Flash Recap Season 2 Episode 20

The Flash Recap: A Hasty Decision?

This week on The CW’s The Flash, a great debate ensued about whether to recreate the explosion that endowed Barry with powers — but the arrival of a familiar face from Earth-Two forces the issue.

Having spent the past few minutes perched on the edge of my seat, I’m here to say that was a helluva final act. And I’m kind of kicking myself for glimpsing at the promo for next week, but hopefully The CW won’t issue any spoilery stills a la Zoom Kidnapping Wally from a few weeks back.

The episode opened with Cisco and Iris cheering Barry on as they use a mo-cap hologram to fake The Flash’s zippy presence on the streets of Central City. Harry arrives to dampen their spirits, saying the ruse won’t last — especially when folks to wonder why this Flash never talks, or goes indoors. No, Harry still stands by his plan to recreate the particle accelerator explosion and (hopefully) restore Barry’s speed.

That cues Barry’s trip — via station wagon — to visit Henry, for counsel on the predicament (after walking Dad through the new developments). In hearing the latest, Henry mentions that his mother’s (aka Barry’s grandmother’s) maiden name was “Garrick.” (Hmmmm. Is that a vote for Henry-Two-as-Iron Mask?) Later, Barry brings Henry back to S.T.A.R. Labs and Central City — for good, everyone hopes.

Cisco meanwhile “vibes” during a verbal sparring match with Harry, and sees his brother — or at least the Earth-Two version. This prompts Cisco to reach out to Dante, who’s more chilly than ever after their tandem kidnapping by the Snart family. But when Dante chases Cisco out of the bar after, they are confronted by the Earth-Two villain Rupture, who blames Cisco for murdering his brother Reverb. Sure ’nuff, Rupture removes his mask to reveal he is the other Dante.

As Barry struggles with his decision about Harry’s plan, Iris makes what is perhaps the “grand gesture”* hinted at in TVLine’s May Sweeps preview, saying, “I don’t know if can go through what I did the last time if you got hurt.” Alluding to his first trip to Earth-Two, after the Patty break-up, she said, “Barry, you’ve always had someone to come home to. Me. I’ve been thinking a lot about us,” married as they are in the future, and on Earth-Two. “I can’t help wondering if we’re meant to be together.” When Barry brings up his previously expressed feelings for Iris, she says, “I wasn’t available in that way,” being with Eddie and all, “but I am now. I need you to know it doesn’t matter to me if you’re The Flash or not. You are who I want to see if i have a future with.”

Rupture later checks in with Zoom, who with Caitlin is holed up at our CCPD. Caitlin overhears the plan to lay waste to the cops who are working out of Jitters, and uses a phone from an evidence box to alert the team. As such, when Rupture later storms Jitters, the holo-Flash distracts him long enough for Joe to subdue the meta. Zoom gets wind of this, though, and shows up himself to kill several cops, as well as Rupture — and then use a TV camera to warm the people of Central City that their Flash is a “fake,” and he is now in charge.

All of this gives Barry the nudge to make the decision — and the decision is his — to join in Harry’s plan. And so with Barry clamped into a Fringe-like apparatus, Cisco on the roof capturing lightning and after Barry’s teary speech to his dad about returning to the “best” version of himself, Harry triggers the contained explosion. Barry, however, appears to disintegrate in the blast waves, which also escape out into the hallway and KO Wally and Jesse (hmmmm!). After the dust settles, all that’s left is Barry’s roasted speed suit, a gloating Zoom and so, so, so many wet eyes looking on.

What did you think of the episode “Rupture”?

* I checked my notes and the exec producer said Iris would make the “grand gesture” “by the end of the season,” not necessarily in the finale.

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  1. So could not see the episode because the CW blacked out on me, will have to catch it in the morning but did Kid Flash just got born?

    • Josh says:

      Possibly and Jessie was a speedster in the comics as well

      • Badpenny says:

        I thought Henry was going to get it too once he said his mother’s maiden name was Garrick. Then we would have old Flash, young Flash, Kid Flash, and Jessie Quick all fighting Zoom.

        • ? says:

          John Wesley Shipp is going to play the real Jay Garrick, who is the man in the mask from Earth-2. All but confirmed when he said his mother’s maiden name is Garrick. And that is going to be SO COOL. Barry just became the lightning bolt that struck him on the night of the particle accelerator explosion to make him the Flash in the first place. This is a reference to a well-known bit of Flash lore from the original comics when Flash, in dying during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, was supposed to run so fast he became the lightning bolt that gave him his powers in the first place before dispersing into nothingness. That was never actually portrayed in the comics, but it’s well known that it was the writer’s original intent. He struck Wally and Jessie Quick on his way out, so I’m pretty much 100% certain that’s where they’re going with this. Can’t wait for next week!

          • That was never the writer’s intent, it was a cutesy retcon by Mark Waid

          • ? says:

            Oh. My bad. So they did actually do it in the comics, then? Waid’s stuff isn’t available in collected form yet unless I want to buy actual comics, which I don’t.

          • Emperor David of the Terran Empire says:

            John Wesley Shipp as the Real Jay Garrick would be interesting but I would like Teddy Sears to be the Real Jay Garrick in the Iron Mask?

          • JCPrime1 says:

            Nah. JWS is not the real Jay Garrick.

          • DT says:

            If Henry’s mother’s maiden name was Garrick, then we are talking about his uncle here, and Barry’s great uncle potentially as Jay Garrick, not Barry’s “brother” that I saw someone else post. Lineage isn’t that difficult to comprehend. Henry Allen on Earth-2 is Henry Allen. He can’t be Jay Garrick. At the most he would be Henry Garrick but since Barry Allen is Barry Allen in Earth-2, Henry is definitely Henry Allen on Earth-2 as well. Sure there can be new relatives, .ie Caitlin’s brother, but the characters still have the same names on Earth-2 and their parents are still their parents. Some of these theories make me laugh.

            With that said, if Jay Garrick is the man in the Iron Mask then it is an actor we haven’t seen yet. I don’t know why Caitlin called Zoom “Jay” again tonight it doesn’t make sense. Teddy Sears is Hunter Zolomon on both Earths. He convinced the other Hunter to die for his cause.

            People need to stop thinking Henry is Jay or Hunter is Jay, that can’t be it.

            Because of all of this, and because it seems like the actors and writers are implying the Man in the Iron Mask is someone already on the canvas, I’m thinking it’s Wally.

          • Gail says:

            It could be something as simple as Henry Allen’s mother deciding to keep her maiden name and Henry’s middle name being Jay. Then you have Henry being the Earth 2 Jay Garrick. Remember Barry only spoke to Earth 2 Nora, he didn’t speak to Earth 2 Henry. Maybe Earth 2 Barry has a different father.

          • My bad, it wasn’t Waid (though many, many silly Flash ideas WERE…). It was Robert Loren Fleming in Secret Origins Annual #2, though I don’t think it was ever ‘officially’ canon…it definitely wasn’t Wolfman’s intent when writing CoIE, and we later found that Barry had joined the Speed Force after his death so the retcon was retconned – something DC just can’t seem to get enough of

          • bigdede says:

            Thank you DT because I was getting confused. Barry’s dad would still be Barry’s dad on Earth 2 and we know he’s happy with Barry’s mother. We heard the phone call. Why would John Shipp play the real Jay Garrick when that lineage is from his mother’s side not the father’s side.

          • Quincy Scott says:

            John Wesley Shipp is almost certainly going to play the man in the iron mask. Nothing else makes sense. He’s the last man standing. They didn’t just pull someone out of their behinds to play Zoom. Jay was introduced right away in season two. Why would they introduce someone new to play his hostage? It has to be someone we’ve already met in season 2 or 1. And no, just because naming conventions have worked out one way so far doesn’t mean they must necessarily continue that way. It’s absurd to suggest that whole new people can be born on the other earth, but no one would ever change their name on the other earth. Earth 2 Nora either never took her husband’s name, never married, or divorced her husband. Jay Garrick is either earth 2 Henry Allen or an identical twin of earth 2 Henry Allen who ended up with his mother’s maiden name, due to the necessity of being played by John Wesley Shipp. Jesse isn’t Jesse Wells so having the same last name as your father isn’t a given. Firestorm was called Deathstorm on the other earth. One name change is as good as any other. Jay Garrick as Barry’s great uncle? Running around as a geriatric speedster with a walker smelling of Ben Gay? Talk about a theory that makes me laugh.

      • probably man. but what happen to flash?

  2. Peter says:

    Don’t think that was an explosion think it was barry pure speed force that hit them….think he is in the speed force….think kid flash and Jesse quick got created by barrys energy. ….and makes me think that man in iron mask on earth 2 is their flash wally west

    • Jared Moore says:

      Nah. Henry said his mother’s maiden name was Garrick and it’s strongly hinted that the Man in the Iron Mask is the real Jay Garrick.
      My guess is that on Earth 2, an alternate version of Henry or some other family is Garrick.

  3. Dj says:

    My guess is Barry is trapped in an alt world that is really the Speed Force and both Wally and Jessie will get some of the speed force. Plus it’s interesting that Barry dad mentioned Garrick was Barry mom family name. It makes me think that Caitlin having a brother on earth 2 could mean that the man in the mask will some how be Barry’s brother.

  4. Karen MT says:

    My DVR cut off most of the promo, so I’m not spoiled. But it definitely looks like there may be two new speedsters around! I’m thinking Barry just became part of the speed force.

  5. Ash says:

    I’m so here for a Speed Team finale with Barry, Wally, and Jesse taking on Zoom.

  6. Gail says:

    I hope Jessy and Wally are in a coma for nine months. Why do we need Barry to be the mentor to more speedsters. Boring!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. stephanie says:

    I think it was off the chain

  8. Bob Wood says:

    Remember guys the episodes are a bit off, this is where Barry gets his speed back but is somehow transported to another earth, this now will explain him meeting up with Kara, Supergirl, it has to be since so far on his show there has been No mention of her as of yet.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Incorrect; Barry’s trip to National City happened when he tested the tachyon device a few weeks back and briefly vanished. It went without (specific) mention, though the producers told me he told Cisco “off screen.”

      • Emteem says:

        It wasn’t completely without mention. I thought his, “How long have I been gone?” was pretty clear for those of us who watch both shows without need to bog down those who only watch Flash.

      • Sunny says:

        It wasn’t completely without mention. Barry said “I’m back. How long was I gone?” with a confused look on his face.

    • Henry says:

      I think what you said makes sense. It also came to my thought that it is possible that Barry was transported to another earth where Kara exists when he, Dr. Wells and Cisco went to earth 2 the first time in a mission to save Jay whom they think was killed by Zoom since there was a part there when he saw Kara as supergirl on their way to earth 2. But then again, if he got to where exists, Cisco and Dr. Wells should have been with him. It makes perfect sense that he was instead transported to another earth where supergirl is during the process of getting Barry’s powers back again.

      • med says:

        it wasnt a portal,remember it was dark matter.the only good explanation is that he is dead or in the speed force.remember the same thing happened to trajectory.its obviously too much of the speed force that cant be handled that caused both situations.

    • KatsMom says:

      So, I know I’m late commenting here, but, in addition to the show clearly sending Barry to Earth 3 while testing the tachyon device a couple weeks ago (as noted by Matt and others noted), Barry couldn’t have been sent to Earth 3 here because his suit was pretty clearly destroyed by this explosion. Zoom was shaking a charred piece at the crew while chastising their attempts to give Barry his speed back. Unless you’re suggesting that Barry is some kind of a never-nude that had a suit under his suit so only the top suit was destroyed, I think it’s safe to say he was not transported to Kara’s Earth here.

  9. Linda says:

    Can someone answer this for me: I know that the The Flash and Arrow eps aren’t synced but was the Laurel funeral that Barry ‘sped’ out of supposed to be BEFORE he lost his speed or AFTER he gets it back? I can only assume before, right?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      It is looking more and more like the funeral was before he lost his speed. Ideally, “Canary Cry” would have aired April 13, prior to the April 19 Flash episode where Zoom takes Barry’s speed.

      • Linda says:

        Okay, thanks. That’s what I was thinking.

      • bbussey says:

        Except that Team-Flash members haven’t referenced Laurel’s death on Flash yet, which they most certainly would have done, and it’s clear they will by the time Black Siren appears. Seems that Barry’s cameo at Laurel’s funeral takes place between Flash episodes 21 and 22.

        The funeral cameo couldn’t have happened prior to the April 19th episode (#18), because that was when he crossed-over to Supergirl while testing the tachyon device and asked Kara if she had heard of the Black Canary and the other Earth-1 superheroes. So clearly, Laurel was still alive at that time (as far as Barry knew).

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          [Brain explodes]

        • herman1959 says:

          Thank you bbussey; Flash fans are really the smartest. I seem to remember that there was at least one week when one of the two shows (Arrow and The Flash) was on, but the other wasn’t, therefore causing/adding to the problem. Now, let’s move on.

  10. James D says:

    Jesse Quick and Kid Flash are coming :) rest of the episode was okay. Cisco how are you going to bring up Fringe now I have all the feels you jerk, Man I miss Fringe.

  11. Roy Leader says:

    so we get 2 new speedsters with barry missing

  12. Alichat says:

    I love that there were three Fringe “shoutouts” on tonight’s episode. When Cisco mentioned the show, I was kinda sad. But then I had to laugh when Barry climbed into ‘the machine’ and vanished. LOL All they needed was Joshua Jackson or John Noble or Anna Torv to come strolling through the lab, and I would have died!

  13. Gwen says:

    Good job,CW.in your efforts to make the show unpredictable,though wasn’t that much unpredictable,you are making us especially me,upset and mad.why do i have to wait for another episode to see the flash back in his suit and on the streets.he should have gotten back his speed simply today.though he would have been in deep trouble since zoom was on his way there.i think its good that he didnt get his speed today,zoom wouldn’t know what hit him.

  14. M says:

    I kind of don’t want Wally and/or Jesse to get speed. Too many speedsters as it is. I like Jesse as a regular part of the team. I’m indifferent to Wally thus far.

    • Kim Hwee Teo says:

      I really agree. To me, the one and only Flash/ heroic speedster is Barry Allen. Too many cooks simply spoils the broth.
      But i guess now we will have Jesse and Wally filling in for Barry. And in the final moments of the season finale cliffhanger, Barry shows up, faster than ever before, and goes one-on-one with Zoom. And that battle will probably stretch into Season 3.
      And wat’s with this “the darkness inside of you ” that Zoom mentioned about Caitlin?

      • Squirrelly says:

        I think that darkness line is an interesting one. Remember when the metas were all broken out of their prisons in season 1 and Caitlin got hit with that rage-power? She certainly went all-out.
        Maybe this is leading up to her becoming a more dangerous version of Killer Frost? As she is now, she doesn’t really have much motivation to switch sides, but perhaps a loss of memory or some kind of trauma? It would be an interesting thread hanging for S3.

    • hart says:

      I agree. Adding more sidekicks was what made Arrow so terrible now. If they wanted more speedsters, they should introduce them near when the show will come to an end.

    • Celina says:

      Yes!!! I hated that they introduced wally this season! I think they should’ve at least waited more seasons to put another speedster… now we’re gonna have to endure wally for the rest of our lives…

  15. Raige says:

    Barry could meet trajectory there(if he indeed went into the speed force)which by now i think could be the only and obvious reason for his disappearance.Come to think of it,why has barry never travelled into the future.He has to be able to do that ,at least in season three. For now,Maybe Jessie or Wally would go back to the past to help wells change his plan if Barry really died (impossible),because he is the main character and title or if wally and Jessie just got speed.anyway good episode

    • InvalidNode says:

      Nien. Trajectory actually disintegrated into thin air. RIP

    • V says:

      Trajectory never had the speed force though…She got her speed through V-9 not through the particle accelerator or anything else. She couldn’t disintegrate into speed force if she never had it…She just went too fast for her body to handle because V-9 is poisonous. Thats why Zoom’s lightning is blue but he didnt die. He was sick but he had the speed force.

  16. Chris says:

    After this episode I’m even more convinced that Eddie is the man in the mask. Way too many anvils being dropped by Iris during her conversation with Barry.

    • Jim says:

      I was wondering the other day if the man in the mask wasn’t Ronnie from Earth 1.

      • Brittany says:

        I like this theory A LOT. I’ve never thought Earth 1 Ronnie was dead and was disappointed when he didn’t show up in the episode that they travelled to Earth 2 in, but maybe he was there as the man in the iron mask and we just didn’t know it yet!

  17. Amari says:

    He’s not dead he’s in another universe

  18. Bwhit says:

    Is Barry ending up on the Flash’s version of it’s CW stable mate, TVD/Originals other side?!? That last scene was crazy!

  19. Phoenix5634 says:

    Barry’s in the speedforce. I think I know where this is going, kind of anyway. Can’t wait! But bring Barry back soon. It’s not the Flash without Grant.

  20. Trish says:

    Cisco had the best lines of the night. The Princess Bride and Harry Potter mentions were my fave.

  21. Gulshan Malik says:

    Hmmmmm…..so Barry is gone for awhile I guess…. Do u think they r going to introduce Jesse n Wally as speedsters… It’s time enough for that…

  22. Lola says:

    The last four or five episodes have been pretty cruddy, glad Flash seems to have gotten it’s mojo back tonight! Granted, all the shipper moments were still annoying as heck, but most of that final act was truly gripping! Rupture was fairly underwhelming and I didn’t really see much of a need for him, but overall glad to see the Flash is back to being a show I enjoy.

    • KCC says:

      I think Rupture as there to facilitate Cisco and Dante’s reconciliation. I’m guessing we’ll be seeing more of Dante.

  23. Ash says:

    I can’t stand watching Caitlin try to emote. It’s painful. Maybe she can sacrifice herself to save the others and Jesse can be the doctor of the team.

    • ? says:

      it wouldn’t make it that bad.Jessie could go back to earth two and wally could also go to another city,maybe keystone city would be open and wally would go there next season.but both of them will appear sometimes to ask help from flash or to visit and help.

    • gustin says:

      sure then,lets kill’ er

  24. Lamar Zidol says:

    It’s funny and annoying because i don’t understand why the flash( Barry) has to get missing or dead i should say and what happens to Wally and Jessy? do they become speedsters too? I don’t even understand…. If It’s true that flash is dead the The Flash ain’t gon be interesting as it used to be…

  25. Nellie says:

    So many geek references tonight! (“Leroy!”) Cisco is me. I’m with those who think Barry’s in the Speed Force. I haven’t always liked the Zoom story because of its similarity to Season 1, but they’ve really brought me back the last couple of episodes.

    And I’m really interested in seeing who the Man in the Iron Mask is — they can’t just drop that “Garrick” reference in there and do nothing about it.

  26. oh god there is no way that flash should end up dead…….i know you’re joking..so pls. stop it. or else i’m gonna do the same thing that you did to flash.

    I hate it…why can’ t be the next episode be today…ohhhh…I think this is going to consume my nights and my week.

    well wait, i think i might know something that would make flash alive again………I think they should do the frankenstein experiment on him…..ohhhhhh….and he is going to be the amazing flash frankenstein!!!!!!!

  27. Yash says:

    How about Cisco standing on roof and shouting – expecto patronum. Man, he’s such a good comic relief.

  28. Murica! says:

    Will they change to title to “The Flash and his amazing friends”?

  29. ecstaticpotatoe says:

    Wally and Jesse are gonna be speedsters. Wally= kid flash, Jesse= Jesse quick
    cant wait to see them in action!

  30. peter says:

    As it is wally west and Jesse quick are born into the speed world, you can see its obvious with the names if you’ve read the comics. Barry is trapped in the speed force, he ends up helping countless earth’s. Zoom eventually turns wally against the team and Barry comes back to help Jesse. Barry isn’t a person but more of a spirit as he did disintegrate. That last part I made up. I hope Barry lives.

  31. When Henry said his mother’s maiden name was Garrick, I thought he’d be Iron Mask, Then, when Iris confessed that she wanted to be with Barry, I changed my mind and I now think that Iron Man is somehow Eddie. I mean, come on, for Iris and Barry to get together and NOT have a major obstacle thrown in their path violates every TV romance trope ever. And what would be more major than her fiance coming back?

    • DT says:

      Henry can’t be Jay Garrick, he can only be Henry Allen or at most Henry Garrick. The name drop that his mother’s maiden name is Garrick means that Jay Garrick is either his (Henry’s) uncle or half brother making him either Barry’s great uncle or uncle. How can it be Eddie when he is still essentially the same character on Earth-2? Don’t you remember him making that video that Barry showed to Iris?? I’m think the Man in The Iron Mask has to be Wally.

      • Alex says:

        That video wasn’t Earth-2 Eddie; it was Earth-1 Eddie from the past when Barry traveled back in time. So it was our Eddie. We never met Earth-2 Eddie, so we don’t know anything about him.

        • herman1959 says:


        • Jayden Raso says:

          But if you look on the phone when Barry is in the house with Iris it says Eddie as one of the contacts

          • herman1959 says:

            At the time, the whole telephone contact list was meant to be a giant “easter egg”; only Barry’s mom’s name was meant to be important in that episode.

  32. GraceM says:

    The last few minutes were just, WOW! No one saw that coming.

    I couldn’t stop laughing at Cisco on the rooftop, quoting both Harry Potter and Back to the Future. Best moment of the episode.

  33. GraceM says:

    Henry can’t be the man in the iron mask. When Barry was on Earth 2, he talked to his mother who said she and her husband were going on the trip that Barry and Iris bought them tickets for.

    Either she’s remarried and “dad” is Barry’s stepfather or Henry has a twin. Another couple of weeks and we’ll find out.

  34. Jenny says:

    How many more times do we have to see Harry angrily erase at that clear dry erase board?

  35. Henry says:

    I have a feeling that because of the blast waves that struck Wally and Jesse, will give us Kid Flash, and Jesse Quick, both of which are also member of the flash family.

  36. peter says:

    So like, is Barry actually dead? Cause if he is then they didn’t even show the Flash’s full potential, unless they make Wally show the full potential. Cause that’s what happens, Barry dies then wally becomes the flash. Then Barry comes back some how.

    • V says:

      No in the promo they are trying to get him back from the speed force…So hes not dead and will most likely come back somehow.

  37. Jane says:

    I really think they need to change the opening where Barry says he is the fastest man alive since it seems like we get a new speedster every week who is usually faster than him. Enough already with all of the speedsters. It is getting boring

  38. Roman4067 says:

    i think that barry was the wave that hit wale and jesse and they become some type of professor stein and ronnie that they have to merge and then they become barry with his powers!!!

  39. Bader says:

    I think that Barry (the flash) what’s happin for him is he viansh in crise like the news paper with wells (thwan) revers flash but because he change some things in the time line he did not merry iras west yet? Maybe and maybe Wally gets his power?( Kid flash)

  40. Bader says:

    I think that Barry (the flash) what’s happin for him is he viansh in crise like the news paper with wells (thwan) revers flash but because he change some things in the time line he did not merry iras west yet? Maybe and maybe Wally gets his power?( Kid flash) Barry may not vanish but become fast the he hit Jessie and Wally on the way the next ep is Barry see everyone slow because he is fast

  41. jazzyt2u says:

    If this is the way that Wally and Jessie get their powers why wasn’t anyone in the room affected?

  42. A Garrick great great Grandad (and maybe even great grandad) could have served in WW1 or WW2, which would be consistent with Jay being active in WWII wearing his father’s WWI hat.

  43. Ced says:

    The man in the iron mask is Wally West, he’s already or was a speedster and will become Earth-2’s Flash.

  44. Booger g says:

    Show is wack now…. Barry gone, just stop watching until he is back! Take the main character out the script that’s some bs

  45. Isa says:

    Wow, not one word about Caitlin while she was the real hero this episode. She warned everyone about the attack on Jitters and risked her own life in the process. And Barry was spared because of her too! But let’s skip all of that and focus on Iris’ speach instead.

  46. Ana says:

    I’m not enthused about Wally and Jesse becoming speedsters, to be honest. I’m very highlander-y on the topic, aka “there can only be one”, namely Barry.
    As far as Iris’s speech went, I couldn’t feel a thing. Not very romantic and I forgot about it the second the scene was over. I’m just not feeling any chemistry between those two. Never have. And this season didn’t do anything to convince me otherwise.

    • KCC says:

      I agree with your take on the Iris speech. The “everything is telling me we’re supposed to be together, so I guess we should be” speech is hardly romantic. It’s basically saying “why fight fate, if I have to be with you I will.” It comes off as an arranged relationship, with fate doing the arranging, It’s not that Iris actually FEELS Barry is the love of her life, but is more her destiny. Kind of sad that she doesn’t get a choice.

  47. Mo says:

    This was the best Flash episode we’ve gotten since Earth-2 in my humble opinion, and I’m so glad the show is firing on all cylinders again.

    We got some more Ramon brothers, Zoom finally posed a real threat again, Iris confessed to Barry, and now we’re about to get a Crisis/Flashpoint mashup. Can’t wait!

  48. Shivanshu Sinha says:

    So….. The moment I’ve been waiting for since the arrival of Wally. I mean, when Cisco ‘caught the lightning’, I was LITERALLY jumping around screaming”oh oh oh oh, please Wally Jesse Wally Jesse Wally Jesse!!!!”and now Barry dissolved into the speed force! Couldn’t ask for more

  49. Speedster says:

    I see this is going to the level of dragon Ball its so fast that we can’t see them fighting

  50. shukujo says:

    Loved this episode, the writers are being as true to the original storyline as they can while maintaining continuity. I find all the comments on this page where people are complaining about how the show is all messed up now, but that IS how it goes, for real. Barry BECOMES the Speed Force, in actuality he becomes the lightning bolt that originally gave him his powers. Wally West becomes Flash III, aka Kid Flash, and I’m assuming Jesse becomes Liberty Belle, aka Jesse Quick. It’s all a little compressed, but how else did anyone expect them to incorporate like 50 YEARS worth of comic book storyline??? Bravo to the writers, I think they’ve done it well.

    • shukujo says:

      EDIT: that should read: “I find all the comments on this page where people are complaining about how the show is all messed up now very amusing…”

      • herman1959 says:

        Agreed. I knew that Wally was supposed to get his powers from an accident similar to the one Barry was in, but I assumed the TV show would change that part. I didn’t think they could make another explosion make sense, but they did. Credit to the writers.