Angela Bassett Scandal

Angela Bassett's Mysterious Scandal Season Finale 'Role' Revealed

Next up for Angela BassettAmerican Horror Story: Washington D.C.?

Late Friday, Scandal leading lady Kerry Washington shared on Instragram the following photo of the Oscar-nominated actress on the ABC drama’s set. “Final #fraturday of the season,” Washington wrote. “#ScandalFam basking in the glow of the one and only [Angela Bassett].”

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Angela Bassett Scandal

Alas, Bassett was not in the OPA offices filming a guest stint. Rather, an insider tells TVLine that she was merely shadowing co-executive producer Tom Verica (pictured, far left) as he directs the Season 5 finale.

Perhaps Bassett is planning to helm an episode of Scandal herself in Season 6?

Scandal‘s Season 5 finale, titled “That’s My Girl,” is set to air on May 12.

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  1. Norda says:

    I recently dropped Scandal. I loved Liv and Fitz, and I’m not against abortion, but I feel like whole thing was dumb. It’s getting too dark for me. I could try it again if Bassett is involved. Love her.

    • abg says:

      The first half of the season was fine. Now it kind of sucks

      • Dude says:

        It was really good when the focus was on the campaign but now that we’re back to this Olivia killing people craziness and Jake bull, it’s atrocious and stupid as hell.

      • Teléfila says:

        You’re right! I’m thinking of stop watching it and unless Mellie wins the election, I think I’ll say goodbye to the series when the season ends.

  2. Kevin K says:

    Angela Bassett was great in the final season of ER. Hope her guest starring role on the season finale of Scandal should be an Emmy worthy performance.

    • Luke says:

      Kevin – You didn’t even read the article did you? Angela is NOT joining the cast of Scandal. Thus not Emmy worth performance from her on it. It’s amazing how many people these days read a headline and don’t bother reading everything that comes after it (you know, the article). Sheesh.

      • liame says:

        Hahaha so true, but I think Kevin was being facetious, the article is not that long and I think he wanted to make a point.

  3. Apparently both Susan and Mellie go after the same investor in the next episode. And Katie Lowes said she couldn’t say who the investor is but people will loose their minds….SO I suspect its Angela Bassett

  4. Ian says:

    And I just caugjt Strange Days again on cable the other day. Love Angela to death. It’s just too bad she isn’t really guesting on Scandal then, because I refuse to watch anything from Ryan Murphy, so I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing her in anything recent since Coven.

  5. Chicago Dan says:

    Bummer. Click-bate. Thought she’d actually be on show. It’s amazing how far and fast Scandal dropped in ratings after that awful kidnapping story. I’ve tried to watch twice since that big disappointment and it’s just not there. Really surprised that the show hasn’t received a major reboot.

  6. Really tired of Joe Morton’s hammy overacting. Maybe a new director will tone him down.

  7. Cas says:

    I agree Scandal is taking things a little far. And it is annoying. I also hope Liv’s dad dies soon.

  8. bigdede says:

    I believe if the just hurry and give Shonda an Emmy, Scandal will go back to the great show it once was. The over acting by Kerry and the very dark storylines from Shonda show they are trying their best to show that Scandal isn’t a “nighttime soap”. Well apparently people like Scandal when it was soapy because going from 10 million to 6 million viewers show that people miss the soap opera element of Scandal. The Olitz breakup and unnecessary abortion really drove away viewers. It’s not that people cared that Olivia was having the abortion but it was just so unnecessary. For 10 years Olivia/Fitz have been having sex, mostly unprotected, yet she has never gotten pregnant. I’m suppose to believe Olivia Pope would all of a sudden forget to take her birth control and get pregnant? Shonda didn’t have to throw in that abortion. It made no sense. The show isn’t Scandal anymore. Olivia isn’t fixing anything anymore. And Jake’s backstory was way too dark. How can he be so warm and loving to Olivia with that kind of backstory?

  9. QueenB says:

    I loved Oliva Pope but the abortion and break up with Fitz seemed so out of character as does her turning into a female version of her father all to make Jake relevant when it’s been stated she doesn’t love Jake like she loves Fitz I still watch but it’s messy and convoluted the only plots that are working is the Mellie for President and Susan Ross. Really Olivia and Jake and Rowan are the weakest storyline this season

  10. Tracy says:

    Even the phenomenal Angela Bassett wouldn’t get me to watch that crapfest again.

  11. Chuck says:

    If I’m not mistaken, I believe it was announced that Bassett would be the first woman to direct an episode of American Horror Story next season.