Grey's Anatomy Recap

Grey's Anatomy Recap: C-Dissection

We knew this day was coming. Ever since Grey’s Anatomy had Ben MacGyver a scalpel out of a clipboard to perform emergency surgery in the psych ward, we knew that he’d eventually pull a stunt like that again, only when he did, he wouldn’t necessarily pull it off. So what happened when, in this week’s double header, history repeated itself and he operated on a pregnant woman in a hallway? Read on and find out!

NOW OR NEVER | As “There’s a Fine, Fine Line” began, a 6-year-old patient of Alex’s named Gage Dean had disappeared, leading to Miranda issuing a Code Pink (missing kid alert) and putting Grey Sloan into lockdown. The move turned out to be virtually useless — Karev discovered the youngster’s hiding place before the first commercial break — but it was under these extreme circumstances that Ben and Andrew found themselves trapped in a hallway with Gretchen McKay, an expectant patient in desperate need of an emergency C-section.

DO OR DIE | Though conditions were about as far from optimal as imaginable, Warren had gone ahead and performed the operation right then and there rather than risk losing both the mother and child. Unfortunately, in spite of what Ben would see as his heroism and Richard would see as his recklessness, neither Gretchen nor her baby made it. In the aftermath, security footage revealed that an open elevator door would have allowed the surgical resident to leave the hall with the patient — meaning that he’d had an option, he just hadn’t taken it.

MAKE OR BREAK | In the second hour, “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding),” Miranda — unable to pawn off the heavy duty on Richard — formed an impartial advisory committee made up of Meredith, Owen and Maggie to decide her husband’s fate. She then saved the life of Gretchen’s husband, Omar, by ignoring his DNR order. Surprisingly (or not?), while everyone else voted to suspend Ben for six months, which seemed more than awful enough to him, Bailey wanted to terminate him altogether. (Hope Calzona and Japril kept the numbers of their marriage counselors — and divorce attorneys. Sure seems like the Warrens are gonna need the former, if not the latter, too.)

MORE OR LESS | In spite of the fact that the majority of the two-parter focused on Ben’s disastrous gamble and its repercussions — for Gretchen and her family, his career and his better half — a few other plots managed to advance, too. Of note:

* Off Jackson and April’s monstrous miscommunication in “I Wear the Face” (thanks a lot, Catherine!), the exes managed to remember that they were once best friends. Kepner even let Avery feel the baby kick.

* Upon learning that Callie was ready and willing to move to New York when the Preminger Grant took Penny east, Arizona — who’d advised her ex to make it work! — discussed with April’s lawyer fighting for custody of Sofia.

* Single-minded as ever, Owen found a way to (try to) entangle Nathan in the Ben mess. Afterward, Riggs doubled down to Maggie on the story that he’d told Meredith — but admitted that he’d left out the bit about his unfaithfulness to Megan.

* Stephanie was getting texts from Kyle that were, in her words, melting her phone.

So, what did you think of the episode(s)? Would you have voted to suspend or fire Ben? Hit the comments!

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  1. kdn1231 says:

    Hope if Callie does end up going with Penny (which I doubt she will), that Arizona does get to keep Sophia. I am definitely Team Arizona!

    I really don’t understand why lately the characters have been going to extremes before even trying to talk out their issues (ex: April & Jackson, Arizona & Callie). It’s even more unrealistic than the usual.

    • Mike says:

      The problem with April and Jackson is his controlling mother. He doesn’t sue for custody with his mother and if she’s not running her mouth at the hospital, she doesn’t freak out April to the point of the restraining order. I hate Catherine’s character. She’s a bully and they all let it go eventually. If she’d stayed out of her son’s marriage they might have had a better shot.

      • A3rynSun76 says:

        I often think of Catherine as a more likeable Ellis. Yea she messes with alot of stuff. I’m still pissed that she took the Harper Avery from Christina. But I trust the Chief so much that it’s about seeing her good qualities and with as much as she messed this up she was trying to protect her family. She made the wrong call, but Grey’s is full of characters that do that.

      • Tony says:

        Catherine is the least of their issues. Sure, she didn’t help matters. But they were fighting well before she started meddling.

        • Coconuts says:

          Exactly, I was thinking the same. These are grown people… Its doesn’t really matter what mommy says. Everyone has a choice. There is no one to blame but themselves

      • Coconuts says:

        The mom is just being “her way” of how a mother should be. Parents always find a way to meddle. April and Jackson are grown adults. There is no one to blame but themselves for the decisions they make.

    • Caleb Momb says:

      I have always appreciated the medical drama. However, I find the personal interactions to have become dark and petty. To be perfectly frank…I am bored and uninterested about most of the personal garbage that just about everyone on the show seems to want me to carry for them. Sorry cannot put up with much more of this.

      • bj says:

        I agree. The second hour just seemed to move from one couple to another and surgeries this season generally just act as an opportunity to fight and argue over personal business. Some personal interaction is good but I find the show is turning into a prime time soap.

    • ? says:

      Is the show really going to write out Pretty Penny? She has much more character and gravitas than any of the other residents!

      • Idr says:

        I totally agree. I want more penny!

        • bigdede says:

          Yall must be relatives of the actress who plays Penny. No one wants more Penny!

          • Kay says:

            I like Penny a lot, and I hope she sticks around. I don’t necessarily want her with Callie, but I would be happy to see her become a regular.

          • Jamie says:

            I agree!! I HATE, no i loath her. I don’t like her personality or her ugly face. I predicted this outcome last week. Everyone was saying penny was leaving and maybe Callie and Arizona could reunite, but I knew this was what was gonna happen and i wish I’d been wrong. I want penny gone!!!

          • Linda says:

            For goodness sake. No more Penny! She is not even convincing as a lesbian nor a good doctor.

          • Anna says:

            I love how some people think that everyone has to agree with them. Just bc you don’t like her doesn’t mean that everyone feels the same.
            I quite like Penny. I think she’s been a really interesting addition this season, especially the evolution of her relationship with Meredith. I hope she sticks around!

          • Jamie says:

   could anyone like Penny? Seriously she screwed up with Derrick and he’s dead because of it. That part alone makes me dislike her. Although scenes like the one with Bailey bringing the guy back from the dead with a DNR makes me wonder why Mer was so quick to give up on him. I know in reality it had to go down this way because Dempsy was moving on to other things in real life, but Mer really didn’t try very hard imo. However even aside from that i just don’t care for Penny period. I don’t feel she fits in anywhere on this show, not with Callie, not as an intern not on my screen at all! Glad she’s leaving but not at all happy with the unfortunate turn this situation with Sophia. It makes me mad at Callie and makes me dislike Penny Even more. I do think Arizona should have spoken with Callie before going to a lawyer, however she may just be going for legal advise. She might just be trying to find out what she can do if she needs to do something. I hope she talks to Callie first before starting a war but since April and Jackson are on the mend, i think the Calzona thing is gonna blow up big time. Can’t have peace between all the characters right? That would be boring. I hate it because it seems like Arizona and Callie finally got to a good place. Unfortunate a child will now be dragged through this.
            I still love my Grey’s and I know it will soon be coming to an end. Thank God for Lifetime reruns and Hulu!

          • Lu says:

            Agreed i cant stand her face! She is so annoying and she killed shepard she needs to leave alone and callie needs to stop being selfish she has gotten more annoying sonce she was with oenny! Whp looks like a dying turtle.

          • mistresskm says:

            I know this is old, but I just started watching this show and feel the need to comment. Penny did not make a mistake that killed Shepherd. She was the one fighting for him to get a head CT before surgery. The mistake came from the doctor who overrode her urgings. You could argue that she did not fight hard enough for him, but she was overruled by her attending. There wasn’t much more she could have done. So Penny would have saved him if anyone had listened to her. It’s not her fault they didn’t.

        • Jeri says:

          Penny is a nice breath of fresh air among the stale repeat stories. Keep Penny!!

          • maltru says:

            I like Penny. I don’t get the vitriol towards her. Frankly, if they’re going to get rid of anyone, I’d rather it be Jo or some of the new intern/residents like Cross.

      • Coconuts says:

        BYE BYE Penny go away, Don’t come back another day!

  2. Mike says:

    I know they did this on purpose, but this is why you never let one spouse work for the other. It may have been the worst case scenario but it’s going to kill this marriage.
    Also, I don’t remember but did Arizona adopt Sofia? I’m not sure what leg she has to stand on if she’s not “officially” Sofia’s mother.

    • JDH says:

      “I’m not sure what leg she has to stand on….” This probably shouldn’t have made me laugh…. I’m gonna go hang my head in shame…. :/

    • Catherine Calhoun says:

      Yes she did adopt. There was an episode where she wanted legal rights. Plus they living in WA state where they legally can do this without the hurtles other states lit up.

      • Stacy says:

        That episode where Arizona asked for rights was when Mark was still alive, so it’s not the same as adopting. A kid can only have two legal parents, so Mark would have had to give up parental rights to Arizona. The papers from back then most likely just gave Arizona the right to make decisions for Sofia. However, once Mark died, Arizona could have legally adopted her, and while I don’t think it was ever explicitly mentioned on the show, I can’t imagine she wouldn’t have done that.

    • bigdede says:

      LMBO!! What leg she has to stand on LOL

  3. ZiaS says:

    I’m so SO glad about Japril finally being on decent-ish terms, I cant put it in words. That scene at the end was truly beautiful and helped ME remember that they really were best friends & deeply in love ouat. This past season, the writers seemed hell bent on erasing all that so I’m glad we’re there now. Hopefully now they slowly start healing from the loss of Samuel now that we know this baby is healthy. Still rooting for them. Season 13.

    • Jamie says:

      I agree! When he sat down with his mom to do paperwork I was disappointed in Jackson. But I knew he was a good man and a stand up guy. He doesn’t have the heart to be nasty like his self righteous mother! How she raised such a man is beyond me. More people should step back and remember why they once loved someone and vowed to spend their lives together, so many people are quick to walk away and become vengeful and hurtful. Go Jackson! Thank you for being the bigger person and doing the right thing.
      That being said, i am kinda over April right now so maybe with their situation on the mend, they’ll show less of their story. I personally want more Merideth. Last i checked, it’s called GREY’S ANATOMY right?

  4. brooke says:

    Team Arizona all the way on this one. Callie acting like it’s no biggie and that Sofia would obviously go with her and not stay with Arizona? Ugh I’m over Penny Dreadful and Callie. I don’t think Callie will end up leaving but sure hope she realizes that Arizona is just as much a mother to Sofia as she is.

    • Anna says:

      I don’t even think we need “teams” yet – it seems like Callie is all swept up in this exciting adventure and being all in love and hasn’t actually stopped to think about what this means for her ex and her child. I don’t think she would actually take Sofia away from her other mother without her blessing. I found it more reckless that Arizona ran to a custody lawyer without saying a single word to Callie.

    • Merlife says:

      I’m with you on this one honey, Team Arizona all the way. I like Callie, i mean she’s one of the longer standing characters of the show and all that but Arizona has every right to be upset. She has been very supportive of Callie and now Callie does this very selfish thing knowing good and well that’s not what Arizona meant when she said “make it work!” i mean come on Callie! Your not that ignorant. I hate to see them start fighting again but damn Callie asked for it. She’s very selfish and not thinking of anyone else right now and the girl needs a huge reality check! Penny needs to speak up and make Callie realize her decision is messed up. If Callie really wants to run off to N.Y., go for it but leave the baby with her mommy ( Arizona ) and go be with your annoying ugly girlfriend.

  5. EM says:

    I was disappointed. Thought it was going to be another episode with flashbacks like when April got fired and they showed why with the burn victim. This wasn’t compelling and I didn’t really care about the patients. Ben and Bailey are not enough to keep my interest.

    • Rook says:

      I thought the first hour was amazing, I thought it was a great way of doing something similar to when April got fired without actually doing the same thing.

    • Anna says:

      Really? I was glued to the screen the first hour. This was a ridiculously compelling episode – I found myself yelling “WHAT? NO, BEN, NO!” at that final scene.
      And if they did the same episode over again, wouldn’t that have been lame as hell? No one wants to see them handle a similar scenario the same way. That would have bored everyone out of their skulls.

      • Merlife says:

        I disagree:( i even told my husband it was irritating how they skip around from the ending of an episode and go backward and forward and all around in an episode. It didn’t really bug me once i got into the episode and then they gave viewpoints from everyone involved. It was a lot like the firing of April. Either way I am and always have been, always will be a Grey’s fan and before i started reading these comments on weekly recaps i never dissected episodes and gave it so much thought. I find myself thinking about people’s comments now while watching. It’s somehow changed my perspective of the characters. I didn’t realize there were ones i truly disliked ( except Penny, i didn’t like her from day 1) but now I’m realizing there are others who irk my nerves too. I think i should stay away before my perspective becomes completely distorted by this blog!

  6. 777 says:

    Penny has to go.

    • brooke says:

      This is the greatest and truest comment of Season 12

    • Margo says:


      One of the shows most boring relationships! Even Stephanie and her behind the text-message/former patient crush have more chemistry! I quite like Callie and Arizona in all their dysfunctionalism because greys doesn’t do functional characters (at least not for long) lol

      But Penny has to go indeed!

  7. Sandra says:

    Sorry but Penny has to GO. I’m so over that character and her taking up all the screen time

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  9. Sara says:

    Miranda is such a hypocrite. She has violated so many rules and laws over the years and always runs her mouth and wants consequences when someone else does the same. Ben should just leave her.

    • Emma says:

      IKR! When Ben said ‘everyone makes mistakes’ and then she said ‘no, I haven’t, not like this’, I was like B.S.!!!!!

    • F.R says:

      she may be a hypocrite, but she made the right call, and it’s outrageous that everyone thought Ben was without blame. I remember when April got fired after neglecting to check a patient properly, which led to her death. Ben didn’t even miss a minor detail, he saw the elevator door open but continued being reckless. It was refreshing to see some accountability in this show for once. I really get ticked off seeing these guys get away with everything.

      • TBW says:

        I think you are missing the point of him saying the doors obviously opened but he didn’t see it. Have you ever been so caught up in something you don’t notice what’s going on around you? He was prepping himself to do what he needed to do. Keep in mind Ben was an anesthesiologist before being a surgical resident. I personally would have rather taken my chances with Ben doing what he did then him watching me and my baby die! Also bailey’s resuscitation on a DNR was for her which was incredibly selfish and definitely a very easy lawsuit for his family had he not come around!

  10. David says:

    Shondra … lets end this season on a high note … reconcile April and Jackson, resolve the battle between Bailey and Warren, and send Penny to New York and let Callie and Arizona work it out. Callie and Arizona are boring apart. Time to put them back together!

    • Martina says:

      First, her name is Shonda, without the r :D.

      Second, I agree on April and Jackson.

      Third, I don’t agree on Arizona and Callie. Their split was about the best thing they could do for those characters. They where constantly fighting and it was just so annoying, that splitting them was right. I personally like then so noch better now that they are apart, although I do liked them as a couple.

      • Anna says:

        Hardcore agree with Martina about Callie and Arizona. God, they were awful to watch their last few seasons together. I found myself itching to fast forward through their scenes. They made each other miserable, but are SO much better as characters apart. Please don’t reunite them, Shonda!

  11. Aafil says:

    You know it never came to me until now but how was Ben able to work or Bailey got promotion to be chief when there would be conflict of interest. I don’t know what the hospitals procedure are regarding that.

    But I work in grocery store and our company would never put manager where they have their relatives or spouse as head cashier or works as office cashier

  12. Linda says:

    He should have been fired and Bailey also for resuscitation on a DNR.

    • Jessa says:

      Well they said “We told his mother we wouldn’t bring him back” or whatever, but it’s possible a DNR wasn’t signed, in which case the verbal agreement means nothing. (Unless I missed a part where one was signed).

      • Claire says:

        There was an actual DNR in place considering the big sign on the patient’s room.

      • bj says:

        His mother did say pass me the papers.

        • mistresskm says:

          They don’t seem to follow laws very well. In my state, at least, family’s desires outweigh a signed DNR. If the family says do CPR, it gets done whether the patient chose to be DNR or not. If they followed that same rule on this show, they never would have gotten shot up.
          The staff cannot go against it, though. I had a patient that I called a code on without realizing that she was a DNR (it was early in my career) and it ended up to be for the best. When she came back she immediately rescinded the DNR and said she wanted CPR. It scared the crap out of her. People don’t always realize what they are asking for.

  13. Sims says:

    Why would Arizona get Sophia? Sophia is Callie and Mark’s daughter. I’m relieved where they left the episode with Japril, a nice moment to remember that they used to be BFFs (who I shipped hard haha)

  14. N says:

    I only watched the first hour…..Way too sad

  15. Saabgirlatx says:

    Did they ever say exactly how the mom died? If so I missed it / I was waiting for an autopsy during Warrens review, too. Was it blood loss or some other ailment caused by the car accident?

    • Carrie says:

      Don’t try to understand the “medicine” on Greys.. I’ve been watching all these years with big blinders on but tonight’s bothered me a lot more than typical. If you want a better description of the exact same case (Spoiler Alert!) watch the Blacklist. Kinda funny watching the 2 shows back to back tonight. FYI, even those that only see people dying on TV should know you need to do chest compressions, give medications and shock ’em. Greys did one (for way too short a time!) and and BL did the other 2, I remember thinking if the docs on these 2 shows got together maybe at least one patient would have survived ;-)

  16. j says:

    Totally wondering if they’re kind of going to redo the Denny storyline with this Kyle Person. Have Stephanie fall in love with him and then something will happen and he dies. I mean, clearly they won’t completely redo that story, but my mind keeps going there. They’re gonna make us root for that romance, then BAM he’s gonna die. lol

  17. Janna S says:

    What ever happened with the hernia dude? I had to laugh when I saw that.. Is it even possible for that to happen? My Cable went down for about ten minutes during the show, maybe I missed the wrap up then?

    • Lauren says:

      They didn’t show it but it was discussed that Richard and Jackson did the surgery since April and Jackson couldn’t work together. Jackson thanked Richard for his help and Richard said he only did it because he had to because they were being petty (Go Richard!).
      Yeah that guy was funny. Nice to have a funny patient every once in a while.

  18. liame says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. Ben and Miranda were excellent! I felt really bad for the children who lost their mom, that little girl was smart and brave. I hope Jackson and April “DON’T” get back together because I can’t stand her whiny childish attitude, co-parenting from a distance is the safest way to go for these two. Jackson deserves better.

  19. pAloma says:

    Actually we don’t know what the advisory committee recommended for Ben. They never told us. They did, however, say that they believed Ben when he said he didn’t see the elevator door open because he was so focused on his patient. They believed that he thought this was his only option, much as each of the doctors said the same about their own actions. It was Bailey who wanted to fire Ben. It was Bailey who said that the panel managed to talk her down to a six month suspension. But there is o evidence that the panel went in that direction themselves. It seems to me that the panel had basically cleared Ben when they said they believed him about the elevator. At that point neither firing him nor giving him a six month suspension is appropriate. This is more about Miranda than Ben.

    And let’s talk about Miranda and the fact that she ignored the DNR. Yes the patient recovered and probably will thrive, which is great outcome. It could easily have gone the other way. But, in any case, it was no longer an option she was allowed to choose. Is she going to suspend herself? Sanction herself?

    • Exactly. There has been tension brewing with Miranda and Ben for a while. This just boiled over.

      And let’s talk about that call to Code Pink. She let her emotions get in the way as soon as Alex used her son. She went against the expertise of her security officer, jumped the gun. And she knew a massive trauma had just him the floor. She locked all the doors when a trauma had just entered the building.

      • Emma says:

        Alex totally played her, and I was really disappointed that she let him. When you think about it, this is really all her fault for calling the unnecessary code pink!

        • Lala says:

          Omg I said the same thing!! Doors were locked. Everything on lockdown. He was focused on his patient and saving her life and not knowing when help would come.
          Everyone makes mistakes its just easier to punish someone when you’re the boss and get to be blameless by turning around in the next episode and going against protocol. My goodness.

          • mistresskm says:

            Where is there even a hospital that locks all of the doors during a lockdown? Lockdown is not literal in a hospital, and this is why. Patients and staff need to get where they need to go. Seems quite unrealistic. We just put staff at every door to check anyone that tries to go through them to see if they have the missing child. Much safer that way.

      • pinky says:

        Completely agree. Protocols are in place for a reason, and it’s exactly because of the tendency of people who are emotionally involved to panic and overreact that it’s the job of the person in charge to stay objective and enforce them. Those protocols were fine-tuned over hundreds of cases exactly to allow responders to not jump to the most extreme measures first.
        Yes, bad things sometimes happen to kids. It’s very unfortunate and regrettable. And parents (and Alex) obviously want to do everything possible to find their child RIGHT NOW. However, like the security officer said, in the majority of cases they’re just hiding, and it’s exactly his job to consider the implication of the mitigation steps on the rest of the hospital, not just this specific kid.

        I was very disappointed in Alex for pleading Baliey with such an emotional argument – I thought he had a better bigger picture mindset than that. And I’m even more disappointed that Bailey, the head of the hospital, fell for it.

    • I also place some of this blame on Webber. He isn’t a sounding board or mentor for Bailey, but seems to be influencing her decision-making.

  20. Meg says:

    Arizona has just been getting back to being herself, funny and bubbly and of course some dark stuff has to happen, thanks Callie, what a surprise. This is such a mess, let Callie go, share custody, and let Arizona be happy. She just can’t catch a break.

  21. Jamie says:

    My biggest issue/question right now is with Callie.. When Arizona went to Africa ( which she applied for before she met Callie) Callie freaked out big time! She was horrible to Arizona and didn’t try to make it work at all, then got preggers by Mark on top of it. However this time, Penny applied after she started her relationship, knowing full well that if she won she’d have to leave Callie, but this time Callie was totally supportive and willing to make things work. That pisses me off! She hasn’t even been with Penny that long but tells her she’d never stand in the way of this opportunity? It bothered me a lot watching this last night. And to then turn around and make a huge decision like that about Sophia without discussing it with Arizona at all just blew my mind! Where does she get off? Uproot the baby from her home and family and friends to run off with this homely annoying woman you haven’t even been with that long? At first i told myself, well when Arizona left for Africa, Callie reacted very emotionally and it was bad, this time maybe she’s matured and become more level headed, but after the crap about taking Sophia i see that’s not the case, she’s still as immature and selfish as she ever was. I used to like her but now I’m pissed at her! I just can’t believe her!

  22. Linda says:

    I am freaking upset about the reviews this episode is getting. I am glad to find here a recap, but the reviews are enraging. Why are Miranda and the audience blaming Warren for the deaths of the mom and the baby. The baby died of Acidosis. That has nothing to do with what Warren did. In fact, Warren gave him a fighting chance. The mother was coding before Warren opened her. Maybe the mother could have been saved if they performed CPR and took her into the elevator to the OR, but she was as good as dead when Warren opened her to try to save her child she clearly asked to have saved!
    He shows no remorse because he didn’t kill them. He tried to save them!

    • Jovana says:

      You replied to your own question. Why do they blame him? “Maybe the mother could have been saved if they performed CPR and took her into the elevator to the OR, but she was as good as dead when Warren opened her to try to save her child she clearly asked to have saved!”
      He didn’t NEED to open her up in that minute to take the baby out. He saw an open elevator and THEN made the cut.

      • Emma says:

        IF he saw the elevator door open. He claims he didn’t. The panel believes him. Bailey obviously does not. I tend to agree with Bailey because of the way he reacted when Bailey showed him the video. I guess time will tell.

        • Lala says:

          The expression on his face read to me like he was seeing the elevator open for the first time. Like he just realized by seeing the footage that there was another option. That he missed it and possibly made a decision he didn’t have to but in the moment thought he did. Maybe it was just my read though.

  23. Keller says:

    In all of fiction, Seattle Grace is probably the worst hospital to have to be admitted to. You can get killed because some arrogant, idiot junior doc wanted to play Rambo, and have him almost escape punishment because his wife’s subordinates were the ones reviewing his case, and sucking up the cr**p he tried to sell about not “seeing” an elevator door open, one which he looked directly inside. If he cared so much about his patient, he must’ve done all he could to get her to a better doctor who was trained to handle her. Oh, and you can apparently just lock up a hospital FILLED with critically ill patients, because you can’t find a stupid kid that was hiding.

  24. More boring episodes of this series that died on April 23, 2015, when the episode where Derek Shepherd died in a car accident was issued.

    The chain, the showrunner and others do not want to admit it. There is a lack of imagination on the part of the writers who repeat plots already issued and neither the direction of the chapter by George Washington has improved audience data. Now recreate similar to Derek in the 5th season negligence, but of course nothing to do with the interpretation of Patrick Dempsey.

    What about the ingenuity of the writers who repeat / recycle situations already issued. Perhaps the genius died with Derek? It is sad to see how the series is sinking and this time Derek is not to get them out the Bay of Seattle as when Meredith was about to drown.

    And as for Ellen Pompeo should receive acting lessons because “even if he comes in time to filming”, “known memory your papers” “is more than 2 minutes on screen”, she does not know is interpreted, fortunately plans leave the interpretation, the profession will appreciate it; is painful to see how he interprets his papers. It should pursue their “campaigns in defense of animals that are hypothetically” damaged “by the cosmetics companies”

    • Merlife says:

      I’m very confused by your comment? I don’t have a clue what your talking about. I’m not trying to be rude but I’m seriously confused. I read it twice and it makes no sense to me.

    • Tony says:

      The show is fine without Patrick Dempsey

  25. Mary Bucklew says:

    That guy is a drama queen and I hope Bailey divorces him and he leaves the show. Back to the soaps for him.

  26. robandco says:

    Great episodes!
    I am glad they are trying to right the wrongs with Bailey’s character but she’s now a hypocrite. She was way too harsh on Ben. She’s always focused on what she’s doing and completely neglects everything around her. She needs to get off her high horse.
    Owen is a major douchebag, as usual. They should have made him go to Switzerland with Christina and be a stay at home dad because he is so ridiculous with Riggs.
    I am glad Jackson and April are working their issues. I am glad their baby is okay. I hope Jackson tells his mother to go to hell for good. Catherine is so entitled.
    The actress that play Penny is so pretty with her hair down. Those scenes with Callie were very good, and finally we see something that could resemble chemistry. I have a feeling it’s going to be nasty between Callie and Arizona. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE DRAMA!!

  27. A. D. says:

    Ridiculous storyline! Shonda is always destroying good characters especially the males.

  28. Tony says:

    Second hour was okay. But that first hour was Greys at the top of its game. I felt bad for Ben. I really did. He was caught up in the heat of the moment. But I can the concern about this becoming a pattern that could lead to something even more disastrous

    And I don’t know how realistic it is about the conflict of interest that is Ben and Bailey’s work/personal relationship and whether or not that would be allowed. I do know that this is the kind of stuff that Greys has always done well.

  29. reesessweetie says:

    I really felt for Ben in this episode. I absolutely believe him when he said he dind’t see the elevator door open. He was so caught up in the moment that it simply didn’t register in his brain. I felt that the advisory committee made their decision in a non-biased manner and I wish Bailey would have just followed it. She allowed her emotions to get in the way. She wasn’t in that ‘hearing’ with Ben, when he spoke, she didn’t hear what he had to say. So it seems unfair that she would make a unilateral decision like that. But I guess from the outside looking in, Ben does seem to have a history of acting rashly. This certainly wasn’t the first time his actions have been called into question. But I do like Ben’s character a lot. I am really rooting for him and Bailey to make it work. Mainly, I just LOVE BEN. More so than Bailey. So I want an ending where Ben will be most happy. BTW, Bailey has done plenty of crazy things throughout the show. Psh! How dare she say that she doesn’t make mistakes like that.

    I was disappointed in Callie in this episode. How could she just decide to move across the entire country when there is a child involved. Did she not consider Arizona?? what is wrong with her! And that redhead is only going to be gone for a year. She is going to move her entire family, look for a new home, change jobs, for just ONE YEAR????? it doesn’t even make sense to me.

    This entire season I have been so imprssed by Jackson. Truly. His character has stayed consistently nice for the most part. It’s always Jackson who makes the first gesture. He was the one who sent April the crib, now he’s the one who tried to reconcile with her. Hopefully they can just talk things out calmly, quietly and rationally. I am really rooting for them.

  30. Jamie says:

    Does the dorky little blond guy get on anyone’s nerves besides mine? Who is he, why is he on my show and what is his purpose? They rarely show him but when they do he’s pitiful and scared and doesn’t even have lines nor does he lend anything valuable to the show. Makes me wonder if he’s some producers spoiled nephew who threw a temper tantrum.

  31. Trevor says:

    Ben should be fired.

  32. Trevor says:

    What is it with Shonda and her constant attempt to piss on love. Love does exist. To look at all of her shows you would think it is pure tragedy and dysfunction and darkness. I’m getting tired of this.

  33. Liz says:

    Full disclosure: haven’t seen this episode, so I’m going off the recap. But Miranda’s actions make me upset. She shouldn’t be chief. You don’t knowingly violate a DNR no matter how right you think you are. She’s pulled this before w/ the parents during the study. If Miranda BAiley thinks it’s right she’s going to do it despite the legal and ethical consequences of her actions. Truth be told ben’s actions are no different, Miranda just hasn’t faced any consequences for hers.

  34. Patty says:

    Grey’s is getting too depressing to watch. Is there anyone happy on the show? Where is the humor, the laughing, dancing…I certainly do not look forward to the next episode anymore. The storylines need to pick up, they seem do teenage like.

  35. Margo says:

    Can we talk about how Chandra Wilson (aka Bailey) is one of the most underrated actresses on television! She is absolutely brilliant! I always love when they have episodes that focus on her because I know she will ALWAYS bring it, last week was no exception! Hate that this is happening to Warren and Bailey, love them as a couple, but kudos to Bailey for standing her ground as chief…>Warren made a mistake and as a doctor, you ain’t really allowed to make mistakes ESPECIALLY when there are options available.

    Also, can we please GET RID OF PENNY! Lord! What are they doing with Callie’s character! Why does she always react….where the heck does she get off thinking she can just run to NY and take Sofia with her. I am on Arizona’s side with this one, tis ridiculous! Callie gets so caught up in HER feelings all the time, she doesn’t take the time to actually think about how her decisions will and can effect others. Also, I really enjoyed that Callie and Arizona were getting along….I guess it was almost too good to be true! SIGHS

  36. Violet says:

    Dear Shonda,

    Please show more Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy.

    This show is supposed to be about the life of this woman, but it seems like lately it has been more about the supporting actors than the main character. I would like to see more about Merideth and her kids and her relationships with those close to her. She’s hardly had any screen time as of late. The same goes for Alex. I would love to see more storylines with the original characters than these newer ones. Please please give us more Meredith Grey, good bad or ugly, she IS the show and those of us who love her want and need to see more of her!

  37. TVandTea says:

    Has anyone heard of the medical phenomena called inattentional blindness? It’s a much researched psychology. Basically it was an experiment that a person so focused and involved on their task they didn’t notice the Gorilla in front of them. I think what Ben said was true he didn’t notice the doors opening because he was so focused on keeping his promise that she wouldn’t lose the baby

  38. Boubou91 says:

    Callie and Penny moving to NY is just a reash of Callie and Arizona wanting to move to Portland because of the MercyWest/SeattleGrace merge back in season 6.