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The Voice Top 11 Results Recap: Did the Right Singer Get the Boot?

Last week’s results episode of The Voice ended with the most shocking (musical) fatality since [spoiler] got bumped off [spoiler]. Indeed, Emily Keener, the third highest-selling artist on the iTunes singles chart from Top 12 night, wound up in the Bottom 2 — yes, Virginia, Facebook and Voice app voting counts too — and failed to score the Twitter Save.

Would there be a return to sales-driven logic and predictability for the Top 11 Week elimination? The forecast looked hazy at best after Nick Hagelin — whose brutally flat “Your Body Is a Wonderland” ranked third-to-last among his compadres — was sent to safety by Carson Daly only a few minutes into the telecast.

But hey, maybe executive producer Mark Burnett is finally catching on to the idea that suspense can actually be a good thing — especially in the world of reality competition results, where a 60 second announcement needs to last 60 minutes.

When it was all over and Carson Daly’s heart rate returned from Code Red to his typical Code Orange, the two vocalists who landed at the bottom of the iTunes pecking order wound up singing for their lives. And whether or not your fave was in jeopardy, there’s something righteous about an artist’s ability to spur downloads having a direct correlation on whether or not they advance, no? Otherwise, how is this exercise any different from, say, America’s Next Top Model?

With that said, let’s recap the action — with the understanding that the less I say about Team Xtina’s explosion of smoke, dancers and holleration on “Live and Let Die,” the better.

Sent to Safety (in Chronological Order)
Mary Sarah (Team Blake)
Nick Hagelin (Team Xtina)
Laith Al-Saadi (Team Adam)
Alisan Porter (Team Xtina)
Hannah Huston (Team Pharrell)
Paxton Ingram (Team Blake)
Shalyah Fearing (Team Adam)
Adam Wakefield (Team Blake)
Bryan Bautista (Team Xtina)

Bottom 2
Daniel Passino (Team Pharrell) — Nick Jonas’ “Jealous” — Grade: C+
Owen Danoff (Team Adam) — Cam’s “Burning House” — Grade: D-

Daniel wasn’t stellar, but Owen botching his lyrics not once, but twice — combined with his painfully off-key final glory note — made the decision clear:

For once, my thought process was in line with my fellow Americans*. (*FWIW, this is not a reference to the election results crawl on the bottom of my screen.)



And then there were 10!

What did you think of The Voice Top 11 results? Did America get it right with the Bottom 2? Did the correct artist get saved? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jaszy says:

    I still would’ve preferred Nick to go home, but since he bizarrely made it again without having to sing for his life…seriously, wtf with America? Nick needs to go ASAP. His voice is so weak! It irks me that there’s better talent already gone and this dude is still there. Such a shame. That’s what is unfair.

    • analythinker says:

      I agree.

    • Oscarpig says:

      Totally agree I don’t get it. Makes no sense whatsoever

    • davmon says:

      Yes, please

    • Gailer says:

      I just figured out who Nick reminds me of, JP from the Bachelorette, Ashley’s husband. In due time all the bottom singers will leave, doesn’t really matter the order I guess.

      • Smokey says:

        Yes, one at a time, Owen heads back home,,,, no surprise,,,, and now Nick, Daniel and Shalyah would be bottom 3 if we went by itunes results this week. But next week could spin the pecking-order around again, and the itune sales order doesn’t always pick the bottom 2 , as we have already seen when Emily was in the top half of sales of the bunch. .

      • Jaszy says:

        I wouldn’t be so sure of that. Nick could surprise us and stay for a few more weeks, and by a few, I mean only 2, since they only have like 5-6 live shows. When are they going to increase the amount of live shows anyways? I hate when they cut two or more people at once. We need more live shows!
        They have all this money for elaborate performances, you’d think they have enough money to shell out 2-3 more weeks of live shows with the show ending in June.

        Oh, and I LOVED that season of the Bachelorette!

      • Rozer says:

        sadly I believe the more he shows his kid, the longer he will stay. I truly believe the only reason he was saved was because he exploited his son by showing the clip of him in a wheelchair! He could have hummed a song and still won after that. so so unfair!

        • Jaszy says:

          I know, right? I’ve said the same thing about Nick and I people on here jumping down my throat about it. They just can’t accept it for what it is. Nick has a sob story. His vocals are not there. Yet, he still is in the competition. How does that make any sense! He’s getting the sympathy vote for sure. But even if he didn’t have a sob story, I would never vote for him because his voice isn’t strong enough.
          Some people are also butt-hurt because I said WGWGs win too much on Idol and the Voice. It’s time for a female winner!

    • Camille says:

      Nick is one of the worst ever to make the voting rounds right along with Erin Martin and Braiden Sunshine. ZERO TALENT! Actually Braiden at least had a few performances that were not completely awful, unlike Nick.

      • Joma Z says:

        Yah. True. Add Ryan Sill on the list. I hate that Nick Hagelin is still on the show. He must be eliminated instantly!!! He’s getting on my nerves. Maybe America only vote for him because of his face whatsoever.

    • Russ says:

      Nick, Daniel and just about everybody else will be gone in three weeks. My guess is after that we will have Alisan, Adam, and Hannah left. Of course Laith, Bryan, and Mary ( never count out the country / Blake’s team vote) could take one of those spots.

      • Toadie says:

        Mary Sarah has a better chance of making the finale than anyone other than Alisan and Adam simply because she is blonde, bubbly and country. Middle America eats up that s*** That leaves one spot open for someone else. No way in hell are the current voters of this show going to have a finale with three women. Hannah doesn’t stand a chance and will clearly be left in Alisan and Mary Sarah’s wake regardless of how she performs. It will be down to Laith or Bryan. I think Laith will get it over Bryan because R&B males (well, black ones at least) don’t have much support from the voters.

        • My vote don't count says:

          I totally agree with you, I bet $$$ a country Singer is gonna win it as always because for some reason the country folks are the minority voter

    • Kbella says:

      It’s Dalton redux.

    • Greg Cantin says:

      I truly believe Nick is getting tons of sympathy votes because of his little boy. Remember, the average age or those voting is well over 40. It’s the “mama instinct”.

    • Rozer says:

      totally agree. american needs a second show called The Sob Story and let the voice be about…. wait for it….. the voice!

  2. Christian says:

    Why would Owen pick Burning House after Emily Ann Roberts just nailed it last season!

    • analythinker says:

      I think he would’ve nailed it beautifully had he not been so nervous.

      • JM1 says:

        Being on the show proved too much for Owen…was not comfortable or having fun, poor guy. We know he has talent but he crumbled.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        He fell apart. I felt so bad for him.

        • analythinker says:

          I know, right?? His blind audition was magical for me, even more than Alisan’s Blue Bayou.

          • Barb says:

            I agree. Owen’s Blind was his shining moment. It was one of the best performances of “Don’t Think Twice” I have ever heard and I work for a folk venue. Believe me, I’ve heard a LOT of renditions of that song. I think that the pressure was just too much for him.

      • davmon says:

        I keep looking at the picture above of Shalyah & Laith with Owen…during yet another firing squad wait…and Owen looks exactly like a Dead Man Standing. Sad.

    • Davey says:

      Because he likes the song? Which was 10x more interesting than Daniel’s monstrosity.

      • davmon says:

        Daniel’s voice was just not very good. He did some up runs half falsetto, half high chest—could not commit. And the late falsettos as usual were disconnected add-ons….And don’t forget his abysmal contrib to the team song. His departure’s overdue….But he lingers….

  3. Davey says:

    I don’t get why you dislike Owen so much but Daniel was so fake tonight. And btw, Lyndsay Parker and Jeffrey Austin totally disagree with you. At least Owen isn’t cheesy. And his taste is songs was so much better. You can have more weeks of Daniel bland.

    • Jasper says:

      At least Daniel sang in tune and didn’t blank on his words.

    • Ron says:

      I agree with Michael that Daniel did better than Owen. But it’s not about dislike…not for me, at least. Daniel was mediocre, but Owen really butchered that song. His pitch problems were worse than Daniel’s tonight. On a personal level, I much prefer Owen’s demeanor and musical tastes/stylings to that of Daniel. Owen knows who he is and it shows. Daniel thinks he knows who he is, but it comes off as contrived and odd to watch. That said, in terms of this sing-off, in terms of strict vocals, neither were great (or even good), but Daniel’s vocals were just marginally better.

      • Voice Fan says:

        I think all of the singers should be praised for making it this far. They’ve put in a lot of hard work and gone through a lot of pressure to make it in the top 11. I know I couldn’t do what they’ve done, especially the young kids. I have great admiration for Daniel for singing as if he was performing on a stage rather than fighting to stay in the competition. I have empathy for Owen because it must have been degrading and humiliating to have to be on the bottom two weeks in the row. He was one of my favorite singers in the beginning and I never understood why he didn’t get more votes. He is a wonderful singer and had he got the support he deserved from the voters he wouldn’t have fallen apart. It has to be pure torture when they stand them up there like they are in front of a firing squad and Carson Daily drags out the suspense and reminds them that they are at risk for elimination. I object to the order in which he calls the names in elimination. He’ll call the name of a top vote getter and then the name of one of the least vote getters. Example, Mary Sarah was called first this week and Nick was second this week and last week Adam was called first and Brian Bautista second. This week Adam was the ninth to be called and Brian Bautista the tenth. Last week Mary Sarah was the tenth to be called. It gives the audience the impression that Mary Sarah was in the bottom three last week and Adam was in the bottom four this week when I don’t think that was true because they were number 1 and 2 on the country music charts and the country music fans will stick with them from week to week no matter what songs they sing. I think Carson Daily should call the names in the order of who gets the most votes so people aren’t deceived into thinking a singer has lost his or her fans from week to week. It is deceiving. The I-Tune rankings might change but the Facebook, Voice Ap and NBC website voters are still voting for their favorites so I don’t think the votes change that much from week to week. I still vote for my favorites week after week.

        • danin says:

          Sawyer, a 16 yr.old kid stood up to the pressure. Owen was a front runner at the beginning too so how is it that the younger fellow who I’m pretty sure did not have the support of a parent who was deeply involved in the music business manage to maintain his sense of self? Shalyah is managing to hang in there as well.And she’s very young.

          • JM1 says:

            I’d surely crumble under the pressure of this show. Even if I had any talent (which I don’t, haha)!

          • Lee says:

            Everyone is different.

          • Voice Fan says:

            America embraced Sawyer. He was number one on I-Tunes all the way through the competition. People were buying his I-Tune recordings no matter what he sang. He got constant praise from the judge and everybody said Sawyer was great. He was never in the bottom and he never had to sing for an instant save. Owen was number seven on I-Tunes and he ended up in the bottom twice under singers who are less talented than him. Being beaten down and criticized when you are doing your best can wear on any singer. Sawyer may have crumbled if he was being treated by America like Owen. Last year Korin also crumbled after she had to sing for the instant save the third time. Age has nothing to do with it.

  4. Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

    I’m gonna miss Owen so much. I can’t believe the pressure got to him this early. I thought he was gonna make the finals. Well everyone go follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc and support him for his bright career ahead. Anyways, pumped that Alisan, Hannah, Bryan, shaylah, and laith all made it through!!!

    • davmon says:

      Owen was back in a warm pocket. Maybe his best since the Blinds….but I guess remembering lyrics is helpful—and there was a hideous late note!…Maybe he’s tired of this hokum and wanted to go home….But I still think Daniel is way more overdue–not to mention Nick.

    • Collin says:

      Go follow Owen on social media? Um no thank you! The guy just completely tanked tonight on national television. He obviously cant handle pressure. Something you have to handle on a daily basis if you want to have a career. So no. I don’t think he is going to have a bright career. That has to go down as if not the worst, one of the worst live performances in voice history! He just doesn’t have what it takes. Which is really weird because he looked strong through the previous rounds before he had to sing live. Some people just can’t handle the pressure.

      • Davey says:

        Owen has been singing in DC and already has a good album on iTunes. I don’t think being on The Voice will have anything to do with his future success. He’ll be fine when he gets back into a smaller venue. I was opening he would last so we could hear his original songs.

  5. Jaszy says:

    Mary Sarah is still not reaching her full potential. I want to hear what I heard in the Blind Auditions. Come on, girl! She’s better than what she’s been putting out.

    As for Hannah, she’s great. I just need her to stop with the hand movements and the head jerks. It’s very off-putting. But you can’t deny that BEAUTIFUL voice of hers.
    A lot of people are saying that Alisan has this in the bag, but I don’t really care for Alisan’s voice. She’s good, don’t get me wrong, but some parts of her voice are so irritating.
    I would MUCH prefer Hannah over Alisan.

    As for the boys, Paxton is really good. I knew he had potential and he is delivering.

    I also really like Daniel for some odd reason. His voice is refreshing to me. I love his tone.
    But I still want a girl to win.

    • JM1 says:

      Listening to them on iTunes helps gauge their voices better (on tv, the band is so loud!). Mary Sarah gets propped up a lot by the backup singers. She had a good blind audition but since then I think it’s smoke and mirrors a tiny bit. Hannah & Alisan sound great. So funny how things come across differently when watching live.

      • Venee says:

        Actually were not getting what it sounds like live either. Were getting what it sounds like on TV. Everyone who has ever sat in the audience at the actual performances, has said that it sounds entirely different than on television

  6. Ron says:

    Though I was in total agreement of Nick’s original elimination many, many rounds ago, and was shocked to see him return, and am increasingly angry about his continual advancement in the competition, of the two people who ended up in the bottom two, the right one did go home. Daniel’s performance was mediocre at best, but Owen killed that song–and not in a good way. For me, it’s not so much that he (very obviously) forgot the lyrics, it’s that he was quite painfully off key most of the time. I had to literally cover my ears on that last “big” note.

    Also, am I the only one who caught Adam’s subtle shade at Christina and her team’s performance when he was talking to Owen–about the over-the-top performances in entertainment that can *seem* overwhelming but how Owen didn’t need that. Speaking of which, while Christina’s, Alisan’s, and Bryan’s vocals were on point, the overall performance was a bit…much.

    • Jasper says:

      A bit, you say? I love Christina, but that was a tsunami of embellishment.

    • Smokey says:

      Have to wonder if the “bring-backs” were the result of TPTB checking social media to see who was getting the most replays, hits on FB / Instagram / tweets, etc. —- then bringing them back to play the percentage that it would hold more viewers.

      • AC Daisy says:

        If that’s the case, Joe Maye would have made it back because I’ve listened to his Doobie Brothers cover on repeat since it aired.

      • Rozer says:

        i get the feeling that Xtina is slated to win this year, especially since she is being bumped for Cyrus (ugh) . i really think they brought Nick back to pad her chances since American loves a good sob story. There were way more talented people she could have brought back so i truly beleive they brought him back because of his kid cuz it is definitely not his voice.

  7. davmon says:

    The Pharrell Team song was an embarrassment. Pharrell and Daniel seemed off-key in different directions. And poor Hannah was left to sweep up the hot mess and try to restore order…a hopeless task…since the other two kept coming back and toppling the hod carrier…..i hope Hannah hangs in there. This was depressing though….Lawzy me!

    • Smokey says:

      Hannah is the only one on that team that could sing the song well. She my sweet Bae.

    • The Beach says:

      Granted Pharrell’s team number wasn’t great but what the heck was that trainwreck that Christina’s put on?? I realize that Xtina has a very powerful instrument and is capable of on-pitch runs that most could never hope to accomplish but jeez, does she really have to make every word of the song a million note run? It begins to get absurd and distracting. Less can oftentimes be more, dear. Give it a try.

    • I totally agree. Plus Xtina’s team was no better, It was a screaming match between her and Alison. Much better Blake and Adam’s team efforts from last week.

      • Yes, both team songs last night were pretty awful. I usually plan to do something more interesting (scrub pots, sort the recycling) during the team songs, which are often bad, but those two seemed worse than usual.

  8. Jaszy says:

    I’m glad that all the girls made it through! Whew! Girl power!
    (I know some people on here can’t stand my girl power rants, but too bad, so sad. I stand by them!)

    But contrary to what some people may think considering my previous comments, I DID vote for Daniel and Owen (who were ironically, the two that ended up in the bottom) along with Hannah, Paxton, and Mary Sarah.
    I’ll probably never vote for Alisan, I can’t really get behind her for some reason. Her intonation is great, but her tone is rather off-putting for my tastes. She’s a good singer though.

    • Camille says:

      When you have male contestants as awful as Nick, Owen and Daniel, it’s easy for the girls to sail along. I am reminded of the American Idol season that Candice Glover won. lol

      • Jaszy says:

        I don’t think they are sailing along. There are only 4 girls left. They are all amazing and I don’t think they are resting on their laurels…and hence…”sailing along” as you put it. What a way to undermine their talent. I think a lot of the boys are talented as well, so the girls do have competition in Adam and Laith for sure.
        And I wouldn’t say that Owen and Daniel are awful. Nick is, but he has his back story that’s pushing him through.

        • Toadie says:

          I don’t care what you fans say, Owen is below average talent, especially for this show! He has no range! Any time he attempted to hit a sustained high note it was an off-key travesty and his voice is non-melodious, flat and so weak, thin and shaky! Just because his dad was in a band doesn’t mean he was born to be a singer. Actually I think if he didn’t have the dad story he WOULDN’T be on the show cause boy is just not very good. He is just the male version of that horrible Gianna chick they forced through on Idol cause her mom was Brenda K. Starr. These parents pull strings back stage to get their untalented kids on over people who are wayyyyy more talented. For shame. Owen needs to find another line of work pronto. He can’t play for loose change the rest of his life!

          • Joma Z says:

            Who the hell are you to say that? An artist? Or what if you can sing better that Owen i’ll praise you if not keep your goddamn mouth shut. Are you watching the show from the beginning? Own turned four chairs back in blinds and defeated Ryan Quinn in Knockouts. Though he’s not voted by the public he is still saved by Adam in the Playoffs. I don’t know what Adam did to him. Maybe Adam didn’t made him well and maybe he just focused on laith or shalyah. I just can’t what you have said that is very insulting. Please keep your mouth shut coz’ Owen is still better than any of the other artist left on the show. He maybe just left to be that because of the Producers of the show which are the most powerful. So shut up!

          • Joma Z says:

            Who the hell are you to say that? An artist? Or what? if you can sing better than Owen i’ll praise you if not keep your goddamn mouth shut. Are you watching the show from the beginning? Owen turned four chairs back in blinds and defeated Ryan Quinn in Knockouts. Though he’s not voted by the public he is still saved by Adam in the Playoffs because he’s good. During the top 12 he came out of his shell/his comfort zone where he sing without guitar and he did well. I don’t know what Adam did to him this week. Maybe Adam didn’t made him well this week but rather maybe he just focused on laith and shalyah. I just can’t take what you have said that is very insulting. Please keep your mouth shut coz Owen is still better than any of the other artist left on the show(Namely Nick and of course he’ better than Daniel). He maybe just left to be that to be eliminated because of the Producers of the show which are the most powerful.
            In addition the show was rigged I was on Instant Save on twitter. Owen got more instant save a second before the closing. Maybe they planned to edit the results for a balanced team members. Just like what happened last season so maybe they prevented it now. So shut up! Coz you don’t know anything.

          • Joma Z says:

            Hey Toadie chuchu whoever you are..
            Who the hell are you to say that? An artist? Or what? if you can sing better than Owen i’ll praise you if not keep your goddamn mouth shut. Are you watching the show from the beginning? Owen turned four chairs back in blinds and defeated Ryan Quinn in Knockouts. Though he’s not voted by the public he is still saved by Adam in the Playoffs because he’s good. During the top 12 he came out of his shell/his comfort zone where he sing without guitar and he did well. I don’t know what Adam did to him this week. Maybe Adam didn’t made him well this week but rather maybe he just focused on laith and shalyah. I just can’t take what you have said that is very insulting. Please keep your mouth shut coz Owen is still better than any of the other artist left on the show(Namely Nick and of course he’ better than Daniel). He maybe just left to be that to be eliminated because of the Producers of the show which are the most powerful.
            In addition the show was rigged I was on Instant Save on twitter. Owen got more instant save a second before the closing. Maybe they planned to edit the results for a balanced team members. Just like what happened last season so maybe they prevented it now. So shut up! Coz you don’t know anything.

          • Collin says:

            Wow Joma Z you’re something! Just because someone has a different opinion doesn’t give you the right to go ballistic on them. Why don’t you shut your mouth! We don’t need your kind on here! For the record… Saying the same thing 3 times in a row doesn’t make it any better! It just makes you sound like a babbling idiot! There’s no reason to go off like that. The majority of Americans disagree with you btw. Owen didn’t receive many votes for the last 3 weeks. He had to be saved by Adam and was in the bottom 2 the last 2 weeks. After absolutely tanking his last performance. You betcha. He’s certainly the best artist on the show! Wow you’re something special! But by all means… Have a great day!!!

    • Russ says:

      Jaszy I guess you are referring to me. First off I am glad you stand by your comments and you are definitely entitled to them. But last week you did not just state that you wanted a girl to win. You attacked just about all the men on the show. Then you took it further by bringing race into it. Sure made you sound like you hated all the men, and especially white guys. Oops forgot the playing guitar part. You even made statements that actual facts did not support. You may be entitled to your statements but that does not mean everybody agrees with them. We are also entitled to make statements of our own, and call you out if the facts do not support you.

      At any rate there seems to be a very good chance that you will get your wish granted and a girl will win the show. I think Alisan, Hannah and Mary all could stand a good chance at winning this season. I also think Adam could win it. In 3 weeks time we will have a much better idea though.

      • Collin says:

        I must agree with Russ. I’m sure that she was referring to me as well. Russ pretty much said everything that needed to be said. I must add a couple things however.

        To just simply want a girl to win seems a little hypocritical for u to say. In earlier posts you’ve stated you hate the fact that a certain type of artist usually wins these shows. That being white males who play guitars. Russ corrected u on that last week by the way. Regardless. You’re right. Men have won more than women. But how is hating one gender winning and just wanting the other gender to win right? This is a singing competition. Shouldn’t the best one win regardless of gender?!!!

        The real crazy thing is I generally agree with you on the type of artists you prefer. I also like Mary and Hannah. I also think Mary has to step it up. I don’t care for Alisan. Not saying she’s bad. It’s a tone thing for me. I also like Laith and Adam. I would be perfectly fine with Mary, Hannah, Laith or Adam winning. If Alisan does win I really wouldn’t be that upset because she is good. It’s just a personal preference thing for me. So let the best/most liked one win regardless of gender! Don’t make this into a gender equality movement!

        • Jaszy says:

          Collin, I don’t “just simply want a girl to win.” I’ve already stated my reasons why. If they don’t make sense to you, then that’s your fault.
          I have a right to be irritated with the fact that the same types of artists keep winning. And as I’ve said before, I’m not the only one who thinks this.
          And excuse me, I don’t need any correction whatsoever. And nowhere in any of my posts did I accept Russ’s corrections. I don’t hate the male gender, people. Get that right. I just don’t want to see the male gender winning all the time, especially over female artists who I think are better.
          I do agree with you on one thing: this is a singing competition. The best singer should win regardless of gender, but the thing is, the best singers this season are female…in my opinion anyways.
          Yes, I prefer female singers over male singers. However, that doesn’t mean I hate male singers.

          • Collin says:

            Um yes you did need to be corrected. You stated in a earlier post that wgwg win to much on the voice. When in fact that’s not the case. If u base your opinions on false facts I’m going to have a issue with that. Otherwise you absolutely have every right to state your opinions on here. Just as much as I do. That’s what this board is for. I just happen to have a different opinion on some of them.

            Below in your response to Russ you stated that you have never said a bad word about any of the male contestants. Again not true. You have done nothing but blast Nick from the get go. If you don’t like Nick fine. But own up to it when people question your opinion. Otherwise you sound foolish!

            Also why do you vote for guys if you want a girl to win so badly?!! I don’t know how many girls you vote for but you do realize you’re just canceling out your votes by doing so. It’s kind of puzzling to me. Unless you just dislike Nick that much.

            Again you do have every right to share your opinions. Just as I have the right to disagree with some of them. I just have an issue with people who falsely back up there opinions. As I’ve said many times in the past. This world would be extremely boring if we all liked the same things. I certainly don’t mind our “back and forths” on here. At least you keep it civil!

        • Jaszy says:

          Hello Collin.
          I don’t think I need to be corrected. Maybe I did say that but based on the past four winners, I’m not completely wrong. Now granted, the past 4 winners don’t all play guitar, which I’ve mentioned in my previous post.
          To me, that isn’t a false fact when I see the trajectory that the winner’s type has been taking over the past 2 years. You seem to forget that I was also talking about American Idol when I made that WGWG comment. I believe there is enough of a foundation for my claims. I don’t perceive them as false facts.

          I adamantly believe that I’ve never said a bad word about Nick. My stating that he’s only still there because of his sob story is not blasting him. I don’t think that’s bad of me to say. His vocals are atrocious compared to the rest of the contestants. That’s not bad of me to say. He HAS a weak singing voice, yet people still keep voting him through. Why is that? It’s sure not because of his vocals. So we have to look for other reasons why he keeps staying in the competition. Yes, in the past, people have slid past better competitors because of sob stories. (Case in point: Season 12 of American Idol, top 3. Kree making it over Angie Miller. EVERYBODY was SHOCKED when that happened. Even the judges expected Angela to make it over Kree. But Kree had a sob story that she revealed at the most opportune moment. What happened to her parents is a devastating matter, but that doesn’t mean I should vote for her because of it.) I think the same can be said for Nick’s case. I really, honestly, think that’s why people are voting for him. It’s not necessarily his fault, you can blame the editors for rehashing his story over and over again. Yes, the story of his son is inspirational; that little boy is gorgeous. But I don’t think Nick deserves to advance because of it. His vocals aren’t there. This is a singing competition. I don’t have anything bad to say about Nick as a person. In fact, I’ve never said anything bad about Nick as a person, so I don’t really appreciate the way you’re twisting my words, making it seem like I HATE the dude.
          I’ve never criticized his looks, his personality or anything. I’ve only FOCUSED on the most important thing: his vocals. To me, his VOCALS are less than stellar. And, again, I don’t think it’s fair for a weak vocalist to advance over stronger vocalists. So, in my opinion, there is nothing I need to own up to. You’ve complimented me twice about being able to have a civil conversation without resorting to name-calling. I don’t think I sound foolish.

          It’s no secret that I want a girl to win. It’s no secret that I also vote for some of the boys. But really, do you think my 10 votes are going to be the make it or break it moment for a guy getting through over a girl? And just because I want a girl to win, doesn’t mean I don’t vote for some of the guys that I do happen to like. If I really were spiteful and just wanted only the girls to make it, I wouldn’t vote for any of the guys. But you’re right: ultimately, I do want a female to take the crown again.

          Again, I don’t dislike Nick as a person. As a VOCALIST, he doesn’t deserve to be there. That is my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

          • Collin says:

            The beginning of your comment was rediculous. You pulled a complete 180. First you say you didn’t need to be corrected then you correct yourself! What?!!! You did originally say WGWG btw. You can’t deny that. You stated false facts to support your opinions. We all make mistakes. I just expect people to own up to them! Not once did Jordan Smith use a guitar last year. At least not that I recall. So he broke that trend. Lastly I think wgwg is a stupid phrase! Wgwg covers a broad range of artists. They could be country, singer songwriter, alternative, rock, pop, ect. So if a white guy wins there’s a pretty good chance he plays a guitar. Seems to vague to me. If someone uses that phrase it tells me nothing about there taste in music. Let’s just call it like it is. WGs win alot. Let’s drop the with guitars part. I think that’s kind of the path you were heading towards anyways. I can’t argue that. They certainly have won a lot.

            As far as Nick goes… His vocals are atrocious. He’s only there because of his sob story. He’s not inspirational. Um these are all bad words/phrases that I would consider “bashing” a contestant. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t like his voice. I personally don’t either. But again you try to make it sound like you’ve never said anything bad about him when you absolutely did. Own up to it! Don’t flip things around and make it sound like you never said bad things about. His voice is a part of him so yes you did. I have a hard time taking you seriously when you tip toe around the things you say to make it sound like you didn’t say them. And that’s exactly what you’ve been doing! I see right through your run around! I’m not saying you hate the guy. But you saying you never said a bad word about Nick is untrue.

            My point on your voting style was simply why vote? No I don’t think your 10 votes matter that much. But if you truly want a girl to win why vote for guys? By voting for guys and girls you are essentially canceling your votes out. You’ve said repeatedly that you want a girl to win and that the girls were stronger. Seems to me you’re backpedaling again. Trying to convince us that you actually like some guys. When all along you have been on the girl power train. I don’t buy it for a second!

            Lastly the last time I checked this was a Voice board not a AI board. If you have to jump from show to show to try to prove points you’re really reaching and are once again wrong. If you add all the winners up it equals 24. 15 for idol. 9 for the Voice. Before we get to statistics what do u call a majority? 90%? 80%? Ok let’s drop to 70%. That seems fair. You know how many of those winners were WGWG? 10. That’s 42%. Hardly a majority! Just wanted to put that little statistic in here. Since you feel the need to extend your false facts that support your opinions to 2 shows. BTW are you a politician? It seems you just state things you believe are true that just happen to be false! Hmmm… I wouldn’t go as far as calling you a liar because most of your comments are opinionated. And opinions can not be lies. But it seems a lot of your so called factual statements are actually false! Again it’s getting hard to take you seriously! But please keep trying. Some of your opinions I believe to be very valid. But if you choose to keep backing your opinions with false statements. I will keep ripping them apart. I would much rather have an opinionated conversation however! Good day to you!!!!

        • Jaszy says:

          Hello Collin.
          Since you went so far as to look at my previous comments to prove whether I said something or didn’t say something, I did the same thing as well.
          My original comment that started all of this is as follows: “And maybe you need to check the track record of the types of people who have won the Voice and American Idol. MOST of them are WGWGs, hence, that is why I said, cute white boys. I’m just sick of the same types of people winning. This is my opinion and I’m not alone in it. WHY do you even think that term WGWG was ever coined in the first place if this wasn’t an issue in the reality show competition world?”

          If you don’t believe it, you can go look at it yourself. I posted it on the The Voice Recap blog from last week’s results show.
          And as you can see, I did mention the Voice and Idol TOGETHER. So, therefore, I did not need to be corrected.
          Of course I did originally say WGWG, but I mentioned in yet another post that I am knowledgeable of the fact that not all of the past 4 winners of the Voice play guitar.

          There are no false facts that I have stated. There is nothing I need to own up to. You can try to sway me with your statistical bull crap, (which, btw, is not that impressive) but last I checked, 47% IS a majority, especially when there are…how many other races in America?

          But Collin, hold up. Perhaps we misunderstood each other. Am I being ‘corrected’ on whether I said the term “WGWG” or am I being ‘corrected’ on whether I mentioned both the Voice and Idol when saying that too many of them have won?

          Like I said before, I didn’t coin the WGWG phrase. I first heard of the term on Lyndsey Parker’s reality rocks blog a few years ago. But, when I heard of it, it made sense to me. Now, there’s a proper name for it. And yes, I know it encompasses a wide array of genres. When have I ever said that it didn’t?

          Since you seem to be so against me supposedly attacking and bashing contestants, you sure do it a lot yourself. But I don’t doubt that you are intelligent. But your red herring defense is not working on me. You’ve been avoiding the argument I’ve actually been trying to make so you can focus on the issue you want to focus on. I HAVE never once said that I didn’t like WGWGs. You’ve twisted my words and made it seem that I hate all white men who play guitars. No, I don’t hate white men who play guitars. I just don’t like white men who play guitars winning over and over again at the expense of other singers who I think are better. And yes, we all know that the other singers I’m talking about are women. And as I’ve said, I probably am biased towards female artists.
          But as I’ve also stated in another post, I listen to music from white men on a daily basis. HALF of my cd collection is music from white guys with guitars. I’ve shelled out hundreds of dollars to buy music from the so-called artists you think I hate! So tell me, how does that make sense?
          I’ve never bashed Nick. If I really wanted to bash him, I would criticize his looks, which I have never done. I would criticize his personality, which I have never done.
          Furthermore, I did not coin the term ‘sob story’ or ‘sympathy vote.’ You really must not believe in such a thing. But it does exist. And Nick’s not the only one with a sob story. But I do think he’s benefiting from it the most though, which is why I’m not pleased he is still there. Not to mention the fact that female voters tend to vote in droves for cute, charismatic guys. Nick is that type of guy. That is my opinion. You might not agree with it, but I am not the only one who thinks this.
          Also, you keep accusing me of flipping things around when you are doing the same thing yourself. And to top it, you keep taking what I’m saying out of context in order to prove your point. I ACTUALLY said that Nick’s not the inspiration, his son IS. How is that wrong of me to say? Yes, I’ve critiqued his vocals. Isn’t that what we’re essentially here to do? I do like Nick as a person, but as a singer I DO NOT THINK he deserves to be there any longer. But if you think I’m ‘bashing’ him so be it. Like you’ve said before, it’s all a matter of opinion anyways, not fact. Again, your definition of ‘bad’ probably isn’t my definition of ‘bad,’ which begs the question of ‘interpretation.’

          As to your hangup over my voting activity…you say “Why?”, I say “Why not?” Yes, I do ultimately want a female artist to win, but that doesn’t mean I can’t vote for the male artists I do like. Nobody’s won yet at this point in the game anyways. Yes, I do think the girls are stronger. When have I ever denied saying that? I’ve shouted it from the rooftops. You must feel good about yourself, thinking that you’re successfully picking apart every single thing I say. I thought we were keeping it civil!
          I don’t have to ‘convince’ you about anything. Who are you to tell me who I ‘really’ like and who I don’t? You can’t read my mind. You don’t even know me, yet you’re psychoanalyzing me as if you do. Why would I waste time voting for people I don’t like just to prove a point? That’s ridiculous. What could I possibly gain out of doing that? Nothing, I’m only losing time I could’ve spent watching The Good Wife.

          So I can’t mention Idol because this is the Voice? Where was that in the rulebook?
          Am I a politician? No, I’m only a 21-year-old college student. And no, my major isn’t political science.
          Oh…one more thing: Apparently you’re not finding it that hard to take me seriously if you keep commenting on my posts.
          Keep ’em coming. Unless you want to be the bigger person, which I don’t mind.
          I would say good day to you too, but I don’t really mean it.

          • Collin says:

            So you went back and read your original comment and you still don’t think you have to be corrected? Ok let’s go through this one last time. I’ll even include AI. First off you said MOST of the people who have won. Let’s clear this up right now. Like I said there have been 24 winners combined so far. 15 for AI. 9 for the Voice. The winners are as follows: Kelly, Reuben, Fantasia, Carrie, Taylor, Jordin, David, Kris, Lee, Scotty, Phillip, Candice, Caleb, Nick and Trent for Idol. Javier, Jermaine, Cassadee, Danielle, Tessanne, Josh, Craig, Sawyer and Jordan. Now I consider a WGWG to be a white guy who primarily plays a guitar while singing. I think that’s how you got to look at it because many artists play instruments but choose not to most of the time while they’re singing. So with that said I believe there have been 7 of them for Idol. David, Chris, Lee, Scotty, Phillip, Nick and Trent. I’m changing my view on Caleb. I don’t consider Caleb a WGWG because I don’t recall him using one often. Also I’m not sure I would necessarily consider Trent one either. He didn’t use one very often either. That’s debatable and let’s just keep him on the list. And 2 for the voice. Craig and Sawyer. So that’s a total of 9. Even if you just look at Idol. That’s 46%. How is that the MOST? The Voice is 22%. How is that the most? The grand total is 37%. How is that the most? You see you were wrong and needed to be corrected. I hope this did a better job of helping u see where I’m coming from. I still think the WGWG phrase is to broad of a stereotype. I would rather call an artist by there genre. Also did you notice the trends of the winners? Idol started off with very diverse winners. White girls, black guy, white guy and black girls. Then boom a string of white guys winning. The Voice did the same thing. I think it’s kinda odd. Curious to see what your take is on it. Again you have every right to your opinions. I’m just correcting you when back them up with false statements. The only reason I’m nit picking you is because you didn’t own up to it. Just because you think your statement is true doesn’t mean it is. As I’ve clearly shown you. I hate when people don’t own up to there mistakes. It’s a terrible quality that I unfortunately have to deal with all the time and I’m sick of it. I’m certainly not saying you do it all the time. Like you said. I don’t know you so how could I possibly know that.

            Ok let me try to clear up the Nick thing. I kind of understand why you don’t understand where I’m coming from. Being that you are so young. As you get older maybe you will understand more. Maybe not. People look at things differently. When you get a career whether it be in entertainment or something else it becomes a part of you. So when someone attacks that it becomes personal. You may like other qualities about them. But still you did say bad things about them or in this case Nick. I know Nick is young but his career is very much apart of him. So yes again. You did say bad words and bash him. I’m as guilty as you are about doing it. Like you said this is a singing competition and we have every right to do so. Unfortunately sometimes people take it to far. Not saying that’s you but I’ve seen terrible comments on these boards. My issue with you here is again you not owning up to what you said. You said you never said a bad word about Nick when clearly you had. I don’t do that. If someone has a problem with how I critique then that’s fine. But I would never say I didn’t say bad things or criticize someone when I did. I would own it. But it’s become a habit with you lately and that’s why I’ve been giving u a hard time. Like I said I’ve been dealing with to much of that at work lately and it’s driving me nuts!! Ok enough. Like you said it’s time to move on. Hopefully my rambling has helped u understand where I’m coming from.

            In closing I’d like to say you really do seem like a very intelligent young woman. I’m sorry if you feel I was to hard on you. Like I’ve said I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff at work. Maybe I was to hard on you and I apologize for that. Like I said multiple times I’ve always liked debating with you because you keep it civil. I would really like to have more in the future. As always have a good day!

      • Jaszy says:

        I will reply to your comments in the order that you posted them.
        I wasn’t necessarily referring to you when I posted that statement in the original post; you aren’t the only one that had a problem with my posts. In fact, I don’t particularly remember reading a comment from you regarding my statements.
        However, I want to make something clear, I am not against white male artists. I own hundreds of CDs by white male artists. One of my favorite artists of all time is David Gray, and he happens to be a WGWG.
        The term WGWG has been in existence for a while now in reference to these types of shows. I am not the only one who has spoken of it. In fact, it has been mentioned heavily on Lyndsey Parker’s blog over on Yahoo Music, especially in regards to the show American Idol. Now, I know American Idol and the Voice are not the same show. And I do know previous winners of the Voice have not been WGWGs. (I’ve been watching this show since its inception.) However, taking into consideration that the past 4 seasons of the Voice have been won by WGs (I left out the other WG because not all of them play guitar), it left me with enough reasonable suspicion to wonder just why aren’t girls winning anymore. You act as if I’m pulling all of this out of thin air. My argument is not unfounded.
        Also, I need to clarify that I have never attacked “just about all the men on the show.” In fact, I’ve VOTED for Paxton, Owen and Daniel since America has been allowed to vote. I’ve never said a bad word about any of the male contestants. I even said in an earlier post that I wasn’t that irritated with Daniel being one of the two Comeback artists to make it through to the TOP 12 live show; I actually enjoy his voice and he has great potential. So me voting for 3 MALE contestants – 2 of them who happen to be WHITE – does not suggest that I hate all men, let alone all white men.
        What annoys me is the fact that talented women are getting pushed to the wayside over most of these AVERAGE male artists. Again, I’m also thinking of Idol when I say this.
        You assume that I hate all men because I’m so in favor of the girls. That’s not the case at all. I just don’t like seeing STRONG, TALENTED female artists getting eliminated over male artists who are not as talented.
        Like I’ve said before, I’m not the one who invented the WGWG term, I just happen to agree with it.
        Look at the evidence of what has come before, especially on American Idol. Maybe I might be wrong to bring in American Idol, but David Cook, Kris Allen Lee DeWyze, Scotty McCreery, Phillip Phillips, Nick Fradiani, and now Trent Harmon…what do all of these winners have in common?
        Why do you think they pushed so hard to get a female winner in season 12 of Idol in the first place?!! Because only men who are white kept winning! That’s my proof right there.
        It looks like the Voice is headed in a similar direction.

        I know not everybody agrees with my statements, nor do I agree with yours. I never said you weren’t allowed to express your opinions, though. You can’t put words into my mouth. I don’t know where you figured that my telling someone to clean out their ears equates to me ordering them not to have an opinion. Just like you are replying in disagreement to something I’ve said, I am doing the same.

        And as I’ve said a couple of times already, I don’t think it’s set in stone for Alisan to win. I’ve also said that I don’t necessarily want her to win, seeing as I’m not a huge fan of her screechy vocals. But do I think she’s a stronger competitor – both in her artistry and her vocals – than most of these male contestants? HECK YES!

        So, if I hated all male artists, I would never vote for them. But I’ve voted for 3 male contestants WEEKLY this season.
        If I hated all white male artists, I would never vote for them.
        But I’ve voted for Daniel and Owen since the beginning.
        I would also be missing half of my 700+ CD collection if I hated all white male artists.
        So again, how does that make me a hater of white male artists?

        • Russ says:

          Looks like a guy is going to win again. Boo
          I don’t want any of the dudes to win
          They clearly must want another white dude to win.
          people are going to save the boy over the girl.
          when describing Nick He’s a cute, white boy, with a sob story
          And maybe you need to check the track record of the types of people who have won The Voice and American Idol. Most of them are WGWGs, hence, why I said cute white boy. I’m just sick of the same type of people winning.
          When talking about Blake Seeing as how he can not sing a lick.
          Adam Wakefield has the best chance of winning this season. Unfortunately. I really don’t get what is so special about him.

          Sure seems that race is a strong factor with you. Last week it was white guys with guitars. I brought up there have only been two winners of The Voice that were WGWGs. 22% still not most. Now you want Idol factored in, clearly that show has had most of it’s winners be WGWGs. Hmm I only see 5 winners that would be WGWGs. That is 33%, still not most. Combined for both shows, 29%. Oops still not most. So now this week you have dropped a WG. Your criteria is just white guys. Yet you still want us to believe that race is not apart of this. Well 4 WGs have won the voice, that is 44%. Still not most. 7 WGs have won Idol, that is 47%. Still not most. Combined for both shows 46%. Guess what, still not most. But hey you do have the needle moving in your favor. Next week have us drop the G and you will finally have your most. Of course there would be no way you could not say race is involved when you are including all whites.

          Lets look at the boy girl side of it. For The Voice we have 2 WGWGS versus 3 female winners. For Idol 5 WGWGS versus 5 females. Hmm that is not most. However When we go WGs Versus females you finally get your most. The Voice 4 WGs versus 3 female winners. Idol 7 WGs versus 5 female winners. While you finally have your most, it is not that big of a gap as you seem to think and convey it is.

          Now you claim not to have attacked the males on the show. Last week you said Blake can not sing a lick. LOL. 21 #1 hits. 16 consecutive #1s. 6 male vocalist or entertainer of the year awards. No way he could actually sing. This week it was Pharrell. Guess next week it will be Adam and you will have a clean sweep. As for the contestants. Well we all know you feel it is the color of the skin that gives Adam , Laith, Daniel, and Nick their votes not their singing ability. You constantly describe the guys as AVERAGE, weak, and not as talented. While describing the girls STRONG and TALENTED. You have said you believe Adam will be the winner, you think that is unfortunate and you see nothing special about him. If he is the top guy what does that say for how you feel about the rest of the guys? You defend yourself by saying that you are voting for Paxton, Daniel, and Owen. Most would say going into this week that none of these 3 are a threat to the remaining girls on the show. Coming out of the week Owen is gone, Daniel stands a good chance of going next week, and Paxton needs another week like this week before people might hop on his bandwagon. So yeah, I do not see many strong endorsements for the guys from you. I do see lots of attacks, a lot subtle and some not so subtle.

          All in all my perception and opinions have not really changed. My guess is nothing I say will change your perception or opinions. But one thing to remember is perception and opinions are not reality.

          • Jaszy says:

            I would comment now to you, but I have to go to work. See you later.

          • Jaszy says:

            Russ, I’m flattered that you feel so strongly as to rehash some of the comments that I’ve posted.
            I’m not hiding anywhere. I did say those things and I do believe them. It’s no secret that I favor the girls over the guys. What, do you want me to take back my statements? Do you want me to feel bad about saying what I’ve said? Because I don’t.
            What’s so wrong about me wanting to see my own gender finally win again?

            My WGWG argument is not without basis.
            The fact that all the coaches brought back 4 male contestants, all of whom happen to be white, that’s why I said that. You make it seem as if I have absolutely no basis whatsoever for saying the things I’ve said.
            The majority of voters who vote on these shows are middle-aged women and teenage girls who swoon over the male contestants. Of course, most of them are going to vote for the guys, which means that certain female contestants get pushed to the wayside, even if they happen to be stronger vocalists.

            And just because Blake has so many number 1 hits doesn’t mean it’s because of his vocals. The country music community is loyal. Country music sells well. Blake has a great personality. His songs are catchy, but his vocals are less than stellar. Every time I hear him sing live, his voice is abysmal. And no, I’m not saying this because he’s a man. He just can’t sing. period.
            I don’t have a problem with white male artists. I’ve mentioned that hundreds of times. Hypothetically, let’s say Black Guys With Guitars kept winning these types of shows. I would also have a problem with that. Let’s say if Blonde Country Girls with Guitars kept winning, I would also have a problem with that.
            Yes, I am all about girl power. What’s so wrong with seeing my gender represented equally? Having one gender and one race represented year after year is not representative of America as a whole. The boys DO tend to fare better on these shows because the majority of voters are female. To me, that’s unfair.

            You’re wrong when you say only 5 winners of American Idol were WGWGS. Let’s name them, shall we? David Cook. Kris Allen. Lee DeWyze. Phillip Phillips. Scotty McCreery. Nick Fradiani. Trent Harmon. That’s more than 5. Yeah, I understand you don’t agree with my girl power rants, but if you don’t see where I’m coming from with my WGWG comments, then I don’t know what else to tell you. We will just agree to disagree. If the seven people I just mentioned were black, I would have the same argument.

            I stand by my comment that I haven’t attacked any men on the show.
            Perhaps your definition of attack is different from my definition. I haven’t verbally attacked any contestant. Just because you see them as attacks, doesn’t mean they are. And I am telling you that they aren’t.

            I’ve never said anything bad about Pharrell either. I only critiqued his singing voice. Did you hear him singing with his group Tuesday night? I’m not the only one who thinks that his vocals are weak. It’s not because he’s a man. I love Pharrell as a coach. If I were on this show and he turned around, I would definitely pick him to be my coach. But Pharrell is not known for having a strong singing voice and you know it. Why are you twisting my words? I never said he couldn’t sing because he was a man. Don’t insult my intelligence.

            Why do you seem to be ignorant of the truth? We live in a hegemonic society where the white male is privileged, more so than other races. So, yes, when I see mostly white males winning these shows, it does anger me a little. They are not representative of the whole American race. Yes, in the grand scheme of things, this is a small matter seeing as it is just a singing competion.
            But really, how can you not see what I’m getting at here? My whole argument is not about RACE OR GENDER, it’s about REPRESENTATION. And RACE and GENDER just happen to be factors of this representation. You mean to tell me that you wouldn’t see anything wrong if 7 black guys with guitars won a singing competition 7 seasons in a row? Or if 7 Latino women won a singing competition 7 seasons in a row? You wouldn’t even question why the same types of people keep winning? Really?!! Surely with the hypothetical situations I’ve posed to you, that should put things more into perspective for you regarding where I’m coming from with my WGWG argument.

            I only said that I think Adam will win because I’ve seen how these seasons have played out and maybe I’m jumping to conclusions and he might not win. However, I’ve never said he was the top guy. I just know that a lot of people are into him.

            How do you know that Daniel or Paxton aren’t threats to the remaining girls? I definitely see those two staying over two of the female contestants. They might be weak in your eyes, but they aren’t weak to me. Just because you and I don’t agree on which male contestants are better, doesn’t make my opinion of certain male contestants I like any less valid than your opinion of certain male contestants that you like.

            Of course I don’t strongly endorse the guys, because, overall, I still prefer the girls. What’s so hard to understand about that? But really, I haven’t STRONGLY endorsed any of the females this season either. And if you think I have, name one…don’t worry, I’ll wait. If you want to see some strong endorsement from me, think Sugar Joans or Christina Grimmie. Those two I admit I went completely overboard with praise. I haven’t done that this season at all. Yes, I admit I might be biased towards women.

            I do value your opinion, honestly. Whether we disagree or not. If I didn’t care about others opinions, I wouldn’t take the time to comment on other posts.

            You guys think you are right. I think I’m right as well. The truth of the matter is, none of us can absolutely prove anything. We can only look at what’s happened in the past and form our opinions based upon our individual perceptions. And it looks like you need to heed your own words as well: perception and opinions are not reality.

            On a side note: I am 100% certain that the only thing you, Collin, and I have proven is that we have the potential to be great lawyers.

          • Russ says:

            Very nicely written Jaszy. Most of it well stated and non confrontational. To answer your question no it would not bother me if a girl won 7 times in a row. No it would not bother me if a black man or woman repeatedly won. It would not bother me if a Reggae singer won seven times in a row. I simply do not get caught up in worrying about those type of things. I watch the the show because I enjoy it. From season 1 on the banter between coaches has entertained. The artist have been nice quality for a singing show. The show has introduced me to music and songs I may not ever of listened to with out it. Cee Lo’s F you comes to mind. But never once did I watch it because I thought I had to police it, to make sure every demographic possible got their fair share of winners. Never once have I felt the need to politic for my preferred category of contestant. Never once have I bashed a winner of the show, because the person I thought should win did not. While I admit that Adam is my personal favorite right now, It will not upset me if any of the remaining artist win. They all have something to offer.

            You accuse me of being ignorant of the truth. I would respond that I am ignorant of your truth but not of the whole truth. You again try and tell me that race is not a factor, but then bring up white privilege. A major hot topic in the discussion or debate on race these days. By the way representation is also becoming a hot topic in the race discussion. It is this generations word for affirmative action. And I hope you can agree that any competition show is going to be ruined if we have affirmative action decided winners. By bringing up white privilege and representation, it tells me that race is very much a factor and driving force in how you view things. So my turn to ask you a question. If your are so caught up with the race, and the sex of an artist. Why do you even watch shows like these? You know you are going to be disappointed in the out come more times then not. Or are there some enjoyable aspects to the show for you. Because to me it seems rather silly to watch a show just so you can complain that a woman or a race did not win.

            Well it has been fun talking with you Jaszy. I think we have both stated everything we had to say and then some. But these are not our personal forums, so I think it would be best if we move on from this discussion. I really hope that you can enjoy the rest of this season and seasons to come. Our perceptions are clearly not the same. I ended my last post to you with this and I will end this one the same way.

            Perception is not reality.

          • Jaszy says:

            Well, I guess we see things differently. I do love this show and I still watch it in spite of being disappointed in the outcomes. That’s how much I love it. And regardless of what you think, I love listening to white men with guitars.
            But I never said you were ignorant of the truth…I said you seem to be.
            But I guess it is my truth. If you don’t see anything wrong with 7 black guys or 7 Latino girls winning in a row, then I’m sorry to say, I think that’s a crop of bull crap.
            WGWGs winning over and over again is safe. I guarantee you if my hypothetical situations were to ever happen, people would be more up in arms.
            But you’ll never see it my way. I’ll never see it your way.
            I’ll still watch the show. I will probably be disappointed in the outcome again.
            And I will still say that WGWGs win too much.
            I am a female. I am a minority. That’s probably why you don’t see it the way I do.
            But Kudos to you for being the bigger person and wanting to sign a peace treaty.

          • Kbella says:

            Maybe it has more to do with musical preferences than race. The people who are voting prefer the music being offered up by the artists who are winning. But I do agree with you that Nick has no business being there still. I also was glad to see Owen go and I hope Daniel is next, if not Nick.

      • Jaszy says:

        To clarify, my long post was to Russ, not Collin.

    • davmon says:

      Honestly, from now on, I do not know what will happen….Because, there are 6 remaining who can be the best on any given night: Adam, Alisan, Bryan, Hannah, Laith, & Shalyah—but none of them are consistent every night!….Over the entire body of work, there is no doubt that Daniel, Nick, Paxton & Mary Sarah should be gone after the next two rounds; yet each seems to have an outsized following for such lower tier talent…..So without even slipping, one or two Top 6ers may end up behind one or more of Bottom 4…..And in the Instant Save, the better singer can washout with nerves—like Owen losing to Daniel….Even the 3 black artists: Bryan is generally most consistent; but Shalyah is capable of a breakout night; and Paxton is on Blake’s team. And a touch of bias may trim a round or two…..So, all I know is the 6 that I think SHOULD be the last 6. Even if that DID happen, it would be night to night as to who actually performed well….And I cannot hazard a guess how the people will vote, hereon. C’est la vie!

      • Davmon, I agree with you that crowning Alisan is premature. There are still some excellent voices in the mix, and the one that shines the brightest does seem to vary on any given night. I always think it’s a tricky balancing act. If someone has a signature sound they risk being accused of always sounding the same; if a contestant tries to show different sides of their voice they may be told they need to decide what kind of artist they want to be. Sometimes the contestants must figure they really can’t win at that aspect.

        And the longer someone stays on the show the more opportunities they have to shine, but also, as you said, the more chances we have to see vocal weakness, problems with nerves or even just get bored (yes, I am referring to that growth arc idea).

        But I have the most trouble understanding something you also mentioned, which is the size of someone’s fan base. Respecting that musical tastes differ, I can understand why some people might love Adam Wakefield’s voice and musical style more than Bryan Bautista’s, or vice versa. But when a contestant delivers inferior performances week after week and doesn’t even need the instant save, we know it’s not just about “the voice.” And that’s the element of this show, and shows like it, that is so irritating.

    • Cldahlman says:

      The first time I heard Alisan on Blue Bayou, I thought – now there is a female contestant I can get behind – tremendous range, emotion and power. But in the weeks since, her songs have started sounding basically the same to my untrained ear – just lots of belting, and it’s become monotonous and uninteresting. I fast forward through most of her performances now.

  9. davmon says:

    The scary part of the evening was that my Top 6 quality competitors were announced # 3, 4, 5 and then 7, 8, 9. So I was afraid Shalyah or Adam or Bryan would end up needing a save….Heavens!

  10. Jaszy says:

    Pharrell should DEFINITELY stick to producing. His voice is less than desirable.

    • Smokey says:

      ,,,I doubt that Pharrell would be able to actually compete in a singing talent show like this as a singer.. He is a better advisor, songwriter and producer than a singer. Several times when he has been singing with his group, he was the weakest of the bunch. But, get a good song, auto-tune, studio re-takes till it works, and you can get a happy hit record. . .

    • The Beach says:

      I also thought that as sexy and charismatic as he is, guest performer Thomas Rhett’s vocals were less than stellar. Most of the contestants have better vocals than his were tonight.

      • Smokey says:

        I agree. They put Thomas Rhett on as a guest, probably because some of the Coaches or producers or related circles are investing in him.,,,, He was not good at all, but probably can get some attention from some fans of the genre..

  11. Ryan says:

    Although he was my favorite, it was owen’s time to go. He’s just not meant to be in a competition in which singers who have huge power voices stand out to america more than emotion and passionate voices. This was a good time for him to leave though and he’ll benefit from his time on the show. Lately he was nowhere close to the level he was at during his audition. Its a shame because many people had him pegged as a winner post-audition, Adam ruined him by tryi g to change him.

  12. Jaszy says:

    Owen’s a wonderful artist, but perhaps he just wasn’t dynamic enough for the show. His quiet personality didn’t help either. But that’s what I loved about him, oddly. He’s so shy but he still is able to do what he loves, which is to sing all the while inspiring people.
    Brian and Nick need to go next.

    • Gailer says:

      Did Owens dad make him be on the show? Was it fixed for chairs to turn because the dad was in the 70s band? I would not be surprised. He was uncomfortable. Good luck to him in the future.

    • Smokey says:

      In this type of show, the power singers or those with a high falsetto always get the crowd and Coaches raving, and rub-out the more laid-back, story-telling type of artist.

  13. davmon says:

    Boy, the Prods really put their money behind Xtina’s team song production compared to Pharrell’s! Wonder why?….For all that, only Xtina seemed to give the song its due. Her supposed terrific team underwhelmed. Nick was actually the best–not my usual opinion. The mix was low on Bryan–you could not hear him. And you did not want to hear Alisan screaming wildly off notes!….Yowzah!

  14. MynameisNO says:

    I’ll laugh if they go through all this trouble to have Team Christina win and she never shows up again on the Voice. Drop the mic Xtina. # Team Xtina # PullanUsher

    • davmon says:

      I know there are melodramas understandably about a female coach never winning, and been too long since a female artist won….But my main complaintis: I still don’t get why this show must rush from 24 to 12 [CURRENT]—then Possum-Trot to 11 to 10 then 8….. Instead of maybe: ALT 1: 24-20-16-12-8 or ALT 2: 24-16-12-10-8. Either is preferable to the 50% massacre the opening round of the Lives! All 3 scenarios take 4 rounds to 8. But compare the Die-Off rates; CURRENT: 12-1-1-2….ALT 1: 4-4-4-4….ALT 2: 8-4-2-2….You tell me, are not either of the two alternate paths much better?….I am sure the CURRENT has to do with packing the 12, 11, & 10 into one 2 hour show. But after the gangbuster Monday nights, the Tuesday nights are silly–a showcase for mediocre talent [maybe from Last Call] and the grim firing squad routine. Why not do ALT 1 or 2 and split the 20 or 16 over 2 nights, then throw in an hour on Wed. for results, next round the 16 over 2 nights or the 12 over one. Then to 12 or 10. And on to 8….That way, you have one or two more weeks of the good stuff, extended over two nights of two hours, with the bad news results hour at 20% strength rather than 33%….I just do not think they care. They have a money-making formula, so hey!…Well, I wanted to share my thoughts.

  15. danin says:

    Man, was it my little TV in the kitchen or was Pharrell& company practically drowned out during their song?? Ew, I do not like the person that is Daniel.Poor Owen had a meltdown,but you guys called it last night for him. I hope Hannah’s nerves can take this part of the program, cause she looked strung out.(She’s my fave) and last week camera caught her saying,”I can’t do this.” I do love her fretful faces when she sings,is that what someone on here called them, and this week didn’t notice the hand gestures til one of you complained about it again.And one of you actually said you don’t like her personality…really? Another said or maybe same person said she didn’t sing w/warmth..OK..then exactly what temperature is passion cause she sings w/ecstacy provoking passion&WARMTH for me.

  16. Camille says:

    Thank God Owen is back to the coffee house! I was getting so sick of his weak vocals, inability to hit notes above a whisper and him giving sad, teary puppy eyes to the camera to try to get pity votes from desperate housewives. Daniel and Nick need to go next. I actually think Nick should since I am sick of his “inspirational” kid story brought up every week to get him votes. HE CANNOT SING A LICK! STOP VOTING FOR HIM BECAUSE OF HIS KID PLEASE! THIS IS NOT SOME CHARITY!

    • YL says:

      Please don’t use God’s name in such hateful sickening comments. Thank God he is back to the coffee house???? What a sickening self admired human you are. Very low in character. I am pretty sure numerous people around you are sick of you. BTW Owen is not my cup of tea but he tried fairly and he is gone now. Thank God he is back to coffee house??? Wow! Stay silent is better if you hate somebody.

    • Rozer says:

      Amen! well said!

  17. dlraetz says:

    Why does Pharrell get a spotlight and Christina got 20 back up dancers and full concert special effects?

    In a different note, while Christina has a great voice I get why her album/songs aren’t at the top of the iTunes Charts. She’s so interested in vocal gymnastics that it takes away from her connection with the lyrics

  18. Sensitiva says:

    Nick does indeed suck. So does Daniel. Neither of those two should be there. But quite frankly, Owen shouldn’t either. He’s just as crappy as Nick and Daniel plus doesn’t have the cajones for a show like this. His shrinking violet routine was getting pitiful to watch and his “talent” is a dime-a-dozen. People like him were meant for subways and street corners. lol

  19. Yvonne Matus says:

    I have watched The Voice for several seasons. But when I learned Latham already had albums on the charts, why is he on the show? I was of the understanding this show was to give new talent an opportunity to win a recording contract? So why are artists who are already established on the show? Why are artists who have tried & couldn’t make it given a spot on the show?

    • Voice Fan says:

      I agree with you that Laith Al Sadi does not belong on the show because he has put out three albums and nine singles. As good as he is, he has an unfair advantage over the other singers.. Anyone who has had a recording contract, sang backup or has performed as an opening act for recording stars is a professional. They should not be competing against amateurs. It gives them an unfair advantage. Not only that but the struggling professionals don’t even have to apply and sing at the different auditions in different states. They are given special invitations to the blind auditions. Tony Lucca, Germaine Paul, Cassadee Pope, Teschanne Chen, Christina Grimmie, Megan Linsey and Barrett Baber made it to the finals or won because they had experience and knowledge about performing that the amateurs did not possess and because they already had a fan base. This gave them an unfair advantage over the amateurs. Alison Porter also should not be allowed in the competition this season because of her singing and acting career. If the Voice wants to help former recording artists have a second career, then they should have two separate Voice competitions: one for professionals and one for amateurs.

    • Rozer says:

      Lots of artists have had success. Megan Linseys group toured with Blake and Tamar performed with Prince! I agree, give unknowns the chance to get some attention.

  20. Terri says:

    Totally shocked that Mary Sarah and Nick were the top 2!!! Glad Alison was not! I think her screeching is over rated. Adam Wakefield is by far the best. Season 10 has been a disappointment.

    • Teddy says:

      How many times did Daniel give us his Thumbs Up ? Too many!!!! Xinas performance was ridiculous!!! I couldn’t stop laughing. I had a headache when it was over.

      • Ani says:

        I agree with you about Christina’s over the top performance–but she can really, really sing. And then when Alison followed her, it was easy to hear the screechiness of her voice compared to the beautiful timbre of Christina’s.

    • Smokey says:

      I think the “America saved” was not in the order of votes, but just random. It did not reflect who was really 1 and 2, And, it can be a ploy to make people think someone is almost getting eliminated, or has plenty of support — that can trick the voters into voting in a way to save one of their fav’s or not voting for someone because they think they already have plenty of support, so they will vote to keep their 2nd choice on.

  21. Sandy Crotch says:

    I feei that this season the winner is obvious. So I’m going to watch something else. I’ll tune in for the final show and when they call out the winner…I’ll be saying…..”told you so”

  22. Foo Foo says:

    Thank GOD Owen is finally gone!

    1. He has been in pouty baby mode ever since he didn’t get the public vote three weeks ago. Ever since he has been sullen, had constantly glassy eyes and is miserable to even look at!
    2. He has performed horribly the past several weeks. This week “Fire and Rain” was an abomination and insult to James Taylor and then the instant save was downright pathetic and goes down in history as one of the worst EVER!
    3. Sorry, but he strikes me as a spoiled brat! He probably has had everything handed to him in life. Probably lives off of “Afternoon Delight” royalty checks. The first time he doesn’t get his way he goes into manic depressive mode. Sure, you did not get to the Top 12 on America’s vote, Owen, but that is no excuse to STOP TRYING. Your tears and glassy eyes mean nothing when you cannot sing.
    4. He had no fight left in him after his “I wasn’t voted in by America” pout-fest started. I would rather support those who fight for their place, not someone who has clearly given up the first time something doesn’t go his way! Adam kept pushing him through with absurd promises and begging Twitter to save him. Monumental waste of time!
    5. I really think he needs to man up and grow up!

    Good riddance I say!

    • Davey says:

      I don’t think you know Owen at all. You wouldn’t say that at all if you had watched any videos he had done recently with his fans. He already writes good songs. He tried the Voice and it wasn’t ideal for him. He’s a trained musician, already has a gig in DC.

    • AC-AC says:

      Are you kidding me? Just because you don’t like an artist please don’t insult him by making completely ridiculous assumptions. Owen’s knockout was one of the most heart felt performances ever. Even Adam admitted that Owen is shy and needs a confident booster. There is such beauty in the simplicity of his performances. Owen’s type of artistry is so very rare in the industry these days that the caliber of voice voters don’t respond to it as it is quite unique, different and yet so SIMPLE… That’s the main reason he didn’t get enough votes and made him feel less confident of him. You would too if you end up in the bottom twice in a row.!!

  23. Davey says:

    Thought the Owen haters and lovers would be amused that Nathan Fillion tweeted #VoiceSaveOwen last night.

  24. Ginger says:

    Aw, come on…I was so hoping to hear about the team performances. Pharrell was so off-key and Team XTina…..well, I don’t have the words, I was hoping you did.

  25. dj says:

    Owen looked resigned to his fate from the beginning of the show. It seemed like the humane thing to do to send him home. He seemed completely uncomfortable on stage at this point. He kept looking down at his feet. Daniel seemed unfazed by being in the bottom two and delivered a decent performance. The choice was clear.

  26. Jess says:

    I’ve read through the comments here and they are so much more reasonable than other sites I visit. Good crowd.

  27. Gina says:

    I’m torn. Nick Hagelin has GOT to go…but I really wince and mute the TV when Alison starts with her whine that is both harsh and shrill…TIME TO GO!!!

  28. I hope the finale is made up of Alisan, Hannah, Adam W, and Laith (though I do like Bryan and Paxton). The rest may go.

  29. Mary says:

    Why is Nick still in the competition? I’m sorry but he’s not great at all. Ryan Quinn should have stayed and Nick should have been voted off. Don’t get it.

  30. Dayz says:

    Why is Nick still there??? Ryan Quinn should have stayed and Nick gone home a long time ago. His voice is terrible, I’m sorry.

  31. i think laith al sadi should win,great singer

  32. Gail grey says:

    I dont want alison porter to win

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