Grey's Anatomy Recap

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Battle Lines

With their day in court rapidly approaching in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Callie and Arizona were faced with the awkward task of asking their friends and colleagues to take sides in their custody battle. And though we would have loved to sympathize, um, that’s kinda what you get when you refuse to listen to all of us who spent last week’s episode yelling at the TV, “C’mon, people! Slow it down! Talk it out!”

More shocking than the predicament in which Sofia’s moms found themselves was the fact that “You’re Gonna Need Someone on Your Side” featured not one but two break-ups and the revelation of a tryst that had taken place in an exceptionally poorly chosen location. Who got lucky, and who got un-? Scrub in and read on!

HOME BODIES | While Meredith and Maggie were leaving for the day with the former’s children — who have gotten more screen time in the last two weeks than in eons! — the half siblings discovered their MIA carpoolmate, Amelia, asleep on the couch. Naked! With Owen! Naturally, Mer and Maggie teased the living daylights out of Amelia, who insisted that she and her ex weren’t back together, they had too much “stuff” for that. (Have truer words ever been spoken?!?) Well, whatever they were doing, Mer told Owen, “My kids don’t need to see your penis” after the doing’s done! Still, as the hour concluded, off Grey’s encouragement, Amelia showed up at Hunt’s door, and the two of them acknowledged that, were they to commit to one another, they’d make a mess of everything. Owen’s solution, sealed with a kiss: “Let’s screw some things up.”

SOFA, SO BAD | Also logging some couch time — though a whole lot less enjoyably than Amelia and Owen — was Ben, who’d been banished from his and Bailey’s bedroom since returning to Grey Sloan as an anesthesiologist. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the pressure cooker that the Warrens’ marriage/working relationship had become just about exploded when he wound up assigned to a surgery with Nathan, Maggie… and his wife! As Ben and Bailey took swipes at each other, with Miranda comparing her better half to their “scammer” son, it was all their fellow doctors could do not to commit harikari with a scalpel — anything to get out of that OR! Later, Maggie came down on Bailey’s side, pointing out to Ben that he had done something wrong, gotten punished, hadn’t liked it and had gone around it — and “the only reason you were able to do that is ’cause she’s your wife.” Nathan, on the other hand, spoke up for Warren to Miranda.

PLAYING FAVORITES | Meanwhile, Calzona were struggling with the difficulty of recruiting their pals to testify on their behalf — and, for that matter, struggling with the difficulty of getting anyone alone long enough to discuss it! And, while your overwhelming dislike of Penny has been well-documented in the comments section, you had to feel for her (at least a teensy bit!) when she was assigned to Arizona’s service for the year. Sorry, it was only for the day, it just had to feel like a year to Blake. Anyway, Arizona wound up with roommate Andrew, plus bigwigs Richard and Bailey, in her corner; Callie had Penny (duh), Owen and Meredith. Alex, perhaps the wisest of the bunch, turned down Calzona’s requests with the simple explanation that “I like you both.”

HISTORY REPEATING? | Speaking of Arizona, when she noticed something a bit off with Baby Avery’s brain during April’s ultrasound, both the mom-to-be and Jackson understandably freaked out. Kepner even went so far as to light into Robbins for previously declaring the fetus perfect instead of spotting this possible issue earlier. When Arizona asked April to calm down… well, let’s just say that April didn’t. Later, as Kepner ran through drastic options to find out if anything was really wrong, Robbins pleaded, “You need to trust me.” April’s response? “I trusted you to catch this.” (Ouch.) In the end, it turned out that the former Averys’ baby was fine. “Definitively” fine to boot. However, Arizona still informed the divorced couple that she was too close to them to continue on as April’s OB. (So that was break-up No. 1.) 

SOUR NOTE | On Stephanie’s day off, she showed up at Grey Sloan with newly minted loverboy Kyle, so that Amelia could check out the new tremor that he’d developed in his left hand. Edwards’ suspicion was that he’d developed a lesion in the other side of his brain. Which was possibly right. But, as Amelia explained, Stephanie couldn’t work on her beau’s case. (Adding insult to injury, Shepherd had Andrew answer all of the questions that Edwards ordinarily would have.) Needless to say, Stephanie flipped when her mentor informed her that, as “the family member from hell,” she’d be cooling her heels in the waiting room instead of at least watching from the gallery during Kyle’s surgery. Having been in the patient’s position before, Stephanie couldn’t handle being on the sidelines rather than helping, so she left a Dear John note at Kyle’s bedside while he was in recovery, thus earning herself a place next to Sex and the City’s Berger on the Worst TV Break-Uppers Ever list.

So, which surprised you morethat Arizona dropped Japril or that Stephanie ditched Kyle? And how heartbreaking was the closeted married senior in love with his doorman? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Ok I know it’s a TV drama but am I the only one who is having a hard time with the sole custody previews next week? Maybe it won’t play out like they’re implying but it sounds ridiculous that the judge would give one of them sole physical custody since they’re both involved parents who aren’t abusive or anything. Wouldn’t the judge insist on a joint custody agreement for the betterment of the child? I’ve watched enough Teen Mom to see how these usually play out.

    • Mike says:

      Would a judge take full custody away from a biological mother considering there’s been as you said no abuse?

      • 777 says:

        He could say that she’s moving to NY for her partner without thinking about her daughter, but that is kinda weak.
        I honestly don’t see how they’re going with a sole custody verdict.

        • Mike says:

          ok, so now let’s take the other argument. Could the court take Callie’s side because Arizona is not the biological mother? It depends on what rights Arizona has.

          • 777 says:

            This is too confusing. I thought for sure they would settle it somehow, or have joint custody, i didn’t expect a sole custody. Especially since there isn’t a case for sole custody here.

    • Scout says:

      The whole plot line is stupid and the sooner it goes away, the better.

  2. Lauren says:

    Other thoughts. I used to love Bailey so much but the last few seasons, she has driven me crazy. She isn’t even a character you love to hate. She’s just annoying and grating. I hate what the writers have done to her. I wouldn’t miss her if she was a surprise casualty at the end of the season.

    • Jenks says:

      I totally agree with this. I know this is TV, but that whole operating room scene was ridiculous. Bailey is supposed to be the chief of surgery, but she acts like a spoiled brat most of the time. I sure would hate to be a patient needing surgery in that hospital!

    • Scout says:

      Yup, hate the Bailey plotline too. I’m still watching for Meredith Gray. Still love her.

    • Anna says:

      I’m so ridiculously disappointed in how they’ve written Bailey the past few years. She went from being one of the most badass female characters on television to being straight rude and annoying all the time. Shame on the Grey’s writers for screwing Bailey up so badly.

  3. Please let the person they kill this season be Stephanie, I really, really cannot stand her.

  4. Gul says:

    Underwhelming episode overall. Very filler-y before next week’s massive sh*t storm. I cant believe they went there with Japril again. I was sure that nothing would be wrong with the baby but still, it was unnecessary. I thought April’s freak out a few weeks ago would be the end of that question of whether the baby is ok. Still glad that it’s fine but that story annoyed me.
    Calzona, smh. I dont like anything about that sl. & I dunno why owen or mer decided to side with callie.
    And if the ‘horrible’ thing Steph did was to dump Kyle via a letter, Im sorry, thats too mild to qualify as horrible. People have done wayy worse things on this show so that, while certainly not the best thing to do, dint really ‘shock’ me per say.

    • EM says:

      Yep. Totally underwhelming and filler. Can’t see why we need an episode of Steph and her hook up. Alex rocks by not taking a side.

      • Anna says:

        I don’t get why some Arizona lovers are hating on Alex for not taking a side. He’s friends with both of them, and it’s awesome that he values them both enough to not taking a side.

  5. 777 says:

    This isn’t even logical, no judge will give Callie sole custody just because she wants to be with her GF. Ultimately this is the reason, she didn’t get a job offer or anything, she’s taking her daughter away from her mother because she wants to be with her girlfriend. No judge will give Arizona sole custody either, she’s not the biological mother.
    This is weird.

    • Leah says:

      Exactly. Her girlfriend of all of 5 minutes. With no regard to her daughter’s feelings for her other mother. She is being flighty and extremely selfish.

  6. Tracy Fowler says:

    Who played the elderly doorman on tonight’s episode? He looks very familiar and can’t think of his name. Please help!

  7. analog says:

    When did Arizona become officially an OB? I don’t remember her training in that specialty.

    • Mimi says:

      Last season during the episodes with Geena Davis.

      • analog says:

        But that was Fetal Surgery. I don’t think you automatically become an OBGYN.

        • robandco says:

          If I remember right there was a mention of a fellowship in obstetrics with Dr. Herman last season. She asked Karev to be the new head of Pediatrics so she could do the fellowship with Herman. And since she went blind, we were to assume Arizona became the new Herman and head of Obstretrics. Arizona is basically the new Addison since Addison’s characters has close to no ties to the current cast (no family nor real friends, except for Bailey and Callie I’d say).

          • Anna says:

            That actually makes no sense if she’s the head of the department. She went from fellowship to head of the department in one season? That would literally never happen. She would need way more training than one year, especially since she didn’t do her residency in that field.

  8. Kristen says:

    Love Owen and Amelia!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. lizzieB says:

    Awww I felt for Jackson in the end there when he tried to/wanted to hold April’s hand but couldn’t. Also, “Thank you God!” and then “Thank you. God!” LOL

  10. fiberlicious says:

    Charles Robinson dumping his true love pissed me right off.

  11. I am still team Arizona. Although I know she will not get Sofia :(

  12. Dear Sarah Drew: I know that April is kinda’ crazy. I know that you fully commit to her overreactions and we love you for it. I know that the writers have mostly given you “best bud” material with the characters of Owen and Nathan. But dear God! Can you allow April to show Arizona some tenderness? Some side look of “Woman, I got your back.” Because this one sided friendship from Arizona to April is killing me. Best girlfriends show reciprocity and without that, this friendship feels fake.

  13. Rebecca says:

    I don’t really understand why Stephanie couldn’t have just gone to work on someone else in the hospital? Does she have to be on Kyle’s case? Couldn’t she help one of the presumably 100s of other sick people there and check in on Kyle after his surgery (much like Teddy used to do with Scott Foley)? I’m disappointed because I was actually looking forward to a twist on the Denny/Izzie storyline.

    • Jenks says:

      The only childish thing Stephanie didn’t do was stomp on the floor. She is a total brat who pitches a fit every time she doesn’t get her way. She can go any time.

  14. holliez says:

    The voice editing in the scene where Meredith and children comes down the stairs has been obviously cut and redone. I’m disappointed that the Bailey’s and Kepvery are moving into calmer waters., I like their being at odds with each other. LOL over Meredith’s digs at Hunt being caught in the ‘altogether’. Not looking forward Amelia’s acid tongue sending Meredith back into her dark and twisty days in an upcoming episode. Hope Meredith doesn’t team up with Riggs as I want him to be the doc who ‘bites the dust’. I think Sara Ramirez’s twitter comments are a false trail, I think Callie will loose the custody case and leave with Blake, BUT Callie will be back.

  15. donholley77 says:

    I can’t believe this show has gotten better after all these years, but it has! ‘Nuff said !

  16. abz says:

    I love the background music these past few episodes. They don’t overshadow or distract from the scenes and they just complement the scenes nicely. There have been some great song selections. Loved that they used Jess Glynne’s ‘My Love’. Such a beautiful song. I hadn’t listened to it in a while.
    I’m so glad they stopped using those terrible cover songs.

  17. abz says:

    Arizona is breaking my heart. I can’t believe how attached I’ve become to a character I almost loathed at one point. Both she and Callie aren’t perfect, but I am Team Arizona on this. As unlikable a character Bailey has become, she told Callie what needed to be said. She is giving up her life and family and her CHIEF of Ortho status just to travel across the country for a piece of tail she’s known for five minutes. Both the show writers and Sara Ramirez have failed at portraying this Callie/Penny relationship as a real relationship with believable chemistry. There is ZERO chemistry between the two of them. And you know I felt bad for Penny during that dinner from hell, but beyond that, all she is is a plot device to create this drama between Callie and Arizona. This program Penny is doing is like a year. That is not even that long. If Callie wants to see her, she can any time she wants. The woman is a chief. She is part owner of a hospital. Money is not an issue. Seriously this drama is so unnecessary. Why does Arizona have to travel to see her daughter and only every few weeks all because Callie wants to chase tail? Stupid, unnecessary storyline. I was really pissed at Meredith and Owen for taking Callie’s side. I was proud of Alex for not taking sides because they are both his friends. It’s crazy how Alex has become like the most mature character on this show. I know a lot of them have more history with Callie and have known her longer, but still. They need to get their heads out of their asses and see that Callie is not thinking clearly.

    It broke my heart when that guy told the doorman to go. One of the saddest storylines this season even though I’ve seen this same type of storyline before. I still teared up.

    I like Stephanie. I know many people don’t, but I do. And I like her WAYYYYYYYY more than Jo. I thought they might do and Izzie/Denny 2.0 situation with her and that guy.

    Owen and Amelia. Ugh (Insert eye roll). I like Amelia, but I can’t get behind this. Owen has got to leave this show for good already. I can’t stand his character. Thankfully, we went one episode without his childish fit over Riggs. Side note: Riggs and Maggie should just get together already.

  18. Pat says:

    Funny scene at Meredith’s house when they came down the stairs and found Owen and Amelia. I know that I am now in the minority when it comes to Arizona but I have been disliking her character for a long time. I almost wish that she would leave the show. As for Callie, I do not think that she will go to New York.

  19. Phil says:

    I have a lot of opinions on the people in this episode. Let’s see.

    Ben and Bailey. Glad to see some progress there. I was not surprised Bailey began the whole argument, she’s that petty. I’m glad Riggs was able to talk some sense into her. As the most recent hire, he’s the one she has had least time to bully, and therefore the one most capable of being objective with her. What I did not get, is why Maggie thought she had to make Ben think he got away with something because Bailey is his wife. When Miranda lost it at Ben last time, she made it clear that she wanted to fire him, and was talked down by the panel she convened, which was Meredith, Owen, and Maggie. Now suddenly Maggie is siding with Bailey like she agreed with her all along? Writers, make up your minds.

    April, Arizona, and Penny. April couldn’t stay tolerable for long. The second she started blaming Arizona for thinking there was something wrong with the baby, I rolled my eyes hard. The first thing Arizona wanted to do when she learned April was pregnant was to run all the tests to see if there was something wrong with the baby. Something April stupidly denied for a long time. Then when she finally asked Arizona to perform an ultra-sound (because obviously, April avoided all sorts of prenatal care, not just the “let’s see if there’s this genetic illness” tests), she says she’s ok. But then, the first sign of something wrong, she blames Arizona for not catching it before. Maybe if you had allowed her to actually be her physician from day one and let her do her damn work properly. Arizona herself said it could be a glitch, but April continued to be a horrible person. The second it was established it was indeed a glitch, April wanted to be all buddies again. Arizona was right to refuse being her doctor any more, too much BS from April. Between all the stuff that is happening to Arizona, I don’t know if I should let her terrible treatment of Penny to slide. Penny was assigned to her service, and asked her if she wanted her to be assigned to someone else. Then when Penny comes back to her with the labs Arizona herself requested, Arizona begins shouting that she’s everywhere and spying for Callie. Arizona, she’s there because she’s under your service, which Penny offered to ask if she could be assigned to someone else, and because you asked her for those lab results.

    Stephanie. Amelia was right to take her off the case. She was second-guessing everything. I want to see how double-standards people will be about her decision to break up with Kyle. Her reasons are similar to the reasons DeLuca broke up with Maggie. The special treatment she insisted on giving him, like always choosing him over other interns for surgery, was making all his peers, his fellow interns, to dislike him even more. He chose his career over a relationship, and all people would say is that he was weak and couldn’t handle her power and all that.

    Alex. Great to see him not taking sides on the Callie and Arizona custody battle. Very mature. I would still like to see someone point out his role in the whole Ben and Bailey issue though. Miranda has some blame in that she was the one who activated code pink against the advise of the security guy that got Ben in the situation that led to those two deaths, it was her choice, but Alex is the one who emotionally manipulated her by bringing up her son.

    Meredith. She had some good points for Amelia and Maggie, but telling the entire hospital about Owen was really childish and immature. If this was a guy gossiping a woman’s breasts, he’d be reprimanded on the spot. Grey’s has these moments where they very clearly and blatantly engage in double standards. Remember the time Jo attacked her boyfriend and put him in a hospital with brain damage, but he was the one vilified because in defending himself, he gave her a black eye, and Alex threatened to ruin his career making sure everyone knew he was the one who gave it to her if he reported her to the police?

    • Anna says:

      Alex doesn’t have any blame in that situation, and neither does Bailey. If a young child goes missing from a hospital, they would call a code pink immediately because it genuinely doesn’t take that much time for a kid to be kidnapped, especially by someone that they know (remember Alex mentioned his parents were in a nasty custody fight and the dad was abusive or something). They wouldn’t have hesitated to call a code pink, and it was actually quite weird that the security guard was trying to talk them out of it. If that kid had actually been kidnapped and the mother found out they delayed the code pink, they would be opening the hospital up to a major lawsuit.

  20. Tony says:

    I’m gonna assume the courts award both joint custody. But the wording in the promo is misleading. I too don’t see how one gets sole custody over the other

    One point of view I wish they would show would be Penny’s. I realize she ultimately has no real say in this and agree it’s all Callie and Arizona’s to work out. However, I would like to think she would seriously ask Callie if she has really thought about what this entire situation will do to Sophia.

  21. Amanda says:

    I think that Callie is being selfish and not thinking that she has another parent arizona I don’t blame arizona for getting a lawyer and fighting for sofia she adopted her so she has as much rights as Callie I want arizona to have sofia.

  22. Me says:

    My theory is that the court gives sole custody to Callie, because she’s the kid’s biological parent. When this happens, Callie realizes how this would break Arizona’s heart and finally decides to stay and share custody with her. If I remember well, there was a spoiler a few weeks ago that said that Callie would end up considering Arizona’s feelings.
    On the other plots – I’ve always been sympathetic to April, but even I can’t defend her behavior to Arizona. I know she has reasons for freaking out, but she really has no right on taking it out on the people who are there to support her.

    • Anna says:

      Her last baby died in her arms, and then she finds out that her new baby might have brain damage. That is a much more reasonable reason to freak out than Arizona screaming at Penny (who had already asked Arizona if she should be taken off her service) who was trying to show Arizona something about a patient. At least April had the decency to admit she was wrong for freaking out in the end, while Arizona did nothing of the sorts to Penny, who even covered for her to Callie at the end, even though that’s something that Callie could have used against Arizona in court. But Arizona never admits when she’s wrong, so what’s new.

  23. Tiffany Wood says:

    Here’s what I want to know: In the OR scene when Ben and Bailey are arguing in front of Pierce and DeLuca, the patient suddenly gets into trouble and the monitor starts freaking out, right? Okay so then with three surgeons there – the head of cardiology, a trauma surgeon who worked in war zones and the CHIEF OF SURGERY – why is the anesthesiologist the one that saves the day?? Ben tells everyone, “Get your hands out. Out now!” and proceeds to give Deluca instructions and I’m thinking, “Um….dude. The surgeons can handle this. Sit your butt down.”

    • Phil says:

      I’m in no way sure of this, but I believe the complication the patient was having was something that the anesthesiologist is supposed to fix. At the very least, it seems Ben was the one in control over the table’s inclination or something. I understood that as something they all technically know why happens and how to fix (similar to that one time way back when Bailey was confused why he was changing a patient’s position and getting cooled stuff, until she finally understood it was malignant hyperthermia), but the responsibility would fall on the anesthesiologist. Maybe the writer’s way to say “he done fucked up before, but he still is a great anesthesiologist”.