Threes Company Movie

Three's Company Movie (!) in the Works

We’ve been waiting for this news.

The 1977 sitcom Three’s Company is in talks to be revived… as a feature film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

New Line Cinema is currently in negotiations to acquire the rights to the classic TV series, which starred John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt and Suzanne Somers as Santa Monica roommates Jack, Janet and Chrissy. Jack, famously, pretended to be gay in order to have the living arrangement pass muster with the landlord.

Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein (He’s Just Not That Into You) will pen the script, which will reportedly stay set in the 1970s, with Robert Cort (Jumanji, Runaway Bride) attached to produce.

During its eight-season run on ABC, Three’s Company won an Emmy (for Ritter’s work as Jack Tripper) and two Golden Globes (for Ritter and supporting actor Norman Fell, who played Landlord No. 1, Stanley Roper).

Your thoughts on a big-screen Three’s Company? Drop ’em below.

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  1. Ed says:

    No..just No. Any and all talks of Three’s Company, whether its a movie or tv show revival should not even be considered. UNLESS his John Ritter’s son is attached to the project and wants to do it as an homage to his late father

  2. Todd says:

    What a horrible idea. The show was very much of it’s time but now is pretty homophobic and sexist. They would pretty much have to reconstruct it from scratch to try to find a way to make this work without being offensive.

    • Jennifer says:

      Unless they do it like they do How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying. … as a look back and now we can laugh and say how stupid it was,

    • Lucifer says:

      It’s been a while since I watched it last, but can you give some reasons to why it was “homophobic and sexist”?

  3. Jennifer says:

    Please tell me Jason Ritter will be playing Jack. Otherwise, no, STOP with the revivals, reboots (except Gilmore Girls), sequels, prequels. It’s too much.

  4. Ralph says:

    Yeah… Very much a product of it’s time. Who today would get upset with a guy living with 2 girls? No reason to pretend to be gay, etc…. premise doesn’t work today.

  5. LBrize says:

    What’s all the negativity? The show was awesome and hilarious, and I’d love to see it revived!

  6. Walkie says:

    “We’ve been waiting for this news”.

    If you mean as a sad inevitability, then yes.

    Good luck anyone who tries to capture what John Ritter did in that show.

  7. readenreply says:

    it will only work if they switch it up and Jack is gay pretending to be straight because their aren’t LGBT public accommodation protections in the state in which they reside. Roper is an even bigger homophobic buffoon.

  8. Paul says:

    I turned to my co-worker and asked if she ever watched TC, she responded yes! (Something we both watched when younger). The very first words out of her mouth when I told her of this movie were:” Oh god no….why?” :) I echo those words! LOL

  9. TFL says:

    In far left Santa Monica, where the show was set, such a charade would have not been necessary. Even in the 70s. The whole premise of the show was silly. And as talented as John Ritter was, his effeminate play acting to pass as queer is offensive, then and now. Bad idea then, bad idea 40 years later.

  10. mookie311 says:

    if it’s done like “the brady bunch movie”, i think it COULD work.

  11. firstroyal says:

    Because 40 years later its believable that a landlord would refuse to rent to roommates that are unmarried

  12. Whatevah says:

    In the 70’s 2 girls living w/ 1 boy was risque. Now not so much. This is so lame.

  13. grazelled says:

    No. No. No. Wish they would just leave our childhood repeats alone. This show does not age well.

    How would they do this anyway? They would have to either do it as a time period show like the Goldbergs is now or Happy Days did in the 70’s or change it up completely to fit in today’s world unless they do clueless time travelers from the 70’s who end up in 2016.

  14. Viv says:

    What I’d love is a tell-all feature about what went on behind the scenes!

    Don’t whitewash over the feuding and power struggles with a drippy reboot.

  15. murley says:

    Well the article says the movie would be set in the same time period as the original show so I don’t really understand why the central conceit of Jack pretending to be gay suddenly wouldn’t work. That said this makes me apprehensive. The original is such a classic. Maybe if one of John’s sons was attached. Maybe.

  16. HAP says:

    Geez. Joyce is 66. Suzanne is 69. John passed away. So why not let heartless Hollywood take another shot?

  17. geraci, ric says:

    Sounds fun!

    I was a fan of the original.

    Sad, John Ritter no longer with us…

    Just read some comments lighten up people.

    Good idea !!

  18. Mailer says:

    I’m not sure my take on this. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. I do think Chris Pratt would make a good Jack though. After his turn as Andy in Parks & Rec I could definitely see him doing well as Jack.

  19. Catherine Moynihan says:

    If Hollywood can repeat those one liners & sexual humor an capture the true essence & physical attributes that the character John Ritter brought and other cast mates played, the big screen movie would do quite well. My reason is that show is as funny today as it was back then because of those talented writers and ALL the actor’s & actresses who played out there roles. Lucille Ball would agree. If I were casting for this movie I personally get unknown actors,no pressure . PS let my boyfriend play Larry. He still loves this show back in Boston