Quantico Recap Season 1 Episode 18

Quantico Recap: The Son Also Lies

Quantico‘s prodigal son has returned.

Well, maybe not so much “prodigal” as “troubled” and “prone to handing out nicknames like he’s the second coming of James ‘Sawyer’ Ford.”

And maybe not so much “returned” as “been revealed as stashed away in his mother’s mansion until the election cycle is over” and “using heroin to cope with being a terror victim.” But you get the gist.

Yep, the missing Caleb Haas is back in the ABC drama’s future narrative this week, but that’s about the only positive thing I can say about him. Drawn and sad, with an awful new addiction and a metric ton of survivor’s guilt sitting on his shoulders, this Caleb isn’t the snarky Abercrombie model we used to know. And, based on the last few moments of the episode, he’s got at least one more major secret buzzing about in that towhead of his.

Elsewhere, Will receives a beat-down from a surprising source, and not even banging Liam once more can stop Miranda from getting fired. Before the Systemics goons come get me, let’s review the highlights of “Soon.”

ALEX HITCHES A RIDE | Though none of her co-workers at the FBI still know exactly what’s she’s up to, Alex is freaking out that she hasn’t been able to reach Will or Simon since they hopped into the terrorist’s carpool. (Side note: Given Shelby’s appearance at the close of the last episode, is the overarching evil mastermind an überterrorist, or just a terrorist Uber?) A friendly tech at the bureau helps Alex by telling her that the car was rented under the name Mark Raymond; a minute or two of searching the internet reveals Caleb’s fake social media profile.

What Alex doesn’t know is that Nimah and Ryan are spying on her, remotely viewing her desktop from Ryan’s office. They assume the Mark Raymond profile is to protect Caleb’s privacy while his mom is running for office, and they then make the leap that Alex holds a deadly grudge against Claire Haas for publicly doubting her during the bombing hearings. For two people who’ve been trained to examine every possible angle of a case, don’t these conclusions seem rather quick and easy?

Alex recruits Raina, who is at home with her family and no longer working for the bureau, to pose as Nimah and distract Ryan. But it fails in spectacular fashion; at least Raina is able to fire off a text warning Alex to run. Soon after Agent Parrish leaves the building, she’s picked up by a black SUV with a very ticked-off vice-presidential candidate inside.

Quantico Recap Season 1 Episode 18ROCK BOTTOM | Claire escorts Alex to her home in Georgetown (side note: that’s a LONG drive from Manhattan), where she unlocks a room to reveal Caleb, who’s clearly become a heroin addict since last we saw him. The question his current freefall keeps coming back to: Would Clayton Haas had survived the second bombing if he hadn’t gone back into the rubble to save his son? Caleb cries and Alex vows to help him, but even in his depleted state, he can see that she’s a hot mess and a half.

Claire guiltily notes that she’ll check Caleb into rehab in “just four more days” — aka when her campaign is done — and Caleb reminds Alex that he’s no longer in contact with Shelby, then the visit is over. Or is it? While Alex is waiting outside for her ride back home, Caleb appears and says he snuck out and is coming with her. And when she’s not listening, he makes a surreptitious call. “She fell for it. We’re on our way now,” he tells someone on the other end of the line. “I’ll see you soon.”

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RED-FLAGGED | Back in the day at Quantico, it’s time for the FBI’s comprehensive medical screening, which is supposed to help the bureau determine the fitness of its future agents but which is clearly just a really good reason for most of the NATs to remove their shirts and keep ’em off for a while. Everyone does well, then it’s on to security-clearance time!

I think the reason the NATs fill out each other’s security-clearance forms, as opposed to just filling out their own, is to get practice in asking those types of questions. But it seems a little useless, no? Sex, money and drugs are the traditional areas “where good agents go bad,” a visiting Clayton tells the class; pretty soon, almost everyone is clear — except Drew, Shelby, Raina, Iris and a few others. Ultimately, everyone but Iris is clear. Irked, she alerts Shelby to the whole Mark Raymond thing Will and Caleb are trying to pull off, but she interprets it as Caleb never having left the cult. And then Iris calls Systemics and outs Caleb and Will’s shenanigans, setting up a moment in which the cult members force young Haas to beat up Will to prove he’s not in on it. So he does. And Shelby, who’s just arrived at Systemics headquarters, sees the whole thing.

THIS IS A MAN’S, MAN’S, MAN’S… WELL, YOU KNOW THE REST | Meanwhile, Miranda is busy having her butt handed to her as she’s unceremoniously fired after the shooting at her house. Charlie is still unconscious, in case you were wondering, and Miranda is really, really mad that Liam sexed up a student but is able to keep his job. So she does what any rational-thinking woman in her position would do: She has sweaty public bathroom sex with him, complete with open-mouthed gasping, and records the audio of it — and his admission that he and Alex slept together — then brings it to Clayton… who cares not one whit. This prompts Miranda to march straight to Alex and warn her that the FBI is a man’s world. “And in a man’s world,” she adds, “men get away with murder.”

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Mandy says:

    Claire is so selfish! I felt bad for Caleb that is until the end, I really hope he is not a part of this. He is one of my favorite characters.

    The scene with Miranda and Alex was deep, really loved that scene!

    • absolute power corrupts absolutely and many XY can’t handle it and abuse it

    • bigdede says:

      That scene with Miranda and Alex would’ve been deep if Alex didn’t already sex half her class and get treated like the second coming of Christ. They have treated Alex like she’s Super FBI agent since she stepped foot in Quantico. If Miranda had given that speech to the twins, it would’ve fit. Also when there’s no Simon in the episode, it drags.

  2. Ugonna Wosu says:

    Aunjanue Ellis is a gem to this show!

  3. dan says:

    Another ridiculous lesson of the week. No way the FBI hasn’t done detailed background checks on their applicants for security clearance long before they step foot at Quantico. And no way are students going to help them investigate their questionable classmates. Claire, running for Vice President, is enabling her drug-addicted son by holding him hostage in a dark room in her Georgetown mansion. And the CIA who is charged with protecting candidates knows nothing about it, but a campaign aid just walks in the room like nothing is wrong? The writers must be laughing when they write this stuff. There is snow on the ground in the future and Claire mentions her campaign having only four more days (I think that’s what she said). So is it November 2016 in the future scenes? The time line has me totally confused because Will said last week that he was held by the CIA for seven months and if it’s April in the current day then he should be kidnapped by the CIA now (instead of infiltrating the cult). My head hurts.

    • Sheila says:

      Yes, Dan. Don’t forget that the two CIA agents took Alex for Nimah, although Alex was hunted as America’s most wanted and her face was on all the newspapers. You have to let go of logic and just enjoy the scenes as presented. Sad but true. Hope your head feels better.

  4. Its Mirdanda says:

    In case it hasn’t been obvious for weeks….Miranda did it. If the show wants to have any semblance of sense it has to be Miranda or Liam at this point. It wouldn’t make sense for any of the NATS cuz it would assume way too many things to go their way prior to arriving to Quantico (Which would also be uncertain to them before the fact)

    • Melissa says:

      Orrrrrr Ryan! Nobody’s pointed the finger at him yet and he was conveniently missing during that whole day. Also he’s been in the middle of the investigation the entire time.

  5. Donna Cartia says:

    A little disappointed with tonight’s episode. It was built up to have some major reveals and it fell short. While I agree with some of the logic from people’s comments….the episode was too choppy without the connectivity that the writers have shown in all the previous episodes. In this episode, it was a jumble of mini soap operas with the character’s sub-plots…it would have been better to have focused on the Caleb (Mark) and Will subplot and to have held off on the MIranda getting “canned” subplot….this episode was more of a distraction than a reveal….A short note to the writers…..careful not to throw in too many red herrings in one episode. Don’t get me wrong, I love clues and mysteries and a complicated plot…I love connecting the “dots”…looking forward to next week’s episode. I’m still a fan!!!!

  6. Juan says:

    Loved the powerful speech Miranda gave to Alex on her way out. Favorite part of the episode. Also Alex really needs to start getting some wins lol and I felt kinda bad for Caleb but who was he spelling to on the phone. I have a feelings it’s Ryan and them.

  7. Mason says:

    The writing of this show is literally all over the places. I bet the writers DON’T even know how the story would end. It’s juvenile writing.


    • cherylgrass says:

      I agree definately don’t seem to know where they are going I spend so much time trying to figure out if they are showing a flashback or i they are in the present that I am missing details

      • Linda says:

        I just googled my confusion about the Quantico storyline. I am so glad to see all these comments about the confusion of the show… Seriously I really liked the show, have watched it from the beginning, and now I can’t keep track of whether it’s the past or the present or what the heck is going on…I’m so done. I love mysteries and figuring things out and this has gotten just so ridiculous it’s not worth the energy to figure it out. I’ll maybe watch an episode longer, but I’ll hook into a new series that he has some more intelligent and compelling writing! I think they need to cancel this show!

  8. drb999 says:

    It’s pretty obvious that the writers don’t have enough story for 22 episodes. The story would be much tighter with 13 – 16 episodes. Every other episode seems to spin its wheels with filler. I bet that the ending isn’t as sinister as it looks. The bad guys should’ve been revealed by now with the remaining episodes dedicated to stopping them. Too much filler.

  9. Lena says:

    i’m still confused as to why Ryan went from deeply in love with Alex, believing her when she said she wasn’t a terrorist, getting shot for her, etc, is only now suddenly trying to chase her because he thinks she’s nuts? isn’t he just a tad more worried his ex girlfriend hasn’t shown up to work for weeks? is no one checking on nathalie’s kid? and why is will the only NAT from the next class up we’ve seen in the future? wouldn’t alex call drew for help? or even iris? should i even be invested in one of them being a terrorist when they’re pretty much all terrible people and stupid? to be honest, i’d prefer a spin off based on the twins and miranda, and much less on alex parrish and the many men that manipulate her.

    • bigdede says:

      Miranda, the twins and Simon are the only ones who are enjoyable. Alex is super annoying. The same reason they have Ryan going from being deeply in love with Alex to thinking she crazy is the same reason they have Alex jumping from one men to the next even though she was supposedly in love with Ryan. Still trying to understand why she slept with Liam after just finding out from Ryan’s ex wife that Ryan was in love with her.

      • Sheila says:

        Agreed the Alex sleeping with Liam thing is a head-scratcher. I get Drew and Ryan. But Liam has always been a teacher to her AND he worked with her father. Yuck!

  10. JohnnyRock says:

    So much as happened since the beginning of the show… I feel like I’m already in season 5 or 6… Crazy!

  11. H says:

    Can anyone still keep up with what’s happening? I’ve seen every episode and I am still so lost lol

  12. They had better not take Miranda off the show-she’s one of the few reasons to watch!

    • Bigdede says:

      Miranda can’t be off the show since she’s around during the bombing and helped Alex out. She was in some kind of supervisor position

  13. FBI Agent says:

    Ryan Booth is definitely the terrorist in Quantico.There are dozens of reasons for that.

  14. TJ says:

    Seriously this is just one High School drama after another. Horrible!

  15. John Davis says:

    Is Will gay? TV Line should found out for us!