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Megyn Kelly Lands Donald Trump Sit-Down Interview for Her Fox Special

Will the ratings be huuuuge?

Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly has landed a sit-down interview with Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, for her upcoming primetime Fox special.

The one-hour Megyn Kelly Presents is slated to air Tuesday, May 17 at 8/7c, with extended portions of the chat unspooling on the anchor’s signature Fox News series The Kelly File (beginning Wednesday, May 18).

The special will mark Kelly’s first face-to-face with Trump since they became embroiled in a public war of words last summer. The duo’s feud dates back to the first GOP debate in August, when Kelly confronted the White House hopeful about his referring to women as “fat pigs,” “dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.”

Trump went on to claim that Kelly “bombed” as moderator, saying there was “blood coming out of her wherever.”

“Mr. Trump and I sat down together for a meeting earlier this month at my request,” Kelly noted in a Fox release. “He was gracious with his time and I asked him to consider an interview. I am happy to announce he has agreed, and I look forward to a fascinating exchange — our first sit-down interview together in nearly a year.”

According to Fox, Kelly will explore “how events unfolded with Trump after the August debate as one of the most prominent voices covering the 2016 presidential campaign of the frontrunner. She will also examine Trump’s successful campaign for the White House to date and his role in one of the most historic presidential runs in modern times.”

Will you tune in to watch Kelly interview Trump? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. charlie says:

    This big, beautiful special is gonna be yuuuge.

    • lechatnoir says:

      This is defo yuuuuuge , but then we will be watching the body language closely. Trump will be guarded as hell. and Megine will stewing her finest misandry soup to date . I will not miss this for all the tea in China.

      We all know Santa is white . This is fair and balanced.

  2. Larc says:

    Why would anybody want to interview that obnoxious horse’s rear end?

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      If you only listen to the bias and cherry picked soundbites and opinions the media mainly uses against him. You don’t like him cuz he’s loud, but he had to be loud to break pass the establishment, and catch the ear of the people. Try watching the interview he had with his family the other week with Anderson. And he’s already making America great again by exposing the corruption in our politics, while all the others still try to ignore it and continue to abuse it, even tho we know now. And he is successful in his endevours/ business, but the media chooses to focus on his few failures, vs his many successes. He can be presidential, but that’s not what inspires this kind of enthusiasm like we’ve seen this election. That’s another thing he’s already made better, voter turn out.

      • Green says:

        He’s actually not very right-wing and probably a liberal inside, so I don’t have too many complains regarding his policies, except that other than immigration, not a single one is comprehensive and well-thought of. Just look through them. He tries to wriggle his way out of every question that’s asked of him. He only says thing that incite headlines. Women who seek abortions must be imprisooned, some Mexicans, I assume are good people, no visas for Muslims- basically incedeniary things that push him up in the polls. He doesn’t want to be president, he wants to be popular.

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          Pretty sure he’s going to be laying out his policies this week in better detail. He’s just been brushing on them so far, for understandable reasons. He’s new the politics and he’s the non-establishment, an until he is the sure thing frontrunner, he needs to continue to grow by catching the attention of voters, which he has done/ doing. Once he’s secured being frontrunner from the party, he will start to focus on detailing the policies to us in better depth, and strategy for the general election. Whatever you say about Trump, Hillary is a lot worse for the country. Trump might even be great for this country. We could all just be overreacting at something “new” or “different”. Like I said in my comment above, he’s already raised voter turn out a lot nationally, and made us aware of the corruption in our government. So he’s already doing good in those ways.

          • Green says:

            Yeah, I guess, but what does he have going for him other than his anti-establishment nature? He keeps saying he wants to bring back jobs from India and China, but who will foot the bill the companies incur when they have to employ domestic labour at a higher cost? How will he balance the budget when building the wall? Does he think that, after his mass deportation schemes, companies that hired illegal immigrants will just start hiring as many Americans at a higher wage and everything will go back to normal? He says he wants to carpet-bomb ISIS, but which regime does he want in power in Syria? What’s his stance on Saudi Arabia? Voters need to know these things before they support a candidate, not afterwards. I was a Rand Paul supporter until he quit, so I’m not really into this election anymore, but I feel it would be nice to know where the candidates stand.

    • Jim Linton says:

      Now that’s not a nice thing to say about Meagan!

  3. Phoenix5634 says:

    I’ll be watching, and hoping for a fair interview.

    • Mary says:

      What you mean if Meagan doesn’t ask any of the tough question so it makes the Trump look good then it will be a fair interview in your eyes. I see it is the media’s fault when Trump opens his mouth and inserts foot but when he is able to work from a script he wants then it is okay. Reality at it’s best.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Lol your reality maybe. Overreaction much? Maybe try calming down, and take off the blinders… By fair, I mean not entirely focused on the minority of his failures, vs his majority of success. And no, not some over glorified “fluff” piece either, like the media likes to do for Hillary. I want a real interview where’s there little to no bias, and where we actually learn more about the policy’s.

        • Mary says:

          Lets look at his success. He inherent money from his Dad and built Hotels and golf courses and Casinos. When they didn’t make money he filed for bankruptcy. He became a reality show host that was successful. I don’t think I have missed any. The point I was making you cannot run a Country if you are not willing to compromise and be a mature adult without name calling if someone disagrees. Trump has not exhibit any of those skills. I have my blinders off and I have my ears wide open thank you very much.

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            Your listening to the News and actually believing thing, which Hillarys super pac owns. If you notice, they never say anything bad about her, I’ve even watched them mute other people while their talking, simply becuz they prompting their candidate and disagreeing with her. She is beyond corrupt. If you research Hillary at all, she’s a terrible human being, and I’m not just talking about the emails she should be in prison for, she made herself rich by jumping through the loopholes of our system, at the expense of the people here, and around the world, for her own personal gain. But becuz she speaks ” nice” to the public, most of you idiots believe she’s an angel. She’s going to ruin the country an the world. I hope you like being suppressed and the wealth gap growing even further apart. She’s going to overshoot equality too, which will cause problems. It’s funny most people hate Obama as president, but now we’re electing Hillary, who’s basically been by his side the entire presidency, it’s like we’re asking to ruin America, how stupid are we. You think Trump looks bad cuz he’s exciting the audience so he stands a chance against seasoned politicians, and becuz Hillarys super pac with CNN has been relentlessly soundbiting him and trying to make you hate him. Anyone could be made to look terrible when your on camera like most of the day for months on end. And yes his father left him some millions, but he turned millions into Billions, and if ur any good at math u know that’s a significant difference. And he wouldn’t have been that successful if he wasn’t mature and able to compromise. The News likes to trash him for being “flexible” too, but all he’s trying to say there is that he can adapt, change, evolve, to be whatever is the best for the situation. He actually cares about America, unlike the establishment candidates. If we elect Hillary, honestly we’re all F’d. Mock my words, you’ll see I’m right before too long.

          • Mary says:

            First of all you are making assumptions on who I am voting for so that in itself said a lot.
            I have watched the debates and have seen some of his tweets, you can blame the media all you want but the truth is staring you in the face. I realize some of you think this is acceptable behavior I however; do not. I find it funny that you accuse me of listening to the News, which I do both sides, but you have quoted exactly what has been on the news. What is nice about America people can vote for whom they choose good or bad.

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            Mary you are an extremely critical person, it’s like your trying to just argue with me and avoid the facts. I wasn’t making an assumption on who you are voting for, but if you’ve actually researched beyond the media, and yes beyond Twitter too, into the facts of their past. You would see the truth. And you should care a lot more than you seem too…. You say the good thing about America is we can vote for whoever, good or bad… So does mean your going to vote for the bad choice just becuz your to arrogant to look up and open your eyes to the truth about her….And it’s so sad how easily she fools people too, all she does is yell positive things to the crowd, that she’s knows we want to hear, but her entire record contradicts everything she’s saying she wants for America. Everything Hillary does is for her own personal gain, no matter the consequences to other people’s lives. She really believes she’s above the law, And the scary thing, she kind of is…

          • Mary says:

            So if I don’t vote for whom you feel I should vote for, then I don’t care or my vote is wrong, yes that is the mentality of some. I’m not a critical person. I don’t make assumption and tell other people they are wrong if they have a different opinion then mine. Clearly you won’t vote for Hillary that is your right, just like it is my right not to vote for TRUMP. This conversation is over because it is obvious we won’t agree and quite frankly I have heard all your opinions I care too. Have a nice day.

  4. A fan of TV says:

    What’s really unfortunate is that this will drip with pointless platitudes and empty apologies and, yet again, will be another 1-on-1 opportunity for Trump to actually explain his policies, and how he will legitimately achieve them, that will be completely, purposely missed.

  5. Wordsmith says:

    Avoiding her has definitely not been making him look good, but I feel like the potential for a PR snafu of spectacular proportions is pretty high here.

  6. Phoenix5634 says:

    Maybe they settled their differences after she realized Hillary is a way worse evil for the country, and Trump has the best chance of taking her down.

  7. David Parsons says:

    He’s a jerk, why are we helping him

  8. Phoenix5634 says:

    Trump, and one of his sons are speaking on Hannity tonight

  9. Pass. Don’t want to give him any more attention than he already gets.

  10. Green says:

    Why does ANYONE want to elect him?
    He’s a nightmare for liberals, but not exactly a messiah for conservatives, either. He disagrees with the bathroom law, wants to raise taxes, and at one point, supported gun regulations, same-sex marriage and socialised medicine. Oh I’m not complaining, just puzzled. Liberals wouldn’t be so gaga over Bernie Sanders if he was once a Catholic libertarian who hated gays, abortions, secularism and wanted to spend the entire budget on the military and corporate subsidies.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Some of your facts about him are abit skewed, bias, I don’t blame you since one of Hillary’s super pacs has influence over the media. If you think Trump is bad, try researching Hillary, she should scare the hell out of you! I don’t understand how people are voting for her. Trump is just passionate, confident and flexible ( open minded/willing to adapt/evolve )… which are pretty good qualities for a leader. But some people are just punishing him for it atm. Wake up people.

      • Mary says:

        No I understand peoples frustration with the Gov’t no matter if you are Liberal, conservative etc. Sorry throwing talking points out and name calling doesn’t exactly instill confidence. The President needs to be a level headed individual that represents everyone not a few chosen ones. They need to be able to look at the big picture and compromise not be a bully. Donald has not exhibit any of those qualities. It is the Trump followers that need to wake up, because even if he wins he has to work with the cabinet who will probably fight him as they have Obama the last 8 years.

      • Green says:

        Between the two of us, I’d guess that you’re the one more influenced by Hilary’s propaganda machine. Her campaign WANTS a Trump-Clinton showdown, because that would mean she’d defeat since he polls poorly with independents and minorities. Cruz, on the other hand, can easily defeat her. He’ll resonate with all conservatives, extreme and moderate, as well as independents and some leftists. He’ll also have a much better advantage with Jews (the conservative ones anyway. Liberal Jews flock to sanders), due to his support for Israel and his lack of support for Russia. More importantly, he’ll clinch the Latino and evangelical vote. If I vote in the general election, it’ll only be for him (I’m socially liberal, but too financially conservative to support either democrat). Hilary’s trying to hush him up and make everyone concentrate on and support trump, so he wins the republican nomination rather than cruz. Just compare their campaigns, their speeches, their platforms. Cruz is a much better conservative candidate.

  11. MMD says:

    Not in this lifetime. Kudos to Megyn Kelly for getting the interview and condolences to Megyn Kelly for having to listen to Drumpf.

  12. Mdp727 says:

    No. I am now so turned off to Trump…he has now shown that he is weak…she dished a lot of crap and now he’s going to eat it. I never watch her show at all and especially after the way she attacked him right out-of-the-gate in the very first low-hitting debate. What a HUGE disappointment he is now that he caved. Will not vote for him now….unless he backs out of the interview and regains his respectability.

    • MMD says:

      When has Trump ever had respectability? He is the most thin skinned, vicious, pompous and misogynistic person I have ever seen run in an election.

      If you watch news coverage from any other country, he is considered a total ass, and that is being overly kind, considering how many groups of people he has insulted. Contrary to what he thinks, the world does NOT revolve around America. While every country has it own issues to deal with, only America has Donald J. Trump.
      Deepest condolences.

  13. HAP says:

    This is all theater with no substance. So sad how our society has become so gullible to this crap.

  14. James Nolan says:

    look forward to it

  15. Margie says:

    I wouldn’t miss it!

  16. D Powell says:

    Yes….I will watch.
    This will probably be heart warming as they gained more insight and understanding into each others lives, views and personalities.
    Each probably felt blind sided during the Aug 2015 interview and the line was drawn. Time has passed, tempers have weakened, heads are clearer.
    They will not agree on everything.
    They have much in common and when the dust settles they will have a mutual respect and fondness.

  17. Jim Linton says:

    As a dedicated FOX News fan, I will be tuned in to watch. I predict that they will both be professional and civil towards each other.

  18. Sean says:

    I would definitely watch it.I feel Kelly was fair and didn’t attack trump at all on stage.she just used his assanine words against I bet if u asked trump what yr did we sign the declaration of indapendace? He would have no clue..probable doesn’t know how many stars are on our

  19. Patricia Perkins says:

    I would watch if I knew what Dish channel I could see it on.

  20. carolyn forlines says:

    At the first FoxNews Republican debate, Megyn Kelly and two colleagues (who were also questioners) as they were planning the debate conspired by writing questions specifically directed to Donald Trump to “Bring Down Trump.” Trump was set up by their last question about whether all 17 candidates would vow to vote for the winning candidate regardless of who it was. All the other 16 voted, “Yes.” Trump voted, “No.” After many days, Trump did say he would go along with a yes. Later on when it seemed Trump could win the Republican nomination, some of the 16 backed down and said they would not vote for Trump. Donald Trump has gotten punched from all sides. He never gave the first punch; he defended himself by counter-punching. Megyn Kelly who once had been at the top of our TV Totem poll plummeted to the bottom after her move throughout the debates to “Bring Down Trump.” She said her questions were just tough. I say her body language, demeanor, and wording were mean, tacky, and not worthy of the Megyn we once knew. She and many other TV journalists owe Donald Trump an apology for conspiring to bring him down. The TV response by Mitt Romney about Trump reminded me of our playground brawls while in elementary school.

  21. Rosemarie says:

    Can’t find station. Waited since last week to view it. Disappointed!!!!