Arrow Laurel Resurrection

Arrow's Stephen Amell Kills Laurel Resurrection Buzz, Teases Finale

If you were holding out hope that Arrow would find a way to bring back Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance, consider that dream dashed.

The CW series’ leading man, Stephen Amell, ruled out a second chance at life for the character during a visit to Ora TV’s Larry King Now this week.

“No,” Amell simply replied when asked if Laurel will come back from the dead. (But yes, the actor knows her last words to Oliver.)

Amell also offered up this cryptic teaser for the Season 4 finale: “Where’d everybody go?”

Per the official description of the season ender, airing May 25, “Oliver teams up with a surprising force in an attempt to stop Damien Darhk and his magic once and for all.”

Amell’s full interview premieres May 27 at 2pm EST on

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  1. Roger Buchana says:

    Oh boy. If they legit keep Dinah Laurel Lance of any Earth dead and not the Black Canary, then you’ve done MAJOR FRAKKIN’ FRAK up. Dude, I like Felicity and Emily but they’re not comic book characters. She should have been the one to die. Season 4 and 5 should have been the canon development of Green Arrow and Black Canary.

    It’s worse when even the comic book writers mention this.

    • val says:

      the writers don’t give a sh*t about the comics lol

      • Osiris says:

        That’s something the fan boys fail to grasp. The shows are their own continuity. Basically Elseworlds tales. What happens in the comic books don’t apply to the TV shows.

        • tyranthraxus says:

          God Im fed up of Fanboys griping about how a show isnt following Comic Canon. Its beyond a Joke.

          • tvjunkie says:

            And I bet you Olicity lovers are fans of all the Housewives of wherever shows if you like so much painful to watch drama

          • tyranthraxus says:

            Im not a Olicity lover. I dont watch Arrow for the relationship. I like a good storyline and some interesting characters. I just get fed up of the comic book canon types foaming at the mouths because someone died who ‘shouldnt have died BECAUSE!’

    • Or they could just do something new and original and not be tied down to a “canon” we’ve already seen and that even the comics have wiped out and no longer acknowledge ever happened.

      • xomylifexo says:

        What’s the point of basing it on a comic then? It’s fine to diverge somewhat but if your going to base a tv show on a comic or a book then the over arching plot points should remain intact. Otherwise, just write an original script.

        • Liz says:

          Based on comics is the operative word here. Oliver was a playboy, he was a billionaire and did own a big company. He endured time on an island where he honed his archery skills. He worked with Speedy. He had an on off thing with BC. He was mayor of Star City. His main nemesis was Merlyn. He encountered Deathstroke. He had a kid he didn’t know about. These are all things that are in the show. Just because they’re not following things verbatim doesn’t mean it’s not a comic book adaptation.

        • Dysturbed says:

          It’s easy to see and understand why fans of any source material, in this case the comics, are annoyed or infuriated by changes, but the point of anything that is “based on” source material is to use that material as a basis , as opposed to using it as a duplication. Sometimes it’s used as a major basis, and sometimes as a minor one. Fans of any specific source material tend to expect things to only diverge in a minor way, but the concept of using something as a basis, doesn’t automatically make that a necessity or a guarantee, even if it is a preference to many.

        • ? says:

          A show has to be able to write to what works and away from what doesn’t. Laurel / Oliver wasn’t working. Laurel wasn’t working in general. They tried to fix her. They really, really tried. But the damage they did with how they wrote her from the start was just too great. She wasn’t anything like the Black Canary from the comics that she was supposed to be. They didn’t start her in the right place, and with the road they went down in service to other story goals, there was just no getting there. It isn’t like they didn’t try to adapt the comics. They did make her the Black Canary even though it made no sense. But you can’t double down on something that just isn’t working and tell a good story. It’s more important to tell a good story than to be faithful to the source material, though of course ideally they would have accomplished both.

          • John says:

            Couldn’t care less if Oliver wasn’t romantically involved with laurel, what’s in fact annoying is how they treated the Laurel character, they pushed her to the side for another character to take over then they never gave her a big send off, but no all that Marc thinks is laurel fans are mad about laurel not being Oliver’s Girlfriend

          • Julian says:

            I love Sara and how badass she is and I’m glad she was resurrected but I think that by introducing this character they took Laurel’s right to become Black Canary by making Sara The Canary -specially because Caity was so good playing her. Also there is the fan service by making Olicity something real when they’re perfect being something platonic, it was fun to watch how awkwardly when they’re together, not that I hate Felicity nor doesn’t get what “based upon on” means but there is things that you just simply can’t ignore like GA and BC being together.

        • Jolene says:

          Correct me if I’m wrong but at the beginning of every episode, doesn’t it say “BASED ON THE CHARACTERS FROM DC COMICS”? Which means they are doing exactly what they said they’d do. They’re putting their own spin on the characters that you’ve known for so long. They could literally use any character from DC comics and it would be fine because that’s exactly what they’re *supposed* to be doing. They don’t have some sort of guideline or a list to check off. They run the show, therefore they will do what they think is best for the *show*. This is another reason why I couldn’t understand why people went so crazy when they used Ra’s as a villain last season. Saying that they’re “stealing” from Batman. No, they weren’t stealing from Batman. This show is based on the characters from DC Comics so technically, *technically* any character that comes out of those books is fair game.

        • I’ve been reading Green Arrow for nearly 40 years. There is no overarching plot points to adapt.. The character has been through a hundred different variations through that time. There is no one set in stone GA story to tell. So you take what you want and leave what you don’t. Just like the comics themselves do when they reboot universes every 5 years. All you have to do is read the current Green Arrow comic book and you can see very easily that Arrow is giving us a much more faithful version of Green Arrow than DC comics is.

    • anonymous says:

      This show has never been following the comics and they’ve always been 100% upfront about that. They don’t care about “comic canon” (which one btw since there are multiple versions of GA and BC comics from various writers) and DC is perfectly fine with a since they are well aware of every move the show makes. LL/BC failed majorly on this show. Beyond not being liked by a lot of people, most of the general audience just didn’t give a crap about her. That’s the sort possible scenario for a tv character. They have to do what works for their show and cast and audience not just do the comics. The BC continues to exist in the comics but she didn’t belong on this show anymore. She’s not coming back I’m any form. E2 and any other earths is Flash’s storyline, that’s not coming to Arrow. E2 LL is a villain and would still be a loophole to E1 LL’s death. Which they aren’t interested in. This death was meant to up the stakes and make death matter again. Arrow wants death to matter on this show again, not do their usual resurrection stuff. Plus the LP is gone and nobody is going to risk time travel to undo or they would’ve done it already. LoT will probably make it one of those unchangeable events anyway. She’s gone for good. Rumors are there was BTS issues with KC (notice how they filmed her Flash and Vixen stuff before LL died on the show? They fulfilled her contract most likely and don’t have to bring her back to any of their shows again b/c look they already gave her some guest spots. Also nobody from the show seems real broken up about her departure) so even if this death wasn’t meant to be permanent I don’t think they want her back. She’s gone forever, doubt she’ll even be back for a flashback. It’s over. End of story. And the show is so much better because of his decision.

      • Glenda says:

        Oh, and you do not seem to understand YOUR opinion is not the only opinion. You anonymously gossip about a person you have absolutely no clue about, but parrot mental midgets who demand their favorite be heralded over any character.

        The Laurel Lance character became stronger as she inhabited the Black Canary mantel…because she left the crap of Oliver’s abuse of loyalty behind..both she & he matured through adversity. It’s called character interest/growth –to produce, sustain interest, so all involved succeed–it’s not to cause frictions–but to entertain!

        So stop –hold your petulance, and hope ALL the story is entertaining–maintaining loyal fans of canon–enlarging audience viewership to include those unaware of the historical lore, inclusive of all characters.

        • vee says:

          Based on the comments in the many sites (including comic fans sites) I’ve seen, most of the “mental midgets” (your words, not mine) are the LL fans and BC shippers, who consistently vent and rant using abusive words, foul language and violent descriptions in wishing death upon a character whom they’ve decided from the start must remain a mere sidekick solely because she’s not comic canon.
          You are right that the show should be all inclusive, and comic fanatics should take note of that. There are plenty of non-comic fans and people who aren’t online who enjoy the show and the story arcs & growth of other female characters besides Laurel Lance.

          • Glenda says:

            My point was there are many fans of all these characters, not one is better or worst, per say..I only read and comment here,mostly… but the personal attacks on people working hard yet not up to their preferred standard (opinion not fact) then use gossip and derisive claims against and in error to uphold their opinion, are petty and false.
            There are civil penalties leading to criminal charges, everyday in the entertainment world..for much less than the “anonymous poster posited regarding a was more than a nasty critique , it was slanderous. Beyond a fan blog parameter.
            Yes, I used “mental midgets “, to describe certain groups , but refrained from gossip and lies about their professional or private life. That falls into “opinion” not debase slander. I sign my name , don’t hide under “anonymous” , a clear sign even the author of gossip and slander , recognizes his “mental dwarfish capacities” are to peddle trash to use as hate against someone feared!
            And I love all the strong ( and flawed ) characters of ARROW, Laurel ‘s was fabulous until last 5 minutes of 11:59..and will return as a viewer when some iteration of Katie portraying a lance/nance returns ;)

    • Thomas Jane says:

      The showrunners from the very beginning have said they creating their own story for TV. They might take some inspiration from the comics but they’re never going to follow that path. Oliver Queen and Dinah Laurel Lance were lovers on the show but the relationship did not work out and he’d moved on. I hear BC is being introduced in the GA comics again, though. So you might want to check that out to get your BC/GA fix.

      • tvjunkie says:

        It’s one thing to not have the 2 characters together, it’s an entirely different thing to kill off a major, major character in the mythology for the sake of whiny, hypocritical Felicity. Sure she looks good, but they’ve been dialing up the annoying factor on that character to full this season.

    • Liz says:

      By that logic Diggle should have died too. He’s not a comic book character either. Interesting how you just focused on Felicity though…

      • Michelle says:

        Stop acting like Felicity and Olicity aren’t a huge problem on this show.

        • Josh says:

          To a lot of people they aren’t the problem. They didn’t have to kill a good guy this season but they did

          • Murica! says:

            Give me a break! Are you olicity fans really that delusional? Olicity has ruined this show. The worst part is that the writers actually care what you people think and will do anything to please you.

        • Liz says:

          Why? I don’t think they are but you’re entitled to think otherwise. Just as I’m entitled to disagree with you.

          • Murica! says:

            Thank you olicity and olicity fans for ruining this show!!

          • Liz says:

            @Murica! you really need to chill. It’s not that serious. This is a TV show. Take a step back. Most fans don’t even think that much about Olicity.

        • Thomas Jane says:

          Stop acting like Felicity and Olicity ARE a problem. They’re not. For a lot of people, I imagine they’re the ones that keeps them watching. No, the problem of the show is that it doesn’t have enough story to last 23 episodes, and yet burns through plot like crazy. The problem is its insistence on flashbacks that again don’t have enough story even for the 6 minutes devoted to them each ep. The problem is that the Green Arrow’s skills have been diminished because there’s not enough time for the stunt crew to choreograph and to rehearse for 3 comic book shows, not to mention 4 “main” fighters. The show has a lot of problems regarding the logic in the narrative, structure, pacing,even characterization.

          • Dj says:

            Olicity isn’t the only problem, but it is one of the problems the show has. Because It isn’t a coincidence that a season where more focus is on Oliver/Felicity relationship is turning out to be the lowest watched Arrow season with the last episode being a series low

          • ? says:

            Is that why the action sequences have sucked this year? Vancouver just doesn’t have enough stunt choreographers for the money they can offer?

          • Murica! says:

            Are you really that delusional? Olicity IS the problem!! Olicity has ruined the last two seasons! Felicity is unbearable! All she does is whine, cry and nag! She’s a horrible character and she should have died.

        • Thomas Jane says:

          The real problem of Arrow is that for four years it got stuck with a character and an actress it couldn’t find a use for and couldn’t get rid of without paying mightily. It finally did this season. That’s why Dinah Laurel Lance/Katie Cassidy is not coming back.

        • Sab says:

          actually they aren’t , not for me anyway :)

        • anonymous says:

          OMG that’s not how ratings work! They do not tell us why people are or aren’t watching an episode. There are always ups and downs. Arrow had been mostly steady or gone up this season. And season 4 is not the lowest rated season. So get your facts straight before trying to make claims about ratings.

        • Al says:

          Felicity is 100% of the reason why I still watch this show. My enjoyment of this delightful character is the only thing that distracts and entertains me enough to get me through most of the rest of the nonsense (I fast forward all the flashbacks as they have no redeeming features).

          It’s distasteful to me that some people turned on Felicity simply because they’re annoyed that she’s Oliver’s love interest (notice that Oliver, the other half of this relationship, isn’t being pointed to as a problem). It implies that such people see female characters in relationships not as individuals but as plot points. They liked Felicity just fine when she wasn’t a love interest but dislike her in her entirety (even though she hasn’t changed) now that a relatively small part of her storyline is about the love story. Suddenly all the rest of what she does and who she is is irrelevant because the show *dared* to make her Oliver’s love interest. Seriously, who cares whether she’s sleeping with him or not? Frankly she’s always been incredibly important in Oliver’s story, and I don’t really see how whether they’re in a romantic relationship or not matters. It doesn’t make her less intelligent, funny, interesting or awesome. And if anyone thinks it does, then honestly the problem isn’t with Felicity, it’s with them…

          • vee says:

            I’m with you there, on every point. If Felicity had been the one killed off, I would’ve just quietly stopped watching the show & not troll comment section of every Arrow article to announce my personal decision or worse, start bashing & senselessly, illogically blaming another character!

        • Ben says:

          ? I’m not going to act like they are a ‘huge problem on the show’ because as far as I can make out it from the people I know who watch it is overwhelmingly one of people’s favourite parts of the show. Each to their own but lets not pretend like one person’s opinion is everyone’s opinion.

        • pem says:

          I don’t think they “are” a problem. The people that “I” know that watch Arrow have no online presence w/regard to the show at all, and do not think they are a problem either, and in fact are stunned, when I tell them what “some” people think about them, and Felicity in particular. They do not think the show is perfect, but they certainly do NOT blame it on Felicity. They actually have no idea what Olicity even is.

          • vee says:

            You are so right. That’s why I find it absolutely hilarious how the BC shippers throw tantrum & accuse the show writers & exec producers of “pandering to pre-teen & teen fangirls on Tumblr” in a vain attempt to imply that they are the mature & real fans that the showrunners should really care about and bow down to.

        • MysterLynch says:

          It all depends on your perspective, people have been complaining about Cassidy’s performance almost since day one.

          Everyone has their own tastes and opinion.

      • Josh says:

        And Felicity is a comic book character but her haters just wanna bash her

    • Josh says:

      Or better yet none of the good guys had to die, they could’ve killed the Cockroach Malcolm Merlyn. And one the Felicity bashers continuously ignore is from day one they said they aren’t doing comic canon to a T and guess what Oliver and Dinah don’t know other in some versions of the comic.

    • chuckiechk says:

      Felicity is from the comics, just in a very different way. She is the step-mother to Ronnie Raymond (Firestorm)

    • Tydeus says:

      Felicity is a comic book character, she’s been around for a very long time. She married Ronnie Raymond’s father.

      Dinah Drake will likely turn good and become the Black Canary of Earth-1, Laurel Lance was just written so badly. She wasnt the worst though, Felicity always seem to try make the show about herself that I’m surprised it’s not called “Overwatch” yet.

      Also the showrunners do care about comics since they’ve all written for them *shrug* they’re just doing a piss poor job at Arrow and giving into the Olicity fans.

  2. Liz says:

    I didn’t realise there was any ressurection buzz. They’ve done that over and over already. She really would be getting the same story as Sara if she was bought back. Boring. No thanks. The latest episode was better without her (and the flashbacks).

    Very excited about the rest of the season now. it all sounds good.

  3. Anon says:

    Shouldn’t need to be said again the show narrative and the showrunners have been crystal clear starting from when death flash forward in 4×01 but thanks Stephen for the thousandth reminder she’s not coming back. Love that he was kind of smiling a little when he said it. Dude’s not even sad or sorry, lol. Can’t wait for the rest of the interview!

    • NDFan says:

      I think he was just sick of being asked the same question over and over…can’t see him not being sorry or sad to lose a cast member.

  4. grys03 says:

    The only thing that kept me happy through the latest ep was that the Felicity character was almost back to where she was a season or so back. No idea why they killed off Laurel/Black Canary just when she was hitting her strides – didn’t do a whole lot to advance any storyline except that Darhk was a bad guy. Too be honest his wife comes off as way nastier. He is power hungry & bad while she is plain evil.

    • Liz says:

      Laurel’s death advanced Diggle’s storyline in a pretty big way. His guilt over her death led him down a path where he killed his own brother. Both story and character advancement. And we’ve seen so much growth in Oliver and how he’s dealing with her death in comparison to previous deaths. This was the right move for the show.

      • Michelle says:

        Laurel’s death was basically pointless man pain. So original

        • I’d argue she was killed to save a dying show. Her acting was horrible; her writing even worse. She contributed nothing positive or important to the show.

          Sometimes, dead weight is just dead weight. Not everything is about being a woman; get over yourself.

      • Osiris says:

        So basically Laurel was a woman in the refrigerator.

        • Liz says:

          Not at all. If Laurel had died purely for man pain, yeah, this would be fridging. But her death has pushed the story forward on all counts. Everyone has a renewed motivation now. Not all female deaths are fridging.

          • Michelle says:

            That’s just laughable. She was killed for Man pain. Plain and simple. Guggenheim can try to explain otherwise but it’s pretty obvious.

      • John NYC says:

        The whole threatening his wife and son with relentless and endless pursuit until they were dead played a pretty big part in that killing.

        Andy put that tracker on him, Andy said he’d never stop. So he got put down. Diggle protecting his family, not avenging Laurel.

  5. Karen says:

    LOL Who wanted her back? We’ve been waiting for her to die all the time. Katie Cassidy was the worst actress. They should have kept Sara.

    • Dj says:

      Sara was the best thing to happen to Arrow, but she was the worst thing to happen to Laurel. After Caity came on the show and was so good as Canary it made it where KC just couldn’t live up to what CL brought to the show.

      • Thomas Jane says:

        I couldn’t respond to your comment regarding the ratings so I apologize for doing it here. There are still 3 episodes left this year so we can’t make a complete comparison of this season’s ratings, but no this is not the lowest rated season of Arrow. In fact, per a Variety article from January, Arrow held steady in the ratings this season when even The Flash went down. The only CW show that ticked up a little was “The 100” but that was before the Clexa debacle. Arrow has one of the most consistent ratings on the network outside of Season 1, which hemorrhaged more than 1.3 million viewers from pilot to finale. Yes, the viewership for the last episode is down, but it’s been down during this time of the year for the past 3 years. One thing about ratings, it’s more important to look at trends, not episode-to-episode. We also don’t have the data networks have so we can’t really predict what makes an episode tick up or down. However, during the first 9 episodes of Arrow, whose ratings the CW touted in its end of the year press releases, there was a huge focus on Olicity happy, working together, enjoying domestic bliss. It’s not too far-fetched to make the connection happy Olicity = happy ratings. But I’m not going to make that because, again, I don’t have the data. Believe me, however, the network does.

    • ROY. says:

      We’ve been waiting for to DIE ALL THE TIME and just WHO are these WE and i think you will find she is NOT considered a WORST ACTRESS among the rest of the cast paul blackthorne as nothing but PRAISE for her.

  6. aaron says:

    sky is blue. water is wet. Laurel Lance may be dead but Dinah Laurel Lance (E2) is still a possibility. Doubt they will even entertain the thought since they dont seem to really like her fans or character but it would be a way around it,.

    • Dude says:

      Dinah Laurel Lance is Laurel Lance. Her first name has always been Dinah. Why do people not get this

    • anonymous says:

      A, they aren’t trying to get around it. They want it to be permanent. Probably because this corps happens. Nobody believes death is permanent in the Flarrowverse so they are trying to change it. It’s sticking, no loopholes. B) E2 LL is a villain who could end up dead too and E2 is a Flash storyline, it’s not coming to Arrow anyway. It’s over people! Accept it!

  7. Nate says:

    This is the same guy that said that he’d NEVER have the goatee that Oliver Queen has in the comics…NEVER, not gonna happen. Then what did he have in Legends of Tomorrow as older Oliver? Oh yeah, the blonde goatee.
    This guy can speak to what he knows, but he isn’t in the writers room. This show obviously takes pressure from the outside (internet love of Felicity and getting Oliver and her together) so if the ratings drop and there is a lot of fan outcry about no Laurel/Black Canary then who knows, they might get her back.

    TLDR: He isn’t in charge, he doesn’t know for sure.

    • anonymous says:

      The people in charge have already said she’s not coming back. They said from the time this flashback death was revealed that the death was permanent and they have restated it now that we know it’s her that’s dead. She’s not coming back ever. The episode of her funeral made that super clear too. This death is meant to up the stakes and make death matter again. They aren’t undoing this one. There are also a lot of rumors of BTS issues with KC so I don’t think they want her back. It’s over. There will be no resurrection. They don’t care about fan outcry, it won’t change anything, it hasn’t changed anything. She’s gone for good, get used to it.

    • anonymous says:

      60 year old Oliver with one arm living alone the broken down laid in an post apocalyptic wasteland with none of his friends or family around in a timeline that isn’t going to happen on a show that isn’t Arrow had a white goatee. That’s not the same thing as actual present day Oliver getting the goatee. And sort of going back on thst isn’t the same as going back on a death they’ve said is permanent a gazillion times because they want death to matter again. You are comparing apples to oranges. Also SA has an excellent rapport with the writers . He knows what is happening on his show. He knows everything, you clearly don’t know much about him because you aren’t giving him nearly enough credit for how much he knows and how much input he gets.

    • Liz says:

      I do agree that Amell has said things that have changed and no, he isn’t in charge. But I really don’t think Laurel is coming back. They really hammered it home how much this death was permanent. So permanent that we’re going to be hearing about it across all three shows – Arrow, Flash and Legends. They would show the affects of this death on all shows if there was a chance she’d come back. They’re trying to bring back the stakes with this death and so it has to stay permanent if they want to achieve that.

  8. Caro says:

    Lol, at “its not canon” crap, this show was never Canon, thank God because black canary was awful, glad we no longer deal with ghat

  9. mike says:

    if diggle got killed or any other character people would still cry about it

  10. A says:

    Seriously how many times they are going to repeat the same question about Laurel the writers made it clear they are not going to bring her back like they did with Sara and Thea they wanted a permanent death to drive Oliver’s growth into a superhero just like Tommy’s death stop him from killing people Laurel’s death will stop him from blaming himself for everything that goes wrong and he will let people he loves into his heart more. Also if you don’t like the writers version of Green Arrow stick to the comics and move on it has been a month since they killed her off just let it go.

  11. John Roberts says:

    I can see a crossover of Legends of Tomorrow arriving the day of the breakout and stopping Darhk from killing Laurel and change the timeline since the time masters are in cahoots with Vandal Savage.

  12. Oncer says:

    So glad i stopped watching the show, the writing is what’s hurting the show, the writing for this show has become horrible.

  13. Ian says:

    I’m happy I tuned out and stopped wasting my time with this. And I wasn’t even that big Laurel/BC fan. I did like her moderately and killing her off might have been the last straw but the real problem lies elsewhere. Devoting so much precious time to the hideous sappiness of “Olicity” (boy, do I hate those words) just made the show unbearable. I’m glad the so called shippers are happy now because they are likely to remain the only ones watching eventually.

    • Leo says:

      Yeah, actually I’m kinda relieved. I’ve been lazily watching Arrow and I’ve always hated the way KC was treated and now killing my favorite character may just be the best gift the show can give me. Now I can focus on other show which doesn’t pander to fans.

      • vee says:

        You’re naive to think there’s any show that doesn’t pander to fans. It’s only a question of which is the bigger group!

        • Leo says:

          I can think of one. Scandal. The fans are pretty vocal about their hatred for Papa Pope yet they promoted him. Olitz is the main ship yet at the moment they’re separated.
          And ratings is still steady for Scandal so a great show doesn’t have to pander to its fans.

          • Gospino says:

            The ratings have dropped for Scandal. Personally, I despise Olivia/Fitz. But Papa Pope is okay.

  14. Well if they were holding out hope that we’ll keep watching Arrow, consider that dream dashed.

  15. Alvaro says:

    They always lie about this stuff, if she really wasn’t to come back he would have said “maybe, who knows? anything could happen” just to keep us hooked. The fact that he said just “No” makes me think she is actually coming back. It’s like they did with Jon Snow, they insisted so much that he was dead for good, that it was obvious he wasn’t.

  16. aaaaaaaa says:

    Of course they couldn’t keep a character dead…

  17. I can see this being asked at the con I am going to next week with Stephen, David and Katie all being there.

  18. K.D.S. says:

    First of all, Actors lie all the time about stuff like this. And even if Laurel isn’t coming back from the dead, it’s still possible that her Earth 2 – Version “Black Siren” will transfer from “The Flash” to “Arrow”. That would mean that “Black Canary”-Laurel is still dead, but Katie Cassidy would be a cast member anyway. And the “surprising force” could be Black Siren.

    • Liz says:

      What would be the point in that though? Some people are mad that they killed their precious Black Canary but in your scenario BC would still be dead. So what’s the point?

      • K.D.S. says:

        People always complained about her and said that the writers destroyed her character. Now they would have the chance to create a complete new character. And who cares if she’s “Black Canary” or “Black Siren”? Some people just want her back.

        And don’t forget how much Drama-Potential this storyline would have if Laurel is back, but she’s not the same everyone knew. That would make a great storyline and i don’t think they would waste that chance and would just put her in that one episode of “The Flash”. The characters of “The Flash” didn’t even knew her that well.

        • bbussey says:

          I’ve thought Black Siren would be migrating to Earth-1 permanently ever since it was announced Cassidy would be appearing on Flash. I’ll believe Cassidy is out of the series when Season 5 premieres and she’s not in the credits. But I have a feeling that Earth-2’s Dinah Laurel Lance is relocating to Earth-1’s Star City at the beginning of Season 5.

          Interesting observation BTW that the “surprising force” in the finale may be Black Siren. Makes a lot of sense, particularly if setting up her continued presence on the show.

      • Alvaro says:

        The point is people are talking about the show because of this. Shows need to shake things up a little now and then to get headlines.

  19. Bill says:

    On Legends of Tomorrow, Sara will find out in the future how Laurel died. Knowing that Vandal Savage fights Oliver and the team , she could warn Laurel so that she’d be prepared and take preparations to avoid it happening.

    • bbussey says:

      No. Sara finds out about Laurel in the LOM finale when she returns home at the end of the mission, although she did know already that Laurel was dead by 2046.

  20. Jake says:

    The real issue here poor sloppy writing and millennials. The writers never gave Katie’s character the opportunity to progress. They gave her ridiculous story lines and then tossed her a bone by giving her Black Canary. IMO, the best thing they could do for her was to kill her off. Then the millennials think that everything should be about “ships” and emo relationships…I have some wisdom for you, life is not like that. GROW UP! If you want a soap opera tv show, go watch the sappy crappy TVD or the Originals.

    • stacy030 says:

      Really, you’re blaming “millennials” like they are the first generation to ever ship anyone??Thats just hilariously untrue.

      And BTW,I don’t even like the relationship and I stopped watching because of it. The show is 94% about their relationship and I think that is such major BS. But, that is the writers fault, not that fans. They shouldn’t let the fans write for them but they do. And it’s pathetic and just shows how lazy the writers are

  21. vee says:

    To the LL fanboys & Lauriver (& by extension, BC-GA) shippers who accuse the show of killing her off to rid the last obstacle for Felicity, you’ve got it so wrong: LL was not competition to Felicity. Laurel was the one who had always viewed Felicity as the rival. Remember how she glared & looked down her nose at Felicity in S1 & S2? To LL, Felicity was yet another in the long line of women competing with her for Oliver. The sole difference is, Felcity is the only one Olver willingly, genuinely and sinceriously committed exclusively to.

    • vee says:

      & rightly so, coz Felicity is Oliver’s equal in the ways that he’s lacking. She knows her self-worth & dares to call out Oliver on his bs when needed, unlike LL who was doormat of a gf & lets Ollie cheat on her with every skirt in Starling City (& perhaps beyond) including her own sister! Yet LL still took him back & jumps at first chance to be his lover again!! & worst was she did it again right after Tommy’s funeral where she declared she loved him in every way, the man who died because of her moronic decision to go to a quake zone after being warned not to!!!

      • Mike R. says:

        Did you really just blame Laurel for Oliver cheating on her. Wow oh Wow

        • vee says:

          You drew that erroneous conclusion. Nothing I wrote stated or even implied that. I said she behaved like a doormat by not dumping Ollie’s cheating ass.

          • stacy030 says:

            “She let Oliver cheat on her”. Sure as heck sounded like you are blaming her.

        • Jolene says:

          No one blames her for his cheating. We blame her for actually staying with him while he cheated, for sleeping with him after he cheated with her SISTER then took her on a boat where she ‘died’. Then, Tommy dies because some papers at CNRI were so damn important that Laurel had to go back for them even though everyone told her to stay away. She stands up in front of everyone and declared her love for Tommy then A WEEK after the funeral, she’s making out with Oliver and planning for the future. We blame her for those things.

          • Shawn Brumell says:

            Lol I like how you are blaming laurel for Tommy’s death when Malcolm killed him.

            And Laurel didn’t know oliver was cheating when they were together.

            You haters are so angry that laurels death has received such backlash

  22. Rachel says:

    Omg what if her final words were, hey we had a secret baby too. Gaaahhhh!

    • vee says:

      or “Hey Ollie, I found a few of your illegitimate kids running around in Star City. Here are their addresses.”

  23. Sabrina says:

    I stopped watching Arrow. Why complain anymore. Guggenheim and Berlanti insist on catering to the shippers and making it all about Olicity. It’s not the same show from season 1. Just change the name to Felicity and Friends, it’s more fitting.

  24. Dewsterling says:

    Oliver marries Felicity in the season finale. Arrow has no relevance to the comics whatsoever and any representation of Dinah/Black Canary or Donna/Black Siren ought to stay far, Far, FAR away from this sinking show.

  25. brenna says:

    They can’t always bring everyone back. I loved the last episode and can’t wait for the final 3 of this season. Stephen amell has always been so giving of his time to all the fans and supportive of the cast and other superhero shows. Because of him and all the fun entertainment of Arrow I’m in til the credits roll on the series finale whenever that may be.

  26. bbussey says:

    When Black Siren permanently returns to Earth-2, then I’ll believe that Cassidy is off the show. Because, unlike when Colin Donnell and Susanna Thompson departed, Amell had made no statements at all pertaining to Cassidy’s departure. I still think that once Zoom is out of the picture, Black Siren is migrating to Earth-1 as Black Canary, which would mirror 60 years of comic book canon.

  27. ROY. says:

    At it’s most basic this is all down to pure JEALOUSY of katie’s BEAUTY from ugly females in the OLICITY CAMP it as nothing to do with her acting ability because NONE on that show are great shakes acting wise and if katie went on to another project she would probably get criticized for the REASON stated.

  28. Jim says:

    They can’t bring her back…..they’ve brought far too many people back to life on this show. That’s why they had to destroy the Lazarus Pit….there were no stakes on the show. Is this show going to go beyond Season 5 anyway? They’ll be caught up with flashbacks and seems like there was always a 5 year plan for the show anyway.

  29. Khadijah says:

    You should bring the black canary back, she’s my favourite and she is the best

  30. Reba nyumbire says:

    Too bad that laurel lance dies in Season 4.. At least she should have stayed to end up as Oliver Queen’s girlfriend as she was his first love