Person of Interest Final Season Recap

Person of Interest Final Season Premiere Recap: How We Fought Back

CBS’ Person of Interest opened its final season right where it left off (almost a full year ago), with Reese felling all in his path as he safeguarded the Machine, now compressed into a (near-)indestructible briefcase.

When morning comes, Reese meets up with Finch at a ferry, which will provide them transport to Manhattan away from any cameras, though Finch is a bit uneasy about the boat, given his “past” with Grace. But time is a-wasting, especially with the Machine’s battery dying, its crunched code screaming to be decompressed, somehow, back at the subway bunker.

Root meanwhile labors to make her own way to safety, but Samaritan spies her inside a subway car and sics some “civilian assets” on the “enemy combatant” by way of some cell phone push notifications. Root bests those who confronts her, and ultimately makes her way to Bela, a Russian uber-hacker who offers safe harbor, for a moment at least.

Over at the NYPD, Fusco is on the hook for the deaths of two “most wanted” kingpins, Elias and Dominic. And though he at first insists to IA and the FBI that he never fired his gun, that a sniper shot Dominic instead, Reese later convinces his partner to drop his defense, lest he raise too many flags and Samaritan gets wise.

In flashbacks to 2006, we learn see that upon realizing that the nascent Machine was becoming too precocious, Finch decided to erase its RAM every night at midnight, as a safeguard. “If an unbridled AI ever saw us as a threat, it could lead to the extinction of mankind,” he warns Nathan, who in turn wonders if Harold is willing to run the risk of someone else one day developing an ASI. When Harold shares his “employee with boundary issues” dilemma with Grace, she encourages him to follow his “good heart. It won’t steer you wrong.” And Finch proceeds as planned, despite the Machine’s polite protests.

Bela of course sells out Root, only to get a bullet in the bean from a Samaritan grunt for his trouble. Said gunman also spills about the plan to disseminate Samaritan spyware to individual computers worldwide. Reese arrives to help save Root’s bacon, as well as abscond with hundreds of last-gen PlayStation consoles, which Harold later wires together and uploads the Machine into — with some emergency liquid nitrogen cooling provided by Reese.

And on that note, She is back up and running…

REMINDER: POI next airs Monday at 10/9c, and then every Tuesday and Monday, until its June 21 series finale.

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  1. Cornelius says:

    What an awesome premiere. I am really going to miss this show it’s just so good and well written :(

  2. Steve says:

    “In flashbacks to 2006, we learn that upon realizing that the nascent Machine was becoming a bit too precocious, Finch decided to erase its RAM every night at midnight, as a safeguard.”

    In fairness Matt, I’m pretty sure this was well established going all the way back to the first season. What was new in this episode tonight was that Finch had regretted that decision. Prior tonight, in all of the flashback and present day interactions with other characters Finch had always been adamant that the machine needed to be contained. Tonight faced with “death” he doubted whether or not he had taken the right course of action.

    • Morgan says:

      I don’t recall them ever showing or mentioning that Finch decided to erase the machines memory every night at midnight.

      • KalPDG says:

        They actually mentioned it way back, and had a whole episode on it where The Machine had “hired” and entire company to physically write down all of it’s memory every day before the erasure happened each night at midnight

      • Steve says:

        I was off by a season, but this was introduced in Season 2’s penultimate episode 2.21 “Zero Day.”

      • Steve says:

        And the midnight deletion of the “irrelevant list” goes back to the first or second episode of the show. I saw both in syndication in sequence this weekend and forgot which episode that happened in.

      • Judson says:

        They did, a number of times.

  3. Cornelius says:

    Also I loved Root giving Samaritan the finger when on the subway it was perfect.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Quotes of the Week, for sure.

    • ? says:

      I missed Root so much. I hope Amy Acker gets another job immediately.

      • HAP says:

        I would not worry about this awesome actress. If you have never seen it check out Joss Whedon’s backyard project doing Shakespeare’ Much Ado About Nothing, which was also a Firefly cast reunion of sorts. Amy Acker totally stole the movie.

      • GregK says:

        So do I. Amy is always so naturally sensual, dark, and “sexy” in her acting, and not just the Root-Shaw thing. Fell in love with her like I did with Jen Garner in Alias; both are beautiful and have some sort of magnetic attraction, at least to me. However, even though both play kick-butt, intelligent roles, Amy has a toughness more comparable to, for example, Sigourney Weaver in the Alien trilogy, and of course Amy’s role as bad-girl Kelly Peyton on Alias.

        • GregK says:

          I just remembered Sigourney calling the Alien queen “bitch” in Aliens in the big fight scene; maybe a nod to this scene?

  4. Vivian says:

    Me too….the best show ever. This show deserve better fate than this. There are shows that are still going even though it stink. I’m going to be so sad when the last episode air.

    • Lexi says:

      So agree… my personal pet peeve 2 broke girls… still on tuck

    • KCC says:

      It’s the fate of all TV shows to get cancelled. I think it’s great they get this final season knowing it’s the end and can create a story with a satisfying ending (I hope). That’s a fate better than a lot of shows.

  5. brooke says:

    Oh how I’ve missed this show. This is gonna be one heck of a final journey.

  6. brooke says:

    “Just call me Root, bitch”
    “Got a new job, fell in love”
    “Sugar is bad for you”

    I love this shows writing. There were plenty more throughout

  7. Rootfan says:

    Amazing premiere!! Root just rocks! Plain and simple! Amy Acker can do anything! I love her! Fusco has really grown on me! Love him! Hate Elias died, I kinda liked him! Awesome music tonight and just overall amazing episode!

    • drhenning says:

      He’s back with his pal Rob on IZombie..

    • GregK says:

      Love when Fusco gets ticked off when he is on the phone with Reese who never asks how he is doing. Fusco then blurts out something like “I’m fine, thanks for asking!”

  8. Chan says:

    It really stinks they are ending this fantastic show. the cast is perfect, the story lines are creative and captivating. Truly a shame it is ending.

  9. A.D. says:

    Awesome show that has been treated like crap by CBS…wish someone else would pick it up!

    • Patrick says:

      In fairness to CBS, the prior two seasons were uneven. Plus, its very serialized in structure. This is a show meant to be binged, not parceled out over time.
      Further, I feel like this show was a bit of a bait and switch by the creators, and that is never OK. I think CBS signed off on airing a serialized show about a benevolent super computer that doles out names for a team of bad mf-ers to help. Then it morphed into this morality play about technology, government surveillance, and ultimately a battle between two AI’s. And it was all highly serialized. The people who make this show can’t be surprised that CBS didn’t support it all that much after the creatives stopped doing what CBS hired them to do.
      Plus, shooting this show in NYC, with these effects, with this cast, has to be ruinously expensive. With the show not being a big hit, and it isn’t, its hard to justify the cost. We can be mad at CBS, but the very mediocre 3rd and 4th seasons ultimately doomed this show.

      • KayCeeCee says:

        Good points. I’d never of it that way.

      • Litz says:

        Another point, most networks create the shows themselves. In simple terms, PoI was created outside CBS and they pay for the right to air it. With the revenue being split with the other company, PoI would have had to pull in much higher numbers to justify keeping it on air, even if to the regular person the ratings are fine.

        I’m sad to see it go, and I think CBS dropped the ball on advertising the show and how we almost went a year without any word on the last season, but all in all I can’t -truly- blame them for taking it off the air.

        As for the bait and switch… Yes and No. It seemed to start as an episode of the week show, but it’s not like the AI storyline and the move towards serialization came right out of the blue. They might not have had every detail hammered out, but they knew where they were going unlike, say, Arrow. They kept talking to the network about it and while they resisted some of the changes, ultimately they signed off on it. Keep in mind that this show wasn’t produced in-house at CBS so I think they’d keep an even larger eye on the development.

      • GregK says:

        Any decent drama show IS serialized these days. Think Breaking Bad (the best!) and Lost (despite the way it ended).

  10. velhaquacker says:

    You can just call me Root, bitch! *gives Samaritan the finger* I love this show!

  11. Kat says:

    In some ways, I’m ready for the end. Not because I think the show is getting bad (it’s better than ever) or because I don’t think it had any more steam in it. But conspiracy stories need to have an end, or they become convoluted messes. While I think POI probably could have gone on, I’m OK with them finishing after 5 seasons as long as they end strong, and it looks like they will. I’d much rather lose it early but get a real ending, then have it drag on past all logic. Even having accepted this is the end, I still teared up at Root’s opening narration. That gave me chills.

  12. PatriciaLee says:

    The husband says, “How can they end this show? Each episode is better than a movie!” I fell in love with the machine, tonight. sigh…I will miss this show, such a sad journey ahead the next nine episodes.

  13. dioxinblues says:

    I didn’t realize how much I’d missed Person of Interest until I watched the premier, and that’s even without Shaw back.

  14. Jill De La Cerda says:

    Love this show its about the only thing on that is really good. Wish it wasn’t the final season wish I could get a picture of the whole cast. Good lucyour to all of you cheers to the final season

  15. Jill De La Cerda says:

    Great show. Glad someone at the studios was smart enough to do the final season. There’s not much I watch on TV
    I’m going to miss this. Love to have a cast picture. Good luck to all of you

  16. Imzadi says:

    I liked it much better in the early seasons when they helped individual people. I really hate the Machine/Samaritan business. It reminds me of an old movie called Colossus: the Forbin Project.

    • Patrick says:

      A lot of people shared your opinion, which is why ratings suffered. I liked the serialized AI war story, but it was very different than what the show started out as.

  17. Mac says:

    Best season premiere of all 5 seasons.

  18. wylma says:

    Both POI and TGW ending…. what will CBS do now?

    • drhenning says:

      CBS has a deep bench… There is also talk of dumping Criminal Minds which has its Season finale tonight but I doubt it… A long running show like that should have been able to end properly like they did with CSI.. Who knows.. because of cost, they may do that with CM since that 2 hour ender for CSI worked pretty well..

  19. Azu says:

    That the show is ending is a great travesty! How can people sit on their butts and do nothing to protest this. This and almost human were two of the greatest tv shows ever created!

  20. niloofar says:

    Loved it except Elias being dead👎

  21. Joe says:

    The conversation between Finch and the machine was more moving than most people dialogue on written show on network TV…

  22. Ro says:

    I missed it. Will need to go to the to watch it.

  23. Algiers says:

    I’m glad they are able to give POI a proper ending. After spending so much time watching the show, it’s good that they will be able to finish the story.

  24. BoboTheRaven says:

    Personally, I think Shaw is already back :)… She was the sniper, and on the roof behind Fusco.

    Love the little inside nerd jokes: the PS3 supercomputer? Totally real, the US military actually built one, since it was cheap and fast.

    • KCC says:

      I recall a snippet of a flashback before Fusco found the shell on the rooftop. It showed what happened and included the sniper being a man ejecting the shell from the rifle.

  25. CW says:

    What an awesome premier! Can’t wait to see the next episode. This is such a great and unique show, with totally captivating characters. Kudos to the entire cast and production team!

  26. Cynthia R Gould says:

    Really going to miss this show I will miss the actors and how they brought everything to life so we could enjoy it there’s no better cast than Person of Interest curious to see what the actors are going to do when the show is over really love Jim Caviezel for the enigmatic Reese.

  27. ben says:

    Person of interest is awsum wish it can keep going. I think the problem was the second computer they should of stuck with one wants to watch two computers fighting they want kick ass babe’s that can shoot the ass off anything.