Dancing With The Stars Season 22 Recap

Dancing With the Stars Week 4 Recap: Did the Right Couple Go Home?

It’s fitting that the latest installment of Dancing With the Stars was the series’ annual Disney week, because some routines were absolute beauties, while others were complete beasts.

Tinkerbell dumped heaps of fairy dust on the usual suspects (Nyle DiMarco, Ginger Zee), leaving competitors like Doug Flutie to stumble about like hippos in search of their tutus. Still others, like an exuberant Kim Fields and a stately Von Miller, found their inner zip-a-dee-doo-dah and turned in performances that greatly improved upon previous weeks’ showings.

Time is running out and my store of Disney references is running short, so be our guest (ah! found one more!) and join us as we dissect the best and worst routines from the Wonderful World of Monday’s magical broadcast:

Ginger Zee and pro Val Chmerkovskiy (Foxtrot) — If ever there were a DWTS routine I would have apple-cheeked babies with, it would be this take on the opening song from Beauty and the Beast, with Zee in the role of book-loving Belle. Turns out, the meteorologist loves the movie as much as I do, and therefore has likely never passed a public fountain without stretching out an arm and belting, “Ohhhhhh, isn’t THIS amazing, it’s my favorite part because you seeeeeeeee.” (I know you feel me, all you Belle-ievers out there.) The song and Broadway-infused choreography were perfectly matched with Zee’s sunny personality, making her high score as certain as the sun rising in the east. Judges’ score: 36/40

Nyle DiMarco and pro Peta Murgatroyd (Samba) — Even though I repeatedly had to tear my eyes away from Nyle’s ratty-looking Tarzan wig (which looked like it was straight outta the clearance bin at Party City), that excellent backflip at the start of the “Trashin’ the Camp” number was perfection. The routine was fun and energetic (those butt wiggles in a circle!), and maybe some day I’ll get over the fact that a deaf man has more rhythm than most of the rest of his rivals, but today is not that day. Judges’ score: 34/40

Kim Fields and pro Sasha Farber (Quickstep) — The quickstep is no amateur’s friend — so many opportunities to put a foot wrong and throw off the whole shebang! — but Kim’s exuberance (coupled with those shoulders, which she finally figured out how to relax while moving) sealed the Jungle Book number as her new high water mark. Judges’ score: 32/40

Doug Flutie and pro Karina Smirnoff (Jazz) — Forget a spoonful of sugar: Not even a truckload of the sweet stuff could make this Mary Poppins-themed outing go down easy — especially when every time the former NFL star approached a lift, I held my breath until Karina’s little feet were safely back on the ground. Judges’ score: 24/40

And now, the results:

Marla Maples and pro Tony Dovolani
Jodie Sweetin and pro Keo Motsepe

Marla Maples and pro Tony Dovolani

Your turn! Did Marla and Tony deserve to go? Which duos will get your vote this week? Hit the comments with all of your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Why does Jodie keep ending up at the bottom?!

    • Harley Bond says:

      I was wondering that myself

      • Lola says:

        My sister keeps beating the drum that the show wants Keo off. No way should Jodie be in danger. She’s consistently better than half the field. And no the right couple did not leave. It should’ve been Doug. Just when the last two weeks got it right. I knew it was too good to be true. It wouldn’t shock me if Flutie made the finals.

        • flutiefan says:

          i’m the biggest Doug Flutie fan you can imagine, but i can assure you he won’t make the finals. Lol
          i was shocked he wasn’t eliminated.

        • flutiefan says:

          but i agree with your sister that the show just isn’t into Keo. wonder why he rubs them the wrong way??? it’s sad to see him eliminated early and not get a true sense of his dancing skills.

          • Sharon Taylor says:

            He is to concentrated on his own image while dancing to put his partner in the best light!

        • Jess says:

          I mean, that story of Doug’s last week, his parents dying on the same day, no way would people not give him the sympathy vote.

        • sanchopanza says:

          You’ve said it for me. Neither Jodie nor Marla should have been at the bottom. I wanted to see more of Marla. She’s not my favorite person, but it turns out she’s a natural dancer, and could have become great. Count Doug among the “just doesn’t get it” ranks. Last night was sad.

    • Keith says:

      The bottom two is not always the two lowest in voting-sometimes they just throw in a couple for drama

    • Anna says:

      She needs a different partner. She would shine if given better choreography, but every time I see her on the precipice of doing something fantastic, it seems like the choreography holds her back while her partner gets to do the fun stuff.

  2. Art Mosqueda says:

    This is a family oriented tv show , I thought . Disney draws children’s attention . I thought it was inappropriate for the hostess to have Antonio Brown repeat his sexual dance gesture for this particular episode with Disney appearing.

  3. Jesse says:

    Jodie is doing great she needs to stop being put in jeopardy!!!

  4. Steve F. says:

    Sucks for Marla & Tony (why is Doug Flutie still there?) – but it’s usually about this time that his partners get eliminated, so…

    • How many more DISNEY NIGHTS must we endure?????? No….Toni and marla should NOT have been eliminated. Why all judges gush over sports figures, I have no clue!

      • sanchopanza says:

        Oh, thank you! I also hate the Disney nights. The constant theme nights are bad enough, but the Disneyfication just overwhelms the show. It gives me the creeps to have everybody doing bits with animation all the way through, and each dance is made into a huge Broadway production number. Sometimes you can’t even see the couple you’re meant to be watching. (Actually I don’t like the change to having backup dancers all the time. It’s distracting.)

  5. James says:

    For those confused why Jodie keeps being in the bottom…well, 2 reasons for that. 1) Keo’s choreography leaves a lot to be desired and 2) she has yet to showcase herself as a really good dancer. All her routines are just okay and tonight, she had a major misstep which made her lose control of almost the rest of the dance. She needs to improve and he needs to do better to make her look good.

    I think Nyle is in trouble for switch-up week. He has such a fine chemistry with Peta and she has worked so hard with him and now he has to deal with a new partner. Yes, they all do but they at least they can all rehearse to music and with people they can talk to. Nyle has to start from scratch again. I doubt his new partner will be able to train with him as well as Peta does.

    • kitsunesaru says:

      I was worried too, but I remember with the two amputies the past couple of seasons their replacement partern asked the original for tips, so I’m sure they will do the same. Hopefully it will work out okay. He seems like a hard worker and does his est to memorize the movements needed. I saw him on Ellen and they showed him practicing blindfolded so clearly he’s very talented haha

    • Derek says:

      I think Keo’s choreography is fine but it might be too quick and snappy, so hard for the celebrity to keep up – maybe that’s it. I bet Nyle will get paired for Sharna who did so well with Noah. But I think Lindsay would also be great for him.

    • Sharon Taylor says:

      I feel so bad for him. This is so not right.

    • Mel says:

      Excuse me! I support Nyle all the way to final.. Im deaf.. No matter how he good.. He can dance! He will be next top of dancing with the star championship! Deaf Rock!!

  6. Steve F. says:

    Another thing… anyone notice that the “Circle of Life” remix that Wanya & Lindsay were dancing to was from hers & Witney’s season of SYTYCD? (It was during the season finale, when the All-Stars did a Lion King homage.)

  7. Mark says:

    This recap was worth reading just for the Disney infused for couple of paragraphs. Great job!

  8. It was totally unfair that Marla Maples was eliminated. She was underscored tonight, deserving at least 8s. You can tell poor Tony was disappointed, The first time in so many years that he got a competent partner! Doug Flutie was definitely the one that should have gone home.

  9. Sara Rossi says:

    Best dances of the night were Wanya , Paige and Nyle . They play a different game. All 9s raining over Antonio and Sharna were extremely generous.I guess they want to have only one Nfl player into the finals and Antonio is the chosen one. I’d take Von and Wit over them any day. Ginger delivered a charming performance but I’m unable to understand all the hype about her. I don’t see MB material . So sorry for Jodie but sometimes I believe she’s her worst enemy . The dance was a hot mess but I hope she will stick around for a while . Kim is slowly fading into obscurity.

    • iakovos says:

      Agree that Antonio was overscored but he oozes personality. For first time in a long time, celebs seem more evenly matched. Remember, the factor of popularity of stars and dancers which is beyond measurement. Jodie Sweetin may not be a public darling like Ginger Zee. I thought maybe Von Miller’s days would be few.

  10. IN THE MILLIONS TO Peta!! BUTT…How much Disney must we endure? Barely a loin cloth where needed, and barely one for Peta! Dance 10. Taste MINUS10!

  11. valerie tower says:

    I loved Marla maples. So sad she got voted off.

  12. Cindy says:

    They should not have sent Marla home! She was one of the best dancers!
    Feel so bad for her.

  13. Dianne Skok says:

    No. Marla Mabel was ok. She was there for all women over 50. I know it was a bad call. There was a few other couples that were not so strong. I think the fans got tired of hearing about Marla’s ex husband Donald Trump. It was her time to shine. I believe the media and everyone messed it up for her.