Scandal Recap

Scandal Recap: 'Never Cross Me Again'

Unlike the DuckTales gang, Olivia Pope is not a fan of rewriting history.

So it should come as no surprise that she shot down Andrew Nichols’ request to help publish a book aimed at painting him as an “American hero” on Thursday’s Scandal. Oh, sorry, I think I’m getting ahead of myself: Andrew. Nichols. Is. Back. (Well, he was back, but I’ll get to that later.)

To make matters worse, Mellie’s ex-lover/the man who orchestrated Liv’s kidnapping in Season 4 agreed to a tell-all interview — or at least the parts that don’t make him look like a monster — with none other than Fitz’s new squeeze Lillian Forrester.

After several attempts to silence Andrew — now a shell of the man he once was, following his Huck-induced stroke — Olivia unleashed holy hell, beating him to death with a metal chair in the White House bunker. (Not that I’d ever say he didn’t deserve it. Heck, I half expected Meredith Grey to saunter in and remind Andrew that he doesn’t get to call Olivia a whore.)

After being consoled by Fitz, a zombie-like Olivia found herself on her father’s doorstep — and he was more than happy to greet her with open arms.

Other WTF Moments:

* Prior to Andrew’s brutal demise, Abby cut a deal with the wheelchair-bound villain to only tell Lillian about his affair with Mellie, thus saving Fitz from having to admit to faking Andrew’s assassination attempt. [Insert deep breath here.] I figured that this would irk Olivia, especially after Abby had her White House pass revoked, but I never expected a blood-spattered Liv to look at her former friend with such intense hatred before declaring, “Never cross me again.” (Who’s the “monster” now?!)

* Frankie’s brother did a little digging into Tom, and boy did he uncover a doozy of a secret: He’s sleeping with Cyrus! (In other news, the image of Tom and Cyrus in bed together, giggling over a plate of brownies, is going to haunt me for the rest of my days.) Also, #PoorMichael.

* Lastly, Marcus remains justifiably angry over being kept in the dark about, well, all of the above. I smell another troublemaker brewing.

Your thoughts on (in my opinion) one of the craziest Scandal episodes of all time? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. niloofar22 says:


    • AddiM says:

      This was an amazing episode…Bring on dark Liv, that white hat was holding her back. Andrew deserved to have his head bashed in, glad we’ve seen the last of him…
      Abby is a punk…good that she was put in her place in the end.
      Poor Marcus..I get why he’s angry but also it’s best he stays in the dark. Can’t wait to see him work more with Mellie.
      Loved it when Mellie said “You didn’t give me anything I didn’t earn”…Truth!

      • Lee says:

        It’s not truth.
        He gave her an unearned senate seat by letting Andrew get away with a coup attempt to hide her affair, campaigning for her, smoothing things over with her sister, coaching her to throw him under the bus and then to use his position as a selling point. She responded by taking his family home and sole custody of their two kids while letting the man who murdered the third go free.
        Mellie’s an awful woman. Spoiled, hypocritical, entitled and she thinks like a prostitute.
        To her marriage is a transaction for which you are paid, and frankly with a professional prostitute Fitz might have gotten more value for money, more kindness, better mothering of his kids (instead of sending them away over his objections and sanitising whenever she touched the baby) and might even have gotten laid occasionally.
        This idea that Mellie DESERVES to run America because she was one of many people in the world whose partner cheated, ( a favoiur she returned by sleeping with his friend, btw), is the most antifeminist, self pitying nonsense I’ve heard in a while.
        I don’t even think the writers believe it and it amazes me that some viewers still do.
        Still I guess you support the character you relate to.

        • Nathalie says:

          Lee, thanks…

        • Anne says:

          I do believe you’ve left out a whole lot of back story there Lee… Mellie was raped by Fitz’ father and she became pregnant. She kept the whole thing to herself so as not to hurt Fitz and his job as Governor. She turned a blind eye to his affair with Liv. She took the kids – so what? Fitz had absolutely no interest in them. She took the home – that happens in the majority of divorces. She really did love him, that was attested to many times during the show. She was just a show piece for Fitz. Mellie has become a force to be reckoned with!

  2. Al says:

    Easily one of the best

  3. Ian says:

    All I’ve been asking for Olivia to do right now is bone Alex Vargas, and instead I get a chair killing and a preview of more of her Jake obsessing. Sigh.

    • Jules says:

      Hahaha!!!!! Exactly. What the hell is she waiting for????? I’d even take Marcus at this point. He’s being ridiculously under used as a character in general.

  4. Matt says:

    Scandal had the balls to do what The Walking Dead couldn’t. And it was awesome.

  5. herman1959 says:

    Over it! Shonda finally went too far.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Oh wow, did she ever. Why did they resurrect Amdrew from his coma just to have him killed off in the same episode? Is this how Olivia is supposed to exorcise her demons, by bashing someone’s brains out with a chair? So now she is really and truly Rowan’s spawn; is this another passage in this epic journey of self-discovery she is supposed to be on? Why make Abby go all bad-ass just to have her cave in to Olivia? This episode just seemed like a lot of cheap WTF moments lined up one after the other. It no longer makes any sense.

      • If you saw what she did to that man you would cave in too. Remember, she is a Pope and they are take no prisoner people.

      • Greta Nelson says:

        My thoughts exactly. Olivia has turned into to mild version of her father, just what he wants. Jake is a weak and whimpering pest. He’s never done anything but stab Fitz in the back from day one. I’m hoping that this is all a dream for Olivia and she will wake up in her white hat ready to make jam.

    • Ian says:


    • I think Liv was raped in that prison and that is why she had the abortion. When he brought that back up she flipped. PTSD will make you do it as will rape trauma.

    • Robin Hart says:

      I agree

    • Purple Rain says:

      Me too I think 😕

  6. Chris says:

    I mean…that was violent.

  7. the girl says:

    I agree if they aren’t going to trust Marcus they should fire him and let him move on. It’s starting to be boring how little he has to do.

  8. Is Shonda applying for a job at HBO or Showtime? I never thought I was a prude, but I’m over the sex and violence. There is no one left to root for on this show.

  9. newsdee says:

    I stopped watching “Grey’s Anatomy” and also ‘How to Get away with Murder”. …..too too much crap. I ‘ll stop watching ‘Scandal” now. The first 2 seasons were great. It’s ridiculous now.

  10. CK says:

    I thought having Olivia kill Andrew was a bit too much. However, the payoff of a blood splattered Olivia laying down the law to Abby was worth it.

  11. Ram510 says:

    I was wondering if they’d bring Andrew back. It seemed his story was never quite wrapped up so it was nice that they brought him back

    • Cheyenne says:

      But why bring him back just to kill him off in the same episode? It was for pure shock value, nothing more. And it was totally unnecessary. It was quite gratifying to imagine ole Andrew spending the rest of his days in a vegetable bin.

  12. Sheila says:

    WOW!!! Liv went postal / ptsd. She should have never gone to see him by herself. Abby thought she was a big dog……. but Liv is a pit bull, doberman, rottweiler mix with two psycho monsters as parents. Abby wasn’t ready. …That last whack, where Liv reared back…just wow.

  13. Et al. says:

    That was awesome.

  14. bigdede says:

    First Shonda turns Andrew into this monster for no reason at all and now he’s dead. When I saw him it just mad me pissed all over again at how Shonda ruined Mew (Mellie/Andrew) for nothing. Also with this episode I think Shonda really put the nail in the coffin for Olivia/Fitz. When Fitz thanked Olivia for coming when he called, Olivia was like Abby called me and walked off. Third, so Shonda said Olivia was going on a self journey (this sudden self journey noone knew about!) so this self journey is her discovering she’s just like her father? She will do anything even kill for power? I never saw that in Olivia in all the seasons I’ve been watching this show. As a matter of fact, Rowan would be dead if he didn’t remove the bullets from Olivia’s gun when she was going to shoot him dead. The first couple of seasons Olivia was a woman with a messed up love life who in her daily life fixed people’s problems. Now I’ve always saw just from the writing even in season one that Olivia liked Fitz married and not single. She liked the dream of Fitz but not the actual day to day. Shonda has always been consistent with that. But this power hungry Olivia, no. Not buying it at all.

  15. parstl says:

    I’m still processing. Just finished watching on the dvr. Thought Liv put Abby in her place was good but how she did it was over the top. Would have preferred for Huck to carry out the deed but Liv going postal was more dramatic. I was just telling someone last week that Scandal had toned down the violence this year…my bad. Still will watch but the murder was unnecessary. Still will watch if for no other reason than there are interesting minority characters and it beats the heck out of reality shows.

    • As I said above, I think she was raped when she was held prisoner and sold, and that is why she had the abortion. If that happened and then the person who did it mocks you, well who knows what could happen in your mind. It could snap.

      • Z says:

        No he snapped cause he told her the thruth she refused to face all these years hiding under fancy clothes.

        • Mina says:

          Exactly! A whore in expensive gear!

          • Lee says:

            Ladies and gentlemen, scandal’s new fans. People who think Olivia Pope is a whore.
            So what’s Mellie-down-on-her-knees-servicing-her-husband’s-friend-when-her-child-walks-in-Grant? Or Elizabeth-I’ll-sleep-with-anyone-to-get-ahead-North, or Andrew-slept-with-my-best-friend’s-wife-Nichols himself?
            I hope you think they’re whores in expensive gear too, or I might think your judgement of Olivia’s about something else…
            Judy Smith must be so glad she washed her hands of this show.

  16. Amy says:

    Did anyone notice the viewer discretion warnings, esp the one right before Andrew got the chair? They created a lot of suspense…you knew it was going to be bad if they needed to show two warnings

  17. Sandra says:

    This show has ruthlessly destroyed every single one of its characters. How are we even supose to like or root for these horrible people? The only likable character is probably Susan Ross but they are probably going to make her a murderer sooner or later. Seriously, remember when there was a white hat to be worn by this people? Are we supposed to believe they are still wearing it now?

    • Cheryl smith says:

      Agreed. We all need someone to get behind, but a maniac wielding a chair over a man in a wheelchair is not it. Now that she is a full fledged murderer what’s left? What happened to the weekly gladiattors taking on issues for people! Too hard to keep that creativity up?

  18. elize says:

    You can watch scandal once a week and still be up to date boring

  19. Anna says:

    ” In other news, the image of Tom and Cyrus in bed together, giggling over a plate of brownies, is going to haunt me for the rest of my days.” DITTO! Tom looked creepier than usual.

  20. ChrisGa says:

    Kinda surprised the Cyrus-Tom thing hasn’t been mentioned in previous recaps; they’ve been telegraphing that for several weeks now and I was just waiting for the shoe–or, in this case, all the clothes–to drop. A more pressing question is how is Cyrus getting all these hot guys–first Michael and now Tom. Odd…

    • bigdede says:

      LMBO!!! Yes how is Cyrus getting all these hot guys?And not only is he getting these hot guys, these are hot guys who are willing to do anything for him! With great bodies!!!!

    • Dude says:

      Because he has power. Cyrus didn’t get Michael. Michael was an escort who was paid to be with him and then blackmailed into staying with him. Tom is only with Cyrus because he can get something from him. He didn’t exactly win either over with his good looks and charm.

    • Ram510 says:

      This is true, they have been telegraphing Cyrus/Tom almost all year. It was no surprise at all. I wonder that psycho Michael will do, make another doll? And it’s interesting how they’ve changed Tom, he never came across as anything more than just security and now it was very apparent he was with Cyrus. I think I liked the old Tom better

  21. Graxe331 says:

    Jumped. The. Shark.

  22. Matt C. says:

    Easily the best episode of the season. It really reminded me of the glory days of season 2-3. The scene with Liv killing Andrew had me screaming at the TV. And when she told Abby “Never cross me again” with blood all over her face, I got legit chills!

  23. Who directed this? There was so much potential in the scene of having them all in one room and I cringed to see how it turned out, so flat, no dynamic.

    Anyway I agree with others, there is literally no one to care about. No one to symphatise with. It’s the time to go too.

    • ChrisGa says:

      I believe Tony Goldwyn himself directed this ep.

    • Lou says:

      No director could have created tension with that script. The writing was too concerned with hiding the fact that Mellie had Liz North paralyze Andrew to cover up her affair, so that little reveal was left out.
      No one explained how this man with so much dangerous info and such a dark past had been left un-monitored till he reached this stage of recovery given what he had done and knew.
      The fact that Andrew was still free only because Mellie asked Fitz to let him off to cover up her affair was also glossed over.
      Olivia never killed in the process of covering up her own affair with Fitz yet she did so to cover up Mellie’s, yet we’re supposed to believe she thinks Mellie would be a great president, Mellie who participated in this cover up has allowed people to die time and again for this secret and was too cheap to even pay her share of the blackmail money!
      If Mellie is this corrupt before even winning the primary, she’ll be eating babies by the general. It’s horrible.

  24. Jan says:

    Liv was suffering from PTSD. Seeing Andrew and recalling what he did to her along with continuing to torment her sent her over the edge. This wasn’t a cold-blooded murder. She was provoked. This was not pre-meditated.

    Also, Abby threw her and everyone else under the bus. True friends don’t do that. Abby has been hungry with power and had become that monster. It wasn’t about Fitz. It was about her. It is almost as if she was possessed by the power of the ring. (LOTR). Both Andrew and Abby got what they deserved.

    • MeliJ says:

      I agree on all counts. Olivia was going to explode at one point or another… What she went through was coming back to haunt her sooner or later. Andrew was looking for it, too, because he provoked her to no end. Abby should’ve let Fitz handle the issue like he wanted to; she’s no monster, she’s not powerful. If she was a monster, if she was powerful, she would have found a solution to satisfy all parties. She can’t handle the power. If she hadn’t pushed so much, Olivia wouldn’t have exploded.

  25. iloentje says:

    This is not a recap.

  26. MeliJ says:

    Can I just say: Cyrus and Tom!?!?! OMFG! I can’t get over that… like, never thought that’d be possible… I thought that perhaps Tom was spying for Rowan or Jake, and that’s why he stuck with Cyrus. Then again, that is entirely possible, seeing as to how Jake, who tried to kill Rowan multiple times, came back to the fold. On the other hand, Jake might just be coming after Rowan again, this time under the disguise of following orders. This is getting too convoluted, like the second season of Revenge.

  27. Terri says:

    This show has definitely lost it’s way…

  28. Keri M MacFarland says:

    I enjoyed the first half of this season, but the way the mid-season finale ended, with Olivia and Fitz ending their relationship, was it for me. I haven’t been able to enjoy the second half of this season at all. I rarely watch the show anymore! :(

  29. Scandal is finally back where it belongs. That was riveting.

    • Darleen says:

      We, the TV gladiators, have waited all season for a bloody murder! I knew that Olivia had to explode (kill) to hold her team together! Who would it have been? Fitzgerald Grant, who had used Olivia all these years. She was a user, as well, but dignified. All those monsters floating around in Washington had to affect her! Do they not know who is her momma and Poppa? I’m waiting for the return of Momma Pope!!! This was the most exciting episode, EVER!!!!!! Stay tuned Gladiators…

      • Orange Tree says:

        I enjoyed the show too despite of what some might say about it. This season is just unpredictable and thrilling. I like the new Olivia, so fierce n bold. Craving for her romance life, with Jake especially

  30. justsomeguy says:

    I don’t even understand the point of Scandal anymore. There isn’t a single character left to root for. Scandal just destroyed itself but I can’t seem to figure out why. Liv hasn’t been a good person for a long time now, so her killing Andrew is just another absurd ridiculous thing to do on top of the dozen other things.

    This show has gone down drain. I miss Season 1/2 Scandal. This show was so good back then.

  31. Karen Padecky says:

    Thanx for the update..I had a call and missed what deal Abby made with Andrew..

  32. fedy says:

    I dont like bad olivia 😐

  33. robandco says:

    I was so afraid Abby was going to kill Andrew first. I was so scared she would join the dark side. But she didn’t and outsmarted Liv, and oh boy she didn’t like that (but I sure did).
    As for Olivia bashing Andrew with that chair, it’s not like she had never killed anyone (herself when she was abducted, or unknowingly, like that Susan ex-husband). It would have been more shocking he Andrew hadn’t been a huge a-hole the whole episode (and last season). As they say, you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain. Perfect example here.

  34. Tracy says:

    Off the rail.

  35. Phil says:

    The only good about this episode is to show people how broken Olivia’s character has become, and that it took Olivia doing this for some people to realise it shows how strong her koolaid is. And I say some people, because I still see in other places that people are cheering for her. Every other characters gets crucified no matter what they do, but if Olivia does something worse, she gets canonized instead.

    • Phil says:

      Oh, forgot to add. Really Olivia? Did you really think Abby wouldn’t find it insulting that you would suggest her going back to OPA after being POTUS’ Chief of Staff? Does anyone else remember when she was supposed to be good at reading people?

    • Lou says:

      Jake and Mellie get away with way more than Olivia.
      Jake started out by making a sex tape of Olivia and hospitalizing her and critics still accepted him as a viable love interest. He has since choked her, threatened to kill her and called her despicable and only when the sex scenes became creepy and repetitive this season did reviewers object.
      People still try to make a virtue out of him shooting James in the back.
      And Mellie has engineered and or covered up at least two dozen murders, freed her child’s killer in exchange for power, displayed political incompetence repeatedly, and calls almost every woman she meets a whore yet praised regularly as a feminist icon.
      Now Olivia’s praising her ability to be president and fetching, carrying and killing for her.
      this show’s two biggest writer’s pets are Jake and Mellie.

      • Phil says:

        No, they don’t. Jake put surveillance cameras in Olivia’s apartment because Fitz gave the order to up the surveillance from photo to video. This was when Fitz was still feeling betrayed by Olivia’s part in Defiance, and put a watch on her. Olivia getting hospitalized happened because she couldn’t keep still for one moment, so Jake could show her Charlie getting into her apartment to kill her. He gave a valid reason for pulling the trigger on James himself: he’s crossed the line already, and would rather have something horrible added to his list, rather than take someone from the B613 hole and force them to do it. Holding someone by the neck isn’t choking, stopping them from breathing while doing so is. I don’t care about pairings. People have been objecting Jake since he was introduced, because heaven forbid Olivia be interested in someone who isn’t Fitz. Mellie being incompetent isn’t a case of something you get away with, it’s just something you are. Every woman Mellie hates has something to do with betrayal. Every morally questionable thing Olivia does, she gets away with, because everyone does double standards when it comes to her. Name one time Olivia didn’t get away with something. She gets praised for doing stuff that is worse than what viewers eviscerate other characters for doing.

        • Nathalie says:

          What about Jake sent by Rowan like Russel (one of his robot and sex toys) to have sex with her daughter, have PHD on Olivia , earing all her conversations , knowing all her secrets and flaws, What about sex tape, threatened to kill her, called her despicable (him be so good for her, damn ) creepy and repetitive sex scenes?And someone roots for this relation? Poor woman.

          • Phil says:

            Nice straw man argument there. I’m not arguing for which relationships are healthy or valid or anything else. I really couldn’t care less about relationships. I only keep track of who is with who because it impacts the plot. My point is about what characters can get away with, both in-universe when other characters know what they’ve done, and out-of-universe, when audience members condemn or condone a character’s action. Jake’s every action or inaction from day one has been criticized by audiences, most of them by Olitz shippers.

  36. Mara says:

    I keep thinking I am going to read that Olivia and Scandal have returned to being enjoyable entertainment. Instead it’s just worse and worse. How Olivia treated Abbey was condescending at best if not just outright selfish and bit**y.. There is absolutely nothing to root for about Olivia anymore. I find her disgusting and even worse not interesting, just mean and selfish.

  37. Madison says:

    I loved it Liv has crossed over to the other side it was inevitable.

    • jeanne says:

      I think that abby has a gigantic extra large overwhelming love interest in Fitz I think Oliv recognized it. That together with the goding from the VP pushed her over the edge. I think Oliv and Fitz are still in love because we know that ultimately Love Conquers All.

  38. AGS001 says:

    I like this story arc for Liv. At first glance I didn’t get what was going on, but now I think I do. I think Liv felt trapped and suffocated while living with Fitz at the White House, playing her “role” by his side. I think Liv’s a lot of things, but I still don’t think she is a monster like her mom and dad. I do, however, believe that many of her choices, regret, and fear have left her believing that she is a monster. I thknk Liv is convinced, starting from when she had the abortion, that she cannot escape her DNA. She believes that she is destined to wear the black hat and has decided to simply embrace it. But, I think good is still in her and I can’t wait for this story to come full circle beccause I believe, that as Fitz continues trying to grow into a better person, he’s going to help guide Liv back to the light. None of these characters are saints, it’s why they are interesting to me, but they are layered and complex. Yeah, the stories can feel like to much sometimes, but for most of this show the writing has felt right for the world the characters inhabit. I just think there will be this breakin point for Liv where she’ll hopefully have the revelation that just because her parents are monsters doesn’t mean she has too be one too. Lastly, Liv clearly snapped. The way her state of mind is depicted shows she was still suffering trauma from being kidnapped and the whole ordeal began playing in her head all over again when Andrew re-emerged. It what she does after that horrific event (bashing his head in) that tells us how deeply she now believes she truly is a monster. She goes home to daddy.

  39. :-) says:

    That episode was definitely OMG. I don’t know where this season is going but I’ll enjoy the ride with Shondaland.

    I stopped watching Suits, NCIS es, l&o svu and a few other shows a few years back. While i might check out an interesting headline I’ve never felt the need to comment on any post, disparage the writing team or the producers or just make a general nuisance of myself because I don’t like the direction. I simply stopped watching. No other effort was needed by me to make something that no longer interested me go away. I moved on with my life and let those that still enjoy the shows enjoy without clouding their space with negativity. I never felt the need to belittle Don B or Dick wolf. Oh well that’s just me

  40. Tony says:

    God I hope Abby bounces back and gets the better of Liv. I’ve just about had it with the character and you know something is wrong when you can’t stand the show’s main character. I also hope there is some endgame with Marcus. I’m glad he pointed out how insulting they’ve been treating him. And I’ve had it with Rowan and Jake. Seriously.

  41. CP says:

    Savage Liv!!! I love it! Easily the best episode this season! I swear some of you people will never be satisfied with this show so here’s a suggestion….. stop commenting! But keep watching!! LOL

  42. MommaA says:

    First of all why hate the show because of the drama it’s called SCANDAL for petes sake. These things have probably happened in the White House. It’s politics. Nothing pretty about it. I love it. We all have our demons and we all can go there if pushed to hard. And their jobs are the MOST stressful there are. Plus wouldn’t u bash that mans head in after he was disrespecting you after he kidnapped u sold u starved u and more. She was a victim who finally got her revenge and that sucker was asking for it. Asking her does she do that much talking on her knees. Does her mouth work that hard. It’s like he had a death wish and she obliged. Power had nothing to do with it.

  43. Akimi says:

    it seemed to me that Andrew deliberately provoked Olivia into killing him “suicide by slutshaming”?

    • Phil says:

      That looks a lot like victim blaming to me. It makes as much sense as saying a woman provokes her own rape by wearing revealing clothes.

  44. MJA says:

    Is it just me or there is some definite chemistry between Abby and Fitz? And is it weird that I was rooting for Abby to come on top through out this episode?