Nashville Recap: Oscar? You Barely Know Her! Plus — Maddie's Verdict

Need to catch up? Check out last week’s Nashville recap here.

It’s hard to say which development requires a greater suspension of disbelief in this week’s Nashville: Juliette’s nomination for a Best Actress Academy Award (?!) or her snap realization that not only is Layla sleeping with Avery, Ms. Grant is on a vengeful tear to destroy everything the Shenandoah girl holds dear.

Hey, it’s not like there’s no precedent for a singer-turned-actress to nab a major award early in her acting career. But for every JHud-in-Dreamgirls and Cher-in-Moonstruck, there’s a Mariah-Carey-in-Sparkle and a Madonna-in-Shanghai Surprise. And while I love Juliette for her fire, her voice and her impressive collection of cashmere loungewear, I just don’t see her as Oscar material.

But I do see her getting chummier with Luke Wheeler in this week’s installment, and after some consideration, I might be ok with that? Am I losing my mind, fellow Nashvillians? (Not to be confused with Nashvillains.) Or am I just so happy to be watching any scene that isn’t Will sitting at home, fretting about being gay, that I’m primed to accept what seems on paper like a really bad idea?

Your guess is as good as mine. We’ll ponder it as we review the highlights of “The Trouble With the Truth.”

IT’S AN HONOR JUST TO BE… | Juliette must think she has at least some shot at an Oscar nomination, because she’s up early, watching the announcements with Emily and Glenn. When her name is mentioned, they all celebrate, and she scurries to the phone to share the good news with Avery.

But her joy takes a nose dive into the Dumpster when she realizes her ex isn’t alone… even though he’s just woken up. As he whisper-shouts into the phone that who he’s bedding is no longer any of her business, Ju’s face shows that she’s arrived at the answer faster than a Kenyan with the marathon finish line in his sight: “Avery’s with Layla!” she angrily trumpets, immediately turning her ire on Emily. (Some things never change, eh?) Ju sets yet another land-speed record when she realizes a moment later that Avery’s hook-up is “trying to steal my life!”

WHEELS UP, JU? | Because Emily is a good (and really, the only) friend to Juliette, she confronts Avery and warns him that “I just hope you didn’t sleep with Layla to keep yourself from being with Juliette.” As it turns out, he didn’t. Well, kinda. When he goes to Layla’s dressing room before that night’s show, she gives him an out — but he doesn’t want it.

“You’re not complicated, and that’s a beautiful thing,” he says. Wow, it takes some talent to knock your ex and imply that your current squeeze is about as deep as a potato chip, Avery. Well done. Even worse, Juliette overhears it all and actually sees the pair kissing. A confab with Luke helps Ms. Barnes figure out that most of her anger toward Layla is really guilt about inadvertently killing Jeff (#harshyettrue), so she sits down with The Banged One and confesses her role in Fordham’s death. Both women cry, but while Juliette is clearly very pained by the whole thing, Layla cooly informs her that really, nothing between them has changed.

What’s that, Ju? You say you want another kick in the gut? How about when Avery tells you he’s really happy, right before you go on stage, and you do the adult thing and say “Good!” while smiling to cover the fact that you’re a millisecond from crying all of your shimmering stage makeup away in a glittery river of tears.

Luke picks up on his tour partner’s sadness and asks her if there’s anything he can do to help. So Juliette brings him out to duet with her on “Boomtown.” It does the trick; she perks right up, and they end up dancing in a rather cozy fashion, with his arm flung around her middle. Half of me would rather not see Lukliette become a thing — You down with Ja-ver-y? Yeah, O-T-P! — but the other half of me would like to see Will Chase have a chance to play a romantic storyline, and the pair definitely has chemistry. Therefore, I will reserve judgment.

WHO HIRED A PEANUTS ACTOR TO DO VOICEOVER WORK? | Maddie’s emancipation hearing date arrives, and when it’s not clear how the judge will rule, the teen’s terrible lawyer suggests they employ the “alternate strategy,” aka “destroy Deacon using his drunkenly violent history as evidence he’s a threat to Mads’ safety.”

The lawyer calls Deke to the stand and begins a litany of his poor decisions, which include decking Teddy in front of City Hall, punching the Revel Kings bandmate who got all predator-y with Scarlett, jumping Luke in his front yard, etc. “You don’t understand!” I want Deke to say. “I’m a character on a primetime soap!”

But when the lawyer starts bringing up the terrible things that happened when Deacon was drinking (Rayna’s black eye long ago, Rayna’s car accident more recently), Claybourne is crestfallen as he realizes that Frankie has supplied Maddie’s legal counsel with plenty of information he gleaned as Deacon’s Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor. That night at The Beverly, while Kelsea Ballerini plays for the customers, Deke confronts Frankie behind the bar. He asks why the older man is so mad, and Frankie replies, “Maybe because your wife curr de hurr de hurr hurr!” (I swear to you, I replayed that line three times and it just got more unintelligible with each listen.)

When Frankie decks Deacon, they get into a scuffle that leaves Frankie pretty bloody. At one point, he yells, “You stole this bar like you stole your damn dead sister’s liver!” — and I, as my colleague Michael Slezak would say, hoot and holler at the sheer absurdity. Long story short, Deacon ends up in jail with a restraining order against him, and Rayna rightly blames him for making their bad situation 300 times worse. He apologizes from behind the Plexiglass partition, but Rayna just hangs up the phone and leaves him there to think about what he’s done.

The next day, the judge grants Maddie emancipated minor status. Rayna weeps.

ROLLING STONE‘D LOVE | Scarlett and Gunnar oversleep their appointment with the Rolling Stone reporter, so much sex and whiskey did they have the night before. Scar frantically jumps in the shower and yells at Gunnar to do the same. Guys, this is not a shower situation! This is a swipe-a-wet-facecloth-through-the-danger-zones-and-hope-for-the-best situation!

During the interview, Gunnar can’t stop himself from gazing dopily at his new-old love. But as they discuss their romantic history with the reporter, Gunnar gets increasingly pissy. He misinterprets Scarlett’s discussion of his rejected proposal and their first hook-up, finally telling her that she has a negative take on everything he does. Oy, guys, where is this drama coming from?

RAGE, RINSE, REPEAT | Luke’s attempt to defend Will from a conservative cable-news host’s homophobic comments goes awry when his satellite feed drops out at an inopportune moment. Aw, sorry, Luke. A for effort. Meanwhile, Will showers, fumes and yells at his TV. I wish I were oversimplifying, but that’s pretty much all Chris Carmack has to do in this episode.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Josh says:

    God no one is allowed to be happy on this show and am I bad for wishing death to Maddie Cash Frankie and Layla? And that ignorant Lady Talk show host who said Will and Luke were forcing their views on People when she’s doing the exact same thing AND Will and Luke aren’t forcing anything on anyone. The ignorance of saying people can’t separate The Music from the “lifestyle”

  2. Bwhit says:

    This show requires a loading dose of red moscato before it starts. How depressing!

  3. Greg says:

    Every storyline is just too sad. Can we go back to Maddie being excited that she found her real father Deacon… And can Will not just find some success and not have bottles thrown at him etc? At this point, I am not sure I want the show to be renewed because its becoming draining to watch it.

    • NM says:

      As long as they wrap it up for a final 15 episode season to reach that 100 episode mark, I’d be fine with that.

    • Whatevah says:

      which is exactly why I just read recaps & don’t watch anymore. This show is an old country song. My dog is dead, my wife left me and my truck broke down and I drink whiskey.

    • Pixi says:

      I know right! I was thinking “but you were the one who went to his freaking house to tell him that he’s your father”. it’s all your fault really! What a whiney teenager. I hope they get to the good stuff soon, the “Cash isn’t as great as I thought” part of this drama.

  4. sladewilson says:

    Wow. I’ll watch the season/series finale and all that, but unless something drastic happens, I’m done. This show had taken a serious nose dive. If this doesn’t change, just kill it. Connie deserves way better than this….

    • NM says:

      Connie knows what she signed up for. This show is as it always has been. The only difference is that the drama has spread out amongst more characters. And it’s also a bit depressing, but that’s what soaps are for. Lol

    • sntindall says:

      Yeah I hate to be one of those people, but I think I’m done watching. I didn’t watch last night but after reading this recap I can’t even imagine putting myself through it. I’ll keep reading hoping something good happens.

  5. Montie says:

    I don’t understand why the show hired country singer Mark Collie (look him up on YouTube if you haven’t heard of him) and hasn’t let him sing. Then turned hum into a sucky character.

  6. NM says:

    I’m hoping that the finale that’s leading to a “major cliffhanger” is a plane crash with the entire cast travelling somewhere and it kills of quite a selected bunch. E.g. Layla, Cash, Maddie, Frank, Luke. Then again, Luke could easily be 50/50, as I’ve been impressed with him these last couple of episodes.

  7. Normandy says:

    Nashville has gone full steam ahead into 100% soap opera territory when they have absolutely no concept of how the law, medicine or business works and bend over backward to set things up solely to advance the plot.

    ATTORNEY: “Your honor, this video showing Sonny Corintho’s shooting the victim 15 times in the head will prejudice the jury.”
    DISTRICT ATTORNEY: “He’s on trial for murdering the victim.”
    JUDGE: “The video is thrown out of evidence.”

    • Bwhit says:

      Between Kim’s review and this comment, I have now been more entertained than by anything that happened in this episode. It’s sad really because this cast is brimming over with talent… Wish the writers knew what they had with these actors.

    • RowdyBug says:

      This made me LOL! Yes soaps are like that and that’s why I love them! FREE SONNY!

    • Jakay says:

      I was thinking Nashville was even worse than GH when it comes to the law and that is a DIRE situation. When you are worse than Mob Hospital, you are bad.

  8. LyriaO says:

    Frankie said something about Rayna ruining Cash’s career. So bitter and delusional. Those two need to go away forever.

    • Normandy says:

      I suppose the paycheck and working with a wonderful cast is a good enough deal, but you have to wonder how actors feel playing one-dimensional plot contrivances who have no characteristics beyond being thorns in the sides of the main characters.

    • Normandy says:

      I suppose it’s a well-paying job where get to work with a wonderful cast, but I wonder how it feels for the actors to be playing one-dimensional plot contrivances who have no characteristics beyond being thorns in the side of the main characters just to advance a plot that’s being run on stupidity.

    • NM says:

      LOL HE DID? WHAT A JOKE. Seems to be Cash is out for vengeance against Rayna by stealing her daughter. Lmfao

    • Jill says:

      I’m confused. How did Rayna ruin Cash’s career? Is this based on the comment she made in last week’s episode about making sure she would never work in this town? Wasn’t that like yesterday? I don’t think she’s had time to do anything. Just another thing that goes in the no set up, random info without any real backstory category on this lame excuse for a show. I was still somewhat enjoying the soapiness through the end of season 3, but this show really took a major nosedive this season in terms of story and writing.

    • Jen says:

      That’s not what he said. He said she didn’t earn her career.

      • LyriaO says:

        Wait, really? Because Deacon said something about Cash right before that and then said Cash basically had no career right after that. Lol, or maybe he really did say “curr de hurr de hurr hurr.” I’ll have to watch that part again with subtitles tomorrow.

      • Moth says:

        I thought he said something along the lines of “that damn Rayna James thinks she runs Nashville.” I took it that Frankie was plumb crazy that Rayna told Cash she could make sure she’d never get a gig or contract in the industry and so Frankie got back at her by spilling all of Deacon’s secrets.

  9. Normandy says:

    If Nashville gets renewed, the new show runners better do something to course correct. Will being gay is his only characteristic. Deacon being a hothead is his only characteristic. Maddie is just plain annoying. Lots of new characters constantly being added that go nowhere and do nothing. Take the characters you have and have them share more storylines.

    • Deb says:

      Unfortunately Maddie is a real life confused teenager. She is super talented and is at that i think i know everything you know nothing stage snd in comes the evil older friend Cash who swoops in snd says I had a crappy childhood and all parents are evil I will save you from them!
      If you have ever raised or seen someone try to raise a know-it-all bratty teenager you will realize this is the only realistic part of the serious.

  10. Michaela Bertoldo says:

    The main reason Nashville was a huge success is because of the beautiful music that was created on the show. The duets, the harmonies, and everything else in between. What happened to that? After reading this synopsis, I can’t watch this show anymore–it pains me. Ever since the second half of season 4 started, it has been a never ending struggle for Rayna’s family.
    What ever happened with Maddie and Decan’s relationship? Why did the writers decide to crap all over it? They spent a good season and a half trying to build their relationship to where it was. It was beautiful. They were writing songs together, Decan was showing Maddie how to play the guitar, and Maddie was starting to trust Decan as a father figure.
    And Maddie.. although I don’t like everyone saying she should “be run over by a bus” or “die,” I do believe her character has been written poorly. As Lennon has said herself, she apologizes with the way her character is acting towards Rayna, Decan, and Daphne. I get teen angst because that’s what being a teenager is all about. But, with her emancipating herself because “mommy and daddy don’t let me do anything I want.” That’s not a reason to want independence from your parents. I hope Maddie comes full circle and realizes she needs her parents just as much as they need her.
    I believe the sole reason Cash has taken an interest in Maddie is because she sees herself in Maddie and the missed opportunities she faced when she was Maddie’s age. Cash didn’t have the role models (i.e. her father, Frankie) to push her towards becoming the next big thing. Cash believes she can do that for Maddie. But what Cash is really doing is digging Maddie into the ground by exploiting her to these record labels. Although we have heard Maddie is ready, she really isn’t. She was sheltered from Rayna and the industry, how will she be able to handle big execs wanting her to change her image and wanting her to do certain things she doesn’t want to do?
    The only good thing about this show is Scarlett and Gunnar finally realizing that they are meant to be together and are trying to rekindle their relationship after years of dancing around it.
    Nashville needs 1) more music 2) everyone to be flipping happy (i.e. Juliette and Avery resolving their issues and let Juliette’s character development FINALLY come into full circle). They need to get new writers or else Nashville is not going to have a fan base left.
    End of rant.

    • Sorry – Maddie is emanicipated… she dug her hole. She had a good life. She had a great family. She wanted for nothing. She had access to the biggest names and in business. If she was thinking straight for one iota of a second, she would see she threw is all away. I will call for that bud because the love Rayna showed for her kids, her family, her loved ones was the glue that help this show together some crappy seasons and Maddy is an ungrateful twerp. And Cash?!?!? Wants to help her? Please – she can’t even help her Dad. Could have done all the things you said as her song writing help… something foul was in the air when Cash started making a 16 year old sing about stuff way out of her range. Pulling her away from Daphne was a red flag. This girl has proven that she was a danger when she put her on stage at a dive bar.

      • New show runners on the way, thank God! Hopefully, they will convince T-Bone Burnett to return as musical director, and fire most of the writing staff. Also, downsize the number of characters and plot lines to ensure that more dimensions and substance can be employed. As for Maddie, I wouldn’t mind if Rayna lets her sleep in the bed she’s made when things don’t go well for her–this kid needs some tough love now, instead of the unconditional variety that has only resulted in her spoiled behaviors. And please, stop making people in the Nashville music industry so homophobic–it’s not realistic for Will’s story to be so one-sided. And Rayna, you are going to lose your man again, if you don’t start listening to his point of view. Frankie and Cash need to leave town in disgrace. Layla needs to go work in a Reno lounge. And Scarlet and Gunner need to either start communicating or cut personal ties altogether. Or only be seen on the show when they are singing–the same for the Stella sisters. More Avery, Juliette, Rayna and Deacon. If it takes a plane crash to put this train wreck of a season back on track, then so be it.

        • LisaRM says:

          I’ve missed T Bone Burnett since he left after season one. The writers need to return to basics, and for goodness sakes can somebody on that show ever be happy? This has turned into such a dirge. Maddie? Layla ? Will? I’m committed, but damn it’s hard.

    • Connie says:

      Loved your rant!! Preach!!

  11. pinky says:

    I really liked this episode – I love every time Juliette or Avery are on screen, and I’m really happy to see Juliette being so mature in regards to Avery. Gunnar was pretty much being a baby, but I like the Exes too. And I just fast forwarded any scenes with Rayna and Deacon, since whether in the courtroom or not, it’s going to be about the emancipation storyline anyway so why bother…that story serves no purpose other than to make me annoyed for wasting my time watching it, so I stopped watching it

  12. C.C. says:

    Dang…I forgot about all the awful drunken tirades and violent fits Deacon’s been involved in. If this weren’t a soap, he’d be getting shivved by a bar of soap by his inmate lover.

  13. Jen says:

    He said, “Your wife didn’t earn her career.” Wasn’t difficult to understand. And there’s also this little thing called subtitles that you can turn on if you don’t understand something.

  14. Shira says:

    Kim, I needed this does of humor after this episode. Every season Nashville does this big slow build up and then blows it up in your face in one episode. This was it. Thankfully this season it wasn’t the season finale like last season or season 1. So I guess now we’re on our way to resloution at least for some of the stories, right? well. a girl can hope.

    Got to say the most believable part for me in Juliette’s story today was her realizing immidiatly what Layla did. I just watched it and thought…of course Juliette would think that since it’s exactly what she would have done (and probably better, let’s face it). Oscar? no. Smelling a manipulation from miles away and thinking it’s all about her? hell yes.

  15. AjaxSparrow says:

    Thanks for the recap, Kimberly. I always look forward to them. Best line this week: Referring to Layla as “The Banged One”, when recounting her talk with Juliette about Jeff’s death. Sooo perfect! Haha

    That said, none of these stories are worth watching to me. It used to be that there would be at least one storyline that we could root for or get behind but there isn’t one. I was all settled in to get on the Gunnar/Scarlett train but they are just going back and forth like they have throughout the entire show – and their fight was just a rehash from years before.

    And Will!!! I think it’s time that he come out of his house. He’s been hiding in there for a year now. That whole storyline is at least 1-2 years too late. No one cares if he’s gay. It feels old and stale.

  16. Maddie and her newfound friends Cash and Frankie need to get on a plane for Shangri-La and never return. Maybe they can take Layla with them.

    And can somebody please give Will a break and get him back in the music business, already? Jeez.

  17. Whispergirl says:

    Frankie and Cash SO colluded on this and set Deacon up. You could tell by the gloating look on Frankie’s face in the courtroom that he was getting back at Deacon for all his perceived wrongs. As Deacon’s AA sponsor, he probably knew Deacon better than anyone, and he betrayed that sacred trust by giving Maddie’s lawyer ammunition and reeling Deacon back to The Beverley. Once Frankie sucker-punched Deacon, he kept goading him with one taunt after another that he knew would make Deacon crazy. I hoped there might be a security camera out back that caught Frankie going after Deacon, but after a while, Deacon went beyond defending himself. As even a broken Rayna said when she found out he went to see Frankie, “What did you think would happen?”

    • I am hoping for a security camera.

      • TinLV says:

        Yeah, that was my thought too.. everything gets filmed these days.. either by some bystander with a cell phone or by a security camera. There should be a video of Frankie throwing the first 2 punches and egging Deacon into a fight. I want to see Deacon cleared and Frankie go down. I still think Frankie is responsible for that girl’s disappearance and what them to wrap that loose end up.

  18. theresa says:

    Hey maddie ur just a selfish bitch with no concern for anyone but urself

  19. Larc says:

    All negative stuff to an unbelievable degree, even going beyond logic. Is the departing showrunner trying to run Nashville into the ground to make sure there’s no chance of renewal?

  20. michelle o'brien says:

    does anyone know the artist’s name that frankie introduced at the beverly? i couldn’t understand what he said, but loved the song she sang!

  21. Shane says:

    Maddie is one of the worst characters on TV right now. Layla is very close, as well.

  22. Lisa says:

    This is the greatest recap ever… and I read a lot of recaps. lmao. That Frankie comment alone killed me… I too rewound that part 50 times and never got it. I can not stand that character nor the horrible actor who plays him. I do love this show though and I really hope it comes back next season! ps… Luke and juliette… I kinda like it. =)

  23. Diana says:

    Could Frankie be behind the missing girls and murders? Hope so because soo ready for him and his daughter to get what’s coming to them! Glad Juliett is back! Maddie has been so manipulated! Hope that fight between Decan and Frankie was on film.

  24. Diana says:

    Just hope Deacon and Frankie’s fight was taped. Could Frankie be behind the missing and murdered girls. Just a thought So glad Juliett is back. Would like some of the people on this show happy. They need to find out why Cash has been manipulating Maddie. She seems way to bad not to have an agenda.

    • sophie says:

      Frankie might be behind the missing girl (Vita?). idk if it was just me but he seemed kind of creepy when Kelsea was on stage. Maybe he and Cash have a scam going where they lure in and manipulate young, talented girls. Frankie is the lowest of the low for betraying the AA sponsor trust. Hopefully the fight was filmed and Frankie and Cash can make their exit from the show.

  25. Dani B says:

    Kimberly Roots – you deserve a raise for these reviews! Look forward to them each week.

  26. Boiler says:

    Kimberly you really need to do an interview with the show runners or whatever they are called as to why they think the direction this show has taken makes sense. I am still a faithful viewer but if season 5, if there is one, starts like this season is going I may be done. THANKS!!!

  27. Sissy says:

    Will in the shower. Will out of the shower and in the bathroom. Will lookin’ good wearing suds. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

  28. adam says:

    I guess I’m alone on this one, but I thought this episode was very good. (Yes, Juliette being back does help). The episode was quite intense and well acted across the board. I felt for Deacon being on the stand with a target on him like that not being able to explain anything. The look on his face with him just answering a string of “yes”s to the attorneys questions said it all…

    • Mike says:

      I liked most of it. The ending was the only thing I had an issue with. I’m not sure a fight where no one saw it start somehow ended up all on Deacon to the point where it swayed the judge. It was literally the only way Maddie was getting emancipation and I still think that’s a joke of an outcome. I hope Maddie does fall right on her face. We’ll see how Cash really feels then.

  29. GRD says:

    “You don’t understand!” I want Deke to say. “I’m a character on a primetime soap!”

    PREACH! I tweeted something similar during the episode. It doesn’t seem fair that soap characters should get in trouble just for being soap characters. :-) As Moriarty on “Sherlock” might say, “That’s what they DO!”

  30. Barbara O'Dwyer Lopez says:

    As a long time fan, couldn’t believe what a downer last night’s episode was. Too, too much darkness. No longer fun to watch. Better fix it fast.


    • But let’s rehash deacon’s past… but there was no mention AT ALL that Maddie was the major reason Rayna and Deacon reconciled… that Maddie found out about Deacon and snuck a relationship with him. That he has been amazing with her. That CASH took Maddie to a BAR! Charges should have been filed several times over here!

      I am with you – I am angry too!

      • izzie b says:

        AND that the reason he hauled her off the stage was because some guy was trying to feel her up!

    • Larc says:

      Contributing to the delinquency of a minor is a charge that should work for starters.

  32. Memi says:

    Just want to say I still look forward to season five but how can they end it with Maddie being emancipated. Sending the wrong message here.

  33. izzie b says:

    I don’t know how they can ever come back from all of this. They totally blew up the show.

    I’m ticked at Rayna because she keeps missing opportunities (like reporting Cash for tricking out a 16 year old) and then when it all goes to hell it’s Deacon’s fault. Deacon is a victim of his own circumstances, and that sucks cause he was doing so good.

    In other news, it’s great that they are playing more music and they did that last week, too. And it’s ok if Juliette and Luke are friends – they don’t have any otherwise. But no, Avery isn’t truly happy and I don’t think Juliette really let him go.

    Scarlett and Gunnar’s interview? There’s nobody in the world that can force them to bring up every detail from the past – that was totally a non-believable interview. Why they think they have to rehash everything for the world to read is beyond me. Give them the basics – that’s what we get our here in the real world. Would I like to really know what happened between Blake and Miranda? Yes, but for damn sure they’re not going to answer those questions in interviews, even if it would be to sell music or advance their careers. Get a grip on reality, Nashville! Oh, wait, that’s right. You can’t. You’re Nashville!

    • Larc says:

      Re: Scarlett & Gunnar… What ever happened to telling a reporter, “That’s none of your business”?

  34. wrstlgirl says:

    Of all the directions they could have gone with Will this is the story line they went with?!?! Terrible. Gunnar and Scarlett, just let it go already, been there done that repeatedly. I have no words for what happened to Deacon, that left such a bad taste in my mouth, Maddie you call yourself an adult. Hey, I get that she was visibly upset about what was happening but what a horrible excuse of a human being. When it’s all said and done though they’ll just say that she was manipulated by Cash, blah blah blah, girl, you should be deeply ashamed. Highlights were Juliette coming clean with Layla and letting Avery go. We all know Juliette and Avery are endgame anyway.

  35. Jason says:

    Maybe this is the best thing for Maddie. She can go out in the real world and get presented with some harsh truths. She might not grow up until she gets some humility knocked into her.

  36. Moth says:

    Maybe the writers want to portray the seedy side of the music industry that young female singers have to navigate, and they need to do it with a character that we like and invested in (e.g. Maddie) not just some random girl off the street. Since those shenanigans would never happen at Hwy 65, they needed to split Maddie off from her family – that’s the only way she’d ever be out in the Music Row wilderness without her support system. All the other female characters are too established to tell that story – they’d just smack the pervs up side their head.

    • Jill says:

      There are other ways to do this though that are less over the top and more realistic. I have no issues with Maddie sneaking out of the house to play like a lot of teens would, but the character of Cash is not necessary she’s a one dimensional soap villain, and the emancipation crap is REALLY not necessary. She can leave home and go live with a friend without dragging her family into court. The only reason they’re doing the court thing is so they can crap all over Deacon, but it would have been plenty of drama to see D/R dealing with the fallout of Maddie going off to NY on her own, or moving in with a group of singer songwriters quietly at home. The court stuff/Frankie/Cash stuff are the tropes of terrible soap writing. Completely unnecessary and over the top.

      • S says:

        Completely agree! The court context is totally unnecessary and unrealistic here. Nashville is sending out the wrong message and is making a mockery of real emancipation cases.

    • If they do that – then MAYBE I can get on board. The problem is that I hate Maddie so much right now I want to see her hurt for what she did. And having to deal with all that will not make me sympathize with her because the whole time I will be thinking, if she had not walked away from her nice and loving and supportive family, she would have been fine. They could have used Cash differently – but NOPE – I want to see them all fall now. (sorry, but they killed my good will)

  37. Ella Jasper says:

    Who is trying to kill this show? I just hope the network will give it a chance with new people coming on board next year. This is not the Nashville that I love. This whole Maddie story line is just ridiculous. I hope the “stars” of the show will fight for what’s left and keep it going.

  38. pecola says:

    Maddie makes me hate Julie Taylor a little less.

    Seriously, what did Connie Britton do that she’s continually punished with these ungrateful TV children?

  39. EJ386 says:

    I really like(d) this show but felt uncomfortable watching the whole time. I really want it to stop…. I just can’t stop watching.

  40. Jean says:

    The line “Maybe because your wife curr de hurr de hurr hurr!” was about 20x better than anything in the script of this entire episode. You’re losing me, Nashville! What happened to the great music and the interesting storylines? Either the writing staff needs some new talent or some black coffee – this is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

    • Jill says:

      This was a brand new writer, so it’s not that. It’s coming from above which is why Dee has been axed from the show.

  41. Can I just say how much I appreciate Luke… he has become the voice of reason in this cluster $%^& of a mess. I love how his experience with his son has grown him a backbone. Will is lucky to have someone like that in his corner (though I still think he could have signed with Rayna and thrived as well) And he is right – someone needs to call out the kooks and looneys.

    As for Scarlet and Gunner – that was a quick nose dive. And they broke up again. Gunner better get his head in the game or they will ruin their good thing.

  42. SAS says:

    What happens to the Beverly? Frankie and Deacon are partners in the Beverly and Deacon upgraded it. Does Frankie get it back via some avenue in Deacon’s trial? Will Maddie and Cash team up and perform there?

    Will Will out the conservative TV commentator’s husband?

  43. dpl says:

    Wow, way to ruin a good show. The writers have lost their compass big time. I hope they turn this around. I despise Cash and her father. He is a low life who broke confidentiality. I’m sick of the Maddie character, and Avery still does not know the real truth about Jeff. Layla did not tell Juliette she already knew from Colt. A real court would NEVER emancipate her. They would have ordered evaluations of all parties first. Maddie lied under oath, Deacon has never done anything to hurt her. He needs anger management for sure, and has zero impulse control. I too hope there is a video of what went on. Turn this around before you lose most of your viewers, and bring back the Music! Horrible story line. Most of American does not hate gay people, sick of this story line on nearly every show on TV as well. Love Will, get the show back on track please.

  44. Mollymoo says:

    I’d comment, but first I need to restart the majority of my brain that needed to go on hiatus in order to watch that drivel last night. :( I like Nashville, but seriously, can’t there just be one normal couple that’s not in danger of being ripped to shreds over someone else’s lunacy? Ju & Avery – I’m actually happier when they aren’t a thing. Wasn’t Avery like a real scumbag when the show started…and then he morphed into a whiney little twit. Juliette is working on getting herself to a healthy space and she’s better off leaving Aves to another nut-job like Layla. I’d rather see Juliette spend some time as a “I’m fixing me. I’m loving me. I’m rocking it” chick before she gets entangled in anyone else’s drama. I think the show is trying to show Mads as conflicted – all those confused and heart-wrenched looks she flashes around. But come on. They took a sweet kid and turned her into a spoiled brat that everyone is loving to hate. It’s almost as bad as Deacon consistently leaving his common sense in the glove compartment. First, why the heck would you go confront the idiot who just set you up. and then why would you ask him to come with you into a deserted back alley so you can get in his face and call him out? Why would you continue to stand there and not just walk away the moment he took his first swing. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. And Rayna? Sweetheart? Please. You’d think she could afford a PI that could dig a little dirt or something helpful. You’d think there’d be a few social worker or counselors tossed in to that case for good measure. It’s a drama – but the characters shouldn’t so freakin’ dense. Don’t even get me started on Gunnar’s loser-ness. That guy needs a swift kick in the butt and a Midol. To be frank, the only character that didn’t want to make me punch them last night was Luke. . . and maybe Glenn. Glenn’s just good people.

  45. Mollymoo says:

    The only character I didn’t want to sucker punch last night was Luke. What’s that say for the way this show is going?

  46. JMOM says:

    Why was Daphne not mentioned at all in the courtroom or brought in as a witness? She lives with Deacon too and could have told the court she isn’t afraid of him, he has never hurt her or threatened her and Maddie is just saying she’s afraid to win the case. We didn’t get to see it but the lawyer said he cross examined Deacon so he had a chance to tell his side of each incident. Daphne would have at least cast doubt on Maddie’s testimony. I know Rayna probably wouldn’t want to drag Daphne into it, but when one minor is looking for emancipation from her parents on grounds of abuse of any sort, the court would definitely want to at least interview any other children living in the home.

  47. Almost gone... says:

    Another Deacon crisis? Really? and based on the previews from next week, looks like another Deacon/rRayna relationship crisis, too — whoever controls the plot lines on this show really is a one-trick pony. I have stuck with this show because I like the actors so much and I keep hoping it will get better — and just when you think it might — Deacon goes down yet again. Beyond irritating.

  48. Jo says:

    At this rate I would have rather have had the Maddie teen pregnancy story line. Good Lord this is just horrible!

  49. iakovos says:

    NASHVILLE is so erratic in story, but I think it is because of the pregnancy late last season and sudden temporary departure of Juliette midway thru the season. Writers drafted fill-in stories and created characters then upon return, seem to have let those folks evaporate (Veta) or dispatched to permanent limbo (Luke’s Lamar Odom-like buddy). The movie story surely was to be something but real-life intruded, leaving the writers with a square peg for what is now a round hole. Not sure why Will Lexington cannot catch a break. I was hoping for a story for Will that echoed real-life Steve Grand. The series is ripe with potential. Hope ABC renews it and gives new show runners an opportunity to make something right here.

  50. Cheryl says:

    I so sick of this predictable crap! I used to love this show and now it has gotten so dang depressing and BORING!!!! I am sick of Layla’s psychotic self and freaky eyes, Avery needs to bathe and shave, Maddie looks like a tramp and please send Frankie and Cash back to wherever they came from!!!

    • RichieS says:

      “please send Frankie and Cash back to wherever they came from!!!”
      Unless I miss my guess that would be Harlan County, Kentucky.