Scandal Recap

Scandal Recap: Plane Crazy

Like most people in America, the presidential candidates on Thursday’s Scandal just wanted Annie Potts to give them her seal of approval.

Well, Pott’s character, the morally corrupt Faye Resnick Governor Louise Baker, whose golden endorsement would practically guarantee a victory in Florida. I say “practically” because, even after Baker agreed to throw her support at Team Susan — thanks to a little backroom deal with David Rosen — the Vice President watched helplessly as Hollis Doyle won the Sunshine State.

Of course, just getting to Baker turned out to be half the battle for Mellie, whose plane sat on the tarmac for hours while Abby faked “mechanical trouble” on Air Force One. And it wasn’t until Mellie physically stepped off her damn jet — in front of a throng of gawking reporters, no less — that Fitz would entertain the idea of letting her fly; ironically, they eventually found common ground over their mutual concern for Olivia.

Speaking of Liv, she’s unraveling faster than … I don’t know, yarn, I guess? Not only are her own Gladiators starting to turn on her — I thought her head was going to explode when she was asked, “Why are you here when you could be saving Jake?” — but even worse, she’s starting to turn on herself. Her 11th-hour alliance with Abby against Hollis provided a glimmer of hope for the old friends’ future, but I’m not convinced that Liv has (or will ever) come to terms with what she did to Andrew.

Meanwhile, Michael kept things real interesting in D.C. by accusing Cyrus of cheating; honestly, I’ve never seen Cyrus look more like Anger from Inside Out than when Michael mentioned Tom by name. Their relationship took a hopeful turn when Michael agreed to help oust Frankie’s brother from the campaign, but that peace proved to be short-lived when Cyrus came home and discovered that Michael ran away with their daughter. I didn’t think this marriage could possibly turn out worse than Cyrus and James’ — and that’s not setting the bar very high, considering Cyrus ordered the hit that killed him — but I was wrong.

Other things we should probably discuss…

* I’m not imagining the sexual tension between Marcus and Mellie, right? Like, I get that a man and a woman can be just friends — even though this is television, not to mention Scandal — but there’s definitely a vibe there. When is that going to happen?

* When I first heard that Doyle was being turned into Scandal‘s version of Donald Trump, I was excited. And after seeing that plan come to fruition, I’m elated. (Hey, if we can’t take him down in real life, at least we can see Liv and Abby do it on TV.)

* Speaking of Abby, she was way over the line when she yelled at Fitz, right? As much as I love her, I’m not sure she’s earned the right to put him in his place, Olivia/Cyrus-style. She’s getting there, but she’s still nowhere near “I run you!” status.

* Was anyone else surprised by Mellie’s reaction — or lack thereof — to the news that Liv killed Andrew? I get that he turned out to be a total creeper, but I find it hard to believe that she wouldn’t seem at all fazed by her ex-husband’s revelation.

Your thoughts on this week’s particularly backstab-y episode? Predictions for the Scandal universe’s political climate? Drop ’em in a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Al says:

    Great episode which is maddening because when the show is good it’s good but it’s so inconsistent. And again this epsiode proving why Rowan or Jake is not needed.

  2. niloofar says:


  3. TJ says:

    Scandal is becoming the bottom of the pits! I have watched since the beginning but I have now since lost complete faith in this show. It is no longer interesting. I miss the case a week structure. Now all we have is a show with so many inconsistencies and a storyline that is utter crap. I am sorry to say this but Scandal has lost its edge!

    • sweettweeny says:

      The inconsistencies is the most maddening part of the show to me. Mellie Grant literally said in Season 2 that “she loathed Olivia Pope’ and spent the better part of Season 2 and 3 calling her a whore. Toward the end of Season 5, she forged Fitz signature to release Rowan as a way of blackmailing Olivia to work on her campaign. Now we are to believe that she cares for Olivia, knowing that Olivia uses running and swimming to help her cope with stress and she forgets to eat.

      • Lee says:

        It’s stupid and senseless. As stupid and senseless as Olivia running the campaign of Mellie, a woman who was publicly dumped by her husband for Olivia.
        And the press are suddenly cool with this?
        Mellie suddenly cares about that whore Olivia?
        Olivia who said Mellie was her own worst enemy suddenly wants Mellie in the oval and trusts Mellie to give her a worthwhile position?
        The whole thing is nonsense.
        It’s bad writing born of a need to keep Mellie on-screen long after the character had outlived her usefulness.
        There’s no way she could be running for president while her ex is still in the White house anyway, not to mention that her senate run from the White house was actually illegal.
        But none of that matters because Mellie’s going to be president because she ‘deserves’ it, (for marrying well presumably, since she’s had no time since to do anything notable) and Olivia’s got to ‘save’ Jake from the job he murdered a man to get, apparently.
        Jake is the most spoiled, entitled, constantly excused character on this show. He’s killing people let and right, licking their tears and playing the victim all at once, it’s pathetic.
        Why doesn’t he just kill Rowan?
        Murder seems to be his only discernable skill set anyway.
        This show has become the Jake and Mellie show and the Jake and Mellie show is not a good show. It’s not even a remotely logical one.

        • Cheyenne says:

          I have been asking ever since last season why Jake doesn’t just kill Rowan. He could solve all his problems with one bullet in Rowan’s head.

  4. Cheyenne says:

    Other than Michael finally growing a set, this episode was a major yawn.

  5. Ian says:

    I couldn’t bother sitting through the episode. That’s usually when I’m done with a show. Its like Shonda and the writers have lost their grip, but aren’t even aware of it. There just isn’t any clear direction going on at all anymore. They haven’t made me care about the outcome of this election though I assume we’re supposed to be rooting for Mellie and Olivia – which is exactly the point. How am i supposed to care about any of the canned, endless circles of things all the storylines and character development has turned into?

    • Lee says:

      Wasn’t this supposed to be Olivia’s journey? How is Jake and Mellie getting elected Olivia’s journey?
      They devoted an episode to Jake’s past and only five minutes on the fact that Olivia bludgeoned someone to death and most of it is a discussion geared at showing how caring Mellie suddenly is.

      • Cheyenne says:

        This whole “Olivia’s journey” is ridiculous. A journey to where? At her age she should have decided long ago where her life is going. I can’t understand why Shonda sabotaged her own show by making Olivia so ridiculous and so unlikable and so unrelatable.

        • DANE says:

          LOL Cheyenne, regarding a 40 yr old woman still finding herself. So true….if she had been married at 18 and recently divorced then yes, she probably wouldn’t know who she is without her husband. But Olivia has been single, educated, independent and self-employed. Everyone evolves constantly, but her continuous evolution should be more of a tweaking and not like a tween fresh out of mom’s house.
          And I don’t care much for the Mellie/Olivia live fest either–we should find ways to get beyond fidelity issues, but being besties??? Well, maybe I’m not being fair here. Heck, I never liked writers making Tom & Jerry friends either.

  6. bigdede says:

    Doyle being turned into a Donald Trump like character? Um Doyle has always been this way. There is nothing new about Doyle. He’s like the only character Shonda hasn’t changed.

    • NM says:

      Yes, correct, but they brought the character back for this election storyline as they wanted to use a character similar to Trump to reflect our reality in real life.

  7. bigdede says:

    The Emmys need to just give Shonda and Kerry Emmys so the show can go back to the guilty pleasure it once was. You can tell Shonda is writing all this as Emmy bait. Kerry wasn’t even nominated last year. They’re trying way too hard. It’s not natural acting by Kerry. You can tell she’s ACTING instead of just being natural. Fitz/Mellie talking about Olivia made no sense considering Mellie hated Olivia every single season. Fitz still loves Olivia while Olivia is crying about Jake. I can’t feel sorry for Olivia. She’s the one who asked Mellie to release her father from prison. Loving Marcus and how he stood up for himself to Olivia. Also Marcus and Mellie do have sparks but I don’t want to see that. And Abby hasn’t been Chief of Staff long enough to talk crazy to Fitz. That whole speech was super disrespectful. I just wish Elizabeth North would die.

  8. Christine says:

    she was fazed! she was trying to hide it from the press

    • Christine says:

      also all the other comments on here are dumb, of course the show is not ‘logical,’ i love shonda rhiimes’ mind.. she is the best.. trying to tether the characters of scandal to some cardboard narrative analogue is a mistake, it’s a fantasy and an expert plumbing of it’s unconscious. . i meant of ours, of someone’s unconscious.. I don’t know who’s lol

      • Annie Sisk says:

        Yeah agreed. She was definitely gobsmacked but just trying her hardest to keep the press from picking up on that reaction.

  9. Nathalie says:

    Awesome episode without Roman and his son Jake.
    Team Fitz as always. My favorite character
    Huck will take care of Papa Pope. Jake stays with him for months eating fried chicken and screwing two women at the same time, instead of killig Rowan one night, and waiting for Olivia to save him. Pathetic

  10. Linda Lawton says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t, but I love Jake. I always want to see him more. I’m on the edge of my seat to see what happens between Olivia and him. I feel anxiety for them.
    I rarely watch network dramas. I’m not a romantic in real life, so they are doing something right about Jake and Olivia. I really want them to experience some happiness together. At least for awhile. The show has become too dark. Let’s have some lightness in the show.
    I really liked the Susan-David story line tonight. It was touching. Also, liked seeing Mellee resolve the standoff on the tarmac, and their concern for Liv. Good job Mellee (sp?).
    Will someone please kill Liv’s father before he chews the scenery so badly there is no set left? OMG…he is freakin’ nuts.
    For people who are haters…So don’t watch. Pretty easy.

    • bigdede says:

      Well Scandal has already lost 4 million viewers. It use to average 10 million. So keep telling people not to watch…..

  11. parstl says:

    Thought it was a good episode. I disagree with some comments about Rowan…his character carried the first half of season three but they may have over saturated him a bit. This season it’s the right dose. I agree that it was a mistake to have Olivia kill Andrew…she’s supposed to be the protagonist. Like the whole election storyline with story imitating life.

  12. Imzadi says:

    Michael loves little Ella more than Cyrus ever will, and he’s been a good person, a good father, and a good spouse. He doesn’t deserve the way Cyrus treated him. I hope that David can earn back Susan’s trust and her love; they are so sweet together. My “good” list is getting shorter and shorter. I can hardly stand Olivia, Abby, Jake, Cyrus, Rowan, Lizzie, Tom. I guess it’s not so surprising that I like Quinn and Charlie better than a lot of others on the show.

  13. yes says:

    Agree on the Mellie and Marcus thing but not because of chemistry (it’s there because they’re terrific actors) but mainly because the writers want us to want them together. I think it could work but if Mellie gets too close and confides all her dirty deeds, things could go Undercover South real fast. Abby has gone Power Mad. Slow down lady, Rome wasn’t built in a day. For some strange reason I think Abby might be the next one to occupy Fitz’s bed, hmmmm?!

  14. Mandy says:

    I get that shows are supposed to show progression, build up characters’ back stories in order to evolve and keep us entertained without losing the core premise but this Scandal….. dunno what to say anymore. Maybe I am missing the whole point. Loved this show but it seems to have fundamentally changed and is no longer as entertaining.

  15. James R. says:

    I can honestly say, with a smile on my face, that last night’s episode will be the last episode of scandal I will watch. The entire show has become so damn farfetched and inconsistent that all I can do when I watch it is laugh. The people who write this show clearly have no idea what strength or power is. They try to make these characters seem strong and powerful with flaws, but it’s their flaws the make them weak and powerless. I mean Fitz is a perfect example of this. He is the president but he is wholly incapable of making his own decisions. He HAS to have someone (usually a woman) tell him what to do. Then you have Olivia who’s life is ran by her daddy issues and her inability to control her feelings. Mellie who only cares about proving that she can be just as powerful as Fitz is suppose to be. Abby who only cares about proving to Olivia that she is just as good at being a terrible person as Olivia is. Just sad to see such a good show fall apart.

  16. Queen says:

    I am all for M&M (Marcus and Mellie), yes Shonda make it happen!!! I mean even Quin has love with Charlie for crying out loud!

  17. katsssblog says:

    Mellie and Fiz talking about Olivia.. Is she sleeping, eating, running?? Make her run. Are you crazy. Now Mellie and Olivia are BFFs. It’s absurd.
    I loved the show, but now is so confusing and hard to wach. It lost its spark. So sad.

  18. Viv says:

    More Annie Potts! More Annie Potts! She was a breath of fresh air. Please, please, please make her Holling’s VP!!

  19. Ashley says:

    I preferred last week’s episode to the election nonsense. I don’t care whether Mellie or Susan get the White House. I am glad to see Quinn & Huck more. I’m glad to see Mellie & Fitz be nice to each other & show that you can genuinely care about the well-being of someone who has been part of your life for a decade. Idc that Mellie & Olivia are friends again. They were friends at the beginning. Does nobody remember season 1? Also, the fact that they can work together after all the bs is exactly what makes them strong women. They aren’t letting romantic love or Fitz deter their career ambitions any longer. They’re both just over it. It’s water under the bridge. Mellie still throws shade at Liv for being a whore- that’s just Mellie. Jake is amazing & Rowan is a wicked person but so entertaining to watch. I think the only problem lately is that they have too many characters to keep up with & care about now. They could cut the Susan/David/Elizabeth/Cyrus/Vargas/Michael nonsense & just focus on OPA, the Grants, & the Pope’s. It’s too hard to write consistently good stories involving that many people. My heart breaks for Olivia & Jake. I feel no sympathy whatsoever for Abby or Fitz.

    • Lou says:

      Mellie and Olivia working together doesn’t make them strong women, it makes them FICTIONAL ones.
      And as usual, the only person guaranteed to get anything out of it is Mellie.