Scandal Recap

Scandal Recap: Speak Now

Thursday’s Scandal cordially invited viewers to the event literally no one was waiting for: Jake Ballard’s wedding to Vanessa Moss. So why did Jake spend the entire hour reflecting on his relationship with Rowan?

The answer is simple: Jake has daddy issues like whoa. Through a series of twisted flashbacks, we learned that young Jake stood idly by as his father beat his mother and raped his sister, a volatile cycle that ended with his sister’s suicide — following the abortion of his nephew/brother. And when Jake, formerly known as “Pete Harris,” found himself in B613 boot camp, Rowan made sure to exploit every last demon on the road to breaking him.

“I’m not him,” we saw Rowan tell a shivering Jake, fresh from a stint in the hole. “I will not hurt you. I will protect you. I’m here for you, son.” (Gee, I wonder how Rowan would feel about his “son” sleeping with his [actual] daughter on the night before his wedding, even if marrying Vanessa is merely part of the duo’s plan to turn Jake into Edison’s running mate.)

When the big day finally arrived, Jake was all set to jilt his basic bride — that is, until Rowan whispered these sweet nothings in Liv’s ear: “If this wedding does not go forward, I will slit his throat. … He’s the talent in this family, and I’d rather he be dead than mediocre. I’ve already lost a daughter. Like hell if I’m going to let what happened to you happen to my son.”

Unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on how you were hoping this scenario would play out — Liv is a much better actress than she gives herself credit for. Her impromptu speech about loving Fitz, about how Jake is merely the “lesser version of him, a sad reminder of the man [she] truly deserves,” did the trick. Jake and Vanessa swapped “I do”s, and he lived to see another day. (But will he see the Oval Office?)

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Chester says:

    Jake is her true love, not the wishy washy president.

    • Fitz is the only one who has been consistent on knowing & expressing who and what he wanted. Olivia is the wishy-washy selfish coward who only loves herself, and I hope that Fitz never deals with her again.

      Really despise how Olivia’s character has been so thoroughly trashed to bring her down to Choke’s garbage level. SR’s neverending hard-on for the untalented Foley continues to torpedo the show.

      • ldylkngb says:

        OLIVIA LOVES FITZ! This sudden change of her loving Jake is unbelievable, and I am tired of the writing changing. Shonda needs to go back to the tried & true. Jake was and is the stand in for Liv. Liv needs to take Rowan down!

        • Gary Beals says:

          Do you remember Rowan telling Liv &Jake…”WE ARE ALL FAMILY! Thought she might throw that back at him. If anybody “takes out” Rowan it will be Huck, who has that look again.
          Best episode ever last night. Thank you, Shonda & writers, can’t wait for TGIT.

        • GLORIA says:

          Couldn’t believe that she just forgot about Fitz seriously I had to turn to the Blacklist all of a sudden she is so in love with murderous Jake hope its leading to take her dad down

        • GLORIA says:

          Couldn’t believe that she just forgot about Fitz seriously I had to turn to the Blacklist

    • Chester says:

      Fitzgerald wanted to turn her into a First Lady. Yuck. Even if he always wants her, that does not matter if he does not see her for herself. Jake does see her.

      • Lee says:

        Yeah whereas Jake, her ‘true love’ has chocked her, made a sex tape of her, hospitalised her, threatened to kill her and broken into her home repeatedly. He’s taken up with another woman after WHILE ALREADY DATING Olivia.
        Oh, and he also called her despicable and said he’s too good for her.
        Is THAT what you mean when you say he ‘sees her?’ Because I’ve long since realised that people who root for Olivia to be with Jake have no regard for her and think she deserves rough treatment.
        The idea of her as a First Lady and a woman a man would build a house for is anathema to them. First Lady’s good enough for Mellie, but Olivia must forever be a sidepiece and Mellie’s ‘help’.
        Jake tried to kill Rowan behind Olivia’s back 2 seasons ago, if he really wanted to avoid the wedding, why not kill him now? They live together, how hard could it be?

        • fiberlicious says:

          Here’s the simple answer: He is HOT HOT HOT.

        • K.W says:

          Fitz is weak, boring and needy and suffocating and a terrible POTUS (who would rather send men into war to save 1 life).
          He is also a horrible father who puts the needs of his ‘mistress’ above his dead son. Can anyone explain how and why Rowan is still breathing and walking around in DC so freely when he’s the one responsible for for killing Fitz’s son. As Potus, FItz could have had Rowan thrown into a hole and left to rot in there without anyone having clue where he was…not even Olivia. Last night’s episode Rowan and Fitz even shared the same breathing space at Jake’s wedding like WTH. Fitz let Rowan live, plain & simple…after he killed his son all because of his love for Olivia…weak AF!

          • sweettweeny says:

            The reason why Rowan is walking around because the Potus dead son’s mother forged the Potus signature to release him.

          • Erica says:

            OMG! I swear I have been saying the same thing. Jake may be “crazy” but Fitz is a weak selfish fraction of a man. I don’t see how Olivia could lay with him. She’s playing games with Jake. Liv is like the fucboy that text your phone every two months to say “miss u” so you can’t move on. I was happy when he started shading her a little.

          • Nathalie says:

            “Can anyone explain how and why Rowan is still breathing” because the weakest character on the show, jake , a robot of the evil family Pope, ate for months fried chichen insteaed of killing Rowan one night in his bed. They leave together for months no? He didv’t want Vanessa, why could’t he say no to the mariage?

            Team Fitz

        • Kat Aston says:

          Thank you for this post. These people despise the fact that Fitz has loved Olivia more than his ex wife. They will never be over that, even though Mellie could care a less about Fitz and Olivia.

        • Phil says:

          I love how people always leave out certain things when pointing all the bad things Jake did to Olivia. Choking someone means you make them unable to breathe. Not what Jake did to her, he just held her by the throat. Not a great move, but not as horrible as people love to paint him as. Sex tape. Fitz was the one who had Jake up the surveillance on Olivia from photo to video in the first place, and Jake questioned him when he did. Also, the entire reason why Jake got with Olivia in the first place is because Command ordered him to do it. Jake practically had no agency in it. Hospitalisation. Happened because Olivia couldn’t wait two seconds without struggling for him to show her Charlie breaking into her apartment to kill her. Far from me thinking either Fitz of Jake should end up with Olivia, she’s toxic and brings out the worst in them, but the people who go out of their way to hate Jake are as bad as the ones who go out of their way to say Olivia is still someone worth rooting for. She employs double standards whenever it suits her, and is a major hypocrite, Shonda Rhimes herself has said that. Olivia acts like she’s better than everyone else, when she’s just as bad, if not worse.

          • niloofar says:

            Thank you, Huck did much more than Jake when he found out Liv was command’s daughter and Fitz grabbed her wrist like her dad when he found out she went to island with Jake, get over it. none of them are saints.

          • Felicity says:

            Hear hear! Exactly my 2 cents about the whole thing :D

        • sol_daro says:

          Jake said olivia was too good for him and 80% of the time jake violated olivia it was either under the order of fitz or rowan and olivia did her fair share of tormenting jake.

        • Nathalie says:


    • Cena Gomez says:

      I read this a lot, but the crazy thing she’s never said it. LOL! Olivia does not love Jake. She has only confess love to Fitz. Shonda is just dragging the triangle out for another season. It is tired and old. there is no surprise why fans have stopped watching.

    • Bev says:

      Oh puleeeeeze Olivia uses and discards Jake like a Q-tip. Always has, always will.

  2. niloofar says:


    • Chester says:

      That was a bummer of an episode

      • dlr929 says:

        It broke my heart a bit. Jake became so vulnerable and the audience found out so much more about him, it was so hard to watch. Love them together.

        • 7joanna says:

          Agree. Found myself yelling “don’t do it” at the TV screen during the Wedding. Adore Jake. But, if he ever gets happy with Olivia he is a dead man. Keep waiting for Shonda to kill him off then I will not have to watch the show anymore. Do not understand why these comments are so anti-Jake when Scott Foley is so delicious to look at.

          • Lee says:

            The comments are anti-Jake because most serious fiction watchers can seperate the character from the actor.
            Just because Christian Bale was handsome didn’t make the American psycho a good date.
            This isn’t reality TV, it’s fiction.

          • Cheyenne says:

            He’s not much to look at and he is a very mediocre actor. In a word, he’s boring.

  3. Jake L. says:

    This might have been the most boring Scandal episode ever. What a way to kill the momentum from the last episode. This out-of-left-field storyline needs to go the way of Amanda Tanner and never be brought up again.

  4. Stacey says:

    I’m sure her speech was supposed to sound contrived, when in actually, it was probably more honest than her behavior most of the back half of this season. I keep wondering where this season is supposed to lead…sadly coming to the conclusion that I’m not sure it matters.

    • Jbj says:

      She dropped so much truth I started wondering if she was trying to drive him to suicide. Fortunately, Jake’s crazypants brain protected his not-so-fragile ego.

    • Cena Gomez says:

      I agree. It is probably the most honest words Olivia has spoken since the abortion episode. Olivia manipulated Jake like she always does. Nothing new there. Even Jake knows she will always go back to Fitz at some point.

      • I’m really here for Fitz not dealing with her. Not taking her calls, seeing other women, having Abby deal with her professionally and not looking to her for advisement (her bitchfit in the last ep was the only good thing about it), and him saying in this ep that “it’s good to be free”–loved it.

        Let him keep progressing while Liv stays rolling around in the trash. Find some peace & eventually a sane woman who has her own so she doesnt have to be a grasping using hypocrite.

        • sweettweeny says:

          I’m with you. I love Fitz interactions with Abby and Susan Ross. I was tired of him pining over Olivia. I hope they let him move on.

  5. CK3 says:

    I was sick of B613 and Papa Pope monologues, but I’ll admit that I thoroughly enjoyed Joe Morton’s performance in this episode.

  6. Martha Mitovich Leiss says:

    I found it to be very sad tonight. Am curious how this will all pan out in episodes to come. But very sad storyline tonight.

  7. Claire says:

    I enjoy Jake and Olivia more than Olitz so I am hoping they revisit their relationship later. I kept thinking someone was going to end up dead, but instead it sounds like Jake is going to be her next lover in the White House.

  8. Cena Gomez says:

    Fitz is Olivia’s true love. Jake has only been a BC to her for years. Worst episode of the series. A majority of the fans hate Jake, so who cares about his backstory.

    • Chester says:

      Fits is a tin man and and affair, mouthing deep there.

      • Chester says:

        Auto correct is a nightmare

      • sweettweeny says:

        Well, Jake is now married so are you going to feel the same way about Jake. And no excuse that Jake doesn’t love his wife, because it was shown during the entire Season 1 that Fitz was in a dead marriage and had been in a dead marriage for over 10 years. All through Season 1 and 2 Fitz had made it known that he was willing to leave his marriage to marry Olivia. Now that Jake is married, is it going to be excused that he is willing to cheat on his wife

        • T.M. says:

          Welp, Olivia only wants them when she can’t have them so of course she’ll be all about Jake now. Honestly I hope she has a come to Jesus moment gets over her feelings for both and devotes herself to the Gladiators. TBH in the last few seasons when she works with them is really the only time I’ve seen her honestly happy. She loves what she does, and is capable of doing and both Jake and Fitz take away from that. She needs a partner not either of these sniveling man babies.

          • Lee says:

            Olivia doesn’t need a partner, she needs a shrink.
            She just bludgeoned a man to death and she’s currently engaged in trying to take down her father, who she suggested getting out of jail in the first place.

          • sweettweeny says:

            But when Olivia was with Fitz she was devoted to the gladiators. The reason why I dislike Jake is because when she is with him she is more into the B613 and Rowan stuff.

    • K.W says:

      Thank goodness Shonda does not pander to fans….She tells the story she wants to tell, like it or not…nail after nail in Olitz coffin…Fitz hardly ever has screen time nowadays.

      • Lauren says:

        She might have to if she wants to keep the show on the air. Numbers have been dropping drastically. 10 mil the first episode. Now averaging between 5-6 mil viewers. The show is bleeding out fast. Shonda will have to give the viewers what they want, or the show will end next season.

    • Linda Minor says:

      Please put Jake and Olivia together and let them work as team. she love him a lot but don’t want to admit it. my heart hurt for Jake and he need to be love and like he said Olivia is one. come on Shonda put them together and move Fitz out the way send him back to his wife. I’m sick of B613Papa need to go on vacation for awhile and let Jake and Olivia enjoy.

  9. Cheyenne says:

    On a scale of one to ten, I would rate this episode a minus-five.

  10. Brian says:

    Boring episode. Jake is such a bad and boring character, I don’t get why is there such an continued effort by the writers to prop up his character. They don’t have to do this with any of the other characters. It’s just embarrassing to watch now.

  11. Allison says:

    This episode was sad and I am not sure if it was because of Jake’s back story or if it was because I was expecting the story to pick up from last week and be awesomeness. Clearly, I set my expectations too high. I was just disappointed that’s all. I didn’t care about the wedding. I can’t believe that after all Olivia has put him through that Jake still loved her and was willing to buck Rowan in order to be with her. I can’t believe Olivia thought she could be happy or that she would even get away with her plan. Papa Pope always ruins her happiness – always. The only one that ever put him in his place was Mama Pope (those were fun times, good memories) but for whatever reason Shonda seems to let Rowan rise from the ashes and be reborn every time. Well, the deed has been done now and given all the other awful things this show has done to side characters, Vanessa is lucky she didn’t end up hacked or chopped or shot or missing a body part. Oh wait, they need her. For now. So all or any of the above is still possible. Well, next week’s episode should be interesting. It is Abby v/s Olivia so it will be entertaining…hopefully…

  12. sweettweeny says:

    Even though I am still reeling over the death of a music icon (RIP Prince) I needed to post my main “constructive” complaint. Last episode, so much was made about Olivia suffering PTSD and her killing Andrew – why was this issue dropped? You mean to tell me that her PTSD is over and now her main concern was trying to take down Rowan and Jake by stopping the wedding? My biggest fear, which has just been realized, is that Olivia’s PTSD was used for nothing more than a “plot device” a way to get Olivia to go back to her child hood home to deal with Jake and Rowan. Even the mention of lingering PTSD (her not wanting to go to the white house) was used as a plot device to have her confront Jake on his marriage.

    As for Jake’s backstory, how does this help Olivia with her journey? I would have rather had a backstory on Olivia and how she dealt with her abandonment issues while she was living in a boarding school with no contact from her parents. What about her relationship with her mother during her formative years and what she went through when finding out her mother “died”. Jake’s backstory gave me no insight into Olivia Pope. More importantly, it gave me no insight into why Jake is in love with Olivia. As Jake said, they have done horrible things to each other, but they keep coming back to each other – is his love of Olivia an extension of his wanting to actually be a part of Rowan’s family? Is Olivia’s attraction to Jake somehow an extension of her wanting to be loved by Rowan? I notice that both of them tend to run back to Rowan even when its against their best interest.

    As for Jake and Olivia’s relationship, once again the writers “muddle it”. In one scene she tells Huck and Quinn that she knows she is Jake’s weakness and will use it to get what she wants. So was she using Jake’s weakness for her to stop the wedding, which I assumed she was doing or does she actually have feelings for Jake, because she told Huck she wanted to be happy? By stopping the wedding, Olivia and Jake acknowledged that his career would be ruined and we all know that Olivia likes powerful men so how would she be happy with Jake in this type of situation?

    The last scene was brutal and it is my honest belief that the writers have been reading various message boards because we, as fans, have been saying exactly what Olivia said to Jake, that he is a poor man’s Fitz, nothing but a booty call. It seems this scene was lifted, verbatim from the message boards I usually post on. Was this suppose to be her “big break up with Jake” in the same vein like her big break up with Fitz?

    Someone on another message board stated that after Season 2b, Scandal ran out of storyline. They didn’t want to put Fitz and Olivia together because even the cast have stated that if they are together then Scandal ends. Beginning in Season 3, it seems as if Scandal has been running on OMG moments and plot devices trying to extend their seasons and the sad thing about it is that none of it makes since. This arc definately doesn’t make since because suppose, for the 100th time, Olivia succeeds in stopping Jake and Rowan’s plan – what next? If Jake and Rowan are not killed off, then they are always there, lurking in the wings, devising a new plan for power. So what is the point of all this?

  13. I think every one is missing where Olivia said she wanted to be happy. She was talking about being happy with Jake/Pete. I think she said all of those things to Jake to drive him away period. Plus he can’t seem to break Rowan’s hold on him. The only way that is gonna happen is for someone to put a bullet in Rowan’s head.

  14. Momo says:

    Olivia only loves herself!

  15. narking says:

    so there’s officially no more olitz?

    • semah says:

      They have been selling this extraordinary love story of olitz for 4 and half season and now all of a sudden she is in love with jake,, I mean how is it possible to fall out of love for no reason?

      • GLORIA says:

        Exactly that is one of the reason I start watching it Olitz nobody fall out of love that fast not after all they went through

      • Elysia BryanBaynes says:

        What love story? From season one they showed how dysfunctional and dishonest Olitz is as a couple and individually. This stuff with Olake is more of the same. I question those who think season 1-4 was an amazing love story. What show were you watching? It was always all just Scandalous, hence the title.

    • Mary says:

      Rip olitz I won’t forget all the sweet memories in church closets and in the middle of the woods 😪

    • Bev says:

      This love triangle mess is so tiring- ENOUGH already!!! I’ve never seen a show so divided… The Olitz stans are pissed, the OLAKE stans are saddened and the Olivia stans are confused. I guess I’ll give points for Olivia standing in her truth regarding Jake, even though it clearly hurt her to burn that security blanket. What I keep going back to though, is the big fight in 5×09 when she dropped the ugly truth on Fitz, and then breezed out with her head held high, and a cocky smirk on her lips. This is where it doesn’t add up for me, because I can’t be convinced that she didn’t/doesn’t love Fitz, especially since she has spoken the words ‘I love you’ to Fitz on more than one occasion over the last 5 seasons. It’s also readily apparent that the prison she so desperately tried to escape from at the WH/Fitz is the same one she’s now rotting in with her pappy/brother-lover. Olivia has a personality disorder of the highest degree. She needs therapy, medication, and prayer. Is no one here concerned that she is a completely different woman from previous seasons (blame the kidnapping and convenient PTSD I suppose)? Every now and then, we see glimpses of the Olivia from seasons past but really, she’s become so pathetic, co-dependent, and self loathing at this point, that I don’t recognize her anymore which ultimately makes it very hard for me to root for her. Unlike many of the comments here, I believe every word of what she told Jake; I heard no lies, just facts (he’s a booty call… he’s needy…he’s not Fitz and blah blah blah) yes, she only emasculated him to save his life but it doesn’t make what she said any less true. So to anwswer your question is Olitz officially over? No. They’re on the road to recovery. Fitz is already putting in the work, but Olivia…well we see what she’s doing – quivering her lip and running from reality. When she finally grows/wakes up I believe Olitz will be fine.

      • K.W says:

        Of course you’d want what she said to Jake to be the truth even if she was trying to save his life. That would mean that she still holds a candle for Fitz. Yes she’s uttered the I love you words to Fitz but actions always speak louder. She had Fitz, ready, willing and available and she dropped him and aborted his child. What part of that screams love! The words she said to Fitz were much truer and unprompted by anything other than her need to be free of him. For the first time in this series Olivia confirmed what we all knew that Fitz is useless. Her actual phrasing was ineffectual and among other true descriptions, needy and unable to get anything done by himself.
        I find it funny and ridiculous when Olitzers say they don’t recognize this Olivia just because she’s not with Fitz.

        • sweettweeny says:

          And yet, this ineffectual President got passed the Dream Act and the Brandon Bill. While Olivia was away on the island, this ineffectual President had the best six months of his Presidency Also, if you listened to what Fitz was telling Olivia, he was dropping some truth nuggets his damn self

          I’m not a shipper because I believe that Olivia needs to be by her damn self. There is too much water under the bridge between her and Fitz and them getting back together would be highly unbelievable to me, especially after the abortion. I could take a friendship because the two actors, Kerry and Tony, have insane chemistry but hopefully, the love is done.

          But I admit I like Fitz because I believe his sin was loving Olivia too damn much and Olivia played this up to her advantage. I’m just happy that he is finally trying to free himself from Olivia and standing on his own. I, for one, love the relationship he has with Abby and Susan Ross and I see nothing “weak” about a man that respects a woman’s intellect. I also hope against all hope that the writers follow through on what Fitz said “he enjoys his freedom” and I am happy that since Abby started taking on more of a leadership role that he hasn’t called Olivia for anything. Did you see Olivia’s face when Fitz cut her off to defer to Abby? I loved it.

          I hate Jake’s storyline simply because I hate this juvenile triangle. I would rather see Abby and Olivia, mentee and mentor, go at it.

          • K.W says:

            Fitz shouldn’t be applauded for simply doing what he was ‘elected’ to do, it’s his job to get bills passed like the Brandon bill etc…And saying he had the best 6 months of his presidency in Liv’s absense is not saying much about him or his capability as a POTUS really…it goes to justify more how his r/ship with Liv is toxic even to his career…something that we know already anyway.
            He is weak & gullible, after everything that has happened with B613 etc why would he all of a sudden start trusting Jake, also why is Rowan still alive and walking around in DC freely….Fitz has allowed his son’s murderer to be on the loose. And this has nothing to do with Mellie because Fitz knew about Rowan a long time ago and he did nothing because of Liv. He was ready to carry out Justice when he thought Jake- his mistress’ lover- had killed his son but when he found out it was his mistress’ father, he waited on Liv to take down Rowan.
            I enjoyed it too when FItz seemed uninterested in Liv’s opinion & cut Liv off to hear from Abby but that was short -lived…ffwd to end of episode when Liv kills Andrew and Fitz runs to her side and once again Liv takes dominance and tells Abby what to do without Fitz saying anything.

        • Bev says:

          The receipts:
          “You’re weak…you need me too much” – Jake to Liv in 318, “Save me, let me run away with you to the sun”. Now here we are 2 seasons later and Jake needs Liv to save him again from big bad Rowan. How about Liv be allowed to save herself for once? Avoiding her problems by running away, self medicating through booze and sex, and refusing to put in the work to grow and heal is certainly not the answer. Olivia needs therapy. Jake doesn’t need saving, he continuously and voluntarily returns to Rowan/B-613, so this is yet another manipulation tactic. Olivia realized this during Rowan’s monologue and subsequently cut her losses. Jake’s a grown man, he should grow a pair and save himself.
          “You were never an option for me. You’re an escape. Someone to toy with. You’re a yo-yo. A booty call. A side piece”: Jake is easy for Olivia, and honestly I can’t blame her for wanting the simple life after all she’s dealt with, but to call the man a ‘side piece’ while he’s standing there clinching his teeth (aaaaahaaahhaaa). Jake is convenient, consistent, familiar, and welp…easy. Liv calls, and Jake comes. When she and Fitz are on the outs, she’s knocking down Jake’s door, and he’s always available. Let’s not forget the first time they slept together in 218 only AFTER she was hurt by seeing Fitz and Mellie looking cozy on tv together. Again, it’s a fauxlationship of convenience, built on manipulation and deceit (from its inception).
          “You are a lesser version than Fitz”: I won’t even address the obvious and extreme contrasts in their pedigrees, but I mean Jake isn’t prominent enough and lacks the political experience to be on a presidential ticket; At least the other candidates are all politicians. Oh and how would a sociopathic assassin even get through the vetting process? Puuullleeeze. This is the kind of silliness that irks viewers and insults our intelligence. My not recognizing Olivia nowadays doesn’t stem from her estrangement from Fitz, but rather the absence of the sharp, highly intelligent and sophisticated, politically savvy powerhouse that we saw in earlier seasons. This season 5 Olivia can be shady, dark manipulative, ruthless, pathetic, self-loathing and now even murderous.

  16. Eran says:

    A Jake-centric episode? You’re a star, Andy. This recap just bought me 45 min of my life back.

  17. ikwa says:

    yuck i hate this episode . i think jake is livs lust and fitz is her love .

  18. I like Jake and this episode helped explain why he is so attached to Rowan. Poor Jake has gone from a father who was physically abusive to a father figure who is psychologically abusive. Once he realizes this his only salvation will be killing Rowan just like he killed his father.

  19. Greta Nelson says:

    I hope that the writers will let somebody be happy on this show besides dirty Cyrus. I’m glad Jake is married to someone else but that won’t stop Olivia because they have turned the hero and powerful woman into a weak and crippled woman. She has gone from life saver and problem solver to the problem. I told like this Olivia and the way she left Fitz after he gave up everything for her and she turns into a slut for Jake. Please give us a love story again

  20. Nancy Wienhoff says:

    What happened to the love Fitz and Liv shared, was it just a passing in the wind?

  21. Imzadi says:

    Just when you think the show can’t get any uglier or nastier. . .But it was nice to see Charlie!

  22. Mary says:

    Poor Olivia she gets to have sex with the president of the United States and Jake, idk how she has lasted this long in the series with all her hardships 😪

  23. Dee says:

    I am disappointed in the show’s direction. I don’t understand how one minute Olivia is madly in love with Fitz and then the next Jake? What’s going on? Come on SR, I don’t even look forward to the next episode anymore.

    • GLORIA says:

      I definitely don’t after Olitz and wasting all those hours watching episodes of them fighting to be together I’m done

  24. Gary Beals says:

    Joe Morton (Rowan) is an amazing actor, and I am glued to every scene he is in.

  25. Mary says:

    Only a matter of time before Shona kills Fitz in some car accident, I’m having Derrick Shepard Deja vu

  26. Tanita says:

    I’m so over Olivia. She has had so many people killed and hurt trying to take on her father and never completing the task except once.. and then she freed him. She deserves to be the eternal side piece she wants to be. I hope Jake really finds happiness without her. Sick of the show at this point. Tired of everyone babying Olivia

  27. Queen says:

    I don’t get how people on this thread hate Jake!! I don’t get how people on this thread are saying Olivia didn’t really love Jake because of what she said in the end…if anything the end proved how much she really loves this man…she said all she said in the end to save Jake. Papa Pope straight up told Liv if you tell Jake that I am making you break his heart I will SLIT HIS THROAT, if you run away with him I will KILL HIM, she didn’t want to do any of that. Jake may have started out as the rebound guy, the same way she started out as a target to him but overtime the writers had them fall in love…Granted I am actually waiting for this woman to actually say out loud that she is in love with Jake, but now that I think about it I dont recall her ever saying she was in love with Fitz either, never heard her utter the words, other people say it for her but she hasn’t. Because of that I have concluded that Liv probably can’t say the word love, so let’s go by Liv’s actions shall we…Fitz has tried to leave Mellie for Liv many times but every single time Liv blocks this man, Liv even told Mellie you kept him UNAVAILABLE THANK YOU, Liv encouraged Fitz to stay with Mellie many times, and go back to Mellie…Fitz offered to give up the presidency for Liv and go away and “make jam”…Liv entertained the idea and left it at that…an idea…. I’m just gonna stop there cause the list goes on and on and on…Liv didn’t entertain the idea of going away with Jake, she ACTUALLY LEFT with the man, to an island which is why when she told Fitz he was so dumb founded like “really trick”, Liv practically begged Jake not to marry this woman…the thought of jake marrying another woman actually sickens Liv….and too be honest, right before she moved into the white house who did she call over, JAKE, she only ended up at the white house because Jake basically said I’m done with these games you are never going to choose me, so he bounced AND THEN she went to the white house, Fitz WAS NOT the first choice…the woman LOVES Jake, accept it, is IN LOVE with Jake accept it, so much to the point that she is putting her love aside so that he can live…the same way Jake has put his life on the line for her. Fitz NEVER put his life on line for Liv, the dummy puppy dog made everyone else go out to war though….But hey I get it, Scandal has to end with Fitz and Liv together yea yea whatever…but the only way that is going to happen is Jake is going to have to die, I know that makes some people happy… but not me!

    • Brian says:

      Can’t believe anyone thinks this Jake & Olivia rewrite is going to stick. How exactly do you sell the show going forward if she’s with him?

    • sweettweeny says:

      Because that’s Olivia’s job – she saves people. Olivia is at her finest when she can save someone. The problem with her and Fitz, as he so aptly put it in Season 2 during the defiance arc. He told Olivia she rigged the election to save him, “because that’s what you do livvie, you save people” and he then told her that it wasn’t saving that it was control and this is why he was so upset. Jake on the other hand wants to be saved.

      You leave out so much in your post – yes Olivia went to the island, but the minute she stepped foot back on U.S. soil, the first thing she did was seek out Fitz and as usual she some how made her way back into the white house.

      Liv didn’t want Jake to marry Vanessa because she is aware of Papa Pope’s plan. She is aware that Jake is not marrying for love but marrying to further Pope’s plan. Remember when Jake told Olivia that he was dating someone else the woman barely blinked.

      Also, she didn’t call Jake – if you remember, they were working on a case to bring B613 up on charges and she, along with Huck, finally figured out a way to take down Rowan on embezzlement. Jake was working with Olivia during that entire arc. But I do remember her calling Fitz to congratulate him on Mellie’s Senate win and for his help with the Navy woman who was raped.

      Olivia doesn’t love Jake – he is her science project – she likes to save people, she likes to control people, she likes to have the upper hand and with Jake she has all of that. Every things she said to Jake was the God’s honest truth. She would rip through Jake. because Jake has nothing. Fitz, through all of his faults is a two time Governor and President and will spend the rest of his days living a very charmed life. Also, based on his previous positions, he is always going to have some level of power, which, lets face it, Olivia loves power.

      She told Jake the truth, not to hurt him, but to “save him” and this is what she does, she saves people. Fitz doesn’t need to be saved. He can always reestablish his relationship with his two kids, he has tons of money, prestige from being a two term President and let’s face it, the man, for someone in his 50s is handsome. So what can Olivia save him from? .

      As for Fitz, I hope against all hope, that they ARE NOT the end game. I like that Fitz is getting Olivia out of his system and when he told Jake that he liked his freedom, I hope it was telling the truth. I also love the relationship he has with Abby and Susan Ross. and since Abby has taken on more of a leadership role, he hasn’t called Olivia for anything. The only reason they were face to face is Abby called Olivia in to talk to him about the secret service and the gladiators called Fitz in to talk to her about her campaign tactics. Besides that, Fitz calls her for nothing and I love it.

  28. Olitzfan says:

    Shonda started with a good strong woman in Olivia. She was ready to show the world that she could be a successful black woman in a predominantly white male world. She was capable of falling in love, have a concience for being in love with a married man but retain her good spirit and heart. Then she turns into a control freak that is so self-centred that all those who admired and wanted to be like her saw that all she REALLY was is a woman with inferiority issues who needed to prove to herself and the world that she has it together despite the bad genes of her mother and father running through her veins. All she is now interested in is satisfying herself sexually and being in control no matter where or of whom. She has no regard of anybody and quite frankly is heading for self-destruction. Maybe that’s where the writers are heading. Who or what changed this woman? That never came up in the show. where she is right now should have been at the beginning. I think the writers as good as they are got this story back to front. S honda says that Scandal is about Olivia’s life journey. I am not so sure. In episode 5018 Olivia says she wants to be happy. Well if being in control and occasionally satisfying herself sexually makes her happy then she must stay single and selfish. At the moment she is incapable of sharing her heart with anybody. Btw I am a huge Olitz fan because Fitz loves unconditionally. I think Jake is not her weakness but someone who she is not entirely sure of and has not conquered his heart yet the way she is sure of Fitz. She has turned into a b@#ch. I don’t like her character anymore and Scandal is showing signs of a nearing end. Storyline makes no sense

    • Brian says:

      And this is why I hate the Jake character. For the Jake character to be relevant, the Olivia character has to be ruined, made to look wishy washy for him. Notice if a episode is good for Jake it’s always bad for Olivia. Why is that if Jake is such a good character?

  29. Alley says:

    honestly, Scandal feels like it’s getting stale. it’s almost always the same story line. Rowan just has to say he knows about a plan, not to do it or he’ll kill, and then everyone follows the marching orders. No secret plan to pretend the wedding is real and be together? No way to signal that? Not even a try? It’s just the same…thing…over..and..over. Nobody is getting smarter. To me, this is ultimately how most shows fail, when there are only false developments and no real ones. I’ll likely stop watching it every week as it’s been feeling this way for most of this season.

  30. Jake says:

    They have ruined Oliva (the producers and writers). After what Oliva did to the VP, she would have no problem killing daddy!

  31. Phil says:

    It’s great to see how Olivia recovered pretty quickly from beating a disabled man to death, shortly after bullying another man into committing suicide. Andrew may have had her kidnapped, but the whole auctioning her was Olivia’s own idea, she doesn’t get the pin that on Andrew. And even then, Huck had already made sure Andrew would have a miserable life. What a role model. I also think we can count on the majority of Scandal watchers to continue excusing her actions and behaviors because of being brought up by her father, as is their wont, while continue to criticize Jake, despite him having had much worse, both from his actually abusive father, and Rowan. Olivia only got stern, distant father the majority of her life, while Jake got full Command mode Rowan from day one. Double standard at its finest. I do feel there’s this “too little too late” feeling regarding Jake’s backstory, but he was recruited into B613. No healthy person gets drafted there. From the small bits and pieces they’ve dropped about his past through the seasons (the weird flashbacks in the episode he killed James, the time he said “for the first time in my adult life, I don’t belong to the government” when they brought down B613, the stuff we know Huck went through, which we were told was regular stuff in B613), you’d have to supremely ignorant to think Jake didn’t have a broken past.

  32. dil says:

    im calling it right now..jake ballard becomes vice president with edison…then they shoot edison so that jake is president…and thats how they still stay in the oval….with olivia again sleeping with the married president causing a scandal..

  33. lata says:

    Love Olivia and jake,,,he is soooo hot

  34. Viv says:

    Loved it. First 5 star episode in a really long time. I thought the little boy was going to be one of Olivia’s clients. I had no idea. Brilliant backstory. I can’t stop thinking of Jake as Peter now. And come on people, Rowan wants Jake to be president NOT vice president. Edison is a dead man walking…

    Dear Scott Foley, if you ever want anything in this world, all you have to do is wear a white shirt and black pants and put your hands in your pockets. Damn!

    And I have never seen Kerry Washington look so beautiful. Without the Olivia Pope mask and armor, my God, she is exquisite. No wonder the name Olivia has skyrocketed in popularity. I want a little girl just like her! Fantastic episode. More please. 5-5-5.

    • Sandi says:

      Absolutely, I am right there with you!! I LOVE Jake–and so does Olivia!! She is a control freak but love is the only thing that she can’t control. I am sure that is how the Jake thing keep coming back to haunt all of us, good or bad, for all of us Scandal Addicts!! She wants to control her destiny, this choosing Fritz (or not) but Jake always gets under her skin when she is tired of the struggle to fight it any longer. No one is more patient than Jake, which makes him such an easy target for pain. But Jake is so strong, he has the discipline to handle the (Olivia) torture, which is where Fritz is so weak and just goes to his vices as a crutch, or whines/ gets angry.

      Only thing I can’t figure out is why Papa wouldn’t be happy to have Jake and Olivia be a happily married couple, in power at the White House. She wouldn’t be bored and then it could be an entire new direction to have Fitz chasing after Olivia, A real power couple, trying to do things the right way, defying the evil temptation of Papa Pope and infidelity with an ex-president, behind his prime. If Abbie and Susan were still in the mix, it would be one unbelievable powerful team of white hats, slowly picking off the dark hats of Papa Pope, Mellie (that is too great a character to get rid of) and that terrible tycoon that always leverages his weight/money to influence. Let’s see some good things happening with the correctly-matched couples and some white hats return!
      One last thought, kill the Cyrus extra-marital fling with the FitzMellie’s son’s killer. Nobody believes that he could be an assassin by day and Cyrus’s lover at night. Making him gay, is just stupid. Let Cyrus have his marriage and daughter….something has to be “normal” and with all the real life negative steriotyping of LGT going on, can we not just let it be.

  35. Teléfila says:

    A Jake centric episode after a very poor season for the character? I just was able to thing during the 42 minutes that it can’t be too difficult to kill Rowan and that Olivia is not the strong person who eats the world with her speeches that she believes.

  36. Zuki says:

    Her final break up speech broke my heart, I felt for Jake!

  37. JLaw says:

    Olivia DOESN’T love Fitz! She loves Jake! She said that because Rowan threatened to kill Jake. But how many times will Jake be rejected and how long will they delay Olivia and Jake’s happiness. It’s painful to watch. :(

  38. Cait Green says:

    Does nobody understand that she only said those things to Jake so Rowan wouldn’t kill him? She is protecting him. She had to say those things. She doesn’t actually love Fitz still.

    Dumb dumbs

  39. TheWatcher says:

    Damn.. Joe Morton deserves an Emmy for his performance

  40. bobby says:

    Did anyone notice the shadow on the hallway as Papa pope left the kitchen during breakfast (EGGS, EGGS). He did not leave, only slammed the door and listened to their plans to stand up the bride.

  41. Kevin says:

    How could Fitz have been In the navy with jake when jake was called Peter Harris in the navy ? Did Fitz already know about his name change ?

    • Phil says:

      The only explanation I can think of that avoids a plot hole is if after finishing the B613 training, Rowan sent Jake back in to build his fake backstory. I think it would also be in Rowan’s interest to have someone in the Navy, much like he had Tom in the president’s Secret Service. However, that leads to another possible plot hole, in that it would be weird that no one in the Navy recognized Jake as Peter Harris. Rowan was still command, so maybe he doctored records and removed people who would have known him as Peter Harris.