in love with Benzo. When they first showed them kissing in the early part of this season, I was SO excited – all I wanted to see was how it happened and fall in love with them as a couple and they had ALL season to do it, but instead they focused everyone else, BUT her. Even Enzo with Lilly, why? And gave us ONE episode when some of us had been waiting ALL season. Just another example of how they constantly screw Bonnie. Enzo puts Bonnie first, Damon puts Elena first and Bonnie deserves to be with someone who was always just hers. She doesn’t need to worry about being a 60-year placeholder for someone. It’s wrong. Keep them as friends. Why does everyone have to boyfriend swap? I don’t even know how any of these people are friends, to be honest.

          • Tam4423 says:

            I agree with so much that you said in there. Yes, I would hate for them to ruin Bonnie and Enzo too if they do not plan on doing the story justice. They have a whole season next year to go back between the two and if at the end of it Bonnie picks Enzo and Damon ends up with Elena, I would have no problem with it. If it goes your way and Damon breaks Bonnie’s heart or she is sacrificed so that Elena may live, then there’s no point in wasting what she could have with Enzo. I agree.

            The only thing I don’t agree with is that Damon will always choose Elena. Damon believes he will always choose Elena but his actions say otherwise. They keep saying Damon won’t kill Bonnie because he knows when Elena wakes up, she would never forgive him. I believe what Damon said that he really loves Bonnie. Whether that be friendship or something more. But at the end of the day, he loves her. He will go to the extremes to protect her the same way he did for Elena. Damon has not chosen Elena for a long time. Last year when she made him going back to the Prison World about her, he told her he was doing it for Bonnie. He was the one person who was actively trying to get her back. He was the happiest to see her when she finally had to find her own way back.

            I really think the writers could build off that. Damon not realizing how much he is in love with his best friend because he’s spent all this time thinking Elena is who he’s meant to be with. It doesn’t mean just because Damon finally realizes it that Bonnie automatically is right where he is emotionally. I just want to see her torn between the two next year.

          • Angela says:

            I love this non argumentative conversation we are actively having. (: ok you both make completely valid and key points. Here’s my thing with Enzo, and Bonnie, she is leaving along with Ian. If the show stays around Enzo shouldn’t be on a Bonnie cliffhanger. Ultimately Damon and Bonnie leave together would be awesome. The whole Damon choosing Elena, it doesn’t matter how OTP they are to some people, they are not OTP and Ian said he didn’t want a Delena endgame. Who knows how much they’ll listen to him. I however aside from my love for Bonnie think that Damon has redeemed himself and I think he’s done it since he and Bonbon became close. Since season six he’s been better. Not just caring about others but he’s back to being his normal ass kicking self with slight self control thx to Bonnie but at the cost of her he does things against her wishes to protect her. Things that he should do. Like Kill Beau! Threaten the huntress. Doesn’t anyone want to see the character Damon happy? To be honest he is best with Bonnie. IF they decide on Delena endgame I’ll say they didn’t have faith in their own show. As a writer in the past I’ve made mistakes of writing something and changing it because of how future readers might take it. Then I realize I dumb down my story. This is what JP and CD have done with tvd, cater to a fan base thus neglecting the rest of the storyline. And yes, Tam4423 Kai was THE ONE ship that would have made me think Bonnie had something with someone other than Damon. Two witches would’ve been a good storyline for tvd. But again it would have took shine away from main cast. I swear somewhere along the lines there should have been another spinoff to focus on other characters. Kai and Bonnie had potential. Kami, I definitely see what you mean about them making Damon choose Elena but it would be nice if they surprised us and didn’t let that happen. Just tying back the doppelgängers love story. I also agree the destelena triangle ruined it. But mainly because Elena served no purpose but to be a muse. Giving bamon a love story I think would be smart because it would be different from Delena in a good way. In a supernatural Bonnie and Clyde way. Enzo, Caroline, and Stefan should go to TO if TVD gets cancelled. o respect both of your views. This was a good chat! I love hearing other POV when it’s done respectfully.

          • Angela says:

            I agree I wouldn’t want Bonnie’s character ruined with a cheesy non necessary love triangle. She is definitely a different character and so much more interesting. I just want her last season for her to go out with a bang and with some she truly loves bc at the end of the day Bonnie wants someone to love and fo love her and she deserves it she has no family. She deserves to leave the show happily.

          • Bonnie Slayes says:

            That is why I wouldn’t like for Bonnie to be with Damon, she is better than to have her best friends boyfriend, he slept with her other friend. They finaly became friends and that’s what I like about Damon this season: he started to care about people around him – friends and his brother, not just Elena. I think they would ruin great friendship and Bonenzo has so much potential to be great love story. And that is what Bonnie deserves.

  26. Rajusaini3151,@,gmail com says:


  27. zed says:

    Stefan rekindled his romance with Valerie while on the run, right. And if she hadn’t broken up with him, conveniently, he would still be with her? Hm….

  28. Tam4423 says:

    Did anyone catch that Damon was willing to die for Bonnie. He hardly fought back and in the end when he thought he had reached her, he put his hands up in defeat, right before she was about to kill him.

    • Angela says:

      I totally caught that! The whole last three episodes he has been bad ass in the persuit of saving Bonnie, no one and I mean NO ONE not even ENZO, bless his heart has had the passion and love for Bonnie the way Damon has. Explain that! Explain how her “Bff” is trying to save her with this fire in his soul. Does no one feel Damon’s passion for Bonnie? I mean that’s not best friend stuff. He didn’t love her the way Elena did, those writers mucked up by adding that in there bc it dumbs down his love. He actually loves her more than Elena ever did!!! How does this not spell epic love story!!! I hate that the writers play with bamon and toy with a potentially great storyline in Damon and Bonnie. I’d kill if tvd ended and Damon and Bonnie got their own show!!! I’d die in my skin and come back to life a vampwitch hybrid recreation of Bonnie and Damon’s love child!!!

  29. melJ03 says:

    Why do TVD writers hate Bonnie so much?! Bonnie has always sacrificed herself for the greater good of everyone else and what does it get her? Her entire family? DEAD and all because of, or while helping, vampires. Her best friend? DEAD, only to return when she is DEAD. Her love life? Jeremy is gone and when she FINALLY finds real love with Enzo, a vampire, what do they do? Kill her, AGAIN, and have her return as a murdering vampire huntress dead set on killing everyone she has fought so hard to protect for the last 7 seasons. What is wrong with you people?!?! Give Bonnie a break!!! You owe it to her!!

    • Natali says:

      I love Bonnie from the beginning of show and as much as I agree she neads a break, I love how they put her in center of show! I think this will be interesting how will she fight her love towards Enzo with her instincts to kill him. Something has to make us on the edge of our seats and this idea is much more interesting than having another love triangle. I just wish they STOP already with that Damon looks and strange coments towards Bonnie, confuzing fans like that.

  30. chantall says:

    When the girls said we love you mommy to caroline on the phone that totally broke my heart. And bonnie is such a badass how’s about that bamon showdown in the woods.

  31. Ivy says:

    I was always a delena fan, but the show has gotten so much better since Elena is gone. They.need to stop bring her up so much. I miss the Bamon friendship and Bonzo has actually made me like Enzo’s character this season. Hate steroline! Caroline and Alaric’s relationship is sweet.

  32. Shania says:

    Bonnie and Damon’s relationship has evolved greatly over the seven seasons! I’m so for them becoming a couple. Their feelings for one another have grown. I hope the writers do go that route

  33. Liza says:

    I loved that there were no guest stars this episode – just core cast. This season spent too much time alternating between Matt, Alaric, and Enzo. Use your main cast!!!! They are awesome and the show works best when everyone is involved. Same goes for The Originals.

    Loved the Klaus reference! I am anxious how The Originals is going to handle the time jump. I think since both shows are suffering ratings decline that they need to play off each other as much as possible. Klaus and Caroline need to be endgame!!

  34. I really think that comment about leaving someone behind when you need them was a dig at Stephen’s leaving Caroline behind, as well as commentary on her leaving Ric.

  35. Nicole says:

    So here’s how I think the show should end because the show has to end any way some day I think Elena should return because damon and Elena.we’re just getting deep into things and he was about to take the cure but Elena got took away from him hey life is linked to Bonnie’s so she don’t wake up until she dies so they should find a switch spell or something so Bonnie doesn’t have to die and we still get delena back I love delena and some people may not but it’s just a TV show anyway but this is how it should end Elena returns and Bonnie stays alive and Damon and Elena live happily ever after Bonnie lives happily ever after stefan lives happily ever after Caroline lives happily ever after everyone lives happily ever after I think enzo should end up with Bonnie Caroline with stefan Matt with some human i wished it was penny but she’s dead yea and Alaric should of ended up with Jo if she wasn’t dead and yea so Elena please return there’s no fun without you I don’t care some people don’t like delena but I do so in God’s and monsters I hope that’s Elena in the vault out they find some way to reverse the sleeping spell out just let Bonnie for come on Elena return that’s all I got to say…

  36. Lisa says:

    I Think the show made a wonderful choice by putting Damon with Elena. A lot of girls like the “bad boy”. The woman who plays Bonnie has stated in several interviews that she will be gone season 8, so I believe that is why Damon keep saying that he loves Elena. He’s getting the public ready for when she returns this season. Something is going to happen to Bonnie during her hunting that will cause a vampire to kill her, which will bring back Elena. Bonnie and Damon just don’t make sense!
    Klaus and caroline….dream come true.
    Steffon and caroline was forced. She was second fiddle and you could tell.

  37. Hesperia Junior High says:

    I really want Delena back together its really sad without Elena.