The 100 Recap

The 100 Recap: Stark Raven Mad

There were several moments during Thursday’s The 100 in which I preemptively covered my eyes, and two of ’em involved Raven gnawing at her own (or someone else’s) flesh. It was one of those weeks.

As I tweeted midway through the episode, this show is constantly re-inventing itself — how we got from outer space to inner demons in less than two seasons still boggles the mind — but killer performances, like the one we saw from Lindsey Morgan this week and last, have made the journey a pleasant one. (Internet backlash not withstanding.)

This particular hour found Clarke and the gang attempting to (literally) shock the crazy out of Raven, then perform open-neck surgery to remove her A.I. chip. But before they played the world’s riskiest game of Operation, they found themselves on the receiving end of some pretty harsh truths, courtesy of an Alie-possessed Raven.

Nary a weakness was left unexploited as she brought up Jasper’s issues with Clarke (“I guess he hasn’t forgiven you for killing his girlfriend”), Bellamy’s lack of devotion to Gina, and the main trio of deaths for which Clark already blames herself. (I know we’re all still sad about Lexa, but for me, the most gut-wrenching moment was when Raven told Clarke she “broke [Finn’s] heart and shoved a knife into it.” I will never not miss Finn.)

Of course, just when it seemed like the tide had turned in our heroes’ favor — they know the second A.I. can stop Alie, so that means they’ll win, right? — a quick cut to the City of Light, where an anxious Alie informed Jaha that they’ll “have to kill them all,” snapped us back to into reality. Things are about to get really ugly, and if history has taught us anything, at least one of these characters won’t live to see Season 4.

Other Moments to Discuss:

* The shock of Monty killing his own mother to save Octavia was distressing enough, but I nearly lost it when he realized — following Raven’s successful de-programming — that he could have saved her. I’m not sure Dark Monty is a thing I’m equipped to handle right now, to be honest.

* Clarke’s desperate plea for Jasper not to smash the A.I. chip (“It’s Lexa!”) was also pretty devastating.

* Should we assume that Octavia’s return to the fold canceled out her previous ‘I’m not one of the hundred anymore’ speech? Even though I’d love for her to branch out and rule a new crew, I also don’t want to lose any more friends.

* On a lighter note, did I imagine the sexual tension between Jasper/Raven and Octavia/Monty? I’ve been known to look for these things where they don’t actually exist — I once swore I saw a spark between Jasper and Monty — so feel free to tell me I’m wrong. I’ll believe you.

Your thoughts on tonight’s mind-screw of an episode? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I see chemistry with everyone on the show so I def saw the tension you’re describing. Tonights episode was incredible. I’m SO happy the delinquents are back together again. THEY are the reason I started watching and was hooked since ep 1.

  2. Annie says:

    Way to not talk about Bellamy and Clarke at all…not like they had any important scenes or anything. I guess I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t want to be cyber bullied by CL fans either.

  3. jackie says:

    All I want to know is if this means we no longer have to deal with Jasper’s whining? I don’t know if I can take another episode of it!

    • Bob says:

      What would you do if someone you knew killed your boyfriend or girlfriend?

      • Sawyer says:

        Well I would blame, Bellamy, Monty and not just Clarke. Jasper saying he could have saved them all was crap. Jasper did not leave Mt. Weather, and Clarke pleaded with Jasper that something was wrong. Jasper wanted chocolate cake. That b true. Jasper is not innocent. Jasper trying to save them all he would have gotten himself killed.

  4. So when is Lindsey getting her Emmy nod its about time they give her the screentime she has deserved for 3 seasons

  5. Lori says:

    Clarke’s desperate plea to Jasper about Lexa, was painful. I loved Clexa storyline. However I loved seeing The original 100 back together. Sinclair and Bryan can be honorary members. This cast of characters just have chemistry when they are ll together. My goodness that have been separated half of season 3. Clexa fans are probably going to be mad, Eliza Taylor has chemistry with almost every character, whether it Bellamy, Raven, Jasper, Octavia and Monty and Roan. Eliza and Bob have chemistry and seem to care deeply about one another even if they are mad, hurt angry or resentful. Lindsey Morgan owned the episode tonight but her supporting cast brought it to and the episode was dark, things needed to be said. Clarke, Bellamy, Jasper, Monty and Octavia aren’t the good guys or the bad guys they are trying to survive. Monty is really going to have a dark road a head.

  6. kitsunesaru says:

    Major props to Lindsay. Essencially playing three characters and bluring the lines just enough to question who was talking. Monty (sorry forget the actor’s name) also really good. Very heartbreaking to watch even though his mom was exacty a lovable character.

  7. Dominique says:

    thanks for acknowledging finn and his importance to clarke (and raven).
    it’s bad enough the show hardly talks about him anymore, so it’s good they did this episode.

  8. Red Snapper says:

    This was such a good episode. It had me all wound up in knots and squeezing my SO’s hand multiple times. I felt so bad for Monty and I hope he’s alright and doesn’t go all Jasper on us. I miss the old Jasper and hope we start seeing more of him soon. I’m glad Raven’s back to herself again. I’m sure she’ll come up with a way to fix everyone. I think it’ll be good having the old gang back together. I want more Clarke and Bellamy scenes. I was a fan of Lexa and Clarke and of Bellamy and Clarke. I never really rooted for one over the other but the chemistry tonight was was definitely there.

  9. Harvey says:

    It’s good that Clarke was shown so many times how much she did wrong…I hate it how she could do anything she wants while stopping others from doing the same. Love Jasper.
    Hated the Monty killing mother scene, it was stupid….I guess they wanted a character development in him but at that time it felt unnecessary.

    • Sawyer says:

      Clarke is a leader as we saw last night. Octavia we need you.. Bellamy I know a place where we can go, and not be found. Jasper has been a complete waste of a character

  10. Cyndi says:

    Another excellent episode! So much happens in a the show, it ends before I’m ready each week!
    Still miss Lincoln but so glad he’s busy with his new show.

  11. lilspot says:

    still wondering why Eliza and Lindsey doesn’t have a best actress or something award. Eliza is such a good actress. Lindsey owned another episode. I could almost feel the rollercoaster of emotions on eliza and linsey’s acting. *clap*

  12. Ash says:

    Lindsey was great! Poor Raven is always out through hell but she’ll have a great reel for future jobs. Also, what happened to Miller, Bryan and Harper? They totally disappeared after the credits. Let’s hope they aren’t killed off next week after being sidelined constantly.

  13. Glean says:

    I feel like I’m ready to drop this show. I don’t know what happened, but to me they’re just trying way too hard to be edgy and dark this season, but it mostly leads to gratuitous violence, torture and stories that make no sense beyond the shock factor and if it weren’t for some of the actors like Henry Ian Cusick, Paige Turco, Eliza Taylor and Lindsey Morgan I would have signed out even earlier this season.

    I also don’t share the “delinquents” nostalgia to be honest. Why should I want for Clarke to stay with people who keep treating her like absolute crap? She can’t win. If she’s trying to be their leader, they blame her for that and if she dares to have a life of her own she gets Bellamy and the like acting like that alone is some huge betrayal and she should pretty much only exist to help them not to mess up because they can’t help themselves and end up starting another war if they’re left alone for 2 days. They clearly don’t appreciate her for what she’s done for them, even while she was in Polis, or only do so when she’s doing what they want her to do. What kind of life is that?

    Clarke, Octavia, Raven and Abby are my favorite characters and I feel like the show has nothing but misery in store for them (for women in generally, maybe) so I’m more than ready to move on, I think.

    • Sawyer says:

      I love this show. I am watching this show to the series finale. This season has been very dark. I also think after each episode ” wow a great episode. I agree they treat Clarke like crap, after saving her people. Jasper, Octavia, Raven, would not be alive if Clarke had not made tough decisions, Bellamy and Monty assisted in what happened at Mt Weather, she has proved over and over she would do anything to save her people.
      I loved Monty”s line to Octavia we are The 100. Oh I just realized that is the title for the season finale. The 100.

  14. T.M. says:

    Oh my god Jasper. You knew Maia for 9 days. Spank your inner moppet and GET OVER IT.

  15. Zach says:

    I don’t miss Finn at all. The guy who played him was a terrible actor and never showed any true emotion in my opinion. I’m glad they got rid of him. And who cares if Lexa died like that. She was gonna die anyway? She was on a different freaking show (fear the walking dead.) So all you LGBT people need to calm down anyway. With all that out of way, this episode was a masterpiece. Lindsey Morgan was at her best, Octavia and Bellamy finally, sort of, went head to head about everything involving the grounders and Lincoln, Jasper is going to able to move on after FINALLY having a heart to heart with heart with Clarke about Maya’s death. And Monty having to kill his mom (finally right?) was another dark scene that everybody has grown accustomed to with the 100, and one of the reasons I think it is one of the very best shows on television today. Can’t wait for next weeks episode :).

  16. mirumuffins says:

    FINALLY SOMEONE MENTIONED WELLS, FINALLY! We may all be sad about Finn, we may all be sad about Clexa but I’m sorry WELLS DEATH was truly emotional! He was Clarke’s old best friend and it’s like after that she completely forgot about him? The show presented her turning point after Finn’s death but Well’s death was truly lost.

    Also Lindsey has always been amazing, so glad she can showcase her skills! I definitely saw the chemistry between Raven and Jasper, and Monty and Octavia! When will Jasper and Monty go back to being old friends? Monty was one of the only members of the original 100 gang who is ‘innocent’ and to see him kill his own mother (who was highly annoying) left me in utter shock.

    • May says:

      Wells’ death hit me a lot harder than Finn’s and that the show mostly brushed it aside didn’t help. I think it’s also because the show had and still has so many rebel/bad boy in a leather jacket type of characters between Finn, Bellamy, Murphy, etc. Wells was a very different type of male character and one the show needed very much.

      I get that those rebel/bad boy characters are there to appeal to a particular demo, but I’m so over them because they’re so tropish and they and their typical love stories with the female protagonist have literally been done a million times before. So I admittedly don’t really miss Finn and I wouldn’t miss Bellamy by now because he’s become so very unlikeable this season that even the Blake siblings dynamic was ruined for me. I’m pretty over Jasper and his self-righteousness too.

      Aside from Kane and maybe Monty, the women are the ones keeping this show afloat this season. Especially after the writers pushed Lincoln aside and then killed him off in this terrible way. Jaha and Titus full-fill(ed) their roles as antagonists well, but ultimately Kane and most of the women like Clarke, Raven, Abby, etc. are the only ones of those still alive that I still find likable.