Scandal Recap

Scandal Recap: Race Relations

Like an op-ed piece brought to life, Thursday’s Scandal came out swinging against Donald Trump Hollis Doyle.

First, Liv and Abby called for a temporary ceasefire in order to defeat their mutual opponent, who offered a spot on his ticket to whichever Republican candidate dropped out first. Liv quickly took Hollis up on his offer, but only so she could record his candid disdain for dumb “inbred” voters, then leak it to Queen of All Media Sally Langston.

Then came Edison’s Liv-inspired speech about the lunacy of Trump’s Doyle’s plan to make our country great “again.” He declared that Hollis, and any of his supporters for that matter, are “thugs”; honestly, it was a heck of a speech, one I fully intend on transcribing later tonight. Edison falling on his own sword proved to be a win-win for Liv, as it ended both his and Hollis’ campaigns. (Actually, she also got to piss off Rowan in the process, so it was technically a win-win-win.)

With the aforementioned losers finally out of the race, #TeamMellie and #TeamSusan convened in the Oval to share the worst dirt each remaining campaign has on the other. And the news of David’s backroom deal with Governor Baker went over as well as anyone could have expected; not only did Susan decide to drop out of the race, but her brief engagement with David is also dunzo. (As sad as their split may be, it was worth it for Susan’s killer goodbye speech: “I’m incredible, David! I’m going to change the damn world. … Now, get out. You just got dumped by the Vice President of the United States of America, and she has work to do.”)

The bigger surprise, though, was what wasn’t said: Despite learning about Liv’s abortion (thanks, Papa Pope!), Abby claimed that her juiciest dirt involved Mellie hiring a psychic to commune with her dead son. The gladiators’ end-of-episode chat, in which Liv thanked Abby for not releasing the information, gave me hope for the former friends’ future — but this is still Scandal, so that warm joyful feeling was quickly stomped out…

Let’s not pretend like we won’t all spend the next six days theorizing about Jake’s final words to Edison, following Rowan’s order to inflict a world of pain. (“Tell her I want to escape. Tell her I’m chasing the sun.”) Could we really be heading towards a reboot of Jake and Liv’s Island? Is that even a thing we want?

I’ll tell you what want: Mellie and Marcus! And they came closer than ever to boning this week, though I suspect they’re saving that for next week’s season finale. We all know how Scandal enjoys going out with *ahem* a bang.

Your thoughts on the penultimate episode of Scandal‘s fifth season? Predictions for next week’s big finale? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Steven says:

    this show is such garbage now

    • Lee says:

      How is the psychic the worst thing Abby has on them? What about Mellie’s affair with Andrew?

      • Andy Swift says:

        That’s actually a really good question. Maybe they’re just trying to sweep all things Andrew under the rug.

      • Cheyenne says:

        That would make Fitz look bad, having his wife shear on him in his own house during his presidency.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Oops… I meant cheat on him. This forum needs an edit button.

        • sweettweeny says:

          No it won’t. It will actually make him look good because it would actually legitimize his reason for divorcing her.

          • Cheyenne says:

            He’d look like a chump for not knowing what she was up to under his nose.

          • bigdede says:

            You’re right. The Andrew/Mellie thing would only make Fitz look good. The people would say he was right to divorce Mellie for cheating on him with his good friend AND that he only cheated with Liv because of that betrayal. So that affair would make Fitz look real good.

      • bigdede says:

        Nancy Reagan had psychics in the White House. How is that a bad thing? Who would care? She was a grieving mother who wanted to see her son. So her daughter being involved in the “Eiffel Tower” wasn’t damaging?

      • Queen says:

        That was already exposed I thought

    • TinaBurner says:

      Steven, I agree with your comment. Scandal season 4 and season 5 are trash.

      The show has been 100 percent interesting to watch since season 3. One mistake I will always say that Scandal made was killing off Harrison and James.

      Im so sick and tired of the whole Jake & Olivia relationship, i am about to vomit!

      • bigdede says:

        Killling off James did hurt the show a lot. He was the ONLY good person on this show and to leave his child fatherless was so wrong. He made Cyrus human. Then for Jake to kill him didn’t help either. Harrison was barely on and didn’t have any kind of story for like 2 seasons so his death really didn’t impact the show imo. Abby working for the white house also ruined the dynamics of this show. We only saw Abby working for OPA for like 2 seasons before she left. Her friendship with Olivia has been strained ever since. Her friendship with Olivia was such a bright spot for me. I mean Olivia went into Abby’s house with a lead pipe and got Abby’s abusive husband away. You have to have a deep love for someone to do that for them. Sadly we don’t see that deep love between them anymore.

    • Sandy Fisher says:

      I love Jake and Olivia. Team Jake always and forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #olake

    • I totally agree. ABC Thursday night line up is so cliche. Tired if the back and forth relationships on Scandal. Grey’s Anatomy keeps bringing in all these new people and too many story lines and I never understood How to Get Away with Murder.

  2. NM says:

    Jake and Olivia, please.

  3. Al says:

    I am loving the election storyline
    I have a feeling Jake might die let’s hope so

    • Lee says:

      Jake ain’t ever gonna die.
      Olivia’s going to ‘save’ him from his CHOICE to start seeing another woman while sleeping with her, murder someone for a job and get married as part of a money laundering scheme, the same way she saved him from his CHOICE to become command. I wonder if he’ll thank her with a choking like the last time…

      • niloofar says:


      • Nathalie says:


        Jake ain’t ever gonna die.
        Olivia’s going to ‘save’ him from his CHOICE to start seeing another woman while sleeping with her, murder someone for a job and get married as part of a money laundering scheme, the same way she saved him from his CHOICE to become command. I wonder if he’ll thank her with a choking like the last time…”

        Brilliant. Thanks

    • momo says:

      Sorry. You’re just gonna have to find a new show to complain about. The Jake character will be back for season 6.

    • ELISA says:

      no way , jake is shonda puppet.

    • Nidavni says:

      jake will never die. jake is shonda favorite character and his puppet

  4. Lee says:

    But how is Mellie any better than Hollis Doyle? All they’ve done is pick the Ted Cruz of the bunch, and she’s actually going to win the general.

    • bigdede says:

      That’s why this election thing is so stupid. Mellie was first lady for almost 8 years then was elected junior senator. She hasn’t even been senator for a year and she’s already running for President. It’s so unrealistic. At least Obama was a senator for 4 years.

    • Mary says:

      More Rubio than Ted Cruz. Wish it was that easy to get rid of Trump like Hollis but unfortunately his supporters seem to increase the more he spew hate.

  5. MaryElizabeth says:

    Jesus will Jake just die already. This show has become a joke. Jake with Olivia is vomit inducing. Island again? Trump, oh I mean Hollis bashing? Really? Can’t the writers come up with one decent storyline?? The show sucks. Period.

    • bigdede says:

      I think Shonda writes through Jake/Olivia her infatuation with Scott Foley. I don’t even understand how he’s still around. B613 was dismalted and Rowan thrown in prison. But somehow Rowan is still powerful. Jake meanwhile is just hanging around. One minute he hates Rowan and wants him in prison or dead and now Rowan is like his father who suddenly is an abusive prick who raped his sister. I hate when Shonda introduces these out of nowhere backstories like she did Mellie’s out of nowhere rape.

      • letstalk says:

        Jake should be in the show. he IS who should be in the show. he has some issues, but they are way less than the other’s in the show. i like the character and the actor. and i hope for even more interesting story for him – he is like a spy for our side, hidden to look like a spy for other side.

        as for R. no one will destroy him. such people, unfortunately rule. behind curtains. and only he is the one who will decide when to be dismissed of his plans. or never…

        interesting, why O is not running herself. if not be the face of the oval , she needs to control the oval. mellie – isn’t her candidate to do this. not through her. i think, later she will understand this and there will be some pretty tough time.

  6. N!loofar says:

    Jam Vermont Sun
    they ruin everything

  7. Caroline says:

    I truly believe this show is ruined. Just when I think it can’t get worse, it does. The character of Jake Ballard is the absolute worst. A true snoozefest. This isn’t enjoyable or fun or even shock worthy. It’s just boring. I was hoping that maybe a delayed season would bring some people (Shonda) to their senses and bring this ship around. Sadly, I’m afraid it’s already sailed.

  8. sweettweeny says:

    What I don’t understand is that the writers let “soft, college educated, refined” Edison stand up to Rowan and be his own man while Jake, who “supposedly” is a trained assassin is still crying for Olivia to save him and using Edison to give Olivia the message. This show gets sillier by the day. And they show has the gall to use Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn to promote these final 2 episodes when they don’t share much screen time. If Shonda actually believed in Scott Foley why isn’t she using him to promote the show alongside Kerry Washington on Access Hollywood and Social Media. I’m seeing alot of pictures of Kerry and Tony taken during the Scandal Panel at the Smithsonian.

    • bigdede says:

      What I don’t understand is why Olivia didn’t just tell Edison that her father was responsible for him getting so hurt it let to his addiction to pain pills. He would have left Rowan months ago.

    • Nathalie says:


      “Shonda actually believed in Scott Foley why isn’t she using him to promote the show alongside Kerry Washington on Access Hollywood and Social Media.”

      Because in spite of his muscular skin, Jake/Scott Foley doesn’t have shoulders solid enough to carry this show. Shonda knows that !!! If not, ABC knows that

      i know you don’t want Olivia near Fitz again. But i’m an helpless romantic and i hope Olivia will tell Jake that what she said in the church is the thruth, seek for help and go to Fitz for good. There is hope.

  9. jbj says:


  10. Greg says:

    The last two episodes have been much better, the election storyline is a thousand times better than the jake/rowland/bd13 mess. Now it would be the perfect end to the season if papa pope finally gets killed off.

    • Jay says:

      I agree. I feel that the last two episodes have re-sparked my interest in the show! I was also very relieved when Abby chose her friendship over the election. If Fitz would’ve found out about O’s abortion THAT way, it would have ruined him, and O.

  11. Poor_Susan_Hope_She_Gets_A_Happy_Ending_And_I_Wanna_See_It. says:

    Mellie & Marcus? Absolutely. Now that will be awesome. He’s got such strong, principled values that after he and Mellie become emotionally attached, it’ll only be a matter of time before he has to turn his back on his principles if he wants to be with Mellie, or to save Mellie. Too bad. It’d be nice to one truly good person do well on this show.

    Jake – I want so bad for what Jake said to Edison to be true. After the Jake we knew when he was with Olivia, I just couldn’t believe that Jake became a cold-blooded killer again. A killer, probably, but with a good heart after being with Olivia. It just didn’t fit. And of course his backstory and the role Rowan played in it was heartbreaking to watch — and of course I’m now in Jake’s corner even more than before. Rowan is such a psychopath (and I do believe that — he may say he loves Olivia, but really, she’s only a means to end to him. Like a true psychopath, Rowan can be extremely charming when he chooses to; he’s extremely narcissistic; he can change emotions on dime because he’s faking it. And faking emotions to get by in society is exactly what psychopaths do. They imitate society by having families so it will seem like they’re such a wonderful dad and human being. They just use, use, use to get what they want. If they need you, good for you. If they don’t need you, they won’t bother with you …….until they do (sound familiar?) And if you cross them, you will pay. A number of the most notorious serial killers fit this profile perfectly. So frankly, I wish Jake would just take Rowan out. If he’s dead, he can’t hurt anyone anymore, especially Liv. Rowan must have something even more devastating than we know for Jake to be doing those things with Rowan. Maybe the most devastating thing is something Rowan has on Liv and Jake’s protecting that. I dunno for sure. I only know Team Jolivia (or whatever the heck you call them). [and yes, i know, the show needs a big baddie, but I’m sure Shonda can come up with another psychotic monster if Rowan’s ever out of the picture; and yes, I know, that in tv drama, the belief is that happily married couples stay in love with each other no matter what, is supposed to be boring, but I point you all to Madam Secretary to prove it can be done, and done very well.]

    I believe Rowan will tell Fitz about the abortion in the series finale.
    I wish Abby would be a gladiator again. What she did was a true friend. Good for her (and us).
    Can’t believe Liv fell for Cyrus’ machinations. I didn’t believe him one bit, but wouldn’t it be awesome if it were true? We shall see.
    I’m gonna miss Susan. The only really decent person among the main characters was David. He tried so hard to stick to his values. I wish Shonda had let him by the one voice of true decency in that show. Oh well.

    Awesome play on Donald, I mean Hollister, by Liv. It’s always so interesting when a series mirrors current events (or, in the case of Person of Interest, predicts it).
    Frustrating, heart crunching, but excellent episode as always.

    Only one more episode? sigh

  12. Poor_Susan_Hope_She_Gets_A_Happy_Ending_And_I_Wanna_See_It. says:

    Maybe they won’t bring it up because once in the news it would be played over and over and over for months. Their children would suffer if that became public and they’ve already had to suffer through enough in their lives. Fitz isn’t going to hurt Mellie’s campaign at the expense of his own children.

  13. chelly says:

    I hope the final season , olivia and fitz will be together and forever in this show..

    I really like this show because of fitz and olivia…

    Im from Philippines….

  14. Elizabeth says:

    #love Scandal! I’m rooting for 1.) Olivia & Jake 2.) Abby & Fitz 3.) Mellie & Marcus

  15. Megs says:

    Run of the mill “I love Jake” post just to drown out the haters ;)

    • Sheila says:

      Haha! I like Jake too.

      • Lee says:

        I suspect that if you examine it more closely, you’ll probably find that you actually like the actor Scott Foley, which is fair enough.
        Jake, however, is objectively a very unpleasant character.
        He’s violent, rude, disrespectful, lazy, entitled, sexist and dishonourable. He routinely slut shames, demeans and sexually betrays Olivia (sex tapes, other women), between choking her, concussing her and threatening her life.
        He brings her fast food with racist pseudonyms, and beer, even though he knows she doesn’t drink it, and he murders people who have never hurt anyone just to get stuff he wants.
        And after all of this he blames all his misfortune on others and refuses to take any responsibility. And he NEVER, EVER apologises. He just demands more and more.
        He’s awful.
        And yes, I know plenty of other people on this show are awful too, but that doesn’t make Jake any less awful.

        • Phil says:

          Just looking at the bread and butter of your arguments against Jake, it’s clear you don’t pay attention at all, or at least likes to remember how things happen in a way that is convenient for you. For example, sex tape. Jake was sent by her father to seduce her. The fact there were cameras in her apartment, people conveniently forget to mention was Fitz’s fault. He’s the one who had her under surveillance. Jake even questioned Fitz when he upped it from photo to video. You say he never takes any responsibility? Go watch him telling Olivia he was the one who killed James. His reasons specifically were that he would rather do something horrible himself, as he has already done plenty, than force some other B613 agent, freshly sprung from the hole, starting them on the same path. Choking? Apparently, you don’t know what choking is. He held Olivia by the throat. Still bad, not the same as choking, she was still breathing fine. Concussing her? Olivia couldn’t wait two seconds for him to show her Charlie breaking into her apartment to kill her. I’m hardly a Jake fan, but the most the stuff people accuse him of are just excuses, cherry-picking, and double standards with other characters, and that I have to call out.

          • sweettweeny says:

            I mean damn, the man made a sex tape, killed James and choked out Olivia, but as long as his reasoning is plausible, its okay with you. My belief is that you don’t put your hands on any one for any reason. That’s like a guy saying “I beat you for your own good” and yeah, I put my hands around my girls neck and threatened her but it wasn’t that bad. Also, just because he was willing to kill James himself doesn’t make it right; and you forget that he also threatened to kill Olivia. And before you start, I am not a Fitz apologists because I thought the relationship should have ended in Season 2 when they broke up (she wanted to stay with her gladiators).

            I hate how the show went from being a fixer who just happened to have a Scandal of her own (an affair); to this silly shipping war between who is better. Trust, fans were tired of the back and forth between Olivia and Fitz. But to justify the abuse, yes abuse, that Jake has done against Olivia is maddening. More importantly, for a writer who takes every opportunity to push her version of feminism to not even address the abuse done by Olivia is even more maddening. I remember one episode Fitz referred to Abby as “a bitch” and Olivia let him have it (rightly so) but Olivia physical abuse at the hands of Jake is not even mentioned.

            Yes, the double standard and cherry picking needs to be called out. When Jake “so call reads” Olivia fans cheer; especially during these “reads” the writers tend to silence Olivia and make her stand there like some whipped puppy.

          • Phil says:

            I’m using the same logic characters use in the show. Olivia uses the flimsiest excuses when she flip-flops in what she wants or does, I’m only extending the same to other characters. I hope that by thinking you don’t put your hands on anyone, you also think that Olivia murdering Andrew is also wrong. Way too many people cheering on her for murdering a disabled man. I just loved when the writers forgot how that arc went down, and said Andrew is the one who auctioned her. Auctioning Olivia was Olivia’s idea, the way she figured out how to take control of the situation. On killing James, his own words for Olivia, “when something horrible had to be done”. He was acting as command. A whole lot of stuff people give him flack for was stuff he did under Rowan’s orders. I don’t see anyone giving Rowan a hard time for those, only for giving 10 minute speeches every other breath. I’m with you on the whole shipping thing. It was a terrible idea from day one, and as time went on, they also completely destroyed Olivia’s character. I hope against hope she ends up alone. There is abuse in the Jake Olivia relationship, I’m not denying it, but what Lee described is a poorly made caricature, like Jake’s every word and gesture is crafted and calculated to demean her. And Jake always goes only as far as Olivia allows him. He’s the same as Huck in that regard, Huck’s words are also true here: “I’m not a puppy Liv. I’m just a very well trained monster. I go only as far as my leash allows, and you hold the leash.” Could you clarify what you said on Olivia and feminism? You said “not even address the abuse done by Olivia”, but in the next sentence, you point out Olivia getting physical abuse from Jake. Did you mean “abuse received by Olivia”? And are you saying that Olivia being called out is double standards? Shonda Rhimes herself has said in interviews Olivia Pope is the greatest hypocrite. Just recently, in the same sentence, she said she enjoyed killing Andrew herself, and then said she’s better than her father. This is what I don’t like about Olivia. She wants to eat her cake and have it. I don’t mind a monster character. Look at Cyrus. He has been a monster from day one, but he accepts he is a monster, and doesn’t pretend otherwise.

        • Alchemist says:

          I thought it was just Scott Foley…..but the way you laid it out accurately….I LOVE JAKE!

  16. Nathalie says:

    Team Fitzgerald Grant the third !!!!!!!!

  17. Tiffy says:

    It’s obvious that SR is a black woman. She’s done two shows back to back with strong black women. She’s using the show and the election story line to rant about Trump. Blacks have been voting democrat for over 50 years and the democrats have done nothing for them. If you do the same thing over and over and it doesn’t work, you should try something different. (P.S..democrats started slavery and the KKK) The election story line is boring and monotonous. We see enough of this on tv. Olivia and Jake are hysterical. Fitz is another Bill Clinton, with his womanizing. Truth is stranger then fiction.

    • Greg says:

      Uhhh… are you trying to say blacks should vote for trump? He will do things for the black community for sure, he will set it back another 30 years and ignite more hate.

    • :-) says:

      And SR did Grey’s anatomy, private practice, and the coasta Rican doctor show with white women while still being a black woman. What does that have to do with anything? Shall we talk about the white men that only cast white men as leads? Slavery started long before the democratic party. The kkk members moved to the Republican party when African-Americans joined the democratic. What that has to do with this show i don’t know. You accuse SR of having an agenda in her writing. I think you had one in your post. The difference is shonda writes compelling passionate speechs and you throw out poorly researched dogwhistle sentences. If you don’t like the show not watching would be a better use of your time. Didn’t you just lecture black people “if you do the same thing over and over and it doesn’t work, you should try something different”. Maybe take your own advice and stop watching the boring show and stop trolling to push your agenda. We see enough of that on the Internet

    • Alchemist says:

      There are 100s of shows with white female leads and white male leads. You can’t tell they are white ppl running them. Why dont you go watch one of them?

      You can’t possibly be that butthurt over a black female lead, can you?

      Alright trump.

    • Jay says:

      Hmmmm, why does it matter whether or not SR is black? And why does it bother you that she casts black women as her leading ladies? If doing “the same thing over and over again doesn’t work,” perhaps you should be praising SR for diversifying the faces on our mainstream TV screens. The simple act of you questioning this, implies that it is abnormal and problematic for a black woman to be a leading lady on a major American show, which makes you a hypocrite. Shame on you for asking why black women are popping up as leading ladies on a major network. Ask yourself this: Why shouldn’t they be?

  18. Imzadi says:

    I watched the Nationals/Cubs game instead of Scandal. Big mistake! My Nationals got only 3 hits and lost 5-2. Sigh. But I’m really sorry about Dasan (Suvid?).

    • :-) says:

      I liked David and Susan also. If he can’t be with Abby then Susan is perfect. She speaks to the good in him

  19. jamey says:

    Broken record here – I am so sick and tired of Papa Pope. I am sure we will get to Jake killing or trying to kill him like his first father – when he gets the nerve. But man, that story line is the one that makes me want to not watch.

  20. Greta Nelson says:

    I hope that Jake takes his new wife and dissappear off into the sun. After he looses it and kill papa pope. These are 2 characters that really irks me on the show. Abby did really good by not exposing Liv in front of everyone but I think she’s going to tell Fitz because she has feelings for him herself which will be the lowest of lows.

    • Alchemist says:

      You think abby has feelings for fitz!? I think ive noticed it a bit, but out of curiosity, and this question is for anyone who thinks theres growing chemistry between fitz and abby, whats your evidence? Because maybe ive missed some subtle cues……

  21. Kathryn says:

    Did anyone else notice that Cyrus never mentioned Ella? Michael ran. off. with. his. daughter. last week. His daughter with James! But there he was convincing Liv to be on #TeamFrankie. I don’t know….I would have thought Cyrus would have had Charlie trying to find them both.

    • Gracie Lou Freebush says:

      This! Then again they never seem to show Cyrus with or even mentioning his daughter. So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that his daughter being taken doesn’t seem to bother him. Maybe Ella disappears to the same place Meredith Grey’s kids go.

  22. Queen says:

    I love where they are taking Mellie and Marcus…unfortunately it’s kind of like Fitz and Olivia in the beginning but reversed and I dont like Fitz and Jake and Liv all day!!!!

  23. Je Suis says:

    I think “Joe Morton” is one of the greatest villains in the history of villainy!! I keep rewinding his scenes. His delivery is beyond exceptional. What a fantastic actor!! He might be the true reason I watch this show. I really loooove this show. It’s like a guilty pleasure at this point! Thank you Shonda!! You guys are amazing!

  24. Phil says:

    Still waiting for someone to tell Susan Ross the whole story about Liz North using David to get her to run in the first place. Liz played him into played her, and she still doesn’t know that. The speech I want to hear from Susan is the one for Liz. Olivia was a bit more tolerable in this episode, but what she said to Abby about the abortion was just sad. She had an abortion without even telling the father of the child she was pregnant in the first place. I’m a layman on women’s reproductive rights, but I think stuff like this is one of the reasons people attack it so much no? Yes, it’s her body, but it takes two to make a baby, and as things are, women have the legal right to force fatherhood on men who don’t want it, and deny fatherhood to those willing to raise children by themselves after the birth. If Olivia didn’t want a child in the first place, why not have Fitz use a condom? Her error isn’t having an abortion, but withholding the fact she was pregnant from the father in the first place. In doing what she wants, she’s legitimizing critics of reproductive rights.

    • sweettweeny says:

      Though I totally agree with everything you said, this was Shonda Rhimes sending a message, not telling a story, but sending a message that it is a woman’s choice and a woman’s choice only. Sometimes, Shonda tends to stand on her soap box, which she did the entire episode.

      As a black woman, I could relate to what both Edison and Rowan said but with Rowan, I believe he is the last man to be making “black power” speeches especially considering that he locked up his wife for 22 years in a prison no one knew about and how he literally tortures his daughter; coupled with the fact that no mention has been made in the show that Rowan gave 2 cents about the struggles of black people. Now if Marcus had mentioned Race (which he so eloquently did in “Dog Whistle Politics” it would have been more believable considering Marcus was a community activist.

  25. Nidavni says:

    people. do not be mad , next Episode Fitz will die. and season 6 jake become the leader of the show . the story of Olivia and fitz was for ratings and marketind and it works . since jake is in the show. the ratings go down now with only 6millions .but season 6 will be the last season. the file will be under 6 miilion.