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Is Grey's Doc Too Angry? Who Played Superman? Who on Nashville Must Go? Jeers to Debate Cheers? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Sleepy Hollow, iZombie, Nashville and Orphan Black!

1 | Can we talk about the ending of Catastrophe Season 2? Did it get a bit soapy with Rob’s work seductress and Sharon’s mysterious night of passion?

Vampire Diaries2 | We all did a “Wait, is that Klaus?” double-take when The Vampire Diaries first showed Stefan’s new host body, right? And did the vamp serial killer inhabiting Stefan remind you of a character from The Following?

3 | Did any other Sleepy Hollow viewers notice that George Washington’s voiceover — about how Crane was tasked “to stand guard against all threats deemed otherworldly” — didn’t match the actual letter he was writing (“to stand guard against all supernatural evil”)?

4 | Hawaii Five-0 sends Danny off to chaperone his daughter’s cheer team trip, and we don’t get to see him overwhelmed by a gaggle of teenage girls? Also, TVLine reader Natalie asks of the climactic car chase, “Three people on Team Bad Guy, and not one of them thought to control the situation and drive the Grovers across Molokai?” We meanwhile wonder: Why didn’t Lou drive slowly and sensibly to safety after the baddies crashed headfirst into a tree?

5 | Was Shark Tank’s NoPhone pitch the biggest airtime waste in seven seasons?20qs-once-gaston-new

6 | Did you notice that Once Upon a Time’s “Previously On…” segment reshot that Season 1 “Skin Deep” scene of Gaston, using recast Wes Brown? TVLine reader Kip meanwhile wonders: “How was Ruby’s cloak just magically there beside her if she was in wolf form?”

7 | Will no one on Fear the Walking Dead share their shampoo with Nick? No one?!?

8 | Better Call Saul fans, what do you make of reader Rick’s theory that Mike and Nacho’s meeting place this week was Los Pollos Hermanos under construction?

9 | Was that Tom Welling or Henry Cavill on Supergirl? (Before you say “Brandon Routh,” look at the jawline. It’s all wrong.)


10 | Did anyone see Jane the Virgin‘s delicious twin twist coming?

11 | Between the Disney-themed Dancing With the Stars and an “Aladdin’-themed Castle, should ABC Monday have used the hashtag #CorporateSynergy?

11.5 | Was it funny to hear Lucifer repeatedly refer to the “rush” of doing good deeds, given the title of Tom Ellis’ previous series?

12 | Todrick Hall was so charming — and stylish! — as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, is there a petition circulating to get him a permanent spot on the panel?

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13 | Which iZombie finale casualty will you miss most: Drake, Vaughn, Rita, Don E, Chief or Rob Thomas the musician? And do you think Blaine’s amnesia is real or faked? Also, any 20qs-shield-infinity-stonetheories on missing zombie Natalie?

14 | Are Agents of S.H.I.EL.D.’s Lincoln and Daisy now in possession of the Infinity Stone?!?!

15 | With so many expendable characters on Nashville, which do you hope the new showrunners drop first: Luke, Layla, Frankie, Cash or Maddie and Daphne? (The correct answer is: “All of the above.”)

16 | Were Underground’s Noah & Co. unwise to stand outside on deck of the stolen boat, where any passersby could spot the $1,000-a-head runaways?

17 | If Mom’s Christy announced just last week that she’d be out of a job for at least six weeks because the restaurant was closed for renovations, why was she already back in her waitress attire this Thursday?

18 | Is Grey’s Anatomy‘s Owen allowed to do anything anymore besides find new ways to act on his loathing of Nathan?

19 | Couldn’t The Blacklist and Grey’s Anatomy have coordinated their C-section disaster stories so they didn’t both land on the same exact night?

Project Runway All Stars Alyssa Milano20 | Did Legends of Tomorrow’s Rip and Jonah give off a, um, more-than-frenemies vibe? (Just us…?) Also, were the mighty Hunters dispatched with a bit easily? And who did you think sickly Bertie would turn out to be? (Could he also be related to Dr. Harrison Wells?)

21 | Is Project Runway All Stars‘ Alyssa Milano trying to follow in Heidi Klum’s footsteps as Fashion Judge Who Wears Questionable Fashion?

22 | Just two episodes in, is Game of Silence testing your capacity to hear the nickname “Boots” again and again and again? Especially if you have a kid who watches Dora?

23 | Which surprise Orphan Black return did you enjoy most: Beth, Hot Paul, Dr. Leekie, Olivier, Raj or the tail?

24 | When do we get to the stage in televised presidential debates where the candidates aren’t playing/pandering to a rowdy, cheering crowd?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. MBF says:

    10. I felt like something was off when the narrator was being even more dense than usual, but it still surprised me. Can’t wait to see where it goes, hopefully it will lead to more Rafael screen time. The last couple episodes have helped me like Jane and Micheal more but I still miss Rafael.
    18. I’m in the minority of Grey’s fans that actually really like Owen, and have since the beginning. So I’m really frustrated with the writers who are making him unbearable this season. It was fine for a few episodes but at this point it’s like, we get it, he hates the guy, can we please see him do something else?

    • Ben says:

      Just when people start to see sparks between Owen and April… bam!.. they make Owen again an aggressive and unstable douche but now they add alcoholism to his list of issues…. such a character development. :P

  2. A fan of TV says:

    You can’t have a show about Rayna and Deacon’s love affair without either of her daughters. Annoying or not, they’re part of the package as part of the premise. I’d toss everyone else no problem, though.

    I think Nick just doesn’t care that he’s a dirtbag. Live in filth long enough you get used to it :) I’m more afraid that Lexa’s death will have been in vain as most people hate Alicia, and thus she may be a casualty. I kinda think she has it in her to be the last one standing, though. She’s not street smart yet but she’s book smart enough to learn fast from her mistakes, AND she’s the youngest on the boat and most will want to protect her if things go down, so I can see her kinda lasting a long time (or maybe I’m hoping that she does extra hard…?)

    • skyebright8 says:

      Daphne wasn’t so bad till recently, but the new show runners seriously had to stop the rebellious teenage Maddie storylines, no one cares.

  3. Anthony says:

    #20: At times I got a very romantic vibe between Rip and Jonah, at other times I thought “How long was Rip in the Old West? Could he have been Jonah Hex’s father?” (It would completely change Hex’s comic book origin, but hey — in the comics, Vandal Savage is an immortal cave man, and the Hawks’ reincarnating enemy is Dr. Hastor. So it’s not outside the realm of possibility.) And I actually thought Bertie would turn out to be Stein’s ancestor.

  4. Wordsmith says:

    13) A lot of sad losses on iZombie. As much as I’ve been looking forward to Vaughn’s death, he was fun to have around. Totally the villain you love to hate.
    I felt like they could have done interesting stuff with Rita as well, particularly with her becoming a zombie – could have been an interesting foil for Liv.

  5. Wordsmith says:

    14) Ooh, an Infinity Gem? Do we think Marvel would actually let AoS play with such an important piece of the MCU puzzle?
    At last count, four out of the six gems are accounted for in the movies. The gems representing Time and Soul are still on the loose. If this turns out to be one of those, things could get REALLY interesting.

    • clintbrew says:

      i reckon its the soul gem doctor strange will have the time gem unless the gem from agent of shield get sent to dr strange somehow also the thing that sky hold looks like the orb from guardians of the galaxy that housed the infinity gem

  6. Wordsmith says:

    20) I did pick up interesting vibes between Rip and Jonah Hex, though not romantic ones. I thought that they might do some kind of weird time- bending/fragmenting/looping twist so that Jonah might actually turn out to be Rip’s son Jonas. The logic probably would have been shoddy, but it would have been cool nonetheless.

  7. Karana says:

    13) Don E didn’t die in the finale of iZombie. He was shot in the chest and zombies can only be killed with a bullet through the head.

    • Ann says:

      He was shot in the head.

      • Wordsmith says:

        the big mute got shot in the head. Don E asked to be shot in the head, but it was reverse psychology so the guy would shoot him a bunch of times in the gut instead. Pretty sure he’s still alive.

      • Erin B says:

        I think he was shot in the chest. Plus, his body was gone. Why would they leave Chief behind but take Don E?

    • ScottJ says:

      That puzzled me. I’m sure Don E and Chief both bled, but Liv didn’t in the knife scene.

      • ? says:

        Getting shot is forceful so it would knock some blood out of you. Getting stabbed like that might not. Yes I am making rules about the physiology of imaginary creatures right now specifically to excuse this, lol.

  8. Steve says:

    12. I lose all respect for anyone who likes Todrick. Ugh.

  9. Phillip says:

    13: I’ll miss basically all of the above
    20: that is exactly what I thought. I thought I was the only one!
    23: I loved seeing a of the above, too. But mostly Hot Paul.

  10. Karana says:

    17) Weren’t Adam and Bonnie talking on the phone for a while before they met? Could have been 6 weeks that’s why Christy was back at her job.

  11. Kevin K says:

    Number 9 – I have a feeling it may be Tom Welling but people are not 100% sure.

  12. Daisy says:

    13. I’ll miss Drake. Loved. Him.

  13. Bwhit says:

    15) Yes to all and even though she’s only been in two episodes, they can take Autumn with them. If Rayna wants to get back on stage, just have The Exes open for her…. Problem solved.
    20) they were kind of acting like scorned lovers lol!

  14. Andrea says:

    Don’t ditch Maddie and Daphne, but end this wretched storyline with Maddie and make her no longer be such a brat.

    Bye bye: Frankie, Cash, Autunm, Layla. I don’t mind Luke because I think Hwy 65 does need some competition (a la Season 2 of Smash with Bombshell and Hit List)

    I like Vita, but the character’s unnecessary. Tandie can stay gone, and Teddy can make occasional appearances from jail.

  15. Mika says:

    13) totally surprised by the twin twist.
    23) HOT PAUL

  16. angie says:

    From the Nashville list i DON’T agree with Maddie and Daphne on the list, they are the kids to two of the lead characters. Also they bring more to the show than the others on the list.

    • Eve says:

      Oh god, I think Maddie is the most annoying character on TV. I have no problems with the actress, but the character as written is parody of a Mopey Miserable Teenager. I’m hoping she discovers her inner love for soul, moves to Detroit, and is never heard from again.

  17. 9 | Was that Tom Welling or Henry Cavill on Supergirl? (Before you say “Brandon Routh,” look at the jawline. It’s all wrong.)

    Haha. The jawline was CGI. The actor was Nick Cage.

  18. Larc says:

    15. I’d certainly vote for Layla, Frankie and Cash to hit the road. Maddie as well unless she can get her act together.
    18. Maybe it’s time for Owen Hunt to move on. He’s been rudderless and boring since Christina left and adds absolutely nothing of value to the show, IMO.

    Speaking of Grey’s Anatomy and moving on, Callie has agreed to go to NYC with Penny, making Arizona unhappy about the prospects of losing contact with her kid. There is a totally logical solution: Arizona could move to NYC as well. All that would get 3 more boring characters out of the way.

  19. 10 | Did anyone see Jane the Virgin‘s delicious twin twist coming?

    Totally blindsided

    13 | Which iZombie finale casualty will you miss most: Drake, Vaughn, Rita, Don E, Chief or Rob Thomas the musician? And do you think Blaine’s amnesia is real or faked? Also, any theories on missing zombie Natalie?

    Vaughn might be a zombie now, and Rob Thomas FINALLY killed off that pesky other Rob Thomas. Blaine, probably not faking it.

  20. Ines says:

    20 – The kid’s name is Herbert George Wells, also known as H. G. Wells as Professor Stein correctly puts it. I believe they are referring to H. G. Wells, the famous writer who is considered the father of science fiction. He wrote “The War of the Worlds”, “Time Machine”, “The Island of Doctor Moreau” and “The Invisible Man” among others.
    Regarding Jonah and Rip, I got more of a father/son vibe especially after Stein asked why he name his son after him.

    • lrdslvrhnd says:

      Hi, Captain Obvious, nice to meet ya!
      I’m pretty sure they were asking who we thought he was BEFORE the reveal. I figured he’d turn out to be the father of the guy that actually discovered streptomycin. I liked him turning out to be the father of “The Time Machine” instead.
      As for Rip/Jonah, I was waiting for it to turn out that Rip was dating Jonah’s sister who died in that town or something.
      I was also extremely disappointed that when Snart asked about his and Mick’s weapons, Rip didn’t come back with “Unfortunately, my pockets aren’t bigger on the inside.”

  21. KLS says:

    11.5 I miss Rush (USA)

  22. Marci says:

    10 | Did anyone see Jane the Virgin‘s delicious twin twist coming?

    No, I did not see this coming at all. What a surprise–good job by the writers. This is going to be fun.

  23. Marci says:

    Here’s a question: All but three of the 14 deaths shown in your gallery are female stars? Why are so many women on TV killed off?

  24. mc says:

    Maddie and Daphne. Ship them to boarding school already! Then let Rayna and Deacon go out on tour.

    • Allison says:

      I agree 100% with this comment. Please ship Maddie and Daphne off to boarding school, quick, fast and in a hurry! Then we can relive the magic of Rayna and Deacon on tour and performing together.

  25. 13. izombie – Don E. isn’t dead. He was shot in the gut and probably crawled out of the funeral home. I’m going to miss Chief and Rita. I was hoping they would do more with Rita as a zombie, and chief was just likable to me. Drake was cool too but you knew they want Liv and Major together. As for Blaine, he’s not faking but I bet his memory may slowly start to come back. He just struck me more as like the old Blaine as the show went on on Tuesday. He seemed to be acting like his old self by the end more so than when he first lost his memory, heck even in the first episode of the night.

    14. shield -could be the time Gem although I thought they said it was made by the Kree and I don’t think they made the gems.

    17. mom – it could have been 6 weeks. Christy did work for Jill for quite some time, although I can’t believe it took Bonnie that long to get with the guy really.

  26. Jason says:

    13) I will miss Vaughn a great deal. He goes on my list off all time great tv villains. The kind you know have to die
    but you sure enjoy them while they’re around.
    15) How exactly are Maddie and Daphne expendable. What would they do? Ship them off to boarding school?
    Those girls are too talented to waste that way. Honestly, I don’t want to see any of them go (except Cash).
    The solution is better writing. Not an actor firing apocalypse.

  27. PatriciaLee says:

    4. Dano is used to gaggles of girls, by now. 24. Never, as long as there is TV. Remember, Nixon and Kennedy? I do, and the one thing I never find fault with is candidates’ preoccupation with televised projection.

  28. Tom says:

    14 | Are Agents of S.H.I.EL.D.’s Lincoln and Daisy now in possession of the Infinity Stone?!?!
    Better question: Can’t we please get rid of Lincoln already?
    17 | If Mom’s Christy announced just last week that she’d be out of a job for at least six weeks because the restaurant was closed for renovations, why was she already back in her waitress attire this Thursday?
    We’re not supposed to think of such things.

  29. Rachel says:

    22 – oh my sweet Lord! I like the show but when they say that name it takes the seriousness right out of the scene.

  30. Allison says:

    15. I select all of the above because I don’t believe the show would suffer a great loss if any of the recommendations rode off into the sunset. Layla needs to mount up and take Daphne and Maddie with her. Frankie and Cash can be on the first horse leading the way. Luke has grown on me but if he hitched a ride on a wagon out of Nashville, I wouldn’t be upset.

    18. Owen has been not one bit likable since Cristina left. It is sad that the only thing he had going for him on the show was his relationship with Cristina. He and Amelia were just a big fat no and his hatred of Riggs is just so ridiculous that it is almost laughable. The level of rage he feels towards the guy is just unwarranted. If Riggs had killed his sister or beat her to a bloody pulp, then yeah, give him hell, but that did not happen and Riggs is not the first guy to cheat on someone’s sister. For crying out loud, Owen cheated on Cristina, did Mr. High and Mighty forget that little indiscretion from his past? He is going to feel real stupid when his sister inevitably shows up and is as fine as peach pie and this is Grey’s Anatomy so yeah, she’s coming and boy will Owen look silly. Well, silly is better than bitter and unforgiving, which is a look he as been sporting quite frequently.

    21. I love Alyssa Milano so much that she can do no wrong in my book, but I am inclined to agree that both she and Heidi have made some questionable fashion choices as fashion show judges and almost got away with it. Yeah, they tried it!

  31. Phun says:

    9 – I asked my MAGIC EIGHT BALL and it came up with Henry Cavill. So I’ll go with Henry Cavill. :)

  32. Tim Devine says:

    The tail. Definitely the tail. And finally, the debut of a new clone.

  33. Ben says:

    15. The correct answer is not ‘all of the above’. Maddie and Daphne are the most talented vocal artists on the show, and besides they can be easily redeemed by just not making their story line so angsty.

    I wouldn’t really miss the rest though. It would be great to get back to Rayna, Deacon, Maddie, Daphne, Scarlett, Gunnar, Juliet, Avery… this is the heart of the show for me. I don’t mind Luke, and I wouldn’t want to lose Will either… but that group of 8 is who I really care about.

    • RichieS says:

      The hottest and one of the best singers on Nashville was Zoe. They can drop alot of the others but bring back Chaley Rose !

  34. Stacy says:

    4. One of the more fun eps of H50 in a long time, and still needed to suspend belief the whole time.
    16. YES. The idea that someone couldn’t be following them, hidden in riverside greenery was insane. And this show I expect some believability.
    18. The character of Owen would not be missed… just sayin’. The storyline is ridiculous and drawn out longer than necessary. He’s like a doll where you pull a string and they can only say one line, “I hate Riggs. Riggs is EVIL.” Meanwhile, Martin Henderson as a new regular is being given almost nothing to do.
    All we can do is wait for Meg to, presumably, turn up alive and alter the dynamic.

  35. Ram510 says:

    11.5) why have an 11.5, why not just make it 12?

    15) I like all of those character, but Frankie could go I guess. I like Cash but I guess if he was gone it wouldn’t hurt anything. Maddie and Daphne are whiny sometimes but they are Raynas daughter so they aren’t going anywhere. Plus they have potential for a good storyline

  36. maregolden says:

    #9. I think it’s George Reeves. (hey, if Will Gardner can come back…..)

  37. Normandy says:

    15 – The main cast of Nashville is just fine except for Rayna’s kids. Return them to recurring status and cut down on their storylines. Then figure out a way to have the remaining cast have more overlapping and intersecting storylines instead of giving everyone their own separate thing to do. And stop constantly adding new characters (Cash) into the mix when you don’t even have a handle on the characters you already do have.

  38. Dude says:

    The correct answer is Hot Paul’s abs. Always Hot Paul’s abs.

  39. Laura says:

    15) you can’t get rid of Maddie and Daphne! The other ok.

  40. Babygate says:

    10 Jane the Virgin is my guilty pleasure. So underrated!
    18- After 7 seasons, I still cant stand Owen. When he’s not assaulting a woman’s face with his hands or his mouth or violating all kinds of boundaries or treating women like crap, he’s sulking in his unexplicable man-pain and acting like the world revolves around his needs. He is insufferable.

  41. Nashville: LAYLA. LUKE. That new chick Autumn Chase. Frankie. Cash. And based on the awful stuff about to happen, MADDIE. Keep poor Daphne. Give her a friend or a pet or something.

  42. msnyder1985 says:

    No one else going to comment on Stein wearing his PLASTIC frames in the old west? That anachronism has me thrown off the whole show.

  43. EM says:

    11. You forgot to add that GMA is a two hour commercial for all that is Disney.

    15. Layla, Cash and I guess Frankie because can’t remember who that is.

    18. No. Owen needs to leave. Riggs is much more interesting now.

  44. lololee24 says:

    Sooooooooo I see you guys have resorted to stealing ideas from youtube? How very lazy of you.

  45. skyart101 says:

    #15..I could definitely do without Frankie and Cash, and maybe Lagla and Luke, but not Daphne and Maddie. The storylines are a little tiresome for the girls this season, but when they sing–it’s the best part of the show. I love those two. Non-negotiable.