Arrow Recap Laurel Funeral

Arrow Recap: 'Laurel Lance — Always Saving the World'

This week on The CW’s Arrow, Laurel Lance was laid to rest — but not before someone threatened to tarnish her legacy as the Black Canary.

I would think — though I will be proven wrong! — that even those who went into this hour with a cynical ‘tude had to be moved, if not also impressed, by the weight of the material. The flashbacks to the time of Tommy Merlyn’s own tragic passing — he being the first one to fall under Oliver’s watch — made some salient points while also paving the way for Oliver’s speech as Laurel’s own graveside. The callbacks to Laurel not knowing Oliver’s secret and his self-imposed re-exile to Lian Yu also were worked in nicely.

And then you had Paul Blackthorne,arrow-season-4-photos (8) taking a storyline he has played multiple times before — mournful father — and somehow putting a heart-wrenching, fresh spin on it as Quentin, having seen it all at this point, clutched onto the belief that Laurel could and would come back. Because as the past has shown him, he needs her to. “She’s always been there for me,” Quentin wailed. “She’s my rock!” But ultimately it was Oliver who convinced Lance that, alas, this time, “We have lost her.”

Also making the most of his arc within the aftermath was David Ramsey, as Diggle somewhat rightfully placed the blame for Laurel’s fate at his own feet, steadfastly standing by his H.I.V.E.-brainwashed brother Andy, while telling Oliver to “pretty much go to hell.” Felicity, after noting that he is just “one illegitimate child short of an Oliver Queen impression” with his blame game, echoes Oliver’s mantra, assuring Dig, “It’s not your fault” — though for a moment earlier in the episode she didn’t discount that, trying as she was to ignore her MIA self’s own possible role in the team’s setback.

The fake Canary plot was… a bit clunky. Evelyn Crawford (Sharp) — who in DC Comics apparently came to be the Birds of Prey member Starling — stole Laurel’s sonic scream device, (somehow) synced it to her own vocal chords and went around town… screaming, a lot… as she worked through issues pegged to her parents’ death at the hands of Damien Darhk, a tragedy she believes Arrow and Friends could have prevented. (I know that Laurel as Black Canary worked in the shadows and didn’t exactly pose for publicity shots, but you’d think someone would point out this petite poser’s physical mismatch.) Curiously, Evelyn at one point targeted Alex (hey, remember Alex?), saying, “You work for them!” Has Thea’s boyfriend/Oliver’s ex-campaign manager been playing both sides all along?

Ruve allowed this mock Canary to storm a gala and make an attempt on her life, as part of a campaign to smear the name of the real deal and her masked vigilante friends. But Oliver stops Evelyn from executing the mayor. Later, speaking at Laurel’s funeral (whereas at Tommy’s a sense of guilt kept him mum), he revealed the city’s ADA to be the Black Canary, explaining that Laurel “wanted to do more” for the people. “She was not a criminal. She was a hero.”

We then met up with the infamous flash-forward scenes, where Barry Allen checks in on Oliver at a (continuity hiccup!) more closely settled gravesite, before (continuity hiccup!) speeding away. We then see the headstone has Laurel’s name on it, underscored by the words: The Black Canary. Oliver hops into the limo, where a (too?) steely Felicity is waiting for him with the charge: “You know what you have to do, right? You have to kill that sonuvabitch.” And though Oliver had just told Barry he was resolved to “end” Darhk’s reign of terror, he admits to Felicity that he isn’t sure how to battle that powerful mix of magic and darkness.

Felicity says that one of the reasons she fell in love with him is because “you always find a way” — and he once again must, “for Laurel, for the city… for all of us.”

What did you think of “Canary Cry”?

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  1. WerOTA/OG3 says:

    Great episode. All Diggle and Lance scenes melt my heart. Kudos to Paul and David. can’t wait for new dynamic… this Original Team Arrow finally with some Delicity scenes, we need more Thea with Felicity, much more Lance in ArrowCave and everything will be perfect :D

  2. jj says:

    Clearly the citizens of Star City aren’t bothered by size. They also bought the petit Roy as the Arrow despite the size issue.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      “The optometrists have failed this city!”

        • Tydeus says:

          Yeah but they havent really seen him in person have they? And if they have they’ve constantly been on the run because if they’re arround somethings going down. Plus if they actually remember back to when Roy was captured on the underground train thing, they’d know he wasnt the arrow.

          It’s a little silly though, you can clearly tell it’s Oliver Queen under the hood. It doesnt even hide any part of his identity and he’s been on camera twice as both. If the internet exists in the Arrowverse, they’d have many articles/comments about how it’s obvious it’s Oliver Queen. lol.

      • GraceM says:

        Very cute Matt!

      • sarah t says:


      • Kimberly J Mlejnek says:

        Lmao… Love that line

  3. Rick Katze says:

    A fitting send-off.

  4. Sam says:

    Awesome episode! Can’t wait for next week. Time to finally discover what that pesky Darkh is up to. Loved all the Team Arrow moments this week.

  5. Mary says:

    Yeah, I wondered what it was that Alex was trying to tell Thea before fake Black Canary showed up and attacked. Hard to miss the goof of having Barry speed away from the cemetery when we know he still doesn’t have his speed back yet.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yep, the speed continuity issue was addressed in Inside Line:

      • Mike says:

        Addressed is the appropriate word too because that’s a load of crap. This isn’t a situation like The Flash/Supergirl crossover where it’s two separate networks. The network screwed this one up. It’s not a big deal, but it does show a lack of effort on their part to sync up the two shows.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          I have no doubt effort was made. Do you want them to contort one storyline, or both, just to make it neatly “fit”? Should Barry’s recovery be hurried, to the point his setback was meaningless? Should Laurel’s death/funeral have been delayed, forcing Oliver’s final attack on Darkh to be rushed?

          • Shaun says:

            That scene was filmed at the beginning,it should fit perfectly unless CW put Flash on longer hiatus than intended.

          • jericho says:

            So my question is… Was this episode supposed to be pre-speedless or post-respeeded Barry?

    • Not the worst thing in the world. Obviously the episode either takes place before Barry lost his speed or after he gets it back.

  6. Michelle says:

    Just cancel Arrow already CW. This show is such a shadow of its former self.

  7. Sam says:

    I don’t think Felicity was too steely at all — watching a loved one literally being buried in front of you is going to present you with the gravity of the situation you’re in and in that moment it was really hitting her. I thought what she said to Oliver at the end was powerful and passionate. The Canary plot was a bit clunky but it did what it needed to do in honouring her so the Darhk plot can move forward to the finale. Lastly, the acting in the character scenes were really phenomenal — I love that Diggle is going to get a spotlight finally.

    • Liz says:

      Felicity was really great in the episode. Quiet and reserved in her grief but that final scene was passion and showed everything I enjoy about Oliver and Felicity together.

  8. A. D. says:

    This sucks…bring back Laurel!

  9. Gail says:

    Finally flashbacks you wanted to see.

  10. Linda says:

    Wow, Diggle just killed those two guys (‘the mayors’ drivers). Dark!Diggle. Diggle and Lance brought some tears to my eyes. So emotional. —– I didn’t care for the actress who played Evelyn (the petite Black Canary). I didn’t like her on Supernatural either so must be the actress. *shrugs*

  11. Matthew says:

    Really strong episode. Best part? No dumb island flashbacks!

  12. kath says:

    Wow, great catch that Evelyn identified Alex as working for “them”. I am seriously impressed.

    I thought both Paul Blackthorne and David Ramsey knocked it out of the park. It was nice to see Ramsey finally getting some scenes worth his acting abilities.

    Otherwise, Retcon, Thy name is Canary Cry. It seems cheap to Tommy’s memory to retcon the time after his death, when the show went from Laurel telling him she loved him to telling Oliver at Tommy’s gravesite in the season 2 premier that they were done as a couple. There’s no organic way to put Oliver and Laurel cuddling and kissing between those two emotions.

    How many times will characters have to say “Laurel Lance, always saving the world” before it’s put to rest? By my count, we’ve had Tommy, Sara, Quentin and now Oliver saying it. Was it printed on her sweatshirt in her teen years? The show spent 2 seasons showing she wasn’t trying to save the world so it’s eyerolling to keep hearing it now. Show, not tell.

    • skyebright8 says:

      Agree no laurel black canary storyline in the show had her wanting to save the world

    • LOL because fighting crooked corporations and men and helping the Arrow despite her effort to try to work within the law was totally not her trying to save the world. She didn’t even have to be tortured into trying to do good unlike Oliver and Sara.

  13. robert says:

    Crazy idea but maybe Hussain becomes the new canary. She has the training and she could adopt a new identity. She could be Dinah Drake from the comic’s.

  14. robert says:

    Correction, Nyssa could be the new canary.

  15. Liz says:

    Strange episode. It dragged a bit but I can let that go seeing as everyone was in mourning. I didn’t even like Laurel but Quentin broke my heart, what a great performance from Paul Blackthorne. Diggle/David Ramsey were amazing, I really felt his anger and guilt and Oliver pulling him back from the brink was a brilliant show of how far he’s come since the Pilot.

    The baby Canary was a bit weird and I’d personally be ok without another Canary on the show (we have Sara for that anyway) but I’m also interested in where they’re going with that too.

    Finally, what was up with the retcon of Oliver and Laurel’s relationship? I’ve read the tie-in comics between season 1 and season 2 and not only was Oliver actually at Tommy’s funeral, he gave a speech. He also tried to see Laurel but she turned him away because she was so devastated. Now they changed all of that and they’re kissing and excited for the future one week after burying Tommy. How absolutely disgusting. Way to make me hate Laurel and Oliver’s relationship even more. Nothing but fan service.

  16. aaron says:

    Episode was weak. It should’ve dealt more with celebrating Laurels life then using her once again to propel everyone elses storylines. Her parents felt like guests at their own daughters funeral, Lance couldve and should’ve been utilized a hella lot more. And of course it is no shocker that Lances heart condition is no where to be found.

  17. Emily says:

    Come on guys! Enough is enough. How can Sara not know? They could have at least brought her back for the big group funeral scene like they did with Alex Kingston.

    • Liz says:

      Sara’s travelling through time. There’s no way to contact her.

    • Bwhit says:

      Normally I would agree, but I’m giving them a pass. There is no way to know what century Sara and the Legends are in at any given moment and its not like they have a special phone to get ahold of them. I’m sure this will be addressed by seasons end.

      • Dj says:

        There is a photo of Caity standing by a grave and a clapperboard from LoT so this might be brought up there.

      • Will Norris says:

        Yes, but unless White Canary dies fighting Savage, she will eventually return to her timeline right at the moment she left (that was the deal), which will be before Black Canary dies (they left for the timeline before she died). This means she will be around and she may be able to prevent Black Canary’s death.

        So what that really means is that as far as the Arrowverse goes, everything you are watching now is an alternate timeline. It can only become the actual timeline for Team Arrow if White Canary dies. Or if for some reason, she chose not to be returned when she left, but at a future point after Laurel’s death. And why would she decide to do that, meaning her sister dies?

        But for Flash, this may have no impact. He may not visit the funeral (since it may not happen when WC returns) and instead he watches TV that day. So not much change for Team Flash necessarily, but Legends could re-write almost this entire season of Arrow. It could rewrite Flash if Capt Cold returns and decides to go on a crime spree, that didn’t happen before. But if he comes back and lays low, and Firestorm doesn’t return to Team Flash to help against Zoom (they aren’t going to kill Firestorm) for some unknown reason.

        Ain’t time travel wonderful!

        • Bwhit says:

          All good points but, I have a feeling somehow, someway that deal is not going to be in place by the season finale of Legends. I love all three of these shows but the timeline makes my head hurt lol. Does Quentin even know what Sara is actually doing now? He took the amnesia pills last week so I’m guessing not. I have a feeling that even when they return to 2016 and Sara knows, Rip will give some crazy reason why she can’t stop or bring back her sister for continuity of the stories, I’m not saying it will make sense but I think that’s what they will do.

    • Tobi says:

      I’m actually curious about this. Sara and atom would have been returned to the exact time they were taken after they finish on LoT yes? So doesn’t that mean they would be around for this except they both die….

  18. Brad says:

    Arrow needs more nyssa she’s amazing

  19. Bwhit says:

    Jeez poor Quentin, he broke my heart and kudos to Paul Blackthorne, he brought it (note to LOT, please never kill Sara again, this man has been through enough!). I also liked that it was Oliver pulling everyone back from the ledge this time, to me, even though he can stumble, he has grown.

    • kath says:

      One of the things I liked was Oliver telling Felicity that he blames himself because at least then there is an explanation for why things went bad..
      More self-awareness than he’s ever shown before.

  20. Tydeus says:

    I wasnt moved, I didn’t feel much for Katie Cassidy’s character, I felt sort of sad for Captain Lance though. Good episode either way

  21. Gail says:

    Odd that Donna Smoak was not there to help comfort her boyfriend and daughter.

  22. Ws says:

    I keep thinking that Laurel will come back at some point.. the way they did her death scene was either really shoddily edited or they were hiding something.. Her talking to Oliver cutting away and then coming back with her in the seizure? Doesnt make sense unless Oliver is somehow involved in faking her death.

    • Gail says:

      You have flashbacks, you have Earth 2, there are many ways to see more of Laurel. They could even have a situation where unknown to everyone, including the audience the Earth 2 Laurel switched places with Arrow’s Laurel, so it was she who was killed. They can bring her back if they chose to.

      • Michelle says:

        Doubt Guggenheicwould though. He’s made his disdain for Laurel quite clear the way she’s been handled this season for his precious ” Olicity ” storyline

      • John NYC says:

        I’ve wondered: was all that Oliver/Laurel scenes from the funeral to the flight approaching the island Earth-2?

        That aircraft looked more Earth-2 for one thing.

        Just got an “off” vibe from every one of those scenes. Maybe just too much Flash… Lol

  23. If they make the new character a different hero (Starling) the one she is in the comics and not a new canary that would be great and not disrespect the comics. The author of these comics is weeping.

    They just wipe their ass with these characters and mold them and will kill every good one until Felicity and Oliver are happily married. STUPID, I can watch soap operas anytime.

    • Karen says:

      So there are no relationships in the comics? No marriages, divorces or even anyone going on a date? I’m glad I don’t read them. They must be emotionally stale. Action isn’t everything and comics mean nothing to a tv show. Go read the comics and leave this tv show with it’s adult relationships alone.

      And yes, I’m aware this is a rude comment but really – the author of these comics is weeping? Talk about a soap opera!

      • JD says:

        Uh Karen, the soap opera is what you are watching…These shows are just adaptations of the comics or based on comic books. This show gets all emo on the relationships and the emos love that…Oh everything should be about love and yada…enough with that b/s. When one thinks of superheros they think of kicking ass etc….If I wanted to watch a sappy emo drama, I would turn into the Vampire Diaries or Reign..

        • kath says:

          All of the original creators (Berlanti, Kreisburg and Guggenheim) have stated that comics are essentially soap operas for boys.

          • Except they don’t become completely overrun by the soap aspect they way Arrow has done. Strange how The Flash manages to do well in that aspect and Arrow fails so miserably.


          • kath says:

            I’m of the opposite opinion. I love Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow but I’ve given up on the Flash because it’s essentially the story of Barry and his many fathers (Run, Barry, run).. Joe’s relations with Barry and now Wally are important while he didn’t even ask Iris if she was okay with Wally moving in, and Cisco gives new meaning to Mary Sue. Meanwhile Iris and Caitlin are only important in terms of the men they help and Linda and Patty were disposable

            Give me Arrow and LoT every time. It’s funny how Supergirl is so good in doing relationships between the female characdters but on Flash Kreisburg does some of the worst on TV. I guess it’s Berlanti’s influence that makes women on Supergirl important.

          • Dj says:

            I kind of feel that Flash and Supergirl are both very similar while Flash is heavy on the male relationships to Barry and the female characters all do take take a back seat to that. The only real difference is Supergirl switches the gender roles and plays on the female relationships while Winn and James take a backseat.

          • Karen says:

            That was pretty much what I was trying to say. I’m just sick of people saying that a show based on a premise from comics should be devoid of relationships. They are not the only focus of the show but people are getting so fixated on them that they don’t see the action that also happens. In this particular episode which deals with a character’s death surely anyone would expect to see how that impacts on people. And there was still action happening too.

  24. Pat says:

    Loved seeing Nyssa and I hope she sticks around because Team Arrow could sure use her help. As for Alex, when they first introduced him on this show I never trusted him. The scenes with Quentin once again have tugged at my heart strings just as they did two weeks ago. As for Evelyn, that poor girl needs guidance so I hope that Oliver will give it to her. The preview of next weeks show made me cringe seeing John captured and it looks like Andy is helping to torture him.

  25. peterwdawson says:

    This season’s going to end with another dead mayor isn’t it?

  26. I swear some fans just want to nothing but complaint like spoiled kids. Wish they just enjoy the show instead of complaining all the time.

  27. GirlvsTV says:

    I think if you liked and cared about Laurel this was probably a good episode but I mostly found it boring. I did like the Felicity and Diggle scenes, nice of the writers to finally remember those two are friends. I also liked Oliver and Felicity’s limo scene at the end. Really ready for this DD plot to finally kick into gear. I think they made a mistake introducing him so early and, despite NM being awesome, the storyline has majorly dragged. Did they ever say why Baby Canary attacked Alex? I had to puppy wrangle a few times during this episode and may have missed it. Looking forward to next week though!

  28. Dj says:

    I thought madison mclaughlin was great and I hope she returns. I loved the flashbacks because they added so much to what was going on in the present. Seeing The flashforward scene play out and now knowing why Felicity said what she said made it seem forced. Both Paul and David stole the show with their performances.

  29. Dude says:

    I liked the Laurel/Oliver flashbacks for how they informed this episode (and because it’s just nice to see Katie and Stephen share a scene together where they’re not stiffly putting 50 feet between them) but they really didn’t sync up with Laurel’s mental state between seasons 1 and 2. When she was all lovey dovey with Oliver and saying, ‘I’m excited about the future’ I couldn’t help but think, ‘Does no one remember how angry she was at the start of season 2? Or that she was running a campaign against the Green Arrow?’ It doesn’t seem very plausible that her attitude changed so drastically after Oliver left.

  30. Cassandra says:

    I think it’s crazy that they did such a huge retcon with these flashbacks. I *hated* Laurel for three seasons, and only this season when she seemed to come around to being her own person with her own story apart from her doomed relationship with Oliver did I start to respect and like her. I was extremely upset when she was the death, and with the way she went out.

    But they killed all that with these flashbacks. They didn’t make sense to her storyline post-Tommy, and the fact that she and Oliver were apparently planning a future together two seconds after Tommy was in the ground is just insane to me. It left a bad taste, and it made me less upset about her death to the point that when we got to the funeral I was just indifferent about it. It’s not that hard to write a linear story that’s coherent, but TV writers sure make it look like it is. By trying to put a cap, and a weirdly done one, on Oliver and Laurel’s relationship, they just made both of these characters look terrible, and less than sympathetic at a time all we should have felt was sympathy. It was just a damn mess.

  31. The Carpooler says:

    Thought this episode was great. Agree with comments THESE are the flashbacks we want to see. A nice tribute to Black Canary and Laurel Lance.
    Off topic a bit, if only the WWE had even a fraction of this tribute style for Chyna.

  32. Diego says:

    Many will hate me, but i still think Diggle should have died, i really can’t stand him anymore.

  33. Not for nothing, but in the original DC comics, Black Canary had origins on Earth 2, and when her husband died, she moved to Earth 1. Technically, Laurel would be the daughter of that version, but this is the TV Arrow, so they can play with continuity.

    The bottom line is that with Oliver likely dead on Earth 2, (or at least Earth 2 thinks he is dead), it might be interesting to make Earth 2 Laurel a permanent character on Earth 1.


    Did anyone else catch when Oliver said that every time he came up against the “darkness” he has lost. Kind of eerie… harken back to the Flash when Barry defeated Jay (For a moment) and Jay said the “Darkness”…. hmmmmmm wonder if there is going to be a finale crossover intertwine?

    • 134sc says:

      I’ve seen this on a couple other threads. A part of me thinks it can’t be a coincidence, but then again with these writers it could very well be. I really hope it’s not though, because that would be freaking awesome.

  35. Jenny says:

    I think it was a hot mess of an episode. Arrow writers are killing the show, nothing is top quality, they are clearly struggling to make the show what it once was.

    The black canary plot was horrible, flashbacks were eh, and the only good part of the episode was Paul Blackthorne’s performance.

    The way they’ve played out this Damien darhk story is horrible and painful to watch. I’m wondering if this show can be saved in its 5th season.

  36. Luis says:

    Uh, wait, excuse me? Oliver blithely, tearfully announces, “Oh by the way, my high school sweetheart, the A.D.A., ran around at night in skintight black leather, fighting crime, which she chose to confess to me as she was dying?” Is it just me, or didn’t anybody else’s head explode. It’s not bad enough Darhk and Merlyn know all their identities, Oliver’s just going to leave breadcrumbs for any intrepid reporters wondering how close he and Laurel really were? Or have all journalists in Star City had the good sense to get out of Dodge, since the city seems to be a central hub on the disaster lay line. I’m starting to sympathize with whose crying about how the writing here is going to hell. The whole fake Canary story line was just stupefying. A random girl, whose parents just happen to have been Darhk’s victims,is in the hospital when Laurel dies, manages to steal the Canary Cry, and just happens to know how to re-engineer a device invented by a mechanical genius? Then she proceeds to go on a kamikaze mission against Darhk and company, and somehow survives until Oliver manages to dissuade her with a speech? This whole mess was so off putting I was almost wishing for island flashbacks

    • why does everyone think this chick somehow had the skills to reengineer the cry device? the writers made it pretty obvious they are gonna disrespect Laurel further and make Evelyn meta.

      • JC1 says:

        How did they make it obvious? She stole the collar, and was wearing it. That was made very clear throughout the episode. That she’d somehow also modified it to be much more powerful was also made clear. There were no hints at all of her being a meta.

  37. BrianR says:

    They better bring back Katie as some other character who gets dropped in from Earth 4 or something. I sick of the CW killing off characters like stomping on an ant hill.

  38. brenna says:

    Really nice episode honoring BC. Can’t wait to see rest of the season.

  39. manfredw says:

    It was a good episode. Making sure everyone lived up to Laurel’s legacy and definition of a hero. On a side note: we have heard project Genesis a few times now but no hints at all of what exactly it is? Except for ‘its gonna destroy the world’.

  40. benragunton says:

    Those “continuity hiccups” aren’t really hiccups… They’re more out of sync because the storylines from both Arrow and The Flash weren’t allowed to progress at the same time due to scheduling issues.

    By the time Barry lost his speed to Zoom (SPOILER!!) Laurel had already been dead and buried. In fact, it’s a fair bet that Barry’s visit to Supergirl also happened after Laurel’s funeral.

  41. Brigid says:

    Paul Blackthorne made me cry, other than that, they done Katie wrong. The show is a far cry from seasons 1 & 2.

  42. What a bunch of bull. Once again Arrow goes out of its way to trash Laurel even to the point of retconning several things.

    Oliver outs her identity to save his own butt, not her legacy, after telling Barry ages ago that he protects his identity to protect his family and friends from his enemies. I guess her dad, mom and sisters lives don’t matter and apparently he doesn’t care about people putting two and two together about how Laurel the Black Canary was known to hang out with the two dudes and a female superhero and hey look she hangs with the guy everyone has suspected was the GA aka Oliver.

    Also all the flashbacks contradicted everything established about what happened in the canon by creator decree between season comics and the beginning of s2. Oliver avoided Laurel, delivered Tommy’s eulogy and ran away to Lian Yu right after the funeral. Laurel and he had decided in 2×1 that they couldn’t be together because of what happened with Tommy but in these flashbacks they were back together a week after the funeral?

    It’s an insult and they couldn’t even kill Laurel off without crapping all over the legacy they tried to pretend Oliver was honoring.

  43. Ann says:

    Did no one have a problem that Diggle shot two innocent people to death in that car? He killed them in cold blood, yet no one blinked an eyelash. So, Green Arrow was okay that he killed two innocent body guards but drew a line and insists that the evil mayor live simply because she was mayor of the city? That’s so messed up!

  44. They need to stop killing off Black Canary! I don’t care if it’s Laurel’s double from Earth 2, if they bring Sara back, if it is this new girl, or anyone else, but there has to be a Black Canary! The first Black Canary in the comics was Dinah Drake (Laurel’s mother) and it could even be her. Alex Kingston is one of the few 50 year old woman who could actually carry it off.

  45. Brad siegel says:

    a lot of things didnt make sense in this episode.
    First, all those flashbacks with Oliver and Laurel when did they take place? We never saw them in season1 or 2 of Arrow. And we know it wasn’t before Season 1 because obviously Oliver was on the island. There was never talk of Oliver returning to the island once he came home, and the flashback showed him in a helicopter returning there.
    Second, (Much less relevant but still strange) At the grave when Oliver tells Barry he wants to be alone Barry speeds off. However, Barry has previously lost his speed to Zoom and showed no sign of getting it back yet.

    • Dj says:

      The flashbacks happend between the end of season 1 and start of season 2. As Diggle and Felicity went to the island in season 2 and talked Oliver into returning with them.

  46. Robert says:

    Dear god who taught you how to write?! I’ve seen better writing skills in my 3 year old niece.

  47. JC1 says:

    I thought it was a mess, honestly. I think, if you pulled out the post-Season 1 retconned scenes, and the whole fake Canary storyline, it might have been a decent, although not great, episode. But even then, the directing and editing was off, and I hardly ever notice those kind of things. There were several scenes, such as the one with Quentin and Nyssa, that seemed like they would have had more emotional impact if they’d been allowed to breathe a little bit, instead of being so rushed. The scene was Oliver and Diggle also felt weird, and that should have been one of the strongest scenes of the episode, but as it was, I was distracted the whole time by wondering where Ruve scurried off to once Oliver showed up.
    I know when Madison McLaughlin was cast, it said her character had the potential to recur, but I very much hope not. I was not impressed with the character or the actress. It did (inadvertantly?) point out just how underpowered Laurel’s collar always was, though, which was something I never understood.
    And the flashbacks. This is why I’m glad Laurel’s gone, because they never ever ever get it right with her. Seriously, even if you ignore the fact that it was a blatant retcon of what had previously been established through the tie-in comics (because, let’s face it, not many people read those anyway), why in the world did they (apparently, because I’m operating under the assumption that they’re not intentionally trying to sabotage her) think it would be flattering to Laurel to show her kissing and cuddling with Oliver and talking about being excited about the future one week after burying the boyfriend that she supposedly “loved in every way possible”?
    If it had been me, I would have focused the episode on Quentin, not Oliver. Let the flashbacks be his. Intersperse his memories of Laurel with his denial and then eventually coming to terms with the fact that she’s gone. Let the flashback funeral be Sara’s (and yes, Sara had a funeral – Laurel said in the pilot that they buried an empty coffin), not Tommy’s. Have Quentin remembering that Laurel was there for him, his rock during that time, but now he has to go through this alone. You could even put in some of the other team members having memories of her. That would have seemed fitting for a goodbye episode. This, by focusing on a relationship that was a failure and always one of the worst parts of the show, just managed, in what should have easily been a very positive episode for Laurel, to make her look bad all over again. I don’t know how they manage it. But I’m glad we don’t have to deal with it anymore.

  48. John NYC says:

    I had this odd vibe the Laurel scenes onward from Tommy’s funeral were not the same Earth as the Arrow/Flash Earth. The aircraft at the end Oliver was flying looked more like one from Earth-2, that sort of vintage look that world has?

    Or I’ve watched too much Flash and Supergirl? lol

  49. Silverstream says:

    Fitting Laurel post-mortem episode. Especially Lance was excellent (poor guy, he lost his 2 daughters 3 times). But what I loved the most about the episode was the end scene in the car (which we already had seen previously in the flashforward). Felicity telling Oliver to kill Darkh was just so badass. she was always against killing and was the reason Oliver (mostly) stopped it from season 2 forward. I just love that turn-around. It also looks like they’re going to get back together (I always assumed that much), which I also love. Haters gonna hate, but they have great chemistry and both deserve to be happy.

  50. raw says:

    When is this during the flash for (spoiler) flash has his powers still yet he doesn’t now?