Seth Meyers: Anti-Trans Bathroom Laws Undermine 'Concept of Self'

Seth Meyers on Thursday spoke out against recently enacted laws discriminating against the transgender community.

The Late Night host took a “Closer Look” at Mississippi and North Carolina’s controversial new bills designed to prevent transgender people from using the restroom for the gender with which they identify.

Meyers, who has previously commented on the prejudicial legislation, was once again encouraged to comment on the ongoing injustice following recent remarks by presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, who has publicly supported the ethically questionable mandates.

“The most absurd impact of these kinds of bathroom bills is you’re actually forcing transgender women, who are women, and transgender men, who are men, to use the wrong bathroom.”

He also compared the legislation’s nonsensical nature to IKEA’s instruction pamphlets in a nod to one of the many companies that support transgender rights.

Watch the thought-provoking segment above.

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  1. Way to go, Seth Meyers! (No pun intended.)

  2. Gerri says:

    Not fully educated on this (I’m Canadian), but is not calling it anti trans bathroom just one small part of the bill and it is all the other discriminatory parts that are the bigger reason for all boycotts of those states?

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      Some states are trying to pass the bathroom bill some states are trying to pass bills that would allow businesses to deny service because of their religious beliefs to the LGBTQ community say for instance if I own a coffee shop and a gay couple comes in I can refuse them service because my religion doesn’t believe in gay marriage not saying that is what I would do because I am a supporter of LGBTQ rights now what people aren’t realizing is that this bill is because of religious beliefs so if I were Muslim and lived in a state that this bill passed in I could deny service to a couple i saw with a bible in their hand because of my religious beliefs and when that happens I feel that the Bible thumpers would be up in arms when they are the ones trying to get this bill passed because of their own issues with the LGBTQ community and they do not realize they could be denied service themselves at a restaurant

    • Max says:

      The NC law prevents local cities from even passing anti discrimination laws. Go to the website VOX. They have a great video about the poor state of LGBT discrimination laws in. The US. In most of the US, it’s legal to fire, evict or deny service to LGBT people. The federal Civil Rights Act doest cover Sexual orientation or gender identity. Republicans continue to block national legislation which would make LGBT discrimination illegal

      • Mr. Smith says:

        The part of the NC law forbidding anti-discrimination was overturned by the Governor days after this bill with an executive order. North Carolina is NOT attempting to block ANY group except for sexual predators. The media needs to stop reporting it as such.

  3. Mr. Smith says:

    As one living in one of those states, the better remedy would have been to install floor to ceiling stalls to provide better privacy. The laws are not targeting LGBT, but those persons who are predators. It is sad that people think we are against LGBT. We are not.

  4. kalinis says:

    I do not understand why anyone thinks going to women’s bathroom with male parts is ok. what is to stop rapist, child molestesters and pervs from claiming to be transgender going into female bathroom.

    • Mr. Smith says:

      This is the issue we have with the original law in Charlotte, NC. The most obvious and least expensive remedy to this is either making an additional “unisex” restroom where you acknowledge the use of either sex, OR installing floor to ceiling stalls. It really is as simple as that.

      Most of us in North Carolina have no issue with any group of persons. We simply wish to have the same respect extended to ALL groups, not just LGBT.

      • Rebecca says:

        This is another solution in search of a problem. Look at the peer-reviewed scientifically sound data on predators and molestation. It is unlikely to be happening in a brief visit to a public restroom!! Your child is more likely to be molested by a member of your own family or someone trusted by the family. Further, most child molestors are men, and certainly do abuse boys. So how is this inane law going to prevent men from abusing young boys?

      • Joey says:

        They still haven’t even thought out how they’re planning on enforcing the law. Just the other day, in NC, police removed a cisgender woman from a bathroom because they thought she was either a man or transgendered. This is the most ridiculous privacy-invading law I’ve seen in a long time.

      • As a transgender woman, when available I used to use unisex restrooms, that is until recently, I still will in most states but I will always make it a point to use the women’s room in the states that enact these laws. I traveled south this past November and made restroom stops in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida and no one ever had a problem with me being in there. Now North Carolina and Mississippi has left a lasting impression on the rest of the country for being the new “hicks” of the country.

    • Firstly, because there are already laws that prevent non transgender women from going into the women’s room. Since there are no cases of real, documented,transgender women assaulting other women these laws are both redundant and bigoted and insulting. In reality for the safety of children it makes more sense to make sure catholic priests are set up to use something other than a men’s room.

      Secondly the law fails to take into consideration that there are many states that issue corrected birth certificates and ID’s to transgender individuals, such as Maryland, where I am from. My birth certificate AND drivers license both clearly show female, so even if I wanted to use the men’s room (I never have) the bathroom laws in North Carolina and Mississippi now forces me to use the women;s room.

      Thirdly, there are some naturally born females and males that look less feminine and masculine than their counterparts which in the long run will put naturally born females and males in an awkward situation when security escorts them out of the restroom for identification purposes (It has already been done)

      These laws will fail, there are way too many loopholes and the only way to really enforce it is to make sure there is a full checkup done prior to all individuals entering any public restroom. Hopefully the states that enact these ignorant laws have deep pockets because I see a LOT of invasion of privacy lawsuits in their future.

  5. anonymous says:

    I think if you’re trans and you have the right parts then yes you can use the restroom of the gender you identify with but if you don’t then you have to use the one that your reproductive parts tell you to use.