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The Good Wife Recap: A Very Short Engagement

Please tell me I’m not the only one who spent the last five minutes of this week’s Good Wife episode clutching the couch in horror, worried Alicia and Peter might wind up having another one of those commitment-free quickies to which they’ve grown so fond, or at least accustomed.

The red wine was flowing like inappropriate intel from Veronica’s mouth, not one aspect of Jackie and Howard’s ketubah signing was going as planned, Zach dropped a bombshell that he was engaged (and dropping out of college), and then Jason had to go and complicate matters by giving Alicia a deed to 500 acres on Mars — a joke gift offered at the exact moment she told him she wanted to be with him in a long-term-type situation, based on her one major life realization to date, “There is no better moment than now.”

When he came back to explain himself later in the hour, it was up to Alicia to translate his strong, silent, grinning word salad of explanation: “You want to go somewhere else, and you want me to go with you, but not now, but at some point when you get itchy about staying in one place? OK, I need to think on this.” The good news for Jason is, Alicia sealed her comment with a kiss. The bad news is, how’s a lawyer with national name recognition supposed to make a living while living all loosey-goosey and devil-may-care? (This type of lifestyle is much easier, of course, when you have a scruffy beard, a penchant for leather jackets and a profession that doesn’t require you to pass a daunting state bar examination.)

When the densely plotted, decidedly complicated party at Casa Florrick emptied out — leaving only Peter and Alicia sitting together on a bed — conditions seemed perfect for an ex-rated movie. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed, and the duo merely toasted to their impending divorce. I’d call that a happy ending… because, no, no, no… to paraphrase Taylor Swift, they are never, never, ever, getting back together.

As for everything else, let’s recap the action from Season 7, Episode 20, “Party” (AKA the third-to-last Good Wife ever) which took place almost entirely at Alicia’s pad and played out like a Downton Abbey parlor soiree:

GOLD-EN OPPORTUNITY? | Eli tasks Jason with proving Peter’s guilt in the case of tanking the murder case against the son of a major donor — because he needs to know how good Assistant U.S. Attorney Connor Fox’s case really is. After all, the plea deal being offered to Peter includes three years in prison, and Eli says the evidence he’s seen doesn’t support it. Jason gets pretty damning intel from ADA Matan Lewis, the lead detective on the case, and the head lab tech on the evidence — learning Peter (then a new State’s Attorney) micromanaged the case, went to the crime scene, and was the last person to check out the bullets that went missing from evidence.

Matan’s subsequent visit with Cary has Mr. Agos worried he might be a potential scapegoat — and so he hires Louis Canning, who in turn, calls Eli’s lawyer Diane to see if she wants to join forces in “a coalition of the innocent.” Louis even tries to get Alicia on board – she rejected spousal privilege under grand jury questioning, he points out — but his efforts seem in vain. Eli seems to buy Peter’s explanation that the lab tech on the case was incompetent (and needed double-checking). As for the bullets, the now Illinois governor hired Diane’s hubby Kurt to double check ballistics. (Uh-oh… could this be any more incestuous?) And while Eli fires Jason — deeming him tainted by his feelings for Alicia — Jason does some more digging on the lab tech and confirms Peter’s version of events. (Someone shoulda hire Robyn, am I right?!_ So… if Peter actually isn’t guilty of letting a man go free for murder in exchange for campaign donations, what exactly is going on? Creators Robert and Michelle King have two hours left to tie it all up in a tidy (or perhaps rumpled) ribbon!

A TALE OF THREE COUPLES | It’s a night to celebrate Howard and Jackie — whoops, the florist delivered funeral arrangements! — but Zach creates the biggest waves by bringing his new girlfriend and dropping the bombshell that they’re getting married, that he’s following her to a job in France, and that he plans to be a house-husband with dreams of writing a memoir. Hannah (the new fiancée) doesn’t quite endear herself to her future mother-in-law by gushing that while most of her friends think Alicia is “a throwback to an old kind of domesticity,” she applauds her decision to stand by Peter as “a harbinger of a new kind of feminism.” (Girl, at least be all in your merlot before you start spouting this kind of mess!)

Unfortunately, a drunken Veronica spills Peter and Alicia’s divorce news not just to Jackie, but to Grace (and by proxy Zach) as well. And so Alicia’s mocking tone about Zach’s decisions — “What are you going to write about, Zach?” — get thrown back in her face. She tells him he should hold off on moving to France until his father’s case is one — “it’s what you do for family” — and it’s shocking she wants for him the same compromised decisions that have made her unhappy for a decade now. But eventually she tells Peter to leave their son alone — that his mistakes should be his own. (This after Hannah shrugs that divorce isn’t such a big deal — that “marriage should work for us — not us for marriage.”)

Alicia ends the hour watching what looks like the series finale of that heavy-handed cable series she loves so much, and toasting her divorce with Peter. But what to make of Jackie’s cryptic farewell to her soon-to-be ex-daughter-in-law — they’re more alike than Alicia thinks?

What did you think of this week’s Good Wife? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I really loved the tension between Alicia and Jason. But everything else in the episode had my head spinning. And seriously, when are we going g to find out that Lucca and Jason are family?!?!? That has been subtlety teased out all season and Alicia has been too distracted to notice. I just want Lucca and Cary together and Alicia and Jason together and Peter in jail. Is that too much to ask?

  2. karenb says:

    Yes, I too was worried that Peter and Alicia were going to hook up again! Overall, I felt this episode was just a filler. An opportunity for past cast members to have their final scene. But the episode did nothing to advance the storyline.

    • I’m probably one of the few who wouldn’t have minded a last hook up for old times sake. Call me crazy but I think Alicia and Peter’s love-hate relationship is far more interesting than her relationship with Jason. She and Jason have zero in common. He’s just handsome.

      • Cee says:

        I agree, Jason is a user. This storyline was very much like the real world. Jason wants Alicia for sex but he doesn’t want to make a commitment. This episode was trying too hard to reach for a shockwave. News about Zach quitting school and getting married didn’t do it for me. If the writers come up with something mind blowing about Jason’s past that will do it for Alicia. All in all this episode was all over the place. Three more episodes to go. Will we learn the real reason Peter went to the murder site. Could it be he was involved with the woman that was killed and wanted to make sure she was dead. Which bad guy is worse – Jason or Peter? Which one will Alicia run off into the sunset with? A happy ending for me would be that this is all a dream and Alicia runs off into the sunset with Will, the man she’s loved all along.

      • Eileen says:

        I still think that Alicia and Peter will end up together-Jason is great looking but their “hook up” feels so wrong and is just a hook up. There is a chemistry between Alicia and Peter tha transcends.

        • You’re so right. Peter is sort of a dog, but Alicia loves him. I hope they end up together. Jason has helped Alicia learn not to care what others think of her, which is good. But there’s no way they could have a real relationship that wasn’t just based on physical attraction.

      • Samantha Jones says:

        Agree! He’s easy on the eyes, easy to be with and likely easy to please because he’s a free spirit. He fascinates her but I don’t think he’s right for her. Will wasn’t either. Alicia loved will because Will really loved her. Deep down she’s still into Peter, the dawg that he is, but she’s smart enough to know he will likely never be what she needs him to be. Her mama bear behavior every time he’s in trouble is NOT just for the kid’s sake. She’s still the Good Wife.

      • Michael Gorecki says:

        You’re right.I detect no chemistry at all
        between Alicia and Jason.Certainly nothing like what she had with Will.The sexual tension between them was palpable .

      • Becky says:

        I agree with your comment that Jason and Alicia have ZERO in common. Alicia and Peter are a more interesting couple, there are moments between them that is very touching, he still loves her and she still has feelings for Peter.

    • I thought it did advance the storyline. It had filler, but they had to explain what the mysterious charges were for. It was shocking it actually had nothing to do with the campaign. At least we now know what and it might actually be for something he didn’t do for a change

  3. I laughed out loud a few times watching Alicia trying to explain/decipher the meaning of the Mars Deed. Great writing. It’s that moment when your not-quite-yet-partner does something so non sequitur, you have no idea what the heck it means…so you spin your wheels trying to make sense of the senseless. We’ve all been there. And…what DID Kurt do with those bullets?!?!?! Tune in next week…

    • Citygirl says:

      Jason and Alicia will not be partners – maybe for a little while, like a month, but never permanently. Jason likes the “drop of the hat” sex but I do not see him making Alicia his permanent partner. Deep down, he doesn’t trust her.

      • Samantha Jones says:

        Agree! He fears commitment and her impending divorce.

      • Eurydice says:

        Nah, Jason isn’t going anywhere, Those wanderlust kind of guys want to be free, free, free, until somebody tells them “OK, there’s the door.” Then they’re all “Well, I didn’t mean right now.”

  4. Kathy Lefebvre says:

    Where can I find the wines glasses shown in the 4/24/16 episode.

  5. christopher bee says:

    That was a supurb Hour of Greatness. I hope the Kings will be back soon with another show.

  6. tonia_j says:

    One of the best episodes of the season. Just like the goodold days. Funny. Unpredictable (dog’s allergic reaction :). Funeral flowers and that RIP cake. And, of course, a lot of wine.

  7. I have a feeling the last episode of The Good Wife is going to leave me feeling sad and unsettled.
    It just doesn’t seem like a happy ending kind of show. But that’s life, I guess.

  8. Gas Mann says:

    Last week’s episode was actually pretty good. This one seemed more like filler, failing to resolve much and just keeping the same plot threads open. Alicia has, over the arc of the series, become less likable. Some would see her as empowered, but she seems instead more and more selfish and, well, dumb. For instance, she goes pretty ballistic over Jason’s gift — obviously a playful chuckle that wasn’t meant to coincide with her sudden outpouring of serious feelings to him last week. (And this after she’s waffled about whether she wants things to be serious or not.) He’s never shown himself to express his feelings through material things, from his generally uber casual look to his crappy truck to his lack of interest in money. So why would the gift suddenly be something “deep”? The idea that she would be so upset seems forced by the writers and makes her seem stupid and flighty, something she is not in most other aspects of her life. Being empowered *does* mean people become more selfish, but Alicia is drifting into Seinfeld territory. That would be good if the series ends with her sad.

    • chris says:

      I agree that Alicia way over thought the Mars gift but it also seemed stupid that Jason would give her this gift, especially at that moment. Jason’s like Kalinda. We don’t know much about him–even if he’s a good guy or a bad one.

  9. Chris says:

    This felt a lot like the beginning of the goodbye tour. Last ep for Zach, Jackie, Veronica, Owen, Marissa….

  10. abz says:

    One of the best episodes of the season. TGW really does excel at these type of episodes. There was so much good:
    – Alicia laughing at the RIP cake.
    – Alicia laughing at Zack (LOL when she said “Je ne sais pas” I was dying)
    – Alicia and Grace talking about the Mars deed.
    – Seeing Veronica and Owen one last time
    I am so gonna miss this show.
    Alicia better not sleep with Peter. That CANNOT happen!!

    • I hope, after 7 seasons, she’s over sleeping with Peter. I am wondering how they are going to suddenly jump to an all female firm, Canning is back representing Cary, and will Alicia end up with Jason?

    • Oh, I don’t know. After the evening they’d just had Peter and Alicia needed a stress reliever. What better than a romp in bed. After all, THEIR sex life was never the problem, and nothing relieves stress like an orgasm.

  11. abz says:

    Oh and I’m guessing after that call with Canning, the show will finally get Alicia to turn on Peter when it’s revealed to her his involvement in the vote rigging for her SA campaign. I hope they don’t end the show without her finding out about it.

  12. Guy Laurin says:

    «(This type of lifestyle is much easier, of course, when you have a scruffy beard, a penchant for leather jackets and a profession that doesn’t require you to pass a daunting state bar examination.) Did you forget that Jason is a former lawyer, who was disbarred?

    • Legal Beagle says:

      I was just going to post the same thing about Jason. At least Michael was correct in stating the bar exam is daunting because it is. I still have nightmares about it all these years later!

    • JoMarch says:

      What about Jason being a disbarred lawyer have to do with Michael’s statement? He’s DISBARRED, so he doesn’t have to pass various state bar exams as Alicia would if she were a nomad. He’s an investigator. Perhaps in some states he would have to be licensed, but Michael’s comment still stands.

  13. lululimon says:

    I think they are leaning too heavily on Alicia and Jason. There’s a “will they or won’t they” end up together element that I’m finding kind of generic. I like them together, but I’d like to see a sharper focus on Diane and Cary in the last episodes. I don’t know I just see Diane and Cary getting the shaft the past few seasons, and I don’t think that’ll change come finale time. They should be the most important people in Alicia’s lives outside her family. The scene where Zach announces he’s going to become a writer was funny and played well.

  14. lkh says:

    It might have been designed to give us a look at all the actors. Alicia seemed a bit like a spectator. The daughter-in-law to be, yikes!

    • Kroger1939lady says:

      I love the Kngs’ writing …. Every week I have a new scenario to put together in my mind. I now believe Alisha will defend Peter in court and win with the last minute findings of her hunk, Jason.

      I love the Kings’ writing …. every week I have a new scenario to put together in my mind.
      Alisha will defend Peter in court and win with the last minute findings of her hunk, Jason.
      Then with everything clear for her to ride off into the sunset with Jason , she will hang with Peter because political wives rarely leave their spouses (and the name of show is The Good Wife not the good girlfriend). This will leave room for silly old lady me to pack a red dress and heels and find that wonderful pickup with a little old driver so lively and quick and handsome and fun and swoonable ……..JASON!

  15. Sandra says:

    I am sad that the series is ending but there is a lot to tie up in just 2 more episodes. We’ll see but I think it’s going to be a disappointment. Love this show.

  16. so who’s gonna get the spin off from TGW? is it finally Christine Baranski’s turn to lead a TV series after side kicking for years and years on TBBT and TGW and many others? IDK, but if it happened I’d sure watch

  17. ry says:

    Which cable show was shown? “Banshee?”

  18. Tom-VA49 says:

    There have been enough criminal charges filed on this show for the law firm that should have its logo written in pencil to stay busy just defending its partners, associates and families. I don’t remember the last time that the Good Wife was a good wife. I got the feeling that after the decision was made to end the series all of the ideas that the writers had for the future were dumped into last few shows .

  19. Well, I guess I’d have to watch the episode as this recap made absolutely no sense to non-watchers. Can someone please rewrite it in a language that can be understood?

  20. Tony Haubert says:

    They seemed to have most everyone from all previous seasons at the party!!!! My question is where is KALINDA??????? She would of already had this case solved and been partying !!!

  21. jbutler says:

    Throughout the seven seasons of the good wife I have been disappointed in the Alicia character for her bad choices and narcissistic attitude. For all her mistakes Peter assumes the blame. Now, this last episode shows Alicia’s last fling is a restless “hit it and forget it” type and another bad choice. Grace’s revelation of her sleeping with the hired help was perfect. From sleeping with scumbag Will to bed hopping with Jason. The divorce should have happen in season 2 when she first filed but for “good ole” Will it was stopped so they could use Peter’s position to L/G advantage. The witch hunt is over; Peter is finally “free.” Giving up all she has to follow Jason adventures on the move from place to place would be a fitting ending for “The Good Wife.”

  22. shirley spieler says:

    I tink it is a pity that once was a great show I mean a GREAT SHOW as turned out to be a f;at sex drinking nothing very sad

  23. Lulu says:

    Well, that’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back. I thought it was a convoluted, uninspired, sooo unrealistic mess. It was more like a contrived reunion show than a drama. Everybody showed up. Diane and Kurt canoodling at a party? Get real!. Jason doing all that “investigating” during the course of an evening party? I thought Jackie had dementia? I guess they found a cure during an episode I missed, In fact, I thought Jackie’s and Howards dementia was what made them the perfect nursing home couple. We have two more episodes of nothing but tying up loose ends-sort of. Zack will go to France, Grace to college and Veronica to rehab. Alicia will be a partner in her “all girl” firm and Peter will not go to jail. Oh! and Peter and Alicia may or may not get a divorce but will remain a couple. Hannah’s little speech about marriage foretold that. Jason is a boy toy in a leather jacket. This is all predicated by Alicia not losing more weight and fading away to nothing in the final scene of the finale.

  24. After watching last night’s episode, I think it’s a good thing this is the end of this series. The episodes are to back and forth between happenings, no smooth moving from one to the other. Just a jumbled mess with no redeeming value.

  25. giovaninia says:

    love the show hate it is going off

  26. Sallie Frisina says:

    I’m just over this show.

  27. Sarah8834 says:

    Alicia is really taking a step down from her ego-centric, ambitious narcissistic husband Peter to a basic narcissistic aging cowboy type. I’m glad to see her character finally happy and not a candidate for AA but she turns all school girl silly a bit too much for me to buy with all the smarts she’s demonstrated throughout the series. Emotional intelligence just isn’t her bag I guess. No one seems to ever be drop dead direct on the show except occasionally Eli. Hey if only Alicia know the “real” Jason i.e. from The Walking Dead. Would she find him sexy still or be running for the hills?

  28. Caroll Bobbitt says:

    I love it!!! I wish it was staying on for another year! I think it’s great how everyone has a part.
    I would go to Mar’s with Jason in a flash!!!!1

  29. Sue Stanley says:

    For all you people that think things are moving too fast, thank goodness they are! It has been sort of slow this year. And, after all, isn’t that the way life really is? I still feel a “Will” scene somewhere. I do hope Peter is not guilty. I do hope that we have a happy or at least comfortable ending. Did Lucca and Jason and know each other before? All in all will miss TGW,

    • Samantha Jones says:

      I think Lucca and Jason know each other but not sure if they are family as someone else on here suggested.

  30. Debbie says:

    I like Alicia and Peter together. But most of all I don’t want to see The Good Wife end.

    • Samantha Jones says:

      I like their relationship but not necessarily as husband and wife. After all that has happened they get along, still like each other even. She’s right, he’s a good parent, which is not always separated when one is a lousy spouse.

  31. Elaine says:

    This show has been gong down hill and no wonder it has been cancelled. They lost me last year with Cary in jail for most of the season on trumped up charges. I do think that the Florek children are really showing what spoiled rotten little beasts they really are. A couple of losers born to parents with some kind of intelligence, although I think she is more so than he. I do not know why Alicia’s mother was even invited or her brother for that matter. I am really going to be happy to see this series “rest in peace.” As to Jason and Lucca being family, I am clueless on that one folks.

  32. racingphan says:

    How come Lucca’s not getting from anyone? What a waste!

  33. maregolden says:

    What if this show ends with Alicia standing at a podium denying allegations of voting fraud, with Peter standing by her side supporting her, like The Good Husband? That would be full circle. lol

  34. Dan says:

    Yes, Jason and Lucca are family. He’s her father.

  35. Ariel McMean says:

    The writers nailed it so many times this season. So happy! I’ve laughed so hard this season!

  36. doggeatdogg says:

    The series has ended and this is their way of
    saying goodbye. Nothing serious is happening as you can see. Zack was in high school yesterday. Last night he was dropping off college and engaged to be married to someone Alicia would
    dispatch quickly instead of giving in to him.
    Everyone was at that party. No one has a story line anymore except Peter. Alicia and Diane will annihilate the prosecution in the following two weeks or so and that will be that. I don’t like the way they treated Cary Agos. He was never really the enemy and they dispatched him like some rotting leftover. Jason and Alicia are like an odd couple but they each need to get uncomfortable and maybe they will find some happiness. I just hope the new show will feature Eli, Diane, and Lucca Quinn. I also love the quirky Tacciones.

  37. Ariel Martin says:

    Oh, how i am going to miss this show, especially Alicia. I do hope there is some kind of spin off with her playing the lead role again. She really is a special kind of actress. I actually enjoyed the craziness of this episode – actually not too far from my crazy life. Please, please, please let us know if there is going to be a follow up.

  38. Patsy Sharp says:

    Go ahead and break my heart. The Good Wife “makes” my Sunday nights. When sports ruin the whole showing of Good Wife it makes me want to scream. Will you at lease reassure me by making plans to show reruns? From the beginning? And what station?

  39. Jeri says:

    This episode seemed like the entire cast was thrown in a mixer and tossed in give them appearances in the show just to say they had made appearances, even though it made no sense. The entire episode was a mess. I suppose this is how the final episodes will go, simply time fillers with no useful content.

  40. Soo says:

    I love that Diane is happily married, I’m glad Alicia and Peter did not have sex for old times sake, I love that Alicia will be with Jason and that her son is making a big mistake. All these people were at the party to say goodbye to us and it was just so much fun!!! I’ll will rewatch in case I missed anything.

  41. Lee Myszak says:

    This show does nothing for me. If you cannot admire even one person in the series it is not worth watching. I dropped it after the first season.

  42. Elle says:

    Could it be that Kurt was asked to lose those bullets by Will ? At that time, it was still triangle time between the three of them…
    And to some here about Kalinda, I let it go, quite some time ago, and frankly, i realized the character was too much built on a mysterious girl artefact, it led to the terrible stories with the husband. Too much and too long mystery prevented an interesting developpment character after the first two seasons, that ship had sailed.

  43. paul says:

    Did anyone notice Zach’s face right after he said goodbye to Alicia? He was visibly upset saying goodbye.

  44. Martin Scherer says:

    What was the significance of the TV programme? Strange thing t be watching at a party in separate room.

  45. msmerlin says:

    I really do NOT like Jason! Everyone else I talk with likes him, including my husband, but he just seems like a dim-bulb fruit loop to me. He stands around grinning like an idiot and grunts one-word replies…not at ALL someone Alicia would go for. I imagine his probably-large anatomy is the draw here, because it’s certainly not the brain or the looks. He looks like a dirty scarecrow. Sorry, I just do NOT like this guy!

    • Kroger1939lady says:

      Oh, honey, you need glasses. I’m 77 and that grin puts a kick in my step; and remember brevity is the soul of wit.

  46. Howlingmad says:

    Letting this series END, is a “Mistake” . . . the best example, is NCIS. Its all about the “Writing”. . . those who currently have done said writing, have done exceptional work . . . but there are OTHERS, of a “Similar Skill”. This series SHOULD be allowed to “Continue” . . . PAY ATTENTION, “CBS” !

  47. Deb says:

    Just sad it’s ending, not a zombie in sight. So much crap on TV

    • Laura says:

      I love Alicia and will miss her sad suffering smart soul. I could see Peter tampering with evidence to protect Alicia as a twist and going to jail for it. But more likely she goes off with Jason because we all love steamy sex and a happy ending.

  48. Myra Miller says:

    I hated it! I think Alica should struck out on her own with Jason. Peter is alway’s a disaster, I wish they would make Carey a hero. Let Dinah leave with her husband. Jason and Alicia commit to each other, and Lucca take over the firm.

  49. Fedup says:

    I thought the ending was so unclear.Alicia was a dumb wife. Peter was a just arrogant.