Kelly Ripa leaving live

Kelly Ripa's Live Absence to Extend Through Monday — at Least

Michael Strahan may be the one exiting Live With Kelly and Michael, but it’s his co-host Kelly Ripa who’ll be missing from the show for the next three days.

ABC on Wednesday announced that Erin Andrews will serve as co-host alongside Strahan on Thursday and for a pre-taped Friday broadcast, while Pretty Little Liars‘ Shay Mitchell will occupy Ripa’s chair on Monday. No word on whether Ripa will return on Tuesday, April 26.

While a rep for the network noted that Ripa had “a previously scheduled vacation” on Friday and Monday, the statement gave no reason for her absence tomorrow.

On Wednesday’s Live, the show’s first telecast since Tuesday’s announcement that Strahan was transitioning to a full-time gig on Good Morning America, Ripa was a surprise no-show. As a result, Strahan was forced to awkwardly address his looming exit opposite guest co-host Ana Gasteyer.

According to reports, Ripa was blindsided when she learned of Strahan’s departure shortly after Tuesday’s show wrapped at 10 am. The news broke an hour later.

While Strahan’s initial on-air statement about his transition to GMA on Wednesday did not mention Ripa by name — thanking only his fans and “an incredible staff here” — he addressed his counterpart of four years at the very end of the broadcast.

“I really want to thank of course Kelly Ripa because Kelly welcomed me here and I’ve learned so much from her,” he said. “She’s been an amazing influence on me and it has truly changed my life to be here with her. I know that the show will continue to be strong and great because of Kelly and Michael Gelman and the staff here. Everybody is so talented and this show has not been around for over 30 years by mistake… Kelly, I thank you and I love you and everyone else here at Live.”

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  1. LOL, I am living for Kelly’s anger and pettiness right now. Would feel the same if I had been blindsided like that.

    • Ken says:

      How is Kelly Ripa being petty? She was not notified in advance of her co-host leaving and going to GMA…meaning that neither ABC suits nor Michael himself told her and that is cold. I know they are just co-workers but they claim to be friends and if he was a friend, he could have told her instead of her finding out like everyone else.

      • Jimmy says:

        A professional would have showed up to work. this makes here look childish.

      • Vicky Rowland says:

        That’s right Ken. She deserved to know this before the general public. Shame on you Michael!

        • Max says:

          Why blame Michael? It’s not like he’s leaving the show to start a competing show against LIVE. Both shows are owned by DISNEY ABC and according to reports, the decision was made directly by the CEO. Its a lateral move/promotion. We don’t know when the deal was signed or what Michael was told. If the head of Disney says were going to have a staff meeting, then that’s what you do. It’s ABC fault. She’s probably jealous also, however, that his star has risen so fast. He’s even. Hosting a prime time game show & this us more “work” for her & the staff. It does show lack of respect by Bob Iger after just recognizing her 15 years at the show & 25 years at the company.

          In the end, if she was really angry or upset, it might be best that she cool off. Supposedly Friday was already scheduled to be pre-taped & she was scheduled off on Monday. Now, it depends what her actual contract says. It will hurt her image & endorsements too if she comes off as the villain

          • damicotest says:

            If rumors are true GMA wants to extend one extra hour pushing LKM one hour later or into a new timeslot thinking there is a reason behind everything just saying here. We are not Mad at Michael we have gotten to like him more but i5a only because of his exposure on Live with Kelly….some things he says are a bit off and show is he makes mistakes like others like earlier in week Kelly talked about branding names like Kleenex is to facial tissue he used Jacuzzi to hot tub…not the same point. We feel respect should have been given here. America fell in love with Kelly for being herself.

          • tvjunkie says:

            Do you really think Michael just showed up to work this week and was told, “hey you’re moving to GMA?” More likely is he’s known about this for at least a little while.

          • Exactly. Don’t know why all these people don’t read first. The Company moved him within the Company. And they all signed a confidentiality agreement. It was up to them when to tell her. I’m beginning to wonder if this wasn’t a publicity stunt it’s just going on and on about poor little Kelly.

      • AtM says:

        Still that’s no excuse for spitting the dummy and throwing a tantrum. She’s a professional plus show business is brutal…She should have a thicker skin by now.

        • Vicky Rowland says:

          By her being upset only shows that she IS human…

        • DakotaS says:

          Well Trump is nearly 70 and he has bigger tantrums daily & is poised to maybe be President.. So people are learning this behavior is acceptable with no consequences

      • Tatharnio says:

        Not notified in advance of what? She was told yesterday. Before anything was made public. He’s not leaving this week, he’s still staying with the show until September. 5 months isn’t enough advance notice for her? LOL

        • Mary says:

          Wow a whole 10 minutes before the public knew aren’t they special. It is obvious the ABC/Disney have no class whatsoever, but I guess corporation feel they owe nobody anything. Taking a few days to let it sink in and decide how to handle it is not a big deal come on you guys. Friday and Monday was a schedule day off so she is using a couple of her personal or sick days to mull it over. It is not a big deal. It was disrespectful and I question how they would have handled it if the situation was reverse.

        • king sasha says:

          Thank you! She looks like an idiot and a child. He had no obligation to her only to his family PERIOD.

          • Emma says:

            I don’t think taking a couple extra days off to process the blind-side makes her look like an idiot and a child. Good grief, put yourself in her shoes, how would you feel being the last to know. Someone (cough-Michael-cough) could have given her the low-key heads up. Common courtesy IMHO.

      • Laura H says:

        I totally agree !!!!! It came as a big Shock to her and how Disrespectful to all of them to do that to Kelly 😡

    • Laura H says:

      Me too !!!!! How Rude and Unprofessional of ABC. 😡😡

    • Jeri says:

      Kelly was treated with no respect by Michael and the network, Let them feel some of the burn they bestowed. I support Kelly 100%.

  2. Greg says:

    He can leave ASAP, no need to wait until September. Kelly has been running that show for 15 years and deserves more respect from her co-host and network. I hope she really does refuse to come back until he is gone and gets her choice of a new cohost.

    • Kate says:

      Completely agree. This whole thing has been unbelievably mishandled. Michael should take an extended summer vacation.

      • Steph says:

        I’m wondering why ABC felt they needed to announce this now? May sweeps, a critical time for shows to measure ratings, starts in a week. Why would you even risk rocking the boat now?

    • Vicky Rowland says:

      Right On Greg! That was very disrespectful of Michael to keep that news to himself.

      • Mollymoo says:

        Just something to consider here – perhaps the offer came with an NDA (non-disclosure agreement.) Perhaps he was told that morning that the offer was official and the move was going to happen. I mean seriously, there’s an awful lot of assuming going into this whole story.

    • Larc says:

      If I were Kelly, I would definitely insist on that. Give Michael vacation or assign him to other duties until he goes to GMA in September.

    • king sasha says:

      And she would lose viewers especially male viewers. That would not be smart if she requested that plus he would still get paid per his contract.

    • damicotest says:

      100% agreed we times in for Kelly Michael was aol but not what brought us to the show….personally we felt Mark her husband would’ve been better for….Kelly and mark..he should fill in till new co-host is found.. Michael should take an unpaid leave or be removed from the show ASAP with no further pay, they were building a continued product together here with kelly investing a lot in him along with the show.

  3. Jason says:

    Is this an ABC thing? The very public notification of big departures before their co-workers even know. ABC is failing at presenting a united front.

    • Mary says:

      Whoever is in charge at ABC/Disney really needs to go back and take Management 101 again. First how they handle the situation with Castle and now this.

  4. Nero tTVFiddler says:

    ABC did not handle this well, and Kelly should have been given a heads-up… my guess is Michael S. didn’t get much warning either. But this happens when you work for a corporation – a decision is made, and that’s it, and everyone has to scramble. The key to remember here is that both Kelly and Michael are making really good money, so sometimes, you just have to suck it up and keep going. Take the money, and keep going.

    Look at the way Regis, or Barbara, or Oprah were told goodbye – it is never fun, never easy, never pleasant. But they are (or were) essentially all employees of ABC, and they have to go along to get along.

    I’m sure there are days when George Stephanopoulis isn’t happy with some of the assignments he gets, or doesn’t get, at GMA, or Nightly News, or Sunday’s This Week. But you need to keep cashing the checks and keep going, and maybe something else better will come along at some point.

    It will be getting a bit crowded at GMA – about five ‘co-hosts’? Now, THAT may become uncomfortable around the next contract negotiation cycle. I think Robin Roberts has a new contract – Stephanopoulis, not certain when his contract comes up?

    • V says:

      Who told Oprah goodbye? They were begging her to continue her talk show

      • Nero tTVFiddler says:

        I wonder – I hope you are correct. However, I remember how ABC was going to give her a chance at doing Primetime specials, similar to what Barbara Walters was doing. I remember reading where ABC had planned to migrate the pre/post Oscar telecast segment to Oprah, similar to what Barbara Walters had done for years, after Barbara Walters retired. Where did all that go?

        Perhaps Oprah turned down the offer from ABC to continue her syndicated show and all those high profile Primetime specials. If so, more power to her. But if that is the case, she may have traded that level of media exposure in exchange for her OWN network, and one wonders, five-six years later, if she would make that decision again if given the chance. Perhaps retirement was what Oprah wanted, but if so, why continue with OWN for the past six years?

  5. Jimmy says:

    Kelly is an immature idiot! I met her personally many years ago and she was a pure b*tch!!!! It speaks volumes that Regis had not talked to her in many years!!! I’m sure he couldn’t take her attitude and demanding ways and that’s why he retired!
    Michael , like Regis is a pure gentleman and very well likable. He handled this with nothing but class. She’s a loser and I really don’t see her talent! For two very likable people to leave a successful show is a bad reflection on her!

    • Vicky Rowland says:

      YOU are the idiot Jimmy! Without Kelly, that show would have gone under a long time ago. She is the farthest thing from being a B*tch! I also met her a few years ago while her and her family were on vacation. She stopped to take pictures and talk to us. She is the most down-to-earth person I’ve ever met. I agree Michael is very likable, but not letting Kelly in on this was very disrespectful. After all if it weren’t for Kelly, Michael would of never gotten that job to begin with!

    • Suzie says:

      Kelly is NOT the show! I stopped watching when Regis left and started again when Michael was hired. I watched today when Erin Andrews was on with Michael and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Kelly needs to see that life will go on without her. Big corporations have 0 loyalty to their employees. Bottom line is all that matters. Get used to it…

      • damicotest says:

        Life goes on either way….but sorry you left the show upon the exit of Regis…….we times in more just like others when Kelly was added and fully support her being the main host moving forward it was time to continue new blood on the show and for her to take the main seat as she did. She will return to the show and they will find new co-host or feature guest cohorts for a while. We were loyal to Live..,there was a time and place for Regis…as there is for Kelly…’s time she continues..hope you think about tuning in and supporting the show for what it is..

  6. Mollymoo says:

    I am baffled by the hurt feelings. Next time I have coworker leave I’m going to have to remember to throw a tantrum and demand a vacation. He got a new job. He gave notice. What’s the big deal?

    • rebecca says:

      I think this is a little different than an average cubicle job.

      • Mollymoo says:

        I disagree. The only thing that makes it difference is us saying so and a bigger paycheck than many of us get. In the end they are co-workers.

    • Dj says:

      If he had given notice which would been when he was first offered the full time slot on gma then there wouldn’t be hurt feelings. But having Strahan and abc suits pull everyone in a meeting after the show and inform her and the Live staff he was leaving just hours before they were going to leak the news is insulting. It shows a lack of respect towards her and the staff.

      • Vicky Rowland says:

        Rebecca, that’s right. Mollymoo must be on drugs to even compare the 2!

        • Mollymoo says:

          LMBO! I disagree so I’m on drugs. See, Internet, this is why we can’t have nice things. People have no ability to have rational discussions without putting down other people in the process. Thanks for the laugh, Vicky

      • Vicky Rowland says:

        That’s right. No excuse to blindside Kelly like that.

      • anonymous says:

        This. Plus they were apparently friends before they were coworkers so that adds another layer as well. There’s no reason he couldn’t have pulled her aside one day and been all “hey, I think I might be getting another full-time job but please just keep it between us for now.”

      • Sheila says:

        True Dj. Kelly has been with ABC since her All My Children days. Where is the courtesy? ABC mistreated Kelly with their handling of this. As for Michael, Kelly lobbied for him to get the position with Live which, according to him, changed his life and he rose in popularity. He should have given her a heads up. No matter what you feel about Kelly personally, this handling of the transition is disgraceful. Just disrespectful.

    • Mary says:

      I really don’t think it has anything to do with Mike getting the job it is how the whole situation was handled. I don’t care how much money you earn Employers are not entitled to treat the employees with such disrespect. It shouldn’t be acceptable and quite honestly I don’t blame her in the least. At least Kelly hasn’t reacted in hast and made a statement she is being adult and thinking it over.

  7. Mike says:

    Kelly has been in this business for 25 years. This is not her first rodeo. She knows how the business works. That being said, this feels childish. I get her being mad, though this level feels over the top. She’s supposed to be an adult. She’s supposed to be a professional. That means you show up to work and do your job. You deal with ABC…with Strahan…behind the scenes. This only makes her look petty to the eyes of the audience. I agree that this wasn’t handled right, but she’s not handling it right either.

    • Steven says:

      While I agree, its also a live show & it may be best for everyone involved that she get some days to cool off, and maybe ABC honchos call her & explain. Theres also concern among LIVE Staff that ABC wants to expand GMA an extra hour & push LIVE back to 10a. Also, granted this job isn’t laying bricks, but she and the staff will have to spend maybe an entire season with guest hosts & also then training a new person. These things happen in non TV jobs. I’ve seen it. There’s no corporate loyalty in most companies. Its business and about $. Its hard to sympathize with someone, however, who makes more in a couple hours than most people make on a year. She’ll be fine. There r now reports that K&M didn’t get along as well. As viewers thought and he didn’t get along with Gelman either. They’re coworkers – not friends. Kelly doesnt even speak to Regis after a decade by his side. Hopefully she’ll be back Tuesday. I understand being hurt when all this is going on behind your back and the company’s CEO just honored you for 15 years on the show. Does TV LINE know when her contract expired because supposedly the show was renewed thru 2020

      • Nero tTVFiddler says:

        I like what you wrote – this is business. ABC is a corporation. I believe Kelly’s contract is up around 2020. She’s set for life – I understand her being upset, but the money! Keep your eye on the money Ms. Ripa! She knows she has had a magnificent run on television – soaps, and now this. She’ll be fine – cool off, come back next week, and keep rolling. If she can do this again – break in another co-host and keep the ratings rolling, she comes out on top in the end.

        She’s still young – next contract, if she has some pull, maybe she can get those Primetime Specials in her contract that Diane Sawyer gets, and that Oprah didn’t get. Maybe try something new, but she’ll have her family raised, and money in the bank. We all should be so fortunate in life. She’d be the first to admit it, and she has. I remember once on her show w/Regis, she mentioned she barely got through high school, and look how much she’s accomplished. She has an angel watching over her, and she knows it.

        Keep your head high Kelly – you’ll be fine. Hang in there, and next time ABC comes calling and knocking on your door looking for a favor (and they will), remember how they made you feel this week, and see if you can turn the tables if you so desire. If not, then enjoy this ride – it is a unique and special one.

  8. Duane Avery says:

    I say suspend her. She her nobody is bigger than the show. she doesnt own Strahan!

    • Vicky Rowland says:

      Your a moron!

    • damicotest says:

      Suspend one of the original hosts really…she was new blood to the show and kept a number of us first becoming new viewersupon her arrival and continuous……this is all about respect in the industry……..the show will go on with Kelly and we are hoping her husband Mark will fill in till they find new co host….we came to like michael but it’s Kelly who kept us watching.

  9. Unknown says:

    Between ABCs handling of Castle and now this I think some people need at ABC needs to be let fired

    • Nero tTVFiddler says:

      Good point. Problem is, they just fired Paul Lee in the Primetime division. ABC probably wants to limit the number of VPs they fire. Ratings will tell the story. If GMA ratings continue to go down, and Today show ratings go up, someone will be fired. Perhaps several.

  10. macd says:

    GMA doesn’t need the awkward addition of Michael Strahan as yet another unnecessary co-host. It needs the return of Sam Champion and Josh Elliott. Like her or not, Kelly Ripa has brought huge audiences and ratings to the network, as well as countless millions to ABC’s coffers. ABC has treated her like a janitor, and I can hardly blame her for taking an unannounced “vacation”. ABC was even more rotten to Joy Behar, the only reason for watching that shrill hen party “The View”. In a feeble attempt to give the show a “new look”, ABC fired Ms. Behar a few years ago. But when the show’s ratings continued to plunge, ABC re-hired Joy (with, I hope, the hefty salary increase she deserves). Common courtesy is no longer common in the wondrous world of show business. Were I in charge of ABC programming, I’d fill the 9:00 AM hour with “Live with Joy [Behar] and Bill [Maher]”. With those two hilarious motor-mouths at the helm, viewers wouldn’t need caffeine to wake them up. Joy & Bill would do the job quite nicely!

  11. David says:

    Kelly needs to be angry, and for good cause. She has been the star of Live! for 15 years now, and the network and Disney suits treated her very unfair. Michael needs to exit now, and the tryouts begin immediately. My gut tells me Kelly will now get the final say on her new cohost. Hopefully Neil Patrick Harris or Anderson Cooper. Shame on ABC and Disney for this rude stunt to hurt a very popular and profitable.

    • damicotest says:

      100% agreed………We support Kelly all the way and he took new job good for him he’s needs unpaid leave or to so behind the camera limited work……..

  12. Sarcasm Font says:

    I don’t know. On one hand, it feels like she’s being a little petty by calling off today (and tomorrow now too apparently). On the other, she has been loyal to this network for 20-some years now, has a large fan base and brings decent ratings, and this is how Bob Iger treats her? It’s a matter of respect, and he showed her none with this move. And Michael in keeping it to himself (as instructed by Iger) also disrespected her. Don’t forget the whole Live team was kept in the dark until a matter of minutes before ABC made the announcement to the world…again, lack of respect for Kelly, Gelman, and the entire Live crew. I read on another site that Michael travels with an entourage and that’s been a source of Kelly’s unhappiness with him.

    Really, I don’t know how he does full time at GMA and the Fox football show too – dude is gonna burn out!

    I wish them both well, though, and hope Kelly gets someone like NPH, Anderson, Jerry Oconnell, or maybe Jeff Probst…she might be many things, good or bad, but the girl can do a live show and do it well.

  13. Tricia says:

    I’m with Kelly! I think she is too angry to sit beside him and be professional. I say let him leave now and get week long interviews with potentials. She is probably burning up the phone to get people in. I actually think this is a bad move for Michael. He stood out when he was at Live. I won’t be switching to GMA.

  14. scotlore says:

    According to reports I’ve seen on the net Ripa was told about the change right along with everyone else on Tuesday and that Strahan was there as well. The network wanted Strahan in the new role @ GMA and he said ‘yes.’ Ripa making this all about her is frankly, strange. She is not a producer on the show. She is an employee just like he is and Ripa, coming from the acting world, is a vet in dealing with sudden recasting and actors leaving roles for new opportunities as she did herself. If anything this change gives Ripa the opportunity now to try out new partners for the show and have new fill-in guests to work with in the mean time to change things up and find a new great fit for the show. That doesn’t exactly sound like a bad thing.

    • Mary says:

      I don’t think she is upset because Mike is moving to GMA, I think the problem is that ABC/Disney didn’t have the decency to inform her before the Public. If they had any class they should have informed Kelly and Live before going public – come on it is not like he is leaving in two weeks the move was set for September. Would it have hurt Disney to wait and maybe let Live inform the Public? The person in charge needs management skills if you ask me.

    • thisainthighschool says:

      Pinning Kelly’s absence on an emotional issue is like watching the hand that magician directs you to while his other hand is performing the ‘trick’. Kelly and her agent are likely negotiating behind the scenes on the changes her show and the network are planning for the fall, with the missing days maybe adding a little heat to the situation. The real issues are her input into the next host, the time slot her show will be put in and future plans that ABC/Disney may or may not have on the table already for her beyond the show. Also, look for some big changes coming for GMA. Someone upthread wisely noted that the table at GMA is already crowded. I heard that GMA is coming in 2nd in the morning shows. I bet shakeups in hosts and format are coming and the Strahan announcement is the first of many. I’m not really convinced of anyone being truly blindsided – network insiders could grasp that Strahan’s guest hosting on GMA could be auditions as they have been for countless others. Kelly is a pro and likely saw this as a possibility and planned accordingly.

  15. Mable says:

    Seems like ABC has had a bad week for women. First the crazy Stana Katic departure, now the dissing of Kelly Ripa. Who’s running that network??

    • Nero tTVFiddler says:

      I believe his name is Ben Sherwood… he is President of ABC Television Group, and reports to Bob Iger, CEO/chairman of Disney.

  16. Carolinareader says:

    The whole thing was badly done by Disney and ABC. If Kelly wants to take a few days ( friday is almost always pretaped) off after being blindsided that is her decision.

  17. Jackie says:

    Go Kelly!
    Seriously, ABC is the villain here.

  18. Alex says:

    Based on what I had read in another article, she is upset because she saw this coming when he started with the part time gig, and she was told that it wouldn’t happen.

  19. SuperChic says:

    Thinking not only about how Michael and ABC handled this, but thinking of those at GMA who actually make their living by reporting the news, participating in the various segments, and reading the news.

    There will be so many people on GMA and LIVE that will be affected by this decision and from what I have read on other sites (TMZ) there is alreay some uproar over the comments mady by Disney/ABC about how amazing Michael is and the wonderful contributions he will make.

    • Mary says:

      Time will tell if that is true. Personally I don’t think it will help. I haven’t watch GMA in years since Diane Sawyer left.

  20. Let's all find our happy place... says:

    It’s pretty sad when a person can’t take a day off from work without being called petty and angry. This is all gossip and you all have no idea why she took a day off. Our society seems to think it’s okay to attack people online for some perceived slight or just for being human–please all take a breath and treat each other with respect.

    • Laura H. says:

      We know why she took the day off. She was leaving today with her family to go to Turks and Caicos for her 20th wedding anniversary .
      It was all planned out for her to leave today and come back Monday afternoon / evening and be back on the show on Tuesday. So of course she is upset with ABC to spring this news in her two days before her family vacation. This was suppose to be a fun trip and they drop this bombshell on her when they could have postponed it for another week or two. How insensitive is that ?
      How Rude !!!!!!

  21. Kay kown says:

    If kelly leaves you might as well shut down show.

  22. Belle says:

    This confirms the rumors of Kelly becoming a demanding “diva”. Regis wasn’t ready to retire, he just had to get out of the toxic environment that Kelly was sadly creating. Good Luck Michael, and I hope “Live” continues and brings in NPH, or someone to really shake up the vibe :)

    • Mary says:

      Stop fabricating stories. Regis wanted to work only a couple days a week and yet still be paid his salary the Network said no. Do you really think she would have lasted this long if she wasn’t professional? You envious people need to get a life.

  23. Matthew Petrozzo says:

    Please come back rippa.i have been a long time fan since you started on the regis and kelly show.i even recall when regis nicknamed you pippa.i see your appearance in the morning and it starts my day of on the right foot .please come back kelly my days are not the same

  24. Claire says:

    I think Kelly as a co-worker, a friend, a professional should of been warned of this situation. They had a good energy on TV. This was a lack of respect towards Kelly not telling her in advance. I can’t blame her reaction and she isn’t being childish. She is being human. Kelly stay strong.

  25. Marcia Pratt Letts says:

    I wish Michael the very best. Like everyone else, I love Michael because he is so personable and such a great people person. He just has amazing charisma. However, I do understand Kelly’s reaction to the announcement of Michael leaving Live! Kelly has always been so supportive of Michael and feels very betrayed. She should have been in the loop.

    With that said, I hope Kelly can move beyond this and keep her friendship with Michael. Kelly, you more than anyone “don’t burn your bridges.” Thinking of you Kelly, and love you too. You are very talented and attractive, no matter what happens, you will land on your feet. Take these days to have a massage, drink a lot of good wine, eat chocolate, listen & dance to your favorite music. 😉

  26. Joan says:

    Definitely Kelly was totally disrespected! That Disney’s take over to what use to be my only network I use to be loyal to just keeps making abc less. And less and less a network I care to watch.
    Kelly deserves my thoughts. Maybe she needs to go to a different one.
    David Letterman was successful to change.
    Michael has for sure lost my following. Bad call, Mr Disney puppet. I will watch the today show now.

  27. MM says:

    Why shouldn’t she stay away and let Michael handle the pressure alone? Why shouldn’t she let HIM handle his decision? He made it awkward for her and now she trying to do the same. He spoke about it too late and actions speak louder than words.

  28. danoregon says:

    Professionalism works both ways. If you want to remain on good terms with Ripa, you don’t leave her out of the loop. If you don’t want to, or don’t care, you do leave her out of the loop. I have to think Ripa is more cheesed at ABC and figures the Live show will be taking a hit for the sake of GMA.

  29. Marianne says:

    Michael is not fun to watch on GMA, he is stiff. Have enjoyed Michael and Kelly, I watch the first 15 minutes of Life with Kelly & Michael while getting ready in the morning.

  30. Laura Haywood says:

    I’m so disappointed in ABC and Michael Strahan for keeping Kelly in the dark. I have been a big fan of Live with Regis and Kathie Lee and then with Kelly and even after Regis left. This was so disrespectful to Kelly showing her how you really didn’t care enough about her to let her know in advance so she could process this before all of the fans of the show. I watch the show because of Kelly. I have met her when she and Regis did shows in Disney World and she is so Sweet and Kind. You better make this up to her ABC . Her fans don’t want to lose her. We watch the show every morning to see HER. I’m not going to watch Good Morning America , but I will only watch Live with Kelly. I would love to see her with Anderson , Neil Patrick Harris or Jeff Probst. 🙏🙏🙏Thanks for reading this

  31. Isabelle McKay says:

    ABC are to blame, what were they thinking? Poor management for sure!

  32. Brigid says:

    ABC is blindsiding everyone this week. They did it to Live and Castle. Fans keep blaming the host or actor when the common denominator is ABC. Welcome to the real world, it’s ugly and unfair.

  33. Ella Jasper says:

    You are giving her way too much air time. Who cares?

  34. Allie says:

    Shame on ABC//Disney, Kelly deserved advanced knowledge of this change. Makes viewers not want to tune in to GMA.

  35. Shawna says:

    I think it’s not so much at Michael but at the execs…she litterly found out right before it broke, plus it happened this exact same way when Regis left.

    She’s prob. also realizes that she has yet another long look for a new cohost.

  36. Kelly Ripa and Michael Gelman were treated shabbily by executives at ABC by keeping them out of the loop. Hope we don’t lose this show altogether. As for GMA they need a breath of fresh air like Sarah Haines. Michael Strahan is not that good to my tastes. I think Jesse Palmer is a much better choice than Strahan

  37. Linda says:

    Kelly is acting two and appears to be jealous !! Boo hoo the rankings are not showing much interest in her with a promotion! She is overrated and a child! I only watched for I adore Michael!! move your cheese and do a complete makeover or go down like the view!

  38. Connie says:

    Shame on you Michael and Disney. Does loyalty not have a place in your lives? Kelly was abandoned yet again and she will still come up shining like a diamond in the rough! Kelly, you go girl!!!

  39. Ed pruger says:

    I think Hellman needs to be replaced, he deals with stars very crudely
    Just ask Regis

  40. Terry says:

    Kathie Lee Gifford did much worse to Regis, she announced it on air live with Regis standing next to her! He never had a clue it was coming! I distinctly remember him leaning over to her and asking ‘are your serious’? You wanna talk about being blind-sided! At least Michael never did that to Kelly. Can you imagine? Then she would have been forced to react live on camera instead of hiding out until she could collect herself.

  41. It’s a Job they are not married. Didn’t they both sign contracts? Both shows are owned by the same Company. Regis did the same thing. Boo hoo. Do all your employees tell you they are leaving. I do believe her anger is something else. Just my opinion. Just enjoy your $36,000 a day( lots of Women not even making this a year) and move on.

  42. kath says:

    I wonder if she wanted to be on GMA and they picked her fairly new, MALE co-host instead.
    I’d be very pissed off too.

  43. stacey says:

    In real world people leave jobs and others are left to train new employees. So this is in the talk show setting and they were friends. Happens in real people land too peeps. He was offered more money. That’s what people do a lot in real jobs leave for more money and don’t always think of coworker friend first BUT work-money thing first. He works primarily first for the money ? Safe to say a perk is making co worker friend! So it didn’t go down nice and kelly has to now go through talking in mornings with different hosts ouch tough job add 5 millon more for her sitting and talking with other hosts till new match because michael didn’t mention he was leaving sooner! Really people they sit and talk for a living who cares if michael gave her one second notice or one year its a job and a lot of money. Blindsided oh well call a whaaambulance get over collect your money and lose michael as your co working friend if it butt hurt ya so much high school is over kelly and michael is in it for the pay check. Big deal in the scheme of life and the work place really. In real ppl land this is what happened a co worker named kelly got mad because a guy named michael who she’s worked with for many years mon. -fri. For less than 40 hrs a week making millons is leaving for a better job paying more and didn’t tell now friend co worker notice said co worker would have appreciated! That’s life!

  44. Sue says:

    All I am going to say is Kelly is wonderful and she chose him as her co-host. I understand business is business but heirs not going to save GMA, he’s not that good, and after this he’s leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I used to like him not anymore, he’s spreading himself to thin and he should stick to analyzing football. I am not watching GMA anymore they lost me,they handled this all wrong.

  45. Dale Kennedy says:

    Kelly of all people should have been informed first. It was wrong to blindside her. Kelly is a strong lady and she will remain a hit on the show.

  46. Maggie says:

    If I got paid $20M a year like Kelly receives, I would suck it up; put a smile on my face; and look forward to interviews with his successor. Grow up!

  47. Jane Snyder says:

    Omg yes! Kelly should have known right away, very cold not to let her know. I’m sure it made her feel like her feelings and opinion on Michael’s departure are insignificant!!! NOT NICE!!!! Not very professional!!!

  48. Bunny Leone says:

    Sorry, Kelly but you have to face the fact that anyone can be replaced,even you.

  49. chesafur says:

    This is a little late but I blame the show, if Michael Strahan was bound by some contract not to tell her, you can’t tell me her staff could of given her heads up so she wouldn’t have felt so betrayed!