Nashville Recap Season 4

Nashville Recap: Kiss and Hell

Two couples got their swerve on in this week’s Nashville. One was a foregone conclusion. The other was an abomination.

Yeah, you heard me, Layla. Abomination! I could maybe get behind your plan to seduce Juliette’s ex-husband if you… had an actual plan to seduce Juliette’s husband. But your to-do list seems like an endless loop of mope, sulk, stalk off and then glom onto Avery’s lips whenever they’re within smooching distance. Even worse: This trajectory seems to be working for you.

If you’re going to be the show’s new bitch, I’m gonna need you to be the show’s new bitch. Go ahead, I know you can do it! Snark at underlings! Plot Juliette’s personal and professional downfall! You spent enough time with Jeff Fordham to know how fan-hated characters go about life — and if you need a refresher course, just take a look at Cash.

That second couple I mentioned? Scarlett and Gunnar. But was anyone seriously worried that wasn’t going to happen? At least we got a new performance of an old favorite out of them before they started pawing each other like counselors in the art shack on a hot night at sleep-away camp.

In other news: Will’s still gay! But (said like the dad in Heathers) Luke loves his proud gay artist! Read on for the highlights of “Baby Come Home.”

NASHVILLE - "Baby Come Home" - Rayna and Deacon try everything they can think of to reunite with Maddie and avoid court, even involving Teddy (Eric Close) from jail. Juliette tries to rekindle her relationship with Avery, and her success on tour stokes Layla's jealousy, personally and professionally. Luke Wheeler leverages his own appearance on "Good Morning America" with Robin Roberts to try to jump start Will Lexington's career, on "Nashville," WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mark Levine) CHARLES ESTEN, CONNIE BRITTON

OUR NATIONAL NIGHTMARE CONTINUES | Raise your hand if you thought the weeks following Rayna and Deacon’s extremely long-awaited Nashville wedding would be full of cuddlin’ and kissin’, not affadavits and jail visits. But the Maddie emancipation drama continues, with the teen serving her legal parents — aka Rayna and Teddy, who’s still incarcerated — with papers requiring them to be in court in 48 hours. Ray thinks if she can just get a moment alone with her kid, things will be better. So she sets up a fake meeting with Cash (which yields nothing) and then waits outside Cash’s home until she can physically stop Maddie for a quick, tearful conversation (which yields even less).

After Teddy confesses to his daughter that her Edgehill “deal” was really just a blackmail move by Jeff Fordham, he then has to explain why: AKA his tryst with the pay-for-play escort known as Ol’ Leopard Panties. So now Mads has even more in her Teen Girl arsenal, and she levels it at her mom as she demands to know why the truth was kept from her. Rayna’s explanation — that she was just protecting her from heartache — doesn’t fly… though things seem to be looking up when Maddie arrives at the Ryman just in time to sing with Daphne at a charity show.

“I’m so glad you’re home,” Rayna gushes. “I’m not,” Maddie grits, thinking no doubt of Cash’s undoubtedly embellished recount of the fake meeting earlier that day. So with a sobbing Daphne clinging to Deacon, and Rayna barely holding it together onstage, Maddie stomps out with Cash in tow. See you in court, kid!

VERY BAD THINGS | Juliette takes the stage for the first time since joining Luke’s tour, and she is effervescent up there in her beaded deep-V gown. She works the stage. She nails the performance of “One Place Too Long.” And as everyone grooves backstage, Layla fumes. When Layla returns to her tour bus, Avery’s there, working on a song. As they listen to it on a shared set of headphones, their faces are thisclose… and that’s when Layla goes in for a kiss. Avery kisses her back. Then Cadence wakes up, crying, because THIS IS A TRAVESTY. He uses that as an out and hustles the baby back to the hotel.

The next morning, Avery is all, “It’s not you, it’s me,” which Layla doesn’t want to hear. And when Juliette is frustrated that her ex doesn’t want to join her on stage for a song, she takes Glenn’s advice and just tells Avery the truth: She wants them to try being a couple again, because she’s better now. Avery’s not having it. “What you do to me is what you did, and you’re gonna do it again!” he cries, but Ju stays the course, telling him to take his time and find her when he makes his decision.

But when Avery makes a decision, it’s a really bad one that doesn’t involve Cadence’s mama at all: He knocks on Layla’s door and kisses her, all in this time. In my notes, I write, “Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.”

THE NO-LONGER-EXES? | Scarlett passive-aggressives Gunnar until they get stuck in an elevator during a blackout. Rather than unravel all the knitwear Scar is wearing, fashion a rope and rappel to safety, they talk until she admits that she’s mad he slept with Autumn. He sets her straight, they share a bottle of old Scotch and then perform “If I Didn’t Know Better.” Major props to Sam Palladio for that slick, well-executed, almost-but-not-quite-a-go-in-for-the-kiss guitar reach.

When they finally part ways at Scarlett’s room, it takes her one nanosecond of heavy breathing before she’s in his arms and he’s pulling at her clothes. I’ve never booked passage on this ‘ship, but even I have to admit: This scene is hot.

PLAY THE GAY! | When Will’s radio showcase is poorly attended, Luke uses an appearance on Good Morning America to promote his new artist and to shame radio programmers who won’t play a gay singer’s tunes. Ken, Luke’s manager, thinks the whole thing is a bad idea. (Side note: Did anyone else suspect that maybe Ken, who gives off an anti-LGBT vibe, had sabotaged the showcase in the first place?)

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Chad says:

    How the hell long were Gunnar and Scarlett trapped in that elevator? Long enough for Luke and Will to fly to New York perform on GMA and fly back to Nashville? That seems…excessive. Or maybe beyond the willing suspension of disbelief.

    • Normandy says:

      This show has always had an editing problem when it comes to conveying days going by. Obviously they weren’t trapped in an elevator for days, but everyone else went threw a few days worth of plot while going back to them who were only in the elevator for a couple hours. Total Nashville.

      • Mia says:

        Nashville has a big problem with time, like a couple of weeks ago when Bucky and Rayna where talking about the tour that was going to star with this charity concert they said that it was the end of school year (July?) but in last night ep it was snowing!! and the Oscars nominations are next week which normally are in January or February and the CMAs hasn´t happened yet which are in November…its just so annoying!!! I was starting to think they where going to split one year in two seasons like they did with seasons two and three, but then there was snow, and they cant really do that with baby Cadence growing at normal rate.

  2. Bwhit says:

    First: I love your recaps and commentary…
    ‘Our National Nightmare continues’ really all that needs to be said, Maddie had a millisecond of rationality when she told Cash she may be taking it too far and being there with Daphne but that was it and this storyline continues to torture. I love Scarlett and Gunnar so I’m personally singing the praises of that malfunctioning elevator and thankful for what happened after. I don’t blame Avery because he’s been through it but I would have preferred an Erin over crazy Layla, she will actually think she can win over Juliette, which will not happen in my opinion. Oh and I am revoking my out of Nashville ticket that I hope Layla, Cash and Maddie take from Luke, he won me over tonight finally with Will.

    • Josh says:

      I love Scarlet and Gunnar too so I loved that they hooked up again this episode

    • wrstlgirl says:

      If Layla gets pregnant or fakes a pregnancy I’m gonna hurl!! You just knew this was going to happen. Oh Avery, you’ve been punked.

      • Bwhit says:

        Pig blood and Peggy 2.0….. I can totally see Layla doing it too! It’s just me but I feel like the character of Erin should have been brought in for Avery at this point…. 2-3 episode distraction to get it out of his system and then he realizes he can move on from what happened and be with Juliette. Layla is in over her head as always.

        • Isobel says:

          Yeah I’d prefer any relationships Avery and Juliette have between getting back together were obviously short and non serious, but soap opera storylines tend to overextend alternate relationships for my taste

    • ? says:

      It’s been a long time since I saw a good ol’ fashioned trapped-in-an-elevator plot. Rather enjoyed it.

    • Charlie B says:

      Luke is again, as he always is, a phony. He lost his son so he is going to glom onto Will’s story to try to make himself feel better. I like him less no more, and that is hard to do.

  3. Josh says:

    Ugh I cannot stand Maddy AND Cash! It’s one thing to make her parents cry but Making Daphne Cry oh heck no!! Kimberly I was right there with you going UGH UGH UGH at the Avery/Layla hookup. That chick is nutty I’m predicting she’s gonna try to kill Juliette by the end of the season cause she’ll “love” Avery. And it looks like Cash’s dad does something to warrant getting a buttkicking by Deacon next week and he’s gonna show where his daughter gets it from with his “he’s trying to kill me” crap.

    • Megs says:

      Don’t forget that a big motivator for Layla was when she found out Juliette was in some way responsible for Jeff’s death!

  4. I love you, thank you so much for voicing my feelings about Layla and Avery. There are not enough gifs and memes to express how much I hate this story!

    • Jill says:

      This story, and the Rayna/Deacon/Maddie story as well. Wow, this show has really gone way downhill. Please ABC spare us anymore of this terrible writing and cancel it. I’d like to be left with at least some memory of the great first season.

    • luv2cook says:

      I am with you, I absolutely LOATHE that character and have since day one! I had to close my eyes when she macked on Avery, it is that gag inducing.

  5. Leola says:

    Totally agree about the sabotage by Ken!

  6. Carla Krae says:

    Why is the show ignoring the actual gay artists already in country music? It does Will’s story no good service.

    • Shira says:

      Don’t think it is. They showed how he tried to do what gay artists have been doing so far: Be primarily songwriters and not performers or stay in the closet…
      There are gay artists but none of them is a big mainstream star that sells stadiums…and that’s still not happening in country music.

      • murn says:

        That’s very true. Highest profile gay artist right now is Brandy Clark – who is amazing, btw – and she’s nowhere near mainstream.

      • Carla Krae says:

        They keep making it, though, like Will is the first out singer in country music, which isn’t true. There are a couple men and several lesbians. Will’s story basically ignores all those artists that already got somewhere. KD Lang, Chely Wright, Ty Herndon has had at least 17 singles on Billboard’s Hot Country chart.

  7. RUCookie says:

    Nope Kimberly, it’s not just you getting those vibes from Ken. I was actually wondering if he was the reason no one showed up (i.e. He didn’t call them). This story is gonna be interesting and it’s great to see Luke stand for more than his brand after all the years pining over Rayna.

    I got so excited for 3 minutes tonight when I thought (hoped) that Maddie came to her senses. Her showing up at the Oprey was awesome …. Awesome until it was obvious it was another way for Cash to manipulate Maddie. Can’t sell a country artist if the stand up the Oprey, right? And again, I say, what judge, grounded in the actual law would see grounds for emancipation here? This is insane. And the damage this girl has done to her relationships with her entire family cannot (and should not) be repaired with a a hug. Someone needs real dirt on Cash ASAP!

    Ugh ugh ugh on Layla. Why can’t they just ket us like her. Does she have to be vile all the time? And woohoo on Gunner/Scarlet – double woohoo for the awesome “if I didn’t know better.”

  8. Shaun says:

    lol,that jab about her knitwear was hilarious.

  9. Neha says:

    Am I the only one that kinda sorta likes Avery/Layla (yes, I already know I am).

    And, can Maddie please be run over by that truck now? I still don’t even understand what her issues with her parents are?

    • Carla Krae says:

      Because, like, Mom and Dad won’t let me run around with no supervision and sing songs too old for me to drunk men in bars! ZOMGBBQ /oppressed They don’t understand my DREAMZZZZZZZZZZZ.

    • Brengirl says:

      No Neha, I’m with you on Avery/Layla. I feel that Layla has grown from getting a bum deal in love, twice now, and just wants…and deserves…to be loved too! I love the Ave/Jul pair as much as everyone, but he’s sort of been through hell and back and deserves more too!

    • Rain says:

      No you aren’t, I actually really like Avery/Layla! I think Layla first started this as revenge but realizes what a great guy Avery is. I think they’re cute together and honestly he deserves someone a whole hell of a lot better than Juliette!

    • Priscilla says:

      I effing love them together. Juliet is so manipulative and to me yeah Layla is too but at least she didn’t murder a man and completely forget about it.

  10. laurelnev says:

    Avery’s never been good enough for Juliette, and he just keeps proving it over and over again!

    • Ian says:

      Im really starting to feel the same way. I know she’s been awful, but after the horror of tonight’s episode, it’s breathed new life into my ability to be patient. It’s still a long game, and Juliette now needs to prove she can let Avery go and still be a good mother, maintain her mental health, and be happy. Let Avery get in too deep with Layla’s brand of craziness and see how much Juliette’s changed when she’s with someone else.

      • I think the someone else Juliette is going to be with will be Derek Hough from Dancing With The Stars, who Juliette had a brief relationship with while doing her film! I just read he signed a deal to be in quite a few upcoming episodes of Nashville! Hoping Juliette will maintain mothering, mental Health, etc. so Avery will see a “New Changed Juliette” is long term and they will get back together!!

  11. Ian says:

    Didnt mind the Maddie stuff so much this episode. It brought about some really great moments between Deacon and Daphne, who I like to see have a good relationship; between Maddie and Daphne; and Rayna broke my heart. They presented Maddie’s side a lot better tonight. As her parents and as adults, they didn’t really handle the situation the right way when they chose to lie to her about the record deals.
    And I only wish I could be as behind Gunnar and Scarlett as I once was. Gunnar’s smashed his way through way too many women, including Scarlett’s best friend, for me to ever ship them again.
    And I wish they’d have let Will and Robin actually talk for a minute instead of just Luke being a politician. I miss Kevin. Kyle Dean Massey has a CRAZY GORGEOUS voice too, and I don’t think he’s ever sang on the show.
    But Ive accepted that for all the good of this last episode, it’ll be right back to going around in circles next week.

  12. Mick says:

    Dear Kimberly – I absolutely have loved your snarky takes on our National Nightmare – The Maddie Emancipation Abomination. I hope FCC censors will post “TV-NMM” (No More Maddie) when it’s safe to come back to this show without this nauseating teen angst storyline. If they want to continue down this road … then please go all out. Have Cash get Maddie hooked on heroine and then make sexual advances towards her. In a drug induced haze Maddie hits Cash over the head with a frying pan and goes on trial for murder. While she’s in jail awaiting trail … whining that it’s all her Mother and Fathers fault she gets shanked by her cell mate.

  13. Whispergirl says:

    No question about what Cash told Maddie — Rayna had given her the performer-dreaded “I’ll make sure you never work in this town again” speech, and I’m sure Cash gloated in recounting every word. Oh, Mama Bear, we love you, but hadn’t any of your high-priced lawyers at Highway 65 told you not to talk to the other parties during pending litigation? Granted, this whole emancipation arc is a farce (although the thought of sheltered, spoiled Maddie navigating the shark-infested waters of the music business on her own does fill me with a sense of holy peace and satisfaction), but next time, think before you threaten.

  14. Mara says:

    Love Juliet being back but Avery is correct in that she wreacked havoc — I don’t think an I’m sorry is enough to just have them instantly get back together, after all the things Juliet did. I like Avery and Layla together. I think the Character of Layla has gotten much more interesting.
    Please somebody write Maddie and Cash out asap! they are ruining the show.

  15. I’ve only just started the episode but why didn’t Rayna and Deacon’s lawyer advise them to file charges against Cash and get a restraining order? WHY HAS THIS ONLY BEEN BROUGHT UP ONCE?

    • Whispergirl says:

      I know — this show’s selective use of legal remedies for dramatic tension is laughable. Rayna should be throwing up every legal roadblock in the book at this point. Maybe some of the consultants from The Good Wife should be sitting in on some scriptwriting sessions.

  16. Boiler says:

    Enjoy the show and love your recaps Kimberly. You more than anyone hits the nail on the head about this show. Maybe the new showrunners should hire you as a consultant should there be a season 5, which there should be

  17. evababy says:

    The Maddie situation is beyond dumb. Instead of begging her to come home Maybe Rayna should have acquainted her with some cold hard facts. Like… the only reason she had all those offers was because of the parents she so despises. Her exposure, her ability to sing at the Oprey, her ability to get on stage with Juliette … all because of who her parents are. The girl has never earned a single penny of her own in her life. And yet she can somehow prove she is able to be on her own? She hasn’t even signed a contract that wasn’t written by her own mother.

    I remember when Claire Huxtable read Denise for Filth when Denise tried to pull that independent crap. Rayna needs to channel some of that cuz this girl is just too dumb to let loose into an unsuspecting world.

  18. Jason says:

    The Avery and Layla thing bugs me but not for the same reasons. Juliette and Avery are inevitable, which means Layla will once again wind up in the dust bin of another relationship. The writers can’t seem to do anything but put her in one doomed situation after another. It’s as if they like keeping her as fragile as possible. She deserves a nice guy like Avery (who isn’t Avery) and an opportunity to recover from her past hurts. But this is Nashville, which means the perpetual misery train rolls on. No one can be happy for more than five seconds. I’m just waiting for the inevitable monkey wrench in Scarlett and Gunnar’s relationship. They are a couple who should clearly be together because they are both good and kind and low drama and made for each other. But the televisions gods decree that roadblocks must be set in their path. Big, dues ex machina style interruptions that strain credulity and ask us to accept the absurd. The more I think on it, new show runners next year may be the best possible solution. This show needs some serious grounding influences in it’s DNA. A modicum of sanity is just what the doctor ordered.

    • Brengirl says:

      Totally agree with you on the Av/Lay situation. I love them together and hate to think (know) that she is going to end up as the hurt love victim for a third time!

  19. Sissy says:

    Kudos Kimberly for the knitwear unraveling image! LOL! When I saw Scarlett bundled up I wondered where in the world they were…Siberia maybe? Please Scar exchange your sweater security blankets for that 20 year old Scotch. It will keep you just as warm.

  20. Luis says:

    I’ll say this, when the train finally wrecks for Maddie, it should be spectacular

  21. Katy says:

    Layla is a psycho, when Avery realizes that she’s just out to avenge Juliette, he’ll really have something to cry about, he’s so clueless. Maddie and Cash, just ugh!!!, I don’t know the law but it seems ridiculous to me that a parent cannot insist that an underage CHILD be made to return home, its Cash who is putting her in in appropriate situations(clubs, etc.), and how is it that Cash has all of these Nashville connections but has no career of her own, she creeps me out!

  22. em chicago says:

    the amount of times Cash said “we” while talking about Maddie’s record deal was extremely indicative of her true intentions.

    • Whispergirl says:

      Interesting thought…..have there actually been any scenes where Maddie has been contacted or approached by label heads, or has it all just been Cash saying to Maddie ‘oh, yes, Sony’s deal is still on the table, all these labels are interested in you, blah, blah, blah…..’ Could Cash just be making all this up?

  23. Larc says:

    Here’s hoping Maddie will get a judge who not only refuses her emancipation, but reads her the riot act about what an ungrateful and obnoxious brat she is.

  24. Katy says:

    Yea that, Larc!!!!

  25. steven says:

    I think that Teddy should appear once more to resolve his storyline.

  26. Love Me Some Deacon! says:

    Kimberly Roots – your recap is perfect once again – but you forgot to mention the shameless product placement with that slow motion Ford tailgate! And here I thought Deacon was a Chevy man.

  27. april-ann says:

    Okay, I admit to missing a few episodes because I can’t stand Layla and she’s still there. I’m so over her that I would have been fine with it if Jeff had taken her with him when he fell off the roof. WTH is wrong with Avery?? He doesn’t have to take Juliette back with open arms, but is it really necessary to treat a recently very ill woman still fragile and recovering with this much hatred? I have to tell myself that he doesn’t know she suffered from PPD and underwent treatment for it – but didn’t Juliette announce it publicly? If he does know, then this is very disturbing. And if Ju is in fact recovering, how on earth can she coyly and adorably make a play for her ex-husband and walk out with a hopeful grin on her face WHILE HER BABY IS CRYING IN THE OTHER ROOM?? Herds of wild horses couldn’t keep me from running to my crying baby. This show – something is really off.

    The only one I liked last night was Teddy. Everyone else might as well have been waterskiing off the same boat together, jumping over sharks left, right and centre. We don’t even need Fonzie.

    • Bwhit says:

      He knows, he agreed to let Emily take Cadence to the recovery center and tried to visit her twice in one episode and he was asked to lie about her whereabouts which was particularly hard at Rayna and Deacon’s wedding and led him to have a panic attack…. But she did finally announce it after almost taking another movie role that would again separate her from Cadence. The last two episodes he hasn’t been awful to her at all. He has traded Cadence with her several times and even had a hand in her reconciliation with Glenn two episodes back. I’m not a fan of this Layla pairing in the least but in my opinion Avery has not been awful to her, she’s pushing too hard to get everything back which I know is her nature and I give her some slack after suffering from PPD, but she should focus on Cadence. But I thought when Cadence started crying that she should have told him, ‘let me get her’ so I agree there.

  28. Meri says:

    I was once stuck in an elevator between floors, and I have to get out threw the light on the ceiling. Shout out to the firefighters for getting me out!
    I do not want Layla with Avery, but I’m proud of Avery for not just running straight back to Juliette. Of course I want them back together, but she needs to earn back his love. She hasn’t done that yet.

  29. Mike says:

    I actually want to see this go before a judge so he can laugh Maddie and Cash out of the court room. She’s not being physically or emotionally abused. And I hate to tell her, but as a minor, her mother doesn’t have to share all those contract offers with her. Maddie has no say.

    • Normandy says:

      Nashville has never been one to treat the law seriously. Look how easily the musicians on the show break contracts.

      Daytime soaps are the absolute worst though when it comes to any reasonable grasp of the law or medicine or politics.

  30. Shira says:

    It was the first Nashville episode in a while I truly, truly loved! The dialogues, the acting, the music that was not only great but actually helped telling a story and well, everything. It was the Nashville I love where the conflicts are real and even if you don’t want it to go one way or another you can understand both sides. We even got ‘If I didn’t know better’ in one of Nashville’s magical elevators not to mention the cuteness that is Daphne and Deacon.

    Side note: Connie’s acting this week deserves some mention. She, chip and Maisy Stella were fantastic but her acting during her song was something else…the million emotions that woman conveyed only with her eyes…

  31. Jeremy says:

    I am so sick of this “poor Maddie” storyline they are going with. And the legal mistakes in the writing of it are beyond ignorant. The minute Maddie was located police would have been dispatched to the home of Cash (whom I loathe) and removed from said home because Cash isn’t her legal guardian. Then a restraining order would be filed as Cash is an adult contributing to the delinquency of a minor. If I were in Rayna and Deacons shoes I would have frozen all Maddies accounts and credit cards because how the hell was she making it on her own without money. And how exactly going to support herself? She is already under contract with Hwy 65 and unless you are the next big thing most labels aren’t going to buy you out of a previous contract. I am really hoping for a scene at trial where they truly put Maddie in her place. What she is doing to her sister was the last straw for me!!! Cash is evil and so is her father from the looks of the next episode and Maddie is too stupid to see it. I know a show has to have conflict but all of this is just ridiculous.

  32. Whispergirl says:

    Starting to feel some trepidation about this Tale of Two Tours.
    Chase tour: I just don’t see Scunnar (yeah, bad — I know) making it to the end of this tour. The Evil Autumn has her radar set to high on our two favorite songwriting lovebirds, and she’ll either manufacture some way to split them up or they’ll both admit how nasty she is and run.
    Wheeler tour: oh, yeah, this one’s got cluster mess written all over it. I know that some of you are true Juliette fans and applaud her comeback/recovery, but I don’t trust that woman — I’ve seen more glares than remorse coming from that pretty face, and I feel that once a land mine, always a land mine. Add in Layla’s needy brand of crazy, Avery’s teetering hold on his own sanity, and the possibility of anti-gay protesters showing up along the tour, and this gig is all set for implosion.

  33. I am SO over what they are doing to Layla. I am sad because I found her arcs to be one of the most compelling as they redeemed her character from annoying Juliette 2.0 harpy to tortured wife and songstress. I didn’t like her exploitative relationship with Jeff (he was exploiting her obvs) and now with Avery……….ugh. I really like Avery/Juliette (I hate portmanteaus but “Javery” over “Jayla” or “Lavery”) and hope they redeem that relationship as she is trying to make right her wrongs. Also it seemed like she was going after Avery out of retaliation for what happened to Jeff but suddenly she’s into him for real? She needs therapy. She is very insecure and has no strong sense of self and I wish they’d strengthen her as a person (on the show) versus making her a prop of a male character. Aubrey Peeples really blew me away last year during the Nashville tour and I actually thought they were doing her well (as the grieving wife) but now….ugh. I don’t like it at all.

    I’m ALSO so sick of Maddie. This storyline is absurd. I never had that kind of control or power over my parents, it seems unrealistic that the child (teen or no) just walks all over the parental figures and makes the rules. I commend the actress because she is pissing me off (as her character is supposed to) and Daphne crying just broke my heart. I also wonder if this acting arc is good for the siblings as they are a musical duo in real life and I can only imagine this to be a natural problem with a large age gap and the two maturing at different rates. Or they could just be best friends. Who knows!

    I do know that when my dislike carries over into the real life counterparts (whether fair or unfair) that they are doing a good job on the show because I believe the stories! I like that things aren’t sunshine and rainbows for Rayna and Deacon but that they aren’t trying to constantly break them up and put them back together. That’s just annoying.

    I think Scarlett is too mature for Gunnar. Hopefully they bring his character to her level. Love when they sing together….or whenever Clare Bowen opens her mouth. She exudes talent to me!

    • Lambsilencer says:

      Oh, I think Lennon and Maisy are very close, based on the activity on their shared Twitter account and the Youtube channel. :)
      The storyline of Maddie is just typical TV drama. It was way obvious that the talk between Maddie and her mother was way too soon “down the road” to stick, as the plant to keep this dragged on was seeded with the threats Rayna made to Cash. Clearly that was to be used to keep Maddie angry at her parents.
      All this could probably have been avoided with a few level-headed discussions. But that’s not TV. TV, and particularly soapy dramas like “Nashville”, is about emotional drama and heightened emotions. So I’m sure the writers will keep this up for a while longer, with every scene that lets us hope for resolution already having something set up to mess it up again.

  34. Kim says:

    I am so over Maddie & Cash. Pouty Maddie throws a tantrum every time she doesn’t get her way, and I can’t figure out what Cash’s end game is.

    Also, Avery…. Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Pouty Layla? She’s annoying!

    Maybe Maddie & Layla can start a band called The Pouty Chicks or something…

  35. K says:

    Juliette is still such a scheming witch. And here’s the thing, Layla is not the “new bitch” of the show. She obviously hates Juliette, but her whole revenge plot seems to have fallen apart. I could be wrong, but it seems like she genuinely likes Avery and he clearly likes her. Those two characters deserve to be happy and all this Layla hate is totally unnecessary.

    • skstorm says:

      I am really disappointed with the way they have handled Juliette’s storyline. The girl had post natal or post partum depression it is a real illness that causes real problems and when you have it it can really affect how you behave. They didn’t stand by her very long did they considering she doesn’t really have any other family. Yes she did some rubbish stuff that wasn’t nice but she did legitimately have an illness, when she does finally see the light (and its not always an easy light to see or admit to) she did the right thing got treatment even without their support and now she is better they all abandon her because she hurt them and did some things she isn’t proud of – HELLO she was ill!! I just hope that all those people out there who do suffer from this and who will suffer from this in the future have spouses that don’t just give up on them and walk away. I think it is pretty bad of the company to show the end to her illness in this manner and not have more understanding of the problem. I very much hope she gets her family back and they correct this i the not too distant future. It really doesn’t help that Layla is such a wishy wash character and not easy to really invest time to get into. So very fed up of the Maddie storyline, this is a girl who really needs to grow up a bit and actually think about all the things her parents have done for her the life they have been able to provide.

  36. I appreciate that Avery didn’t take Juliette back right away because she has hurt him and it wouldn’t be believable if he did (though this show doesn’t exactly traffic in believable), but I hate this whole Layla/Avery thing. Layla is crazy and I think she’s just using Avery to get revenge on Juliette (which is so twisted, Juliette was mentally ill during what happened with Jeff, it was an accident, not her fault), I don’t think she actually has feelings for him at all and Avery’s just using her as a distraction. It’s inevitable that the two of them will eventually reconcile and whilst I appreciate this has to take time, I think they could have done better than Layla as a love interest for Avery whilst he and Juliette work their way back to each other. The Scarlett/Gunnar stuff and the Deacon/Daphne, Maddie/Daphne moments were the only stuff I really liked in this episode. I love this show but this season has gone really downhill. I hope that if they do get a new season, with new showrunners, then the storylines might improve.

  37. Priscilla says:

    Maddie’s little rich girl tantrums are getting on my nerves and Cash really needs to quit projecting and get some therapy

  38. flutiefan says:

    so much Layla hate here, it’s hilarious! i like Layla and just want her to catch a freaking break, but i also totally get being annoyed by her. and though i do love me some Avery-Juliette, i admit i squealed in delight when he showed up at Layla’s door — just as much as i did when Scarlette reopened the door to find Gunnar waiting.

    just still so done with Maddie and Cash.

  39. barbara tackitt says:

    Frankly, am tired of Deacon being in the doghouse and him and Reyna fighting..please have them be a good couple..geez..same with Gunter.and Scarlett. Just gets old…with these story lines they may loose audiences and get canceled. I’d hate to see that