Outlander Season 2 Premiere Recap

Outlander Season 2 Premiere Recap: The Frasers Fight the Future

Claire, we leave you alone for 11 months and this happens?!

Outlander‘s Season 2 premiere finds our Lady Broch Tuarach stumbling back into her present with a leaden heart and a whopper of a secret that nearly destroys her husband. No, not that husband. The other one, ol’ Sad Fedora Frank.

Claire’s return to the 1940s takes up most of the episode and nearly all of my emotional reserve; by the time both of the Randalls have processed the facts that Claire 1) has returned and 2) is pregnant*, I’m ready for a wee dram and a good lie-down, and Frank is ready to do damage to an old shed. Did anyone else sigh a loud “mo chridhe!” when we finally laid eyes on Jamie’s braw countenance? (Side note: Gaelic terms, how I’ve missed you!)

Read on for the highlights of “Through a Glass Darkly.”

ZERO HAPPY RETURNS | We open on Claire, in Scotland, back at the circle of standing stones known as Craigh na Dun. But something’s amiss: She’s agitated as she retrieves a ring from the ground in front of her, and soon she’s screaming with her fists curled in the grass. “He was gone. They were all gone,” she voice-overs. “The world I’d left only moments ago was now dust.” Am I a bad person because my obsession with her knitwear comes back in full force at this exact moment? Like yes, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the love of your life has been dead for centuries, but at least you got to keep those sweet armwarmers!

She flags down a motorist and demands he tell her what year it is (1948, two years since she disappeared) and who won the Battle of Culloden (the British). The last answer undoes her, and och, it’s a tough thing to watch.

FRANKLY MY DEAR… | Frank arrives at an Inverness hospital soon after, where a doctor informs him that Claire is physically healthy but an emotional shipwreck. He’s clearly overjoyed to see her; she’s tentative and understandably weird around him. He brings her back to the Rev. Wakefield’s house, where she dives into the pastor’s sizable library of Scottish history, searching without success for any mention of whether Jamie survived the battle.

She’s also been talking to Mrs. Graham about Jamie: You’ll remember that the reverend’s housekeeper was into fairy talk and all that, and the older woman 100 percent believes what Mrs. Fraser Randall tells her about her trip through time. Meanwhile, Frank is stymied: The clothing Claire was found in in is verified as incredibly old, begging the question of where and how she got it.

Claire finally decides to share the truth with her husband, a task that takes all night. When she’s done, he says he doesn’t care: He’s all in, his gratefulness for her return trumping anything that might’ve taken place while she was gone. Claire bitterly reminds him that she was in love with another man, whom she married — “a point you have made several times,” he notes in one of the episode’s few lighter moments. He maintains, however, that he can’t understand her feelings for Jamie “but I can accept them.” But then Claire, who at this point clearly gives no effs about anything past the 18th century blurts out “I’m pregnant,” and Frank is immediately overjoyed… then devastated when reality sets in and he realizes the bairn is Fraserspawn. He balls his hand in a fist, he cries, he dies inside while we (and Claire) watch. In my notes, I write: “Tobias Menzies is SO GOOD.”

VIDEOS Outlander‘s Tobias Menzies Accepts Black Jack’s March BADness Win

AN ACCORD | After trashing Wakefield’s shed in anger and grief, Frank cries as he confides in the reverend: He’s sterile, so there won’t be any children in their future if they stay together, and he doesn’t know what to do. Poor thing, this is a lot of emotion for a midcentury British man to process. But after a brief visit from Wakefield’s nephew Roger, still as apple-cheeked and cute as ever, Frank realizes that he might be able to be a dad to Claire’s baby after all.

So he offers her a deal: He’ll raise the child as his own, and she’ll quit searching for Jamie’s name in historical records as long as Frank is still alive. She agrees, there are a lot of tears on both sides, and he burns her 1700s garb — though she keeps wearing Jamie’s ring — then they board a plane for the United States, where Frank has a new teaching appointment at Harvard. Fresh start! As they disembark in America, Claire actually looks somewhat… if not happy, at least peaceful about having to stuff the very essence of her soul into a mental Rubbermaid tub, to be socked away like old college textbooks or those Rollerblades you swear you’ll wear again someday. Frank extends his hand to help her take the last step off the plane…

VIVE LES FRASERS! | … and OH THANK GABALDON WE’RE BACK IN 1745, and Jamie is the husband offering Claire assistance as they leave the boat that brought them to Le Havre, France. They talk about Jamie’s seasickness, then kiss, which in any other instance I might find a little gross (I’m sure he didn’t pop an Altoids as soon as they hit port, right?), but I’m just so happy to see Claire glowing like a firefly around her man that I’ll allow it this time.

Jamie is still rather beat-up following Randall’s rape and the rough trip across the ocean, and the faraway stare he’s prone to these days is evidence that he’s haunted by what’s happened. Partly to take his mind off his plight, Claire brings up the idea of trying to subvert the Jacobite uprising; the idea is to change the future and possibly save the Scottish clans from near destruction by interfering with Bonnie Prince Charlie’s efforts in Paris to raise money for the Jacobite army.

The Battle of Culloden is happening in April 1746, Claire says, but unfortunately she doesn’t remember much about what happens in the lead-up to the fight. Jamie is wary of messing with things they don’t completely understand, and he’s not happy that “We’d be lying to everyone” by pretending to be Jacobite supporters in order to gain the access and intelligence they’d need, but he eventually agrees to Claire’s plan.

Outlander Season 2 Premiere RecapSHIP OUTTA LUCK | Three weeks later, they’ve secured lodging and employment in Paris — thanks to Jamie’s cousin Jared, a Jacobite himself — and have an understanding with Murtagh: He agrees to accept that Jamie and Claire can’t tell him everything in exchange for their promise that they’ll tell him someday. There’s a lot more gruffness in Murtagh’s part of the conversation than I’m relating; just picture bushy eyebrows knit together in skepticism, and you’ve got the idea.

But then a merchant ship full of sick men arrive in port, and when Claire publicly diagnoses the crew as suffering from smallpox, the harbormaster rules that the ship and its cargo must be burned. Le Comte St. Germain, the businessman whose wares were on the vessel, is NOT pleased about all the money he’s losing — thanks to Claire; as Jared notes, “You’ve made an enemy here today.” Oops.

* If you haven’t read the books and can’t figure out why Claire seems less pregnant in the jumped-ahead timeline than she does in the France scenes, don’t worry. All will be made clear… eventually.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? For you Oldlanders, wasn’t Frank drawn much more sympathetically in the series’ reunion scenes than he was in the book? And how do we feel about Season 2 starting in the 1940s, which it didn’t in the novel? Grade the premiere via the poll below, hit the comments to tell us what you thought!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. A. D. says:

    What a Snoozzzzzze fest that was!

  2. drhenning says:

    I think in the books she goes back and forth… I wonder if that will happen in the TV series?? I am confused as to whether she disappears from 1948 as she is getting off the plane??

    • Terri says:

      No, she flashes back to her life in 1745, and the story stays in that time period for almost the entire season (or at least that’s how it was in the book).

      • Mark F says:

        So when you say flashes back, am I to understand getting off the ship in France is a memory? Not a time jump? The footnote of this article questions the pregnancy; so I’m guessing this is a different pregnancy and this is a fake out for the audience.

        • Terri says:

          The 2nd book is framed as a flashback. Claire, back in her present time, is recounting what happened in France to…someone (no spoilers). She isn’t physically shifting back and forth through time. She can only travel through time via the stones. Not sure what you mean about a fake out.

          • Melissa Jones says:

            I have not read the books, only watched the series( why do we see Claire very pregnant in her memories in France but when she is sent back to Frank in the season 2 premier she doesn’t look that pregnant?

        • Lisa says:

          To learn what’s going on with the pregnancy is a huge spoiler, so I’ll just say keep watching.

          • Mark F says:

            As only a viewer and not a reader, I just wasn’t sure if I was missing something. I felt more confused then misdirected. I really thought is was another time jump, but her grabbing Jamie’s hand instead of Frank’s with no reaction was… wait, what?

    • think she goes back once her daughter has grown up, when she was getting off the plane i think it reminded her of jamie taking her hand and thus allowed a natural point for us to go back to 17th century to conclude what she has done up until she comes back to 1948.

      really enjoyed this episode, thought pacing was great, and really honours fans of the book series.

      the song in the credits is just fantastic.

  3. Katherine.G says:

    First episode I’ve ever watched an episode of this show and one thing is certain:

    – Frank is an amazing husband to accept his wife after she moved on from him and started a life with another man.

    – Claire is pregnant and he still choose her and yet from what I hear, the fandom does not like Frank that much. They’re too obsessed with Jamies abs to see actual substance.

    Also, Jamie is so incredibly boring. Talk about having no personality.

    • Katherine.G says:

      *First time I’ve ever watched an episode of this show

      • probably best starting with season one, and Jamie is a fantastic character, marred in tragedy and strife, his character is very complex.

        Frank was fantastic in this episode also, his love for clare is a complete 180 from black jack its fantastic to see on screen.

      • Terri says:

        If you did not watch the first season, you do not know what Jamie is like. There are very good reasons why Claire chose to stay with Jamie.

        • Katherine.G says:

          Let me guess. He was understanding. Supportive. He pushed her and made her stronger. With him Claire became a woman and grew into herself. They’re equals. There’s passion and love in their relationship.

          Did I get anything right? Still think Claire and Franks relationship is much more captivating.

          Yes,the guy is ripped. But that does not take away from the fact that Jamie is so incredibly boring.

          • Terri says:

            You have no idea what Jamie sacrificed to save Claire. This is very much a Claire and Jamie story. If you do not like Jamie, then this series is probably not for you.

          • Lizzie says:

            No, you really didn’t get anything right. Why not watch season 1 and quit the guessing game?

          • div says:

            Actually Jamie and Claire’s beginning wasn’t all happy and flowers and unicorns. I agree with the others, you might want to watch the first series. And if you’ve read the books then you know Frank isn’t such an upstanding guy either. These are not perfect people where every turn is a happy one, every one of them is flawed.

          • Jamie says:

            You got nothing right. Read the books, watch season one. Why start at season to then come in a comment thread and insult every fan and the show??

          • Grow up says:

            How can you can make that judgment after one episode that was really limited on Jamie? And him recovering from something you don’t know about having not read the books or seen the first season?

            And you’re wrong about their relationship. You’re making unfounded inferences just to try (and fail) to justify your limited knowledge of the characters. That’s not Claire’s character. She is a sting female character alone. Jamie didn’t actually make her that way. But way to jump to conclusions!

      • I would recommend you go back and watch the first season. The writers have handled both Frank and Jamie’s characters so well in the first season that it really breaks your heart when you see Claire’s reaction to Frank now, two years later. So much has changed and yet so much – especially for Frank – has stayed the same. Jamie is far from boring. He’s been through a heck of a lot

        • Christine M says:

          First off, I’m verra verra glad the wait is over! Second, I really liked what the producers did with the timeline here, even though it was confusing for Newlanders. And as much as I hated you-know-who in the old times, I thought Tobias Menzies did a beautiful job of showing us Frank’s complicated emotions. I just can’t get over how well everyone on this series has been cast, so I can’t wait to see the others who will be showing up. And it’s great to read your recaps again Kimberly.

      • Winter says:

        So if this is the first you have seen of Jamie I guess I could see how you think he’s boring. Right now he’s still pretty traumatized by the events from the end of last season. Frank is a decent man and he wants to do right by Claire but he’s not perfect. They have given Frank more dimension on the show in the book he’s so boring. The love between Jamie and Claire is just so much deeper and stronger than Claire and Frank. I won’t say anything else about why fans don’t like Frank to avoid spoiling you.

    • sixela872 says:

      You’re making this assessment after seeing 20 minutes of Frank? What makes you think he has substance? How can you say this relationship is captivating when it’s so completely one-sided in the 20 minutes you saw? What is captivating about someone being forced into conditions that amount to lying to a child about his/her heritage?

      I am genuinely curious how you make an assessment on and comparison between two relationships with 1/17 of the context needed to do so.

    • Guest says:

      No fans don’t like frank because the actor plays both her husband frank and Frank’s ancestor and Claire/Jaimie’s evil nemesis Black jack Randall. That’s how good of an actor Tobias is, that he can create so much hatred in fans by his evil ancestral counterpoint of Frank’s with such authenticity that of course people aren’t going to like Frank. He’s the great great great etc grandson of the most sadistic character I have ever seen on tv (and that is saying something since I didn’t think anyone could beat Joffery in that title). It has nothing to do with “Jamie’s abs” before going and bad mouth actors or their characters get your facts straight. Kthanks.

    • Lisa says:

      The Frank we see on the screen has a lot more dimension than the Frank many of us came to know in the books. This Frank, especially because of Tobias’s acting, has come to life and we feel for him. We never really felt bad for Frank in the book(s). I’m one who hated Frank in the book, but have come to understand and sympathize with the sacrifices he made. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, he’s kind of like the Severus Snape character where you have to stick around for more books/season to truly understand what he did for Claire and the child.

    • Abs says:

      You really need to watch the first season before you judge Jamie’s character. Or read the books. You are wrong about why the fandom loves him.

    • darkangel200 says:

      I think both Frank and Jamie are complex and unique. Their contrast makes for an interesting story, and the different way Claire reveals parts of herself with each is a joy to watch. And I agree that Frank was pretty amazing to put his love for Claire above his jealously and feelings of betrayal. Both men love Claire in their own ways. But it’s hard to ignore how Claire truly comes alive when she’s with Jamie.

    • dreamjewel says:

      I find Frank dull, and not romantic, and he has no fire in him. I love the intellect, and character, and the development of Jamie’s character.

    • Saray says:

      i´ve watch the whole show until now and i agree with you, i have nothing against Jaime but he has always bored me as character, he is a little dull and inexpresive sometimes.
      People like to hate Frank becuase he is not Jaime and because he looks like Jack, but still he is such a good man and actor that anyone objective would like him. This show wont be the same when he is gone

  4. Shaun says:

    Jared is Jamies cousin in the books,so unless they changed that.Claire is super quick to get in feuds,lol.

    • Christine M says:

      Claire isn’t in a feud with Jared, the feud is with the Compte St Germain, the owner of the ship which had to be burned. Jared was only pointing out that now she has a very dangerous enemy in St Germain.

  5. sixela872 says:

    I really wish they had stuck to Frank’s characterization and reaction from the books. This one they portrayed was unrealistic and ooc. Other than that I thought the episode was great.

    • Lisa says:

      I’m only on book 5, but from what I hear (hard to stay away from spoilers), having Frank understand and say he believes her will mess with revelations from later on. I guess Ron Moore thought it needed to be done this way. I’m in a “we’ll see” place about that, but I didn’t dislike all the Frank/Claire stuff at the beginning of this episode because it was so well acted.

      • sixela872 says:

        I didn’t dislike the scenes, persay, but they made Claire look like an unreasonable, cold, unfeeling harpy by contrasting her response to Frank’s overtly caring and supportive one. That’s unfair to her character and untrue to his. It’s unrealistic.

        • Lisa says:

          You’re right (about how it made Claire look). What I’m curious about is whether or not they’ll show more of Claire & Frank’s life between getting off the plane and 1968. I hope they stick closer to the book than they did for this first episode because it stays true to who these characters are more and makes more sense in the long run.

      • sixela872 says:

        I didn’t dislike the scenes, persay, but they made Claire look like an unreasonable, cold, unfeeling harpy by contrasting her response to Frank’s overtly caring and supportive one. That’s unfair to her character and untrue to his. I was hoping for something more reasltic.

    • Melissa Mc says:

      I totally agree. I dinna like how they changed the beginning AT ALL. Frank had my sympathy for a bit. But he is being too nicely characterized in the series. I love Tobias’ acting, but please show Frank how he really was. He didn’t believe Claire when she tried to tell him, he forbade her from mentioning it, wouldn’t hear it. He wanted Claire as she was before she went through, and she was not the same person.

      • Saray says:

        why? Claire and Frank are much better here than in the books. When Claire came back she acted as a cruel and selfish child who doesnt give damn about her husband feelings, and we coudnt see Frank´s point of view either. Here they acted as humans who have their weaknesses but also try to do what is right.
        Diana Galbadon always has defended Frank in the books, i think they are just making the characters more rich and complex than before

      • Andrea Kollo says:

        I agree that Claire was not the same person, I mean, we have to remember all she’d experienced and been through. Don’t want to spoil it for others, but seriously, she didn’t even want to be back. She wanted to die with Jamie on Culloden Moore and he sent her back so she wouldn’t be alone. She had made her decision and loved Jamie deeply, more deeply than she had Frank. She was forced back to him. She gave him an out, maybe hoping he’d take it. He never really got that she had changed and made her promise unfathomable things. So he’s not the great hero to me. He may do well by the child, but he did not do right by Claire in many ways.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I shed a tear once we finally saw Jaime. I was so relieved. I’m really looking forward to this season and eventually meeting Bri!

  7. Maui says:

    So glad that Kimberly is back to give us these recaps! I liked the premiere, but while there was a lot of emotional content between Claire and Frank (not surprising), there was very little between Claire and Jamie. Our Fraser family seemed more focused on just getting on with business. Oh well…I know that emotional connection will happen further on after Jamie deals with his trauma. Loved the transition from 1948 back to 1745!

  8. Guest says:

    I’m so glad the pics from this season plus this first episode confirms Faith will make an appearance! That entire part of the second book was beautiful, amazing, heart wrenching and horrible and made complete sense! I kind of knew they weren’t going to open the 2nd season like Daiana opened up the 2nd book and was skeptical about it but seeing it on screen I’m glad they did! A time jump from the 1700s to 1940s plus another 20 year time jump would have been a bit much for the non book readers. And it also loved the frank and Claire coming together again scenes that we’re there in the books but in little detailed flashback pov of Claire’s. I just wish they wouldn’t have spent half the episode on it. There is sooooo much in the Paris storyline that I don’t know how they’re going to fit in all of the super duper important parts and going to back to Scotland in the season half to add 30 mins of frank/Claires reconciliation..15 mins would have been better and just as effective! Great start to my favorite show nonetheless! #outlanderislove

  9. Chris says:

    Give Tobias Menzies an Emmy and a Golden Globe right now! His performance in episode 2.1 is stunning! => looks like: Performer of the Week! I hope there is a season 3 renewal soon!

    • Laurie says:

      Tobias should have won an Emmy last year. He is such an amazing actor – totally bought both characters as separate entities, not depicted by one man. Love this show

    • Jeanna says:

      Agree 100%!! Definitely nominate him for Performer of the Week. My heart went out to Frank in this episode but last season I wanted to kill Back Jack! Same actor! Amazing!

  10. Liz says:

    Wonderful episode. First of all, Caitriona’s scream when she realizes that Jamie is dead was so horrible and great at the same time… Just as great as Frank’s reaction to her pregnancy (Tobias, you’re amazing).
    But I was so relieved to FINALLY see Jamie again. Yes, no question, he is the one, the real husband, sorry Frank…
    Now I can’t wait for more!

  11. Liz says:

    Oh! But I forgot to add: Frank wanting to LIE to the child is NOT a good thing. Just like him wanting to forget/not think about Jamie ever again is cruel, stupid and unrealistic.
    Well, if you’ve read the books, you know that Frank is NOT a good guy, not a good husband to Claire anyway…

    • sixela872 says:

      Thank you for this. The whole thing about both Frank and Claire willingly withholding info about a child’s heritage and genealogy is a low point for both of them. Especially since one is an historian whose life work is researching family history! This is why I don’t like Frank and often have low regard for Claire.

    • Saray says:

      you should remember in what time they were, you could see who hurt were Brianna when she found out that she was borned from another man when her mother was already married, and they though that she couldn know Jaime anyway, Many people dont tell their children they are adopted, that´s personal.
      So, if your wife is with another man for years you still should have to listend to her searching information about him and remembering how it was? he let her keep the ring, But it was her decision to be together again, nobody obligated here to be with him. If she was not going to forget Jaime since the begining she should have divorce Frank and at least allow him to rebuild his life

  12. Jackie says:

    So happy to have Outlander back. The beginning of the episode was so sad, but sooooo well acted. Tobias Menzies was amazing. I felt truly bad for Frank, and I wasn’t sure how I could after last season.
    Excited about the Paris storyline and the Claire and Jamie scenes; but as a non-reader of the books, I’m more intrigued by how the ‘flash forwards’ will be handled. Reconciling the future with the past should be interesting, and probably more than a little heartbreaking.

  13. JAO says:

    Loved the episode! Outlander unfolds so luxuriously. I delight in the acting. Great series!

  14. Amanda says:

    I loved it!!! I actually like that it mixed in book 3 and showed Claire reuniting with Frank, and his decision to stand by her and raise Brianna. I love the show version of Frank so much more than book Frank. Tobias has done an amazing job playing such different characters. I read book 1 after watching the first half of season one and the way Frank was so different in the books threw me as I like the show version, so I’m glad the show has changed him to make him more different from the book version and Black Jack. I also think this change in the way this was written in the novels will help for those who haven’t read them as it’ll be more in order of how the timelines actually happened, and show what happened for Claire to leave Jamie behind and for Brianna to grow up before they jump to the late 1960s. Now I think we’ll be staying in the main parts of book 2 now to see the France storyline unfold before we go back to what happened to Claire, Frank, and Brianna.

  15. SLee says:

    I was confused last night between 1948 and 1745. Is Claire having a flashback as she is getting off the plane and Frank is extending his hand? Is Claire confused with waking up in 1948 that she’s pregnant since she left 1745 as being pregnant? I don’t buy she’s pregnant in 1948 with a child from 1745, makes so sense to me.

  16. darkangel200 says:

    Surprised at all the negativity. I thought it was great! Frank might not be Jamie, but he still broke my heart in his scenes. And I agree, the actor is superb. This is the first time I’ve read your write up, Kim Roots, but I will definitely be returning again next week.

  17. Robert7 says:

    Don’t quite understand all the negativity – I really enjoyed the episode and from someone who hasn’t read the books to understand Frank’s character or change of character; I thought Tobias did a brilliant job of playing such a sadist last season to someone that was heartbroken when Clare revealed she was pregnant. He got me. Performer of the week no doubt. To everyone that was saying that Clare was so cold towards him – isn’t that because she can only see Randall when she looks at him hence the reason why she flinched when first seeing him in the hospital. Also about them hiding the fact that Frank isn’t the father – a)how do you explain that story to a child without sounding like a crazy person and b) this is the 1940s, to have a child be conceived by another man when she is still married was a huge disgrace. They are trying to protect the child and give them a start in life that isn’t shameful. I am looking forward to the rest of the season and to get more explanation of the flashbacks or forwards.

    Can the people who have read the books minimize the spoilers for the rest of us.

    • Jackie says:

      Great post! ITA

    • Jenny says:

      *All* what negativity? Just because everyone didn’t view this episode or Frank as perfect doesn’t mean those views are negative. No one is suggesting telling a baby about his/her paternity but frank is asking that this child not be told until he dies. Come on. That’s not noble.

      • Saray says:

        Claire could have told Brianna the truth after he died but she didnt, why? because Brianna had a father who loved her and cared for her until the end, because in that time being an ilegitimate child was not something to be glad about,
        they though her biological father was already dead ( so she couldnt know him anyway) and of course because she was not going to believe it.
        Nothing is black or white here, they both did what they though it was right

  18. Gdv says:

    Haven’t read second book, but what was the ring Claire found at the beginning near the stones? Was it Jaime’s? It seemed like she was looking for something else as well that wasn’t there. Can anyone fill me in or is it a spoiler?

    • Terri says:

      That ring is a deviation from the book, but book readers know the significance of the ring. Claire was looking for the missing gem from the ring. I’m sure it will be explained in the last episode of this season.

    • Alichat says:

      I believe it was a ruby ring that belonged to Jamie’s father, and as Terri said….it’s a deviation from the book and the gemstone significance will most likely be explained later in the season. ;-)

  19. denise says:

    First off, I’m a huge fan of the books, having read them ALL, numerous times. Secondly, I enjoyed watching series 1, I found it entertaining and always looked forward to the next episode. Droughtlander didn’t see me go mad or anything like that, waiting months upon months to be reunited with character I’d grown very fond of, but I did anticipate this episode with much excitement. The change and twist in the direction it took didn’t bother me a whole lot, but the episode itself just plain disappointed me. I don’t remember Claire being so unfeeling in the books, nor do I recall her ever as coming across as so smug. The entire series 1 made me believe Jamie Fraser was playing himself, this episode was the first time I’ve seen Sam Heughan portraying a character, and I find that incredibly sad. I don’t know what happened here, but I just hope the next episode makes up for this boring, lacklustre beginning to series 2. Murtagh, for all 3 or 4 lines he’s present for, was the only thing that saved this episode.

    • sixela872 says:

      I had the same reaction to Claire – I was appalled at her behavior and wondered why she was so callous. Then I realized why – her response in the book was similar but it made sense because it was a reaction to Frank’s angry and sometimes cold response. Her response here was so cold because Frank was portrayed as such a perfect Saint. I don’t know if that was the intention but Claire’s characterization was really undermined in the chase to make Frank so supportive.

  20. Pam says:

    What a great adaptation of this book so far. Was worried but I think the tone is spot on. Keep it coming Ron Moore!

  21. james says:

    Poor Frank. A very understanding, loving man. I got to say, I’d find it hard to deal with, her story, the pregnancy, the broken heart the man must feel. But he was willing to let go cause he loved her. Says a lot.

  22. Ida says:

    What a great show! I really -really- miss it. As a book reader, i love this episode. Yes, frank was sooooo good to claire in the show, but i like him anyway, even in the book, i could understand him. Not right, but understandable. Honestly i am sorry for him a little bit.

    It really broke my heart of course, i cried with claire in the opening! God, it was hard. Jaime is her soulmate and he is -was?- gone. For centuries. They tried to change the future but result is the same. These disappointed and sorrow cant manageable.

    And jaime.. What a wonderful man. Even he has such a big trauma, he is smile, try to get better. I really see claire is how happy and full of life with him. I feel that happiness. It is awesome, well played!

    For the beginning I just read turkish recaps but it doesnt start yet, so i want to read English ones. Happy to decide that! My English is not so well-especially on writing :) but i will definitely read your recaps and these amazing comments! Really enjoy, thanks all of you!

  23. Alichat says:

    First……Claire has actually been gone for 2 1/2 years in the show…..3 years in the book. Not sure why they said 2 years in the episode, but just wanted to toss that out. Second, Tobias Menzies was phenomenal in this episode. The moment when she tells him about the pregnancy…..the range of emotions that swept across his face…..I got teary eyed. I have to agree with other posters that Claire’s portrayal in those scenes was harsh. I don’t recall in the books her delivering the news in that fashion. If I recall, the doctor let it slip that she was pregnant, and she kept insisting that Frank divorce her and move on. She didn’t want to be a burden or regret for him. I was just expecting her to be more compassionate in her delivery when telling him. I know she was angry and heartbroken about being back and finding out Culloden still happened, but I didn’t expect her to take it out on Frank.

  24. Parrish Hirasaki says:

    Since 1948 is totally out of story order, they needed to clarify that she was remembering her 18th century experiences in flashbacks. My husband did not read the books, and I had to fill him in about the timeline and the pregnancies.

  25. K says:

    It was hard to feel bad for Claire, because she was so horribly cold to Frank. I know she was in shock, but she didn’t try to spare his feelings at all. Nothing that happened to her was his fault.

  26. Barbara says:

    I don’t remember the ring she has when she returns?? Can someone explain whose ring it is and why does she have it? Thanks

    • lizzie says:


      They found out that having gemstones helps the time travel process, so Jamie gave Claire his mother’s ruby ring to take back with her. The stone disintegrated during the “trip”, but she still had the ring with the empty setting.

  27. Stephen Rawlings says:

    Having read all 8 books and watched the first season I know what to expect in the future story lines and I’m aware that some things have been changed for the sake of the TV audience.

    In general I’m fine with the deviations from the book as they seem to work very well on screen. It doesn’t seem to detract from the way in which the story plays out in the book although my first love is for the book’s version of the events.

    Fans of the book will already know that season two starts at a different point in time from the book but still features a massive time jump from the end of season 1/book 1 as well as an apparent sudden displacement in location (book 2 begins in 1968, Scotland whereas in season 2 it’s in 1948).

    Having now watched the season 2 premier episode I was simply blown away by the strongly emotional scenes portrayed in the characters of Claire and Frank. Tobias Menzies acting was simply stunning. That roller coaster of emotions Frank went through after Claire told him what happened to her after she vanished had me glued to the screen and I don’t mind admitting that I had tears in my eyes when she told him that she was pregnant. Frank momentarily believing that the child was his and his utter devastation when the penny dropped and he realised he couldn’t be the father.

    Similar feelings were going through me in the opening scenes showing Claire’s own devastation at the realisation that she had lost the love of her life, screaming at the stones in anguish and utter hopelessness as if to blame them for the separation. That part where she was discovered by a passing motorist and asked what year it was and who won the battle of Culloden was heartbreaking to watch as Claire collaped in the road and broke down in a flood of tears. It brings a lump to my throat even as I write this. Ms Balfe, it seems, has also blossomed into an amazing actress.

    The transition from 1948 back to 1745 was amazingly well done I thought and I was pleased to see Jamie and Claire reunited by way of this flashback which sets the scene for the adventures they’ll have in 18th century France. Essentially telling the story which Claire revealed to Frank up to the point of her return.

    I look forward to watching the story of Claire and Jamie’s time in France play out as they attempt to change history. If this latest episode is anything to go by then I’m sure we’re all in for a rollercoaster of an emotional ride through history and I’m very keen to see how they handle the scenes featuring Claire’s grown-up daughter, Bree, and the bombshell which Claire will drop on her (and Roger).

    This is easily the best thing on TV right now and I can’t get enough of it. More please!!!

  28. Mary says:

    I think they needed to make Frank more sympathetic than in the book as a cinematic contrast to Black Jack. But the incident in the tool shed was a glimpse into his darker side. I’m hoping we see a Frank who is struggling against his genetic legacy as the years wear on. Should be fun.

  29. rocknride says:

    how did claire get sucked back from France to Inverness if she wasn’t by the rocks?

  30. Anna del Monaco says:

    keep up the good work Ron!! the only word we want to hear at end of season 2 is Season 3 is RENEWED

  31. Tina says:

    ‘Lo all!

    So here’s the thing.

    I was late jumping on the Outlander bandwagon … I’m only half-way through book 1, but I started watching the show at Season 2. I was thoroughly confused upon the opening of episode 1, when Claire awakes at the foot of the stones at Craigh Na Dun, in modern 1948, still in her retro 1744 garb. I wondered why she’d gone back through the stones. So I went and purchased Season 1 on iTunes and totally binged-watched season 1 this past week. Sadly, I’m nowhere closer to understanding why Claire woke up at the foot of the stone in Craigh Na Dun! Did I miss something? At the end of Season 1, they’re sailing off to France… but at the opening of Season 2, she’s back in 1948, and merely appears to have flashbacks of her life with Jamie in France. Could someone kindly explain to me what I missed? I’m a verra confused lass :)

  32. totally depressed says:

    how am I supposed to watch this show now???
    knowing that Claire and Jamie are just going to be cut away from each other in the end and that things will most probably never be the same again?!?!?!
    how can u guys be fine with thisss?????

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  37. Tobias Menzies should win an Emmy for his performance. Masterful acting! You hate him as Captain Randall, but weep for him as Frank.

  38. Renee Lemire says:

    I don’t know how I can love the books and this production so much yet basically hate Clair. She will try to change history when it suits her, (stop Culloden), but she won’t let Jamie kill Black Jack. What about if Jamie just cuts off both his hands and one of his feet. She robs Jamie and us of that duel, she just uses Gellis and leaves her to roast, she blabs about the smallpox and costs that guy his ship and cargo, she meddles in the little virgin’s life and wrecks her romance, she leaves The Virgin’s love to die alone of consumption, and she just can’t be cool. She’s always righteous about something and she’s way too demanding. How about this; She teams up with Gellis, and invents stuff – gets rich and spoils Jamie with money – she helps Jamie torture Black Jack to death – to hell with Frank – Franks a creep, and looks just like Black Jack – she partners up with the ship owner and sells her and Gellis’s inventions worldwide on his ships – oh and if she has to be a do-gooder she can invent vaccines and save lots of people. I’m sure there are plenty of women watching this that would blow off that creep Frank in order to take over the world and live the life of the super wealthy with Jamie. So why don’t more people hate Clair?

  39. Trace says:

    It made no sense how did she get back did she disappear from the Tarmac – too many unanswered questions

  40. Jo Rehkopf says:

    I don’t look forward to seeing a bunch of footage or episodes. I don’t like him or the two of them together. What we all want is to see Claire and Jamie back together as soon as possible! Love the books and the series. I live for Saturday night!

  41. Kareena says:

    Thank goodness you mentioned the pregnant/ less pregnant bit! I was SO confused!! Looking forward to finding out!

  42. Saray says:

    Tobias Menzies is my favourite actor here, i love him as Jack Randall because he is one of the best villains i´ve ever seen, one that you love to hate. But my favourites episodes are those where Frank appears, he is such a good man and husband and makes me cry everytime.
    I´m so gratefull that we could see him from the begining

  43. Maureen campbell says:

    How can anyone resist Tobias as Frank and Mr. Hyde (I mean Black Jack!)? What an amazing and nuanced actor! He’s got a most interesting and appealing countenance in all emotional throws.I’d pick Frank if I were Claire but I’m always for the underdog.

  44. dee dee says:

    Season 2 extremely boring to me. Beautiful costumes and Versailles scenes (the French as usual depicted as vain, stupid, lecherous — but ok Versailles court it is – Im French by the way). Really does Jamie’s wine merchant activity bring soooo much luxury ? Give me the 18th century rowdy and fighting Scots any time – much more exotic to me. Dont know if I’ll watch Season 2 to the end…. I’ll probably enjoy reading the continued extremely funny K Roots’ summary of it so much more.