Fear the Walking Dead Premiere: Was It Seaworthy or Undead in the Water?

After the heart-stopping conclusion of The Walking Dead‘s sixth season finale last week, the second season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead might have felt like an episode of The Love Boat by comparison.

However, it was anything but smooth sailing for enigmatic Strand and the uncomfortably blended families beating a hasty retreat from Los Angeles aboard his yacht, the Abigail. So, before you drop anchor in the comments section, let’s review the highlights, shall we?

ANCHORS AWEIGH | Shortly after “Monster” began and the Abigail left behind the ashes of L.A. to head for San Diego, Daniel & Co. spotted a raft carrying a whole buncha desperate refugees like themselves. When Maddie suggested that Strand stop the boat and let them board, he replied that, by granting safe passage to the seven of them, he’d already filled his “mercy quota.” (Is that the nautical version of “I gave at the office”?) So the only reason he’d stop the boat now would be to let people off, not take more on. Though Alicia and Nick sided with Maddie, and Travis and Daniel with Strand, it wasn’t really a vote-on-what-to-do kinda situation. As Strand would make abundantly clear later on, it was his yacht, and therefore, he would be the one making the decisions — in this case, to make waves rather than friends.

LIVE BAIT | When Nick wasn’t hearing from Strand what an asset his addict’s fearlessness was in this strange new world, the junkie kinda-sorta macked on Ofelia by offering to help change her bandages and recommending ice for the pain. “And vodka,” he added. “Lots of vodka.” Meanwhile, Chris, who was moody to begin with, became extra moody as he grappled with both his mother’s death and the fact that his father had hastened her demise by shooting her in the head. After doing some fishing with the boy, Daniel reassured Travis that, in time, his son would see that putting down Liza had been an act of mercy. Finally, Alicia struck up a flirtation with the first male voice she heard on the radio. In her defense, Jack did sound pretty cute. And it wasn’t like watching a movie on Netflix was an option.

SOMETHING FISHY | After Maddie noticed that Strand never slept, Daniel admitted to her that he was suspicious of “Ahab,” who, he noted, had been packing his bags even before L.A. went up in flames. (Hello, red flag!) While Travis did a nice job of eulogizing Liza at her memorial service, Chris couldn’t take it: He brought the burial at sea to a screeching halt by violently dumping his mother’s body overboard and lashing out at Travis for putting her out of her misery. Off that, Maddie tried to comfort her future stepson by relating the story of the first time she’d hit her own father. And, disappointed as she might have been that Travis hadn’t sided with her about rescuing their fellow refugees, she pointed out that, “If your father hadn’t [killed Liza before she turned], I would have.”

THAT SINKING FEELING | Upon hearing from Jack that his boat was taking on water, Alicia shared information about the Abigail’s whereabouts in order to ascertain whether they could bail out her radio boyfriend, his brother and sister-in-law. They could but, of course, weren’t going to. In fact, Strand all but went Negan on Alicia when he realized that she had been shooting off her mouth regarding their location. At dinnertime, Chris snuck out on deck… and jumped overboard fully dressed. Was he suicidal? No, he just wanted to swim, he said after Nick leapt in after him. And, for a second, it was okay-ish. Weird but okay-ish. But just for a second, mind you. Then, Nick was attacked by a walker — a floater? — from a bullet-riddled, capsized yacht nearby, and they all realized that the water surrounding the Abigail was full of zombies. Worse, when Alicia told Jack that the Abigail couldn’t come for his family, he said ominously that it was okay, “I got you. See you soon.” Aaand a mystery vessel — perhaps the one that had attacked the other yacht? Perhaps Jack’s? Perhaps one and the same? — was advancing fast on the Abigail.

So, what did you think of the season premiere? Grade it below, then hit the comments to explain why you gave it the grade that you did!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Shaw says:

    I feel hopelessness for these ppl as I watch this show maybe because after what 3 years on the Walking Dead. It shows no hope….

    • Aura says:

      I like this show. I think the acting is better and more natural. Sure it’s not as intense yet as the Walking Dead, but the you know what hasn’t hit fully hit the fan. It will be interesting to see where they take this. Are they going to the jungles, mountains an island? Who knows. I often wondered why the people from the Walking Dead never hopped a boat. Guess they aren’t as smart as this cast lol.

  2. Luli says:

    Haven’t watched the ep yet, but I felt that season 1 was really slow, and sometimes boring. Maybe it is because I’ve been watching Walking Dead for years… Does this ep change the pace of the show? Are the characters more enjoyable?

    • sntindall says:

      Yeah I didn’t watch the last 2 episodes of the first season because it was so boring. And since we know there’s no real hope thanks to TWD I found it kind of pointless.

    • I was AWESOME to me,Its NEVER going to be TWD but it isn’t suppose to be I’m LOVING it and it’s a nice snack until October rolls around and Rick and company can figure out how to deal with Negan and Lucille ASS!

  3. Lena says:

    I think a major airport would be a good place to secure and live in a zombie apocalypse. Could also try to teach yourself to fly a plane.

  4. Ralph says:

    Meh. I’ll probably watch a while longer, but there is just NO character to care about. Really a let down from the “mother ship”.

    • The Beach says:

      Reading these posts it seems the general consensus is that the cast is boring, unsympathetic and/or unpleasant. I have to agree.

      • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

        I knew THIS show is a whump whump. Idk WHY the ppl of the Original show wants to put out a spin off when the TWD is not even close to being over. I saw a little bit of S1 and it SUCKED and I agree the cast is BORING!!

        • c mcsperritt says:

          Maybe because TWD is just getting dumber and dumber, more and more over the top and stale?

          So far FTWD has had a decent pace. We’ve gotten to see these people at their best and worst and we’ve seen some pretty important things. The parts most of you claim to be the “boring parts” were actually the most interesting.

          Maybe it’s not flashy enough for you but it sure beats where TWD is at now.

    • Tom says:

      I try, but there are no characters to like on this show. As soon as the teen girl started chatting it up on the radio, I knew what would happen. I watch the show because I watch TWD, but every character on this show could die and it would not phase me.

      Wish it was different.

  5. Jonathon says:

    Loving this show. Nowhere near my love for the main show but I liked the slow moving first season because it shouldn’t pick up till things get crazy and man they sure are starting to. I actually like Nick, Travis, Madison, Daniel and Strand so far. No care for anyone else yet but I’m sure character development will continue. Can’t wait till next week.

  6. WalkingDeadFan says:

    when your family is on a boat in the middle of the ocean and you hear someone talking on the radio, you don’t tell the stranger who you are, where you are, and what you are traveling in. never tell a stranger where you are in a world falling apart with zombies, and strangers and infections. a big no no.

  7. James D says:

    I really enjoyed it. especially the opening five minutes. Alicia is a dumb dumb and it annoyed me and that is really the only reason i gave it a B instead of an A. I actually really love the slow burn feel of this show so I have no problem with it taking its time.

  8. KLS says:

    The first season was pretty slow, but they needed time to set up characters that people knew nothing about (unlike TWD). I could do without Travis and Chris. Nick, Madison and Strand are the most interesting ones so far. Alicia is an idiot.

  9. AngelWasHere says:

    It’s alright . Got a bit more exciting and I get a good laugh from their stupidity. Like good gawd Alicia is dumb! I know she was lonely, but that was plain stupid.

  10. Sandy Duncan's Eye on Network TV says:

    This show needs a complete re-work. The Walking Dead succeeds because even minor one-of characters are well developed and thoughtfully cast. Fear has really poor casting with a show full of characters that I just don’t care about.The trajectory of the show is off as well…this isn’t about human drama, it’s all about setting up the apocolypse…we already had that when Rick woke up in the hospital in the mothership.

    • When Rick woke up the world had changed dramatically. These characters we get to see live during the time he was sleeping. We are seeing probably what Lori, Carl and the rest went through prior to Rick waking up.

    • TWDFAN says:

      I agree 100%. Shane, Lori and Carl’s story would be so much more interesting than this cast of characters. The writing is awful! I know this isn’t TWD but the writers need to come up with more interesting plots, not the TWD re-do. Where is the common sense? Can we not see anymore aggravating story lines please!!!

  11. I was AWESOME to me,Its NEVER going to be TWD but it isn’t suppose to be I’m LOVING it and it’s a nice snack until October rolls around and Rick and company can figure out how to deal with Negan and Lucille ASS!

  12. TWD For Life says:

    Not as much action as TWD… a little slow but I’m interested to know how things develop and I’ve got 9:00 p.m. Sunday time slot open. I’ll hang on unless it gets too boring and I just can’t take it any longer.

  13. Carly says:

    I enjoyed it, great season premiere. Glad this show is back!

  14. partisan says:

    I’ve got nobody to root for on this show. In TWD right from the start we had Rick, Glenn, we grew to love Darryl. On this show there’s nobody to like. They all just walk around scowling and snapping at each other. An argument can be made that that’s realistic but it isn’t entertaining. And I HATE!!!! when you need a character to act like a moron to drive the story(Alicia) or have ridiculous coincidences(zombie boat that they happen to stop next to but can’t see because of convenient fog bank and then somebody just decidse to go swimming just as the pirates the idiot girl has been directing to them show up on the horizon.) I’d love to like this show but you have to give me something or someone to root for.

    • tvjunkie says:

      I’m not so sure that was fog, I think it was smoke

    • Whatevah says:

      I am right there w/ you. There is not one character on this show that is likable.

    • Jessa says:

      I hadn’t quite put my finger on why I didn’t really care about this show, but that’s it. I don’t have a character to root for. They’re all quasi-frustrating and annoying. I get that it’s a different show than TWD but at least we have characters in that show to get behind. From the start of FTWD, everyone is complaining and bickering and no one seems to have any survival smarts. I dunno…there’s not the same “fire” in this show that makes me feel like I can’t miss an episode.

  15. Natalie says:

    As soon as Maddie gave Travis the cold shoulder over picking up the boat load of people, I turned this show off. If this group of people don’t like each other how am I supposed to like them.

    • Sam Gill says:

      So when you don’t like a character in a show, you immediately turn it off? How do you ever watch or finish a TV show? Stop being a child and look at the positive of the show. Its progressive….. slow…. but progressive.

      TWD had that massive slow season in the farm and yes, it was uneventful, but mega character development happened which lead to the characters we have today.

      FTWD is slow but its revving up. Travis’s son annoys the hell out of me at the moment and i just keep chanting “please die” whenever hes around, but i’m sure he’ll get less annoying, just like Carl.

  16. fatalsin says:

    On fear the walking dead… this chick with my name Alysia spelled differently sure didn’t fall from the smart tree i did… why would you ever give your position away to anyone in the state of things as they are… people all around you are dying and killing and you just oh lets kumbaya and rescue everyone with sunshine and puppies? OMG you stupid girl… stop talking to people stop giving away where you are… start thinking about how YOU are going to survive things dont last forever….. ok rant over… smh kids!!!

  17. Joey Padron says:

    It was pretty good. Think it will get better with each episode and get to know characters more.

  18. Walkie says:

    It’s truly awful.
    One of the worst cast shows on TV. I don’t care about ANY of them.

    • KLS says:

      Casting is also a problem for me. I hate the guy who plays Travis (Cliff Davis). I like Strand and Nick (Frank Dillane). Reuben Blades’ character is interesting, but I am not sure about him as an actor. Everyone else, meh.

  19. John Jacob says:

    This show is so boring. I keep giving it a chance and it’s still disappointing. All of these characters could die in a single episode and I would be ho-hum about it. It moves at a trickle pace and it just seems to get more and more annoying. Now they are all stuck on a boat together. I was surprised this was an Episode 1 of a new season with how dull it was. I’m really trying to enjoy it. Will give it another 2-3 episodes. I don’t even want it to be like TWD, I just want it to be enjoyable.

  20. Dave says:

    I actually enjoyed FearTWD a lot more then second time I watched the first season. I think I was getting frustrated with the characters because of watching it through the eyes of someone who’s never missed an episode of TWD and expects these people to know what’s going on already. There are a lot of similarities between the 1st season TWD and where Fear is at right now … and yeah, it’s going to be a slow build but I feel like it’s worth it. Kinda hoping they don’t stay at sea too long, though … and that they get around to finding plane survivors sooner rather than later. The cast needs to grow a bit.

  21. Alrisha says:

    Alicia is one of those idiotic teenagers that met estrangers on Facebook and after a while is sending them naked pictures, and then is crying about the photos being in some website. What I don’t like about this show is the lack of common sense of the must of the characters. At least Travis understand very quickly that the world as they know it is done.

  22. pickles says:

    There are not any hot guys on this show.

  23. Jay says:

    I just had the same issues i had with the show from last season, I don’t really care about any of these people. I have no real attachment to any of them so I don’t have strong feelings one way or another if they die, only to see if it moves the plot on. I take the biggest issue with Madison, tbh. All last season, she is up in arms and all over Travis to basically “man up” and do anything for their family, especially when it comes to the safety of her children, but suddenly she’s pissed when he does just that and doesn’t let a huge hoard of strangers on the boat? And while I get Alicia is kind of an idiot, I’m also letting it slip since I’m watching with the jaded eyes of a WD fan. We know the horror that awaits, but she still has hope and needs that human connection.

    Also, Strand is just creepy and weird and I’m getting major “Governor/Negan” vibes from him. So…at the moment, he’s the most interesting character!

  24. Luli says:

    I watched this show way before the 100. And kudos to ADC cause I thought her character was annoying as hell in the first season, then I watched the 100 and she was my favorite character. And now in season 2 of FEAR I still think she is annoying, and dumb.
    I love the cast as actors, but as the characters? They aren’t that appealing…

  25. The Carpooler says:

    I wish Ziva would come back.

  26. Sam Gill says:

    By the look of these comments, people are actually talking about the plot like its real and is happening and getting annoyed at the actual actions of these characters. THEY ARE JUST CHARACTERS, THEY ARE NOT REAL. Don’t go blaming the cast because the characters annoy you. There is only one actor so far i have noticed that needs to get a little better at acting but the rest are fine. They are PLAYING CHARACTERS. How do people not realise this?!

    • TWDFAN says:

      Actors make the characters likable. Actors can only work with the story line. The story line is boring, annoying and dull! I sure don’t want to invest in a show where the characters bicker and do ridiculous things. TWD gets annoying too but from the beginning, the actors were given interesting characters to develop along with strong writing. I am done yelling at my TV and having my intelligence insulted. Good riddance FTWD!!