Better Call Saul Season 2 Finale Recap: You Really Got a Hold On Me

Slippin’ Jimmy has finally slipped up. Big time.

In Better Call Saul‘s Season 2 finale, Jimmy confesses to altering Chuck’s Mesa Verde files, unaware that the confession is on tape. Meanwhile, Mike is stopped from putting an end to Hector Salamanca’s reign of terror.

BEWARE, BROTHER, BEWARE Following Chuck’s fall, Jimmy runs into the copy center to take control of the situation and ensure that someone — anyone — calls 9-1-1. At the hospital, Chuck attempts to tell doctors of his hypersensitivity to electricity, forbidding them from doing an EKG or CT scan to see if he’s suffering from permanent head trauma. Jimmy eventually overrules his brother’s demands by getting a temporary emergency guardianship, but the CT scan ordered by his doctor (American Horror Story‘s Clea DuVall) causes Chuck to enter a self-induced psychosis, rendering him temporarily speechless.

After the catatonia wears off, Chuck appears to have let go of the idea that Jimmy was in any way involved with doctoring the Mesa Verde files, and is just content with being home and not locked away in some psych ward. As it turns out, however, his less reactionary behavior is all part of an intricate ruse.

After Chuck tells Howard that he’s leaving Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill as a result of his mistake on Mesa Verde, Howard calls Jimmy in a panic, prompting Chuck’s brother to race over to his house to get to the bottom of his rash decision. When he arrives, Chuck is wrapping his entire home in the same protective foil he dons to shield himself from electricity. It’s then that he confirms to Jimmy his reason for retiring from the law, prompting a confession from his brother that it was he who made the address switch that lost HHM its client. Little does he know that Chuck is recording his confession to the felony, and he’ll have more than just his word against his brother’s when he ultimately brings him to court.

(DON’T) HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT | Mike isn’t a forgiving man, but he’s also not a killer… yet. After finally making a purchase from his friendly neighborhood arms dealer, he sets off for the desert to track down Hector and put a bullet between his eyes — American Sniper style. He ultimately misses his chance (and in the process watches the Cousins kill another unknown victim), refusing to take the shot if it means killing Nacho — who’s standing in front of the enemy — as well.

Though Mike sticks around and silently ponders killing one of Hector’s henchmen as a warning, he is suddenly interrupted by the sound of his own car horn. When he returns to check the vehicle, he sees the windshield has been scratched by a branch left pressing down on the steering wheel, as well as a piece of paper on the window that simply reads “don’t.” It’s unclear whether the note is from Nacho, who somehow caught on to Mike’s plan, or another associate of Hector’s who we have yet to meet. (Gus Fring, perhaps!)

What did you think of Saul‘s Season 2 finale “Klick”? Grade the episode in our poll, then discuss it amongst yourselves below.

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  1. Ken From the South says:

    Not many shows could do a five minute interval with no dialogue, focused entirely on one character, and make it completely riveting, keeping the viewer completely glued to the screen.

  2. DreamRose311 says:

    I think I could hear everybody yelling at Jimmy alongside me to SHUT UP DON’T YOU KNOW YOUR BROTHER BY NOW?!?!?! AAAAHHHHHRRRRGGGG

    • The Beach says:

      Yes, thank you.That was just a bit too predictable.

      • Faraday says:

        Absolutely. From the clock ticking to the Nixon references and yes, Chuck being f’ing Chuck, it got too predictable. I would have preferred Mike’s scene to close off the season. That would have been an epic, unpredictable close.

    • Manu Chao says:

      I had a sinking feeling that something was going to happen

  3. Hellas13 says:

    Amazing how they made show pretty close to how good Breaking Bad was.

  4. CJ says:

    Ah, the branch was wedged between Mike’s steering wheel and the drivers seat to press the horn on the car. Minor niggle.

    For me, this episode really cemented my hatred of Chuck, the worst brother ever. The cat and mouse game was interesting but at this point I just wanted chuck to hang himself. He played on Jimmy’s emotions to get him to come over and confess, while he recorded the whole thing and offered just enough resistance to make Jimmy comfortable.

    Mike also got outfoxed, which is unlike Mike, who is usually one step ahead of trouble. Who warned him off without incident is a complete left field mystery and has got to make him think twice about his own safety now. Then again, being a one man show does have its risks and he’s playing on their home turf.

    Despite two of our favorite characters making big mistakes, this did nothing to close story arcs and sets us up with questions for season 3. I’ll give it a 7 out of ten; the pacing was just too slow even if it was intentional to create suspense. Makes me think they’ve got this planned for three more seasons.

    • Faraday says:

      I think it was Gus… or Victor, on behalf of Gus.

      And yes, Chuck is the worst. I think the reason why we still root for Jimmy is because he can rise above being petty. And he genuinely loves and respects his brother. But Chuck couldn’t get over his dead mom saying “Jimmy” before she passed; he couldn’t get over his brother jumping from mail room to board room; heck, he couldn’t even get over Kim’s success with Mesa Verde (which was all her), all because she decided to share an office with Jimmy.. Chuck is the Walter White to Jimmy’s Jesse. He wants to keep him down because he never sees his true potential and he is insecure at some level, fearing that despite being a screw up, Jimmy might be able to be just as successful as him.

  5. peterwdawson says:

    Starting to get a good idea of why he has to change his name now…

  6. Ted Hopf says:

    Chuck is protecting himself from electromagnetic sources, not sunlight. The branch “scratching the windshield” of Mike’s car was used to activate the car’s horn; no “car alarm” was evident. I believe the note “Don’t” was written on a piece of lined memo paper, not an index card. Why would Gus Fring write this note? From what we know about Gus’s relationship with Hector from “Breaking Bad,” Gus would be very pleased if Mike would have taken the shot.

    • jonjonwright says:

      Gus could have killed Hector at any time, but I think he knows about his muscular dystrophy (he does sit on the board of the hospital in Breaking Bad) and he is waiting for him to be pushed out so he can burn his life’s work and make him watch. A much longer, much more sinister game. Moreover, if Hector is killed, the cartel would immediately suspect Gus.

    • Michel Roque says:

      I have to disagree with the Gus part…

      Gus on BB loved to torture Hector, he loved it so much it was what got him killed in the first place. I think Gus wanted Hector to himself and the fact that on BB he just didn’t kill him says that hector was important to keep alive.

      I’m sure watching hector murder his partner made Gus want revenge and he would surely want to end Hectors life using his own hands to do it.

  7. Michel Roque says:

    I can only guess that it was Gus who left that message only because it makes the most sense. Hector killed Gus partner in the past, and is seen having a great time torturing Hector in BB. It makes sense that he wants hector to himself and no one else.

  8. NotEnoughSeehorn says:

    My main problem with this show is that there is absolutely not. enough. Rhea Seehorn. “Unhospitaly… I am on it”

  9. Murica! says:

    Does Jimmy never learn? He should have put his brother in a psych ward long ago. Chuck recording Jimmy’s confession was very predictable.

    • Nathan says:

      He knew from the copy shop that Jimmy would act against his own self interests to protect Chuck. Instead of staying away he rushes in within minutes and strengthens Chuck’s suspicions.

      Jimmy views Chuck as the father and lone family member he has left to protect, even if that means throwing away his career and even putting Kim at risk.

      I would venture Chuck dies by the end of the series because Saul Goodman has zero F’s to give

  10. kirads09 says:

    S2 has been incredible over all. Yes,Chuck is a horrid brother, brilliant lawyer and McKean gives the performance of a lifetime. I am old enough to remember Lenny from Laverne and Shirley and keep thinking – who knew back then how incredible this guy is. It was gut wrenching to see JImmy’s good heart and love for his brother cloud his self protective judgement there. We know he turns into Saul – so it doesn’t seem he gets disbarred or goes to jail that we know of (yet) – so what happens with Chuck’s recording remains to be seen. It seemed with Mike that Tuco was intentionally standing in front of Hector? That scene was so incredibly tense. Kudos to how that was done. As far as comparisons to Breaking Bad. Completely different pace as far as the lead character’s “transformation” and level of intensity. Better Call Saul could stand on its own. One of the best shows on TV bar none.

  11. Walkie says:

    Kind of a disappointing finale.
    It needs to pick up the urgency at some point.
    I didn’t mind the slow pacing for the first season and a half but it needs to pick up the pace.

  12. Joey Padron says:

    Good season finale episode. Not good Jimmy fall for Chuck’s con. I guess it could be Gus that left the note on Mike’s character. Season 2 was great. Can’t wait for season 3 next year!

  13. DreamRose311 says:

    Apparently no one likes dramatic irony anymore? Everyone is putting down the predictability of Chuck recording the confession as a bad thing, but I feel like the emotion of knowing it the second that Jimmy walks into that room kind of trumps that… Instead of yelling at the closing shot, I was able to yell for the whole last few minutes of the show… I dunno, I think it’s impressive when a show can pull you that much, but that’s just me.

    • Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

      I think what is interesting about Chuck taping the conversation is that we know that it’s never going to be heard in a courtroom. Jimmy would be disbarred were that to occur and we know that he is still practicing law in Breaking Bad. My theory is that he plays that tape to Kim to ruin Jimmy’s relationship and then uses it as leverage to stop Jimmy practicing using the McGill name, hence the change to Saul. I’m also sure Gus is behind the note that Mike found, but I doubt he’ll be introduced immediately. I’m guessing the note was left by whoever Gus has decided to use to ‘vet’ Mike. Can’t wait for season three, this is undoubtedly one of the best shows on TV.

  14. MMD says:

    It’s going to be a long, long wait for season 3.

  15. I guess it’s unavoidable for fans to compare this show with BB, but I think it can cause an under appreciation of this show for its own merits. That said, I think this show is outstanding. A couple of things–wasn’t the guy that the cousins killed the truck driver that Mike hijacked? And does anyone else think that Chris Hardwick, while a satisfactory host for the after show of TWD, is in over his head for the Talking Saul show? TWD is more of a teen boy show that thrives on the tweeter-energy of Hardwick’s after show; but Saul is a much more mature show with much more meaningful and thoughtful writing and production values and a depth that is inappropriate for the type of style that Hardwick brings to it.

  16. It was entirely predictable yet completely implausible after what Chuch originally pulled off in scamming that account from Kim that Jimmy wouldn’t suspect he was being set up and recorded while offering his confession. Yes, Chuck knows baby brother’s love for him is one of blind loyalty yet clearly Jimmy is not so naïve as to not pick up on what was going down. I mean heck; we the viewers knew exactly what was going on before Chuck ever revealed the hidden recorder!

  17. Tim says:

    Could it be that Chuck has been pulling the long con on Jimmy all this time?

    • CJ says:

      Nah, but Chuck wants to crush Jimmy under his self righteous boot every chance he gets. Jealous for life.

    • DJR says:

      Recordings obtained without the knowledge and approval of the person being recorded are not admissible in court as evidence. Chuck knows this. (He IS a great lawyer.) As hypothesized by CJ in the other response to this comment, Chuck most likely wants to use the recording to humiliate Jimmy (not to send Jimmy to jail or to have Jimmy disbarred).

      • D.K. Miller says:

        DJR: Recordings obtained without the knowledge and/or approval of the person being recorded are admissible in some states and New Mexico is one of those states, Texas is another.

  18. WhiskeyBravo says:

    But… the Mike we know from Breaking Bad isn’t fully formed yet, is he?
    Also, remember the end of each season of breaking bad

  19. Natalie says:

    I know I’m late to this party, but, in the final scene, why didn’t Jimmy notice that Chick was wearing a watch? I did.