The Blacklist: Will Liz's Baby Die?

It seems The Blacklist will be cutting Liz and Tom’s romantic bliss very short — and that may involve a devastating loss.

In the promo for Thursday’s episode (NBC, 9/8c), the couple is seen making a fast getaway from their adversaries, an ordeal that lands Liz in the hospital with her unborn child’s life at stake. And judging by the look on Red’s face near the end of the teaser, Liz’s emergency C-section may not go according to plan.

A whole slew of changes seem to be on the horizon for The Blacklist‘s central couple. Star Megan Boone, who is pregnant in real life with a baby girl, is expected to take maternity leave from the NBC drama, and Ryan Eggold recently closed a deal to star in its in-the-works spinoff.

Do you think Liz will really lose the baby on Thursday’s Blacklist? Hit the comments with your predictions.

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  1. Sheila says:

    I understand offscreen happenings may necessitate it but I would not be happy if the onscreen baby doesn’t make it. I love Tom and his cray relationship with Liz. Ughh, better if they hadn’t written in the pregnancy. I don’t want Tom to leave Blacklist, but happy about Ryan the actor leading a show.

    • drhenning says:

      A show like Blacklist is tougher to hide pregnancies like they’ve done so far OK on The Americans. It’ll get tougher I guess towards season end I suppose..

  2. percysowner says:

    I’m betting kidnapped baby and maybe Liz as well to accommodate Boone’s maternity leave. They can bring Liz back next year, have Tom leave when he makes a deal to keep the baby safe.

  3. Amelia says:

    There’s no way something doesn’t happen to the baby. Either she loses the baby or it’s kidnapped (they could either go with thinking the baby is dead but really kidnapped or knowing the baby is kidnapped). I just can’t picture Blacklist with a baby. Or I guess she could send the baby away for “safe keeping” or put it up for adoption. But there’s no way next season involves Liz taking care of a baby AND working with Red.

  4. Kevin K says:

    It would be very sad if Liz nor her baby dies. Bring on the Kleenex :-(

  5. PatriciaLee says:

    If it works out that way, I guess they don’t want viewers who were never blessed with children, and could not bear to see deaths of children in TV programs in characters’ lives. There are fewer programs for blue sky type people. I loved the USA channel lineup, trusting feel good resolutions. The husband and I never watched The Sopranos, The Shield, Damages, Dexter, Rescue Me, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, Homeland, House of Cards, The Americans, Girls, unREAL, and Game of Thrones. Also, we do not want to. And we buy products in our lives. Balance it out, suits!

    • You can’t make a show by thinking what viewers have gone through. As lots of people have gone through so much illnesses, terrorist attacks, racism, rape, all kinds of bigotry, drug abuse etc. It’s a shame that people have lots to deal with.

      On a more general note if will be hard for Liz to do her job with a baby. Ryan’s leaving. So she’ll be alone, and her job is very dangerous and a lot of travelling. So, as others state, it could be sent off for safe keeping, adopted or killed. Liz can’t be promoted with everything that happened. Not sure how it would work with her having a desk job. Will just have to wait and see what they do.

    • Alley Davis says:

      There is a channel for that, and a theme park. If fairy tales are what you are in to then why be reading and commenting on a show you won’t watch? I’ve suffered the loss of an infant and I would never expect that movies, tv, music etc… never display the loss of a child. I’ve also had other traumas in my family including suicide, cancer, aids, stillbirth etc…how very narrow my viewing and reading opportunities would be if I closed myself off to characters experiencing any loss whatsoever.

      • PatriciaLee says:

        I do watch most episodes of this show. I am a Spader fan and have become an Eggold fan. There used to be a channel for that, USA, before Burn Notice killed off the brother and then the mother. It’s good to give the writers some feedback on their viewer mix. Thanks for your sharing. It does give me something to think about.

  6. Bella says:

    Isn’t she preggers IRL? That’s kinda creepy.

  7. KayrenD says:

    Oh–just like everything else in this show–which I love, by the way–I bet the birth will be shrouded in mystery, with Liz and Tom being *told* the baby is stillborn, when s/he in fact has been abducted. The question then will be: “by whom?”

  8. zelda1947 says:

    PLEASE don’t kill Liz’s baby!! What a horrible, and possibly cynical, method by which to advance a plot. I won’t be able to watch anymore. Just leave the baby alone!!

  9. Franny says:

    I think Red will use the situation to let it be known to all who would harm her, that Liz is dead, In order to keep her safe for a while. Untill Megan returns from maternity leave.

  10. sandra says:

    I really hope it lives! they r a perfect couple

  11. KatsMom says:

    I’ve been saying the baby is going to die since she found out she was pregnant after getting the crap kicked out of her. Maybe that makes me morbid, but there’s no way they can have a kid on this show without completely ruining the show. I think it’s better to write a nice, dramatic scene in which something tragic happens and the baby doesn’t survive, which ultimately serves to further underscore the fact that there are very real consequences for characters on this show, than to just keep a kid dangling out there in space somewhere. Then, any time off Boone requires for maternity leave is simply explained by Liz being overwhelmed with grief and going into hiding so she can recover from her injuries and mourn the loss of her little one. She’ll come back when she’s ready to get vengeance for her child. Anything else and the whole show becomes unwatchable because Liz either has to constantly be searching for her child, and that gives every single horrible person they encounter a bargaining chip to use with her. Given her poor judgment in the past, I’m sure she’ll foolishly take the bait at every turn in desperation to find her baby, and *yawn* how completely unsurprising to see that she’s made the situation worse… No thanks. Bye, bye, baby. It’s a tragic loss no one should suffer, so, thank goodness these people aren’t real and there’s no real loss.

  12. marnee olson says:

    I think Tom is the one that is going to die. After all he is the lead actor in the new series. So, he has to move on. Dembe will take the baby and hide it so that it is safe since people will be after Liz now and will not have Tom’s protection. Liz will join the baby in the secret location and and be available by phone to the team and to assist Red. She will rejoin Red (one she finishes her real life maternity leave.) This will allow her to make cameo shots while really being on maternity. I will really miss Tom.

    • Happy Go Lucky says:

      RE is playing Tom on a proposed spin-off. If it doesn’t get picked he returns to the show next season. So if anyone is dying, it’s not Tom.

  13. Elisa says:

    Liz will loose the baby because Tom murders, and is too busy with other issues that he cannot be available to help Liz.

  14. I think liz will die…

  15. Lucy says:

    Even if Tom gets his spinoff, Liz and he could still be together and raise their micro-Keen, making guest appearences on both shows, all the while helping Red as he protects the new family. Could be fun – like Mr. & Mrs. Smith have a kid!

  16. Mike says:

    Do not get rid of blacklist or NBC is a memory to me. Have a nice day

  17. Well…they did not get married…the ceremony was cut short. Tom and Liz are not the central characters…Red and Liz are (no matter their relationship). This story arc needs to end…the ratings are at an all-time low because of it. The relationship between Tom and Liz is toxic on many different levels.

    • Happy Go Lucky says:

      Tom and Liz may not be the central relationship, but they’re still fun to watch. As far as it being Toxic? They certainly have a complicated and at times ugly history, but they seem to be rising above it. In any event there really are no healthy relationships on this show when you think about it.

      • LONEGUNMAN95 says:

        Rising above as in making the main female protagonist appear weak and memory loss for the other characters. The story is just as bad as S2 Liz holding him in a hull of the ship. The show is being ruined because they have tried to fit this Tom character into the show. He should have died in Season 1.

  18. jack says:

    since “Tom” is getting his own show, a spinoff, I don’t think he and Liz will be staying together……really loved him on this show too!!!

  19. Well, maybe I am a sap but i like Tom and Liz together! Keep the baby alive! Have Lizs mother come to be the nanny! Tom must not die he is such a big part of the show! Maybe fake his death because he know liz and the baby will be in more danger with him close to them. He keeps a close eye on them from far away! Liz can always be awake from a coma we could see a softer side of red with a baby around!

  20. Linnster says:

    I like this show, but does every show have to have a spin-off? Are there so few writers with original ideas?

    • Nick Hayden says:

      if its that damn good meaning as good as the blacklist hell yeah all shows should have spin-offs

      • Linnster says:

        Sometimes, the spinoffs aren’t nearly as good as the original. Case in point: Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. I dozed off halfway through the first episode and haven’t had any interest in watching any of the later episodes. be I just am not crazy about the ensemble.

  21. Cindy says:

    Liz should die.
    Worst actress ever.

  22. Conor says:

    Liz will die

  23. storys19 says:

    I thought I heard somewhere that Tom is going to be the lead of the spinoff? Curious to see how they will pull that off if they do it.

  24. Sue says:

    No I hoped not !!! Been watching this when it first started, please don’t let the baby die she needs to be with the father of her baby.

  25. Algiers says:

    Maybe they will kill Liz. I think she is probably the worst part of the show.

  26. John Schultz says:

    Liz Died :-( :-(

  27. Vivian says:

    Just finished watching Blacklist , can’t believe they allowed Liz to die!!! I’m so mad, what’s the use in watching it anymore!! Who’s the stupid idiot who thought up this just killed the show!!

  28. ST says:

    I cant seriously believe Lizzi wasnt just placed in hiding or something until after maternity leave. This is obviously the final season!

  29. WM. SNYDER says:

    keep blacklist is one of best dont let LIZ DIE.

  30. phyl says:

    Although everyone is saying “Elizabeth Keane is dead” – the name may be, but let’s revisit what her real name is and could she have been sent into hiding to be protected? Was she placed in an induced coma, her heart rate slowed to create a diversion? Is she going back to her real name? Is Red acting or has someone else taken her to save her? I cannot believe they would kill her off – she is the center of this series. Her body did not go to a morgue – there was no autopsy – i’m just sayin…

  31. Barb says:

    Broken hearted. So happy that Liz & Tom were getting married and having a baby together. Can’t believe they killed off Megan Boone. There had to be a way around letting her have maternity leave and keeping her in the program. Loved her and Ryan Eggold. The Blacklist won’t be the same.

  32. Sylver Sincero says:

    I’m going to be really sad if megan leave the show cuz she n red are the key players n if take one out its no good show anymore it’s like ying n yang no ying no yang it’s just EH anyways congratulation Megan. I wish you n your baby a happy and bleeds life God Bless you both

  33. Denise Vonada says:

    How could you kill off Lizzy! !!! Really after all the supposed information that she is Reddition’s daughter. Please consider the fans and make it a hoax for the love of everyone.

  34. Lenore says:

    I think Liz was sedated and willie hidden until further notice.
    The show will not be worth watching without those 2 together.

  35. Lenore says:

    The show will not be as exciting without Liz!
    I think they sedated her. She will return in the future.