Limitless Recap Season Finale

Limitless Finale Recap: Squad Goals — What Would Season 2 Look Like?

Tuesday’s Limitless season finale found Brian temporarily reinstated to the FBI in order to track down Sands — and hopefully Piper in the process.

Though his initial hunch didn’t exactly pan out — the late Canadian diplomat Jean-Pierre Morneau wasn’t part of the Legion of Whom, but rather a victim of it — Brian was able to deduce the Legion’s endgame: convince the world that Canada and Greenland are moving forward with a new trade passage treaty, thus creating a market bubble, then pop the bubble and make an “instant fortune.”

Tracking down the Legion’s NZT refinery proved simple enough, especially with a little assistance from someone Sands had been blackmailing, and it wasn’t long before Rebecca put a bullet into Sands and sent him to the hospital.

Upon returning home, Brian was greeted by a most unexpected guest: Piper! She apparently stayed alive by lying to her captors about the serum, then used the chaos of the FBI’s bust to escape. (I’m not going to lie, this seemed like an awfully convenient story, but who am I to question a happy ending?) She then presented him with a permanent booster shot, ensuring he’ll remain immune to the side effects of NZT.

Three days later, Brian received yet another surprise: Not only is the FBI welcoming him back with open-ish arms, but he’s being placed on a special NZT squad. And if the episode’s final moments were any indication, said squad will be comprised of a wacky assortment of characters — that is, assuming CBS renews the thriller for a second season.

Side note: Did anyone else get romantic vibes from Rebecca’s post-mission chat with Brian? (“I didn’t care about you because I had to. … You’re more mature, emotionally and morally, than just about anyone I know. You’re a hero, on or off the pill.”)

Your thoughts on Tuesday’s finale? Hopes for the series’ future? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Ian says:

    Ugh, no! God, men and women can be JUST FRIENDS! Her friend was sick and had done something heroic and they weren’t going to be working together anymore. So of course she was getting sentimental.
    This finale felt a little too tidy in parts, but overall, great show and it has to get renewed. Now that his dependency on boosters has been eliminated, they’ll have to raise the stakes some other way.
    I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Piper either. I know Georgina had another show now, but :(

    • Andy Swift says:

      I guess I forgot to take off my CW goggles before watching the finale.

      • Ian says:

        It happens to the best of us.

      • Amy says:

        I totally see good chemistry between them, too. And I felt there was some jealousy on Rebecca’s part when he first started seeing Piper. That being said, I would be happy with the powers that be to not go down that road – I like seeing them just be friends.

      • Aj says:

        That is pretty low for you to say, considering you’re a journalist and should have an impartial view on all shows, including the “CW”.

        • fiberlicious says:

          He’s not a journalist, he’s an entertainment writer. Get a grip. EVERY writer on this site expresses an opinion!

  2. George H. says:

    Was a great episode. Wouldn’t have a problem with saying it was the best episode all season. Hopefully they renew it sooner than later. Really like the mix of the comedy and drama in this show. Really fun to watch.

  3. dan says:

    This show started strong, had a few mediocre episodes in the beginning, then hit its stride at mid-season. The last half of the season has been great! It has become one of my favorite shows this year thanks to clever writers who have a slightly warped sense of humor in creating interesting characters and storylines. This was a satisfying and enjoyable season finale (I predicted that Piper was in the house at the end) and I’m sure CBS will announce a renewal soon! Long live Mike & Ike!

    • Hoping for a !FBI Squad! second season says:

      Darryl & Ike :)

    • Lisa G says:

      Yes, they have to stay Mike and Ike. That’s so fun, they can’t have real names! Remember Jason wanted to stay Ike.
      This definitely felt like a series finale just in case. So, if CBS is stupid at least we can feel like there was closure. But it needs to come back. And they need HQ!

  4. Jill Berlinger says:

    Love this show. Look forward to Watching it!!

  5. veronica says:

    so refreshing—all my shows are killing off ppl or jumping the shark—solid season, great finale. looking foward to next year!

  6. peterwdawson says:

    Fun show, hope it sticks around.

  7. Jeff says:

    I totally thought the ending was going to pan out to him being in an institution or hospital and that immunity / fbi stuff being a dream of sorts.

    • Alichat says:

      I thought we’d see him in the hospital as well, but suddenly Morra…..or his covert nurse…..appears with a booster that’s permanent. Then we’d hear that he had people on the team clearing Sands’ manufacturing building, and he found Piper’s notes. He completes her work, and giving Brian the permanent booster is his way of making it up to Brian for Sands going off the rails and the loss of Piper.

  8. laurelnev says:

    It felt like a finale. I almost felt like they were telling us something, but I hope not. This show is just so much fun, and there’s the whole Morra angle to expore, especially now that Brian doesn’t need his boosters. I’m hoping for a 2nd season.

    • George H. says:

      Yeah, kind of felt like a series finale as well. Even though I would be greatly disappointed if they don’t renew Limitless, I think they will renew, at least they left us in a spot where we can be satisfied how it ended.

    • Tara17 says:

      It seems to me like a good way to end the series should it not be renewed, but that ending was way too neat: Piper is free, Brian earned his dad’s respect + a permanent booster shot then back at the FBI with his own dream squad no less… I agree with others who think he’ll wake in a hospital come season 2. Bring on Season 2! Fantastic show.

  9. Just Me says:

    This series has been so much fun. I really, really hope it is renewed. Since it hasn’t yet been renewed, I was glad for an ending that didn’t leave viewers up in the air, but left us with the possibility of new adventures to come.

  10. Dave says:

    Great finale, really hoping it gets renewed for season 2. Really want to see where the Eddie Morra story goes.

    Also I wouldn’t mind Brian and Rebecca being a thing much further down the road. I don’t want it to be a main focus of the show thiugh. If they had it happen in the background over several seasons kinda like Scully and Mulder in the X Files it’d be alright.

  11. James D says:

    I was very entertained by this show this season. I love the fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously and I look forward to a season 2 (hopefully it gets renewed). I thought the ending was way too convenient but I guess it made sense tying up loose ends and all (wonder if it was partly because Georgina Haig got a new gig). Honestly I find it kind of refreshing to see a platonic relationship on TV nowadays it’s nice not to have every single couple be riddled with sexual tension, so I hope they don’t go down to romantic root.

  12. B says:

    I’ve really enjoyed this show all the way through (although Piper’s dreamlike appearance with a permanent immune shot was awfully convenient). Hope renewal news comes very soon. I also hope they don’t change things too much with this new squad. They’ve got something that works: evolving is good, messing too much with a good thing isn’t.

  13. fatalsin says:

    I love this show… I adore Brian and his sense of humor..I hope for a 2nd season its a great mix of smarts and comedy!

  14. jj says:

    Gave up on the show after they make Sands the bad guy.

  15. A. D. says:

    Piper should be a regular!

  16. Imzadi says:

    I get a brother/sister vibe from Brian and Rebecca. More than friends, and real love, but never lovers. I’m sorry Piper had to go on the run. I love Christina Haig (although she will always be Queen Elsa to me).

  17. dancmh says:

    This has been one of my favorite shows on tv…and definitely on CBS…in a long, long time.

    It’s doomed.

  18. Joey Padron says:

    Season finale was really good. Like the ending of the episode. Love the show and really hope CBS renews the show next month!

  19. Morisot says:

    I guess it was okay as a series finale. Wrapped everything up nicely with a pretty bow.

    Hopefully, it will be renewed. But, I hope they dial the story back.

    WHEN it comes back, I hope that is Brian recovering from the psychotic complications of NZT. That the last episode was just a dream. There IS NO PERMANENT CURE. I hope there is always a tension between the good Brian can do on NZT versus the dangers of the addiction, with its effects on family, friends, co-workers too. The personal compromises you have to make, mixed with the funny and life. We liked the whole vibe and balance of the first 3/4s of the season better than the last few episodes.

  20. Max says:

    Hope this means larger parts for Mike & Ike. I like the unsung dynamic duo.

  21. Fido says:

    The season 2 finale will reveal he’d been hallucinating the whole season. Piper HADN’T turned up with the booster shock, she’d been dead all the time. Rather than fighting crime, Brian had spent all of season 2 in a hospital, his body ravaged by the effect of NZT.

  22. HMM, the sick and hallucinating man had all his dreams come true in one constant sequence with nothing bad happening? I say that season 2 starts with him waking up face down on his fathers porch while Rebecca looks on in horror.

  23. The Watcher says:

    This show deserves to come back. The Squad Applicant Wrap-up alone made the whole thing.

  24. grys03 says:

    This felt like a series ending rather than a season ending episode. The last 5-10 minutes felt incredibly rushed. Rebecca’s “I’m here for you speech’, Piper’s return, daddy’s welcoming Brian without any questions, Brian’s immunization & subsequent return to the FBI.
    Did I miss something? Wasn’t Brian supposed to go to hospital for assessment? Did he tell Rebecca about Piper’s escape? About his now permanent immunity? No one questioned him at all? Is the FBI now suspicious about a potential immunity? Is Sen. Morra aware of Piper’s breakthrough?
    I am grateful for some sort of ending for once in a TV series but it really felt rushed.

  25. Kim says:

    Love this show! Hope it gets renewed with all the quirky adventures of Brian Finch.

  26. Edward Mora says:


  27. Michael Siford says:

    Answered a few questions. For instance is fairly obvious Eddie Mora already has permanant immunity (end of limitless movie)etc

  28. Ana says:

    Please, please tell me there will be a season 2! This show is so fun, unexpected and smart. It would be a shame if it didn’t get a second season when uncaring formula shows go on for decades.

  29. JM says:

    Posting late, but add me to the list of people who want this show renewed!

  30. soham. says:

    Netflix glorifying prison,and a whiny teenager who is infinitely attention seeker,yet it wont air a show because its about ‘drugs’.seriously????

  31. Jezza says:

    I’m very annoyed with Piper leaving, there are numerous stories she could use to stay and lie about the permanent booster shot. Leaving to hide it is so annoying considering she got saved and Brian going to extreme lengths to be with her. Sure you can make more content with her in hiding for season 2, but you can just use Morra for season 2 or any other unknown character and Piper could stay with Brian. I noticed Rebecca being jealous a couple of times, and that’s a shame because Brian loves Piper or so I’m led to believe with his efforts. If Brian and Rebecca get together it’ll ruin it for me.