The Vampire Diaries Recap

Vampire Diaries Recap: Splitsville

Friday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries pummeled us with two major breakups, and I’m honestly not sure which split was more depressing.

The first breakup — the more obviously heartbreaking one, shall we say — was between Valerie and Stefan, freshly reunited with his own body after spending nearly two full episodes waltzing about as that Joseph Morgan look-alike. Returning Stefan’s soul nearly cost Valerie her life, and during a post-spell chat set to Ruelle’s devastating “I Get to Love You,” she acknowledged that her brooding boyfriend was more concerned with the guilt over her potential death than the actual death itself.

Because paraphrasing Valerie’s big goodbye speech couldn’t possibly do it justice, here it is in full:

You don’t love me the way I love you, and the guilt of that sacrifice would eat you alive. The truth is, I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you, but that’s not true for you. And now, by some miracle, you get the chance to go back and make things right with Caroline. I know you never meant to hurt me; I even know you loved me in your own way. Maybe, if things had been different, if the world had been kinder to us, I could have been the love of your life, too.

To be perfectly honest, I never put too much stock in the Valerie/Stefan relationship, only because it always felt like a means to an end — but damn it, if her speech didn’t have me all kinds of emotional. I guess it’s true what Britney Spears sang on one of the many forgotten tracks from 2013’s Britney Jean: “You never know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” (She was the first person to coin that phrase, right? … OK, I thought so.)

Elsewhere this week…

THE BROMANCE IS OVER | The other breakup, devastating for an entirely different set of reasons, was between (former?) BFFs Damon and Alaric. “Let’s get back to the way things were,” Damon pleaded once the dust had settled. But Alaric, now determined to maintain his danger-free future with Caroline and the twins, simply replied, “No offense, but I don’t want things to get back to the way they were.” Yeah, that one hurt. And if you think about how much #Dalaric has been through during the past seven seasons — need I remind you of the “I miss you too, buddy” moment at Ric’s grave in Season 4?! — this is kind of huge. (Also, what’s this about Caroline and Alaric having “just a few friends” at their wedding? I know the last one didn’t go too well for Alaric, but without an elaborate ceremony, how are we going to get Stefan’s dramatic objection?)

CHECKING OUT | For this week’s recap, I’ve decided to pull a Vanessa Williams and save the best for last. Bonnie’s current storyline is, without question, the most interesting thing happening on TVD right now; my only complaint is that we didn’t get to spend more time with her in rehab. She may have faked her addiction, but those biting words about Damon during group therapy (“How could I have fallen into such a dark place over someone who cares so little about me?”) were all too real. Is it any wonder why she slammed the door in his face at the end of the hour?

As for Bonnie’s relationship with Enzo — you know, the guy who’s “sorry” for spending three years poisoning her — I’m not quite as supportive as I once was. In fact, now that we have all the facts, Damon’s reaction to their coupling (“Someone kidnapped Bonnie Bennett and brainwashed her into a relationship with Enzo?”) felt all the more appropriate, not that Damon has been treating her any better. Heck, am I the only one who thinks she’s better off without either of these jokers?

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Which breakup bummed you out more? Any theories about what’s in the Armory’s vault? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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  1. Stacey says:

    I am so sick of Steroline and Caralic, please let Caroline be single and her own person for a while. And poor Bonnie, I just want to hug her. Hope Caroline breaks free from both guys and hope Bamon reunites. Glad Care is back in 7×19, hopefully to put an end to Steroline.

  2. Tammy says:

    I’m sorry, but I’m all for Bonnie and Enzo. He was trying to protect her. As for Damon he doesn’t deserve to be treated that way by his BFF Bonnie. You know at the same time I may dislike Damon for some crazy things he’s done this season. Why does know one see he’s grieving Elena still??? Bonnie would be sleeping Beauty or dead if Damon had chosen to kill her when Kai gave him the choice. It just seems like everyone can grieve the loss of someone but Damon. He has to spend the next 40 to 60 years until he can be with the love of his life. I saw the Valerie and Stefan thing coming. His heart belongs to Caroline. Just as Damon’s belongs to Elena and Enzo’s to Bonnie.

    • Alt-J says:

      Honestly, someone needs to open Elena’s coffin and stake her for good. THe 40-60 years love thing is just..ridiculous. Kill of the character and move on.

    • Amy says:

      I don’t see Enzo and Bonnie as a long term relationship, they had a cute romance that ran its course. Damon and Bonnie, on the other hand, are still involved. They have been involved through her affair with Enzo and his affair with the 3 years in a coffin. And they continue to be involved even when they aren’t interacting together. To label it “BFFs” won’t change it, to ignore what they have won’t make it go away. Bonnie and Damon are in a long term relationship they has yet to recognize.

      • Naima Suge says:

        You are right about Enzo and Bonnie is not a long term relationship- just short term relationship because of Kat Graham is leave after Season 8 and maybe realise that she is in love with somebody or different guy that she meet yet in season 8- i don’t know and wait and see what happen in next season. And when Enzo was come in season 5 and met Bonnie which they are not chemistry relationship- Bamon is chemistry since season 6. Enzo is just jealous what Damon friendship or love relationship that they’re not realise yet in future and also we know that Enzo have no relationship with female person in the past when he was become vampire by Lily before he met Damon in about 1950 or some year.

        • Naima Suge says:

          Or I say Enzo is no friendship with female person with chemistry in the past. And I don’t like they are quickly jump love relationship in three year later after Damon leave her because they are slowly step by step relationship.

          P.S. I am not Bonenzo fan. and I am Bamon fan

        • Amy says:

          I also agree one of the main reasons Enzo is with Bonnie is to prove Damon he’s better at it – I can almost picture him waiting for Elena to read Damon all of the Enzo entries on Bonnie’s diaries – should Damon had already been with Bonnie, Enzo would still be trying to steal her away to prove it. Problem is: the show has put so many obstacles between Damon and Bonnie Enzo can’t really tell if he is better at it, if only because Damon never had the chance to show Bonnie how it could be betwwen them.

    • Ari says:

      Stefan’s heart belongs to Caroline? Really? Did we watch the same show when they were together? It was so awkward and like watching a brother and sister make out. There’s no passion there. Poor Stefan if he is doomed to spend eternity with Caroline. Valerie was the first person Stefan was ever with that was willing to put Stefan first. So of course the writers break them up!

    • elena @8 says:

      you are absolutley right in what you said writing this ,beacuse i think the same as you . i am fan of this show ,i love all that was happend is something that we need to see of what all been trouguh our characters. love #TVD @elena

    • Elena says:

      I don’t mind Benzo either, at least she won’t be a back up till she dies and Damon jumps to his beloved Elena. Why Bonnie and Caroline pick up what’s left after Elena, they deserve their own stories and men who’d always put them first. Stefan and Damon forever tied to Elena-looking women and Steroline and Bamon will never beat Stelena or Delena. Plus why all friendships has to moved into “smth bigger”, Damon and Steroline were perfect as best friends.

      • Amy says:

        Caroline has Tyler. At least until they usted her to make Klaus sympathetic she did have someone that always put her first in Tyler. And Damon has always put himself first even when he was with Elena.

      • Bayliee says:

        Sorry but Bamon beat DE in writing and chemistry but I agree about SC, they’ve been boring since day one. Just bring someone new for Stefan.

  3. Jason says:

    Ah, the long circuitous route back to Steroline. I often wonder what this season would have been like had Candice not gotten preggers. It was always pretty clear that the whole Alaric thing was kind of nuts. Up until this season, a relationship between him and Caroline could only be found in the deep recesses of fan-ficdom. There are plenty of Steroline naysayers but atleast their relationship had been brewing since the early days of the show. Built on a solid foundation. Alaric and Caroline are more like a lucid fever dream. I keep wondering if the whole series is stuck in the Phoenix Stone. Valerie is better in that she and Stefan atleast have history. I can’t not like her and I don’t mind her on the show (though I feel her exit toward that date she has with the Winchester Boys starts here).
    Even so, their coupling felt like a pointed Steroline complication and nothing more. The whole thing is like some strange baby shower present to Candice. “Here’s your maternity leave tied up with a bow!” And now it looks like we can finally get down to the business of unraveling it.

  4. ana says:

    Poor Bonnie keeps getting the ishty end of the stick!! – would have liked to see her get together with damon, but there seems like there’s just no redemption for him..

  5. Michelle says:

    Yes Andy Yes on the bonenzo part, I disagree about Bamon only because there’s history their and we know Damon will do something huge to save his bon bon. But yes I am not hers for Bonnie and End I he poisoned her and he’s an idiot. Thank you Damon, cause yes Bonnie was pretty much brain washed.

  6. Celia says:

    All I want from this season is for Defan ( as in Damon and Stefan) to be at a good place and to really sort things out. No more underlying resentments. Everything need to be said in the open. And I also want my OTP that I’ve been waiting for so long Bamon. Bonnie and Damon have been through so many difficulties, it’s time to give them a break. Now that she’s in danger, Damon will do everything to save her and win her back. Her relationship with Enzo is just a filler just like Alaric/Caroline and Valerie/Stefan are.
    The true pairings will prevail in the end and I’m here for it. Nice review and recap. I loved it.

  7. Bamon says:

    I love the relationship between damon and bonnie, i hope he will get her forgivness one day and save her from being sick.

    • Bayliee says:

      I love Bamon and I feel like a lot of these Benzo ‘fans’ are really butt hurt delena shippers. it’s funny that after a three minute scene between Bonnie and Enzo everyone is on the Benzo wagon. LOL

  8. KM says:

    I thought Bonnie has great chemistry with Enzo, but her and Damon are on another level.
    And the last 5 min. were so good.

  9. Ashraf says:

    well…. I’m so hurt for Stefan, every time he gone to be happy with a girl he couldn’t
    I was so hopefully for Stefan and Valerie, but that’s also ended, I wish he find a girl who never leave him.

  10. Melzie says:

    I’m very on the Bonnie/Enzo train but I have to admit there is a weak sauce quality to whatever has transpired for the past three years. That’s a long time!

    I kind of disagree that we know the facts i.e. how much of that time they’ve actually been an item, complete with the poisoning. Oops. And it seems like they were making very little progress on getting info from the Armory in all that time. Okayyy…so what else were these two doing to pass the time before the last 3 weeks? I’d prefer to be shown than told. Gimme a couple flashbacks, here.

    But I do agree in the sense that while I love Enzo – cmon he’s ADORABLE! – if he’s going to be a wimpy & ineffective doormat (kind of his MO, actually, despite the bluster) and/or needs Bonnie as his damsel-in-distress rather than tough chick she is, it’s indeed going to be harder to believe they’re a solid couple with a future. (Which, dammit, no! I love them together. Make it work.)

    I’m gonna reserve judgment in the hope that they give us more of their dynamic in the next couple of weeks. If she’s going get stronger, which it seems she is (yay!) is he going to be able to handle it, make better choices and hang at her level (I hope so but a long shot)? Or are they going to relegate him to puppy dog status and let Damon chew scenery with her instead, without him (unfair but feels possible…I like BFF-Damon but boooo)? A more grounded-by-Bonnie Enzo needs to stay a fun and exciting Enzo, and I need to believe she sees something in him to nurture back and respects him for more than being hot and there. Balancing him with Damon in her sphere will be tough, though…not sure the writers are up for it.

    The actors on the other hand! These three breathe and blink more vividness into the characters than the dialogue can hope to convey. Esp Kat/Michael. The producers need to not spoil this.

    The best Bonenzo hope for me was the very end when Damon showed up. Bonnie looked to Enzo first and he gently backed off and gave her space to do what she needed to do with Damon without inserting himself obnoxiously where he didn’t belong, as he might have in the past. Relationship/Enzo maturity signal! Now let’s see them get something done…

    Platonic Bamon only please. They rule. But no one needs another ruiny Steroline situation. Ew. #worst

    • Team Benzo says:

      This! Excellent analysis, Team Benzo all the way! She needs a cutie to be all in for her and her alone! Not, Sloppy seconds behind Elena. Keep Damon and her as friends. I think Enzo didn’t know, just tried to protect her! Maybe because Bonnie isn’t a mean heretic, it won’t kill her! Team Benzo! They are so cute together!!!

      • talaverai says:

        It’s Bonenzo if you guys are on tumblr or twitter (because Benzo is a nickname for an anti-depressant that comes up in tags) and we need more supportive fam who know Bamon work as a platonic relationship <3

        • Amy says:

          Bonnie and Alaric work as a platonic relationship, Damon and Caroline’s mom worked as a platonic relationship (I miss Liz). Bonnie and Damon are clearly not in a platonic relationship, but a long term relationship that has yet to consumate.

          • talaverai says:

            “A long term relationship”? Yes, and just like every romance Damon chose to turn his back on Bonnie so he could never see her again and wake up to the girl he mentions in almost every episode. You missed that part of the love story. Bonnie is the Lexi to Damon’s Stefan.

  11. Judy Morris says:

    Please stop ruining my vampire diaries I love the show

  12. Guest says:

    I was just wondering if I was watching the same show when Valerie was spouting off about greatest love (referring to Caroline) when she was talking to Stefan. Not that I don’t like their relationship (even though I will always be a klaroline lover at heart I admitted defeat on that ship the moment the originals was green lit) Stefan and Caroline are cute together but when I think great love I think of the first couple of seasons with Elena and Stefan. Now that literally was an epic love. Heck Caroline even said the same thing! I was wanting Stef to cut in on that part of Val’s speech to correct her on that! Lol

  13. Dalaric hasn’t been the same ever Alaric chose Jo over saving Bonnie back in season 6 (and because of that, I don’t care for Alaric). Bonnie was the reason Alaric was even alive again and he could care less which imo officially ended their bromance because in Damon’s mind Alaric’s reasons were BS (I think he echo the sentiment Alaric barely knew Jo). I just want him gone and quite frankly still pissed he was brought back while we lost Lexi.

  14. Danny Cardenas says:

    About TVD The most Heartfelt Break*Up*I’$*&*Will Be Bonnie’s Departure,,, Whether or NOT,,Damon BFF With BONNIE The Letting*Go*Part will be Very Di$Appointing for BOTH*BFF…”IF IT WAS”REAL”😔…

  15. Ally Oop says:

    Im disappointed Valerie and Stephen didnt work out. I honestly dont miss Caroline at all, Ive always found her rather annoying to be honest. I wish she’d just stay in Texas with Alaric. Thats a major reason Ive never liked the idea of Klaroline. I like the character of Klaus too much to see him saddled with annoying Caroline.

  16. spu says:

    What are you talking about? I love Bonnie and Enzo. Enzo is one of the genuine love interests that Bonnie has had, that the show has given her. I liked Valerie but I dont like her coming between Steroline.I think Steroline has to be reunited in some big way. I can’t wait. And yeah #Dalaric breakup was sad. How could Alaric do that to Damon?

    • Amy says:

      Bonnie and Enzo have been nice, but Bonnie and Damon are epic especially because the show has fought them all the way. When the writers themselves become an obstacle, the couple can’t be more epic!

  17. Elena says:

    Caroline just as much love of Stefan’s life as Valerie. Only SC is gross as well. Still putting Alaric with Care is even grosser. Paul had a nice chemistry with Nina, so Stefan’s relationships with Elena and Katherine felt more real than anything he had after.

  18. AlKay says:

    Enzo needs to go, hopefully they cross The Originals with VD and that creepy new Original hybrid b@st@rd kills Elena to destroy the cure. Enzo is about as interesting as a rock #KillEnzo Face it Benzo lovers Enzo is nothing but a poor Damon replica – go suck on that. As for the Steroline shippers please go hang yourselves and take those useless production hags Dries and the other retarded b1tch with you.

    • talaverai says:

      So this kind of comment makes it through moderation? You need to stop watching the show, man. It’s making you all kinds of ugly.

      • AlKay says:

        It’s the truth… Enzo is a weak Damon substitute, people who fantasize about bonking their siblings; like Steroline and the whole sleeping beauty angle is dumb and the only way I see it working is Lucian draining Elena for some kind of revenge on the Mikaelsons and their allies and boom he becomes mortal and Klaus can rip his heart out. The production hag twins Dries and the other retard screwed up this show. I watch for Bonnie – whom the production hag twosome go out of their way to punish.

  19. marydspain says:

    Here for Steroline.

  20. talaverai says:

    Say you have a family member who had a rare cancer. You’ve exhausted every treatment in the US so you have to make your peace with letting them go. Then you stumble across a new pill, fairly untested, that they offer in Germany. Are you telling me you wouldn’t at least try it, if it kept your loved one safe? Yes, he stuffed up, but this was the act of a desperate man. He didn’t intentionally poison her as you imply above. If he had left her alone she would’ve been captured by the armory (considering her ‘friends’ abandoned her) and once they had used her to open that vault, she was probably going to be left to the same fate as Mary Louise. Enzo stuffed up, but it could’ve been much worse.

  21. Liza says:

    I have always loved Alaric and was thrilled when he was resurrected, but the writers have given him a truly awful storyline for his part-time appearances! And now, he is going to have his heart broken again because Caroline will leave him for Stefan. The twins know her as their only Mother, so he will agree to share custody of them with her. And Caroline and Stefan are not an epic love that they keep trying to push. It is just not there! Poor Valerie too. I grew to like her and was hoping she would stick around. Not liking the direction this is going. I would be glad if Season 8 was the last. Time to wrap things up!!

  22. esteem says:

    I dunno why bonnie nd the others hate Damon fr wat he did.they made him feel he was the curse uf mystic falls.poor guy.what would you have done if it was u being told by everyone dat u were d curse uf every problem they are having

    • Crystal says:

      I thank this show has gone downhill if Bonnie dies then Elena needs to come back

      • AlKay says:

        Bonnie won’t be dying, I think Enzo will sacrifice himself in some spell from Bonnie to live, that or Bonnie has to become the next huntress to survive. Either way I think they are going to tie whatever is in the basement with Lucian. So hopefully we see a Mikaelson-Salvatore alliance to take out Lucian. Elena won’t be coming back anytime soon. Defan can’t repair their relationship with that doppelganger flitting about.

        • AnnieM says:

          I thought the pills killed ThelmaLouise (yeah, I forgot her name already) because she was a vampire; they never said it, but that was my impression. Since Bonnie is not a vamp, maybe they will affect her differently? All I know is that I started out interested in where this Elena-less season would be going, and the Bonkers! nature of the time jump – now I just want it to *end already*. Personally, I’m PO’ed by what has been done to Matt, who was once a great character. They FINALLY give him what could be a lasting love interest, DON’T let us see any of the relationship, kill her offscreen, then FFwd us to Matt being a jerk to pretty much everyone he ever cared about. Bleah.

  23. I really love your shows so so much!!!!

  24. Luli says:

    Nice nod to the books with Bonnie’s undercover last name! (Mccullough as in her last name in the books.)

  25. Chip says:

    I don’t think Valerie deserve that pain relationship with Stefan. When he was back to his body I thought “Finally something good”… then the break up.
    Bonnie was too emotional. Yeah, I know she spent a lot of time with Damon but she has to understand that he doesn’t have a goal in life without Elena. I can not wait to see Caroline’s reaction to Stefan(because it’s obvios that she love him).

  26. Amanda says:

    I CANT WAIT TILL STEROLINE!! We finally get to see Valerie leave Stefan! Although to give them credit it was a really sweet goodbye scene! All things aside… I just want my babies to be together again! They deserve to be together

  27. Steroline, the beautiful slow burn friendship that turned into a beautiful romance!!! It’s not over! Bc Steroline is forever!!! Caroline is Stefan’s home 💙 His constant 💙 The love of his life :)

  28. Kinsey says:

    So happy Stefan/Valerie thing is over for good, let’s get back to Steroline now.

  29. Katie says:

    Jayman and Lena should’ve been the one to end up together forever they didn’t realize and you can tell their passion on the screen so they are the ones that should end up together forever and I am seriously probably not gonna watch the rest of this if they do not stay together!